02x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Alice in Borderland". Aired: December 10, 2020 - present.
Arisu and his allies are trapped in an abandoned Tokyo forced to compete in dangerous games.
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02x08 - Episode 8

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Allow me to introduce my game to you.

This game,

the one that we're all about to play,

is called

The Queen of Croquet!


Lawn billiards

is what they used to call it

in 19th-century England,

at the height of its popularity.

I don't believe that it was ever

quite so popular in Japan.

We don't know the rules.

That's all right.

You don't really need to.

Don't worry.

It doesn't matter which one of us wins!


Clearing Croquet is simple.

You just have to complete

three little sets of croquet games

without withdrawing.

If you decide to give up, game over.

w*apon are also allowed here.

It's so simple.

Just three little rounds of croquet.

W We just have to finish three rounds?

We don't even have to win?

Exactly! Simple, huh?

Now, why don't we begin?

Each side has two balls,

one blue and black,

the other red and yellow.

To win, you need to pass your balls

through the six hoops in a certain order,

then hit the final finishing peg

before your opponent does.


The first set's mine.

Better luck next time.

We clear the game

by finishing three sets without quitting.

I'm not gonna forfeit.

There are two sets left.

What is she thinking?

All right, round two now.

It looks like she's dragging

the game out, making it last.

I think she's playing with us.

I need to get a move on.

Oh! This is so much fun!


At this rate, we'll be playing forever.

All right!

I did it!

I won!

It looks like I lost the second set.

You are really talented!

Okay, time for round three.


That was just exhausting.

What say we have some tea, hmm?


Forget about the tea.

Let's play the game.

But teatime is tradition.

It's proper croquet etiquette.

Now, please, help yourselves.

When this game is over,

will we return to our world?

You'll find out

at the end of the game.

Don't talk to her, Arisu.

Don't pay any attention to her.


We just need to finish.

Why do you want to know so badly?

My best friends died.

They never got to learn the truth.

So I need to find out.

I'm doing it for their sake.

- That's why I made it this far.

- You want to know.

But you also want to return

to your world.

Can we return?


I'm afraid I can't tell you that.

For all you know,

this could be the ruins

of your original world.

See, you say that.

But I bet you don't know anything either.

Yes, I do.


I guess I have no choice.

If you want to know so bad,

then I'll tell you everything.

The whole truth about where we are.

However, when I start,

there's no going back.

Remember that you had to know the answer.

You asked for this, Arisu.

Tell me, have you ever thought

pictured what the future would be like?

- Future?

- Yes.

Nanotechnology and renewable energy,

pluripotent cells, virtual reality,

cryogenics, terraforming.

The science and technology from your era

bursts with mountains

of hope and potential.

Perhaps you should be celebrating,

because all of those things

became a reality.

What's more, technology

rapidly advanced and progressed.

Within 30 years, the economies

of developing countries grew,

and the inequality of living standards

was eventually eliminated.

Fifty years later, gene manipulation

extended the human lifespan.

Wait a second.

What are you saying?

What are you saying?

I am simply providing information.

I'm telling you about

1,000 years of human history.

A thousand years?

In the future?

After humanity

acquired more advanced knowledge,

it persisted in making

new discoveries in every field.

And so, in short,

approximately ten years after

what you believe is the current year,

virtual reality and avatars

begin to take over

all aspects of people's lives.

After 50 years, cures for dementia,

cancer, and many other maladies

become possible through genetics.

After a hundred,

natural disasters are eliminated

thanks to environmental

and weather control technologies.

After 200 years,

the mechanism of the brain is analyzed.

Memories and thoughts can be transplanted.

After 300, humanity

finally conquers natural death

and extends their lifespan to 300 years.

After 400,

due to a perfect understanding of physics,

humanity unlocks all laws of causality.

Coincidence and fate are no more.

After 500,

there are no irregular occurrences.

Humankind is perfectly able

to control its whole world,

basically becoming immortal.

In the 500 years that follow, as long

as they are supplied with dopamine,

humans can live forever.

That's the world in 1,000 years.

Right now, you are playing

this game within a virtual reality.

You are so deeply immersed

that you've forgotten.

This particular simulation is

the most popular virtual reality package

a thousand years in the future.

After more or less achieving eternal life,

people started losing their drive to live.

And yet, we were enamored with

the period of time a thousand years ago.

A time when people feared death

and the end of the world.

It continued to fascinate us.

Oh, and

I'm the administrator of this system.

I'm just joking.

Not a word was true.


Just quit f*cking around.

This is the truth.

Genetically modified plants developed

sudden mutations and exploded with growth.

I'm sure you must have noticed.

The city?

It's completely overrun with vegetation.

What's more,

the mountains surround us and close us in.

