19x04 - Trouble in Palm Springs

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". Aired: October 14, 2007 - June 20, 2021.
Reality series of the Kardashian family featuring Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan personal and professional lives.
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19x04 - Trouble in Palm Springs

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Khloe: Tonight on keeping keepi
with the kardashians...

So, ken, are you gonna come
to palm springs this weekend?

I think we're due
for a good bonding session.

Corey: I have not been
super close to kendall,

so I really, really hope we can

carve out some time together
in palm springs.

Kris: Oh, hi, mase!

This is a fortress.

I just finished disinfecting
the entire house.

I was especially worried
about coronavirus,

because there's so many of us.

So that means clean
everything in sight.

Khloe: (whooping) let's go!

Okay, now fall!

I'm planning on getting loose,

having a few drinks...

(screaming, clamoring)

...And just positive vibes.

Kylie: Kendall...

Whatever, you're a hater!

You're not gonna ruin
my (bleep) night!

- I'm having a good time.
- Okay.

You ruined my (bleep) night.

So I can do whatever
the (bleep) I want, corey.

Khloe: It's supposed to be
a fun sister night.

Let's just (bleep) have fun.

(phone rings)

- what's happening?
- (indistinct screaming)

what's happening?

Okay, we have to go get kendall,
turn around!

♪ ♪

So what is this shindig for?

Our sh**t.

- Oh, your fragrance together?
- Forever we'll be together.

- What does it smell like... mom or you?
- Totally mom.

Kanye smelled it and was like,
"you have to change this.

- This is exactly your mom."
- (laughs)

I go, "that's the point!"

so it's, like, very... Pungent?

Kris: Am I pungent?

Yeah. It's a good thing.

- Wow.
- Yeah. (laughs)

did you watch episode one?

It made me cry at the fight.


Kris: It was just very upsetting

you guys were being
physical with each other

at 39 and 40 years of age.

♪ ♪

I was in paris
when this fight took place.

And I obviously heard about it,
but really had no idea

how intense it was
until I saw it for myself.

- Stop!
- (gasps) quit!

Guys, stop!

I just feel like
it's hard to come to work

when you feel
this intense attitude

and being ganged up on
every day.

Although me and my family
are super close

and love doing what we do,

watching the girls
argue or fight

or get physical with one another

is really hard for me.

I'm worried about kourtney.

Maybe she really needs
you guys sitting down, go,

I realize you're hurting.

"talk to me, honey. I love you.

Tell me what's happening."

that's how I hope
somebody talks to me.

Kim: So maybe you should say...

Khloe: Why don't you say
it? Maybe she would love...

- Why don't you say...?
- Yeah, why don't you say,

- well, I'm going to.
- "hey, I saw the episode..."

well, this is
the first time I saw it.

-I'm devastated.
-"...And it made me feel really bad for you."

- kris: Yeah.
- Khloe: Call her right now.

I do think it'll make
her feel better

and supported.

(line ringing)

kourtney: Hi.

Kris: Hi, sweetie.

What's going on?

I'm gonna pick up
mason from school.

Kris: Um, well, I just wanted
to tell you that I watched

the episode this morning
on the way to... sh**t today.

Oh, yeah, I haven't seen it yet.

I just feel really bad,
and I just wanted

to tell you that if...

(choked up):
...If you need somebody
to talk to,

that we should sit down,
because I just feel really bad.

Kourtney (crying): Thank you.

I'm fine, I'm fine now.

It's just, it was like everyone
was ganging up on me

for like two-two (bleep) years.


And I feel fine now, but, like,

it's just such a natural thing
in our family,

what everyone does.

If someone goes any way against
what everyone else is doing,

it just seems
like they just att*ck.

- I feel better now...
- (kris clears throat)

...Like I can actually
just see that and say,

"you're not putting this on me,
it's on you."

- you know?
- Kris: Yeah.

Kourtney and I have really been
working on our relationship.

And before
the fight episode aired,

we were really reconnecting;
things were better.

And then, of course,
when the episode airs,

all that we've already gone
through and worked through

our stuff, it brings up
old emotions again.

It brings up old feelings.

It makes me really, really sad
to see, I think,

the divide between all of us.

I value kourtney.
I love kourtney.

And I want her to feel loved
and valued by me, too.

Kris: We all have different
emotions over different things,

and I just want you to know
how much I love you

and that I'm here for you
if you need me.

- Kourtney: Thank you.
- Okay. I love you.

Kourtney: Okay, I love you.

- Bye-bye.
- Okay, bye.

Part of my job is
to make sure that

the girls are
getting along right now.

I'm a firm believer
that if there's a problem,

and if there's tensions
amongst people,

we have to get together and have
some quality family time.

