01x12 - All the Way From There Just to Get to Here

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Shantaram". Aired: October 14, 2022 - present.
A heroin addict incarcerated for a robbery escapes prison and reinvents himself as a doctor; based on the novel by the same name.
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01x12 - All the Way From There Just to Get to Here

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Oh, f*ck. Did
Nightingale do that to you?

No. Mostly it was the
other one who did the hitting.

So where am I
taking you? Didier's?

No, Karla's.

None of the past lies
or bullshit mattered anymore,

just that Karla was alive and
hadn't got k*lled trying to help me.

What the f*ck
did you do, Abdullah?

All this is you and Karla's
doing, not mine, I think.

Where is she?

I don't know.

This is bad.

Hey, Modena, can you hear me?

Modena. He's not
going to make it.

He has to. He's the
only one who can tell us

where Karla and Lisa are.

Let us go, and I'll tell
Khader to let you live.

Khader is done.
Walid will see to that.

You two tried to f*ck me,
and now I've f*cked you.

Khader knew nothing about it.

Then you have destroyed
him as well as yourself.

You should run while you can.

To where? To what?

This is all I am.

The noise will come and go,

and the Palace will remain.

What are you gonna do with us?

I'm going to sell you both
to the highest bidder.


He's lost a lot of blood,
but he's stable for now.

Lin, I can't stay any longer.

Walid is attacking our
businesses all over b*mb.

What good did all this do?

You should have
listened to Khader.

Maybe you shouldn't have
lied about everything.

Stay here. If I hear
anything, I'll call you.

If he wakes,
reach me at Khader's.

Keep him alive,
whatever it takes.

"The arrogance of these
gangs in b*mb has become too much",

an assumption that they
can work with foreigners

to corrupt
our democratic institutions.

And anyone who chooses
to stand against them

is k*lled or removed.

Walid Shah revels in the
fear that his name instills

and understands all too well
that greed motivates most men

"more than honor."

This journalist has
a real turn of phrase, huh?

Khader's men are running.

He's holed up
in his house like a rat.

It won't save him.

I've spoken
with the other companies.

They don't like
this story of Khader's either.

I have their word
that they won't interfere.

Keep up the pressure, Rafiq.

Blow by blow.

Every single one
of Khader's operations

until he has nothing left.

- Then we will go for him.
- Yes, boss.

And this sister f*ck doesn't
get a free pass either, huh?

Turn of phrase or not.

They h*t the book
factory. Three d*ad, everything gone.

See that they get
what they need.

If I was Walid
reading this, I'd be doing the same.

When Karla does something,
she does it well.

Tell that
to those men out there.

You think Walid has her?

Karla is either d*ad, escaped,

or Walid is keeping her
as collateral.

I hate doing nothing.

What about the other bhais?

The bhais and their
companies will not intervene.

They're all f*cking cowards.

No. They're survivors.

Arre, no, no, no, Sis. You are
my guest. I will do the cooking.

I won't have you saying
ki "Vikkie had me stay"

"and then made me cook
my own andaaz," and all that.

- No, huh? No.
- Suit yourself, yaar.

Hey, the paper's selling
out everywhere, yaar.

Whole of b*mb's talking
about your story.

My story?

Nishant put his name on it.

f*cking thief. Thief!

Could it be an error?

These papers are constantly
apologizing for their mistakes.

You still get paid, no?

Arre, it's not about that, yaar.

This is my work.

Where are you going?

The whole point of you staying

is so that you can
stay out of harm's way.

What danger could I be in when I apparently
had no part in writing the story?

We are
confident in our reporting

and stand by all the
details of our story.

So this Zhou
woman buys Indian girls

and sells their virtue?

This is very bad business,

People will be very angry.

It's a dark stain...

Hey, hey, Modena.

Hey, hey.

Can you hear me?


I don't know.

When I found you, they
were gone.

Who did this?


- Zhou.
- Zhou? What does she have to do with this?

- Her money. Took them.
- Palace.

Modena. Modena,
listen to me.

You're gonna bleed out.
You need to stay still.

All right. Easy, easy,
easy. Easy. I got it.

Lin, the money is
at the train station.

You have to get her back,
Lin. Please.

Okay, listen, listen. You
need to stay still, all right?

I'll get them.

How much is it?

