01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Harry & Meghan". Aired: December 8, 2022
Explores the span of their relationship, from the early days of the couple's courtship to the challenges and controversies that prompted them to step back from the royal family.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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Good morning. It's 6:00 a.m. on 14th March

and we are on the freedom flight.

We are leaving Canada

and we are headed to Los Angeles.


Grandma's here.

- Hi.

- Hi, Grandma.

Pula's here

with a ball in her mouth.

I wonder what would have happened

to us had we not got out when we did.

Our location was exposed.

We knew our security was being pulled.

Everyone in the world knew where we were.

Archie, say hi.

We're about to go where Mommy's from.

So busy.

I just knew the stress that they were

under. It felt like they were running.

This is the current situation.

Thanks to another amazing friend

who we've never met,

but who believes in us and wants to help.

Tell me

how you first got in touch with Meghan.

Um, you know, I'm not a, a royal watcher.

I I don't really

pay attention to a lot of stuff,

but I saw something about her father.

Posing for the paparazzi

In exchange for photos,

he got cash

This is tabloid fodder.

They are going crazy

with this story this morning.

I found it to be hurtful

if he were my father.

And I couldn't even imagine

this woman finding the man that she loved,

the man of her dreams

and him being a prince,

and then to walk into all of that madness

and need the security of family,

and then have,

you know,

your father do some horrible things.

We just broke a big, fat story.

It says it clearly.

Meghan's dad not going to the wedding.

When my life changed

and success started to come,

family members became different people.

And I know how hurtful

and how horrible it can be.

I immediately empathized with her.

This was before the wedding.

And I sent her a note,

just praying for her

just to be able to move through it

and hold on, and let her know

that everything in her life

had prepared her for this moment,

or so I thought.

That's where Tyler came into

the picture. I'd never met him before.

He sent me a letter before the wedding

just saying he was praying for me.

And that if I ever need anything,

he would be there.

Months and months

and months went by.

Okay. Go on.

And then one day,

when we were in Canada, I had called him.

Finally, after years at that point,

first time we ever spoke

and I was just a wreck,

I was just crying and crying.

Sometimes it's easier to just open up

to someone who knows nothing at all.

And that was that moment

with me and Tyler.

I could hear the fear.

It was palpable. I mean, I could hear it.

So I asked her, what was she afraid of?

And she took a deep breath and she started

listing the things, "I'm afraid of"

And I said to her,

"Every one of your fears are valid."

You know, the most that I knew

about the royal family

was around Princess Diana's death.

Get down.


One without

the tennis racket?

- No.

- Please.

There's a moment I'll never forget

where she's walking through the airport

and she has a tennis racket

in front of her face

and she's trying to get away

from the press, and they're all over her.

And I realized that,

after the marriage ended,

she was thrown to the wolves.

- Out. Out.

- Out, out. Out.

- Out. Out. O-U-T, out.

- Have a nice trip, ma'am.

So to tell Meghan

that I felt her feelings were valid hurt.

I didn't want to have to say that to her.

I didn't want her to feel that.

But I didn't want to lie to her.

She was afraid

of them destroying her, or going crazy,

or them making her think she was crazy.

British public opinion

is that it's all Meghan's fault.

- She's a controlling woman.

- The tabloids have turned.

I saw my mother

be abused for years.

I knew the symptoms.

I knew what it was like.

Everyone's like, "Tyler, how dare you

compare this to the abuse of your mother?"

This woman was abused. And so was he.

They're trying

to upset everybody.

The Queen will be feeling

very let down and very angry.

- blindsided

- No idea the statement was coming.

To use the institution to try

and do all the things a batterer would do,

like, "We're gonna cut off the money.

We're gonna not leave you security."

"We're gonna do all those things

to make you comply and come back."

And for the both of them

to have the wherewithal to say,

"I don't give a damn if it's the palace.

I'm out of here," I applauded that.

We stayed in touch,

and when we needed to go, he said,

"What can we do to make it easier?

How can I help you?"

So this was like

a week before COVID.

And we'd be stuck at this house

where everyone in the world knew

where we were. Unprotected, no security.

They just wanted to be free.

They wanted to be free

to love and be happy.

They didn't They did not have a plan.

Everyone's like, "Oh, there's this"

There was no plan.

He's like, "My house is safe.

I'll make sure you have security."

"Take your time."

I was like, "If we could stay for a week,

then we can find somewhere we can live."

He's like, "You're not gonna stay a week.

You're gonna stay as long as you need."

"I'm gonna get you there safely."

"And I'm gonna keep you there safely

until you have somewhere to go."

For the first six weeks that we were here,

we were able to walk around like this.

- Yeah.

- The two of us would be up here.

