01x10 - Saving Grace

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Bad Sisters". Aired: August 19, 2022 - present.
Irish dark comedy thriller series based on the Flemish series Clan, which was created by Malin-Sarah Gozin.
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01x10 - Saving Grace

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"Any Guy" playing...

[shutter clicks]

[engine starts]

[Bibi] What are you looking at?

Come on. She needs us.

Let's go inside.

[Grace] So they found him,
crashed up against the tree.

He was cold. [Breathes shakily]

d*ad for hours. [Breathes shakily]

d*ad for hours, Eva.

[door opens]

[Ursula] Oh, my God.

Grace, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

- What happened?
- [mouthing] We don't f*cking know.

- [Grace breathing shakily]
- Sorry.

- Do you want some tea, Urs?
- No, she doesn't want tea.

She doesn't... Someone should make you tea.

- Becka, the...
- No! I'm f*cking listening.

Go on, Grace.

[inhales shakily]
We had my birthday dinner.

And it was lovely. [Chuckles]

So I said, "Let's have an early night."

And he just got so angry with me.
[exhales shakily]

So, he left. Went off on the bike
to the pub to watch the match, so…

I just went to bed.

[sobs] I was just… [breathes shakily]
…just so hurt.

[cries] It was my birthday,
and I just wanted to be with my husband.

I didn't know why he'd do that to me.
Just leave me like that. [Cries]

Because he was a prick.


[Eva] Hey.
Of course you were hurt, Gracie.

I'm so sorry.

How am I gonna tell Blanaid?

[breathing shakily] He's d*ad.

He's d*ad.

["Who by f*re" playing]

[song ends]

[Eva sighs]

[Becka chuckles]

[Bibi chuckles]

[all laughing]

Oh, my God!

Oh, poor Gracie.

[sighs, sniffs]

Oh, God, I don't know how to feel.

I do.

He saved us all a lot of hassle.

Ding-dong, the prick is d*ad.

[line ringing]

[phone ringing]

Hey, hey. Is she okay? [Inhales deeply]

What... W-What's happened?

She needs an emergency C-section.

They don't know if they'll…

Oh, Christ. I'll head over now.

No, no, I don't need you here.
[exhales sharply]

- Have you a pen?
- Uh, yeah. Hang on.


[Thomas] Have you found a pen?

[stammers] You sh...
You don't have a pen on your desk.

There'll be a pen there somewhere.

I-I can't find a pen.

Matt, there's pens.

Look, it's fine. I'll just... Just tell me.
I'll remember.


I'm gonna be off radar
for I don't know how long.

Respond to anything in my in-box.

Post Malcolm Tunnoch his GAA tickets.

They're his "thank you" for getting me
the psychiatric report on Williams.

They're on the desk. You can't miss them.

Uh, okay, GAA tickets for Malcolm.

- Anything else?
- I don't know, Matt.

I mean, is there anything else you
can think of before it's all over for us?

Before I'm in a cell?

Before some man moves into my home?
Makes my family sever all contact with me.

Not even a wedding photo left on the…

- What are you talking about? What man?
- [Thomas] I don't know.

I couldn't sleep last night.

The future got very dark.
It got very specific.

Look, you're not going to jail,
Thomas, okay?

We know now for sure
Becka wasn't with her sisters.

[Thomas] It's too late for all that now.

We took our eye off the ball.
We should have done more.

We exhumed the body, Tom, for God...
Oh, shit!

[Thomas] Listen, I've gotta go.

[Matt] Look, just...
Tom, don't worry. Tru... Please trust me.

I have everything under control.

[Becka] Matt!

Why were you hiding behind your desk?

I wasn't. I was looking for a pen.

I thought you were ghosting me.

You didn't text me back yesterday.

No, um, no. Just, um, Thomas is actually...

- Thomas is in hospital.
- Oh, good.

Oh, I mean, I'm sorry.
That's... Is he okay?

Yeah, no, it's his, uh, his wife.
Their baby.

