01x06 - Cherished

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The English". Aired: November 11, 2022 - present.
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An Englishwoman comes to the West in 1890 looking for revenge on the man she sees as responsible for the death of her son.
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01x06 - Cherished

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I opened this place up

But now people

are trying to drag me off my land.

Your land?

I'm the one

Soldiers on patrol

Corporal Jerome McClintock

Troopers Billy Myers

and Timothy Flynn.

You gentlemen do things

that others cannot think about.

It sounds like a grouse sh**ting.


they were found in a whorehouse.

Not him. You!

I took on a wolf once.



Mrs. Myers,

Timothy Flynn had the same mark

as your husband.

I'll take what's mine.

You hear the name Billy Myers?

Lives up where you want to go.

Thinking on paying him a visit.

You sure that you don't want to

Leave you?

Go home.

There's nothing to go back to

You got a secret?

One you ain't yet told me?

You looking a little red there, ma'am

Why'd you take the child?


I'm so sorry


Hey, Tap.


Heard you'd taken off.

Weren't gonna let no Limey

snap off the other side of m'jaw.

It was on your watch.

You let all them cows get cut up.

Tell you for why.

They weren't never gonna live.

Moving house?

Don't see I have to tell you.

Give it a guess. Buy a plot,

put a house on it. Buy another,

move the house.

Fool the government.

- How I done?

- Something like.

- What's your number?

- Sixty thousand.

- Plots?

- Acres.

Jeez, Tap,

best learn count your fingers first.

Well, lucky for me,

someone else has more faith.

Who'd have faith

in a grub-line punk like you?

David Melmont.

- Huh.

- Gonna get myself rich.

Way more than

no cow puncher can even dream!

Once he gone got us the water.

Yes, sir!

- Ya out here?

- Best not cross him, Kelly.

You don't know what he can do.

Got a fair idea.

It get nasty.

Real nasty.

That how them cows got cut up?

That how you got this job?

- You do it for him?

- Na-ah.

Gotta thing what does it for him.

- A thing?

- Uh-huh!

Seen it with my own eye!

Does whatever Melmont tells it.

He read you bedtime stories, too?

It come for you,

you ain't never gonna wake up again.

Well, you tell your boss,

now on, I'll be sleeping

with one eye open.

Man, you are such a coot!

Was it a huntsman or a player ♪

That made you pay the cost ♪

That now assumes relaxed positions ♪

And prost*tute your loss? ♪

Were you tortured by your own thirst ♪

In those pleasures that you seek ♪

That made you Tom the curious ♪

That makes you James the weak? ♪

And you claim you got something going ♪

Something you call unique ♪

But I've seen your self-pity showing ♪

As the tears rolled down your cheeks ♪


You know about that?

Big Indian fight, up country.


Before Big Horn, biggest ever.

Eighty plus soldiers.

Mostly mutilated


That, what this is?

Not a clue,

about to pull it all down.

May I?

They sometimes used to

"Chalk River."

Is there a river by that name?


It's a bourn,

comes when there's a flood.

- Where?

- Up out near Busted Belly.

You know about this?

I ain't never seen defeat.

This sure comes close.

Who knows the best routes North?

Guess that'd be me.

What d'you think?

- Ten days for Alberta?

- Maybe,

chinook up my ass.


Who'd do a thing like that?

Cut out, b*rned out,

next it'll be me.

And then you.

So who we got up there,


Skeleton crew.

- Go.

- Now?

Tell them I'm coming.

With what?

The whole lot!

The herd?!

To Alberta?


As well sh**t them right here.

This is not what defeat looks like!

Not here!

Not in front of him


That Sheriff, he thinks he's got cause

to take back the Myers cattle.

Looks like he's gonna have

to chase them up to Alberta.


Cut them out

give them back.


She deserves a better hand

than mine

It says here,

Billy Myers was given

a dishonorable discharge.

I need you to ride up to Fort McKinney.

Find out why.

And ask him

about Chalk River.


