03x08 - Star on the Wall

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan". Aired: August 2018 to present.
Ryan is an up-and-coming CIA analyst who is thrust into a dangerous field assignment for the first time and uncovers a pattern in t*rror1st communication.
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03x08 - Star on the Wall

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Papers, please. What's
your business here?

Not your concern.

Apologies, sir.

You want my
professional opinion?

Any way I could stop
you from giving it?

This is f*cking insane.

Desperate times calls for...

What? Being k*lled in Moscow?
Is that what it calls for?

I will do everything in my power
to get both of you out safely.


Let's go.

We're late!


It's a no-go, Jack.
I'm out of the game.

Well, then get back into it!

I need to land on that ship!

When this thing goes down...

Yeah, I know. I know.

Antonov wasn't expecting you,

but he will see you
in his quarters.

Put him in the brig.

So, uh, you were Minister
Popov's bodyguard for ten years?


You know, the tunnels in
Paris are a lot less gloomy.

Escape routes tend
to be that way.



My loyalty to Popov
and his wife ends here.


see you on the other side.

Please, you love this shit.

You bet your ass
I do.

He'll get you in there.

I'll see you soon.


I didn't give these orders.

Who ordered this?

Mr. President.

General, you are dismissed.

My order for Captain Antonov was
to prepare the ship, not sail.

This will be viewed as a
blatant military aggression.

Sir, I only did what I
thought you wanted me to do

as Defence Minister.
I apologize...

Was there a change in the
Americans' military posture?


But I firmly believe that the
time for stalemate is over, sir.

Meeting the Americans
with half measures

only invites their
dominance over us.

Your counsel is invaluable,
Minister Petrov.

But in this country,
I give the orders.

Call the Fearless back.

Yes, sir.


You are the executive
officer, hmm?

You look very young.

Did your dad buy
you your commission?


I earned it, Colonel Gocharov.


You know who I am.

But you're not asking yourself

what am I doing here.

I follow orders, sir.


Old men give the orders.

The young men die.

Don't talk to him.

He's the snake in
the garden, Kagansky.

- Leave us.
- Yes, sir.

We've come a long way
from Matoksa, haven't we?

Not that far.

You remember what
you told me that day?

The day we k*lled our own?

"You will forget this."

And you said you could not.

I'm surprised
you remember.

After all the m*rder.

That's the difference between
traitors and patriots.

You chose to forget.

I refused.

Is that what you really believe?

Is that the poison
you take from Petr

and drink so willingly?



You are the traitor.

And at the end of the day,
if someone else is in power,

that makes you no less of one.

Tricky. Isn't it?

If you k*ll me

and Alexei does not prevail...

you can never be redeemed.

Trust me.

I know how that feels.

You will answer for
your crimes one day.


One day.

But not today.


I can only trust you with this.

Aye, aye, Captain.

thank you for gathering.

My grandfather served during
the Great Winter of '42.

He was the field marshal
that held Stalingrad

against the n*zi.


Through starvation.

Through unbearable cold.

Through inhumane conditions

few of us can scarcely imagine.

He represented the best of us.

What our motherland is,

should be.

She deserves men like him.

Today we are a shadow
of our former self.

Our greatness diluted by
bureaucrats, oligarchs

and politicians that
came after the fall.

Do not mistake my
impatience for disrespect.

I respect President Surikov
for who he once was.

But that man is gone.

Now he argues for détente.


That is not victory.

It's the inertia of the grave.

We are not a d*ad country.

We were once the most
feared nation on Earth.

The monster that kept the
rest of the world up at night.


we become so again.

I vote to remove Leonid
Surikov from the presidency

of this Russian Federation.

Bridge. Combat.

I have an inbound aircraft 15
nautical miles off the bow.

Copy. Thank you.

Inbound helicopter, this
is U.S. Navy Warship 80.

Establish communication

and maintain your distance.

This is Tango 36.

Requesting to land
and drop off one pax.

Inbound helicopter,
this is U.S. Navy Warship 80.

You are not clear to
land. I say again,

you are not clear to land.

- Turn outbound immediately.
- Sorry, amigos.

They said no-go.


Dr. Ryan!

How bad do you need
to get on that ship?!


Have a nice swim!


Man in the water! d*ad ahead!

Two thousand yards!

Well, go fish him
out. RHIB recovery.

Boatswain's Mate,

- man the boat deck.
- Man overboard,

man overboard, man overboard.

