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Mask of Zorro, The (1998)

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Come on, Alejandro, it
is my turn. Let me see.

- What are you doing?
- Sorry. We were waiting for Zorro.

- Go home, muchachos.
- Do you think he's going to come?

Someone thinks he will.

Joaquin, Alejandro, once I
carved coffins for your parents.

I'd hate to carve ones for you. Now, go!

Alejandro, Joaquin,
get back to the mission.

Don Montero, why are you still here?

Now, now, Don Luis. Calm, calm.

Santa Anna's three miles from
the town. You have to go now.

The government of Spain
would like to thank you.

This land is the property of Spain.

It will be the property of Mexico
unless I hand them over to you.

Santa Anna will respect the
claims of you and the dons.

The rest I have divided
equally among the other dons.

Get the children out of the plaza.

The children should not
have to see the things we do.

I want to see! Put me down.


I saw him. I saw Zorro. Come on.

- Who are these men?
- Who are they? No idea.

Three peasants.

Where is he?

Come on.

My thanks to you, gentlemen.

Now, if you will excuse me,
I'm missing my own party.

k*ll him!

You would m*rder them to capture me?

I would m*rder 100 innocent
men if it meant k*lling you.

Three men, three cuts. A
memento of Mexico, Rafael.

To remind you not to return.

Tornado, my old friend, you
are getting too old for this.

Yes, me too.

- Is she warm enough?
- I put on an extra blanket, se?or.

The good prince was not afraid.
He fought off 100 guards.

And then, looking very handsome,
he leapt onto the balcony.

"Would you k*ll three innocent
men just to capture me?"

"Yes. "

Then lightning flashed and
thunder shocked the land.

The evil king glared at
the good prince and said...

- Something very forgettable.
- What did the good prince do?

Well, he leapt from the balcony
onto his faithful Tornado -

- and raced home to his wife,
Esperanza, and his daughter, Elena.

Never to do anything so foolish again.

She loves to hear your stories.

It's only the sound of my voice.
Soon she will have no time for them.

I never tire of them. Why should she?


She already has your strength.
Today she broke her clay horse.

Diego... Diego, you promised me.

No more nights waiting up.

The Spaniards are going home.
Today is Zorro's last ride.

From now on we will grow old
together with our five children.

- Five?
- Yeah. Not enough?

I love you.

Do?a de la Vega... Still
as beautiful as ever.

Don Rafael, what an honour.
The governor in my home.

- Stay for dinner.
- I have come to apologise.

I am sorry that I could not protect
this country from the peasants.

I am sorry that I will have
to leave you without a husband.

Arrest him.

Blood never lies... Zorro.

You are a traitor to your country
and your class. Take him away.



I would never have let
any harm come to her.

She was never yours to protect.


You'll live with the knowledge
that you have lost everything.

You'll suffer knowing that your
child should have been mine.


Let me hold her. Let me hold her!


She has her mother's eyes.

Rafael! You'll never be rid of me.


Stayed on their track bringing them back

so pay the bounty now to me, 'cause...


nobody's tough as Jack
nobody's tough as Jack

Now you're getting there.
Singing can lighten your load.

Come one, come all, for
the fright of your life.

See the notorious Murrieta
brothers. Robbers, horse thieves, -

- bandits, people of the
worst sort. Hey! Get out here.

Garcia. The Murrieta brothers.

Get over here.

May I, friend?

These men are now in the custody
of Corporal Armando Garcia.

- Claim your bounty in Tlaxco.
- When bulls start wearing bloomers.

- How much are we worth?
- All figured... about 200 pesos.

200 pesos? That's it? A
lousy 200 pesos apiece?

- We are wasting time.
- That's 200 for the both of you.

What? Are you crazy?
Don't take it, Jack.

Touch my brother again,
and I'll k*ll you.

Yes, he will.

- I thought you were tied up.
- That's because you're stupid.

Drop it.

- They've got a box on the wagon.
- We know. That's why we came.

I, the legendary Three-Fingered
Jack, ain't even mentioned.

Ain't I the one that
figured to kidnap the mayor?

I am the backbone of this g*ng.
Without me, it would fall apart.

Amigos, adi?s.


Get up.



I want you to know I
consider this an honour.

Bury the body. Bag the head.

Of course I have feelings for you.

Yes, yes, but quick. Hide in the barn.

He's coming.