I don't know.
Must be 200 grand at least.

Lin, that's 150 lakhs.

I have never seen so much
money before in my whole life,

forget all in one bag.

Let's go.

At the risk of you
making another point,

can I ask what you're doing about
the number plate of that taxi I gave you?

Any idea how many taxis
we have here in b*mb?

The registered owner is in
Sagar Wada, but the taxi is not.

So now we're relying on some
officer taking notice of our request,

seeing the taxi
and reporting it in to us.

- Your point being?
- These things take time.

Maybe you haven't noticed,

but b*mb is in the
middle of a g*ng w*r.

Dale Conti's not
our biggest priority.

Nishant Patel.

That's the guy we went to see.

And now he's written a piece about
the same slum where we nearly got Dale.

Tell me that's a coincidence.

Would you listen,
whatever I say?

I would listen
if you said to me,

"Hey, Wally,
I found your taxi."

Good one, Detective.

Have you ever seen
so much money?

I... I can't say I have.

I mean, I'm tempted to
steal it myself.

No wonder Maurizio's
ready to k*ll for it.

I'm happy it's not just me
having such thoughts.

I-Is it the best path, Lin?

Maybe I could go as a middleman

and broker the exchange
to be made elsewhere.

We don't have time.

Wait for Abdullah
at least, you know.

Abdullah's got
a w*r to deal with.

Look, if we're not back in two
hours, call him, tell him where I went.


This time you must take it,
even if it's just for the show.

It never works out
like that, mate.

Let's go.

Let me take this. I want
to feel how heavy it is.


Walid is
running wild all over b*mb,

and I made no move in return.

The police won't act
against Walid?

What do you think happens to the family
of any man who tries to arrest Walid?

No one will move
until the w*r is over,

and then we'll arrest the losers, and
we'll make our deals with the winner.

Do you know where Walid is?

He's at his nightclub.

He has more men than you,
Khaderbhai, and a head start.

You worried you backed
the wrong horse, Sanjay?

If his men are
all out attacking us,

then they're not guarding him.

What are you saying?

That we go after him in the
club. He'll never expect it.

He thinks we're running scared.

Instead, we go all
or nothing. Finish this.

It's the sort of thing
Walid himself would do.

Good. Let's give the
bastard a taste of his own medicine.

Zhou watches.
There are hidden passages.

What are you doing?

Getting us out.

They're gonna hear you.

You're asking me to deny this?

Will you go on the record, sir?

- Thank you, sir.
- You stole my f*cking story.

I did it to keep you safe.
That's all.

I talked it over with my
editor and he agreed.

- When this all dies down...
- Would you have done that to a man?

You couldn't stand
that I found this story,

that something this big
didn't have your name on it.

No. I'm proud of you,

but I also want you to be
safe because I love you.

If that was true, then
you'd never have done this.

Kavvie, maybe
he has a point, yaar.

Your story is out there in the
world doing the job you wanted.

If anything ever happened to you, I
would never forgive myself, Kavita.

Now I'll never
forgive you instead.


You've lost the right
to ever say my f*cking name.

Kavita. Give her time, yaar.

I'll talk to her. I will.
Please, yaar, come on.

one sec. Just wait.

- Nishant. Nish... Nish...
- Just wait, just wait.

Nishant! Nishant!
Nishant! Nish...


Nishant! Nishant!

Why now? This place
has been here for years.

They are embarrassed, na?

See, for them,
this is the worst feeling.

Everyone knows all the time
bad things are there,

but they can do nothing about
it, na? So we pretend it is not so.

But when you don't
allow them to pretend,

then the people get
very, very angry.

This Madame Zhou is
lots of trouble, I think.

Good. I hope they burn
this f*cking place down.

It means Zhou will be
desperate for this money.

Hey, do we need to be
giving them all the money?

A deal's a deal.

Make more noise!

Let me out, please!
Let us out of here!

I'll do anything!
Tell Zhou I'll do anything!

Please. I swear
I'll k*ll myself!

I can't stay in here
a second longer!

Open the door now!

Please, please, please.
I'll do anything.

Let's go.

Wally. Found your taxi.

Very funny.

f*cking beauty.

Mr. Parker.

You are brave,
I will give you that.

Or stupid.
Maybe both.

I wasn't wrong, was I?
Back then.

About what?