So I think it's time
to go to palm springs

and spend some time together
in everybody's happy place,

and just have
a really good time.

See you later.

Woman: Sit there on that table.

♪ ♪

- that was so cute.
- So cute.

- You look beautiful.
- It's perfect.

That was good.

♪ ♪

reporter: With growing
coronavirus concerns,

the cdc is recommending
everyone wash their hands

for at least 20 seconds, and
to avoid touching their faces.

- Kris: Hi.
- (man laughs)

- wow. Hi, how are you?
- This is jason.

- Kris, I'm jason.
- I'm not gonna...

- I'm gonna do that.
- How are you?

-I'm good.
-Good, good, good.
Welcome. Welcome.


Corey: Ferrari, for
the first time, is coming out

with the sf90 that's
basically an apple laptop,

but ferrari style.

Well, we're basically designing
three cars today.

We're designing corey's ferrari,

kris's ferrari

and kendall's ferrari.

I wanted one first,
and then she got educated,

then she educated her offspring.

-How are you?
Good to meet you.
-Good. Good to meet you.

Don't shake anybody else's
hand again.

I was gonna say something,
but I thought it was rude.

- Jason: Sorry.
- It-it kind of is.

- Like, I thought we were...
- I'm gonna go...

I'm gonna just go
wash my hands because

- I touched the doorknob, too, and I'm freaking out.
- Okay.

Kris: I'm super excited
to go to palm springs.

Everybody's coming,
except for kendall.

So that's really the goal today

is to get kendall on board
to come to palm springs.

So, ken, what color horse?

- I like the grays of the silvers or whatever.
- Yeah.

Or yellow, 'cause you have
the yellow calipers.

I think it makes it fun.
You're getting a sports car.

You might as well
have fun with it.

- Yeah.
- And you're making it.

And if you think the carbon
fibers may be too flashy,

then you might do
the matte carbon fiber.

As we're buying a ferrari.

-"if you think it's too flashy..."
-jason: Too flashy.

- Great.
- Kris: Kendall,

if you start coming
to palm springs with me,

we could bring our cars and
go to the race track one day.

I go to palm springs.

Are you gonna come
to palm springs this weekend?

I don't know, I just think
it's a lot of-of people.

- Is it not?
- It is a lot of people,

but I think we're due
for a good bonding session.

- But, like going there
is supposed to be...
- Bonding, bonding.


And you got all your (bleep)
there to hang out and play.

Kris: Your clothes are there.
I'll pack for you.

- Okay.
- You'll go?

- Sure.
- Kris: She's gonna go.

Yeah! Now I'm excited.

Anybody that's close to kris,
that's important to her,

will also be important to me.

Kris has six kids:
Five girls, one boy.

That's a lot of girls
in one group,

so it's hard to be close
to everybody.

I'm not close to kendall,
but if she ever needed me,

I'll be there.

So I'm-I'm looking forward
to palm springs.

We can carve out some time
so we can really come together.

How sick is this, corey?

Oh, yeah.

Kris: Did you see it out there,

on a black car, the hermes
orange? You gotta see it.

I'm a... I'm a little obsessed.

The one straight ahead.

I mean, yeah, it would be
really crazy.

But yeah, clinging
to the black is chic.

No matter how many times I try
to change up my mini fleet,

I keep going back to black.

In more ways than one.

- (laughs)
- corey: That's my baby.

♪ ♪

I'm here in palm springs
and getting ready for

the family to arrive.

I'm super excited.

Palm springs, here we come.

- Kris: Oh, hi, mase.
- Mason: Hi.

I just finished disinfecting
the entire house.

This is a fortress.

Hearing about coronavirus
scares anyone.

But I was especially worried

because there's so many of us.

So I'm just trying to learn
as much as I can

about the situation.

And in the meantime,
you just do what you can.

So for me, that means clean
everything in sight.

This is called coronavirus.

-Get that out of here.
Is that binaca?
-I don't know.

But I'm doing every wall
in the house.

Yeah, you guys go to the sink
and wa...

"please wash your hands."

corey: Oh, he's already...

Scott: Let's go get situated

and get ourselves in the pool.

Good seeing you. Love you.

Please don't touch
the doorknobs.

♪ ♪

kim: So my mom suggests

that we all take a family trip
to palm springs.

Hi, reigny. What are you doing?

You're here, too.

I'm just going with the flow.
I want to have a good time.

I want to hang out
in palm springs.

And I just think
it'll be good for us.

Here to say hi to him.

Oh. Just to say hi to saint.

Look how cute they are.

They're so excited
to see each other.

- Kris: Oh, hi, kourt.
- Hi.

Oh, well, praise the lord.

Khloe: Are you feeling ambushed?

- Yeah.
- Or overwhelmed is what I meant.

What are you two doing?

Just one big happy family.

