01x10 - The Black Queen

Episode transcripts for the TV show "House of the Dragon". Aired: August 21, 2022 - present.
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300 years before events portrayed in the series "Game of Thrones" tells the story of the Targaryen civil w*r that took place.
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01x10 - The Black Queen

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(epic theme playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(light music playing)

(wind blowing)

♪ ♪

Princess Rhaenyra: There you are.

The Sea Snake is going to die, isn't he?

- Luke...
- I can't be Lord of the Tides.

Grandsire was the greatest
sailor who ever lived.

I get greensick before the ship

even leaves the harbor.

I'll just ruin everything.

I don't want Driftmark.

It should've passed on to Ser Vaemond.

We don't choose our destiny, Luke.
It chooses us.

Grandsire let you choose
whether you'd be his heir.

You told us so.

And do you want to know the truth of it?

I was frightened.

I was... four-and-ten.

Same as you are now.

I wasn't ready

to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

But... it was my duty.

And, in time, I came to understand

I had to earn my inheritance.

I'm not like you.

- In what way, sweet boy?
- I'm not so...



- I am anything but.
- (footsteps approach)

My father looked after me

and helped to prepare me for my duties.

Your mother will do the same for you.

Lorent Marbrand: Good morrow, Princess.

Good morrow, Ser Lorent.

Princess Rhaenys has
just arrived on dragonback.

She urgently requests an audience
with you and Prince Daemon.

(door opens)

The Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

Thank you, Ser Lorent.

Princess Rhaenys...

might we hope for news
of Lord Corlys's recovery?

Viserys is d*ad.

♪ ♪

I grieve this loss with you, Rhaenyra.

My cousin, your father...

possessed a kind heart.

There is more.

Aegon has been crowned as his successor.


They crowned him?

How did Viserys die?

I could not say.

- How long ago?
- A day past, perhaps two.

I was made a prisoner in my quarters

while the Queen made her preparations.

Viserys has been slain.

Alicent demanded you declare for Aegon.

She did.

- I refused her.
- And yet you are alive.

The High Septon crowned Aegon
in the Dragonpit.

I witnessed it myself
just before I fled on Meleys.

They crowned him before the masses.

Princess Rhaenys: So that the masses
would see him as their rightful king.

That whore of a Queen m*rder
my brother and stole his throne.

And you could have
b*rned them all for it.

A w*r is like to be fought
over this treachery, to be sure.


But that w*r is not mine to begin.

I only rushed this warning to you

out of loyalty to my
husband and to my house.

The Greens are coming for you, Rhaenyra.

And for your children.

You should leave Dragonstone at once.

(tense music playing)

(whimpers, gasps)

The babe is coming.

(breathing heavily)

(Rhaenyra groaning)

Her term is far from complete.

This should not be happening.

It is f*cking happening.

Older Midwife: Keep your head about
you, Princess. Come.

Elinda: We've done
this five times before.

Keep your spirit,
and the sixth will be no different.

Get off, get off, get off, get off!

Ow, ow, ow. (gasps)

I want patrols along
the island's perimeter,

looking for any small ships
that might set ashore.

If the Greens att*ck now,
it will be by stealth...

- (Rhaenyra groaning)
- ...not directly.

We don't have enough men
to surround the island,

but we can make ourselves
appear stronger than they are.

(Rhaenyra screaming)

Conscript the Dragonkeepers.
They're capable fighters.

- Waste no time.
- It will be done, my Prince.

(Rhaenyra screaming)

- (grunting)
- (swords clanging)

- What was that?
- (grunts) I'm sorry.

You might go easier

{an }on him, my Prince,

{an }so he can learn what
you're trying to teach.

Rhaenys: Your lady
mother needs to see you!

Both of you.

- (gasps)
- Prince Jacaerys: Mother?

(Rhaenyra groaning)

Rhaenyra: f*ck.

Maester Gerardys: Princess.

♪ ♪

Your grandsire, King Viserys, has passed.


The Greens have repudiated the succession

and claimed the Iron Throne.

Aegon has been crowned king.

- What is to be done about it?
- Nothing yet.

- And where is Daemon?
- Rhaenyra: I don't know.

Gone to madness.

Gone to plot his w*r.

