01x08 - The Hangman - Part Two

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Three Pines". Aired: December 2, 2022 - present.
Mystery series based on the Chief Inspector Gamache novel series by Louise Penny.
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01x08 - The Hangman - Part Two

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[BOY] I love this one.

Turn it up.







I don't know if this
has happened to you,

but I was in the car and I'm driving

and I have to go to the washroom so bad,

I really have to go and I'm driving...


Armand, at last. You saved us
from one of Pierre's stories.

Finishing up work.

We didn't think you
were going to make it.

And miss games night? Not
the Armand I know and love.

Especially after I won so big last week.

What shall we play?
Belote? Aluette? Blackjack?

Oh, Blackjack. British rules.

[ESTELLE] British rules, again?

[IN ENGLISH ACCENT] Would you like
a crumpet and some tea with that?

Don't tease Pierre or he'll
have us playing Old Maid again.

- Yeah.
- Who's the dealer?

Oh, Pierre, of course.

He knows all about dealers.

[PIERRE] Okay. Okay.

Two cards, twist or
stick for another three.

I heard you found those missing kids.

- We did.
- Twist.

- Wow.

- Yes.
- [ESTELLE] Bust.

- [PIERRE] Too bad.
- [REINE-MARIE] Twist.

Thank God that poor
family gets some closure.

- Yeah.
- Twist again.

I'm bust, too.

So you think it was Kevin Kis?


Maybe Kevin was lying.

What if Tommy caught him
fooling around with Blue

and then they got into a fight
and he ended up k*lling them both?

Yeah, you might be

I bet he OD'd in that cell out of guilt.

[GAMACHE] But then...
why would Chowski run?


[PIERRE] Chowski's a wild card.

Maybe he got in deep
with Kis. I don't know.

[GAMACHE] Could be.

But it's a homicide investigation now,

so it's up to me to
get to the bottom of it.


How did you find them, anyway?

[GAMACHE] Do you know how many different

kinds of pine tree
there are in that forest?

There's a lot.

There's jack pine, sand
pine, table mountain pine,

pitch pine, pond pine.

There's even white pine,

although they're not so popular
in the eastern townships.

The man we found last week was
hanging right by a white pine tree.

They have very particular needles.

They get everywhere.

We actually found some
in Kevin Kis' place.


Sounds to me like that
puts Chowski in the clear

and Kevin Kis at the scene of the crime.


Good work, Armand. That is good work.

[PIERRE] You wanna twist or stick?

I want to twist.

- Are you sure?
- [GAMACHE] I'm sure.

All right.

There's one Ojibwe story that I like.

There's this little blue
jay. She's cold, starving.

She flies to the oak
tree and begs for shelter.

And the oak tree says, "No way,

I've barely got enough for myself."

So she flies to the maple and she
begs the maple tree for some sap.

The maple tree says, "I
don't have enough for myself."

And every tree in the forest sends
the blue jay away cold and starving.

So she flies all the
way to the pine forest,

and she says to the pine trees,

"I'm cold. I'm starving.
Can I shelter here?

At least until the blizzard passes."

And the pine trees say,
"Sure, our needles are so thin.

But sure, come on in.

Shelter. Stay warm among our branches.

Feed from the seeds in our pine cones."

And just then, the blue jay shakes off

all her tail feathers
and reveals her true self.

And she's not a blue jay at all.

She's Nanabozho, the trickster,

and she says, "All
the trees in the forest

will lose all their leaves every winter.

But you pine trees were so kind to me,

you're going to keep your leaves

and you're going to stay
green all year round."

You know, parables
do have many meanings.

Never prejudge a person
based upon their appearance.

There's bound to be a whole other
story waiting to be discovered.

[IN FRENCH] It's true.

You never really know who anyone is.

Five card trick.



[REINE-MARIE] What was all that
between you and Pierre tonight?


Is it about those kids?

Armand, tell me.

I know who k*lled them.

Well, that's good, isn't it?