Just something I seen hanging on a wall.


troopers Myers,

Flynn and Corporal McClintock

got a Dishonorable Discharge

for "Consorting with prost*tute

while absent without leave."

The civilian got a fine.

But really

the soldiers were cashiered

for taking part in an unauthorized

m*ssacre of Cheyenne.

But that was their job, wasn't it?

k*lling Indians.

But not so much

the scalping and such.

- Scalping?

- We're not looking to another Sand Creek.

Not then. Not now.

That why you only agreed to meet out here?

Stella Shriver.

She used to run a place

called the Hog Ranch

outside of Fetterman.

Where they all got picked up.

- prost*tute?

- Not anymore.

Goes by the name of "Black Widow".

Hard luck tales of a calico queen.

Now her sweet talking days are done.

But I think you'll find

she's still got something to say.

How do?


Stella Shriver.


The er

- The Black Widow

- Oh, yeah, sure.

- She around?

- What now?


If possible?

- Ten dollars.

- I don't have ten dollars.

Then, it'll be two bits for 7:00 pm,

like everyone else.

- I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

- It better be

Trafford's finally

admitted defeat.

Heading up to Alberta.


Why'd he do it like that?

- Hmm?

- All in the same place.

Required to by law.

Trafford's brand has to go

on the Left Rear Hip.

Well, luck is, snow comes,

they'll all freeze to death

on their right sides.

Then, when he digs them out

he'll know which ones are his.

Left Rear Hip





Going somewhere?

Spare us a minute before you do.

What for?

Tell me why you put a brand on Billy Myers

and Timothy Flynn.

How many did they k*ll?

Lost count at thirty.

And then?

Myers and Flynn had the spunk

to try and join our outfit.

Suppose a starving

man'd ask anyone for a handout.

And all you gave them was a branding.

Seeing as the army

didn't care to mark the occasion.

Did you do Melmont, too?

They'd gone.

Both snaked their way down to Colorado,

had a claim on the Alamosa.

And wouldn't you know it

struck gold.

- So why'd he come back?

- Men like him,

it's not enough just to succeed,

to see your enemies fail.

He bought Myers and Flynn their plots too

just to rub my nose in it.

Is that why you took the Myers' cattle?

Did you k*ll her husband?

No, no, not I

Dishonorable Discharge

the shame was on us all.


one day they'll name this town after you.

Please God, that's a curse I dodge.

We called the area Chalk River

when we first came out here,

because that's what we'd been following.

But afterwards,

the Cheyenne they named it

The Stench;

Bad Luck.

D'you know why?

Because there's where it happened.

Right there.

That's where they're all buried.

Even now

He built the town on top of them.

The word the Cheyenne use,

well, I don't quite have the ear.

But then none of us does but

as far as we can be bothered,

it goes something like this:


"Crumbling is not an instant's act

a fundamental pause

You a doctor?

Young man, I am a surgeon of the mind.

Need help.

Dilapidation's processes

are organized Decays

Two bits for The Black Widow!

Sure worth your while.

'Tis first a Cobweb on the Soul

A Cuticle of Dust

A Borer in the Axis,

an Elemental Rust.

Ruin is formal, Devil's work.

Consecutive and slow

Fail in an instant, no man did

Slipping is Crash's law.



Do you know the stages?


First two come quite soon

after being infected

when you are yourself, infectious.

There's a third stage, it goes latent.

It disappears, non-infective,

sometimes forever.

But sometimes

It comes back.

The fourth stage.

This stage.

Do you know what will happen to you?

Erosion of the soft tissues and bone,

particularly of the face,

blindness, deafness,

heart defects, stroke

mental insanity

finally death.

My son

was born with it, you see.

I nursed him with it, all his life.

You didn't blink.

At a mother's love?

In some ways,

he was the parent,

showed me the way.

So now I know how to follow.

Can take many years.

For him,

it was almost 14.

The leg wound is actually a burn.


The hands are scarred.

But the chest is worrisome.

I'm gonna give you a dose

of Mercury vapor, you

breath it in overnight.

Won't do much but at least

it'll get you wherever you want to go.

