01x05 - g*n Devil

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.
Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x05 - g*n Devil

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It feels so good!

What the...?

Breast pads.

A wondrous invention that makes your bosom look bigger.

Now! Two squeezes remain.

And now! The final fondling!

There, done! All done!

What did you think? Was it not fantastic?

How lucky for you, to grasp such splendorous things!

And now we are even!

With Meowy saved, I have no real reason to hunt devils any longer,

There's lots of stuff I could say, but... Huh?

yet there's no escaping Makima!

So I will aid you all with your duty!

I'm sure the pleasure is all yours!

Meowy! Off to bed we go!

That's it?

This is good!

Seconds would be splendid!

I'll eat yours, if you won't have it!

You little...!

Where shall we slaughter devils today?





This is the form apology for the damage to the buildings.

This is for verifying the disposal of the devils' bodies.

Then there's this, from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

You'll need to stamp it, here and here.

I hate making you do all this paperwork.

It's almost like k*lling the Bat Devil was a bad thing.

Is something bothering you, Denji?

Y'know, I...

There's something I was chasing after, and I finally managed to get it.

But once I did, it wasn't...

as big of a deal as I thought.

Now I'm wondering, if I go after something else, and get my hands on it,

am I just gonna think I was happier during the chase?

That's, like... total bullshit, isn't it?

What exactly are you talking about, Denji?

I touched boobs for the first time, but it wasn't that great.


I believe that, when it comes to sex,

the better you understand the other person, the better it feels.

But it's hard to understand how someone else feels.

So, start with observing the hand, carefully.

How long are their fingers?

Are their palms cold?

Are they warm?

What's the shape of their ears?

Ever had your finger bitten?


Remember this.

So that even if you can't see,

you'll be able to tell it's me, from how hard I'm biting.

Memorize it.

I... got it.


I'd like to ask you to do something for me.

Can I?


I want you to b*at the g*n Devil.

g*n Devil?

It appeared in America years ago, but nobody knows where it is now.

It's a very strong devil that all hunters want to k*ll.

But I happen to think that you can k*ll it.

Because you're not like any of the other Devil Hunters.

And if you're able to k*ll the g*n Devil,

I'll make any wish of yours come true.

You're saying if your Denji kills the g*n Devil,

Miss Makima's gonna make any wish of his come true?

So... like, I mean...

You're saying if your Denji kills the g*n Devil,

Miss Makima's gonna make any wish of his come true?

Anything, like... even se—

I said anything, Denji.

Holy shit! Is that even allowed?!

It's only allowed because this devil is so strong and bad, mind you.

People were trying to profit off of g*n

as a counter-measure against devils across the world,

which resulted in an increase in crime and conflict.

The news focused on it non-stop for a while,

with people more afraid of g*n v*olence than ever.

Then a major armed t*rror1st att*ck happened in America.

That was the day the g*n Devil appeared.

"This is where I live," said the city mouse.

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse


And, oh what a big house it was!

The city mouse's family—


Let's play catch outside.

Taiyo doesn't feel well. Find something you can play by yourself.

He never does.

I don't remember him feeling good.

You're the older brother. Be good and play by yourself.


I wanna play with him.

Quit following me.

You're so annoying... I said cut it out!

I'm gonna play by myself.


Stupid! I said cut it out!

It's cold...

If you catch a cold, I'm gonna get in trouble.

Your hands won't get cold if we play catch, right?

Go grab a glove from the house.


In a little under five minutes, . million people were k*lled.

The g*n Devil hasn't been seen since.

Fear of devils across the board increased as a result,

making them all stronger than ever before.

g*n control got a lot more severe in an attempt to weaken the g*n Devil...

Along with increased censorship of the news.

I'm not sure I understand, but...

Let's say this thing's so strong, it's hard to understand.

Do you think you can b*at it, Denji?

Well... I'd say...

If I bust out all the stops,

it'll be a peace of cake.

In that case...

First, we'll need to actually find the g*n Devil.

How exactly are we gonna do that, anyway?

These are pieces of the g*n Devil that we've collected.

It's so fast, pieces of it are torn off just from moving.

If a devil eats some of this,

no matter what their nature, they become more powerful.

See how they stick together?

Because of how powerful the g*n Devil is,

once the chunks of flesh reach a certain size,

they start to be attracted to the original body.

So if we can make this piece bigger,

it'll lead us to the g*n Devil.

Got one.

So it really was snacking on a piece of the g*n.

Explains how such a wimpy devil got so strong.

But did it find that piece, or did someone serve it up?

Doesn't change what our job is.

We keep k*lling devils,

and eventually, we'll find him.

Public Safety's received a request for devil extermination.

A devil has been spotted inside of a hotel.

No confirmation on the status of the hotel's guests.

Several of the civilian devil hunters who initially went in have been found d*ad.

