Black Panther Wakanda Forever ( 2022)

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever ( 2022)

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Shuri: Time is running out, allow me to heal my brother of this Illness , I won’t question your existence again

Give me the control

Shuri: What’s the conference rate?
Griot: Thirty one per cent
King T’challa’s heart has fallen to twenty one beats per second

Wakandan: You should go be by his side

Griot; One per cent
Shuri: Print it!

Griot: I am aware of the urgency but I must warn you, this synthetic heart shaped herb has minimal chance of producing the desired effect
Shuri: I don’t care ! It has to work

What’s my brother’s heart rate?
Ramonda: Your brother is with the ancestors

( Speaking Xhosa)

We give thanks for the gifts of the black panther, t’challa son of t’chaka
Descendant of the revered King bashenga

It is an honour to invite Queen Ramonda sovereign ruler of the land of Wakanda

It is an honour for me to invite Queen Ramona leader of the sovereign land Wakanda

U.S Secretary of State: I speak for all member states when I say I am deeply disappointed in Wakanda’s failure to stand by promises to participate in international efforts, to tackle global challenges, to share resources , full cooperation concerning Vibranium

( speaking French)
French Secretary of State; France have learnt Vibranium can be used to create w*apon of mass destruction, it triggers no known metal detector, it is a thr*at to global security and the non proliferation

Queen Ramonda ; It has always been our policy never to trade vibranium under any circumstances not because of the dangerous potential of vibranium but because of the dangerous potential of you

You have foreign sovereignty here, we know what you whisper in your holes of leadership and in your military facilities , the king is d*ad, the black panther is gone, they have lost their protector , now is the time to strike

Okoye: Aneka where is your spear?
Aneka: Shuri gave me these, I like them better
Okoye: Our foremothers gave us these spears because they are besides elegant and deadly, that will not change under my watch
I told you not to bring them

Ramonda: An att*ck on one of our outreach facilities
Proof of involvement of of a member state is being uploaded to your mobile devices as we speak and for the identity of the attackers

Let our gracious response to This incursion be an olive branch, further attempts on our resources will be considered an act of aggression and met with a much steeper response, we mourn the loss of our king , Wakanda has not lost her ability to protect our resources, ongoing efforts to find vibranium outside of Wakanda and wish you the best of luck

Dr Graham: I thought you retired
Smitty: I thought I had too , one in a billion chance of finding Vibranium in the ocean
Dr Graham: That’s enough

Salazar: At 800 per cent passing through thermal ravine
Jackson: My life support is in the green

Salazar: The drill seems to make contact with substance
Jackson: Whatever it is, it’s solid , never seen drillbits get chewed up like this

Dr Graham: Can you give us a visual?
Salazar: It’s a phantom jellyfish , I’ve never seen one this colour

Dr Graham: Salazaar we just lost Jackson’s vitals, can you see him?
Rita Salazar: No, he’s gone
Dr Graham: What do you mean?

Salazar do you copy

Dr Graham: What’s that sound?

Smitty: What’s making that sound?

Some kind of sonic att*ck
Dr Graham; It’s Wakandans, has to be

Smitty: Henderson! Henderson!
Henderson: What’s going on?

Dr Graham: Where’s our strike team? It wasn’t Wakandans, they’re blue, everyone’s d*ad

Reporter: Queen Ramonda and the nation of Wakanda gave an electrifying speech as c*ptive mercenaries were escorted onto the floor of the UN

Okoye: Approaching the river border, we are home

Griot: Princess Shuri
Shuri: Just a moment
Griot: I understand
Shuri: You’re disturbing my train of thought
Ramonda: Shuri
Shuri: Mother
Griot: I was trying to tell you the Queen is here

Ramonda: That thing unnerves me, artificial intelligence will k*ll us all
Shuri: My A I is not like the movies, it does exactly what I tell it to
Ramonda: If only children
Everyone seems to be working vigilantly
Shuri: Rapid emergency response team , there can be any number of unknown thr*at on the horizon and they’re creating solutions
Shuri: Exo suits for our army , It grants the user super strength , durability but as always Okoye had notes
Ramonda: What were her notes
Shuri: She hates them
Ramonda: What about recreating the heart shaped herb? Have you made any progress on that?