They have complications,
so I'm gonna head over there in a bit.

Um, so, yeah.

I will call you when I know more.

Becka, um, so I went to that pub
in Wick low where JP spent his last night.

And, um,
the barmaid said she saw you there.

So, you and your sisters
weren't together at all, were you?

Barmaid got it wrong.


How'd those postmortem results
work out for you?

Or did you get that wrong too?

[Bibi] Where the hell is Becka?

She's supposed to be here.

She'd better not be with Matt.

Surely she's not following her fanny
at a time like this?



Grace, you okay, honey? You all right?

[Grace] His walking boots.

I broke these in for him.

I wore them around the house.

[breathes shakily] Oh, God.
He's only just been buried

and I'm… [inhales shakily] …boxing up
his life like he was never even here.

Oh, he was here all right.

[sniffs] Maybe these would suit Nora?

I don't remember what size she is.

I'm taking offense on Nora's behalf.

- We're f*cked.
- [shushes, stammers]

One for Donal?
I think they had the same sense of humor.

- Oh, Baby Becka. [Chuckles]
- [chuckles]

[Eva] Uh, Grace, uh,
we're gonna need more boxes, honey.

[sniffs] Uh, yeah. Hang on.
I'll just pop down to the utility.

This is nice.

- [Eva sighs]
- I mean, this is awful.

I'm packing up me d*ad husband's clothes,
but, you know.

[Eva sighs]

[sighs] I just came...

Just… [mouthing] …shut up. Get inside.

[mouthing] Get in.

[Becka breathing heavily]

Matt knows we weren't together
the night John Paul died.

- How the hell does he know that?
- Why were you with Matt?

I just found him hiding
in his f*cking office.

- Oh, Christ. It's over.
- Hiding from me.

Look, first of all,
I've had men hide from me, okay?

- Just deal with it.
- He knows I've been lying, Eva.

No, listen, listen. [Breathes shakily]

What if they're onto something?

They firmly believe that someone
was behind John Paul's death, okay?

What... What... What... What if they're
right? What if someone did k*ll him?


- [Eva] Hey.
- What are you doing?

We were just seeing if... if we could all
fit in your massive wardrobe.

Eat your heart out, Carrie Bradshaw.

Get in here! [Chuckling] So big.

- Honestly.
- [all chuckling]

It's massive.


[Becka] Why do we keep coming here
if there's no booze?

I fancy a soup.

No. No soup, no booze.

- I want your alibis.
- What?

Where did you all go that night?

Why are you looking at me?

I was with Ben. You know that.

Well, you could have done it together.
You've both plenty of reasons.

And where were you? Your head's been
all over the place since Minna.

[Bibi] Exactly.

The only one mental enough
to do anything on their own is you.

And everyone knows it.

Actually, Eva,
you said point-blank that you'd do it.

Yeah, well I didn't, okay?

What'd you do with the pen to anyway?

It's in my wash-bag.

Where's your wash-bag?

- It's at Ben's.
- It's at Be...

It's at Ben's?

[stammers] But I haven't seen him.

Do you think he might be involved
in any way?

How? H-He somehow… [stammers]
…drugged him and caused him to crash?


Oh, my God.

Just go to Ben's, get the pen to,
and then get back to mine.


- Go!
- Okay.

Oh, my God.

[Bibi] And no sex.

Sorry I've not been around to see you.

Uh, it's just since, you know, JP died,
I needed to be there for Grace.

The insurance company
are still making it difficult for her.

They won't pay out.

They think there's foul play of some kind
in JP's death.

[chuckles] Wouldn't that be poetic.

Where did you go that night?

The night JP died,
you were gone when I woke up.

You stopped calling, and you're not
answering any of my text messages.

You once said that
you'd do anything for me.

You think I k*lled him?

I think people do crazy things
when they're in love.

I-I'd do the same.
I-I'd do anything for you.


Ah, you're so full of shit.

- No, I'm no... I'm...
- [scoffs] Come on, Urs.