Thank you.

You told him?


He need to know?

Something tells me he already does.

What about the boy?

Broken leg, nasty but it'll heal.

Ain't going no place awhile.

- Will you take him?

- Hmm?

Ain't gonna ask how you come by that.

Saved his life. Build one too.

As it happens

I am looking for a backer

in a new venture.

Flathead Jackson's Wild West Show:

True tales of America!

Beyond the realistic.

With the medical treatments on the side.

Well, you have yourself a backer.

What's your cut?

A photograph.

Of him. At 18.

Show me he made it.

That's it?

- That's it.

- Ma'am, how d'you know to trust me?

The way you looked at my son.

One more thing.

Tomorrow, I want you to take a photograph

of Eli and me.

While I still look like this.

All righty now.

Very still.

Eli, I have to tell you something.

- No, you don't.

- I do!

No need.

Knows it already.

Oh, Eli

Ye fleeting charms of earth ♪

Farewell, your springs of joy are dry ♪

My soul now seeks another home ♪

A brighter world on high ♪

I'm a long time traveling here below ♪

I'm a long time traveling

away from home ♪

I'm a long time traveling here below ♪

To lay this body down ♪

Leaving the boy.

- Right thing to do.

- Only thing.

Whatever happens next,

don't put yourself at risk.

Never been anything but.

But not for me.

Not just your story.

There you go, you see?


Just a whole lot of aiming.

Then one day a miss.

But not for this.

And not for me.

I'm a long time traveling

here below ♪

- I'm a long time traveling ♪

- What has this country done to me?

Away from home ♪

I'm a long time traveling here below ♪

To lay this body down ♪

Farewell kind friends

whose tender care ♪

Has long engaged my love ♪

Your fond embrace I now exchange ♪

For better friends above ♪

I'm a long time traveling here below ♪

I'm a long time traveling

away from home ♪

I'm a long time traveling here below ♪

To lay this body down ♪

To lay this body ♪

Down ♪


Trafford's pulled out?

Yesterday. Whole crew.

Hoping to b*at the weather.

I'm looking for the boss.

Well, now,

delivering crowbait cattle

to Martha Myers.

Touched or crazy, take your pick.

You come far?

Looking for David Melmont.

Ain't here. Up country.

- Drilling for water.

- Where?

Can't say.

- Can't or won't?

- Neither'd make a difference.

- Billy Myers?

- Graveyard.

Oh, widow's still about.

- Sheriff?

- Him too.

I'm going there myself

if you care to join me.

What I owe you?

Answer to a riddle.

Why'd you marry Billy Myers?

I didn't.

My folks went down Alamosa way in '77.

Pa heard you could stuff your pockets

full of gold

just standing in the river.

Clear cleaned out

by the time we got there.

Pa's pockets too by the time I left


David Melmont.

Played my Pa for the fool he was.

Why didn't you run away?

The gentlest heart sprung

from the hardest soul.


He know?

That I was defiled

by David Melmont?


That I didn't have no choices.

Woman with child gotta take what's given.

And you got given Billy Myers.

Least he didn't get to touch me

Least he didn't get that.

Ma! Someone's comin'!

That's Thin Kelly,

works for Trafford.

Thought he was sh**ting for Alberta?

Looks like Alberta sh*t back.

Go get the horse.

Who is he?

Who are you?

He with Trafford?


I saw him on his own cutting country.

Over near Busted Belly.

Big caliber, couple of grooves.

58. Gatling.

Billy Myers your man?

More like she was his housekeeper.

- Timothy Flynn?

- d*ad.

I remember them.

Jerome McClintock.

Him too.

David Melmont.

They all took part in a m*ssacre in '75.

- Cheyenne.

- Trafford told me.

Where Hoxem now stands.

Did he tell you they got the



From a lady's house they went to.

Wicked one, for sure.

Comes back, comes back hard.

Woman who told me,

nothing left of her face.

That's why Flynn k*lled his wife!

She had it. On her hands.

Grover Best thought it was the cow pox.