- Kendall: Who's in that room?
- Kris: Kylie.

Kendall: She's actually coming?

I have no...
I-I'm assuming she is.

- I mean, if they don't mind,
they don't mind. See?
- Hi, stormi!


Khloe: Kourtney and I used to be

very connected, like,
without even doing anything.

Like, we could do nothing,
and we just...

Always had fun.


oh, my gosh.

(loud grunt)


(laughing nearby)

that's it.

This trip is supposed to be
about kourtney

where she feels
that we're interacting with her.

(sighs): I... Hope...

And I just hope
we're gonna have...


Kourtney: Mwah!

Coronavirus kiss.

- Khloe: Kourtney,
participate, babe.
- I'm coming.

I feel like you're
not participating with us.

I've been here the whole time.

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

khloe: Kourtney, dinner!

Scott: All right, let's eat.

Let's get our food, kids.

- Kendall: Chef, this is so good.
- Kim: So good.

Both: Thank you.

You guys, my whole car ride
down with kendall,

- oh, my god.
- When I sneezed,

she rolls down the window.

And then when I coughed...

...She was like,
"you know you're not supposed

to cough on your hand."

khloe: Sounds like t*rture.

Did you hear, corona
can be spread through money?

- That's crazy.
- Kris: All right,

let's talk about something else.

Mason: Is kylie coming
today or tomorrow?

Scott: Maybe not at all.

Khloe: I texted her.

- Kourtney: Did she
write you back?
- Not yet.

No, but she's posting up
a storm,

- oh.
- And I'm like, "just answer."

it's always really nice

when the whole family
ends up making it,

so if kylie ends up coming,
that'll be really nice.

She does miss out
on a lot of family trips, which,

you know, is sad sometimes.

- Is kylie here?
- Man: Mm-hmm.

- She didn't come at all?
- Yeah.

I mean,
I came all the way from...

- Kris: London.
- You did.

She had to fly two hours.

I just don't get to spend
a ton of time with kylie

all the time, um,
just 'cause she is, you know,

off with her friends or off with
other people most of the time.

So I just get really excited
when we have these family trips

just to, like, reconnect.

Scott: All right, we're moving

to the couch for the game?

Kris: Be careful
with the markers, guys.

Don't get them on the couch.

On every family trip,
we like to have game night.

We each get to ask the group

a question,

and then everybody else answers
the question in secret,

and then see who got
the answer right at the end.

Who goes first?

What is kiki's favorite color,

- Write it down.
- Khloe: I think

kimberly's favorite color
is nude.

Mason: I think it's pink.

- I said pink, too.
- Kris: Nude.


Scott: Beige.

If you had beige or nude,

- you are right.
- (khloe whooping)

With this particular group,

my words always get twisted up
somehow some way,

so I tend to just be quiet,

so that kris
don't have to stress out.

I want kris always happy,
'cause she got a lot of things

to be stressed out about.

Where's the sheet of questions?

Are you hungry?
Want me to get you...

- A plate?
- Yes, please.

Here, let me make you a plate.

Kendall: Oh, I like this one.

I don't think any of you
are gonna get it.

How old was I
when I had my first kiss?

Khloe: Um, 12?

Y... Okay.

Your turn.

12, but it was in a shower.

That's what I know.

Oh, my god!

12. Okay.

- 14.
- Reign: Me, 13.


- I was 12. But I-I thought
- (yells)

I was 14, then I was, like,
no, no, no, I was definitely 12.

- Wait, so was it in the shower?
- And it was in a shower.

- What? You were in a shower...
- The shower was not on.

We were fully clothed.

We were playing truth or dare,

and it was me
and this kid chuck,

who I had the biggest crush on
of all time.

We literally invited them over
to play truth or dare.

But to get some privacy
when we wanted to, like, kiss,

we had to go into the shower
and, like, close the curtain.

(laughs): Kendall!

- Khloe: How do you know that?
- Mason: She told me.

- Kris: Kourtney,
you didn't do one.
- I'm coming.

Kourtney, have fun
and participate, babe.

I feel like you're
not participating with us.

I need to see the questions.

I've been here the whole time.

No, you've been here
and you've been amazing,

but I just want you
to be interactive.

I've been really present

here in palm springs
and hanging out with the family

and really excited,

and I get up for two seconds

to get something for reign,

because my kids' needs come
before anyone else.

And I think I'm at the place now

where I try to not take things
as personally,

and I know that
I can just control my reactions.

And I'm not gonna get
into an argument.

What's my favorite season?


- That's not a season.
- Khloe: That's a holiday.

-Khloe: I would think winter.

Um, summer.

- Kris: Fall.
- Kourtney: It's winter.


- I win again!
- Kris: Well,
that was a fun game.