All of that was the work of aliens.


They captured all of humanity

and wiped our memories.

Forced us to play countless games.

All so they could conduct

behavioral experiments on us.

Is that

Is that true?

Of course it is.


a rumor started circulating

among the players.

The ones forced to compete in the games.

A rumor that that wasn't the whole story.

A nuclear apocalypse

had wiped out most life,

and the wealthy elite living underground

had created androids

with artificial memories.

These androids compete in games

on the surface,

and the wealthy place bets

on who would survive.

A real nail biter,

wouldn't you agree, sir?

Miss? Excuse me.

- Can I place a bet?

- Yes, of course.

The players believe

that they are humans,

being forced by aliens

to play these games.

But actually, they

and you

are simply androids with a collection

of artificial memories.

So is that actually the truth?

No! Just kidding.

We need to finish one more set.

Don't listen to what she's saying.

You don't even know

the real answer, do you?

You just might be right.

Do you want the truth so badly?

You want the truth

for the sake of your d*ad friends?

Oh, you poor, poor thing.

It's written all over your face.

They were tremendously important to you,

weren't they?

You should know,

I'm the one who made that game for you.

I designed the Seven of Hearts

because you three were so close.


It's all right.

Please don't stop him.

Let him hate.

Hate is the most incredible motivator.

It's all part of your plan, isn't it?

You want to get k*lled.

I'm supposed to sh**t you now.

If I k*ll you in this game,

we won't win.

We won't clear it.

There won't even be a game over.

That means

I would make this game go on forever.

If that happens,

all the other players are doomed

to wait until their visas expire.

You want that.

You want us to fall into despair.

You want us to lose all hope.

Tell me something.

While you were playing the games,

did you really care

about the rest of the world?

Were you thinking about how

the world works or what its purpose is?

Your own goals?

Or did you lose interest? Huh?

Did you start to accept

that it didn't matter?

The answer doesn't matter.

And I think you know that.

Arisu. Don't listen to her.

- I wanna know the answer.

- Arisu!

Are you really sure?


It seems like you're prepared

to accept reality.

So be it, then.

I'll stop dodging your questions

and tell you what you want to know.

Let's start with the big one.

The world,

this world in front of your face,

none of it is real.

It's an illusion.

You want me to believe

all of this is a trick?

Arisu, were you never once suspicious

since you arrived?

The desolate city,

and the science far too advanced?

The mysterious games?

Is it humans, or aliens?

That doesn't make any sense, does it?

Even if they were behind all this,

why would they choose to run these games?

Tag, hide-and-seek,

they're children's games.

Nothing beyond your imagination

is possible here.

It is no surprise that you were right.

You were always meant

to survive this long.

It's simple, really.

This is all taking place in your mind.

This is all in your head, you see.

In a brain

that barely weighs 1,500 grams.


Don't listen to her.

If this were an illusion,

that means I'm not real.

I can't just be something you invented!

Listen, I'm alive and I'm here!

Of course you are.

You exist, all right. Of course you do.

But you're somewhere else.

That is not the reality

Arisu is looking at right now.



What happened in that moment?

You remember, don't you?

When you lost them.

Those friends

that were so precious to you.

The shock of it

wiped your memories.

I'm your doctor.

My name is Mira Kano.

Remember me?

Your psychiatrist.

I'm helping you.

We are doing therapy together.

You just

don't remember.

You don't remember anything.


What about now?

Your memories

Are they coming back?

Arisu, how are you?

Tell me about your memories.

Are they coming back to you?



You're both two peas in a pod.

She's always checking in.

She really worries about you.

She also lost

someone very precious to her.

So she's been hospitalized here.

Just like you.


tell me.

Tell me what happened to you, Arisu.

On that day with the fireworks.

Go on.

Try to remember.


- Whoa! Get off!

- Put me down.

- Quick!

- You guys are crazy!

Watch out! Watch out!

- Hurry up! Come on!

- Aah! Uh, uh

Look! Fireworks!

- Okay.

- Run for your lives!

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Huh? Huh

It was my fault.

And now they're d*ad.

It seems like you remember now.

I'm the one who k*lled them.

My fault

The answer you're trying to find,

it's not about this world.

Why it exists.

The answer you're really searching for

is what you are.

You want to know why you're alive.

Why you lived.

You want to know why you exist.

You grew up starved for love.

You've been seeking that answer

a long time.

Long before you came here.

So what did you do?

You manifested these games

in your fantasies,

these childlike games

you made for yourself.

And as you kept surviving the games,

you developed the desire

to know the truth about this place.

And that overlapped with your search

for meaning in your own life.

They became intertwined in your head.

Tell me, Arisu

in this whole world,

is there anyone who needs you?

I'm not sure I'm ready.