- Archie, sort of walking along here.

- Yeah.

The dogs running around.

You hadn't seen the house.

We only saw you filming

from the gate up to your door

and seeing the big fountain there.

We're like, "That'll do." Just like

What if I had horrible taste

and a big, round bed with stripper poles?

It wouldn't have

It wouldn't have mattered.

We were so

We were desperate to find someone

- Desperate to be somewhere for

- Yeah.

- You know, a long

- To settle.

We had We had We had, um

We had 13 suitcases, I remember.

You said, "Stay as long as you need to."

We're like, "Maybe we just stay forever."

Good boy, Guy.

So we finally get

a little slice of freedom.

How you feeling, my love?

Will you go long ways?

- I think it's better.

- Ever the director.

It was bliss.

Because no one knew we were there.

I spy our security guy.

- Where is he?

- Matt's hiding in the bush.

Do you see? He's right there.

Look at it.

It's amazing we found this place.


It's secret,

and so at least during COVID-19,

we can take the dogs for a walk

and have a little slice of normal life.

Come on! Come on.

Let's get back home to Archie.

And then we've been

My family.


For me, it didn't matter

where they landed, you know. I

I just wanted them to be happy,

and so that I could be with them.

And obviously not having to take any

long flights made a heck of a difference.

Where are we walking?

Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay.

Archie took

his very first steps right here.

- I mean, this house was

- Here.

Right here.

What's going on, my love?

We are making this balloon arch

for Archie's first birthday

- It doesn't look like an arch.

- It'll get there.

- Will it?

- We have to blow all these up.

- Hey!

- And use these.

And follow the instructions.


We were there for six weeks.

No one knew.

My family still thought I was in Canada.

Every day, I would look on the

Google. "Nope, they don't know yet!"

We talked and they'd laugh, and they were

doing so well. They'd send me videos.

Our son turned one today.

- And it's beautiful out.

- It's gorgeous out.

And it's not our home.

But we're grateful.

But there's a world

in which it could be our home.

Tyler Perry joins us now from Atlanta.

It's been widely reported

that Meghan and Harry are living

at your place in Los Angeles.

Can you tell us how they're doing?

- You speak English?

- I'm sorry.

I think I just lost

I just lost you. I just lost you, Gayle.

I'm sorry. We have a bad,

really bad connection.

So, here we are,

two days after Archie's birthday,

uh, and a day after the Mail

And a day after the Mail, um,

once again pinpointed our location

and put it on their website.

It was six weeks into us

being in Canada that they found out,

and it was six weeks to us being

in Tyler's house that they found out.

Anyway, let me

just show you what we're having to now do.

And these large poles are basically

the construction of a fence

to stop paparazzi from taking photographs

from three, four hundred meters away.

And as ridiculous

and as absurd as this is,

you kind of have to laugh about it,

because it is madness.

It's almost five in the morning.

Archie's waking up because of this.

Oh my God. They're just circling.

What is wrong with these people?

I've been

in that house for many, many years,

and across the canyon

are all these other celebrities,

and no one had seen an as*ault like this.

Haz, is my mom

outside with Archie?

With helicopters 24/7.

- The second one today.

- Drones flying over it.

We would go up every day,

the chain link on the fence would be cut

and people would sneak in

onto my property.

I had to put all the cameras up

on the hill there.

Had to plant more trees, all just

Just It was just It was crazy.

What are you doing?

I am writing more things, um

to battle the Mail.

And their insanity.

This entire case

against Associated Newspapers

which has the Mail and the Mail Online,

it was about a letter I wrote to my dad.

The Mail published it.

They know that it's unlawful to do so.

That's all this is about.

Just apologize and don't do it again.

It's really that simple.

But instead it's like, "Or"

"let's make a fortune."

"Let's create an entire tab

on our homepage with her name"

"and just run constant stuff

on this litigation,

and twist and turn things to create

an implant with members of the public."

They're saying this was

all part of my strategy and tactic

to have a better reputation.

Then the defense says,

"We'd like disclosure from you."

"We need to access

your email and your phone

for this case, based on these terms,"

"I love you."




- "Africa."

- "Africa."

Sorry, what? What does

that have to do with this lawsuit?

My darling wife has just been sent

the skeleton argument

of the ridiculousness of the Mail case.

Archie wasn't even born when you

published the letter I wrote to my dad.

- They are making a fortune off of us.

- The press will never settle.

They will always push,

because they will use a privacy litigation

to further invade your privacy,

like they did with my wife.

But my mum always said,

"If they're writing crap about you

in the tabloids,

you're probably doing the right thing."

So I've always felt as though

this was a fight worth fighting for.

The tabloids pretty much

run the argument that,

if you're in the public eye,

you've given up your rights to privacy.