What do you want? Please
don't touch me. Who are you?

Don Rafael!

Listen to me.

If any of you is, or ever was,
that masked man known as Zorro, -

- reveal yourself now.

I'm Zorro!

- They took my mask...
- Silence, you old fool!

I am Zorro! I am the man you want.

Liar! Anyone can see you are too tall.

Get him out of here
before he starts to stink.

Did you find him?

He's d*ad.

Back to the boat. I need some sleep.

The governor has returned!

- Luis...
- Rafael, it has been too long.

- Too long.
- You used to favour me above all.

Consider this a fool's
apology for ever doubting you.

Come. A crowd has gathered to greet you.

- Don Pedro.
- Don Rafael, welcome.

Don Hector. Don Julio.


Please, please.

You are not happy to see me,
so let us all stop pretending.

I know that you have been paid,
even thr*at, to greet me.

I understand exactly how you feel.

Why should you care
about any of your leaders?

The Spaniards oppressed you,
the Mexicans ignored you.

And the dons..?

The dons seem content
to cheat and lie to you.

Who, in your entire
history, has ever helped you?

Zorro! Zorro fought for the people.

Yes, Zorro...

Where is he now, Padre,
your masked friend?

He hasn't shown himself
in 20 years. 20 years!

The time has come to take our
destiny into our own hands.

Not as Spaniards or
Mexicans, but as Californians.

I stand here before
you today with no mask.

Only a solemn pledge that
I will never abandon you.

And you have my word -

- that I will help you fight
for an independent California.


Gentlemen, allow me to
introduce my daughter, Elena.

Thank you.

- I know the scent of this flower.
- It?s called Romalia.

But it only grows in California,
and this is your first visit here.

More whiskey.

- Or whatever you call this.
- Money first.

Money first.


- What about this?
- Silver!

Of course, silver. The finest.

- Where did you get that?
- It?s none of your business.

Where did you get it?

It was my brother's. He is d*ad.

- I'm sorry.
- Why should you be sorry?

Don't trade it for a
mere glass of whiskey.

You think I could get two?

Who is that?

- The man who k*lled my brother.
- You're in no condition to fight.

Get out of my way, old man.

Would you care to try
again..? You're welcome.

- For what?
- For saving your life.

- I would have k*lled him.
- No, he's trained to k*ll.

You seem trained to drink.
You would have died quickly.

Who then would avenge your brother?

- I have never lost a fight.
- Except to a crippled old man.

- What is your name?
- Alejandro.

"When the pupil is ready,
the master will appear. "

If you want to k*ll this man I
can teach you how to take revenge.

- And live to celebrate it.
- Why are you so eager to help me?

Because once, a long time ago... did the same for me.

I can't believe it. I never thought
that I would be standing here.

- In the lair of Zorro.
- It was devoted to his training.

Where were you all these
years? I thought you were d*ad.

I was d*ad. And we
will leave it at that.

I remember the last time I saw
you. You were fighting 100 men.

You were the greatest
swordsman who ever lived.

Montero was the governor
then. Do you remember him?

Rafael Montero. Do you remember him?

Yes. His soldiers k*lled many.

And he was the sworn
enemy of Zorro... You.

- Montero has come back.
- Then you can k*ll him.

No, there are too many
complications for me to ignore.

What complications?

I can see we are not going
to spend much time talking.

Montero has some
design for California, -

- otherwise he would not
have hired Captain Love.

- We must find out what that is.
- And then what?

If you are ready, we
will both tempt our fates.

Let's go, then.

- Do you know how to use that?
- It goes into the other man.

This is going to take a lot of work.

This is called a training circle.
It will be your world, your life.

Till I tell you otherwise,
there is nothing outside of it.

Captain Love does not
exist until I say he exists.

As your skill improves you will
progress to a smaller circle.

Each new circle brings
you closer to retribution.

- I like that part.
- Shall we?

Slow. att*ck slow. att*ck.

Slow. Again. Slow.

Slowly... Good.

- Good. That is good.
- Thank you.



Time for a drink.

Perfect. Do it again.

One, five, three!

Six, four, two!

And lunge.

Lesson number one...
Never att*ck in anger.

Lesson number two...

- Come with me.
- What?

- So what is lesson number three?
- To get to lesson number four.


- Black Andalusian. Magnificent.
- It looks like your old horse.

Quiet, quiet.

Damned horse. What are you doing?

