01x06 - At Which Moment in Time

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Bad Guy". Aired: December 8, 2022 - present.
Italian crime drama follows Nino Scotellaro, a Sicilian prosecutor, dedicates his entire life to fighting the Mafia but is suddenly accused of being part of it.
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01x06 - At Which Moment in Time

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After almost 20 years, a new
Mafia w*r is shaking Sicily.

The death toll rises to five.

All of them affiliated with
fugitive mob boss Mariano Suro.

The suspicions fall on the bosses of
the Nine Families of the Commission.

Investigators say more m*rder
may occur in the next few hours.

That was the latest news. Now,
some good music with Radio Ulna.

This is, "Stormi,"
by Iosonouncane.

Hey, boss! Can I
have 20 euros of gas?

Tell me where Suro is.

For the last time,
where is Mariano Suro?

Are you going to talk
now? Nod your head.

Tell me where he is or
we'll drop you from here!

Where is he?

I guess that's a no.

Where is Mariano Suro?

Tell me where Mariano Suro is!

- k*ll me!
- What?

- k*ll me!
- k*ll you?

Of course.

What are you doing?

f*ck yeah!

k*ll me!

Where are Priscilla and my baby?

She left.

I don't know where she is.

Where is Marianuccio?

She took him.

Please, don't k*ll me.

The goal was to find Suro,

not this f*cking carnage.

- None of his men could even tell us.
- No one knew anything.

Palàmita knows.

The problem is that
Palàmita is in the hospital.

Don Lillo!

- To what do we owe this honor?
- Mimì Starnace.

- Who? The Mason?
- You know him?

He's the one who
built Suro's bunker.

What the f*ck?
You f*ck!

He knows where Suro is.

Take the gag off.

Let's have a nice chat now.

You and I.

Mario, turn that thing off!

What? You want to butcher him?

Chop him up?

- Aren't we questioning him?
- Yes, but not like that.

What were you thinking? That's
not the way. Come on, get out.

Get out!

As Don Salvatore used to
say, "Get out of here."

My God, I'm sorry for my sins.

I have sinned against You,

whom I should love
above all things.

Palàmita, we need to speed
things up. You're next.


Take us to Suro immediately.

The, "Lupara Bianca," issue
must be resolved soon.

Are you feeling
better? Can you do it?

- Just need the stitches removed.
- Good.

We gotta leave before they
put you back in prison.

I can't protect you there.

So, the White Shark,

the one who dies in captivity,

the one who wanders
around and never stops,

the one who keeps
changing homes,

has decided to settle
down in a nice place.

And who did he turn to

to build a nice bunker?

Emidio Starnace.

Also known as, "Mimì the Mason."

Will you smoke with me?


Who the f*ck are you?

Me? No one.

I'm no one.

No one knows me.

You're the famous one.

You were all over
the newspapers.

"Cosa Nostra's Mason."

The one who built the bunker
for Don Peppino Sgalambro.

A bunker full of tunnels
and secret rooms,

underground halls, escape paths.

Are you really a mason?

See, you... you're an architect.

An engineer.

Listen to me,

you're an artist.

But you're mute.

You don't talk. You
don't say a word.

Let's think about the future.

Where does Mimì Starnace see
himself ten years from now?

What will you be doing?
Picture yourself in the future.

Will you still be
digging underground?

Surrounded by worms and bugs?

With all that humidity
penetrating your bones. Why?

You already accomplished your masterpiece.
Don Peppino Sgalambro's bunker.

You deserve a lot of
money. Tons of money.

And with that money,

you'll finally go to a
sunny beach and enjoy life.

Would you like some water?

I'll get some for myself.

Marshal, excuse me. Can
you come out for a moment?

- What's the problem?
- There's no problem.

We're here to take the
inmate back to prison.

What? Now?

Palàmita Cataldo Silvio Maria.

- Who decided this?
- It's in the warrant.

If you'll excuse us...

- No, wait a moment.
- Excuse me.

You can't take him.

The inmate hasn't
completely recovered yet.

- The doctor signed off.
- Lawyer...

- He still has stitches.
- They'll be removed in prison.

Excuse me, the situation
is extremely serious.

It's not up to us.

I'm responsible for his safety.

Marshal, we're just
doing our job. Let us in.

Hey! Get your hands off me!

Counselor! What happened?

My God. He's bleeding.

See? I told you he
hasn't recovered yet.

Scotellaro, we have a Mafia w*r, we
can't tend to prisoner transfers.