Your feelings for Karla.

Did she ever return your love?

To be honest, it's hard to tell.

Either way, you have
something I want.

I have something you want.

It is empty.

It's not about what's in it,

it's about
what I took out of it.

Right, Maurizio?

No, no, no, don't... The money
was in the bag when Modena stole it.

- Where is it?
- Where are Karla and Lisa?

They walk, you get the money.

Have you seen
the crowd out there?

They're gonna be in here
sooner or later.

You're gonna need that money
to get out of b*mb.

Let him have them.

Walid will finish them all
soon enough.

Did Khader send you?

I don't work for Khader.
Never have.

I don't need the money.
Never have.

But there is a debt,

and Karla is not leaving
here until it is paid.

And I think we will let her know

that you are
here watching her pay it.

Hey, now, come on.
What are you talking about?

They are coming
through the gates.

I guess we're both f*cked, mate.

That mob gets in here, you're
never getting this money back.

Call Walid.
Tell him to send some men.

Oh, I reckon
it's too late for that.

Get back now!

Now! I will sh**t the first
one of you that moves.

You're taking me to that
money, hey? Not without Karla.

Huh? How does it feel?

You tell me now.
Up. Get up.

Get the f*ck back, huh?

You're gonna take me
to that money,

or I'm gonna put one in your
spine and drag you there, okay?

Leave this room, Maurizio,
and you will die.

f*ck you!
You bitch.

Open it. Open it.

Get back. Get the f*ck
back. Both of you, back.

Open it. Open it.

Get the g*n!

f*ck you all! f*ck you!

I've had enough
of this shit, you hear me?

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

Give me the g*n.


Leave her for them.
Let's go.

You think you will get
your happy ending?


Okay, Prabhu's waiting.


We gotta go back.
We need to go now.

He's gone?

You had one job.


It's Lin.

Come in, come in, come in.

You all in one piece?

More or less.

Has Prabhu been here?

No. H-How long ago
did you send him?

I didn't. He wasn't
there when we came out.

Well, hard to blame him. So
much money to a slum-wallah

would be hard to resist.

Tell me what happened.

Short version,
it all went to shit.

Got anything to drink?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Right here.

Also, uh, Walid Shah is d*ad.

I heard it on the radio.
Encountered by the cops, they said.

Khader won.

It seems so.

It's Prabhu.

Where have you been?

What? Hiding.

Waiting to see
if you would come here.

The police almost
got me. I had to go.

Sorry, huh?

All there, $302,000.

I counted it. Twice.

I need to go get Modena.

I think we should stay together.

No, he'll be waiting for me.
He's alone, so I have to go.


This is his.

It's okay.

Lisa, take him to mine.


What now?

This cop, Nightingale,

he doesn't know about me, right?

It should have been me.

You can't think like that.

Nishant d*ed
because of what I wrote.

d*ed protecting me.

And the last thing he heard was
me calling him a thief and a liar.

You didn't pull the trigger.

I've been sitting here
thinking about that,

about all the fingers
that were on that trigger.

What do you mean?

I think Karla played me.
Used me.

And I can't stop thinking
about what she wanted out of it.

All this death,

a g*ng w*r, for what?

So she could be
with her f*cking boyfriend?

I'll be right up.

- Thank you, Prabhu, for everything.
- You're welcome.

Love finds a way,
Linbaba, always in India.

Give me your hand.

This is for you.

I don't think Lisa will mind.

When I'm gone,

I wanna think about you
spending that money with Parvati,

building the life
you've always wanted.

You're one of the biggest
men I've ever met, Prabhu.

I don't know what I've done
to deserve you in my life,

but I'm glad for it.

To honor our friendship,

I've got one very important
thing I wanna ask of you.

- Lin, anything.
- Name your first son after me.

Anything but that.
Lin is a terrible name.

To remember me by.

I'll come back, 5:30,
to drive you to your train.

No argument, please.
I will see this to the end.

No charge.

I had another patient. When
I came back, he was gone.

But he was sh*t.
How could he just...

Will he be all right?

He was still very sick.
I would not have let him go.

All right.
Let's have a look at this.

You'll have a little scar.

Seems like a small
price to pay after all this.

I can't believe
you came to get me.

Yes, you can.

I never had someone
start a w*r for me before.

