06x06 - Vortex of Flames

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Winx Club". Aired: 28 January 2004 – 13 November 2009.
Bloom is a special Earth girl with magical powers who travels to the Alfea School for Fairies to perfect her skills and forms the club with 5 friends.
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06x06 - Vortex of Flames

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- ♪ here we go, here we fly

♪ sparkle wings way up high

♪ where the rainbows
and the stars align ♪

♪ fairy friends,
heroes strong ♪

♪ shimmer bright,
hear our song ♪

♪ we're the smile
in your sky tonight ♪

♪ you can feel
the music lift you ♪

♪ off the ground

♪ nothing's gonna stop us now ♪

♪ we are the magic winx

♪ rising up together

♪ we are the magic winx

♪ we are the ones
you believe in ♪

♪ you keep the dream alive

♪ girl power's gonna shine ♪

♪ forever

♪ we are the magical winx

- At lynphea,
the winx and specialists

Defeated the basilisks

With stella and aisha
earning their bloomix powers.

Daphne invited the fairies

To the golden auditorium
of melody,

And musa was over the moon.

That is,
until the trix and selina

Released pandemonium sprites,

Causing quite a commotion.

[thunder crashes]

- So you want to join
the dark side, huh?


- It's in your best interest.

I know how to get to bloom.

- Hmm.

I bet that book of yours

Could get us to bloom faster.

- [chuckles]


I have got
the perfect story.

Under the palace of domino
is the vortex of flames.

Its magic is so fierce,

Not even bloom
could stand up to it.

- Really?

A burning pit?



- That's too bad,

Because the vortex of flames

Is also home
to the f*re eaters.

- Ooh, now you're talking.

We'll fight f*re with f*re.

- Funny you should mention

Because I just got invited
to an exclusive ceremony there.

You won't find
a better connection than that.

- Hmm...

Go to this little party,
find a way to destroy bloom,

And then maybe
you'll have a future with us.

- Hmm...

- Oh, daphne,
I'm so happy for you.

You are finally becoming
crown princess today.

You deserve it.

- Thanks, bloom.

I'm just a little nervous.

- Oh, daphne,

Don't worry.

We're in this together, right?

- You're right.

I like that.

- [chatters quietly]

- So, now,
where is everybody?

- Hmm...
Good question.

I'll check.

- [squeals]

- Bloom, any sign of them?

- Yup, there they are.

- Hey, sky, does bloom
ever talk to you about daphne?

Like, whether or not
she's ever mentioned me?

- Huh?

- Sky, thoren,
we're up here.

- Oh, hey, bloom.

I was just talking
about you guys with sky.

Uh, trying to
at least.

- Wait.

- Man, you are out of it

- Yeah, sorry about that.

I have to go.

- Huh?


- Huh, I wonder what that
was all about.





- Hmm...

- [groans]

- [squeals]

- Kiko, what is it?

- I feel weak.

Maybe this has something to do

With sharing
my dragon flame.

- Are you okay?
Here, let me help you.

- Thanks, flora.
I'm okay.

- You sure?

Let's get you some water.

- [chuckles]

- Come on, bloom.

Let's see what the girls
are up to.

What have we missed?

- You're just in time.

I'm feeling inspired.

There's nothing better
than a royal coronation.

- [squealing]
- it's so official.

- Hold on a sec, kiko.

- In honor of today's
special occasion,

We need to take our looks
up a notch.

Prepare to be amazed.

[shimmering tone]

- Whoa!
- Ah!

- Ooh!

- Stella!
- Ooh, stella.

- [moans]

- Hold on, winx.

I'll fix it.

- Um...
- Yeah.

- Let's try that again,
shall we?

- Oh, cool.

- Wow.
- Fancy.

- That's more like it.

Okay, daphne,
your turn.

Now, what color story
am I getting from you?

Vibrant greens?
Royal purples?

I got it.

- Oh, kiko.

Aren't you just
the prettiest little thing?

- Seriously,
you put the rest of us to shame,

Your highness.

- [chatters]

[shimmering tone]

- It's beautiful.

- Am I good or what?

- I'm impressed, stella.

I feel like
true royalty.


- Whee!


- Oh, here they come!
- Yes!

- Oh, there's daphne and bloom!

[cheers and applause]

- Someone can't take
their eyes off you.

- Princess daphne.

- [giggles]

- Huh?


- Citizens of domino,

Royals, dignitaries...

- [squeals]

- Huh?

Kiko, what's going on?

- [chattering]


- It is our honor
to have you...

- Diaspro?

Not her again.

- Who invited her?

Come on.
Let's tell the others.

- Good idea, lockette.

- As king of domino,

I am proud to bestow
upon my oldest daughter, daphne,

The title of crown princess.

