06x10 - The End of Everything

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Good Fight". Aired: February 2017 to present.
"The Good Fight" follows Diane Lockhart, as she is forced out of Lockhart, Decker, Gussman, Lee, Lyman, Gilbert-Lurie, Kagan, Tannebaum, & Associates after an enormous financial scam destroys the reputation of her goddaughter and Diane's savings, leading them to join Lucca Quinn at one of Chicago’s pre-eminent law firms.
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06x10 - The End of Everything

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You ready to go?

Go where?


[SIGHS] Isn't this home?

♪ As I lay sick and broken ♪

♪ Viva Mexico ♪

♪ My eyes just won't stay open ♪

♪ And I dream... ♪

I love Lyle Lovett.

Me too.

♪ I dream a dream of home... ♪

Actually, I don't.

Kurt does.

How are you? A-About all that, I mean.

Mm, sad.

But it was probably inevitable.

I suspect Kurt feels the same way.

I didn't cause that, did I?

No. No.



Every time you get a text, you tense up.

Well, that makes sense. Work, I guess.

Why not shut it off?

My phone or work?

- Why not both?

I watched you this weekend.
You seemed lighter.

You deserve peace.

I don't think your work
brings you peace.

Mm, I don't think it's supposed to.

Then why do it?



[MEN CHANTING]: White lives
matter! White lives matter!

What the f*ck you think
I'm trying to say to you?!



REPORTER: From what we
can tell, most protesters

seem to be coming from outside Chicago,

drawn by the expectation of v*olence,

and the arrival of / supporters.

Now, I-I spoke to one woman earlier...

Ground zero! [WHOOPS]

This is feeling like
the start of a zombie movie.

What's the one with that actress?

Sarah Polley.

How did you know that?

I know you. Dawn of the d*ad.

The police are clearing out
Millennium Park.

They're all moving
onto the side streets.

Oh, hey.



What is that?

A wedding present.

What? You didn't have to do that.

You're right. All right...

Hey! No, no, no, no, no!

Who's Felix Staples?

Oh, God, you don't want to know.

He's here and he asked for you two.

Us? Why us?

Diane's not here and he said

you would know what it was regarding.

- I don't. Do you?
- Uh...

- good luck, Marissa.
- What?

What do you mean? You're coming too.

No, no. Please, no.

I have to go downstairs
and handle firm security.

- Carmen can help.
- Uh...

Okay, this is beautiful.

- I forgive you.

Yeah, could you act like you like me?


Oh, my God, I love those glasses.

- Can I try them on?
- No.

Mr. Staples, hello.

[GASPS] Oh, hi, Miss...

I forget your name.

- And you... who are you?
- Carmen Moyo.

I need to Moyo you.

MARISSA: Okay, what do you need, Felix?

Diane isn't here.

Where can we speak privately?

MARISSA: How's this?

All right, dismiss me if you dare,

but in seconds you're gonna
be kneeling to kiss my feet.

I can't wait.

I've been as*ault.

Hold on.

I've been as*ault...

... sexually, by my boss.

Still not feeling the urge to kneel.

Maybe I should tell you
the name of my boss.

Lean in.


JAY: Should I be getting our people out?

No, not yet. Police asked us
to shelter in place

till they can clear the plaza.

Should be an hour.

I'll call up when I hear more.


- Diane.
- Jay!

- Diane.
- I need your help.

- I'm stuck.
- Wait, where are you?

I'm in the plaza.

The police pointed me
through a barricade,

but then there was a rush.

Jay? Hello?

- Hel...


Oh, God...

Things are getting a lot more
lively here in the Loop.


MAN: p*ssy f*ck!

Eat me! / !

One more day! One more! f*ck you all!

JAY: Diane!

Hey, Diane! Diane!


- Put this over your head.
- Oh...

Don't look up. Don't touch your eyes.


Oh, my God.

- Oh...


Don't touch them!

This is a saline solution.

Tilt your head back.
Keep your eyes closed.

Do you have a change
of clothes in your office?

- Uh, no.
- I'll get you something.

The tear gas is in your clothes.

Go right to the executive
washroom and shower.

Don't let the water from
your hair get into your eyes.

- Okay. [COUGHS]

- Is she all right?
- A little thrown.