You wouldn't even move into a house
that I wanted to rent for us.

Now, you say you'd k*ll for me? Come on.

I'm sorry.

It repulsed me.
What you asked me to do, it repulsed me.

I didn't ask you to do anything.

We both know
what you wanted me to do that night.


I had to leave that night

because I couldn't bear lying beside you
for another minute.

I'm sorry.

It's over.


I need this to be over, Urs.


[Donal] Michael, no.

- No peeping. Think about it…
- [David] Go!

- [Michael] Dad… [speaks indistinctly]
- [Donal] Don't, Michael! [Chuckling]

Michael tried to soak me with the hose.
You'll be next.

- You all right? Do you want a cup of tea?
- [sighs]

[dog barking]

Roger, is it? Matthew Claffin.

Do you mind if I come inside?

Um, yeah, okay.
Just go around to your left, yeah?

- Oh, please, sit down.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Sorry about the mess.

[Matt] No, you're okay.

Um, so I'm dealing with the policy
of a local family, the Williams'.

Uh, just doing a bit of background work
before, uh... before we pay out.

It's standard procedure.

So, uh, you know the family?

Yeah, I did.

Not anymore?

Well, he's d*ad, isn't he?

He... He is.

Uh, but not Grace and Blanaid.

Yeah, well, it's too late now, isn't it?

What's... What's done is done. [Chuckles]

That man was the devil incarnate.

He accused me of a crime so hateful.

Which crime?

Having an unnatural interest in children.

I've got nothing but love for children,
but he set the tongues wagging!

My church disowned me!

My duties were taken from me!
My life has fallen apart!

And all for sport. That's all it was.

Just amusement to him.

Um, can I ask you a question?

Um, can you remember where you were
the night John Paul died?


I went up to his cabin
the night that he died.

'Cause I knew I couldn't carry around

all this hatred
that was inside me, you see?

I knew I needed to forgive him.

I knew I needed to get back
to the love, you see?

You went to the cabin and...
And John Paul was there?

Pay the woman's claim.

It's the least she deserves

after all these years spent
with that twisted bastard.

I'll tell you what's unnatural,
the interest he had in his sisters-in-law.

What do you mean?

I'd like you to leave now, please.


[door opens, closes]

Mrs. Williams!


Some news, I hope.

- Yeah, well, sort of. Can I come in?
- No.

Sorry, no, I have Blanaid's dinner
to get started, so…

Okay, um, I'm just still a little fuzzy
on a couple of things

I wanted to quickly go over.

So, I went to that pub in Wick low.

Barmaid said she can't be sure
your husband was there or not.

All I know
is he said he went to watch Harps play.

And if that's what he said,
then that's what he would have done.

[Matt] Okay. She said Becka, um...

Your sister, Rebecca,
that she was there, though.

So, not with you all as you said.

She came late. [Chuckles]
She's always late.

Your neighbor said
your husband accused him of pedophilia.

He said he went to the cabin that night
to forgive him. Did you see him there?

Your younger sister said
that he financially ruined her,

and he was abusive to his own mother.

He wasn't a popular man, was he?

[breathes heavily]

["Devil's Spoke" playing]

[Matt] God's sake.

[grunting, wincing]

Ow! [Grunts]

Ah, shit.

[sobbing, breathing heavily]

Oh, for God's sake.

Leave a message for Thomas Claffin.

[cell phone beeps]

Thomas, Grace told me JP was going
to the pub to watch the match,

but the match was the night after.
It was the Saturday.

I just checked those tickets for Malcolm,
those fixtures are always on a Saturday.

JP definitely lied to her.

Why would he lie?

[mouthing words]

Where the hell have you been?

Oh, no, take your time, Urs.

It's only our entire lives
on the line here.

[sighs] Ben didn't do it.

What did he do with the pen to?
Have you got it?

How can you be sure he didn't?

'Cause he ended it, Bibi, okay?
That's how.

He wouldn't do that for me.
I don't know what I was thinking.

I've ruined it all.

[Eva sighs] Oh, Urs.