[cheers and applause]

- [gasps]

- This belongs to you now.

Wear it with honor.

- I'm so proud of you,

- I promise to do my best
for domino and for its people.

- Yay!
- What a wonderful princess!

[graceful music]

- Princess,
may I have this dance?

- I love seeing daphne so happy.

- Yeah, she looks great,

But I'm not thrilled
about her hanging with thoren.

- Why?
What's wrong with him, sky?

- You need to know
what kind of guy he is.

Before red fountain,
when we were kids,

Thoren and I
went to school together.

One day, we were out
in the woods of eraklyon

Looking for animal tracks.

Then out of nowhere,
we were attacked.

- [growling]

- Yah!

- [grunting]

- Uh...

- [growling]

- [whimpers]

- In the middle of the fight,

He just left me there.

Without him there,
I barely escaped.

- Sky, I had no idea.

- I didn't mean
to bring you down.

I just wanted you
to know.

Come on.

Let's show these royals
how it's done.

- [giggles]

- Domino is lucky to have
such poised young princesses.

- Indeed, we couldn't ask

For two kinder or braver
young women.

- This is all so romantic.

[shimmering tone]

[crowd gasping]

- Ooh!

- You're right, kiko.

She's up to no good.

Not to worry.
Time to take action.


[cheers and applause]

- Thank you. Thank you.
- [scoffs]

- Thank you, everyone,
for joining us

On this special day.

- I just love




- [whimpers]

- [gasps]


- Bloom!
Bloom, are you okay?

- [groans]

- Oh, what a pity.

Someone is just not herself
these days.


[thunder clapping]

We have ourselves
an easy target, ladies.

- Mm, do tell.

- Bloom is so weak,
she can't even talk.

- Oh, goodie.

Sounds like the perfect time
to spark things up a bit.

- This is gonna rock.

- Bring on
those f*re eater things.

- You got it.

In the vortex of flames
live the f*re eaters.

Legendarium, f*re eaters,
rise from the vortex.

I invoke you.

May your sparks
ignite the terror

That you so crave.

- [roaring]

[rocks rumbling]

- Bloom?
Bloom, can you hear me?

Everything's gonna be okay.

I'm right here.

- Oh, sky.


- Daphne,
what's wrong with her?

- Oh...

- It's the dragon flame.

She doesn't have enough left
to sustain her.

- Oh, no!
- We had no idea.

- Winx, it's not your fault.

Bloom wanted to help.

Sky, why don't you
take her to her room?

- You need to get some rest,


- [growling]

- [gasps]

- [roaring]

- [screams]
- run!

[people clamoring]

- Somehow, I don't think
they were on the guest list.

- What are they?

- f*re eaters.

They're part of
an old domino legend.

- [growls]

Stay away from her.

- Sky, you can't let them
near bloom!

nymph of sirenix.

- It's up to us now.

Magic winx,

- ♪ there's a light ♪

- Aisha, fairy of waves.

- ♪ burning bright
but brighter when it's ours ♪

- Flora, fairy of nature.

- ♪ magic of the dragon flame

- ♪ oh, oh, oh

- Stella,
fairy of the shining sun.

- ♪ to that spark
shimmering inside us ♪

- Tecna,
fairy of technology.

- ♪ that magic's on the way ♪

- Musa, fairy of music.

- Winx, let's put out
this f*re.


[all yelling]

- [growling]

- Whoa.
That's not good.

- Sky, hurry.

You've got to get bloom
out of here now.

- [growling]

- Ah!


- Round two, winx.

- I've got you, sky.

Keep going.


- Stop!
- Huh?

- Where are you going?

- Let us go ahead,

- The monsters took over
the whole northern area

Of the palace.

The vortex of flames
is the only place

Where bloom
can restore her power.

- Do you buy that, sky?

- No.
You would never help bloom.

Now get out of our way.

- [growling]

- Ah!

- Huh?

- Bl--bloom...

- Don't worry, thoren.

I can handle this guy.

Gem laser!

Ooh, that was just
too much work.

We need to get
bloom's power back

And fast.

Only she can stop
these things.

Quick, grab bloom
and leave sky here.

- What now?

- This way.

Come on!

Let's go!

- [roaring]

- Don't even think about it.



Bloom will be history,

And sky will be all mine.

- I command you--

- Hurry. Run.
We'll hold them off.

- Where are the girls?

- If they're together,
they'll be fine.

- [gasps]

where did everybody go?

Oh, no!

The vortex of flames!

- Some guests never get the hint
that it's time to leave.

- Their extreme durability
is legendary.

- Oh, great.

Just skip to the part

Where you tell us
how to b*at them.