But that's what Billy was looking for.

That's why he dug them up.

Not just them.

David Melmont too.

Jed. Outside.


He's his?

He got it.

How old is he?


Did you show any signs early?

- No.

- Nothing?


Good. There's a latent stage.

- A what?

- Where it disappears.

Sometimes forever.

And if Melmont had

then, then

it's very possible

he would not have infected you.

I don't think you've got it.

Or your boy.

- How you know?

- Because I have.

He gave it to me.


You gotta get out of here

Now. Before he gets here.

- Who?

- Him. '58.

Like he just did to me.

Like he'll do to us.


The walls are pretty thick.

Couldn't say for the roof.

My boy.

Trouble's here. He's not.

Sir, I'll have that belt from the wall

if you'd be so kind.

He's gone.

- My boy.

- Where?

Where Melmont is!

Up near Busted!


Your boy went that way, McClintock this.

You follow your boy,

we'll follow McClintock.


Trafford's manager.



You look like you've had yourself

one hell of a party.

But if it's Alberta you're looking for

He gone k*lled them all.



The herd.

Thomas Trafford?

Up country, cloud burst.

Middle of the night.

Flash flood, I mean,

I never seen the like.

Got hisself up a stampede, see.

Crazy Englishman. We tried to save him.

Even got a rope round him one time

but, well, he cut hisself loose.

- I don't underst

- He drowned, ma'am.

He drowned hisself.

Where is he?

Atlantic, Pacific.

'Pends the way the water went.

We have to look for him.

He ain't exactly looking

to be found, ma'am.

Well, find him, I will.

You don't follow.

This is what he wanted.

Thomas Trafford,

he opened up this whole place.

Least it can do

is let him a part of it now.

Few strays left if you're so minded.

You go whichever way you want.

I go for my boy.

He's d*ad.

We gonna part soon.



Are you angry?

You proved it.

But it ain't your nature.

Sometimes just to see a thing

is enough to let it go.

But I haven't seen him yet.

You're about to.

Here's we all are!

Yes, sir!

- He here?

- Oh, yes, sir!

Up yonder.

Been waitin'!

Tooks you some time.

Guessing you got yourselves held up some.


Yes, sir.

You looking to get k*lled?

Oh, yes, sir.

But now I's ready.

Ticket to heaven.


Take us in.

Here, nice hat.

There you go.

Good afternoon, Cornelia.

Lovely as ever.

Though a little frayed round the edges,

don't mind me saying.

I mean, if I knew you had this much spunk,

I might've taken you with me.

Save me having to deal

with this little f*ck.

He's f*cking

he's come at me with a broken sword!

Thomas is d*ad.



He drowned.


And when you gonna tell me bad news?

We might have shared a life together

if it wasn't for you.

Well, then you'd be face down with him,

wouldn't ya? Ey?

Oh, no. I died years ago.

You k*lled me.

Why not you?

Well, it came, then it went away.

It's never come back.

Until now.

Is that the sprog?

He look like me?

Oh, lucky boy.

Not his spirit.

Can't have it all.

What did what d'you do with him?

Did you, uh

stuff him down the khazi?

I cherished him.


Because he drew breath.

Because he never gave up.

Because he knew pain

and pleasure and boredom.

And because he suffered.

He taught me to do the same.

Because you were the part

that he was fighting

and I was the half that kept him alive.

Because of all this

mostly because I was his mother.


I do remember that the music

was quite pretty.

Hmm, beautiful.



I know you?

Oh, no, that is oh, hang on a minute,

that is that's spooky.

You were a mulatto thingy:

half savage, half soldier.

You still are.

Weren't me covered in blood.

But it was you watching though,

weren't it?


Do that a lot, do ya?

Save your own skin.

You gonna watch her and all?

Looking forward to it.

What about him?

- All set.

- Oooh!

All set. Woah!


Got us a couple of seconds.

Though I should warn you.

I got a man looks out for me

and I wouldn't pick a fight with him.


Alright? Eh?


You're not gonna k*ll me, darling?

Do you wanna know for why?