I'll see you tonight.

Zorro, you look better than ever.

Be careful, se?orita, there
are dangerous men about.

If you see any, be
sure to point them out.

Listen. I'm going to give you the
great honour of being my horse.

Quiet, please!

We are like one spirit.


Go, go, go!

Get him!

k*ll him.

Zorro! The legend has returned!

- You don't know me, Father...
- Zorro! Of course I know you.

Is it really you? The
years have been kind to you.

I have no time to talk now.
Father, please, hide me.

It?s just like the old days.

Padre, is that you? Is
everything all right?

Don't worry, my dear. You are
safe in the house of the Lord.

Of course, Padre.

It has been three days
since my last confession.

Three days? Come back
when you've had more time.

- Excuse me?
- Listen, se?orita...

Please, go on.

- I broke the fourth commandment.
- Did you k*ll somebody?

- That's not the fourth commandment.
- Of course not.

In what way did you break the
most sacred of commandments?

- I dishonoured my father.
- Maybe your father deserved it.

- What did you say?
- I said, tell me more, my child.

I try to behave the way
my father would like me to.

- But my heart is too wild.
- Too wild?

- Yes.
- Could you be more specific?

I had impure thoughts about
a man. He wore a black mask.

- He had a deep voice?
- Yes.

- Ruggedly handsome? -
His face was half-covered.

But something in his eyes captured me.

I felt warm and feverish.


Yes, lustful.

Forgive me.

I forgive you.

Look by the altar.

Search everything. The
chapel, the rectory, all of it.

- This is a house of God.
- We'll be gone when he gets back.

Se?orita, you have done nothing wrong.

The only sin would be to deny
what your heart truly feels.

Now, go.


- What are you doing here?
- I was confessing.

To whom? The priest is here.

Stand back, Elena. Please.

Out of respect for Miss Montero,
I'll deal with you later.

Horse! Come here.

Blackie! Thunder! Storm!

Estupido! Get over here now!

I warn you. I'll get another horse.


What do you think?

Sir, I got the black
stallion, I carved a "Z"...

People know Zorro is back.

You think stealing a horse makes
you worthy enough to wear that mask?

Be careful.

You're a thief,
Alejandro. A pitiful clown.

Zorro was a servant of the people,
not a seeker of fame like you.

A buffoon.

- Zorro did what was needed.
- Now he is needed again.

I didn't ask for your help, but
I came here to learn how to fight.

To have your strength, your courage.

Now when I try to use
them, you slap me down?

Let me tell you something.
I am tired of your lecturing.

I am tired of waiting for
you to tell me I am ready.

I have my own scores to
settle, a new life to find.

I thought I could do it
here, but I was wrong.


En garde!

Choose your w*apon.

Montero has invited every don
in California to a banquet.

If you want to be of service,
you can join them as a spy.

- I think I do not understand, sir.
- Your skill is growing, Alejandro.

But I must give you something
which is beyond your reach.

- What is that?
- Charm.

And what is that?

Convince Montero that
you are a gentleman -

- and he will let you into his circle.


A gentleman?

- This will take a lot of work.
- Yes...

Look at me. This is the most
stupid thing I have ever done.

- I doubt that.
- We will never get away with this.

Yes, we will. A nobleman just
says one thing and thinks another.

- What if Montero recognises you?
- Montero is a true nobleman.

He will never look a servant
in the eye. Listen to me.

Listen to me!

Most important thing of all, do
not let the dons leave without you.

- Good luck tonight.
- Thank you.

Stand up straight. Charm.


Don Rafael Montero? Don
Alejandro del Castillo y Garcia.

The formal Spanish greeting.
I have not seen that in years.

- My father was very strict.
- Who is your father?

- Don Bartolo del Castillo.
- Unfortunately, I've never met him.

I arrived last week from Spain.

I am inspecting my family's holdings.

Queen Isabella of Spain has
been very generous to us.

Very impressive. What brings you here?

I heard you were back in California,
and the Queen speaks highly of you.

I thought I fell out of favour with
the court when California was lost.

Only in certain circles.

Her Majesty knows those unfortunate
events were no fault of yours.

She told me this is still a land
of opportunity for a man of vision.

- And you are a man of vision?
- I am a man in search of a vision.

But my timing is unfortunate.
Perhaps I could call again?

No, it would honour
me for you to join us.

No, it would honour me.