- Jacaerys: Leave Daemon with me.
- Rhaenyra: Jace.


Whatever claim remains to me,
you are now its heir.

Naught is to be done but by my command.


Bartimos Celtigar:
A raven flew in this morning.

The Sea Snake's fever has broken,

and he has left Evenfall.

- Where is he sailing?
- That much is unclear, my Prince.

We'll send ravens to our nearest allies:

Lords Darklyn, Massey...

- and Bar Emmon.
- Rhaenyra: (shouts) Daemon!

Do you want to speak
to the maester, my Prince?

I'll fly to the Riverlands myself

and affirm Lord Tully's support.

You will do no such thing.

My mother has decreed no action
be taken while she's abed.

It's good you're here, young Prince.

You're needed to patrol
the skies on Vermax.

Did you hear what I said?

(Rhaenyra screaming)

The ravens, Lord Bartimos.

I shall see it done.

Summon Ser Steffon.

Our Kingsguard are needed
on the Dragonmont.

Come with me. I'll show you
the true meaning of loyalty.

{an }You swore an oath
as knights of the Kingsguard.

{an }As do all who wear
the white cloak, my Prince.

To whom?

I swore first to King
Jaehaerys, my Prince.

And then to His Grace,

King Viserys, when he succeeded him.

Do you acknowledge
the true line of succession?

- Yes.
- Yes, my Prince.

♪ ♪

Do you recall...

who King Viserys named
as his heir before his death?

Princess Rhaenyra.


I'm grateful for your long
service to the crown.

So I'm presenting you with a choice.

(Caraxes screeches)


♪ ♪

Swear anew your oath
to Rhaenyra as your queen...

to Prince Jacaerys as the
heir to the Iron Throne.

(groaning, breathing heavily)

- (roars)
- Prince Daemon: Or...

if you support the usurper,
speak it now...

and you will have a clean
and honorable death.

But if you choose treachery,

if you swear fealty now only
to later turn your cloaks...

know that you will die...





Princess, let us help you.

- (groans) No.
- (growls)

- (screams) Get out!
- Elinda: Princess, please.

- Get out.
- You should not do this alone, Princess.

Let us help you.





(breathing heavily)



(breathing heavily)

(somber music playing)

♪ ♪

(waves crashing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(flames crackling)

Erryk Cargyll: I mean no harm, brothers.

(light strings playing)

I swear to ward the Queen...

with all my strength...

and give my blood for hers.

I shall take no wife...

hold no lands...

father no children.

I shall guard her secrets...

obey her commands...

ride at her side,
and defend her name and honor.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

My Queen.

(regal music playing)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Daemon: Queen Rhaenyra
Targaryen, First of Her Name,

Queen of the Andals and the
Rhoynar and the First Men.

Lady of the Seven Kingdoms
and Protector of the Realm.

Your Grace.

Wine, my Queen.

Thank you, Rhaena.


- What is our standing?
- Daemon: We have knights,

a hundred crossbowmen,
and men-at-arms.

Dragonstone is relatively easy to defend,

but as an instrument of conquest,

our army leaves a lot to be desired.

We have sent word to my
loyal men in the City Watch.

I'll have some support there,

but I cannot speak to the numbers.

We already have declarations
from Celtigar and Staunton,

Massey, Darklyn, Bar Emmon.

My lady mother was an Arryn.

The Vale will not turn
cloak against their own kin.

Riverrun was always a close friend

to your father, Your Grace.

With Prince Daemon's acquiescence,

I've already sent ravens to Lord Grover.

Lord Grover is fickle and easily swayed.

He will need to be convinced
of the strength of our position

and that we will support him
should it come to w*r.

I'm going to treat with him myself.

Steffon Darklyn: What of
Storm's End and Winterfell?

Bartimos: There has never lived
a Stark who forgot an oath.

And with House Stark,
the North will follow.

Lord Borros Baratheon will need to
be reminded of his father's promises.

What news from Driftmark?

Lord Corlys sails for Dragonstone.

To declare for his Queen.

The Velaryon fleet is
in my husband's yoke.

He decides where they sail.

Rhaenyra: We shall pray for both
you and your husband's support.

Just as we prayed nightly for the
Sea Snake's return to good health.