In this case, the Mail on Sunday

ran the whole kitchen sink defense.

They threw everything in.

Things like, "Um, Meghan's not entitled

to any privacy,

because she's a member

of the royal family."

"If she didn't want us

to publish her letter,

she should have been nicer to her father."

How many people

Meghan and I would be texting

at 1 a.m. or 3 a.m. her time.

She'd be awake, unable to sleep,

thinking about this case,

and the wider issues,

and the toll it was taking.

The couple's w*r

with the tabloids now escalating.

Harry and Meghan are going

to have to give up more intimate details

to prove their case, and therefore,

it does seem a bit self-defeating.

I knew the stress the latest

development was having on Meghan,

and that was that the Mail

were going to argue that Meghan's friends

had already spoken

about the letter to People Magazine

and that Meghan had authorized

that interview, which she hadn't.

Meghan is going to deny

any involvement in interviews

given by five of her friends

to People Magazine.

I don't know

how many pages the article itself was,

but within it there were,

I think, a few sentences

that pertained to my father

and the fact that I'd reached out to him.

We all knew that Meghan

had written her father a letter.

I did not catch

in that People Magazine story

that someone mentioned the letter.

It was this People story

that referenced Thomas Markle's letter

and prompted him

to share it with the Mail on Sunday.

You even do something in total love,

and that is for good,

and they find one piece,

and then it becomes

this whole other thing.

They ran the false claim

that Meghan had authorized

this interview with People Magazine.

So the argument was she had

therefore given up all rights,

anything to do with the letter whatsoever.

And Associated said all of her friends'

identities should be revealed

as part of the case.

I said, "Absolutely not."

I just felt it was important

to protect them

in the way

that they were trying to protect me.

And that was right in the same week that

we moved into our home in Santa Barbara.

I'm driving up like, "We're

gonna unpack. We're gonna get settled."

And Meg is standing outside, waiting

for me, and I can tell something's off.

She's showing me the home.

It's very mixed emotions,

"Here's our new home," but she's like,

"I'm having a lot of pain."

She was holding Archie

and she just fell to the ground and

I was pregnant, I really wasn't sleeping.

And, um

The first morning that we woke up

in our new home is when I miscarried.

I believe my wife suffered a

miscarriage because of what the Mail did.

I watched the whole thing.

Now, do we absolutely know that the

miscarriage was created, caused by that?

Course we don't.

But bearing in mind

the stress that that caused,

the lack of sleep,

and the timing of the pregnancy,

how many weeks in she was,

I can say, from what I saw,

that miscarriage was created

by what they were trying to do to her.

I thought

she was brave and courageous.

But that doesn't surprise me,

because she is brave and courageous.


When I reveal things

that are moments of vulnerability,

when it comes to having a miscarriage

and maybe having felt ashamed about that,

like, "It's okay. You're human.

It's okay to talk about that."

And I could make the choice

to never talk about those things,

or I could make the choice to say,

"With all the bad that comes with this,

the good is being able

to help other people."

That's the point of life, right?

Is connection and community like that.

It really resonates

when you read about her in hospital

with her husband, Prince Harry.

Uh, she describes him as heartbroken,

trying to think what she can ask him,

and she simply says, "Are you okay?"

Everybody can relate

to that question, "Are you okay?"

And do we ask it

to each other often enough?

The piece

is also very much a rallying cry

for people to support each other

during what she describes

as "a year of loss

and pain for every one of us."

Buckingham Palace says it won't be

commenting on a deeply personal matter.

Archie, come say hi to the team.

Say, "Hi, James."

Hi, James.

- "Hi, Michael."

- Hi, Michael.

- And "Hi, Christine."

- Hi, Christine.


- That's so good!

- Good job.

Uh, it's been It's been

It's been a busy week!

It's been a week.

They wanted to continue

with their non-royal patronages

and causes around mental health,

around the environment,

around gender equity.

I love investing in female entrepreneurs,

so this is the kind of stuff

I spend a lot of time looking at.


as the pandemic started to take hold,

around vaccine equity.

My wife and I believe

My wife and I believe

that where you're born

should not dictate

your ability to survive.

And it was really

a kind of fact-finding exercise

about the areas

that they could be activists around,

and the areas

where they could convene groups together.

We've partnered with the team here

to create the NAACP

Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award.

I mean, one of the things

that we've continued to say

is if we're gonna have this glaring

microscope on us at all times,

if people are looking at us,

then look at what we're looking at.

The only wrong thing to say

is to say nothing.

Because George Floyd's life mattered,

and Breonna Taylor's life mattered,

and Philando Castile's life mattered,

and Tamir Rice's life mattered.

Oh my gosh.