- Man overboard portside.
- Boatswain, six short.

P.O., come to full power.

Hard left rudder. All
engines ahead flank.

Thanks for picking me up.

You were denied permission
to come aboard, Ryan.

And I realize that, sir.

If I wasn't legally
obligated to pick you up,

you'd be at the bottom
of the sea right now.

Well, I certainly
respect your position.

My position is at the helm of
two billion taxpayer dollars

and 300 American lives.

Looking at you, I can say with
a large amount of certainty

that neither you nor the
intelligence community

understands that.

Well, this is where I
leave you, Dr. Ryan.

With all due respect,

I have more important
things to do than engage

with a CIA officer
who just put lives

at risk jumping out
of a helicopter.

And why is it you
think I'd do that?


Put lives at risk.

Is this the part where you
tell me not to pick a fight

- with Russia?
- No, sir.

This is the part where I
tell you that the fight

you're picking has nothing
to do with Russia at all.

Current intelligence suggests

that there's an illegal
change in government

happening in Russia right now.

- A coup?
- Yes, sir.

- And this matters to me why?
- Additional intelligence

says that this coup may result
in unauthorized hostilities

happening right
here in the Baltic.

Actions I believe
are already underway.

You believe?

I thought I made myself
very clear on how I feel

- about your gut.
- Captain, this is different, this...

Authorized or not,
hostilities are hostilities.

And as I'm sure you know,

I have standing
rules of engagement,

and I intend to
follow those rules.

And that's exactly what
they're hoping you'll do.

We have a Gorshkov-class

m*ssile frigate coming
at close radar range

at 85 nautical miles.

Solo or part of a group?

It's alone.

Only one, sir.

And it's called the Fearless.

Sounds like you know
something I don't.

Sir, I've been hunted
down all over Europe

because of what I know.

Jumped out of that helicopter
to try to get you to listen.

I'm listening now.

The group that's trying
to take Moscow...

the captain of the
Fearless is one of 'em.

His name's Antonov.
And inside his house,

I found a workup on this ship.

I also found a personal
profile on you.

He had everything, sir,
including a psych eval.

The Fearless not only knows
how you're gonna react,

they're counting on it.

You know what I have
in my office, Ryan?

Workups on every
Russian captain and ship

that sails these waters.

It's a step above standard
operating procedure.


- What have we got?
- U.S. Navy Destroyer

- USS Roosevelt.
- Range?

Do you want us to change course?

No. Activate targeting radar.

Yes, sir.

Captains in Combat.

Sir, the Fearless
has us illuminated.

Spin the Harpoons and make
sure Alpha Bravo's updated.

- Aye, aye, Captain.
- He's baiting you.

You're so
sure of this, how?

- Because I have a man on that ship.
- One of ours?

No, sir. Russian intelligence.

You're in contact with him?

Not presently, no.

Well, as you can see,

Dr. Ryan, we are
currently engaged,

so my standing orders are
to respond to any aggression

with equal and
overwhelming force.

Yes, sir.

Minister Petrov.

I'll only talk to
Minister Petrov.

That is not going to happen.

Tell him I know about Crossbow.

He called you "Kagansky." Hmm?

Yes, sir.

Daniil Kagansky.

Your accent's,
uh, Siberian, hmm?

Let me guess.

From the north.

I grew up in Omsk.

Omsk? Oh.

So, your ancestors were those
crazy Cossacks, Daniil, hmm?

I don't know.

My father worked the oil fields.


Shitty job.

So he always said.

You don't remember
the Wall, do you?


Same as I don't remember
the Great Purges,

my father doesn't
remember the Tsars.

Funny thing about Russia,

we stand on what other
men made and then...

then we forget.

I think everywhere's like that.

But here now, in Russia,

we've forgotten so much.

We don't build things anymore.

We build lies.

You are not a dumb
Cossack, Daniil.

You know your captain
is lying to you,

and now you have to decide

what you are going
to do about it.

Please tell me that's her.

Madam President,
please follow me.

Mr. Greer,

why today of all days

would the CIA's former Deputy
Station Chief of Moscow

show up in the Kremlin

speaking my name?

Thought you'd want to
hear what I have to say.

I am talking to a d*ad man.

Why would I listen to
anything he has to say?

And yet...

here you are.

Crossbow will fail.

Your coup is over.

Surikov will survive.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I think you do,

and I'm here to
offer you a way out.

