01x02 - Arrival in Tokyo

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.*
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Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x02 - Arrival in Tokyo

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That was my stomach.

What's your name?

It's Denji!

I need to tell you something right now.

From now on, you're in my care, Denji.

I expect "yes" or "woof" for answers. I don't need a dog that says "no."

When you say that...

Someone in forensics once told me...

That when we get dogs that aren't helpful, we put them down.

I thought she was nice.

I kind of liked her.

I had no idea she was scary like this.

Treating me like a damn dog...

I just remembered how Pochita's d*ad.

Falling objects can lead to huge accidents!!Make sure anything on top of your car is securely tied down




We haven't had breakfast yet, either. Let's grab something at the rest area.

Sorry, but I don't have any cash.

Just pick what you want. I'll pay.

And you're conspicuous without a shirt on, so wear this.


All my life people have avoided me, saying I'm filthy and smell bad.

No one's ever been nice to me before.

Much less a girl who looks this good!

I love her!

I'll take some udon...

RamenUdon • SobaCurry RiceCurry UdonCorn DogSausage

Udon and... a sausage!

Is that cool?

Sure is. I'll take a curry udon, please.

Coming up.

Oh, that sounds good, too...

Whoa, there.

Denji? You okay?

You smell good.

How much will it be?

Gimme one sec...


It'll be , yen, all together.

Sorry about that!

The chainsaws cut me up, too,

Here's ,.

so I think I'm a little low on blood right now.

How did you end up like this?

I had a pet devil, and he replaced my heart.

Kinda hard to believe, huh?

I don't really wanna believe it, either.

Pochita dying for my sake...

There's not a lot of precedent for your condition,

even from a historical perspective.

It doesn't even have a name.

I believe you.

I've got a particularly good sense of smell.

So I can tell.

Your best friend is alive inside of you.

Not in the sentimental sense, either.

Your body has the scents of both a human and a devil.

Is that right?

That's awesome!

Really... awesome...


The udon?

Is it cool if I eat my udon?

Are you all right? Can you eat on your own?

I can...

I can not.

Here. Say, "Ahh."


Is it good?


You are really sweet to be enjoying soggy udon this much.

A lot like a dog, actually.

Um... what's your name?


Miss Makima... is there a type of guy you l-like?

I'm into the "Denji" type.


Dude, that's me.

flashback italics,Denji,,,,,Is there a type of guy you like?

I'm into the "Denji" type.

I like you, too, Miss Makima.

Denji? This way, come on.

This is the Tokyo headquarters for our Devil Hunters.

There are over a thousand Devil Hunters in Tokyo, including civilians,

but Public Safety has the best benefits and a lot of paid vacation time.

If Miss Makima likes me...

Then maybe, if we work together, we'll eventually get together?

And if we get together... we can get together, right?

I wanna! I wanna get together with her real bad!



We're supposed to wear uniforms, so put this on.

Once you've changed, I'll introduce you to a coworker.

This is Aki Hayakawa. He started three years before you, Denji.

You're going to be shadowing him today.

I'm not working with you, Miss Makima?

That should be obvious.

You're not even in her league.

Time for patrol.

No! Miss Makima!

Damn it, get up.

No way! I wanna work with Miss Makima!

If you do a good job, we can work together someday.

So, do that, okay?

Hey, big man.

Does Miss Makima have a boyfriend?

Hey, come on.


Come with me.

You need to quit this job.

Show up tomorrow, and I'll kick your ass again.

Why, though?

Look, I'm trying to be nice, here.

People who start this job without thinking it through end up d*ad.

I've had colleagues who got into devil hunting for the payday,

and it got them all k*lled by devils.

The survivors are the ones with real motivation.

You're just after Makima, right? That's why you took the job?


Then I'm glad I h*t you.

I'll let her know that you ran off, scared away by the devils.

You really are a nice guy, huh?

Because... when I fight a dude...

It's nuts... or nothing!

I had udon for the first time today, man.

A sausage, too.

Got treated like a decent human being for the first time,

and even had someone pay for my meal.

It's like a dream come true for me.

I didn't really think it through when I started devil hunting,

but if I get to keep up this kind of life?

I don't care if it kills me.

Actually, y'know, I take it back.

It's not just my life, anymore.


is not the kind of woman a punk like you should be chasing!

What the hell are you saying?

Sounds to me like you just like her, too!

You... really did...

Only aim... for my b*lls...


The big guy's testicles were att*cked by the Nut Devil, ma'am!

That's a lie. He's lying.

So, do you think you two can work together?

No way!

He's a piece of trash!

I'm glad two are hitting it off.

Denji, you're going to be joining Hayakawa's unit.


This punk?!

I've already got enough troublemakers, don't I?

Adding another... I don't know...

I told you when I put it together, right?

Your team's an experimental one, operating differently from the usual method.

What exactly is he, ma'am?

Denji's human, but can transform into a devil.

Damn right! Pretty sweet, huh?

And that's the truth?

I always figured those stories were baseless rumors.

He's special.

Which is why he's going to be receiving special treatment.

If he tries to resign, or becomes insubordinate...

Denji will be disposed of as a devil.

Uh, what's that mean?

It means we're working together until you die.

You're going to be living with me so I can keep an eye on you.