Griot:Excuse me princess, Aneka daughter of Ya is trying to reach you again maybe you should
Shuri: Maybe you should continue your calculations as I instructed

The mantle has unified our nation for centuries
Shuri: The Black panther is a relic, I wasn’t trying to save the mantle with the herb, I was trying to save my brother

Ramonda: Do you know what the day is?
Shuri: Tuesday
Ramonda: The date child
Shuri: Brothers passing
Ramonda: One year ago today

Ramonda: You can leave your Komoyo beads here, you won’t need them where we’re going and your earrings and the other one

Queen Ramonda: Sit here with me and with yourself, the only way to heal from the wound caused by your brother’s death
Shuri: My brother is gone, I’m moving on
Ramonda: Your brother is d*ad, he is not gone
I had to lead a broken world and a wounded nation but I still took time in the bush , I did this ritual I’m about to show you , I saw him in the breeze
Pushing me gently but firmly Felt his hand on my shoulder , it took some time but he was there
Shuri; He wasn’t there mother, What you saw was a construct of your mind brought on to give you comfort
Queen Ramonda: And what construct does your mind create when you think of your brother ? Does it offer you comfort or torment?

Burning of the funeral garments marks the end of the mourning phase and the beginning of a new relationship with our loved ones who have passed on
Shuri: If I sit and think about my brother for too long, it won’t be these clothes I burn, it will be the world and everyone in it
There’s something I need to tell you about your brother

Shuri: Mother wait, what are you doing?

Shuri: This can’t be part of the ritual
Ramonda: It isn’t!

Queen Ramonda: Stop right there! Who are you? How did you get in here?
Namor: This place is amazing, the air pristine but the water , my mother told me stories of a place like this , a protective land with people that never have to leave, change who they were ,what reason do you have to reveal your secret to the world ?
Ramonda: I’m not a woman who enjoys repeating herself , who are you?
Namor: I have many names, My people call me Ku kuh’l ban, my enemies call me Namor
The American military detected vibranium underneath my nations domain
I was able to stop them from mining it , this machine was signed by a scientist
Ramonda: Vibranium only exists in Wakanda
Shuri: Mother he’s covered in it
Namor: your son exposed the power of vibranium to the world
Other Nations have g*n searching for it, His choice has compromised us
I think Wakanda can find this scientist and bring to me, It is only fair Wakanda helps to solve our dilemma
Ramonda: You do not sneak into my country and tell me what’s fair!
Namor: I have more soldiers than this land has blades of grass and they have incomparable strength, I would hate to come back under different circumstances
When you have the scientist, blow into this, I’ll be there shortly
For your own sake do not mention my name outside of Wakanda

Shuri: Did you see the wings on his ankles?

M’baka: The river border has been breached , if my soldiers were present , this fish man would be bound before us as we speak
Okoye: If your muscle brains were present , they’d still be there choking on their fuzzy adornments
You bald headed demon
Ramonda; Show some respect
These men should be ashamed to show their faces
Watch your tone Jabari!

He was not on the aerial surveillance
Nothing shows up on the radar
So he swam under water for one hundred miles?

He wants us to deliver one scientist so he can k*ll them , do it

Elder: We’ve never had to face an enemy with access to vibranium before
M’baka: Because this wise council gave Killmonger the throne and he b*rned up your precious herbs
Ramonda: What would you have us do N’baka?
M’baka: Find this fish man and k*ll him , if you do what he is asking, what’s to stop him from coming back and asking for more?

Okoye: Is it just me or is this thing getting uglier?
Shuri: It’s just you

Shuri: Can detect vibranium through stone even metals

Custom parts, others seem to be gathered from a junkyard

Ramonda: This changes everything we know
Okoye: The great mound, legends, fables , those stories are seared in my mind
Shuri: That sounds very painful

Okoye: I’m struggling to believe Vibranium existing outside of Wakanda
Shuri: Maybe there was more than one meteorite , this planet is covered mostly in water so it’s possible the rest ended up there

Okoye: It may do her some good to get out
I can do this American operation with my eyes closed
Ramonda: That’s not what I’m worried about, This Namor snuck past our defenses
Okoye: That will not happen again
Ramonda: He was not alone
Okoye: She’ll be with me
Shuri: So when are we leaving to see my favourite coloniser?