- Wow.
- Up.

Kendall (laughs):
Full service, baby.

Good night, kourt.
Good night, scott.

- Kourtney: Good night.
- Scott: Good night.

Good night, p.
Good night, mason.

Good night, reign.

Good night, kim.
Good night, northie.

Good night, saintie.
Good night, chi chi.

Good night, psalm.
Good night, khloe.

Good night, true.

Oh, my god, did I miss anyone?

Good night, corey.

♪ ♪

scott: Holy...

This thing off-roads.

Kris: You guys okay? Relaxing?

I got this.

- (speaks indistinctly)
- kris: What?

Do you want me to help you, mom?

Kris: Oh, no, I got it.

Nice, relaxing weekend.

It's all good.

(kris chuckles)

this thing turns on a dime.

Oh, kendall,
what are you wearing?

Only you could wear this outfit.

With your ass out? Everything?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- (object shatters)
- (scott gasps)

Uh-oh. What are we gonna do?

Of course, I run into a lamp

that's probably
a billion dollars,

break it, shattered,
the whole nine.

I don't know what to do.

The last thing
I really want to do

is get in trouble with kris.

Mason: Oh, she's gonna k*ll us.

Kris: I notice

my lamp is missing.

A very expensive,
vintage lamp is missing.

Mama's not happy.

- I never saw a lamp there.
- Kris: I'm gonna get

to the bottom of lampgate
if it kills me.

You know lovey's gonna k*ll us.

Mason: Lovey's gonna k*ll us.

- k*ll.
- k*ll.

- With a capital "k."
- yeah.

Scott: I say we just clean it up

and make pretend
it never happened.

- (shards scraping)
- quietly, guys.

This is a mission.

- Reign: What are you doing?
- We're cleaning...

You know what, reign?
Just-just cleaning up something

really quick.

Okay, let's go, let's go.

- All right, hit that button
and close 'er up.
- Okay.

- ♪ ♪ - everybody, move.

I think we're good.

Lovey'll never see that.

Mission completed.

This is a bathing beauty.

Kris: Hi, kendall.

- (indistinct chatter)
- dad!

♪ ♪

I have been so busy in l.A.,

and it was also my best friend's
birthday last night,

so this was the earliest
that I can get to palm springs,

but I am so happy to be here
with my family.


How the hell are ya?

I love having everybody here.

It makes the best memories.

- Right?
- That's why I'm so glad
kylie's here.

- Yeah.
- And little stormi.

Kris: I was so excited.

She knocked on the door

- at 7:00 this morning.
- Surprise, surprise.

Kris: I was like, "whoo!"

just when you thought
she was out.

You know, kylie's my ace.

We-we-we always sh**t
the (bleep).

She's always, like,
such a happy, outgoing person.

And she's the one that
contact me and check on me,

like, the most, so I'm
really excited that she's here.

Khloe: Ready, set, go!

Khloe: (whooping) let's go!


(indistinct chatter)


-kourtney: Do you like it?
-True: Yeah.
-Khloe: "yes."

are you excited
to go out tonight?

Mm, yeah. I'm not excited
for, like, what we're doing,

I'm excited for having
a sister night out.

Like, yeah. Like you said,
like, go out with sisters

- and, like...
- Yeah, no.

I mean, g... doing anything
different is fun, too.

I just don't think it's, like,
the dream thing I would pick.

- I don't even know what
the dream thing I would pick is.
- Right.

It's our last night
in palm springs,

and khloe decides
that we should all go out.

I'm in a place in my life

where I'm not really going out
all the time.

I don't really drink.

Kendall and kim and I are
on the same page with that.

I usually just love
to chill at the house,

watch movies, play games.

Just kind of be together,
and so, I feel like going out

and drinking and having
a wild time, like, seems to be

what khloe needs and how
she feels connected to us,

so, you know,
that's the reason I'm going.

-But just, like, for us
to do something as a unit.
-Totally. No, I said,

I'm excited to go
do something together.

And to do something
that's, like, harmless fun.

- It's not like anything
too crazy.
- Yeah.

- And then it's just,
like, a memory...
- True: I've got this!

...In my opinion.

Yeah, no, I'm excited
for a sister night out.

(indistinct chatter in distance)

(utensils clacking,
clinking in distance)

- ♪ ♪ - hmm. Hmm.

When I bought this house,

I was so excited to decorate it.

I had so much fun picking out
every little thing.

And when I notice
my lamp is missing...

A very expensive
vintage lamp is missing...

Mama's not happy.

Have you seen...

The lamp that was down there
on that table?

someone took the lamp? No.

Why would I take your lamp?
I know it sounds like I'm lying,

but I wouldn't take your lamp,


A missing lamp?

- Yeah, I'm missing a lamp.
- Kylie: Lamp.