There's no port on the
Narrow Sea would dare to make

an enemy of the Velaryon fleet.

- And our enemies?
- We have no friends among the Lannisters.

Tyland has served the Hand
too long to turn against him.

And Otto Hightower
needs the Lannister fleet.

Without the Lannisters,
we are not like to find

- any allies west of the Golden Tooth.
- Daemon: No.

The Riverlands are essential, Your Grace.

Pray forgive my bluntness, Your Grace,

but talk of men is moot.

Your cause owns a power

that has not been seen in this world

since the days of Old Valyria.


The Greens have dragons as well.

Daemon: They have three
adults, by my count.

We have Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys.

Your sons have Vermax,
Arrax, and Tyraxes.

Baela has Moondancer.

Daemon, none of our dragons
have been to w*r.

There are also unclaimed dragons.

Seasmoke still resides on Driftmark.

Vermithor and Silverwing
dwell on the Dragonmont,

still riderless.

Then there are the three wild
dragons, all of whom nest here.

Rhaenyra: And who is to ride them?

Daemon: Dragonstone has to their .

I also have a score of eggs
incubating in the Dragonmont.

Now... we need a place to gather,

a toehold large enough
to house a sizable host.

Here, at Harrenhal. We cut off the west,

surround King's Landing with the dragons.

And we could have every
Green head mounted on spikes

before the f*cking moon turns.

Your Grace...

a ship has been sighted offshore:

a lone galleon, flying a banner

of a three-headed green dragon.

Alert the watchtowers. Sight the skies.

(tense music playing)

♪ ♪

I come at the behest
of the Dowager Queen Alicent,

mother of King Aegon, Second of His Name,

Lord and Protector of the Seven Kingdoms.

I've been directed to deliver her message

only to Princess Rhaenyra.

Where is the Princess?

(Syrax screeches)






Princess Rhaenyra.

I'm Queen Rhaenyra now.

And you all are traitors to the realm.

King Aegon Targaryen,
Second of His Name...

in his wisdom and desire for peace,

is offering terms.

Acknowledge Aegon as king

and swear obeisance
before the Iron Throne.

In exchange, His Grace will confirm

your possession of Dragonstone.

It will pass to your trueborn son,

Jacaerys, upon your death.

Lucerys will be confirmed

as the legitimate heir to Driftmark

and all the lands and
holdings of House Velaryon.

Your sons by Prince Daemon

will also be given places
of high honor at court:

Aegon the Younger as the King's squire,

Viserys as his cupbearer.

Finally, the King, in his good grace,

will pardon any knight or lord

who conspired against his ascent.

I would rather feed
my sons to the dragons

than have them carry shields and cups

for your drunken, usurper c**t of a king.

Aegon Targaryen sits the Iron Throne.

He wears the Conqueror's crown,

wields the Conqueror's sword,

has the Conqueror's name.

He was anointed by a septon of the Faith

before the eyes of thousands.

Every symbol of legitimacy
belongs to him.

And then there is Stark,
Tully, Baratheon.

Houses that have also received,

and are at present,

considering generous terms
from their king.

Stark, Tully, and Baratheon
all swore to me

when King Viserys named me his heir.

Stale oaths will not put you
on the Iron Throne, Princess.

The succession changed the day
your father sired a son.

I only regret that you and he were
the last to see the truth of it.

You are no more Hand than Aegon is king.

f*cking traitor.

Grand Maester.

What the f*ck is this?

(solemn music playing)

Otto Hightower: Queen Alicent
has not forgotten the love

you once had for each other.

No blood need be spilled,

so the realm can carry on in peace.

Queen Alicent eagerly awaits your answer.

She can have her answer now,
stuffed in her father's mouth

along with his withered cock.

Let's end this mummer's farce.

Ser Erryk, bring me Lord Hightower

so I may take the pleasure myself.

(Syrax roars)


♪ ♪

King's Landing will have
my answer on the morrow.


Daemon: It's no easy thing for
a man to be a dragonslayer.

But dragons can k*ll dragons. And have.

The simple truth is this:
we have more dragons than Aegon.

Viserys spoke often
of the Valyrian histories.

I know them well.

When dragons flew to w*r...

everything b*rned.

I do not wish to rule over
a kingdom of ash and bone.