Ross: You didn’t need to call?
Okoye: Now why would I have your number

We need to find a scientist
Agent Ross: So it was you guys in the Atlantic? Mining ship, a lot of casualties
Okoye: What happened?
Agent Ross: Seriously? It was a joint operation, us and the Seals, thirty of their best guys , two of our best officers, friends of mine , gone , they were tracking vibranium
Okoye: Wakanda had nothing to do with it
Ross: The way this is supposed to work is I give you information and you reciprocate
Shuri: For our own safety we cannot tell you, It’s imperative we get to the scientist before anything else happens , you owe me Ross , you owe my brother
Ross: Agents have been sent to death for lesser things than what I’m about to give you , directors, watching me like a hawk

Okoye: We will be very careful
Ross: Not just careful, you gotta be fast, the U.S need another machine and this kid is the only person in the world who knows how to build one
Shuri: A kid?

Riri: You forgot to venmo me
Student: Must have slipped my mind , eight hundred?
Riri: Eight hundred was yesterday

Ramonda: School? Tell me it is a professor
Shuri: It’s a student

Okoye: I’ve got it from here
Shuri: Maybe I should speak with her, It will Be more discreet
Okoye: I can be very discreet , it’s the makeup ? It’s the wrong shade isn’t it?
Shuri: I can blend in as a student
Okoye: Five minutes

Shuri: Riri Williams
Riri: I don’t do drop bys, gotta go to the website
Shuri: It’s an encrypted file, wanted to airdrop it
Riri: You’re Princess Shuri? Shit am I getting recruited?
Shuri: No

I ain’t making no machine for no CIA, I made that for my metal class
Shuri: A school project?

Shuri: How old are you?
Riri: Nineteen
Shuri: Brilliant at a young age is not always accepted by the elders

Shuri: How long did it take you?
Riri: Couple months, the hardest part was finding a , shit did I piss off Wakanda?
Shuri; Not just us, This place is no longer safe for you, gather your things
Riri: I got a differential class in like fifteen minutes

Shuri: I had it under control
Okoye: I said five minutes, I gave you six

Shuri: You brought a spear in here!
Riri: You brought a spear in here!
Okoye: I like her

Okoye: I’m giving You two options, come to Wakanda conscious or unconscious
Riri: You need to be conscious of the way that you look walking around with that ash on your head
Okoye: It’s funny!
Shuri: You look good

Shuri; Leave her to deal with the merman with winged ankles who wants to k*ll her all by herself

Riri: I fix a few trucks for head sanitation, he lets me work out his garage

Riri: 2065 byte encryption
Shuri: That’s impressive , you ever lock yourself out ?
Riri: I had to build a functional quantum computer to break into my own encryption

I thought you said a merman was after me, that’s the feds

I do not need this shit right now!

Riri: I think I’m going to take my chances with this merman because at least he never brought the FBI to my garage

Okoye: Namor sunk an entire navy ship of cia operatives because of your little machine
So those po po out there are the very least of your worries

Shuri: General they’ve got us surrounded , maybe we should just split up
Okoye: Out of the question
Does this vehicle work?
Shuri: Everything in this lab works including this five
Okoye: Don’t even think about it besides there are three of us

Shuri: I knew it! Don’t tell me you built this in two months ?
Riri: I spent years on this on and off

Shuri; Have you flown it yet?
Okoye: That thing can fly?
Riri: There’s an entire YouTube channel dedicated to sightings of me
Shuri: That’s awesome

Agent: Oh shit, she’s got an Iron man suit!

Griot: Yes princess , Remote piloting

Okoye: Take me to the princess or I will drive my spear so deep into your CPU, you won’t be able to process basic input for a millennia
Griot: Just one moment general

She’s all yours general, manual drive engaged

Princess a surveillance drone is locked onto you
Shuri: How high?
Griot; Thirty thousand feet

Shuri: I don’t think you can reach that drone without an oxygen mask

Okoye: Shuri! Shuri!