The b*llet that...

The b*ll*ts that k*lled
Blue came from Pierre's g*n.


How is that possible?

[IN FRENCH] My god.


[FRANCOEUR] Pierre Arnot is a good man.

A great officer.

What we found matches what
Kevin Kis said to Lacoste.

We know Chowski and Arnot
pulled over Kevin's truck.

I think they buried the bodies
and then staged Kevin's place

in the hope that the peacekeepers
would find Blue's blood

and conclude that Kevin k*lled her.

It's all in here.

And the b*ll*ts are with SQ ballistics.


I realize this can't be easy for you.

I'm sorry.

We'll have to hand this
over to Internal Affairs.

You get back to Three Pines
and wrap up the Hill case,

I'll deal with this, okay?

Thank you.


[LACOSTE] How was the vacation?


Things are good with you and Enid now?

Totally. Yeah. It was
just what we needed.

Good. I mean, I don't know
who else would have you, so...

- Actually, things aren't exactly...
- You okay, Patron?

I want this case wrapped
up quickly, today.

We're working on it.

James Hill came here looking
for someone from his past.

Take a deep dive into his background.

Find me a connection to
someone in Three Pines.

- What's all this about?
- Police won't be going anywhere.

They're going to be here
until someone's behind bars.

- The k*ller, with a bit of luck.
- We make our own luck.

You heard Ellis in the bistro. He
knew we're all guilty of something.


Only one person k*lled that man.
That's who the police are after.

The rest of us have got
nothing to do with it.

Oh, yeah? What if he
really did know our secrets?

What if he made a record?

Police are going to
be checking his place.

- Don't you think you're being dramatic?
- [MYRNA] I'm being cautious.

I know I got things in my
past that I don't want airing.

My guess is that most of you have, too.

Isn't that why we came here?
To start again without judgment?

Our own sanctuary.

You want the police
digging around in your dirt?

So what's the plan?

- Ducks don't feed themselves...
- Wait.

Read it.

It's a perfect lesson
in social responsibility

and why you never want
to be the bystander.

[RUTH] Hangman poem. Great f*cking plan.

If anyone here knows
who k*lled Arthur Ellis,

if anyone here knows anything
at all, they got two choices.

Speak to me or speak to the Chief.

But let's get this investigation
shut down before it hurts us all.

This is Sergeant Lacoste
of the Sûreté du Québec.

I'm calling about James Hill.

Myrna Landers used to be a psychologist?

Any information you
have would be helpful.

The poet, Ruth Zardo.

I understand she led some classes
at the faculty a few years back?

When was the last time she taught there?

[BEAUVOIR] They were
students at which university?

From what year to what year?

[LACOSTE] Peter and Clara Morrow.


What date did they live there?

I'm trying to get dates on
when Gabri Dubeau was there.

How long were they in Ottawa?

What was their address?

[BEAUVOIR] When Olivier
Brulé was in Ottawa,

did he run any other businesses?

[LACOSTE] I can hold. Thank you.

- You stare at this shit all day.
- Ruth. Something I can help you with?

- Found this.
- We don't exactly handle lost property.

Look inside, smart arse.

That's him, isn't it? Arthur Ellis.

His real name is James Hill.

No shit.

- Where'd you find it?
- Rosa found it.

It was in the bonfire
pile behind the B&B,

where Mike burns the garden waste.

Rosa likes to forage in the cuttings.

Snails are plenty in there.

Rosa has sophisticated taste.

Great source of collagen.

Keeps your beak strong.

So who exactly...



[MIKE] Chief Inspector.

[GAMACHE] When did you build this?

Over the past week or so.

Had a lot of dried leaves and
grass cuttings needed burning.

Are police checking bonfire permits now?


You see anyone tamper with it?

- Tamper?
- Putting something in it.


- Why, is there something in there?
- It was a long sh*t. Thank you.

- Sure.
- Oh...

Did you play at university?