Okay, if anyone in this room did it,
we need to say.

I mean it.

No one is gonna have
to deal with this alone.

We'll... We'll close ranks, circle in.

It's the only way we can all be protected.


[stammers] She was on her own all night.

- Who's to say she didn't?
- 'Cause I didn't.

- Because she didn't.
- Oh, okay.

So, both of you get
automatically believed,

- and I have to provide a bloody alibi?
- She didn't have someone else involved.

- She's a f*cking psycho!
- [Bibi laughs]

I'm not the one who tried to k*ll someone
so my husband didn't discover my affair.

- Oh, you f... Bitch.
- Look, just stop! Okay? Just stop.

- [Bibi] You're the psycho!
- [Eva] Where were you, Becka?

I need to know where you were that night.
Why was there mud on your shoes?

I got hammered at the pub!
Miss f*cking Marple.

I was worried
you would do something reckless,

- so I got pissed. You taught me well.
- [Bibi] Don't talk to her like that!

[Grace] What are you fighting about?

Um, nothing. Uh, just politics.

Ever since John Paul died,

whenever I walk into the room,
you stop talking.

[Ursula] No, we don't!

[Eva] What's happened, Grace? You okay?

They did a postmortem on John Paul.

My signature is on this
like I agreed to it.

- Those dirty bastards.
- [Becka] Shut up.

Oh, my God.

You knew about it.
You knew about the postmortem.

Why did they exhume John Paul's body?

Because they think he was m*rder.

And they think
it was one of us who did it.


One of you? [Chuckles]

Why would they think that?

Because they think
we all had reason to k*ll him.

- And because...
- No! Just...

Stop lying to her!

Because we may not have k*lled him…

Jesus, we tried.

What are you talking about?
What does that mean? "We tried"?

We wanted John Paul d*ad, Gracie.

[Becka] We were doing it for you.

We wanted to save you.

We wanted you and Blanaid to be free.


[Ursula] Gracie.

[crying continues]

[Grace sobbing] I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

- [John] There you go.
- [Grace] It was my birthday.

We were having a lovely evening…

["Anyone Who Knows
What Love Is (Will Understand)" playing]

Come on, you.

[John] Ooh.

- [Grace laughing]
- These stairs are slippery, Mammy.

- Very slippery.
- [Grace laughing]

We need to do something
about these stairs.

- What are you looking for, honey?
- Jam-jams.

[Grace] You could go without them, maybe?

Just for tonight.

That tickles, Mam.

Well, then…

I'll just have to be more careful,
won't I?

[breathing heavily]

Tell me it's just you and me.

- Mmm.
- Yeah.


[John moaning]

[John groans]

- Hey.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Are you trying to break my neck?
Don't do that.

- John Paul.
- No, no, I'm... I'm... I'm...

[inhales deeply] I'm not doing this now.

[Grace cries]

Oh! Here we go, the dramatic tear fall.

[John sighs]

I just... I just wanted to kiss you, baby.
I just want...

N-No. No, no, no,
you don't just want to kiss, Grace.

You always want something more.
The... The pressure you put on me is…

Ursula says it's... it's so normal. Y...

There are loads of reasons for impotence,
like, uh...

Have you talked to your sisters
about my cock?

Ursula's a nurse.

- She's used to talking about...
- She's a whore!

I beg your pardon?

[John sighs]

Your sisters are poison, Grace.
And they poison your mind.

Why do you keep talking about my sisters?

- I'm just trying to help fix a problem.
- Who are you to fix anything anyway?

I mean, you're nothing.

You're a fly on a wall. You're a shadow.

If I turn out that light right now,
you wouldn't even exist.

You wanna try it?

You wanna try that? See what happens?

Here we go.

Hello? Mammy? Where's Mammy?
Has anyone seen Mammy?

[breathes shakily, whimpers]

See? You're not even a shadow anymore.

Ah! There you are.

You're back. Mammy's back.

You exist again.

Where are you going? I dare you to say it.