In the closet in my office.

You talking about me? I heard "closet".

I got this from Carmen.

Throw your clothes away when you change.

DIANE: Understood.


♪ ♪

- ANNOUNCER: Were you oppressed?
- Well, that's not fair.

- ANNOUNCER: Did you ever dream?
- Hey, that's my bike.

ANNOUNCER: When those
in power reserve justice

for a select few, call on them.

James Farmer, John Lewis,

Roy Wilkins, Carl Reddick.

- And the rest.
- ♪ The Big Six ♪

When you need help, call on the team

who's been to the mountaintop.
The Big Six.

LIZ: Even Malcolm looked
at this in the car today,

- and he-he thinks this is dumb.
- Yeah, sure, it's dumb,

but it's not made for us.

Uh, I don't care who it's made
for. Th-This is embarrassing.

You only just licensed the IP.
You can't yank it now.

Yeah, but I checked.

I have right of refusal
for disparagement.

And this is disparagement

- of my father.
- Okay, I can feel brain cells

leaking out my ears right now
from this argument.

Let me put you on the phone with BNY

so you can voice your concerns.

- All right.
- But they're gonna cut you out of this deal,

and you'll lose half a million a year

- in licensing fees.
- Hey, what's going on?

Uh, a lot of protesters in the plaza.

Diane got stuck in it. She's fine.

- What is security saying?
- The riot police

want us to wait until they clear
the front of the building.

They think an hour.

Okay. All right, well, let us know

when they think we should
send people home.







Wow, that looks better on you than me.

Oh, I doubt it.

No, come on, give me a twirl.

Oh, hello, Diane.


Are you okay?



My goodness.

The years have been kind to you.

What do you need, Felix?
I don't represent you.

Well, it's not what I need, Diane,

it's what you need.

As you may know, I'm no longer gay.

- DIANE: You're not?
- No, I don't think I ever was.

I'm with a wonderful woman now.

Chalena. Chalanna.

But in any case, I was interning

for a certain governor.

And he took me to Texas for CPAC.

Back at the hotel, I argued with him

that I was not gay,

and I would not have sex with him,

but he would not
take no for an answer...

and he forced me to fellate him.

I was repulsed,

I threatened to go to HR,

and he fired me. That's
why I'm here today.

- Tell her which governor.
- Well, as you know,

I have my pick of any job
in Republican circles,

but I'm also an elite member

of the Disney World loyalty Program,

which is why I agreed to intern

for Governor Ron DeSantis.


Which part of that is funny?

The part where you're here.

You were sexually as*ault
by Governor DeSantis

and you came to us
so we could help you sue him?

Yes. What's strange?


This is some bullshit
Project Veritas trick.

When did you start swearing so much?

It's kind of hot.

But I knew you were gonna
say something like this,

so I am prepared.

DIANE: Oh, God.

It's the only way I can prove to you

that I'm not recording
this conversation.

You see, this is why
I'm giving up on the law.

It's insane. It's all performance art.

Performance art?

Did you say performance art?

♪ ♪

Diane... I was as*ault.

- I'm going.
- And you must

believe a man just as you would a woman.

I'm-I'm sorry, he said what?

He said he interned with Ron DeSantis,

who as*ault him.



A-And, uh... what are we thinking?

It's Felix Staples.

He is a liar.

We have dealt with him before.

He will say anything to get attention.


I'll make some inquiries.

RI'CHARD: Okay, uh, let's tell him

we'll look into it and, uh,
reconvene on Monday.

No, he said we have
until the end of the day.

Then he's going
to Russell Carton Associates.

DIANE: Oh, he's playing us, Liz.

He knows that's our competitor.

This is exactly the kind of thing

that Neil Gross wants.

- Hardball.
- LIZ: All right. Okay,

um, here's what we're gonna do.
Uh, you three

are gonna help Diane vet him.

And, uh, we'll discuss,
and then we'll just

meet back here within the hour, okay?


♪ ♪

Hey, Diane, what's wrong?

We need to talk.

Uh, that whole thing
with Neil Gross last week...

It left me really shaken.

He went with Johnny Elfman?

Yeah, I guess he did.

I went away this weekend

to think about what I...