Okoye: Take another step, I will k*ll you all

( speaking Mayan)
Attuma: k*ll the woman first

Agent : Is she blue?

Attuma: ( speaking blue) You’re not worth my blade

Namora: What is taking so long? Enough games

Griot; Acrivating interpretation
Shuri: I am Shuri princess of Wakanda, I demand you bring me to Namor, do not bring harm to this girl
Griot: Should we take them alive?
Yes Attuma

Ross: Any witnesses?
We think it’s Wakandans, our field office in Langley got a tip they were coming
Ross: Who made that call?
She did
Ross: Director de Fontaine
Valentina: Really?
Ross: Agent thinks it was Wakandans
Valentina: Been on every one of them since they took out our ship
You’re looking good
Ross: I try
Valentina: put that home gym in?
Ross: Yeah last year
Vallentina: Maybe I’ll drop by, jump on your peloton

Howdy, I’m special agent in charge
Valentina: Good for you, wanna walk me through the evidence?

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine: Got a full t*nk of gas? Give me a ride back to Langley?
Agent Ross: That’s an eight hour drive
Valentina: Talk about the hits, Wouldn’t mind apologising for a couple of things I said during our marriage

Okoye: They were blue, had superhuman strength, came from the water on the back of whales , I struck three of them with blows that should have k*lled them but they rose again, I request we leave immediately
Ramonda:,You will be stripped of your rank as general and your status as Dora Milijae
Okoye: I have given everything , allow me to die in that room , allow me to make this right

She raised her spear against her husband for Wakanda
Queen Ramonda : Where is her treacherous husband? In a place she can visit if she wished, mine is with the ancestors !
I am queen of the most powerful nation in the world and my entire family is gone! Have I not given everything!
I stood by you as Killmonger took the throne , you and countless others in this room stood by his side, as I went running to the jabari for protection, I warned you about taking my daughter on this mission so today I am done

Queen Ramonda: Griot , were you with Shuri when she was abducted?
Griot: I was
Are you able to track her Komoyo beads?

Ramonda: Everett Ross
Ross: Queen Ramonda
Ramonda: what are you doing with shuri’s Komoyo beads?
Ross: I didn’t know they were hers, I found them at a pretty ugly crime scene ,
Do you have the student?
Ramonda: Shuri was trying to help her when they both were taken
Ross: Taken by who? I’m worried my agency might be onto the fact I pointed Shuri and Okoye in the right direction I want to help but I can’t if I don’t know what’s going on

I’m afraid there’s a new world power
Ross; A country who’s already on our radar or you mean someone else?
Ramonda: That’s all I can say
Inform me if your government chooses to act on their suspicions
Ross: If there’s anything I can do, let me know, I owe shuri my life

Ramonda: Griot did Shuri have her earrings?
Griot: I lost track of them in the North Atlantic but the people who took her spoke yucatac Mayan

Nakia: Grow what we eat
Ramonda: I recognise some of the concepts but you are using different materials

It’s been six years since you left us , we thought you would come for the ceremony
Nakia: I was afraid of how final the funeral
Ramonda: No matter where you go, you are still Wakandan and you know death is not the end
Nakia: How is everyone?
Shuri has been taken

Riri: Isn’t there some new black panther you can call to come get us?
Shuri: It doesn’t work like that, the black panther is gone
Riri: Y’all stop having black panthers when I get kidnapped?

Riri: That’s some supervillain shit, Princess Leia, belle from beauty and the beast, that white chick from Indiana Jones

( speaking foreign language)

Nakia:,Hello ma’am , nice to meet you
What can I help you with?
Nakia: My name is Maria Aldana , I’m a student from Merida
Woman: Go away, I’m not interested
Nakia; Yes of course, I don’t mean to bother you
Just give me one second, my professor mentioned a study where you told researchers You encountered something, someone unimaginable
Nothing good came of speaking with those outsiders
Nakia: I’m begging you
Leave now

I’ve encountered him too

( speaking Xhosa)

Sometimes we would catch glimpses of a man with winged feet on the shore, ku Kal ban , our winged serpent God from this realm and realm below

Nakia: I would very much like to visit that beach
Ku kuhl’ban has been around longer than you and I, Others who have searched for him with ill in their hearts never returned , lost to the depths forever

Shuri: These are american artefacts, sixteenth century, have you been alive since?