My government has authorized me

to provide you
with a safe haven.

All you need to do
is come with me,

right now,

to the American Embassy.

You've broken a dozen
different laws entering here.

You're in no position
to negotiate.

I can lock you away forever,

beyond your government's
efforts to extradite you.

Ah, they would trade for me.

I wouldn't be so sure.

Think about it.

If you are wrong,

if you don't take charge,

which do you think
will be better for you?

An apartment in
New York or Miami?

Or a cell in Siberia?

Patriots cannot be bought,

Mr. Greer.

What about traitors, comrade?

Here we go.

Sir, I have Natalya
Popova for you.

She says it's urgent.

Find Alexei.


Is everything okay?

Hi, Leo.

I need you to do
something for me.

Madam President.

Thank you for meeting
me, Mr. President.

Natalya says I'm
to listen to you.

She must have good reason.

She does, but my
reasons are different.

Dmitry Popov was
m*rder by my father

and Alexei Petrov on Czech soil.

I'm here to take responsibility,

to take on the sins of my father

and put an end to this.

I'm listening.

I have a recording in
which Alexei admits

to Popov's m*rder.

I imagine, right now, you
could use such a thing.

In exchange, I would ask
that you normalize relations

with the Czech Republic,

pull back troops
thr*at our borders,

and to de-escalate
the confrontations

- with the United States.
- Sir,

Petrov is working to
dismantle us both.

He wants to take the
reins, start a w*r,

and he'd show you out
as weak and indecisive.

In Alexei's own words...

was useless, obstructive,

begging to be put down.

I did Russia a favor.

"We must meet our duty

and convince the world

that we are just friends
and brave enemies."

Thomas Jefferson.

It seems we're putting
away old rivalries today.

Thank you.

You've served your country
well, Madam President.


I do have a man on that ship.

A man who is risking his life

to stop his own country
from going to w*r.

Well, I'm sorry to say it looks
like your man's a little late.

We also have a man
fighting for his life

from inside the Kremlin.

- Another Russian?
- James Greer.

You've got to trust me.

We have got to buy
them more time.

We have all sorts of things we
can throw at that ship, Ryan.

Time is not one of them.

was useless, obstructive,

begging to be put down.

I did Russia a favor.

Alexei Petrov's grasp
outstretched his reach.

It only takes once
to lose everything.

The president is asking
for you, Minister Petrov.

I'm getting the sense
you're wasting my time,

Mr. Greer.

That's too bad

because you don't have
that much time left.

- Did he say what he wants?
- No.

In this room, some
of you are traitors.

Some of you are not.

Today, we sort them out.

Have they targeted each other?


Is there any indication

the Russians intend to f*re?

We don't really have a machine

that reads intentions.

I do. His name's Jack Ryan.

It looks like
the Fearless has opened

her m*ssile doors.

- What am I looking at?
- m*ssile bays. They opened the

- topside doors, all of them.
- Sir.

I have the White House
Situation Room on line.

- Put them through.
- Patching through, sir.

Captain Bennett,

this is Hank Galen, SecDef.

She's opened her m*ssile doors.

Yes, sir.
We're seeing that, too.

- Any other movement?
- Sir, they're still silent.

Captain, I think we need to
assume att*ck is probable.

Put CIWS in AW auto.

- "Hold f*re" on.
- Aye.

Sir, they are
preparing for att*ck.

Report to battle stations.

Battle stations,
battle stations.

It is starting.

I have my orders.


I have carried out orders
that you would not believe.

And now I know

some orders are wrong.

You cannot absolve yourself

by simply saying,

"I have my orders."

You have to ask
yourself why are you,

executive officer of
this ship, on guard duty?

Not because you are the only one

who could question
his authority.

Because you're the
only one who would!

We're ready to execute.

Standing by to engage, sir.

What's the status
of our m*ssile?

SM-6s are ready, sir.

Arm two m*ssile and prepare
to engage the Roosevelt.

Sir, do we have authorization
from Joint Strategic Command?

Joint Strategic Command
doesn't give you orders. I do.

We cannot att*ck without
their authorization.

We have their authorization.

He's lying.

Take your prisoner below deck.

Captain, request confirmation

from Joint Strategic Command.

Request denied, Lieutenant
Commander Kagansky.

Since when does
the Russian Navy att*ck


without orders?

We have our orders.

President Surikov would
never stand for this.

Continue the sequence, or I'll
have you arrested as well.