I-I really wanted to do,

given everything that's going on
in the world, and, um...

I realize it's no longer this.

Oh, uh...

What is, uh, this?

Practicing the law.

Dealing with people like Felix Staples.

I mean, I just had to struggle

through a riot down
on the street to get to work.

It took me minutes

to shower off tear gas

off my body, out of my eyes.

I'm done with the hate.

But isn't the law the only thing

that can stop the hate?


It's like shouting into a room

full of shouting people.

Well, is there any other option?

Yes. Just walking away from it all.

We're on a downward spiral, and I think

the only way to stop it is to stop.

Should we...

No, I-I think it's best
that you handle it.

Um, Diane, I'm gonna step out.


You're gonna give me a speech, pal?

No. No.

STR Laurie acquired
a small firm in D.C.,

Stern Newman, about lawyers,

and they intended
to sell it off for parts.

And they focus on women's issues.

Now, given the Supreme Court

and Roe v. Wade,

we've decided to reinvigorate it.

We want you to go down to D.C.

and run it.



You and I have been
talking about running

an all-female firm for years.

Here it is.

And you can run it any way you want.

Now, my hope

is that it will target cases

that move the law back on Roe,

but it's totally up to you.

God knows there are many women's issues

that need tending to.

[LAUGHS] Liz...

honestly, if this were
a year ago, but I'm exhausted.

Diane, a year ago,

an all-female firm was a luxury.

Not anymore.

Damn it.

We should have never
sent the cartoon, Liz.

We have video games for older kids.

And each of the Big Six
will get their own line

of T-shirts and mugs.

Lorraine, let's hold up Liz's dad,

Carl Reddick.

And you know this one. John Lewis.

I-I think Liz is worried
about commercializing

our civil rights legacies.

Oh, no, no, no.
The shirts and pens are just

to point the consumers
to the important things.

Which are?

Well, Ford and Nike are using quotes

from the speeches to help
advertise this Christmas.

- This is just about branding.
- RI'CHARD: I think

it would help if you sent Liz
the ways you want Big Six

to be educational,
not just entertaining,

- okay?
- That's a great idea.

We'll get right on it. [LAUGHS]

- Okay, we'll talk again.
- Bye. Thanks for your input.

- Well, that did not comfort me.

Liz, they are not the enemy.

Politics today is just
as much about branding

as about being right.

You've got , white supremacists

down on the street there
because they think it's cool

to wear scary masks
and carry g*n and...

k*ll us. They-they want to k*ll us.

Is this about your father's issues?

Hmm? Because branding can help

change the narrative to bring out

the good in the Reddick name.

My father's issues are not
gonna be solved

by a T-shirt.


Should have catapults up here,
boiling tar.

I thought you sympathized with them.

I do, but when you see people

from this far up, you want to hurt them.

Where's Diane, anyway?
I've been waiting.







Oh, no! Damn.


- What?
- I called Kurt.

a*t*matic marital muscle memory.

I'm sorry. What do you need?

Uh, Mr. Staples says he's leaving.

Oh, okay. Just-just start vetting him.

I'll be there in a few minutes.

Oh, and Marissa.


I didn't know you were thinking
about getting married.

I wasn't. It really just happened.

- Like you and Kurt.

Yeah. Um, all right,
I'll be right there.

Oh, and Marissa,

have you heard of Stern Newman?

- The law firm? Yeah.
- Uh, what do you know

- about them?
- My dad hates them

'cause he's always losing to them.

I guess that means they're good.

[GASPS] You're taking it over?

What? N-No. What are you talking about?

That's why you're asking about it.

Liz and Ri'Chard
want you to take it over.

Oh, my God. Okay, this is
what I'm saying: hire me.

- Marissa, I...
- What? Pay me to run your litigation.

I'm good with people
and I need the money.

My husband's an actor.

I'm gonna have to be
the primary breadwinner.

Come on, Diane, I know
everyone my dad does in D.C.

Marissa, I haven't decided anything yet.


But when you decide, hire me.


♪ ♪

Hey, Lyle. Yeah, me again.

Uh, listen, I need some serious advice.

I'm at a real crossroads here.

Can you join me for dinner?

Our enemy now is complacency.