Don't be silly.

You've prepared, haven't you?

- I have, but I

- Mm-hmm.

I just

I don't know how much

Is there a reason

you exist in this world?

I've never had any concerns

about you, son.

Does your life have any meaning?

What's your life's purpose, son?

How long are you going

to pass your days like this?


Is there a reason you're alive?

And now

you're the one who survived.

I don't know why.

There's no reason for me to live.

They're the ones

who should have survived.



Instead, it's me.

I survived. The one with no reason to.

I shouldn't be alive at all.


You need to wait outside for your turn.

We'll be seeing you soon.

- Arisu!

- Leave him alone.

He is trying to remember everything

right now.

Hey, hey! Wake up!

- Hey!

- I said stop that!

Arisu's remembering his past

so that he can recover.

And you're interfering with that.

- No!

- Step back.



why don't we make this go away?

All you need to do

is tell me that you're giving up

and the game will end.

The game will end.

That means it's real.

It wasn't an illusion.

I was a player in that game too.



Let me be absolutely certain.

You're forfeiting?

You're quitting the game, right?

You'll feel better

after you take your medicine.

Go on.

After that,

you can answer.

Arisu, stop it.

Arisu, no!

I would put that down.


you promised.

You promised you'd protect me,

no matter what.

Don't listen to her.

I am definitely here with you.

I'm alive!

But if you believe what she says

then our time together wasn't real.

It was just something

you created in your mind.

And if you made it all up, then

then that means I don't matter to you.

And what I do shouldn't affect you.


Wake up.



You have to come back.


What a truly touching display.


the feeling you call love is powerless.



I shouldn't be here.

I shouldn't be alive.

I have no reason to live.

Come back


The answer you're looking for

a reason to be alive

Forget all of it, Arisu.

The the truth is

everyone has a different answer.

It doesn't matter now.

You you don't need

a a reason to live.

This whole time

that we were looking for answers

we've been searching side by side.

That alone was all I needed.

That was enough.

You helped me realize what was important.

It was you.

It was you, Arisu.

You poor thing.

Looks like I've won.

You'll be forfeiting now.

Isn't that right, Arisu?

And then

our game will be over.



I want to feel your hand.

Just one more time.

Walk side by side.

One more time.

And I want to eat next to you.

Me too.


I just want

to say good morning to you.

I want to laugh with you every single day.

And some day

I want us to climb a mountain.

Just being with you

that's more than enough, Usagi.

We may fight.

But some days, that might be nice.

I want you to live.

I want that.

I want to keep protecting you.

Game on.

Last round.


It's okay now.

Here, take it.

How beautiful that was.

I do mean that.

Let's finish off the game.

Let's both do it for her.






Hmm! I win!

Well done.

You finished three sets.

You didn't quit or forfeit the match.

Congratulations, Arisu.

The game has ended.


Is it over?


We won, Usagi.


What is this place? Can you tell me now?


You'll find out soon enough.

You will be given two choices.

No matter which one you pick,

you will learn the answer.

And you'll learn who you really are

when you choose.

You'll soon find out.

Life is just

a game we play together.

You should try to enjoy it.


All of the games have now been cleared.

All surviving players

will be presented with two choices.

Players must now all decide

whether to accept

permanent residency in this country,

or decline it.

Once again,

players must now decide

whether to accept permanent residency,

or decline it.

I decline.

And I

don't want it!

I decline.

Let's go back together.

I accept, naturally.

I will gladly take it as well.

I want

to turn it down,

I think.

What are you gonna say?

I decline.

I decline.

I'm choosing not to stay here.

Same for me.

I don't want it.

You want the usual?

Sure, thanks.

Here you go.



One big-ass nose hair

Wait, what?


- No.

- Aw, you're such a piece of shit!

Ah, you just looked so depressed.

Listen, did you know you can

pull out your nose hair with wax?

- That would hurt so bad!

- And they never grow back?

Nah, they still grow back!

- Then using a trimmer is way better.

- Oh, sure.

What if something

falls on top of you while you're doing it?

- That would hurt even worse.

- Well, not as badly as an expl*si*n.

- Oh yeah?

- Yeah!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

I'm sorry.

Oh, his fault, he says.

Someone thinks highly of himself.

I bet you think you're alive because

you're, like, a chosen one or something.

I don't! It's thanks to you guys.

Come on. That makes it sound like we all

sacrificed ourselves to keep you alive.

Chota, hey. Wasn't that a little harsh?

Arisu's missing

the whole point, seriously.

What the hell?

What are you trying to say?

Just tell me, come on.

Listen, man, it's like this.

Across all these games,

there hasn't been a single one,

not one, that you cleared on your own.

You could go on thanking us

for the rest of your life

and it still wouldn't be enough.