Are you considering the Hightowers'
terms, Your Grace?

As Queen, what is my true duty

to the realm, Lord Bartimos?

Ensuring peace and unity?

Or that I sit the Iron Throne,
no matter the cost?

- That's your father talking.
- My father's d*ad.

And he chose me as his successor...

to defend the realm,
not cast it headlong into w*r.

Well, the enemy have declared w*r.

What are you gonna do about it?

Clear the room.

Does the promise of w*r excite you?

You cannot bend the knee
to the Hightowers.

They stole your birthright.

If you could take the Iron Throne

without putting Otto
Hightower's head on a spike,

- would you?
- Are you not angry?

- I should declare w*r because I'm angry?
- No.

Because it's your duty
as Queen to crush rebellion.

You know my oath

reaches beyond our personal ambitions.

A Song of Ice and f*re.


The coming w*r against
the darkness in the North,

The Conqueror's Dream.

Viserys shared it with me
when he named me heir.

(struggles to breathe)

My brother...
was a sl*ve to his omens and portents.

Anything to make his feckless reign

appear to have purpose.

Dreams didn't make us kings.

Dragons did.

(tense music playing)

(breathing heavily)

He never told you...


did he?

♪ ♪

{an }I've had men whipped for
falling asleep on their watch.

You are no man.

You abandoned me...

when I most needed you.

Both our children stolen from us.

I needed you.

Baela and Rhaena needed you,

and you abandoned us
for more adventure at sea.

As has always been your way.

Corlys Velaryon:
I had no other place to turn.

- I lost everything.
- We lost, Corlys.


I understand we have a new king.

The Stranger casts a long
shadow over this family.

Your brother is also d*ad.

(gasps, groans)

In his haste to bury you
and claim your seat,

he stood before the King

and denounced Laenor's
sons as illegitimate.


- Daemon took his head for it.
- (scoffs)

Heedless ambition has always
been a Velaryon weakness.

You were right, Rhaenys.

I reached too far. And for nothing.

Our pursuit of the Iron Throne...
is at an end.

{an }We shall declare for no one.

{an }We will retire to High Tide

to be content...

with our grandchildren and...

Jace, Luke, and Joff are
claimants to the throne.

Those boys'll not be safe
so long as Aegon is king.

Rhaenyra was complicit
in our son's death.

That girl destroys
everything she touches.

That "girl"...

is holding the realm together at present.

Every man standing
'round the Painted Table

urges her to plunge the realm into w*r.

Rhaenyra's the only one
who's demonstrated restraint.

Bartimos: The purpose of
w*r is to fill graveyards,

my dear Lord Staunton.

The trick is to put more of their men

in the ground than your own.

Easy words for a lord who commands

- from the safety of his castle.
- Doesn't make it any less true.

Erryk: The Lord of the Tides!

Lord Corlys Velaryon...

and his wife,
the Princess Rhaenys Targaryen.

My lords.

Rhaenyra: Lord Corlys.

It brings much relief to see
you hale and healthy again.

I'm very sorry about your
father, Princess.

He was a good man.

Where is Daemon?

There were other concerns which
demanded the Prince's attention.


Your declared allies?

- Yes.
- Too few to win a w*r for the throne.

Well, we would also
hope to have the support

- of Houses Arryn, Baratheon, and Stark.
- Corlys: Hope...

is the fool's ally.

Both Arryn and Baratheon
share blood with my house.

But all of them swore oaths to me.

As did House Hightower...

if I remember.

As did you, Lord Corlys.

Your father's realm...

was one of justice and honor.

Our houses are bound by common blood

and common cause.

This Hightower treason cannot stand.

You have the full support
of our fleet and house.

Your Grace.

♪ ♪

You honor me, Lord Corlys.

Princess Rhaenys.

But, as I said to my bannermen,

I made a promise to my father

to hold the realm strong and united.

If w*r's first stroke is to fall,

it will not be by my hand.

You do not mean to act?

Taking caution
does not mean standing fast.

I wish to know who my allies are

before I send them to w*r.

♪ ♪

The consequence of my...

near-demise in the Stepstones...

is that we now control them.

I took care to fully garrison
the territory this time.

A total blockade of the shipping lanes

will be in place in days, if not already.

The Triarchy have been routed.