We need to remind our
NRA members at the conference

that the Supreme Court
can only get us so far.

- The Democrats are still g*n for us,

and they're gonna be busy
in the legislatures.

We can't rest on these
Supreme Court decisions.

You saw what just
happened with abortion.

So you need to be talking to people,

and that's not just
in the meetings, that's not just

the speeches. You need to be, you know,

- at the conferences, at the
- Diane?

- breakfasts,
- DIANE: Please leave a message after the beep.

- in the hotel.
- [BEEP]

Kurt, everything all right?

This fight isn't over.
This fight's gonna be in

the legislature now.
We're not gonna count on

a judicial decision,
'cause they're gonna be

coming for us with all their old ideas.

- ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Where you going?


Out where? We're expected
in Atlanta in three hours.

Yeah, I'm not going.

The hell you're not.

This is the most important
speech of the year.

Kurt, we talked about this.

- What are you doing?
- Going.

Kurt, you're up for the
directorship. You can't just...

Yes, I can.

You... [SCOFFS QUIETLY] This is insane.

So this is my vetting?


I have days sodomy free.

- Can we get to the as*ault?
- FELIX: Yes.

I offered my political services

to Governor DeSantis.

He saw me in my bicycle shorts,

worn purely for medical reasons,

and he invited me onto his staff.

Little did I know what he meant...

by "staff".

- Oh, my God.
- God. Yes, Diane.

That's who I pray to
for guidance on this decision,

as well as my close friend and...

and mentor, Roger Stone,

who informed me that a demonic portal

has opened up over
the Florida State Capitol.

I didn't believe him,
and I took the job.

And this is where it gets more,
shall we say, ribald.


Ron invited me to CPAC
so I could work on his...

[SCOFFS] speech, and then...

and there...

he drugged me

and forced me into oral sex.

- Do you have any witnesses?
- No. I have better.

I have a stain.

- JULIUS: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey.

Don't act like you're
pursuing the truth.

This is just a way
to take out Ron DeSantis

because he's testing the highest
against Biden.

It's the only reason
why we would ever listen

to a-a termite like Felix Staples.

Felix Staples is a Republican.

- What if he's telling the truth?
- What about Tucker Carlson?

Oh, my God. Diane, Has Staples ever

- told the truth in his life?
- No. I agree with Julius.

We should be cutting him loose.

- Absolutely, he's a nut.
- RI'CHARD: Why so quick

to prejudge Felix Staples
when we have evidence?

That?! That could be anything.

- That could be ice cream.
- LIZ: Jay?

Uh, the only way to be certain
is to get some of DeSantis's DNA.

Oh, DNA. Yes. That's perfect.

Let's follow DeSantis around
on the campaign trail

to get his DNA. I'll bring the condoms.

- Anyone else? Condoms? Condoms?
- Okay! All right. - [ALL CLAMORING]

- Condoms?
- LIZ: Anything else... anything else, Jay?

Fe-Felix did intern
with Governor DeSantis's

speechwriting and political team,

and he was fired last week.

- Why?
- His team wouldn't say. All I know is

he was fired after the weekend at CPAC.

- Yes. Yes!
- Well, like... like any good liar,

he's using a grain of truth.

But Diane, years ago,
didn't you say that

you were tired of being
the adult in the room?

Uh, weren't you tired
of being the-the compliant one,

the one telling the truth?
I mean, why can't we

use lies like they do?

Because we're lawyers! We're-
we're dealing with perjury laws.

No, not necessarily. No, no, no.

We have a potential client
who may be lying and may be not.

- Yes. - That's all.
- MARISSA: Can I say something?

[SCOFFS] I can't believe
I'm suddenly channeling my dad,

but if you destroy Ron DeSantis,

doesn't that give new momentum
to Donald Trump?

- Hmm, keep going.
- Well, I think we all agree

Trump is the scary nut in this equation.

- Not all of us.
- MARISSA: Ron DeSantis is just the usual

scary Republican politician.

If you use what Felix charges
to take down DeSantis,

doesn't Trump become
the prominent candidate?

Or here's another way to think about it.

Isn't it easier to b*at Trump
in than DeSantis?

- Oh, dear blessed God.