Shuri: Your mother was human
Namor: She was
Shuri: How?
Namor; How is never as important as why

Facing starvation w*r, and disease, my people turned to our god of rain abundance, gave them a way , a way to save his people, my mother was pregnant with me at the time, she did not want to ingest the plant for fear of what it may do to me but the Sharma was convincing
They all fell sick , their lives, their existence there ended

The plant took away their ability to breathe air but made them able to Draw oxygen from the water
They swam away from w*r and diseases

The plant gave me wings on my ankles and ears that pointed to the sky , I was a mutant , I could swim to the sky, age slower breathe the air our ancestors breathed
As she grew older, My mother mourned the life on land she once knew and died of a broken heart

Made me promise to bury her in the soil of her homeland, nothing could prepare me for what I found there
The Spanish man cursed me as he died by my hand, the child without love, I have no love for the surface world, I took my name from there
Shuri: Why are you telling me this?
Namor: So you understand, I have to k*ll the scientist
Shuri: What if I take her to Wakanda? You have my word she will not leave my country
I can not risk that
Shuri: I would like to see your nation
You can’t go down there in that, the air will become toxic and the pressure will break every bone in your body or you can wear a suit , we have some of those

Namor: I know you wish me to spare the scientist but you see what I have to protect

Griot: Your hunch was correct Nakia , I’ve locked onto a location
The signal is coming from a underwater cavern approximately 140 metres below the surface

Nakia: Queen mother I found the It’s coming from an underwater cave, if she’s down there, I’m sure to encounter resistance, how do you wish me to proceed?
Ramonda: Retrieve the princess by any means necessary, I will attempt to draw Namor out

Shuri: My brother , he suffered in silence, when he asked me for help, I couldn’t , how does that make sense? Why would the ancestors give me all these gifts and skills to save my brother and I couldn’t ?
Namor: I don’t have an answer to that question
My ancestors would often say Only the most broken people can make great leaders
Shuri: I admire what you’ve built and how you protect your people but as princess of Wakanda, I cannot stand for you k*lling that girl
Namor: I need to to know if Wakanda is an ally or an enemy , there is no in between
Shuri: My nation will not rest until I am returned , I’m not leaving without her , we need to find a peaceful way
Namor: For centuries, the surface people have conquered and enslaved people like us
I must prepare my people. That machine is a sign the time is now
Shuri: You plan to wage w*r on the world and you want Wakanda to help you ? That’s madness

Namor: There is not a nation that wouldn’t plunder Wakanda if given the chance, make an alliance, we can protect each other
With the thr*at eliminated, the scientist will be returned
Shuri: And if Wakanda doesn’t accept? What then?
Namor: The scientist dies and Wakanda will be the first to fall
Shuri: An att*ck on my people?
Yes, I want you to listen to me, wakanda cannot win a w*r with Talokan

Namor: I heard you that night with your mother at the river , you said you wanted to burn the world, let us burn it together

U.S Secretary of State: Queen Ramonda won’t sell us any Vibranium and now they’ve abducted the woman who built the machine
Ross: With all due respect Riri Williams is a child prodigy whose running circles around her professors
The Wakandans were recruiting her as part of their outreach program nothing more and then you guys send in a Swat team under the cover of night to arrest the princess of an international superpower
U.S Secretary of State: The President wants to take offensive action against Wakanda
Valentina: What type of offensive action?
U.S Secretary of State: Destabilisation
Val: Well special agent Ross is our expert so Ross what do you think?
Ross: My sources are telling me there’s someone else out there
Secretary of State: Another nation?
Ross: I don’t know, could be, you’ve got to give me enough time to investigate this properly otherwise we could find ourselves at w*r whose military capacity we can’t comprehend
Val: I think he’s the expert
Ross: I think it would be a mistake to att*ck Wakanda