It's believed the target has consumed a piece of the g*n Devil.

We're sending six agents from Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division .

It's hiding somewhere in this hotel.

And this is no ordinary devil.

It's eaten a piece of the g*n Devil's flesh.

Maybe it's the g*n Devil for real?

The more flesh, the stronger the attraction. The reaction's not big enough.

Huh, guess not.

How amusing... Give that thing to me!

I thought I told you two to work on your manners.

Who the hell's gonna suck up to you for no reason?

How foolish and conceited these humans be!

Mr. Hayakawa.




Dude, he's so easy.


Considering we're about to fight some devils...

Can we really trust these two to watch our backs?

One's a Fiend, and the other is some punk...

I'm not sure about this.

We can't let them watch our backs.

On extermination missions, they'll be taking point.

If they try to run or switch sides, we k*ll them.

You're treating us like livestock!

You two don't get rights.

He's super pissed.

Must be from this morning.

Perhaps our prank went too far?

You call that a prank?! I could k*ll you!

Yikes! What happened?

Aki, you can't just be harsh all the time, y'know?

She's right! The bat almost k*lled me, and now there's more work?!

I want a reward!

Got it! I'll take one for the team.

Whoever kills this devil will win...

a kiss on the cheek from yours truly!

That's... You shouldn't do that!

A young woman who's not married shouldn't be so... indecent!

But doesn't a reward help with motivation?


I'm not gonna sweat the kisses.

Don't worry about it. I'm plenty motivated.


I got my sights set on someone for a first kiss already.

I'm gonna find all these meat chunks or whatever for her.

So, until the g*n Devil's d*ad, no smooching for me.

That's a hell of a thing to say in front of Aki!

Besides, I learned something real important.

Sex stuff feels better when it's two people who get each other.

I don't even know your name, so I ain't after your lips!

Then, if you k*ll the devil, Denji...

I'll give you a kiss... with tongue.

Hey, hold it!

It's dangerous to run off solo! Stop!

th Floor

Damn, I love teasing boys!

Oh man, what are we gonna do?

I yearn for blood.

It's dangerous! You need to stop!

Himeno's been nice enough to train me for the last six months!

If the alternative is letting some thug like you kiss her...

Then I'll take that kiss on the cheek!


I don't want some dude all over me! It's nasty!

Say what?!

Die! I'm after a way bigger goal than you, dude!

I wish to join you!

Shut up! I don't wanna hear that from someone newer than me!

What's your take on the rookies, Himeno?

Man, shut up!

More of this! Yes!

I'd say Arai's not super competent, but makes up for it in motivation.

Get him, get him!

Meanwhile, Kobeni's got the moves, but she's really timid.

You think any of the four rookies have a sh*t of surviving, Aki?

It's a duel to the death!

You get the picture, now?

Most people either die or go private after a year,

regardless of how strong I thought they were.

You are not kissing Himeno!

assh*le... I'm gonna k*ll you!

That's not really an answer.

Power... you're d*ad, too!

You too, shorty.

Don't die on me, Aki.

But why?!


This is your new partner.

He's rude, but I trained him to be of some use.

Try and get along.

I'm Aki.

Nice to meet you.

Are you gonna be any help?

Well... I think so.

You're gonna be my sixth partner.

The others all d*ed.

They all d*ed because they were useless.

Don't die on me, Aki.

Gotta say, I'm not seeing any devils around here.

Does that meat chunk of yours even work?

So tired...



Got it.

It floats?!

The battle is joined!

Damnable devil! Did you see how it floated in fear of me?!

No, no, that's my power.

Say what?

I've got a contract with the Ghost Devil.

I served up my right eye in exchange for being able to use a ghost's right hand.

My ghost hand's invisible and strong. Pretty slick, right?

How about it, Aki? Has he got any of the g*n's flesh?

No strong reaction. This isn't the one.

I see... guess we better keep heading up.

Is it wise to blather on about your powers in my presence?

Are you people not meant to hold my reins?

Knowing about our powers makes for better teamwork, right?

Besides, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, so I'm not worried.


So what would you do if I said I was going to k*ll this one?

Put the w*apon away.

If you misbehave, I can always choke you to death.

Can't... touch it...

I'd prefer if we got along. It's easier!

I will devour you in time!

You better not. I'm trying to get a kiss.

Do you guys not get that the devil is still around? Can't you pipe...


She does look like she'd be unpleasant raw.

What is it?

That sounds pervy, dude.

We were... on our way to the th floor from the th, right?

Perhaps boiling or frying...

Cook your own ass, stupid.

th Floor


But this is the th floor.

You probably read it wrong.

It's not that! Something's going on here!

I'm gonna double check.

I know! Grilled like a steak!


I wanna try steak!


Arai... just now... you were going downstairs, right?
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