Uh, no. I didn't go to university.

Yeah, well, it's not for everyone.

Thank you.

[BEAUVOIR] I think the initials in
Hill's wallet might be a k*ll list.

How'd you get that from
a bunch of initials?

Hill worked as a clerk

for the Department of Records in Ottawa.

It's taxes, passports, court papers.

Anytime a Canadian comes into
contact with the government,

the records end up there.

Thus giving him access
to personal information.

That's right. He got
the job years ago.

Before that, he was a teacher.

It's a big change, going
from working with kids

to filing records.

So what happened years ago?

Margaret Hill and -year-old Debbie

were k*lled when their car went off

into St. Lawrence River.
Witnesses saw a red pickup truck

collide with the Hill's car and plow
it off the bridge into the water.

Sûreté du Québec are appealing
for witnesses to come forward

and are understood to be questioning

four teenagers from Université Laval

about the incidents.

Two boys, Gabriel Duval and Toby Marsh,

two girls, Cindy Payne and Eliza Green.

Same initials as we
found in Hill's wallet.

And the truck...

The truck was full
of empty beer bottles.

- Was there ever a trial?
- No.

By the time help got there,
the kids were out of the truck.

They all suffered minor
injuries, and one of them,

he wiped the steering wheel clean.
He said it was to get the blood off,

but they suspected it
was to protect the driver.

- No convictions?
- No. Not even an arrest.

The kids were all pretty wealthy.

The parents hired some
good lawyers, got them off.

The kids all refused to talk.

Here. I got some
pictures from the scene.

Hill tried to get
justice for five years,

and when he couldn't,
he moved to Ottawa.

- He took the job in the records office.
- We have to find those kids.

Yeah, my guess is one of them
is right here in Three Pines.

You okay, Patron?

Hmm? Uh...



You sure you're okay?

Hmm. Fine.


[REINE-MARIE] You okay?

[GAMACHE] Yes, honey.

I just wanted to hear your voice.


I was thinking of
coming home this evening.

But I have that lecture in
Toronto. I'm driving down there now.

It's six and a half
hours. Why don't you fly?

- No. You know I love to drive.
- I don't want you to drive.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I will leave early tomorrow. I
will be back in Montreal for lunch.

Well, I was thinking we
could take some time off...

go somewhere. Where
would you like to go?

Hmm. Central Italy?

Some small, medieval, mountain village.

We can plan this tomorrow over lunch.

It's a date.

Thank you.

For what?

For everything.

you, Armand, for ever.

[SPEAKING FRENCH] I love you, honey.


[BEA] We're having a feast
for Blue, celebrating her life.

Too much sadness. It prevents the
spirit from making its journey home.

We have to be mindful of that.

- So what can I do for you, Armand?
- Oh, I, um...

I wanted to bring this back to you.

You keep it. You found her.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- I think I see her sometimes.
- Yeah, me too.

Since you found her, we all feel
her. She visits us all the time.

I wish I could find them all.

You can do so much more than
just find our missing girls.

A person in your
position, with your power,

you can make society safer so they
don't go missing in the first place.

Please, don't just wish, Armand.

Not when you can do.

I will.

You're right.

I will.

Why don't you stay?

- Yes, thank you.
- Okay.

Let me introduce you to the community.

So this is our elder, Elsie.


[MYRNA] You haven't read it yet.

I started it.

No, you've got to get
all the way to the end.

See what happened to
that last bystander.

"'I answered straight
and I told you true:

'The scaffold was
raised for none, but you.

'For who has served me
more faithfully than you

'with your coward's hope?' Said he.

'Where are the others
that might have stood side

'by your side in the common
good?' 'd*ad, ' I whispered

and amiably, 'm*rder, '

the Hangman corrected me."

Spoiler. He ends up on the rope, too.

You have something to
tell the cops, Peter?




I saw someone around
the time Ellis died.

Came running out the woods
like a madman. I nearly hit him.

Do you know who it was?


What have you got?