And so did so many other people

whose names we know

and whose names we do not know.

This is the police chief.

Have you ever heard that in your life?

I know, sometimes people say,

"How many times do we need to rebuild?"

Well, you know what?

We are going to rebuild

and rebuild and rebuild

until it is rebuilt.

Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight ♪

What's Papa doing?

Are we getting oranges?

Are you Yes.

Can you put them in the basket?

Ready? Catch. Oh.

I know. There's Pula.

When all the dark clouds roll away ♪

And the sun begins to shine ♪

No, let's go.

I see my freedom from across the way ♪

And it comes right in on time ♪

Well, it shines so bright

And it gives ♪

Nice try.

Are you trying to bunt the ball?

And it comes right from the sky above ♪

Hello. Bonjour.

Makes me feel so free ♪

Makes me feel like me, yeah ♪

- We've gone rogue.

- We've gone rogue.

See us come down here.

We're gonna have the beach to ourself,

or there's gonna be, like, a filming set

on the beach we've just walked to.

He's so fun.

- And it seems like ♪

- Seems like ♪

- Oh, yes, it feels like ♪

- Feels like ♪

A brand new day ♪

This is really cold. Woo!

A brand new day, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

- Oh yeah ♪

- Yeah, yeah ♪

And also, we're pregnant.

Double crossed ♪

- Oh, my goodness. My love.

- With my hands behind my back ♪

I was long time hurt ♪

Beautiful. Our own beach.

And thrown in the dirt

Shoved out on a railroad track ♪

It was funny, because I'm talking

and they both look a little smirky.

A little like, "Hm."

And I was like, "Something's"

Like, they're smiling a bit too much.

It's a Zoom.

You know, "What's going on?"

And um, near the end of the Zoom,

you know, Meg stands up.

But I stood and looked ♪

I just freak out. I freak out.

Because I know what they've

been through to get to that place.

And, uh, they're like, "It's gotta be you,

helping us tell the world

that we have new life in our lives."

- And it seems like and it feels like ♪

- Seems like, feels like ♪

It felt,

at least I could do something

to use my imagery

to almost protect them if I could.

- A brand new day, ooh ♪

- A brand new day, yeah ♪

- A brand new day ♪

- A brand new day, yeah ♪

Once we announced it,

I got two messages

from two completely different people

who sent me the front page

of Valentine's Day, 1984,

of my mother announcing

that she was pregnant with me.

I was shocked.

We had no idea. It was just a coincidence.

Or maybe not a coincidence.

On the heels of Harry

and Meghan's pregnancy announcement,

the couple will now share

their story publicly,

giving Oprah Winfrey their first interview

since they stepped away from

Tell us about the thinking

about sitting with Oprah.

Um, well, Oprah had

originally reached out to us

through the communications director

at Kensington Palace.

There was excitement. I remember that.

And then I think we talked

Well, yeah, 'cause Oprah

Oprah, to you, is like

- It's Oprah!

- Yeah.

- Happy birthday, dear Meghan ♪

- No way.

- Happy birthday to you ♪

- Thank you.

Yay! Yay!

The timing of when we would talk to her

just kept changing.

- We made it to the beach.

- We made it to the beach.

Doing what everybody else does.

We were here for a year.

We've got chickens!

Until we actually did it.

And sitting down with Oprah was a reaction

to what had happened that year.

The more distance that came between us

having a smaller role with the institution

and coming over here,

the more of a vacuum was being built.

And people just genuinely

didn't understand why we left.

We thought that was the beginning of

our year of transition, which it turns out

was anything but a transition.

It was just a beating.

They are three of the most

recognizable people on the planet.

Oprah, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

And they're now coming together for one

of the biggest interviews of the decade.

But before that sit-down

is set to premiere, Buckingham Palace,

in an unprecedented move,

opened an investigation

into bullying allegations against Meghan.

The timing of the bullying story

has even been admitted

by the journalist that wrote it

that it was done

explicitly because of the Oprah interview.

Harry and Meghan's spokesperson

tells us and The Times this,

"The Duchess is saddened

by this latest att*ck on her character,

particularly as someone who has been

the target of bullying herself

and is deeply committed

to supporting those

who have experienced pain and trauma."

"Let's just call it what it is."

"A calculated smear campaign based on

misleading and harmful misinformation."

You could tell I was like, "Oh my gosh,

someone's panicking over there."

A long-simmering feud between

Harry and Meghan, and palace staff,

people Princess Diana called

"the men in grey suits",

is boiling over with this

expl*sive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

I can't think what my mum went through

all those years ago by herself.

To see this institutional

gaslighting that happens is

It is extraordinary.

Um, and that's why

everything that's happened to us

was always gonna happen to us.