Please allow me to
introduce my daughter, Elena.


I'm afraid I have brought no gift
for the hostess, but wait a moment.

- Thank you.
- A pleasure.

Bernardo, pick up your
feet. Se?orita. Caballero.

Don Alejandro.

- We would like you to join us.
- I would be delighted, se?orita.

Ah, Don Alejandro.

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce
Don Alejandro del Castillo y Garcia.

This is Captain Harrison Love.
Not a don, but a kindred spirit.

Are you not the man who was
chasing a legendary bandit?

- He was hardly legendary.
- Was he caught?

- It?s only a matter of time.
- The bandit may have escaped.

But the rest of us will think
twice before going to confession.

Thank you.

Don Hector, I disagree.
Until these people are free -

- I think we will see many
more Z's carved into walls.

Don Alejandro, what do you think?

I think... Sheep will
always need a shepherd.

But not this Zorro creature.

He probably wears the
mask to hide his bald head.

- Some would call him heroic.
- Heroism, a romantic illusion.

- Much like nobility.
- Elena, that is enough.

Heroism is something to
aspire to, not sneer at.

All that sh**ting g*n,
racing around on horses -

- gives me a frightful headache.
It?s hardly the work of a gentleman.

What is? Climbing in
and out of carriages?

No, but increasing one's holdings
so as to provide comfort to ladies.

Such as yourself.

A woman's grasp of
politics. What can I say?

We are at a party, aren't we? May
I have the honour of this dance?

I would be glad to.

- Were you looking for something?
- The miraculous in everyday life.

Oh, really? Look someplace
else. We were trying to dance.

You were trying. She was succeeding.

Forgive me, Captain. A shameless joke.

I hope it will not be the last.
Don Rafael wants you back. Now.

Should we try something more robust,
or do you feel unequal to the task?

No, on the contrary.

I think only of your
distaste for perspiration.

That is the way they are
dancing in Madrid these days.

Your daughter is a spirited dancer.

"Spirited". Thank you for
putting it so delicately.

- I apologise if you're offended.
- No, no, no...

She is young and impulsive, but
her beauty is beyond compare.

And she has her father's
commanding presence.

Don Rafael..!

As an advisor to the Queen
in matters of finance, -

- it would be my pleasure to
introduce you both at court.

Join us in the courtyard. There is
something I want to share with you.

A vision.

Fellow dons...

All of us can recall the years
when we ruled this country.

We commanded respect and
amassed a great deal of wealth.

But we never determined our own destiny.

The time has come to claim what
always should have been ours.

My friends...

I give you the independent
Republic of California.

Every man here owes you something.
The land we got made us wealthy.

But we must question your motives.

The day you arrived, you
made us look like fools.

- I was merely playing to the crowd.
- And what are you doing now?

You want us to raise
arms against Santa Anna.

- You know we couldn't defeat him.
- I wasn't suggesting a fight.

I was suggesting that we buy it.

Santa Anna is waging an expensive
w*r with the United States.

Even if we combined our fortunes
we could not buy this country.

- I already have a deal with him.
- You are living in a dream.

And why don't we all live
in the same dream together?

Meet me here tomorrow for a journey
that will lay your doubts to rest.

My friends, I give you... El Dorado!

Fortunately, Santa Anna is unaware
of the existence of all his gold.

These bars have been marked
with the Spanish seal.

Is it becoming clearer to you?

Two days from now we will buy
this country from Santa Anna.

With gold dug from his own land.

- Where did you find these people?
- Anywhere we wanted.


It?s part of the mining process.
First we picked it up, now we blast.

So, this is the future of California?

This is my vision, yes.

Up here. Ain't you a
sight for sore eyes!

Full-grown vultures walking
around like real folks.

Welcome. Welcome to hell's outhouse.

They call us the disappeared ones,
but we ain't exactly disappeared.

- We're just hard to find.
- Wait! You. I know you.

You bet you do, peckerwood.
I'm Three-Fingered Jack.

And you're a bunch of m*rder -

- dressed up in fancy, sweet
-smelling doodads.

Ignore him. He's a common thief.

As common as they come.
But nothing compared to you.

I steal gold and money. But
you steal people's lives.

So damn you! And damn
the horse that brung you.


Is there something amusing, Captain?

Strange, I'd say.

I have twice sh*t this man while
he was flying through the air.

Don Alejandro! I need
to speak to you alone.

