03x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "w*r of the Worlds". Aired: February 16, 2020 to present.
Reimagined H. G. Wells' classic in the style of Walking d*ad after an apocalyptic extra-terrestrial strike survivors are forced to team up.
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03x08 - Episode 8

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- I can hear them.
- The door's holding for now.

We infect Tom's blood.

And then we give him to them.

NATHAN: We know you're here
for Emily's brother.

If we give him to you, will you leave?

MARIAM: Leave him outside the door
and we'll go.

BILL: They're trying
to create a microscopic black hole.

The net magnetic charge

draws the black holes
towards each other.

The larger black hole in space
would be pulled into our atmosphere.

That's how they're gonna k*ll us.

There's one last thing I need you to do.

I want you to take me to Bill Ward.

You will suffer as we have suffered.

Billions of people are gonna die.

How does it feel
knowing you're responsible?

For whatever part I've played
in this whole f*cking thing,

I'm sorry.

But if it was my fault,

why don't you just sh**t me
and be done with it?

Too late.

There's nothing you can do?


Listen, the power
of the gravitational waves

has nearly doubled.

We don't have long
before it starts affecting people.

We have to close the black hole.

Catherine told me she'd figured out

how aliens create black holes
to travel through space-time.


I need your help. Do you know
how to close a black hole?


WOMAN ON TV: The strange lights
in the sky

started appearing in the sky
over the UK earlier this morning.

We can now confirm the similar phenomena

with similar lights being
reported all over the world.

There's nothing you can say?

I'm sorry.

(g*n FIRES)

WOMAN ON TV: Scientists are struggling

to explain the cause of the lights.


WOMAN ON TV: Some are suggesting
it could be a result of

gravitational waves from the black hole

reacting with the Earth's atmosphere.

You can remove the handcuffs.

I'm Rachel Best,
a minister at the home office.

I want you to tell me
everything you know.


They've created a micro black hole.

It's entangled with the black hole

on the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.


The waves keep getting stronger.
They're at MPC.

RICHARD: What's the wavelength?


When the gravitational waves
reach a certain strength,

everyone above ground
will fall into a coma and die.

Our scientists are saying
the same thing.

I understand
Bill Ward's been helping you?


Bill Ward's in a coma
in a hospital in Oxford.

Is that true?


And no.

He was a young PhD student.

He used the computer
inside one of the creatures

to unravel the relationship
between quantum gravity

and the fabric of space-time.

I think there might be a way
to use these equations to close it.


The black hole is incredibly powerful,

but the quantum fabric that
holds it together is very delicate.

If we can interfere with that fabric
and break the entanglement,

the event horizon
will start to dissipate.

It will close for good?

Only if the same waves
at the same frequency

are transmitted from the opposite side.

Unless that happens,
the entanglement won't be broken.

- How about Richard?
- As long as we can reach him.

We need a transmitter with enough power

to send electromagnetic waves
into space.

Alice was with a group
at the Arocast Tower.

They had a transmitter powerful
enough to talk to people in America.

It still works?

It was working when they left.

They had a generator,
so there should be power.

The gravitational waves
are getting stronger.

We can be above ground
for even less time than before.

Do we have time? Can we make it?

Maybe. If we use the Underground.

How long will it take when we get there?

I don't know. I've never
closed a black hole before.

After the government confirmed that

the Prime Minister had been
moved to a bunker,

the panic continues to spread.

Roads out of cities
have become gridlocked

as people attempt to flee.

Claire's out there.

You couldn't get her into the bunker?

Essential personnel only.

I should be with her.

That guy over there.

He keeps looking at me. Who is he?

He's Bill Ward's son.

Johannes told me
to tell you that he loves you.

That he's always loved you.

I know.

If we close the black hole,

we can't ever go back
to the other world.

You know...

All I have is a prison cell
waiting for me.

When I k*lled Emily,
my ex-wife and my son, they just...

They couldn't forgive me.

But you've got a life, a career

and a man who loves you.

If I go back to the other world,

Sophia's d*ad.

I choose to be here with her.

(SPEAKS FRENCH) I don't want you to go.

Maybe Celine will get to see the sky.

Don't you dare die again.

- Okay?
- I'll try not to.

Do more than try.



Just give me a minute, will you?


Go, go, go, go!

(g*n f*ring)

(g*n f*ring)





We're nearly out of time.






We need to align
the transmitter with the black hole.


What happens if we manage to close it?

The energy released is enormous.

There will be a very big bang.

Powerful enough to affect us here?

I don't know.

The atmosphere should protect us.

What about Richard
and the Space Station?

JULIET: You okay?

Just thinking about my nephews.

I can't imagine
what it'd be like if I had kids

and I was down there
with them right now.