Because if you speak truth to power,

that's how they respond.

Tonight, for the first time,

they tell their story.

That interview, it was less

about setting the record straight

than at least filling in the blanks

that other people were filling in for us.

and when you say,

"Was it what it looked like?"

My understanding and my experience

of the past four years

is it's nothing like what it looks like.

Whatever we were creating and whatever

new path we were trying to forge,

you couldn't really do that

without some clarity.

So how does that work?

Were you told to keep silent?

How were you told to handle tabloids?

Everyone in my world, um,

was given a very clear directive

from the moment

the world knew Harry and I were dating

to always say, "No comment."

- And we did.

- Mm-hm.

I did anything they told me to do.

Of course I did.

Because it was also through the lens of,

"And we'll protect you."

There's a conversation

about how dark your baby is going to be?

That conversation

I am never going to share.

You said in a podcast

that it became almost un-survivable.

And that struck me, because it sounds like

you were in some kind of mental trouble.

What was actually going on?

I would sit up at night,

and I was just like,

"I don't understand

how all of this is being churned out."

I wasn't seeing it,

but it's almost worse when you feel it

through the expression of my mom

or my friends,

or them calling me crying, just like,

"Meg. They're not protecting you."

And I realized that it was all happening

just because I was breathing,

and I just didn't

I just didn't want to be alive anymore.

We didn't see it until the world saw it.

And it's interesting.

I thought that me being very open about

the depression that I experienced

and just how extreme that became

I thought that would be

the biggest takeaway.

Thank you both

for trusting me to share your story.

Thank you

for giving us the space to do it.

Thank you.

Oh my God.

But it was entirely eclipsed

by the conversation surrounding race.

Hey, Mommy.

Hey, what's going on?

Not much.

I saw I missed you. Where are you?

I just finished walking

Finishing walking the dog.

Nice. Has it been Has it been noisy

around your house? Is anyone there?

- No. Actually, no.

- Good. Good.

Which has been nice.

Yeah, I feel proud.

You certainly never deserved any of this.

I mean, I've been getting tons of texts

about how people are so

in support of you and how you were able

to carry yourself so well.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

Keep your big girl panties on.

Thank you. I will.

- Okay, I love you.

- The biggest. I love you too.

- Bye.

- Bye.

Beyoncé just texted.


- Shut up.

- Just checking in.

Just checking in. Just casual.

I still can't believe

I still can't believe she knows who I am.

Go and call her.

No, it's okay. She said

she wants me to feel safe and protected.

She admires and respects

my bravery and vulnerability

and thinks I was selected

to break generational curses

that need to be healed.


That's well said.

Have you spoken

to your brother since the interview?

I haven't

spoken with him yet, but I will do.

And can you let me know,

is the royal family a r*cist family, sir?

We're very much not.

Sir, what did you think

of the interview?

Oh. Thank you very much.

When I watched, I thought

"There's so much more

she could have said."

But because she's such a classy,

elegant woman, she didn't.

- Hey.

- Hi.

The Palace issued a statement,

I understand, but I haven't read it.

Yeah, let me pull it up.

The following statement

issued by Buckingham Palace

on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

"The whole family is saddened

to learn the full extent

of how challenging the last few years

have been for Harry and Meghan."

"The issues raised, particularly

that of race, are concerning."

"While some recollections may vary,

they are taken very seriously and will be

addressed by the family privately."

"Harry, Meghan and Archie

will always be much-loved family members."

What am I looking at?


H just got a text

H just got a text from his brother.

Oh. Yeah. Okay. You guys do that.

All right, I'll talk to you later on.

Thank you.

- I'll see you guys

- We'll see you on Friday.

Okay, bye. Thank you, thank you. Bye.

I wish I knew what to do.

I know. Let's take a breather.

Get some air and then decide.


I can put them in um, separate little bags

so we can divide and conquer.

Hey, Grandma. Have we decided

what the course is gonna be?

I think what makes the most sense

is to have them start right here.

- By the bridge?

- Yep.

- So down, down that side

- Let's go outside and

Back across the bridge, up the side

of the stream to this bridge here.

- Mm-hm.

- Great. Love it.

Done, easy. That's why we're married.

All for that?

The simplicity, really.

Come on, family. Let's go.

My grandfather always cruised around

in a black taxi in London.

So all of the black taxis have

lined up all the way down the Mall

outside Buckingham Palace.

I don't know if you can see it.

Have a look at this.

This is outside the palace now.

Every single black cab in London,

looks like they're paying their respects.

Who'd have thought

about that, eh? Incredible.

Unbelievable, innit? Look, as far

That's nice.

Oh my God. How is it ten to twelve?