- Some other time, perhaps.
- Today. Alone.

Good afternoon, Bernardo.

Good afternoon, se?orita.

- Your voice is so calming.
- He's high-spirited.

Yes, I understand.

How long have you served Don Alejandro?

Sometimes it seems interminable. Sorry.

Do not worry, Bernardo. He
will not hear it from me.

Don Alejandro confuses me.

Sometimes he seems so
arrogant, so superior.

And yet the way he looks at me
and the way he dances with me...

As if he were two
completely different men.

- You look so much like your mother.
- How would you know that?

Well... I don't see much
of Don Rafael in you.

My father wishes I acted more like her.

- She was very proper.
- Is that how he describes her?

- Yes. But I don't believe it.
- She was more like you.

Perhaps. It would be
a way of knowing her.

My ni?era told me that the departed
can see you in the moonlight.

When I was young I sneaked out at
night and rode across Andalusia.

I would wave at the skies
so she would know it was me.

- How did she die?
- Giving birth to me.

My father rarely speaks of her.
I think he finds it too painful.


I know what it is like
to lose a loved one.

A daughter. Long ago.

When I see you, I remember what
it felt like to be a father.

- Your mother would be proud of you.
- Thank you.

I have to ask you...
Have we ever met before?

No, why would you think that?

It?s strange... Your
voice seems so familiar.

I haven't been to Spain
since before you were born.

Of course. Well, it's
a very pleasant voice.

Thank you.

- Good day, Bernardo.
- Good day...


Did you know that the Compa Indians
used to cannibalise their enemies?

The eyes were most sought after.

To be able to see through the eyes
of an enemy is a valuable thing.

Where are my manners? Would
you care for something to drink?

No? A different vintage perhaps?

You're a very sick person.

Heads and hands in jars must
strike you as odd, I suppose.

You ought to f*re your housekeeper.

- Who is he?
- An enemy.

He has a brother who
will share the same fate.

I wish you luck.

- To your health.
- Murrieta's brother or not...

You are more than you pretend to be.

Maybe someday I will see what
I look like through your eyes.

It is beautiful.

How much does it cost?

It is a gift, she says,
in honour of your mother.

- She loved your mother.
- She must be mistaken.

My mother died long ago in Spain.

She says you are the daughter of
Esperanza and Diego de la Vega.

She was your nanny. She
hung flowers on your crib.

I'm sorry, I cannot accept it.


Listen to me. Can you find
your way back to the mine?


The windows were all covered.

- He didn't trust his own dons.
- Nor would I.

You must break into the
chest in Montero's study.

- Find out what his plans are.
- People in the mine are dying.

And all I can think
of is... Captain Love.

He will come into your
circle soon enough.

- I miss my brother.
- Your brother's d*ad. Put it aside.


How can I do what is needed
when all I feel is... hate?

You hide it.

With this.

Santa Anna has agreed to the
transfer the day after tomorrow.

He insists we deliver the
gold five miles north of town.

It?s a safe distance from the
mine. I don't foresee a problem.

Tell him we agree. You
have done well, Luis.

To the independent
Republic of California.

Don Rafael!

You sent men to the hills?
Doubled the guard at the wall?

- After all, it's only one man.
- It isn't just one man. It?s Zorro.

And he knows about the mine.
Otherwise he wouldn't be here.

- How could he possibly...
- It doesn't matter how.

If Santa Anna finds out about
this he will have us butchered.

Do you understand?

Then we should destroy the evidence.
Set expl*sives. Bury the mine.

- And the workers?
- We destroy all the evidence.

Make sure those papers are locked up.


- The much-debated Zorro.
- No. The legendary Zorro.

Put down your w*apon! Tell them.

Do as he says.

Allow me.

Come. Stop.

Face the window.

Now, bend down and touch your toes.

Bend over!

Excuse me, Captain Love. Thank you.

k*ll him!

Good morning, se?or.

- Good morning, se?orita.
- Give it back.

Whatever it is you have stolen
from my father, give it to me.


Come on now.

I don't have the time to give
you the proper instruction.

I have had the proper
instruction since I was four.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

This will make it more
difficult. Se?orita...

Don't move.

- Do you surrender?
- Never.

- But I may scream.
- I understand.

Sometimes I have that effect.

Excuse me.

Goodbye, se?orita.

- What happened?
- I fought Zorro and he left.