Absolutely not. Oh, maybe they
use stuff like that for forts.

We can go check their fort.

She's known for taking a lamp
to drape the thing.

But I thought she just used
two clothing racks.

- Where's the fort?
- In kourt's room.

- Do you want me to go with you?
- Sure.

See a lamp
that you're looking for?

Well, first of all,
what is this?

It's the bedspread
that was here.

That's their library
and their office in the corner.

Where did they get
these clothing racks?

I have no idea.

When nobody fesses up
to the lamp situation,

makes me really mad.

What is the pool noodle
doing in the bed?

I think I've opened up
such a beautiful place

for us to all enjoy
and vacation together.

But, seriously,

the house looks like a pigsty.

Like, don't disrespect
somebody else's stuff.

It's crazy.


Scott: You need help?

-Yeah. I'm looking for the lamp
that was sitting right here

that apparently grew some legs
and just got up and walked away.

I never saw a lamp there.

- You never saw a lamp there?
- No.

-It's been there for two years.
-I know.
I've seen it here before,

but it wasn't here this trip.

Maybe it got moved around
to, like,

another bedroom or something.

- Maybe call your designer.
- I've been...

Through every bedroom.

So, kris is on a warpath.
You know?

She's well aware
that this lamp is broken,

and I see what she's doing
to this noodle.

And I'm not trying to be
on the other end of this.


I'm gonna get to the bottom
of lampgate

if it kills me.

Kylie: You look cute.


This sister night is turning
into just catfights

left and right over clothes.

Whatever. You're here. You're
not gonna ruin my (bleep) night.

- I'm having a good time.
- You ruined my (bleep) night,

so I can do whatever the (bleep)
I want to.

- Saint: Messy.
- Good.

Okay, we'll swap.

- (saint sneezes)
- it makes me sneeze.

Hey, chef?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Do you know what happened

to the little white lamp
that was sitting over there?

Okay. So if somebody knows
where the white lamp is,

you guys just have to tell me.

If someone's lying to me, that's
the part that's unacceptable.

I asked everyone,
and I just don't understand

why somebody just doesn't
come clean and tell me

who misplaced the lamp.

It's got to be one of the kids,
one of the grandkids,

somebody cleaning, cooking.

Tell me where the damn lamp is,

so I can relax.

Just tell me what happened
to the white lamp.

Just... I'm so upset
that somebody's

- just not being truthful.
- (quietly): Go.

Our stay is no more welcomed.

Mason and I have plans tomorrow
back in l.A.,

so we're gonna leave tonight,

which actually works out
to be perfect,

because kris is on a w*r hunt
for this lamp

and I'm surely not trying
to get charged $127,000

or some crap that
she's gonna say this lamp was.

- Don't you feel bad?
- I've done worse.

- You should just tell her.
- I can't.

- Mmm. True.
- If you admit it to her now,

she'll think
you're a better person.

- You don't want...
- Who raised you to be such
a good kid?

My mom.

You're not wrong.

I just had a good perspective,

because then she won't trust you
as much anymore.

Who are you, mother teresa?

And you want me to be
a gentleman and you lie?

- You're right.
- What are you talking about?

If I'm gonna raise you the way I
want to raise you, you're right.

- I'm not gonna set a bad
example. I'm gonna tell her.
- Yeah.

All right, let's go.

Obviously, I raised my kids
better than I even thought.

You know, I got
my ten-year-old son telling me

that I should confess.

And he's right.

I should just tell her
the truth.

- Lovey?
- Lovey.

But I'm bringing mason in,

I don't feel
like she would charge me

in front of my kid.

- Hey, mase.
- My dad has something
to tell you.

Kris: He does?

I don't think
it was a good example

that I was setting
in front of everybody.

I broke the lamp.

- You broke the lamp?
- Yeah. It's nobody's fault
but mine.

- And I should've just said it
from there.
-'cause you wouldn't... yeah.

- Yeah.
- I blamed it on my kids.

I blamed it on the grandkids.

Why didn't you just tell me
from the very beginning?

He was nervous.

I was scared
you were gonna flip out.

Scott, at the end of the day,
it's a lamp.

- I know.
- Honestly. And it's just

that nobody would come clean

- and tell me the truth.
- Yeah. Yeah.

That made me so much madder
than anything else.

Turns out breaking that lamp

actually was a blessing
in disguise,

because it actually taught
my kids a nice little lesson.

You know, I think it's great

that mason is a...
Straight gentleman.

Do you understand
how you tell one white lie...

Or lie,
this is a full-blown lie...

- How it can snowball...
- It's a good lesson.

- And go down a hill
and get giant...
- Don't lie.

...And then you can't stop it?

Like, big, big, big.

It's kind of like what happened
to my balls as a kid.