Just remember, they said I can k*ll you if you try to run off.

Hey, is Miss Makima a bad person?

If you think that's the case, then give up on her.

If you're really a devil, you should just be grateful she doesn't k*ll you.

We're Devil Hunters, got that?

So, she's a good person, then?

Of course she is.

She saved my life.

Miss Makima...

I hope I get to hug her again.

Strawberry jam, plum jam, orange jam...

Then some butter and honey, plus...

Let's throw some cinnamon on, too.

I got the best toast ever right here!

So good!

It's freaking fantastic!

How long are you gonna be in there?!

Don't fall asleep on the toilet!

A Fiend has been reported in an east Nerima residence.

Civilian evacuation and cordon are both complete.

The Fiend in question has holed up in a second story room.

We'll leave it to you Devil Hunters from here.

Is this a new rookie, Hayakawa?

Hey, what's a Fiend?

Did you never go to school or something?

Nah, man, no.

When a devil takes control of a human corpse, you get a Fiend.

Wait, doesn't that make me a Fiend?

No. Fiends always have characteristic heads.

Should be obvious enough once we see him.

The devil controls a Fiend's personality. You k*ll this one.

Turn into a devil, and show me what you can do.

That'll help me figure out if you're of any use.

Don't look at me...

You're d*ad! d*ad, d*ad, d*ad!

Damn Devil Hunters!

Hey. Why didn't you use your devil powers?

Thing is...

When I k*ll devils with my powers, they get real messed up.

So, like... I coulda ended up like this Fiend, right?

So I kinda... wanted to make it painless for him.

All right. Listen to me.

Fiends are just like any other devil.

If you're hunting them, then drop the sympathy.

My entire family was k*lled by a devil right in front of me.

I've had drinks with the cops down below.

They're risking their lives to protect their wives and kids.

Everyone is serious about this except you.

I'd rather make any devil I k*ll suffer as much as possible.

What are you trying to do? Make friends with them?

If there's a devil I could be friends with, then yeah, I would.

'Cuz I don't have any friends.

I'll remember that.

Guess I pissed him off...

I was just trying to keep blood off these dirty magazines.

When the chainsaws are out, blood gets everywhere and makes a real mess.

I made it easy for you, so I get to keep these!

Okay, the p*rn is secured.

I want you to show me your dream.

I'm pretty serious about this, Pochita.

I'm already living the dream, just like our bargain said.

I'll remember that.

My dream might've come true already, but he must be chasing his.

I get to bathe every day, eat good food...

Get to hang around a hot chick...

My life's a outta , but it feels like something's missing.

Am I missing something? Something that'd give me a real perfect score?

He's gotta be after some revenge sh*t.

They're trying to protect their families.

I wonder if Miss Makima is after anything like that?

Miss Makima...

I wanna touch her boobs.

Touching boobs is a dream I gave up on a long time ago,

but I've got a real job now. Maybe I could pull it off?

I probably couldn't score with a girl just yet.

But boobs?

If I had the right plan, and the willpower, then maybe...

Everyone is serious about this except you.

So that's what he meant!

I've found it! Something to be serious about!

My goal! It's...



Hey! Pay attention, dumbass!

Listen to what?

I'm assigning you a partner starting today, Denji.


As a precaution, Public Safety executes patrols

and smaller missions with two-person teams.

This is great timing. She's here.

Be careful. She's a Fiend.

Prostrate yourselves, humans!

For I am Power!

Are you to be my so-called partner?!

Power?! Your name's Power?!

And you're a Fiend?!

Are Fiends allowed to be Devil Hunters?!

Well, whatever! Nice to meet you!

Fiends, like devils, are targets for extermination.

But Power's highly rational,

so she's been on Hayakawa's team.

I mentioned this before,

but Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division is an experimental unit.

The higher-ups will be looking to dissolve your team as soon as possible

if you can't get results.

I don't need to explain what would happen to you two if that happens, do I?

Power's horns stand out a bit too much,

so you'll want to patrol areas without a lot of pedestrians.

Human! Provide me with something to k*ll immediately!

I am starved for blood!

I can put up with crazy, as long as she's hot enough.

The question is, how do I get my hands on those boobs?

If you run into any civilian Devil Hunters,

or the police try to question you about what you're doing...

We've got a pair of suspicious individuals...

Excuse me, I need to ask you—

We're with Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division .

...say that, show them your ID,

and they'll make a sour face and leave you alone.

Where the hell are all the devils?!

This is likely my fault!

Before becoming a Fiend, I was a devil that was feared by all!

Demonic peons will likely flee the moment they catch my scent!

Wait, how are we gonna get anything done, then?!

If you have any questions, just ask Hayakawa.

He's the one who put you two together.

That assh*le! He set me up!

He stuck me with Power so I can't do anything cool!

He's trying to get me fired!

The scent of blood!

Whoa! Hey, crazy, where you going?!

The game is afoot!

The battle is joined!

Damn, she's fast!

The scene's evacuated and blocked off.

It's the Sea Cucumber Devil. Yes, the Sea Cucumber Devil.

Requesting backup in front of Nerima Station.

I said, it's the Sea Cucumber—

Do you know what a sea cucumber is?

Look, I'm trying to say—

What the...?

Did you see?! The k*ll is mine!
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