I'm going to my sisters.

You just won't see it, will you?
Your sisters are the problem!

They're the only ones
who actually care about me.

[John] Well, they will do anything
to pull us apart.

- [Grace sighs]
- That's how much they care about you.

- Do you wanna talk about this?
- [Grace] No!

Do you want to know why
I have issues getting it up with you?

[Grace crying]

Because one of
your precious sisters seduced me,

that's why.

What are you talking about?

Seduced you?
What does that even mean? [Chuckles]

When I was drunk.

Which sister, John Paul? Who?




[scoffs] No, she wouldn't. I don't...

- You had sex with Eva?
- [John sighs]

Grace, that was not sex.

That was a trap.


Years ago. Ten years ago.

That Ciaran fellow, he'd passed out,
you'd fallen asleep,

and... and she came onto me.

And I was out of my mind drunk,
and... and I think I thought it was you,

and then she tricked me, and it...
[inhales sharply]

It's messed me up.
It's messed me up ever since.

So it was when
we came up here for my birthday?

And she's even tried to blame me
for what happened after.

For what?

- The miscarriage?
- Yes.

But I was with her when that happened.
She was destroyed.

Yeah, well, whatever happened,
it was her fault.

[stammers] She was filthy drunk, Grace.
That's how you lose a baby.

What did you do?


What did you make her do?

- [John sighs]
- Look at me!

Don't you f*cking scream at me!

- [Grace breathes deeply]
- Don't!

It was her! Your sister!

You're a liar.

She's the liar here. She blamed me.

She even tried to say that I r*ped her
'cause she was so disgusted with herself.

Did you r*pe her, John Paul?

Did I r*pe her? No.
You don't r*pe women like that.

[Grace breathes shakily]

[grunts, groans, coughs]

- [Grace] Get off me! You liar!
- [John] Mammy. Ma...

[crying] Everything you do,
everything we have is a lie!

You ruined her life,
you f*cking monster! [Coughing]

[Grace sobs, coughs]

[pants, wails]


[John choking] Grace.

[both straining, grunting]

- [Grace grunts, shouts]
- [John chokes]

[Grace shouts]

[grunting continues]

[John continues choking]

[John stops choking]

[Grace panting]

[crying] You blamed me!

You made me think it was me! [Sobs]

[breathing shakily]

You f*cking monster.

[Grace sobs]

I didn't do what he said I did.

- Course you didn't.
- I didn't do it. [Cries]

I re... I was drunk.
[inhales shakily] I was.

And I really thought, you know,
I really thought, "Did I do something?"


I... I remember going to the bathroom.

And I remember
not being able to lock the door.

And I... I passed out,
or I couldn't get up, or something,

and... and then... and then I looked up,
and he was there.

And he was looking down at me.

And I remember I smi... I smiled at him,
but just...

Thought he was trying to help me.

But he... [sobbing]

- But I didn't do anything. I didn't.
- [Grace] No.

[Eva inhales shakily] I couldn't stop him

because... because I just...
I... because I couldn't.

[Grace] Listen to me.

I know that he r*ped you.

I didn't know I was pregnant.

I didn't even think I could…
[inhales shakily] …get so…

But when I miscarried, I tho... I th...
I just thought it was a punishment for it.



[Eva sniffles]

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- [crowd chattering]
- [music playing]

[movie music continuing]

[Isadora speaking French]

- [Isadora screams]
- [tires screech]

Whatever you're blaming yourself for,
it's not your fault.

Either of you.

Oh. [Sighs]

[Grace sighs]

- How did you, uh…
- [sniffs]

How did you know what to do with his body?

[breathes shakily]

["Sleeping on the Blacktop" playing]





[engine starts]

- [bones crunch]
- [shouts, muffled shouting]

[breathes heavily]

[breathing heavily]

You buried him in the m*rder w*apon.

- How do you mean?
- His pajamas.


How did you keep it to yourself
for so long, Gracie?



Why did you never tell me what happened?