I guess I did, didn't I?

A wise man once told me,

"In India,
love always finds a way."

Then I hope he's right.

Because I'm in love with you.

S... Sorry. Sorry.

God promise.


I left you a clean shirt.

You running out on me now
that you got what you wanted?

You need
a new passport and papers.

We don't have time for that.

There is, if I get
the one Didier made for you.

- Khader?
- I need to see him, Lin.

Do you?


When I first came to
b*mb, I was a mess.

He saw something in me
when I saw nothing in myself.

He used you, same as he used me.

No. I wouldn't be here
with you if not for him.

Whatever else Khader's done, he
was a father to me when I needed one.

I need him to understand.

Understand what?

That choosing you doesn't
mean I betrayed him.

Besides, goodbyes are
important. You told me that once.

Yeah, I f*cking did, didn't I?

Where's Modena?

He's gone.

f*ck, I'm sorry, Lisa.

He was gone.

Walked out.

Half d*ad and he just
walks out and disappears.

All this for that.

What was the f*cking point?

Promise me you'll leave India.

Go somewhere new
where nobody knows you.

Be happy together.

You're still coming with us.

I'm not going anywhere
without Sebastian.

He'll come for me when
he can. I know he will.

Go. I'll be fine.

I'll be at the station,
6:00, on the platform.


Don't be late.

I lied to you...

about Lin Ford,

about not knowing where he is.

If I told you the truth,
Nishant might still be alive.

That's the address
of Karla Saaranen.

If anyone knows
where Lin is, it's her.

I didn't know
if you'd even see me.

I'm delighted to see you. I
was worried you might be d*ad.

When we first met, you had
this wild, hunted look in your eyes,

as if you were running away from
everything and anything, all at once.

You have that look again now.

We won. You don't
have to go anywhere.

I think I do.

With Lin?

First train out this morning.

I'm in love with him.

"A coward isn't capable
of exhibiting love."

"It is the prerogative
of the brave."

I'm very pleased for you, Karla.

After all the trouble
I brought you?

You were right about all of it,
and I cost you what you wanted.

Sagar Wada isn't going anywhere.

The slum will remain as it is,

and, in a year from now,
when the scandal is forgotten,

I will still win the votes

because the people there
will owe me even more.

With Walid gone, my
position is even stronger.

Who else would challenge me?

I'm a patient man, Karla.

Good fathers always are.

A foreign detective
is in town after Lin.

We'd have to leave the
country, but he has no papers.

- You would like his passport.
- I know I have no right to ask.

Consider it my
farewell gift to you both.

And I will make certain that no
one questions you at the station.

Will you tell Lin that no
matter what he might think,

there is a reality
where he is still my son?

Thank you.


I am very glad you are alive.

Lin said you came after me.

Thank you for that.
Family is family.

will take you to the station.

Lisa, you really
don't have to do this.

But I want to.

We'd have none of it
without you anyway, so...

Half is plenty,

and you guys will need
money too, right?

Just take the money, Lin.

Can't you make life easy
for yourself just for once?

And I know Modena
would say the same, so...

Thank you.


Who is it?

Saaranen, it's the police.

Open up, please.

Open the door, please.

Karla's not here.

Who were you talking to?

None of your business.

No, you cocksucker!

No, no, no, no. No!


Cops on every exit.

I got you, Dale.

There's a fortune in here.

You let me go, it's yours.

f*ck your money.

No second chances.
I told you.

Mate, what difference
does it make? Seriously?

You're coming back with me, boy.

Just have a look.

More police officers downstairs.

You gonna sh**t us all?

No, just you.


You'll never need to catch me
as much as I need to be free.

Hey! Chavan, he jumped.
He's getting away.

Hello, little
mate, you remember me?

You got one chance to save
the rest of your life.

Where's he gone?

Excuse me.
Excuse me, please.

Sorry. Sorry, I'm late
for my train. Excuse me.

Your attention, please.

Train number...

Someone wants you
to suffer, gora.

No way out of this for you.

Every time we cage a man,

we close him in with hate.

I embraced it.

It was the only thing that
could sustain me in that moment.

I had to turn my back on
the love I found in this place.

In the end, Karla was right.

Love is weakness.

So all I could do was surrender
to the fate-filled moment

and feel myself, my whole
life turning with the wheel.
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