Sir, the Fearless has armed
two of their m*ssile.

White House is patching through.


Sir, the Fearless has
shown hostile intent

by arming two m*ssile.
Permission to close in.

Permission to close in.

Permission to f*re.

If fired upon,

- granted.
- Thank you, sir.

- The sequence is complete.
- Insert your key.

Three, two, one... Turn.

m*ssile is ready to launch.

Vampire, vampire, vampire.

Check Print Track 2913.

- 2913 strength one.
- Coordinates?

Bearing one-zero-zero
relative, heading

two-five-seven at 86,000 yards.

Engage with birds.

Engaging target with
Roosevelt birds.

Aye, Captain.

Birds away, time to
impact: seven seconds.


Four. Three.

Two. Brace for shock.

Relax from brace. Prepare to
engage with standard m*ssile.

Sir, the Americans

intercepted our m*ssile.

The first m*ssile was intended
to take out their defenses.

They'll be helpless
against the second.

Are you trying to start a w*r?


He is.

How long till our
countermeasures are ready?

CIWS needs four
minutes to reload.

It'll be too late.

Four birds.

Go FIZ green.

Surface TAO, cover
track 1251 with birds.

Captain, this is it.

This is the endgame.

And every fiber of your
instinct wants to engage.

And the captain of
the Fearless knows it.

If you do this,

you will be doing
exactly what they want.

First Lieutenant,

you have now given all
of your intelligence

to your superior officer.

All of which I have
taken into consideration.

If that's all you've
got, you've got nothing.

Now, stand aside.

Yes, sir.

This is an act of w*r, sir.

We could blow that
ship out of the water.

That is exactly what they want.

Mr. President, you look
to us for intelligence.

I'm telling you, this
att*ck was not ordered

by the Russian president.

It is a rogue element.

We're being baited.

Abort this sequence.

We will not abort.

This is an illegal order.
Do not listen to him.

You don't have the authority.

I swore an oath to
protect the motherland.

We all did.

The penalty for mutiny is death.

Same with treason.


here we are again, huh?

Preparing to do an act

of great evil

in the name of righteousness.

We're out of time.
Stand by to engage.

Don't do this.

If we don't f*re now,

in 30 seconds, we
may not be able to.

You and I both know this
starts with m*ssile,

but that is not where it ends.

Dr. Ryan, are you willing
to sacrifice your life

and the life of every
sailor on this ship?

To protect this country, yes.

Because that is what
I signed up to do.

No one

needs to die today.

The captain is relieved
of his command.

Take your prisoner below deck.

USS Roosevelt, do you copy?

Sir, the Fearless is
broadcasting on 16.

Patch him through.

USS Roosevelt,

Captain Antonov has been
placed under arrest.

The executive officer
now has command.

Do you copy?

Dr. Ryan?


Yes, sir.

Good to hear your voice, Jack.

Colonel Gocharov.

Are we at w*r?

That is up to you.

Sir, I have the White House
Situation Room on line.


Patching through, sir.

- Captain.
- Yes, sir.

I apologize.

There's a lot riding
on my next question.


Do you feel there is
any further thr*at

from that ship?

Are we under att*ck?

No, sir.

I believe the captain
of the Fearless

is no longer in
control of his ship.

What now?

It is your ship, Captain.

Set new course.

Let's go home.


The Fearless is disengaging.

VIZ is red.

- Mr. President.
- You are free to go.

And Minister Petrov?

He's been removed from office.

The peace between our nations

is a fragile one.

For the sake of preserving it,

you were never here.


With all respect,

this isn't the first
time I wasn't in Moscow.

I'll see you again.

Madam President.

If you should ever
need me for anything,

don't hesitate to call.

Hopefully, your services
won't be needed.

Did you just pitch
her for business?


Can we go home now?


I made a mistake with Miller,

but I learn from my mistakes.

Director Wright.

you, Mr. President.

Sir, I have President
Surikov on the line for you.

Do not worry.

I will not make this difficult.

Jack, we
have done our jobs,

and done them well.

This fight was
passed down to us...

and will continue on

with or without us.

But we will always

be better than the
institutions we serve.

And that is what matters

when it matters most.

There are no heroes
in our profession.

But, occasionally,

there are good men.

Men who act on what is right.

Not simply doing

what they're told.

I've not always lived
my life with honor.

But perhaps I have done
enough to die with it.

I hope the same for you.
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