RI'CHARD: This is what I say.
I will meet with him

and figure out whether
he's telling the truth or not.

- Uh, hey, hey, excuse me!

The elevators are frozen.

What? Why?

The lobby says they're working on it.

There were some
electrical output issues.

There was a f*re at a nearby substation.

- There was a power surge

on the infrastructure, sir,
and there are

people on it resetting the breakers.

You're saying we're not in danger.

I'm saying that the best place
that you can be right now

- is where you are.
- What about the stairs?

If you were to come down
here, ma'am, we'd have

nowhere to guide you.
The streets are still unruly,

but the National Guard has been called.

- Well, how long are we talking?
- Well, to get the elevators back,

- our guess: an hour.
- Uh, Lieutenant,

we-we have a lot of
nervous people up here.

I understand, ma'am,
and my first priority

is keeping you safe. Call me
if you have any worries.

- What are you thinking?

Are people getting nervous up here?

No. That-That's what's so weird.

We've all gotten so used to it.

It's all the other floors,
right? Not just us?

I called the architectural
firm on the th

and the foreclosure company on the th.

No elevators.

- Both white firms?
- Yes.

All right, then we just
keep track of it.

MAN: Who's calling?

Number .

- Please hold.
- [BEEP]


JAY: Randy, it's Jay.

RANDY: What's going on?

We've been told
to shelter in place up here.

Any thoughts?


They say the elevators are shut down

due to some electrical disruption.

We're dealing with
problems all over town.

We don't have time.

I've got Black lawyers up here.

Let me look into it.


Jay. Remember who we want.

- Uh...

Wow. Does that happen every day?

Well, not every day.

I have, uh, an appointment

with Diane Lockhart on the nd floor.

Yeah, I'm sorry. The elevators are down.

Hopefully, they'll be back up soon.

Why don't you just wait over there.

- I'll call up.
- Thank you.

Sorry, excuse me.

♪ ♪

- Run, dog!
- What the hell?

Oh, no! Aah!

- Aah!

- [g*n]
- Aah!

What are you doing? What is this?

A game.


Where'd you get this?

- Ri'Chard.

Look, got one.

♪ The Big Six. ♪

James Farmer.

Who's James Farmer?

One of the Big Six.

If you want to know more,
click on that hyperlink there.

♪ The Big Six. ♪

Oh, thanks.

Ri'Chard, can I talk
to you for a second?

- Please don't do that.
- What?

Use my son as a guinea pig.

Your son came to me

and asked about the video
games you mentioned.

Just ask.

- Sure.
- Okay.

But you have to admit,

he's asking about
these civil rights heroes

that he wouldn't give a
damn about otherwise.

The starting point
to education is entertainment.

But he is my child.

I make those decisions.



LYLE: Are you Diane's husband?


Are you her doctor?


I mean, I was until a month ago.


So do you know what's going on up here?


You think she's in danger?


Because you seem like someone

who might know when
someone was in danger.



Hello, Ms. Lockhart.
Uh, this is Brian Goner.

I'm trying to reach your husband, Kurt.

Oh, yes. Uh, my husband's not here.

Yeah, I know. I-I'm having
trouble contacting him.

Well, I can-I can give you his number.

No, I...

I think he's screening his calls

and doesn't want to hear from me.

- Uh, why?
- He quit today.

He did?


- Uh, may I ask why?
- He didn't say.

But could you please
tell him, uh, I need him

to go to Atlanta because

we're giving him an award there. [SIGHS]

We wanted to surprise him. He's being...

he's being given
the Second Amendment Award.

It's the highest honor we bestow.

So, just please tell him

come back to us.

We're his family. We value him.


What's your name?


And you're Kurt?


Can I ask you a question?

Why are you going up to see Diane?

I tried her. She's not picking up.


Supposed to have dinner.

So you think something's wrong?

No. Maybe. I, uh...

I saw her in the background
on the news, in a riot.

You could call the, uh, front desk.

They'd probably connect you.


Think it's you.

Go ahead.

No, I'm good. Catch my breath, I'm good.


- Hello?
- DIANE: Kurt, where are you?

Uh... nearby. Why?

Your boss from the NRA contacted me.

He says you're screening his calls.


Yes. He wants you
to go to Atlanta with him.