- What? What?
- Mm-hmm.

They were little,
and then they kept snowballing

- into bigger and bigger balls.
- Scott.

- It happened to you, too.
- Oh, yeah.

- Scott: Yeah.
- It did.

I was a baby. Little. That big.

- Yeah.
- All right. He's mini you.

- I get it. Stop.
- (laughs)

♪ ♪

that one.

Ooh. Big.

You can barely hold that.

Do you want to straighten
the ends a little more?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?


I am so excited for tonight.

We are going to a drag show,
which I love.

And I'm planning
on getting loose,

having a few drinks,

and just positive vibes,

having the best night.

It's such a blessing
you're here.

'cause when you're not here,
it's not the same.

- And I mean that in real life.
- Yeah, we're tight.

Without you, it's (bleep)...
Just off.

So the fact that you
came up here... love you back...

Has just made my whole day.

Day and night from yesterday,
so thank god.

- God bless you.
- I'm happy to be here.

God bless you, child.

I love corey. Corey and I have
such a good relationship.

I think that
he's just an amazing person.

I think
he treats my mom amazing.

And he's just helped me navigate
through life.

I really appreciate his advice.

And he's just always been
a good, good guy.

What... so you're sure? You
don't want me to scavenger up

- something else?
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

-All right.
-I'm gonna have
a few more bites of this,

- and then I'll...
- All right, we'll have
a fun car ride, all right?

- All right! Bye.
- No thang. Bye.

♪ ♪

- yes...!
- Oh.

- Oh, my gosh.
- (squeals)

you are going all out!

- Oh, my gosh!
- (chuckles) you want...

- I was gonna cover mine.
- Kim: You guys are so sexy.

I'm totally dressed
like a businesswoman.

I dressed kylie, everyone.

She's wearing all my clothes,
from head to toe.

I'm shocked that fits you.

Not because you're fat...
Just 'cause kourtney's, like...

Kris: So short.

Khloe: ...A tiny girl.

You want to try that cow shirt?

Could be cute with your shoes.


Whenever we are in palm springs,

we really just stay
at the house.

We don't really leave,
um, the community,

and it's
always just chill vibes.

So I didn't even really think
to bring something to go out in.

I didn't think
we were gonna leave the house.

Kourtney: Yeah.

Kendall: So that's why
I'm just, like, annoyed.

I just...
I feel really underdressed,

and I had said something
earlier today

that I didn't really have
anything to go out in.

And kourtney was like, "oh,
my god, I have so many looks.

"um, if you need
to borrow anything,

"just come into my room,

and take whatever you want."

Kim, do you have an extra outfit
for kendall?

Yeah, she can go look.

-Do you want
to see what kim has?
-Um, wait, let me see

what I've got.

I like that,
but do you want me to s...


Corey, take this sh*t with me.

(kylie whoops)

the first sh*t
is always the hardest.

You look cute.


She literally offered it to me
while we were...

Khloe: Kendall,
I have such a cute dress coming.

It's sheer. It's...

Whatever. You're here. You're
not gonna ruin my (bleep) night.

- I'm having a good time.
- You ruined my (bleep) night,

so I can do whatever
the (bleep) I want to.

-Khloe: I have
the best dress coming here.
-♪ come on, baby. ♪

This sister night
is turning into...

Just catfights left and right.

At least, for once, there's
no beef with me and kourt.

Kendall, it will fit you.
It's so b*mb.

I'm not gonna go inside
and, like, change again.

Thank you.

I can't wait to get
to the restaurant

- for my martini.
- I know.

So, wait,
you guys are going back tonight.

- Corey: Yeah.
- Scott's going back tonight.

And is kendall going back
with you guys?

Corey: That'll be interesting.


I stole kendall's outfit,

and she's so mad at me.

I didn't...
It's not really like I stole it.

I don't really know what's
going on with this outfit.

I didn't know that it was
assigned for kendall,

or if it really was or not.

But I brought a big baggy
t-shirt and a bikini, so I...

This is really the only thing
that I could wear.

Ain't nobody gonna steal
our vibes.

Kylie: Absolutely.

Come on. Let's go feed mommy.

Thank you.

The party has started.

We are here!

Kris: Mason!

You guys are so cute
and matching.

Hi, everybody!

- Kourtney: Hi, guys.
- Khloe: Wow.

Scott: That's amazing.

The shrimp cocktail here
is so good.

- Kris: Oh. What?
- Scott: All right, guys.

-Wait. Are you leaving?
-Thank you for the house.

Mase, we're all gonna miss you.
You're the life of the party.

- Kylie: I'm gonna miss you.
- Mason: Call me or text me.

- Corey: Kendall?
- Huh?

-Kourtney: I love you!
-Scott: Bye, guys.
-Kendall: Love you.