Peter puts Gabri in the
woods the night Hill died.

Did you find out where
Gabri went to college?

Same university as the
kids in the truck. Laval.

Maybe he changed his
name from Duval to Dubeau.

We need to see his birth certificate.

I think his plan was to find the
four kids and k*ll them one by one.

No, not k*ll. Execute. He
sentenced them to death.

k*ll or be k*lled.

- Some choice those kids had.
- This is great work, Jean-Guy.

Isabelle and I can take it from here.

Why don't you go home, surprise Enid?

Uh, you sure? I mean... No, I can stay.

- I said go home...
- Yeah, I know. She won't mind.

Go home, Jean-Guy. It's an order.

- Yeah, okay.
- Good.

I'll have a beer.

[IN FRENCH] Did you hear
Internal Affairs are in?

Must be something big.

Big's the word. It's
the Blue Two-Rivers case.

The native girl they found buried

with her boyfriend over in Pine Ridge.

Why are they interested in that?

Apparently, there's been
some kind of cover-up.

A senior officer making
evidence disappear.

They're planning to arrest him today.

Pierre Arnot? It's his case, right?

Might be his case, but he's not
the one making b*ll*ts disappear.

So who is it? Who are they arresting?

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.

[IN ENGLISH] Olivier?
Can you spare me a minute?

A minute, sure. We don't
want everyone to starve.

Look, I know your loyalties to Gabri,

but I think you know he's in trouble.

He won't talk to me.

- I don't know how to help him.
- But you know something's wrong.

Look, if you don't tell
me... If you don't tell me

what's going on, I
can't help him either.

Hill was in Gabri's office
the day of the m*rder.

I came back from the
market, found them fighting.


Gabri brushed it off, but
he had something of Hill's.

His wallet. I found it in
Gabri's jacket after the m*rder.

You put it on the bonfire?

I've known him years.

Gabri's no k*ller.

We're all killers if
we're pushed hard enough.

A witness puts you running
out of Pine Ridge forest

around the time Hill was m*rder.

- I went for a run, big deal.
- Do you know Toby Marsh?

Eliza Green? Cindy Payne? Gabriel Duval?

Yeah, I heard of them.

Everyone at Laval heard about
it, but it's a big university.

What does this have to do with Hill?

It was his family who died in the crash.

He came here looking for
someone who he held responsible.

Did you change your name?

Was it your birth certificate he found?

- No. No, of course not.
- Are you Gabriel Duval?

You got him first.

[GAMACHE] Maybe it was self-defense.

[SPEAKING FRENCH] I would never...

[IN ENGLISH] So why were you fighting?

And what was he doing in your office?

[LACOSTE] Why did he cause a scene
at the bistro the night he died?

- I can't.
- Why did you have his wallet?

He left it in the bistro.

I put it in my pocket
to give it back to him.

But he came in drunk and started
shouting. It slipped my mind.

When I heard he was d*ad, I thought
it would make me look guilty.

If it wasn't you, Gabri, you need
to tell us who you're protecting.


They said they had to change their names

after they were witnesses in a m*rder.

That the guy they gave evidence
against might get out of jail

and come looking for them,
that he was dangerous.

I thought Hill was that man, a m*rder.

He was going through
my employee records.

He told me he knew they were here.

I got a fresh start in Three Pines.
I thought they deserved the same.

And who are they?


Know where I can find the boss?

He's busy.

[IN FRENCH] Olivier, two
more beers over here please.


What are we drinking to?

We're not buddies, Agent Nichol.

- [IN FRENCH] Your order.
- Thanks.

I actually need to talk to you.

If you heard a rumour about
someone you cared about,

- would you tell them?
- Wow. Things get round SQ fast.

It's not over. Okay?

Enid's just giving me some space.

Your wife's left you?

[IN FRENCH] Olivier, two shots of vodka.

[IN ENGLISH] Coming up.

Why'd you need space? I
thought you guys were solid.