Ramonda: Yes?
Ross: We have a problem

Riri; What happened?
Shuri: He wants to go to w*r with the surface world and asked me to help him
Riri: We ain’t ever getting out of here

Ramonda: Is my daughter alive?
Namor: the princess is alive and well, she requested to be taken to Talokan, she will remain their for the time being
Ramonda: What can I offer you in exchange?
Namor: Nothing
Ramonda: The Americans are preparing to blame Wakanda for your att*ck on the mining ship, return my daughter or I will inform them of your existence
Namor: If you Tell the Americans about us, if you try to find us , if I spot a single ship in the ocean, I will k*ll the princess, I will come to Wakanda and k*ll you

Shuri: Give me your beads, I can save her

Nakia: I hit her with a sonic round, it’s lethal from this distance

Shuri: Don’t you understand? This will mean w*r

( In Mayan)

Namora: They came while you spoke to the Queen , we should never have trusted her, the princess has seen our home, what’s stopping them from coming for Talokan?
Namor; I will

I was blinded by hope of partnership, I have compromised us all , Talokan will not move, Namora, Attuma, they will never think of approaching Talokan

Aneka: Thank the ancestors , I just came to return these
Shuri: Keep them , you might need them soon

Aneka: Did you get that from down there? Is it true you saw an underwater umpire?
Shuri: It’s beautiful , his people are dangerous Aneka

Ramonda: So Miss Riri Williams what do you think of Wakanda?
Riri: The stories don’t do this place justice
It’s great , I would really like to go home, can I at least call my mum?

M’baka: the princess has been brought home by the w*r dog Nakia , loyal to Ackuban , the spy saves Wakanda once again , the Queen will reward her with lifetime banishment I’m sure

Okoye: After Thanos’ att*ck , when you left without saying a word, it hurt
Nakia: I regret not being there with you all, it was not easy, he was king and the black panther to everyone, to me he was everything, my T’challa , when he was taken away from me just like that , I had to step away and let myself break, I couldn’t keep going like nothing had happened you know?

Ramonda: Aneka do not let her leave the laboratory
Shuri: We can’t hear you, you’re breaking up
Aneka: You just hung up on the Queen
Shuri: No, I hung up on my mum, there’s a difference

M’baka: The fish man

Shuri: He is too fast
Aneka: He’s faster underwater

Okoye: Keep her back!

Namor: She did this, in one week’s time I will return with my entire army , you will join us against the surface world or I will wash Wakanda from the face of the Earth, bury your d*ad , mourn your losses
Shuri: Mother!
Namor: You are Queen now

M’baka: You must mourn her in accordance to the rituals of your ancestors , do not bury yourself in your technology
Shuri: Why are you here?
M’baka: I promised your brother I would provide you with console and protection , I am in need of your advice , the tribal elders have approached me with a proposition, they wish to evacuate the city and set up camp in jabari land
Shuri: Here to ask help from a child who scoffs at tradition
M’baka: The world has taken too much from you to still be considered a child , it is in my people’s interest to know which way your mind is leaning?
Shuri: The elders are desperate, the people are vulnerable, if you were to provide for them, they would be in great debt to you
M’baka: And your heart, which way is your heart leaning?
Shuri: I just buried the last person who truly knew me , my heart was buried with her

Vallentina: I wonder what else your friends are keeping from you
Ross: What are you talking about? I have no unsanctioned contact with the kingdom of Wakanda
Vallentina: What about the beads?
Ross: What?
Vallentina; I had them bugged before you ever even got there, I’ve been privy to every conversation you’ve had including that treasonous call you had with the Queen may she rest in peace but it’s good well for us
Ross: You know what! They saved me life, do you ever think for one second about what they could be doing? What we could be doing if the US were the only country in the world with Vibranium!
Vallentina: Actually I dream of that
Ross: Val
It’s director Fontaine

Shuri: Let’s start with running a comparative test between our attempts to create a synthetic heart shaped herb and the viables from this bracelet

Since this was grown from vibraniun based soil, it might have similarities we can exploit,Upload my brothers DNA also

Shuri: What’s the conference rate?
Griot: Ninety eight per cent, would you like me to print it?