Penitentiary Police does that.

He's not just a prisoner.
Palàmita is a possible target.

With all due respect, I don't
trust Penitentiary Police.

Why? Is there any news? Is
he going to speak or not?

So, what then?

You're a pain in the ass just
like your brother, you know?

I also have flaws, Commander.

- I can give you two men at the most.
- One is enough.

I underestimated you, Mimì.

You don't give a shit about
money or living the high life.

The fight against nature
in extreme solitude.

Building cities where there
used to be swamps and mud.

Mud and swamps,
that's what you like.

That's what interests you.

You're also interested in...


You're the only one who knows
where your masterpieces are hidden.

I admit, there's a
beauty in all of this.

But I wonder, why
create beautiful things

if no one will ever know them?

What would the
Ninth Symphony be,

if Beethoven had written
it only for himself?

If he had played it
only on the toilet

without being heard, without
leaving the score to anyone?

Why? What would be the point?

I'd like to make a proposal.

You tell us where
Suro's bunker is,

and the whole universe will
know about your greatness,

your absolute brilliance.

What do you say?

Hey! What the f*ck
are you doing?

- Looks like it's going well.
- Step by step.

- Are you sure you don't...
- I'm sure.

We're almost there.

Come here for a second.

Did he talk?

Almost. I'm working on it.

"Working on it."

We'll go and get Palàmita then.

But he's in the hospital.

He'll be transferred
at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

If not for his stitches, he'd
have been transferred today.

We said we wouldn't
get Palàmita.

- Because he was in the hospital.
- He'll be moved tomorrow.

He knows where my father is.

We'll att*ck the van
during the transfer.

He'll have two Special Op
officers. Reliable sources.

A piece of cake.

Let's go, guys. Hey! Let's go.

Sure, let's as*ault a State van!

Yes, sir. We're gonna
as*ault a State van!

Why not?

Because those two poor guys
are just doing their job.

They make minimum wage
and we sh**t them?

I don't know.

We'll just get
unwanted attention.

The chance it won't
work is too high.

It won't work!

What if a sh*t goes off
and we k*ll Palàmita?

Who will tell us where
Suro is hiding then?

What if one of us gets hurt?

I'm not taking that

Why should you take it?

I say, we go and get Palàmita.

One for one. Corinthian
democracy and all that.

Give me until tomorrow morning.

If I can get the Mason
to talk before 9:00 a.m.

we won't get Palàmita.

All right?

Mimì, maybe you don't get it.

If you don't talk, a
lot of people will die.

I know a lot have died already,

but these people are innocent.

This doesn't concern them.

They are people...

I really care about.

You tell me what to do.

Man to man.

I'll get on my knees.

I beg you.

I implore you.

Tell me where Suro is, please.


Enough, f*ck. Enough.

Time's up.

Did you feed the k*ller whales?

Cleaning service urgently
required at the k*ller whale t*nk.

Well, Mimì,

what do you say?

Not a f*cking word!


Here you go.




- Luvi, at last!
- If I don't answer, it means I can't.

- What the f*ck's going on?
- No, actually, I wanted to apologize.

What for?

- For Casà's trial verdict.
- What trial?

The man who pushed his d*ad
mother under the truck.


- Should I pull him up?
- Wait a minute.

Our autopsy cross-examination
was rejected.

Listen, Matteo...

Because he said...


He got 15 years due to the
incriminating circumstances.

- You did great. Bye.
- How great?


Do you want to tell
us something now?


I can't understand you!

Speak clearly!

All right, I'll talk!

Pull me up!

Move over. I'm driving.

Don't I know how to drive?

From now on, whatever I say,
you stay calm and be quiet.

What are you saying?

Scotellaro speaking.
Do you copy?

We're at kilometer
37 on Highway 624.

We ran off the road.
We got ambushed.

They've taken the prisoner! Send
backup, immediately! Over and out.

- Leo, what the f*ck is this?
- Take your glasses off.

Why should I take them off?

Sorry about this.

After leaving the
Buccheri La Ferla hospital

aboard the van which carried,

- in the rear...
- Out!

Prisoner Palàmita
Cataldo Silvio Maria.

What the f*ck?

We were heading towards the
Palermo prison facility,

Ucciardone Calogero Di Bona,

- when...
- When.

Nicola, it's your turn now.

Punch me.

What is that? Harder!
It has to seem real!

When, at kilometer 37

on Highway 624,

our vehicle got caught
in a spike strip.

Spike? How do you spell it?