Quickly I looked at the, um, UK website

about the access to be able

to have a shorter quarantine period.


The earliest you can do the test

upon landing is five days after you land.

- So you have to leave tomorrow.

- Okay.

And get tested Friday.

- Can I get out tomorrow?

- Yeah.


Same flight, Maddie's

on the phone with American Airlines now.

My grandfather was a man

of service, honor, and great humor.

He will be remembered as the

longest reigning consort to the monarch,

a decorated serviceman,

a prince, and a duke.

But to me, he was my grandpa.

Master of the barbecue, legend of banter,

and cheeky right till the end.

Harry's respect

for his grandfather

was monumentally deep,

and I think a lot of the characteristics

that, you know, I love in Harry

are slightly grandfather related.

You know,

that ability to put people at ease,

to be fun and to not be stiff and serious,

I think come from him.

I know the admiration was huge.

To be walking behind the coffin again

must have brought up

some other stuff as well.

I don't have the, uh, qualifications to

unpick that, but it must have been a lot.

I was actually

really happy for my grandfather.

He went quietly.

He went peacefully. He went happily.

Tell me about going back.

What was that like?

Um, it was hard.

Especially spending time, having

chats with my brother and my father,

who just, you know, were very much,

um, focused on the same

misinterpretation of the whole situation.

So neither None of us really wanted

to have to talk about it

at my grandfather's funeral, but we did.

Um, and, you know,

I've had to make peace with the fact

that we're probably

never gonna get genuine accountability

or a genuine apology.

You know, my wife and I, we're

We're moving on.

We're focused on the

On what's coming next.

- It's okay.

- It's okay.

Here we go.

You ready to eat? Let's have some milk.



Hi, Lili.

There was something that felt

so complete once we had Lilibet.

Everyone just really respected

that we've been through so much

and that we, like any parent,

deserve to just welcome their child

into the world peacefully,

and have that time as a family

to nurture and cocoon.

Which we did,

with the addition of our little toddler.

Flowers for Mommy?

Thank you. Can I have a kiss?

I think at the moment,

I see a lot of my wife in Archie.

- I see a lot of my mum in Lili.

- Mm.

She's very Spencer-like.

She's got the same blue eyes.

Blue, blue, blue eyes.

Sort of like a golden-reddish hair.


Oh boy! Are you walking?


We'll call, we'll chat,

and we'll talk about silly things.

And they were pretty serious on the phone.

I go, "Okay, what's going on?"

They said, "Well, we'd like for you

to be Lili's godfather." I go, "Whoa."

I had to take a minute to take that in.

And I thought,

"I'd be honored.

I'd absolutely be honored."

And I got off the phone,

took it all in and then called them back.

I go, "Uh, hold on a second."

"Does this mean we got to go over there

and do all of that in the church with them

and figure all that out?

I don't want to do that."

"Maybe we can do a little private ceremony

here and let that be that,

and if you have to do it there,

then that's okay."

Like a diamond in the sky ♪

Twinkle, twinkle little star ♪

- How I wonder what you are ♪

- They're creating their family.

And, um

friends can be family too.

Parvati! Parvati!


They can start something

fresh and new and hope that one day

that family on both ends will be able

to understand that this is truly love.

Happy birthday to you ♪

Archie, do you want to come help

blow out the candles? Come help.


Oh my Yeah!

Eugenie's in town.

Where are we?

- At the Superbowl!

- At the Superbowl!

You gotta grab him, Eugenie.

You gotta grab him!

Trousers are falling down.

Good job.

Just seeing Archie running

across the lawn and this big smile

This is the world that he knows.

He spent his first five months in Windsor.

That was it.

This is home to him. This is home to Lili.

"I need to walk away!"

And this is our home.

Riding down the promenade ♪

I get to do things with our kids

I would never be able to do in the UK.


He's deep in some sort of legal email,

I can tell.

Meghan's case

against Associated Newspapers

had gone on several years.

At the beginning of 2021, the judge said,

"We don't need

to have a trial or disclosure."

"I'm deciding the case now.

I'm calling it in Meghan's favor."

Then, uh, Associated predictably appealed.

It was all, we thought, just

an opportunity to generate more clickbait.

When all of this started,

I had no children.

And now I have birthed two and lost one.

And it's still going on.

When we were

just about to go to the Court of Appeal,

a senior member

of the Duke of Cambridge's team

came forward to give this witness

statement which wasn't required.

And sadly, there's just no way

he could have done that without, um,

the authority of his bosses.

The Mail on Sunday was arguing

all the way through this

that actually this letter wasn't private

because she shared a draft

with her former press secretary

and she shared some

text messages with him.

Even during the course

of those text messages, Meghan said,

"Obviously everything I have drafted

is with the understanding it could leak."