Yeah, so did I.

I asked her, "Is there someone else?"

I asked her if I was
doing something wrong.

She just looks at me like I'm crazy.

Thank you. Here.

I still don't know why she left,
but thing is that when I said,

"Till death do us part," I meant it.
I was convinced that she did, too.

I mean, I never thought
that ten years down the line,

she would just walk out the door
without even giving me an explanation.

Maybe she wasn't ready
to give you one yet.

Hey, I really need to find the boss.

This has been fun.
We should do it again.

[BEAUVOIR] f*cking Nichol.


The police are talking to Gabri.

We have to go.


I thought we stopped running.

- Come on.
- Wait, wait, wait.

What if we go to the cops?
He k*lled Toby and Eliza.

He was gonna k*ll us too.

You wanna tell them who
was driving the truck

that k*lled Hill's wife and kid?

They find out, you think
you won't serve time for it?

Come on.

Pack your stuff. We
are getting out of here.


[IN FRENCH] They let you go?

Peter said he saw you that night.

In the woods.

Were you there?

He was d*ad. Nobody could help him.

- You left a man hanging in the woods?
- I was in shock.

I told you my mother was d*ad.

I didn't tell you how.

My father was very controlling.

Everything had to be just so.

If my mother or I stepped
outside his rules...

he punished us.

My mother couldn't take it anymore.

I was when I found her.


I never forgave him.

I never forgave myself.

- I should have protected her.
- You were just a child.

I wish I'd called the police
the moment I found Hill...

but it was like I was
again and I just panicked.

I should have told you.

I wanted to tell you the next day,

but I was scared you'd think I
was a monster to leave him there.

Do you think I'm a monster?


I think you're just a man.

A man I love more than
anything in the world.


[SPEAKING FRENCH] Thank you my love.

- Chief.
- Agent Nichol.

I thought you were at SQ.

I was, but there's something
I need to talk to you about.

- Patron.
- Go on.

These rumours.

- They're not true, are they?
- What rumours?

People are saying that it was you.

That it was you who sh*t Blue and Tommy.


- Isabelle.
- Patron?

I need you to pick up the suspects.
I'll meet you at the Sûreté.

- There's something I need to do first.

- Hey.
- I thought you'd gone home.

Not yet. What's going on?

Patron wants me to bring the
suspects in. You go, I got this.

Mike and Angela? Let's bring them in.

Police. Open up.

[MIKE] Shit!

- Let's go.
- [BEAUVOIR] We're busting our way in.

Let's go!

[BEAUVOIR] Police, open up.


Shit. I'll get the car.

[LACOSTE] Police. Stop.


[BEAUVOIR] Get in. Quick.


Slow down.

- What are you doing?
- You want to tell the boss we lost them?

I want to live to tuck my kids into bed.

- Slow down.
- And let them go? f*ck no.

Have you been drinking?


I had a couple of beers.
Don't worry. I'm fine.

- Just stop the car. Now.
- Just relax. Okay?

- I want out now. Stop the car.
- I'm not letting them go, okay?


Where'd they go? Where'd they go?

Stop the f*cking car!



- There's nothing anyone can do for them.
- I'm gonna go check.




- Is Pierre home?
- Isn't he working?

I know he had some stake out,

said he wouldn't be
back until the morning.

Right. Sure, I'll
catch him at the office.

Say hi to Reine-Marie.



[BEAUVOIR] I was in
control. I was. Okay?

They took the bend too fast.
It's not my fault. It was raining!

You think a judge'd say
that? We were in pursuit...

Of f*cking m*rder!

You're over the limit, Jean-Guy!
You shouldn't have been driving!

I wasn't thinking. I'm not
drunk. I swear. I was in control!

I was... I'm sorry!




I was driving.

I was driving and you were g*n.

You'll call it in.

- We don't have to do that.
- You want to get fired? Go to jail?


- What are you talking about, go to jail?
- Just call it in!