- Kris: Bye, scott.
- Khloe: Drive safe.

- Wash your hands.
- (kylie laughs)

you're my best friend.

You're mine!

Can I also have another, um,

42 on the rocks

and a ginger ale
whenever you get a chance?

Thank you.

♪ cause I'm gonna get wasted ♪

♪ I just finished
a cold cup of 42 ♪

♪ and I'm about to go
for my second one. ♪

what the (bleep) are you on?

I don't know what's going on, so
I'm just appreciating my bread.

You should appreciate
that we're all here together.

Kris: Amen.

I've been trying to reconnect

with kourtney for a while now,
and tonight, surprisingly,

the vibe
and the energy is so fun,

and it's not super serious
and heavy.

Khloe, come with us.

- Okay.
- Kylie: Later, haters.

(corey laughs)

you guys are so sweet
to let the young ones up here.

Kris: Everybody who

knows me knows
I go to bed at 9:00, always.

And even though
it's way past my bedtime,

I'm actually very excited

to go out with everybody
and have some fun,

because I think we really need
a great, fun night out.

Corey's going home
with you guys tonight?

He is?

(laughing): I'm pretty sure,
'cause he said,

"we're going home," and I go,
"mom, you're leaving tonight?"

and she was like, "no."


they're such...

Boring. Boring. Honestly,
who has the better car?

- We do!
- We do!

Who-who has the better car?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


they're gonna be so jealous
when they look at our stories,

- and they're sitting
in that boring car.
-(laughing): I know!

So their car ride is really lit?


we are on our way
to the drag show.

I'm literally
falling asleep in the car.

Ready, ken? We're here.

- Yeah. I agree with you.
- Really.

But make sure my stuff
is in kylie's car.

You want to go with kylie
for sure?

- I guess.
- Okay.

I decide not to go
into the drag show

and just kind of get
into kylie's car

and fall asleep
until they're ready to go.

- Okay.
- All right, let's go.

(applause and cheering,

Khloe and I used
to go out together, and we would

be crazy,
and, like, have the best time.

And this is how she feels
connected to us,

so I'm gonna try

to make the most of it
and have a fun night.

Oh, it's show time!

- (applause and cheering)
- mc: Ladies and gentlemen,

- are you ready?
- (all voicing assent)

we got to do it.


(cheering, whooping, applause)

♪ I feel the shadows
hanging over ♪

♪ they're waiting
to come closer ♪

♪ to come and take me away ♪

yes, baby!

♪ and I ♪

♪ can feel my heart skip... ♪

♪ I wanna run away... ♪

♪ ♪

(whooping, cheering)

- (cheering)
- what?! What?!



kris: That was so good.

The drag show was actually

really, really fun.

All the performances
are really wild.

And with the energy in the room,
you can't, like, not have fun.

You know, it's just nice
to be out with my sisters.

We're all laughing, and you
know, just having a great time.


- Koko, you're meeting me?
- Oh, you're going back to l.A.

- I can't go.
- I love you.


hey, it's a quiet car.

(laughing): Oh.

Khloe: Tonight was stressful

at first, but

I cannot think of a better way
to end our palm springs weekend.

I feel like
we're all having the best time.


-Woman: We love you!


khloe says shake your tits.

Kourtney wants
to see your penis!

- Khloe.
- (laughter)

I'm so happy kourtney came out.

I appreciate the effort.

We're just letting loose.

It's like harmless girls' fun.

We're enjoying our night.

This is just the days
that I miss from us.

- Jose?
- Yeah.

She want to go to, like, a place
she can use the bathroom.

I just didn't want to pee
in there 'cause it's so hectic,

but I'm gonna have to pee.

Why would I drop you ho...
Home, kendall?

I'm not gonna go through
the city to drop you home.

Wait. Do you want
your own escalade?

Kylie: Yeah. Literally.

Khloe: Where's corey?

He went to... He went home.

- (phone ringing)
- uh-oh.

Corey, I'm not getting
in a (bleep) escalade!

- (bleep).
- What's happening?

Kendall: Corey, please!

- Kendall: Shut up!
- Kylie: Calm down.

No one's tripping!

Kendall: You did!

- (overlapping shouting)
- what are they yelling about?

Where are they? Where are they?

Where are they?
Just where are they?

We're just hearing
high-pitched screaming.

We can't even figure out
what's happening,

and it just sounds really crazy.

Where are you guys?

Kendall: (bleep) you!

- (indistinct screams)
- what's happening?

What's happening?

Yeah, we have to go back,
kendall. Turn around, sir.

- Where are they? This is crazy!
- Where are you guys?

(indistinct shouting)

- kim: Where are they?!
- Kendall: Where are you?