Riri: Why does he look like that?
Shuri: His physiology is different, none of them fly or have pointed ears
Riri: They had water over their mouths and on their necks , he didn’t have that

Shuri: Several organisms don’t need gills to extract air from the oxygen, it’s like jellyfish , just absorbs the oxygen from his skin
It’s a process called
Both: fusion

Riri: Before he took out your plane, he jumped back into the water, what if that‘s what makes him strong , he’s breathing the air as well as gets water from the oxygen on his skin, if we can find a way to dry his ass out , he won’t be as strong

How old were you when you built your first machine
Riri: Three, my stepdad was a car mechanic, wanted me to build planes, gave me tools, let me work it out , who taught you all that you do?
Shuri; My big brother

Okoye; I was the tip of the spear of Wakanda’s army, this is not me besides I am a civilian now, I turned in my w*apon
Shuri: I built you a new spear
Okoye: A new spear? What is this contraption called?
Shuri: Midnight angel
Okoye: Midnight angel?

Okoye: I looked for you at the Jabari outpost
Aneka: I will not be forced from my home
Okoye: You have such a rebellious spirit, tell me why did you join the Dora Mijae?

Shuri: I thought you’d be back in Haiti by now
Nakia: I’m still Wakandan you know , so this is what you’ve been up to?
Shuri: Yes
Nakia: What You have here now is a chance to restore Wakanda’s protector, it would be the greatest gift since Bashengas discovery

Shuri: Griot
Griot: Yes princess
Shuri: Print it

Nakia: How do we know if it works?
Sheri: If it glows

Nakia: Are You sure you don’t want me to bury you?
Shuri: No I need you to have access to my chest in case I go through cardiac arrest
Riri: She’s kidding?

Nakia: Allow this heart shaped herb to give you the strength of the black panther and take you to the ancestral plane

Shuri: Mother, T’chaka
Killmonger: little cousin
Shuri: How?
Killmonger: How is never as important as why isn’t that right? You chose me
Shuri: Impossible, I’d never choose you
Killmonger: why’d you take the herb?
Shuri: To see my family
Killmonger: Nah that’s bullshit , you didn’t believe the ancestral plain was real , why’d you take the herb? Don’t have to lie to me
Shuri: So I can be strong
Killmonger: Strong to do what? We’re more alike than you think , I took it to avenge my ancestors too
Shuri: I am nothing like you, you took it for yourself and destroyed the rest, unworthy king afraid of being replaced , coward
Killmonger: I had the courage to do what is necessary to protect Wakanda, how many people like your scientist did Wakanda protect before I took the throne?
cowards were the panthers before me, t challa
Shuri: Don’t speak about my brother, you’re the reason he’s d*ad, You destroyed the herb, left us with no protector then Namor struck and k*lled my mother, their blood is on your hands
Killmonger: Nah that ain’t on me, don’t speak that way about your mother, she sacrificed everything to save a girl from a lost tribe, your father he was a hypocrite, he would have k*lled that girl , he k*lled his own brother and T ‘ Challa was too noble, he let the man who m*rder your father live, are you going to be noble like your brother or take care of business like me?

Nakia: Who did you see?
Shuri: No one , it didn’t work, I failed
They abandoned me
Nakia: They would never do that
I did everything I was supposed to, recreated the herb
I did your stupid ritual and for what! What have they done for me
Relax, just relax
Riri: Can I get some of that?

More people are coming from the city
M’baka: They need more space, so what? You are visitors, it is a wonder anything gets done with you people

M’baka; The black panther lives!

Shuri: Namor believes we are on our knees, our Queen m*rder, capital destroyed, the time to strike is now
How do we k*ll him when we can’t find him?
Shuri: Draw him out
River tribe Elder; Here? Again?
Shuri: No, a distant location
M’baka: Assuming we can k*ll this man who can fly and is potentially as strong as the oak, is k*lling him the right thing?
Elder: You were calling for his head when His only crime was intimidation
M’baka: They do not call him general or king but Ku ku’hl ban
River tribe elder: What is that?
M’baka: Feathered serpent god, you think because we live in the mountains , we do not have access to books?