Should I apologize

for the rest of my life, then?

Don't be an idiot.

We want you to live your life, man.

Live it to the f*ck' fullest.

All right.


Um, oh-um ♪

Good times ♪

It's all right ♪

So get ready to go ♪

It's such a good life ♪

Hot sound ♪

'Cause now we're on the road ♪

Somethin' wrong ♪

Oh, sunny days ♪

I'd be down with zombies

showing up in Shibuya.

Everyone here gets bitten,

and they all turn into zombies.

Stop it with the zombie talk,

will ya?

If zombies did show up here,

only Karube would survive.

You'd knock 'em out with one punch.

I doubt that.

You'd be the one to survive, Arisu.

Me? Why's that?

'Cause I know you'd outsmart 'em.

The heat's turning on ♪

Shit. Let's do this.

- Come on!

- Whoa

- Whoa!

- Whoa, what are you doing?

You know, this is the first day

of your independence!

- Coming through! Step aside!

- Whoa! Whoa!


- It's all right ♪

- Hey, slow down!

Get ready to go ♪

Whoa! Whoa!

Get down!

- Quick!

- You guys are crazy!

Okay, run! Run!

- We can make it!

- Look, fireworks!

- Run for your lives!

- Go!

f*ck, man!

Come on!

f*ck, f*ck! It's the police!

This is bad!

- So bad! I'm sorry!

- Oh no Run!

The stairs!

Can you hear me? Sir!

- Can you hear me?

- I need a check here!

- His vitals?

- Now!

Copy that.

We've got a pulse!

He's breathing!

He's alive! We need a stretcher!

- Resume CPR.

- Okay.

We need a gurney here!

Now! Hurry!

It has been two days since

a meteorite exploded over Tokyo

Structural damage is

centered around a 10 km radius

from Shibuya Park Street

has extended its condolences

to the following families.

Some names are Kairi Nakamura,

Daikichi Karube

The government's set up

Kihiro Sato,

Chota Segawa,

Kodai Tatta,

Saori Shibuki

Karube and Chota are d*ad now.

And I get to live?

Don't b*at yourself up.

It'll only make it worse.

Survivor's guilt.

It's a hell of a thing to deal with.

"Why me? Why am I alive?"

"Why couldn't they have been saved too?"

You know?

Apparently, it happens

to most people after disasters.

They end up blaming themselves.

But when they finally

found your body,

your heart had completely stopped.

A whole minute went by.

Apparently, for a minute,

the borderlands had taken you.

A minute?


A minute?

You know

it felt like

a lot longer.

Like I'd gone away for a long time.

You know, uh

Dad cried.

The last time he cried

must've been when Mom died.

What do you want?

It looks to me like you must have

experienced a cardiac arrest.

What are you, a doctor?

Well, I did too.

What a coincidence.

So we both almost died.

You feel any different now?

I don't know.

I mean, I look a lot worse.

What about you?

I've been thinking a lot about my life.

Choices I had to make.

Pretty sure I'm gonna

be turning my life around.

Or something like that.

You were a piece of shit, too, huh?

You f*cked up?

I did.

Huh. After his cardiac arrest,

it's a miracle he's come this far already.

- Could you get me some gauze, please?

- Yes, doctor.

Is it someone you know?

No. Not really.

But I do understand.

I bet he's trying to survive too.

He is.

Commencing cardiac massage.

Get the defib ready, now!

- Right away, doctor!

- Miss Ann, can you hear me?

- Miss Ann!

- Clear!

Still no pulse!

- Again! Charge it!

- Yes, sir! Charge complete!


We have a pulse!

Normal sinus rhythm.

Heart rate is holding between 80 and 90.

She's back!

Resume operation!

- Forceps.

- Here, doctor.

- Are you all right?

- Yes.

There's no need to rush at all.

- You're doing very well.

- Okay.

You came back to us.


has released two trillion yen

from the national treasury

for emergency relief.

A week has passed

since the meteorite exploded over Tokyo.

Even now, all metro and railway operations

have been suspended in Tokyo,

and many major roads

have been shut down as well.


Do you mind if I use it?

Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Hey, wait.

Your change.


Thanks a lot.


Sorry, but have we met before?

I don't think so.


Are you sure that I don't know you, miss?


Are you, uh,

flirting with me?

Uh, no.

It's not like that.

Uh, wait. Wait. Stop!

Um, miss.

Would it be all right if I was?

Flirting with you?

I'm sorry.

That wasn't cool of me.

I think maybe we have met before.

Uh, was it last year?

Or was it

When was that?

I don't know.

But we've met.

Uh, the sun's out. It's pretty nice.

Do you want to maybe step out?

Go for a walk?

Mm. Mm-hmm!
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