It's also known as a
tire deflation device.

It caused the deflation of
the four tires of the vehicle,

and forced Marshal Scotellaro

to make an emergency stop,

which caused a displaced
fracture of my nasal septum.

The medical report.

From behind the overpass, six
armed individuals appeared

and ordered us to
free the prisoner.

After putting him in their car,
disappeared in the driving direction.

And you don't trust
Penitentiary Police.

Damn it! For f*ck's sake!

Scotellaro, I'm screwed and
you have nothing to say?

I was the one who
arrested Palàmita.

You can't imagine
how upset I am.

Those f*cking bastards!

Come on, Marshal.

Excuse me.

After these recent events,

I'm still in a state

of intense emotional turmoil.

Do you mind if I take
the rest of the day off?

Palàmita will get us to Suro.

Sure he will. Suro's
right-hand man gets us to Suro.

And we trust him.

Nicola, there's too
much to explain,

so just listen to
what I'm saying.

You and I will go
down in history.

We'll likely get expelled from the corps.
You didn't thank me for helping you.

Thank you.

What? Did you just get excited?

All right, but anyway,

where the f*ck is Palàmita?

Damn, counselor.

- I couldn't breathe.
- Quickly.

Quickly? Everything hurts.

- Gently, I have stitches.
- Gently, but quickly.

Mother of God...


What? I converted, counselor!

Good, your hands will
always be joined.

Slowly. Careful. In you go.

You see how they've changed?

We're a real army.

You've changed, Balduccio.

My life has changed, not me.

We'll get him this time.

I've said that once already
and it brought bad luck,

- but I'm not superstitious.
- He said touching his balls.

You lived in Peru,

and you never had to
mourn a loved one.

Why do you hate
my father so much?

I'll tell you when I catch him.

We're gonna catch him?

I asked Mario for these.
One for you and one for me.

- I don't want you to come.
- I'm not missing my father's funeral.

But I definitely
want to miss yours.

Come here.

There's a tiny little house

With many little colored windows

And a tiny little woman

With two big eyes for looking

And there's a tiny little man

Who always comes
back late from work

He's got a tiny, little hat

With a dream to
fulfill inside it

The more he thinks about it

The less he can wait

My love, you don't need to worry

This life is a chain

It hurts sometimes

Look how calm I am

Even going through the woods

With good God's help

Always beware of the wolf

Beware of the wolf

Beware of the wolf

And the two of us
lying and making love

In this sea of cicadas

This tiny little love

So big, it seems I can fly

Counselor, I was thinking,

are we really sure we can
trust your sister-in-law

to do what we have to do?

After all, with all due respect,
she's still a police officer.

- Are we there?
- Wait here.

- Hey, where are you?
- We're on our way.

Hurry up, I'm here.

- Luvi, is everything all right?
- Yes.

No. Listen, you haven't
changed your mind, have you?

Of course not. Why should I?

I don't know.

Nino would never do
what we're going to do.

"We're the State."
All that crap.

What about Nino?

He would have never missed
the chance to appear on stage.

What about you?

What the f*ck are you saying?

Leo, if you k*ll him at night,
in the middle of nowhere,

nobody will know,
nobody will see you.

And nobody will congratulate
you on how good you did.


You Scotellaros always
get f*cked by vanity.

Nino made you a promise
and I'm keeping it.

I don't care about
what happens next.

I'm going to arrest Suro.

Okay, we're coming.


What's going on?

We have a problem.

Did she change her mind?

She wants to arrest him.

And the first thing Suro will do

is release the database.

So, I would say you
have a big problem.

Thank you for reminding me.

I never think about it.

- What should I do?
- What do you want to do?

It's not the first time
you blew up a raid.

Am I right?

I think we're not
fit for paradise.

Let's recite the,
"Act of Contrition."


Commander Costardello, please.

- Hey, Leo.
- Shut up for a second.

Commander, I can explain.

Tell the prosecutor why you
helped a mobster escape.

- No need.
- Yes.

No need.

I left my car open.
Let me lock it.

There you go,
Palàmita. You're free.

It's been a pleasure.

What will you do now?

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Then, we'll see.

You're lucky you
believe in something.

Don't worry.

You'll find a way to
get rid of the past.

Take care.

Let's go.

Suro is in one of these six farmhouses,
but we don't know which one.

There's no air in here.

They told me this
place was shit.

- Who's this?
- Turn on the AC, Lukaku!

- I'm boiling in here.
- It's broken.

Can we stop this?
We're not at school.