You never wanted children?

I'm not sure being an astronaut
and being a parent really works,

you know?


I was pregnant.

I had to choose.

I chose the Space Programme.

Tough choice.

JULIET: Sometimes I think
what my life would be like

if I'd made a different choice.

Maybe there's a world where you did?

You really believe that?

I like to think so. Yeah.

- Zoe?
- Dad?

- Where are you?
- I'm in a bunker.

Did you manage to get out of London?

We're in Wales.

It's happening, isn't it?

Look, I need you to get underground.

- We're in the middle of nowhere.
- Maybe you can find a mine,

some caves, anywhere,
just go underground.

Take as much food
and water as you can carry.

How long do we have to stay there?


I don't know.

Can you stop it?

I don't know.

I'm sorry.

You have nothing to apologise for.

I am so proud of you.

Will you tell Mum that I love her?

I wish I was there with you.

You do what you've got to do.

We love you.

Love you so much.

I'm sorry that I was such a moody bitch.


You were the best thing
that ever happened to me.


You've got to go.

Take care of Mum.

I will.

Bye, Zoe.

Bye, Dad.

I love you.

I love you too.




Can you hear me?



- Can you hear me?
- Catherine.

- Richard, can you hear me?
- Yes.

We can hear you.

Is Bill with you?

Yes, yes, I'm here.

RICHARD: Listen, the power
of the gravitational waves

is still increasing.

They're at MPC.


I think there may be a way
to close the black hole.

To get enough power to transmit
the signal from this side,

we'll have to shut down
everything except the LSS.

We won't be able
to launch the Soyuz capsule.

When the black hole closes,
it's going to implode.

It's time you went home.

What about you?

Looks like I lost the coin toss.

You have to go.



I feel it too.
It's the gravitational waves.

They're getting stronger.

Separation in .

RICHARD: Affirmative.

Loading re-entry trajectory.

JULIET: Opening Soyuz hooks.

Copy that.

Separation in .

So, I'm thinking...

there's an alternate world
where we saw the mission out

and we went home together.


Then what did we do?

You fell hopelessly in love with me.


Sounds like you got it all figured out.

How could you not?

Preparing for separation.


It's okay.

Launching in five,





Separation failed.

You're still attached?


It's not what you saw.

We were both on board
when the space station broke up.

We don't have to be.

JULIET: I stayed for a reason.

I stayed for you.




Hey, Catherine?



She's collapsed.

She's fitting.

We're out of time.
You have to transmit the signal.

She didn't finish programming it.

I can talk you through it.

Set the first signal
to . gigahertz.

Adjust the calibration
on the second signal...

. kilohertz.

. kilohertz.



RICHARD: Then reset the IF amplifier.

Bill! Transmit the signal!

We're receiving it.


The black hole's starting to evaporate.

The thermal spectrum's dropping.

Thirty hertz and falling.





RICHARD: Juliet?


JULIET: I saw myself with my baby.

He was beautiful.

I'm happy for you.

The sun's coming up over the Himalayas.

I think they're going to be okay.





It worked.

You're hurt.

The creature...

The bastard, he got me.

We have to take you back to the gallery.

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm not gonna make it.

I think I'll sit it out here.

We did well.

Your wife and son
should be proud of you.

I doubt they'll ever know.

Do you want me to stay with you?


You go be with Sophia and your niece.

Thank you.

For everything.

At least I've got a good view.



(IN FRENCH) Did it work?

And Bill? Where is he?

What's happening in the other world?

If the black hole's closed here,

it's closed there too.

MAN ON TV: We can confirm
the lights have disappeared.

They began to fade a few moments ago,

then suddenly vanished.

We're getting reports from
observatories of an expl*si*n...

I know your dad.

I heard.

Look, I know it must be
really hard for you

to understand everything he's done,
but he did it for you.

For all of us.

I really hope you find a way
to forgive him.

TOM: Martha?

It's over.

What happens now?

I guess...

we're gonna have a baby.


(IN FRENCH) You should be happy.

We can go outside.

You kept your promise.

Not all of them.




You came back.

You got me residency?

They've dropped all charges.

Thank you.

We... We could go out to celebrate.

Are you asking me on a date?

Only if you're gonna say yes.




Look, I know I've been
acting crazy. I'm sorry.

I love you and little Jack
more than anything.

I'm ready to be a father now.

Hey, Dad.

Zoe told me what you did.

I'm sorry.


How long do you think it will be

until all the aliens are d*ad?

CATHERINE: I don't know.

What happens then?

I guess we start again.

Maybe we won't screw it up this time.





I think she likes it.



SOPHIA: Catherine?


What is it?


You're beautiful.
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