This convention was a surprise.

You're getting
the Second Amendment Award.

They've booked you
on the : p.m. flight.


Can you hear me?



He also said you quit.

Yeah, uh-huh.

Kurt, listen to me. If you're doing

any of this heroic stuff for me, stop.

You can't correct
a decade of disagreements

with one grand gesture.

Am I glad you quit the NRA? Yes.

I never wanted them
to benefit from your expertise.

But our argument wasn't just about that.

Politics is also about...

... how we view the world.

You keep talking about love, but love...

Love has to be about trust.

And I just don't trust
that what you believe in

is good for the world.

- Kurt?
- Yes.

[SIGHS] Why do you always
let me do all the talking?


Well, I'm not good at...

explaining myself

or the world.

I know, Kurt.

It's just, I can't pretend

that this stuff doesn't matter anymore.

So go, go, get on that plane

and collect your award, okay?

You deserve it.



Was that Diane?


She all right?


[CHANTING]: replace us!
Jews will not replace us!

Jews will not replace us!

Jews will not replace us!





[EXHALES] Got it.

- Hey.
- DIANE: Hey, things have gotten, uh,

a little complicated here.
I think we have to skip dinner.

Well, actually, I'm, uh,
on my way up to you right now.

You're... What do you mean?

I'm, uh, climbing the stairs.

I'm on the, uh, th floor right now.

You're climbing the stairs?

Well, the elevators
weren't working, so...

[SHORT CHUCKLE] Lyle, that's-that's

a really romantic thing to do,
but please, head back down.

- I have no idea how long the elevators will be out.
- Actually,

I'm with Kurt, heading up

to you right now.



You're... you're with my husband Kurt?


Why are you with my husband?

I'm not with him, I'm just...

happen to be heading up with him.

Uh, but I... My God,
I just talked to him.

He didn't say anything.

He said you were, uh...

he saw you on TV in a riot or something.

[SIGHS] Okay, listen to me,

you have both got to head back down.

Would you please promise me
you will head back down now?


Uh, the, uh, lights

are getting a little wonky here.

- I... I'll-I'll talk to you.

Diane says she wants
us both to head down.

Are you?


[SIGHS] Come on.

Be careful. Use your cell phone light.

FELIX: My, my, I think
I've been found worthy.

Amazing what

a come-stained T-shirt can do.

We want to know more about
your accusation, Mr. Staples.

You know, my mother was a piano teacher.

She thought the world would be beautiful

- if everyone could play the piano.

- So she went into the ghettos

and she dragged perfectly
happy Black children

to her lessons against
their will, singing...

♪ Prepare ye ♪

♪ The way of the Lord ♪

This is the easiest song to play

'cause it's repetitive.

- ♪ Pre... ♪
- Mr. Staples,

where did Governor DeSantis as*ault you?

- Where?
- LIZ: Geographically.


- Where at CPAC?
- In his room.

What room?

You want me to give you the room number?


- I don't remember.
- What floor?

Look, this is getting hostile.

DIANE: Well, this should be easy.

- What hotel?
- The Sheraton.

LIZ: Well, unfortunately, the governor

changed hotels at the last minute.

- He was staying at the Hyatt.
- Yeah, that one.


- Thanks for your help, Mr. Staples.
- Wait.

What's wrong?

You just tell me what
hotel you want it to be.

No. This is the number
of Russell Carton Associates.

Please, go tell them your story.

What are you talking about?

Ron DeSantis is gonna win
unless you use this.

- A lie?
- Yes, a lie. What does it matter?

You want this 'cause you hate DeSantis,

I want this 'cause it puts Trump

ahead in the polling. Win-win.

Well, this has been a waste of a day.


Oh, my God. They're here for me.

Oh, God, you're a narcissist.

Did you see the crowd down there?

They want to k*ll me!


Don't worry. The building's having

a little trouble with the lights,

but they'll be back on in a minute.

Are you still playing the video game?

- It froze.
- Oh, sorry.

You want something to eat?

- Think I have some snacks.
- No.

Buddy, what's wrong?

MALCOLM: Did Grandpa r*pe people?

- Is-is that from the game?


- You followed a hyperlink.
- Mm-hmm.