Oh, I was going to. I w... I was. I was
going to tell you the next morning, just…

The moment I didn't,
I... I knew I never would.

[cell phone buzzing]

It's Matt.

[Grace sighs]

Answer it.

[buzzing continues]


I need to see you.

Ah… [sighs] …that's nice.

Um, I'm a bit busy now.

I've been to the cabin in Wick low.
I know what happened to JP.

- Becka?
- Wait… [speaks indistinctly]

[Bibi] Well?

What did he say?

He was at the cabin.
He wants to meet up with me.

So what does he know?

I guess that's what I'll find out.

I can't go to prison. I can't do that.
I can't... [inhales sharply]

I can't leave Blanaid on her own.
I can't do that.

For God's sake,
surely we just explain what he did.

[stammers] The r*pe, the abuse.

I mean, he's pushed us all over the edge.

Yeah, let's try that,
'cause that always works for women.

- I... [breathing shakily]
- Where you going?

Uh, I have to take
Blanaid to her swimming.

- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious.

You think if we sit here long enough,

we're just gonna figure it out
like a bloody crossword puzzle?

I have to be a mother to my daughter
for as long as I can be.

- [Eva] Okay. You can go. You can go.
- [sobbing]

- [Ursula shushes] It's okay.
- [Eva] You can go.

- [Bibi] Love you, Gracie.
- [Grace whimpers] I love you too.

[Eva] I love you.

We're here, okay?

[door closes]

I have to go meet Matt, so…

Yeah. I'm... I'm gonna come with you.

Can you just let me do this?

[Eva] Okay.

- [sighs]
- [door closes]

She took your jacket.

I know.

[doorbell buzzes]

[breathes deeply]

- Whatever you're thinking...
- Becka.

It was me.

I k*lled him. [Sighs] I did it.

I know why you're saying that.

- And I also know that you're lying.
- I did it, Matt.

Why are you punishing yourself like this?

If I mean anything to you…
[breathes deeply]

…then keep what you found out to yourself.

You're asking me to choose you
over my brother.

He was an abuser.

He was a r*pist. He r*ped my sister.

- He ruined our lives.
- And Grace k*lled him. She m*rder him.

You and your sisters covered it up.

[sighs, swallows]

[sighs] My mouth is so dry.
I can't swallow.

I need a drink or something.

[Bibi] Do you, uh…

Do you want a hot-water bottle, or...



I just thought with...

Oh. Yeah, well, it was ten years ago.

I mean, hot-water bottles are great,
but that might be a stretch.

[Ursula] I can't find my wash-bag.
I thought I left it on the table.

It has the pen to in it.

Did you do something with it?

Yeah, Ursula. I put it on my cornflakes.

Well, did you take it?

No. What?

- [all gasping]
- [Bibi] Oh, my God.

[Eva] Becka...
Becka, I'm on my way to you now.

Please, please don't do anything stupid.

[Eva] Get in the back.

- [Bibi] Come on, come on, come on.
- [Ursula] Drive, Eva!

[Eva] I am!

- [Bibi] Drive, drive!
- [Eva] Just hand her the bloody seat belt.

Shit, shit, shit.


[cell phone buzzing]

I love you.

You shouldn't say
something that you don't mean.

But I do.

I love you. That's the truth.

I'm sorry, Becka.

- [Matt sighs]
- [Becka breathes deeply]

Just go. Please.

[door closes]

[Bibi] Oh, my God, I'm stuck.
I'm stuck! [Grunts]

- Wait!
- [Bibi] No, don't wait!

[Bibi groans] Come on!

- [Ursula] Press the button!
- [Bibi] I'm pressing it!

Becka. What are you doing?

What the f*ck?
What the f*ck do you think you're doing?

I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't do it.

- [sobbing] I couldn't do it.
- Stop, stop, stop. Stop. It's okay.

[Becka sobbing] I k*lled her.

Listen. Listen to me.

Whatever happens next,
you have to forgive yourself, Becka.

You have to. You have to forgive yourself.