'Cause there is a little bit of your boy

walking on this earth.

And you can't k*ll that.

You just sh*t a man in cold blood.

- Where is it?

- She's fine.

I checked.

He's alive!

Who dunnit?

I did!

Now I'm gonna have

to arrest you both.


Just me.


I couldn't do it.

You didn't need to.

All right,

you, I'm gonna take you in.


His workers come up here,

find him, there'll be a lynching.

No question. Out of my hands.

Clear out as soon as she can.

But not with us.

No, no!

We're safer separate.

You understand?

I want these two with us.

You want to live?

Do what I say!

All of ya! Now!

How do you think this is gonna go?

Can never say, 'til it has.

I can.

They're gonna hang you anyway.

Right in front of his store.

Is that illegal, Sheriff?

You know what's beneath that street?

Got a fair idea.


And that's where they're going to keep it.

Yep, that's how this story's gonna end.

But not for you.

This is how it'll be for you:

I was up here looking for that boy

and I came across Melmont

in some big argument with this fella.

I sh*t him.

But not before he got to stick

a cavalry sabre

straight into our hero's heart.

That's the way it'll be.

And the only one way to make that work

is for you to disappear.

Now. Forever. And never look back.

The woman I came in with

She's got her own journey to face

wouldn't you say?

Now this one's done.

There's only one way out

and that's not it.





What's happening?

This can't be!

You shouldn't be here!

What? What, can't?


has come.


No, no, because look! Look.

Look it's magic! All of it!

All of it!

Time to go home.



Home is here.

With you.

Where will you go?

Back to the Loup.


Sometimes you gotta see a thing,

just to let it go.

I can't let you go.

I can't.

Lady, how many killings have you seen?

Quite a lot, actually!

Short or long

we ain't here but a moment.

You nor me.

None of us.

But that star of yours


Next time you see it, look to its right.

The Wolf.

Beside her.

Won't never change.

You've got to go!


It's wheat seed.

The best.

For that day.

I found it

with you.

At last

That's it, girl, keep coming

I cherish you.

One! Two! Three! Go!

White Moon.

My name is

I know who you are.

And here you are.

In England.

So strange.

Do you remember me?


I thought maybe, not.

I do.

It sounds like a dream.

I've seen the world!

And where's been your favorite?


They have a train there,

goes straight up a cliff!


Thomas used to live there.

- Who?

- Oh, just someone I once knew.

You know, I have written to you

many times

and if you ever wanted

- To leave?

- Yes.

And become, what?

Whoever you want.

Join one of them schools?

Become an American?

I am Eše'he Ôhvo'komaestse.

Son of Touching Ground.

Son of Running Hawk.

Grandson of White Claw

and Kills Twice Woman,

warrior of Wolf Creek.

Great grandson of Howling Elk

and Black Moon.

I was born on the Great Plains.

This is just a circus.

A zoo.

You know. I play him.


Sergeant Whipp.

At Summit Springs, he saves a white woman.


You see?

He would be very proud.

Thank you.

Actually, I came to

I came to give you something.

He gave it to me before

- Take it.

- No.

While it's still mine to give.





The shame.

But not for you.

Now the Pawnee Scouts

enter the battle.

Led by Major North

and First Sergeant Eli Whipp.

A big round of applause there, folks!

These guys are dangerous!

Many's the time I've been mistaken ♪

And many times confused ♪

Yes, and I've often felt forsaken ♪

And certainly misused ♪

Oh, but I'm all right, I'm all right ♪

I'm just weary to my bones ♪

Still, you don't expect

to be bright and bon vivant ♪

So far away from home ♪

So far away from home ♪

We come on the ship

they call The Mayflower ♪

We come on the ship

that sailed the moon ♪

We come in the age's

most uncertain hours ♪

And sing an American tune ♪

Oh, and it's all right

it's all right, it's all right ♪

You can't be forever blessed ♪

Still, tomorrow's going to be

another working day ♪

And I'm trying to get some rest ♪

That's all I'm trying to get some rest ♪
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