Pop-Pop was, uh...

he was complicated man.

He-he did a lot of good things.

And he also did bad things.

Why didn't you tell me?

I-I d... I don't know.

I, um...

I think I was, uh...

I think I was having a hard time

dealing with it, too.

I wish he were alive.


So I can ask him why.

Me too.



LYLE: Almost.


What the hell is that?

That's a lot of effort to keep
someone from going up.

KURT: Or keep people from coming down.

Diane, somebody's trying to trap you.

Get to cover now.


Hey, what's up, Diane?

Kurt just called saying that someone

is trying to trap us up here.

Uh, hold on, I'm looking.

Oh, f*ck.

Get down, Diane! He-He's right!

Everyone, get down! On the ground, now!

Down! Get down!

Hurry up! Get down, get down!
sh**t across the street!

sh**t across the street.
Get down, get down.

sh**t, sh**t, sh**t. Get down!

White supremacists! Come on!

MAN: Locked and loaded.

Come on, set up.


Let's go high and low.

JAY: sh**t across the street!

Get down!

Everybody, down on the ground, now!

Marissa, the sh**t...
they're back across the street.

Oh, my God.

Get away from the windows, now!



- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Uh, Diane was at her desk.

Diane, are you okay?

I called . Don't stand up!
It's not over!

- Wait, no, I'm trying to protect you.
- No I'm trying to protect you.

Oh, my God.

- Number .
- RANDY: What's up?

We're being fired at.
sh**t in the same location.

th floor, corner office.

- We're almost there. Stay put.
- All right.

Stay down! sh**t are still active.

♪ Prepare ye ♪

♪ The way of the Lord. ♪




- It's Jay.
- How's Carmen?

Good. What's up there?

We knocked out the militia
on the th floor.

Stay where you are until
we clear the other floors.

Should be minutes.

What are you doing with them?

- We have another flight tonight.
- Antarctica?

Stay put.

Stay down for more minutes.

Did you ever meet my grandfather?

Oh, buddy, buddy,
maybe another time, okay?


Did you like him?


But I thought he was great.

Your granddaddy was a legend.

And, uh, sometimes

we don't need to like legends.

Why... why did he do
the bad things he did?

Buddy, buddy, this isn't the best time

to talk about this.

There's probably no better time

than hiding under a desk from g*n.

Malcolm, I don't know.

I don't...

know why he did those bad things.

It's complicated.

It's probably not.

Legends get old.

They lose their fight, their passion.

They miss the attention
that comes with the fight.

So they do...

... bad things because it
fills up the emptiness inside.

But your granddaddy did more
to encourage Black lawyers

than any man on Earth.


... you can't think only about the bad.


I liked reading about him.

RI'CHARD: Good. So did I.

- Uh, sorry.

- Stop moving.
- Mm-mmm.


It's gonna take the police
some time to come.

- No, I'm calling Kurt.
- And Lyle.

- Who's Lyle?
- Her doctor.


Where are they?

Tell her.

They're trying to be heroes.

They're actually climbing
the stairs to save me.

- So romantic.

- Diane.
- Please.


- My gosh.
- Are they gonna fight over you?


What if they have you choose?

Like, with the b*ll*ts flying?
Wouldn't that be perfect?

Do you know who you're gonna choose?

I'm not gonna choose anyone. Stop.

She's choosing me.
She's taking me to D.C.

- to run her litigation department.
- Yes.


I know who you're gonna choose.




CARMEN: We were in the elevator
and a grenade was thrown in.

We thought we had seconds to live.

And you said one word.


I thought it was a great thing to know.

When you're about to die,
who you're thinking about.


We'll see about that.


LYLE: What the hell?


Eh, perfect.

Tell Diane I'll see her in ' .


How we doing?

RANDY: All clear. We got 'em all.


There was a plan with one
of the riot police in the lobby

to keep you locked up there.

They're coming after our intelligentsia.

Black universities,

Black law firms, Black businesses.

I'm joining you.

RANDY: This is full-time now, Jay.

You can't split your focus.

I'm quitting here and I'm joining you.

I want to do what you do.

We'll have a van out front
in ten minutes.

Bring Carmen, too.



We're all clear.

Police will be up in minutes.