Shuri: Namor is not finished , he wants to destroy the surface world , what are you afraid of?
M’baka: w*r , if he is a god to his people, k*lling him will risk eternal w*r
Shuri: Was my mother’s life not worth eternal w*r?
M’baka: Of course it was, of course it is, it is not what she wanted for you, it is not what I want for my people
Shuri: You speak of her like she’s still here, she’s gone, she’s d*ad, Namor drowned her in front of me! Her hopes, her goals, her dreams it doesn’t exist, don’t matter, what matters is what I want and what I want is Namor d*ad

Nakia: If we survive this, I want you to know you have a home with me in Haiti, take my hands, I want you to be honest with me, who did you see?
If you go to w*r for vengeance, it won’t fill the hole left from your loss, it will only make it larger, it will consume you
Shuri: It already has

Shuri: How’s it going up there Riri?
Riri: Almost out of a*mo, I could really use my backup
Thought you’d never ask

Namor: Princess
Shuri: No I am the black panther and I want retribution!

Griot: Evaporation sensors activated
Shuri: Need a glass of water?

We lost the sonic transmitter
M’baka: That can’t be good

Griot: Panther the sea level has lost power and is experiencing significant casualties

Griot: His spear is made of pure vibranium, the ship will explode any second

Ironheart: I got you sis

Get off me!

( speaking Mayan)
Attuma: You speak the mother tongue, you can greet the ancestors with it
Okoye: You will greet the ancestors

Namor: It could have been different

Killmonger: You going to be noble like your brother or take care of business like me?
Shuri: I’m not like my brother, Namor will beg for mercy and I will stand and watch

( In Mayan)
Namor: Imperius Rex

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Yield, Wakanda will protect your oceans, yield Wakanda will protect your secrets, vengeance has consumed us, we cannot let it consume our people
( In Mayan)
Namor: I yield

( speaking Mayan)
Namor: Talokanile ex , let us go home , our fight here is done

Black Panther; Wakanda forever!

( speaking Mayan)
Namor: What is troubling you my child?
Namora: I looked forward to fighting alongside you my entire life , to see you kneeling to the wakandans
Namor: The black panther had every reason to k*ll me , why do you think she didn’t go through with it?
The black panther is the most powerful person in the most powerful nation in the world but she has no allies , she has empathy for the people of Talokan, with this alliance Talokan will be stronger than ever, the surface world will come for Wakanda, they will turn to us, trust me

Shuri; All set to head home?
Riri: As long as you’re sure the police won’t be waiting for me when I show up at the airport
Shuri; Don’t worry, took care of that
You might want to slow down with your homework for hire , it might slip and I can’t help with that
Riri: Needed to talk to me about something?
Shuri: Your suit, it’s a great design but I can’t let you leave with it
Riri: That’s cool, figured the least I could do was help Wakanda clean up my mess

Shuri: Took a while to get every piece from the river but it was worth it
Riri: It’s just like my dad’s car before he- Are you sure this is her?
Shuri: Every part, have it shipped through Boston, be there before you arrive
Riri: Sure you’re not trying to Slide to Chicago, catch a Bulls game?
Shuri: Sounds fun but I have something I need to do

I present to you Princess Shuri, the black panther!
M’baka: The princess sends her regards but she will not be joining us, I M’baka leader of the Jabari, son of Wakanda wish to challenge for the throne

There’s a tree blocking our path, how do you want us to proceed?
Okoye: A coloniser in chains , now I have seen everything

Nakia: Everything is set
Shuri: I think I need to do this on my own

Nakia: Shuri can we join you now?
This is my son Tusan, Tusan this is your auntie Shuri
Tusan: Hi
Shuri: Tusan is a beautiful name, it has a lot of history
Tusan: Thanks, yours is cool too I guess
Nakia: We decided it was best he grow up here away from the pressures of the throne, your father, your ba ba prepared us for his death but he didn’t want us to go to the funeral, the time wasn’t right
Shuri: Did my mother meet him?
Nakia: She did
My mum said you’re good at keeping secrets, is that true?
Shuri: I can keep a good secret
Tu San is my Haitian name
Shuri ( speaking Wakandan) Who are you?
My name is prince T’challa son of king t’ challa
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