You've reached Isabelle Lacoste.
Please leave a message after the tone.


Isabelle, I'm driving over
to Pierre Arnot's cabin.

I'll text you the address.

When you have those two
in custody, meet me there.

I'm taking him in.





Is that Kevin's truck?

Yeah. Chowski must've
had it the whole time.

He must've done this.


He k*lled them.

Both of them. Blue and Tommy.

Kevin's truck was all loaded
up with contraband cigarettes.

We pulled them over for a
standard search and seizure.

Tommy pulled out a g*n,

so Chowski reacted. Just
like we were trained to do.

It was a legitimate
sh**ting, Armand. It was.

What happened to all the b*ll*ts?
What did you do with them?

Chowski's got buddies in ballistics.

My bet is he made them disappear,

started these rumours about
them coming from your g*n.

Brought the truck up here
to try and implicate me.

Can't you see he's
trying to frame us both?

We can go to Francoeur, can't
we? We can tell him the truth.

Where's Chowski now?


[CHUCKLES] Probably made a run
for it after he torched the truck.

Without his badge?

- What?
- What happened in there?


My God, is that Chowski?
You k*lled him, didn't you?

No. No, no, no.

He must've known the game was up,

- took his own life...
- Stop.

Stop. Don't keep lying to me.

We've been friends for years.

You're godfather to Annie and Danielle.

We don't lie to each other.

Chowski had this scam running. I
didn't want to get involved. I didn't.

What kind of a scam?

We knew Kevin Kis had a
truckload full of tobacco.

Chowski said let's pull him
over, thr*at to take them all in

unless Kis gives us a cut.

- So you were taking kickbacks?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Who is going to be the big
loser here? Tax man? Big tobacco?

- Hardly the crime of the century.
- So what went wrong?


If you don't tell me, I can't help you.

Kevin panicked and he ran off.


Blue started filming us going
on about sovereignty and rights

and all that horseshit,
and Chowski just lost it.

He tried to grab the phone from Blue.

Tommy got in the way and he just
sh*t him. Clean in the stomach.

What's the matter with you?

I panicked.

Blue Two-Rivers
could've ended my career.

I didn't have a choice, Armand.

I didn't...

You sh*t her?

You sh*t Blue?

- She had the video on her phone.
- Hey!

She was running away.
She would have ruined me.

No, it was you! It was
your scam, wasn't it?

It wasn't Chowski's.

And Estelle? Does she know?

I'm nothing without Estelle.

She's my Reine-Marie.

We can go in together.

- I'll take your statement.
- Yeah, right.

- You can't protect me, Armand.
- You've got years of good service.

- Judge will take that into consideration.
- A judge? A judge?

I'm not going to jail, Armand.

- Pierre, listen to me.
- Listen, I'm not...

Listen to me.

Listen to me.

Sooner or later, the truth
is going to catch up with you.

You might think you made those b*ll*ts

and that ballistics report disappear.

But do you really think
that was the only copy?

I have the backup.

Photographs of the b*ll*ts.

I can prove it.

I can bury you. Don't make me do that.

There's only one way out of this.

You know it's the right way.

Come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

However much modern medicine
strives to delay death,

it's inevitable, and we can't evade it.

Yet, archaeological evidence suggests

we've always had an innate belief,

or maybe hope,

that individual life doesn't
just end when the body dies.

- Do you forgive me?
- Let's put things right first.

In some ancient philosophies and
religions, and in popular culture...

humans are considered to
have a non-physical soul...


[REINE-MARIE] ... which is
freed at the moment of death...

to live again in a
new kind of existence.

Please forgive me.

Whether that's in the spirit world or...



I'm sorry. I...

[LACOSTE] Patron!


[IN FRENCH] Dr. Beauvoir,
Gamache was sh*t.


We're leaving.

Stay with us.

I love you.


[CRYING] Stay with us.

It's urgent, send an ambulance.


[LACOSTE] It's gonna be okay.

It'll be okay.

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