- They left in the other car.
- Kourtney: Where's kendall?

No, we need to find them.

I'm at the gas station.
I don't know.

They're at a gas station.
Can you send me your pin?

Kylie, why would I make that up?

Corey did not say "(bleep) you"
to kendall.

Yeah, obviously, we believe you,

'cause corey cannot say that
to you.

All I remember corey doing is
trying to break us up,

and I don't really feel like
this fight is about corey.

I feel like
this is between me and kendall,

and I know corey wants the best
for both of us.

I think we're there.
See that flashlight? Okay.

Kris: Listening to

the girls argue or fight...

It really breaks my heart.

To see everything spiral
out of control... it's crazy.

-Kris: Let's find out
what happened!

- what happened?
- Scoot, scoot. Scoot over.

- ...Him ever again.
- Okay, so tell us what happened.

And I will never speak
to kylie ever again.

- Kris: They just left you?
- Yes, mom!

I don't think
I ever would have thought

either of them were capable of
taking it to that level with me,

especially because I was just
kind of chillin'

and asked a simple question.

I just didn't ever see it
needing to get to that point.

And I already know kylie is
gonna downplay the situation

and make it seem
like she did nothing wrong.

- What...? Tell us what happened!
- Kylie's like,

"jose, can we stop somewhere
to go pee?"

and then I was like, "oh, yeah,

and should I give him
my address?"

she goes,
"no, I'm not dropping you home.

What do you think this is?"

corey's like, "stop the car.
Let's get kendall another car."

like, no. Why would I drive
all the way by myself?

- Of course.
- That's not his place
to dictate that.

So that's what I said.
I said, "corey, shut up.

"like, you're not even trying
to be helpful.

You want me out of this car."
no one...

Security could have come down

- and gotten you off the freeway.
- Anybody.

- Anything else could
have happened.
- Fight could happen.

Kris: Well,
there's a million scenarios

that could have worked...
You could have worked it out.

Just keep driving.

And then, corey, on everything,
said "(bleep) you,"

and, like, looks... Turns around
to the front of the...

- (phone ringing)
- do not answer.

- I'm not.
- And I said, "(bleep) you?

You're gonna say (bleep) you?"

and that's when I started
getting hysterical.

'cause she was like,
"he didn't say '(bleep) you.'

I heard. I was listening
to the whole..."

and I'm like,
"no, I'm d*ad sober.

I wouldn't make (bleep) up."
then she smacked me.

What was she screaming
at you about?

She, like,
smacked me or something,

and so I came back at her
and smacked her in the face.

And then she just took her heel

and put it into my neck.

-I started kicking her back.

- Why?
- No, we got in a full fight.

The fact that my sister,
my blood, was reacting

that way... it's so upsetting.

I'm sorry.

Kim: Corey's involvement

just makes this
more complicated,

and I just feel bad for my mom.

She's just stuck in the middle
of this,

and doesn't know
how to navigate this.

It really sucks.

Kris: I'm really, really sorry.

"kendall said, 'will you
drop me off?' and I said 'no.'

"I never said that.'

"kendall's been in a badass mood
all (bleep) day.

It was crazy."

I'm sure kendall is saying
many things to my family.

We're both very upset.

I think there was a lot
of miscommunication,

'cause she thought
I was gonna take her

all the way
to beverly hills home,

and I just never agreed
to that, so...

Things just got
very out of hand.

- Look, I got attacked...
- Listen. I'm sor...

I'm sorry you're upset,
and you have every right to be.

She's making...
Is she (bleep) crazy?

No, you're not crazy.

I don't know how I'll be able
to, like, forget this.

I really don't.

I'm pretty offended and hurt,
um, by the situation.

I feel super disrespected.

Well, do you want us
to call you a driver

- to get you home tonight?
- No, no.

Now I'm obviously going
to the palm springs house.

- I'm not going home now.
- Okay.

Kris: Just, like, in shock.

It's okay, mom.
I know you deal with a lot.

We came on this trip to try
to reconnect all of us together

and forget
about the sister fight

between kourtney, kim
and myself.

Now we're ending this trip
with another sister fight

between kendall and kylie?

♪ ♪

kris: It really

chips away at my soul

when anybody in my family

is in a bad place
with one another.

No matter how big or how small,

it just destroys me.

So, looks like we're gonna

be having
another sleepless night.

(door squeaks shut)

khloe: You're so cute, malika.

Malika wants
to go on a babymoon.

- (whooping)
- (laughter)

- kris: Have you talked to her?
- I haven't talked to her.

I would have never agreed
to take her home.

I would have loved
to have a car.

I could have done anything
for her.

I deserve an apology,
and you have not given me one.

Kim: Kendall and kylie

haven't fought like this
in years.

Corey was ganging up with kylie.
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