- It's that building. - DIANE: My God.
- CARMEN: Jesus.

MARISSA: I know.


Oh, I better go talk to them.

Remember you chose me
and I'm not sharing you.

You know what? Sit down.

Let me get the rest of that
shit out of your hair.

♪ ♪

DIANE: I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, too.
- Another lifetime.

- Okay.

Was that, like, platonic?

I... I totally can't tell.

That generation is super weird.

♪ ♪

Oh, babe.

- KURT: How was your day?

Carmen, do you have a minute?

I can't work here anymore.

I need to work with people
making a difference.

The Collective.

They want you, too.

Come with me.

They have a van downstairs.

♪ ♪


I like working here.

Nothing happens here.

What we build up one day
gets knocked down the next.

If this is about money,

- they have all the money in the world.
- No, I-I'm...

I'm built to be a lawyer, Jay,

Not an activist.

And I still have something
to learn here.

- Wow.

Don't get yourself k*lled out there.

Yeah, you either.



Where's Diane and Kurt?

I don't know. I think f*cking somewhere.



Okay. You're going crazy.
That wasn't that funny.

Oh, God, I think I've been
storing up my laughter.

So D.C., huh?

Yeah, I think so.

Oh, God, I'm gonna miss you.
I didn't even think of that.

I'm gonna miss you.


♪ As I lay sick and broken ♪

♪ Viva Mexico ♪

♪ My eyes just won't
stay open and I dream ♪

♪ I dream of home... ♪

I'll be at least an hour.

There's a lot to deal with up there.

♪ Where there's coffee on the table... ♪

How are we going to make this work?

A lot of sex and pasta.

All I know is I don't know
how to live without you.

♪ But right now I'm feeling bad ♪

♪ Listen to your heart that beats ♪

♪ And follow it with both your feet ♪

♪ And as you walk
and as you breathe... ♪

I'll get the pasta started.


♪ Oh, you ain't no friend to me. ♪

- Is Malcolm okay?
- Yeah.

His dad came and got him.

Poor kid.

Uh, so, have you made
any decisions about D.C.?

Have you ever wondered, after all this,

after everything we've done...



We couldn't have worked any
harder for the last six years,

and yet things turned out
in the shittiest possible way.

That is not true.

Things can always get much shittier.

That's not a great motivation
to go to D.C....

"Things can always get shittier".

Yeah, but, Diane,
in the end, we don't do it

for... for the country

or for the world.

We do it for...

Dustin Gish,

Rashid Clarkson,

Dale Kuzma,

Pastor Easton,

Dr. Picot and Dominika Sokolov.

Melanie Clark, Craig Savador,

Marta Tecades.

Isabel Rivi,

Charles Lester.

And Jay Dipersia.

Bet you didn't think I'd
remember all those names, huh?

Every single one of them,
you changed their life.

You argued for them, no one else would.

And I'm just giving you the
chance to keep on doing that.

Come on, it's a no-brainer.

And if I'm burnt out?

Take a break, you have a week.

♪ ♪



I'm gonna miss you, pal.

I'll be there in spirit.

Or on Zoom.


- Oh, God.
- Shit.

NEWSCASTER: So, the suspense is over.

Donald Trump is running for president.

With rumors swirling around

Governor DeSantis about a potential

sexual as*ault scandal,

Donald Trump chose
this moment to announce

he's running for president.

♪ And I'm sure you will find ♪

♪ Many ways to have a good time ♪


♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ They have everything
for young men to enjoy ♪

♪ You can hang out with all the boys ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ You can get yourself clean,
you can have a good meal ♪

♪ You can do whatever you feel ♪

♪ Young man, are you listening to me? ♪

♪ I said, young man,
what do you want to be? ♪

♪ I said, young man ♪

♪ You can make real your dreams ♪

♪ But you got to know this one thing ♪

♪ No man does it all by himself ♪

♪ I said, young man,
put your pride on the shelf ♪

♪ And just go there, to the YMCA ♪

♪ I'm sure they can help you today ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ They have everything
for young men to enjoy ♪

♪ You can hang out with all the boys ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the YMCA ♪

♪ You can get yourself clean,
you can have a good meal ♪

[FADING]: ♪ You can do
whatever you feel. ♪
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