- Legend says
that only the power

Of the vortex of flames
can defeat them.

- Daphne,
bloom's in danger!

- [roaring]

- Protection of waves!

- I think thoren and diaspro

Are taking bloom to the vortex
right now.

- Historically,
the vortex was a magical place

To test the dragon flame.

- That doesn't sound so bad.

- But after so many centuries,

The power of the vortex
has grown uncontrollable.

Bloom is too weak
to handle it.

- That can't be good.

- Daphne,
we've got these guys.

You and sky
go after bloom.

[all grunting]

- Let's go, sky.

- Here we are.

Isn't it breathtaking?

Now just place bloom
right into the vortex of flames.

The rest will
take care of itself.

- Down there?

Are you sure?

- She's the fairy
of the dragon flame.

f*re is good for her.

It's not that complicated.

- Huh?

- Well, you want her

To get her powers back,
don't you?

- Thoren, no!

- [gasps]

- Don't do it, thoren!

Don't listen to diaspro.

- You are one wicked girl.

- This is me on a good day.

- Ah!

- No--ah!

- Sky...

- Bloom!
What are you doing to her?

- [whimpers]

- [cackles]

- Diaspro,
don't you dare!

- Give it up, sky.

You're too good for her

- You give it up, diaspro.

You know I love bloom.

- Well, I hope
you can deal with this, then.


- No! Bloom!

- Sky!


- There's nothing
you can do now.


- No!

- Uh-oh.

Whatever shall I do?

- Where did she go?

Sky, thoren.



What was that?

- [growling]

- [gasping]

- [gasps]

I've heard of this place.

It's the vortex of flames.

Oh, it's incredible.

It's so beautiful.


- [roaring]

- Ah!

Dragon f*re!

Dragon of domino!

- [growling]

- [roaring]

- [gasps]

- [roaring]

- Ah!


I can't move.

- [roaring]

- Come on, bloom.

You've got this.

Just dig deep.

you can do this.


- [roaring]

- att*ck with all the power
of the dragon flame!

- [roaring]

- Wow.
I did it.

- ♪ bloomix

♪ there's a light ♪

♪ brand-new kind of power

♪ burning bright

♪ but brighter
when it's ours ♪

- Bloom,
fairy of the dragon flame.

- ♪ dragon flame

- Guys, what do we do now?

- We have to stick together.

- I know.
I won't let you down again.

I promise.

- [growling]

- Huh?
- [gasps]


- Bloom!

- Flame storm!

- Ha-ha!


- Sweet!

- She must have passed
the test of the vortex.

- Bloom, am I happy to see you.

- I'm so happy to see you too,

Now let's get these monsters.

- We have to hurry.

They're all over the place.
Let's go.

- I don't know how much more
of this I can take.

- I know,
but we have to keep going.

- That's right, aisha,

But you've got one more
to help you.

- [growling]

- [laughs]
- [gasps]

- Bloom, you're back!

- And you've got
the bloomix power.

- That's our girl.


- Hooray for bloom!

- Bloom!
- It's bloom!

- ♪ now hand in hand...

- Sky, I was so scared
that day when we were kids.

I am truly sorry.

- No sweat, thoren.

We both had some growing up
to do.

- Truce?
- Truce.

- Oh, how I wish
there was a handsome prince

To dance with.

- Yes, wouldn't that
be nice?

- [chuckles]

- Thoren, maybe there's
someone special

You'd like to dance with.

- ♪ this magic world
you've given me ♪

♪ no matter
what steps we take ♪

♪ there's a bond
you cannot break ♪

♪ so let's keep dancing ♪

♪ take my hand

- Oh, I'm so happy
for bloom and sky.

They look
so in love with each other.

- ♪ feel the b*at

♪ we're floating,
running ♪

♪ right through the air

♪ without any care

♪ take my hand

♪ here we go

♪ we're stepping out
as a pair ♪

♪ move your feet,
feel the b*at ♪

- [giggles]

- ♪ right through the air

♪ without any care

♪ any care

- The winx
must learn more

About the mysterious

In order to stop
the trix.

This requires an international
trip around earth

With daphne
as their chaperone.

But just when the winx
are headed on the right path,

Selina uses the legendarium

To summon
the mummies of alexandria,

Stopping them
in their tracks.

- ♪ winx,
we're living in magic ♪

♪ and day by day,
we will light up your world ♪

♪ winx, together we'll make it ♪

♪ your power
will make it shine ♪

♪ and we will fly in the sky

♪ winx, we're living in magic ♪

♪ sing that song

♪ we'll be friends
till the end ♪

♪ winx, together we'll make it ♪

♪ love is all around

♪ this is the wonderful world
of winx ♪
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