Wasn't there a bigger place?

I drew it here.

- What scale is it?
- I don't know.

I think it's a 1:20 scale.


Like a tiny car?

It's not in scale.
Can we concentrate?


Suro is in one of these six farmhouses,
but we don't know which one.

So, what do we do first?

First of all, we are going to
seal the entire area, like this.

We have to att*ck him on
all fronts at the same time.

Cinisi and Calatafimi from here,

Boccadifalco from here.
Passo di Rigano from here.


and Porta Nuova from here.

Everything clear?

I'm not convinced.

Me neither.

Don't you think Suro has devised an
escape plan in case of an emergency?

- That's right.
- We must thank our consultant for this.

Yeah, your f*cking bitch sister.

Because Mariano Suro

has an escape path that is
an engineering masterpiece.

It's better than the Pope's
in Castel Sant'Angelo.

It's a series of
underground tunnels...

that end here, four kilometers
away from the farmhouses.

And we want him to go there.

Because we'll be
there waiting for him.

I'm not gonna crawl
down there like a rat.

- It's stuffy.
- It's dangerous.

We will go.

Let's go.

Hold your breath!

Don't breathe!

Don't breathe!



What are you doing out
here? What's going on?

How did you get out?

You're a real assh*le.

My God!

Hey, calm down! It's me!

- You scared the shit out of me!
- Sorry, I didn't mean to.

You didn't mean to, but...

Why are you here?

- Whatever, I don't have time.
- Wait!

- Don't follow me.
- What did I do?


I have my dignity, you know?

I gave you a chance.

I welcomed you into
my firm like family.

I helped you find passion for work
again, and this is how you repay me?

You turned down a case for us
and then took it on yourself?

You thought I wouldn't know?

You're a sellout. Is
that what I should think?

Think what you want.

This time you won't get away with it!
We'll sit down and talk about it now.

I want to know what you know.

Are we still working
together or not?

How do you see our future?

What is going to happen to us?

What should I say?

Sorry, it's not you. It's me. We
met at a low point in my life.

I had a difficult
relationship, and so on.

Thanks for welcoming
me. You're a great guy.

Forgive me.

You'll find a better person.
You deserve it. Go. Goodbye!

- What was that?
- Nothing. What?

- Didn't you hear?
- It's the dog.

- The dog's outside.
- Another dog.

- Are you kidding me?
- No, Matteo!

Sorry, Palàmita.

You're my way of
getting rid of the past.

Counselor, f*ck off!

Do you know how to
remove an arrow?


- We're going down in history? f*ck.
- Nico, I'm sorry.

Expelled? No, we
have to stand trial.

I have a wife and kids
at home, not like...

- Forget it.
- Not like me.

You're right. I'm alone.

Nobody's life will change
if I screw things up.

No, that's not what I meant.

I'll tell them I
forced you. I'm sorry.

No, Leo. I'm sorry. It's
just that I'm a bit nervous.

We screwed things up together.

Regarding that thing you asked me,
I finally got news from Interpol.

Balduccio Remora died of a
pulmonary embolism two years ago.

- Shall we go?
- Good luck.

Scotellaro, hurry up!

Don't cry, Grandpa's darling!
Your milk is almost ready.

See? Mommy woke up.

Leave her.

I just wonder,

how could you lead an armed
revolution against your father?

I've always dreamed of a worthy heir
and I didn't know I already had one.

- No, Dad. Please, don't k*ll him.
- No, I have to ask him something.

I'm 76 years old.

I have someone else's
kidney in my left side.

I have a herniated disc
that is k*lling my back.

During the night, I wake
up seven times to urinate.

The doctor has forbidden me
from eating any kind of food

that has any kind of taste.

And yet, with all
these problems,

not only have I managed
to live with them,

but I've also kept everything
smooth and in perfect balance.

In peace, even.

Until you arrived.

No more tranquility. No
more balance. No more peace.

Why all this hassle? For what?

What do you gain from it?

I gained the inconvenience
of having to move again,

after getting used to living
comfortably in one house.

Well, never mind.

Luckily, I still have friends
who will have me as a guest.

And you?

On your knees.

You have the name of a d*ad
man. So, d*ad you'll be.

But, tell me one thing first.

Balduccio Remora, the
cousin from America,

South America.

Who the f*ck are you?

I don't know about you,
but my parents taught me

that when you're somewhere
new, you introduce yourself.

Excuse me, Dr. Bray,
you're exactly right.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Nino Scotellaro.
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