- Did you recognise him?
- No, but he was young and vigorous.

- He was very vigorous, Father.
- Vigorous?


Let's go!


Here. This is the canyon.
That is where the mine is.

They have 25-30 guards at most.

- Nothing that Zorro can't overcome.
- I'm not going with you.

I'm not going with you.

There's something I must
do. It?s a personal matter.

- And the prisoners?
- There's nothing more I can do.

- Nothing you will do?
- I gave my life to them.

My wife was m*rder before my eyes,
and my child was raised by my enemy.



- She's your daughter.
- She was.

So, you will simply take your revenge.

No, my daughter. And don't
pretend she means nothing to you.

She does. But you taught me to
see beyond personal feelings.

- Was that all a lie?
- You are too young to understand.

To understand what? Betrayal?

All the work, all the training,
all the wise words, for what?

To smile in the face of a k*ller
while you make your own plans?

I taught you everything
you need to survive.

Now I must look to my own heart.

Elena is all I have left. I
am not going to lose her again.

What about California?
What about the people?

They still have Zorro.

Every inch of the countryside is
covered. If he shows himself...

- Are you all right?
- Is your army ready to fight?

- No, sir.
- Then I'm not all right.

I'm beginning to wonder if you want
this operation to succeed at all.

I think my horse could run
this army better than you.

I said I'll find him. That means I will.

Perhaps I can save you the trouble.
Go on, reach for it, Captain.

- Who are you?
- I warned you long ago, Rafael.

- You would never be rid of me.
- De la Vega.

- Rafael...
- It wasn't you I saw last night.

- That was Don Alejandro.
- Yes.

But many would proudly wear the mask.

Either way, events have been set
in motion that you cannot stop.

I'm not here to stop
you. Call for Elena.

Call her.

Captain... Bring my daughter to me.

Bring her to me!

You cannot imagine how I
have dreamed of this moment.

Night and day, 20 long years.

Really? I didn't give
you a second thought.

- If I die, the truth dies with me.
- We shall see.

- Bernardo, what are you doing?
- Tell her, Rafael.

- Tell me what?
- Tell her who her real father is.

What is he saying?

This man lost a daughter once
and now he seeks to claim you...

Tell her how her mother died.

Your daughter is lost, de la
Vega. You cannot have mine.

De la Vega..?

A woman in town, she told me...

Diego de la Vega?


His name is of no consequence.

I was told my ni?era used
to hang something on my crib.

Yes, she had her hang fresh flowers.


Let us finish what we started
the night Esperanza died.

Drop your sword or I will have
no choice but to have you sh*t.

Even in the presence of my daughter.


They were flowers. Romalia.


She knows.


Lock them up!

The fuses are burning. Hurry it up.

Let's go!

Wait here!

Secure the wagon, stay alert.

- De la Vega.
- Rafael.

Only one question.

Really? What is that?

How would you like
your remains displayed?

- Now I'm free to k*ll you.
- No!

Drop the sword. Drop it.

You really think I would
have k*lled my own child?

Did you miss me?

Elena! Get them out!

- "M"... for Murrieta.
- Two men. One d*ad.

You're doing well. Your brother
would have sh*t himself by now.


- Is it finished?
- Yes, Don Diego. It?s finished.

Not for Zorro. There will be
other days, other battles to fight.

It is your curse and destiny.

My beautiful Elena...

The world is a strange place.

- Now I'll lose you again.
- You will never lose me...


You are like your mother.

Same eyes.

Same mouth.

Same spirit.



And so it was. Lightning split the sky.

Thunder shook the air.
And then all was quiet.

The great warrior
known as Zorro was gone.

The people of the land
gave him a hero's funeral.

They came from far and wide to
say farewell to the brave champion.

But, little Joaquin, whenever
great deeds are remembered, -

- your grandfather will live on.
For there must always be a Zorro.

And someday, when he is
needed, we will see him again.

On Tornado, riding like the wind.
His sword blazing in the sun.

Leaping, jumping... Fighting
like a lion, like a tiger!

Fighting... safely as possible.

Is this your idea of
putting the baby to sleep?

Sleep tight, my son.

When I sleep, I will dream of Zorro.

But what face shall I give him?

He has been many different men,
but he has loved you as all of them.

How can I refuse such a man?

- Do you know where he might be?
- Zorro could be anywhere.

There, there, my darling.
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