The Narrow Sea is ours.

If we... further seal the Gullet,

we can cut off all
seaborne travel and trade

to King's Landing.

I shall take Meleys
and patrol the Gullet myself.

Bartimos: When we drain the Narrow Sea,

we can surround King's Landing,

lay siege to the Red Keep,

and force the Greens' surrender.

If we are to have enough swords
to surround King's Landing,

we must first secure the support

of Winterfell, the Eyrie,
and Storm's End.

I'll prepare the ravens, Your Grace.

Jacaerys: We should bear those messages.

Dragons can fly faster than ravens

and they're more convincing.

Send us.

The Prince is right, Your Grace.

(tense music playing)

Very well.

Prince Jacaerys will fly north.

First to the Eyrie to see my mother's
cousin, the Lady Jeyne Arryn,

and then to Winterfell
to treat with Lord Cregan Stark

for the support of the North.

Prince Lucerys will fly
south to Storm's End

and treat with Lord Borros Baratheon.

We must remind these lords
of the oaths they swore.

And... the cost of breaking them.

♪ ♪

It's been said that as Targaryens,

we are closer to gods than to men.

And the Iron Throne puts
us a touch closer, perhaps.

But, if we are to serve
the Seven Kingdoms...

we must answer to their gods.

If you take this errand,
you go as messengers... not as warriors.

You must take no part in any fighting.

Swear it to me now

under the eyes of the Seven.

I swear it.

I swear it.

Thank you.

Cregan Stark is...

close to your age than is mine.

I would hope, that as men,

you can find some common interest.

Yes, Your Grace.

Storm's End is a short flight from here.

You have Baratheon blood

from your grandmother, Rhaenys.


Lord Borros is an eternally proud man.

He will be honored

to host a prince of the realm...

and his dragon.

I expect you will receive
a very warm welcome.

Yes, Mother. Y-Your Grace.

(spirited music playing)

Go to it then.

(Vermax roars)

♪ ♪


(Daemon sings in Old Valyrian)


(singing continues)


(singing continues)

(Vermithor grumbles)




(Arrax grumbles)

(Vhagar roaring)

I am Prince Lucerys Velaryon.

I bring a message to Lord
Borros from the Queen.

(tense music playing)

Baratheon Knight:
Prince Lucerys Velaryon.


Son of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

(thunder continues)

Lord Borros...

I brought you a message from my mother...

the Queen.

Yet earlier this day,
I received an envoy from the King.

Which is it?

King or Queen?

The House of the Dragon does
not seem to know who rules it.


What's your mother's message?


Where's the bloody maester?

(wind whistling)

"Remind" me of my father's oath.

King Aegon at least came with an offer:

my swords and banners
for a marriage pact.

If I do as your mother bids...

which one of my daughters will you wed...


My lord... I am not free to marry.

I'm already betrothed.

So you come with empty hands.

Go home, pup.

And tell your mother
that the Lord of Storm's End

is not some dog that she can whistle up

at need to set against her foes.

I shall take your answer
to the Queen, my lord.

Prince Aemond: Wait...

my Lord Strong.

Did you really think

that you could just fly about the realm

trying to steal my
brother's throne at no cost?

I will not fight you.

I came as a messenger, not a warrior.

A fight would be little challenge.


I want you to put out your eye.

As payment for mine.

One will serve.

I would not blind you.

Mm, plan to make a gift
of it to my mother.


Then you are craven as well as a traitor.

Not here. Give me your eye

or I will take it, bastard!

Not in my hall!

The boy came as an envoy.

I'll not have bloodshed beneath my roof.

Take Prince Lucerys back to his dragon.

- (thundering)
- Now.

♪ ♪

(Arrax roars)










(distant growling)



(Aemond laughs)

(Vhagar roars)

(intense music playing)

- (grunts)
- (roars)

(Aemond speaking High Valyrian)


♪ ♪









♪ ♪



{an }_

{an }_

- (roars)
- No, no, no, no, no! No, Vhagar! No!

(shouting command)

Serve me, Vhagar! No!
(speaks High Valyrian)


(breathing heavily)

Aemond: Vhagar! No! No...


(tense music playing)

(solemn music playing)

♪ ♪

(vengeful music playing)
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