- Let me deal with it.

- How do we deal with that?

Like, how on earth Like

He works for his brother. Like

But that I know.

- Like that Like, I It's your brother.

- Yep.

I'm not gonna say anything

about your brother, but it's so obvious.

- It's like, all

- It's even more

It's even more obvious

that they'll try and cover it up.

Again, "Jason, the former aide

of Meghan and Harry," as opposed to

Why are we talking about him

as her former aide

and not as the person

who works for your brother?

That's why I'm now living

in a different country.

Because all the comms teams basically like

try to outdo each other, but this is the

This is the contract.

The symbiotic relationship

between the two institutions working

the best that they can.

Okay. Thank you.

Is Meghan

manipulating the media?

Thank you

for your text messages as well.

ER says, "Of course Meghan's

manipulating the media."

"Good for her, I say.

They manipulate us enough."

Chris said she likes

to control the narrative

Thank you.

I just wanted to ask you,

you know, about the appeal,

and how you feel about it,

and also just how you feel

about these issues of privacy.

It's an arduous process. But it's just me

standing up for what's right.

Which I think is important

across the board,

be it in this case or in the other things

we've been talking about today.

At a certain point,

no matter how difficult it is, if you know

the difference between right and wrong,

you must stand up for what's right,

and that's what I'm doing.

It's just before 2 a.m.

And we're ringing the team in the UK

to get the results of the appeal.

So, just quickly,

while we're waiting for Jenny to call

- Hm?

- How do you feel?

I just I basically just feel

like a little bit nauseous.

I just don't know. Like

I know they're confident,

but I just want it all to be over.

Hey. Congratulations.


Oh, Jenny. Thank you for

- I know.

- Thank you for not milking that.

Thank you for not playing

How are you feeling?

I don't know. Maybe now I'm gonna eat

some of the ice cream you sent.

f*ck, yeah!

On every level,

this is so satisfying and sensational!

You did this. And you, H.

My ongoing joke of late

has been like H is just like

Mr. Justice Man. Mr. Justice Man.

And the California version of this

needs to be Mr. Just-Is, man!

Meghan Markle got

a court-mandated front page mea culpa

from a UK tabloid over the weekend.

The statement from Mail on Sunday

stopped short of an apology,

but it did acknowledge

Markle's legal victory.

The witness statement had no legal

significance on the case whatsoever,

other than to actually vindicate

a lot of what Meghan had been saying

about how the letter

was never intended to be published.

But it was filed because

the impact on Meghan's reputation

was potentially damaging.

The reporting skewered things to make

it look, falsely, as if Meghan had lied,

which she absolutely hadn't.

As has been proven time and time again,

there's an incentive

for the British media to get you to trial.

Because they can make so much money,

and it creates such a circus around it,

which is exactly what they did here.

And if we don't have the resource,

or the capability, or the capacity

to be able to stand up to these people,

then no one else does.

- Hey-o.

- Hi!

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.

- Everyone is off to the right.

- Thank you.

- Hi!

- Hi guys!

Okay, so each episode

Everyone's so dressed up.

Thank God I didn't wear jeans.

We have a good friend,

and every year at New Year's,

she goes around the table

and asks who's sitting there at dinner,

"What is your word for this year?"

And a few years ago,

when I heard that, I was like,

"Oh, what is my word?

Not a resolution. What is your word?"

And I thought

"My word is peace. Peace. It's got

to be peace. All I want is peace."

And I went, "Nope.

I can't have peace without truth."

My word for that year was truth.

- Happy Holidays!

- Happy holidays, happy holidays.

- Thank you, guys!

- Cheers, guys. Cheers, cheers.

Rick, you're up.

And then by the next year,

oh, here we are again.

Truth. We got some truth out. Finally,

people are gonna know some truths.

But it hasn't given us peace.

It's like my word has to be peace.

It was around that time

that I was like, "I just want peace."

And part of that, for me, is reclaiming.

You know, when you've lost

a huge piece of yourself,

getting that back includes

getting back those relationships

and those friendships

and things that anchor you to who you are.

Ashleigh was a huge part of that for me.

And then, you know, she came back

into my life then at the end of last year.


Hello. Hi, baby girl. Hi.

- I texted her.

- Thank you. What you doing?

And she was immediately

just happy to be reconnected.

I missed you. You're so big.

Good job!

Are you making zucchini muffins?

I was there at Christmas.

- What's

- All the sides. Get everything mixed in.

I missed so much of Archie's life,

but it doesn't necessarily feel like it.

I think we immediately kind of

had this bond.

So just kind of to experience

them growing up,

feeling like I'm in their life,

that has been really good.

- Here's some more.