It's okay, it's okay. She's okay.

Yeah, well, she won't be in a minute.

You almost gave us a heart att*ck!

Where is he? Becka, where has he gone?

[sobbing, sniffling]

He knows Grace k*lled him
and thinks we covered it up.

- [Bibi] Well…
- [breathing shakily, sniffles]

Well, ma-maybe there's
a-a-a way around this.

Um, diminished responsibility, o-or...

Whatever happens to Grace,
we covered up a m*rder…

I think that's frowned on
in certain circles.

Yeah, you know what else is frowned on
in certain circles?

Faking signatures.
Illegally exhuming bodies.

All we tried to do
was k*ll that f*ck a few times.


So, what are you gonna do?

["Tell Me True" playing]


[cell phone buzzing]


[breathing heavily]

I've a daughter. I'm a father, Matt.
I'm a... I'm a da... I'm a daddy.


How are the girls?

the little one's out of intensive care,

and Theresa asked me to go to AbraKebabra
to get an all-meat kebab,

- so that's a good sign. I think.
- [chuckles]

Could be ominous.

We don't have to pay out
the Williams claim, Tom.

What? What do you mean?

Grace Williams. She's withdrawn the claim.

- Well, how the hell did you do that, Matt?
- It doesn't matter.

It does matter!
Well, of course, it matters!

You had your secrets, okay?

Didn't seem to bother you
that I was in the dark.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you said
it was for my own good. Well, so is this.

- You clever little bastard.
- [chuckles]



Blanaid, you look beautiful.

Maybe put on a coat, though?

[Blanaid] See you later, Mam.

Text me.

Mam, I'll see you later.

Bla, I love you.

- I love you too, Mam. [Chuckles]
- [chuckles]

Mmm. Have fun.

[both chuckle]

- [friend] Bla, hurry up!
- Coming!

Blink of an eye and she's all grown up.

[Roger sighs] Well, a lot has happened.
That's sure to change you.

I see you're moving on.

We have no choice.
Can't afford to stay here.

We're gonna live with Eva. A widow
and a spinster, living it up. Whoo-hoo!

[both chuckling]

Before we leave, I wanted to...

Please. Grace, don't.

I never did thank you for what you did.

You can't thank me for that.

If I had opened my eyes
to what was going on,

if I'd just seen what he was doing to you,

- it would never have come to that.
- [both grunting]

I wish I hadn't asked you for your help…


…but what you did,

that was a good thing.

Don't forget about me.

I won't.

[inhales sharply]

[Grace shouts, laughs]

Bring your own then! [Laughs]

[Bibi] Are you trying to will
that dick in the Speedo's to fall in?

[laughs] No. I will now, though.

You all right?

Hola, chicas!

- Hola!
- Hello.


- [Bibi] Where have you been?
- [Becka] Sorry, I had a business meeting.

- [Bibi] Dirt bird.
- Shut up.

[laughs] All right, you mad cow.

- [laughing]
- [Becka] All right, you mad bitch.

- [Grace laughs]
- Man, I missed that laugh.

- [Ursula, Becka laugh]
- [Eva] I didn't realize how much.

You're only as happy
as your unhappiest child.

And she's grand now.

["My Silver Lining" playing]

- Oi! Are we getting in or what?
- [chuckles] Go on then.

- [Grace] Yes! Come on. Took her time.
- Oh. [Sighs]

God. A voluntary hug.

- [Eva groans]
- [Bibi] Oh, thank you, Gracie.

- [Ursula groans]
- Look at you. Bloody wet suit.

- Bitch.
- I came prepared!

[chattering, laughing]

- [Eva] Come on, Grace!
- [Ursula] Get in! Come on!

- [Becka] Come on!
- [Bibi] Get in!

- Oi!
- [Bibi, Ursula] Come on!

[Bibi] Come on, Grace! Do it!

What are you waiting for?

- [Bibi] Get in!
- [Ursula] Come on, Grace.

- [Becka] Whoo!
- Whoa!
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