- Tomatoes.

- Some more.

- Your tomatoes!

Look at this one!

Ah, it's so big!

But part

of what's beautiful here is the freedom

to have family moments out in the world.

Oh, we're gonna

see the horses. Yay!

And I want our kids to be

able to do that and to be able to travel.

And to fall in love, you know.

I just want them to be happy.

The world that they see

is how I would love the world to be.

They don't They don't need to worry

about the things that we worry about.

- Ball?

- Ball?

- Again?

- Again.

Follow ♪

Follow the sun ♪

And which way the wind blows ♪

When this day is done ♪

Breathe ♪

Are there things that

you miss about life in the institution?

Yeah, I mean, I miss the

The weird family gatherings when we're all

sort of brought together under one roof

for, you know, certain times of the year.

Um, that I miss.

Um, you know, being part of the

institution meant that I was in the UK.

So I miss the UK. I miss my friends.

Um, and I've lost

I've lost a few friends

in this process as well.

I mean, I came here because I was changed.

I changed to the point

that I'd outgrown my environment.

Therefore, this was

the most obvious place to come.

You know, it's one of the places

where I think my mum

was probably gonna end up

living potentially.

You know.

So follow ♪

Follow the sun ♪

The direction of the birds ♪

The direction of love ♪

Breathe, breathe in the air ♪

Cherish this moment ♪

Cherish this breath ♪

Harry was always

looking for a simpler life.

More, uh, human, you know.

A husband and a wife,

with two kids and two dogs.

Thinking about, you know,

what's for dinner and, you know,

what's our schedule look like tomorrow?

Which is not something

that, uh, was so normal for him.

This crazy society ♪

Home sweet home.

The strand

Take a straw to the nearest waters and ♪

There's times when I've been angry,

but I can't be that angry

because I genuinely feel that I, and we,

are exactly where we're supposed to be.

Long before you came

So which way is the wind blowing ♪

We've made it to the other side.

When this day is done ♪

It's amazing how things come

full circle that you never think about.

I gave a speech the night of our wedding,

which is atypical for a bride

in the UK, I think?


I have it on my phone.

I can read it to you. Should I read it?

From your phone?

- Am I gonna be able to read that?

- Try.

"On to the crux

of why I wanted to speak tonight."

"First of all, it's been a while."

That got a big laugh.

"But mostly I wanted to share a story."

"A story that I wrote about the man

that I love and the way that we met."

"Let's call this a modern fairy tale.

"Once upon a time,

there was a girl from LA."

"Some people called her an actress."

"And there was a guy from London."

"Some people called him a prince."

"All of those people didn't fully get it,

because this is the love story of a boy

and a girl who were meant to be together."

"They meet on July 3rd, 2016 in London.

And they giggle endlessly."

"They have their second date

and he brings her cupcakes

because it's 4th July."

"'A bittersweet celebration', he says.

Ironic really."

"Her country's independence

from his country."

"Yet in this moment, they know they don't

want to be independent of each other."

"And after a month

of long-distance courtship,

they settle into the quiet of Botswana."

"And amidst whatever momentary worries

that creep in,

they look at each other and think,

'Whatever, world, we're in.'"

"They would love,

and garden, and travel, and laugh,

and rack up more air miles

than any couple could have."

"And when the tides were rough,

they squeezed each other tighter."

"'Nothing can break us, ' they'd say.

'For this love, she was a fighter.'"

"I appreciate, respect

and honor you, my treasure,

for the family we will create,

and our love story

that will last forever."

She's happy to go up the hill

but she hates going down the hill.

We don't have

that much farther to go.


"So I ask you to raise a glass

to the astounding assurance

that now life begins,

and the everlasting knowing

that, above all, love wins."

My love has no beginning

My love has no end ♪

No front, no back

And my love won't bend ♪

I'm in the middle ♪

Lost in a spin ♪

Loving you ♪

And you don't know, you don't know

You don't know, you don't know ♪

How glad I am ♪

My love has no bottom

My love has no top ♪

My love won't rise

And my love won't drop ♪

I'm in the middle ♪

And I can't stop ♪

Loving you ♪

And you don't know, you don't know

You don't know, you don't know ♪

How glad I am ♪

I wish I were a poet ♪

So I could express ♪

What I'd, what I'd like to say ♪

I wish I were an artist ♪

So I could paint a picture ♪

Of how I feel ♪

Of how I feel today ♪

My love has no walls on either side ♪

That makes my love wider than wide ♪

I'm in the middle and I can't hide ♪

Loving you ♪

And you don't know, you don't know

You don't know, you don't know ♪

How glad I am ♪

And you don't know, you don't know

You don't know, you don't know ♪

How glad I am ♪
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