01x08 - ¿Quién era Zulema Zahir?

Episode transcripts for the show, "Vis a Vis: El Oasis". Aired: 20 April – 8 June 2020.
Spin-off and 5th and final season of the television series Vis a Vis; follows Macarena and Zulema after getting out of prison; decide to organize one last big heist in order to steal a diamond tiara from the daughter of a Mexican drug tr*ffick.
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01x08 - ¿Quién era Zulema Zahir?

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There's a g*ng of drug dealers who k*ll.

If we go out with our hands up,
they are likely to let us out.

- What are you doing, Vivi?
- Moving away from a sick person.

- I'll go with you.
- You want them to k*ll us all.

- You're already d*ad.
- I will k*ll you.

Accept Ramala's proposal.

I want to know if you k*lled Diego.

k*ll them all!

The report is ready, Miss.

It is April th.

At the Oasis hotel, we found corpses
inside the bungalows and the lounge.

casings of b*ll*ts of different
calibers were counted.

f*cking w*r!

Drug tr*ffick?


There are traces of blood from
at least different people.

Unfortunately, there are also
bodies of missing police officers.

Javier Colsa, Matías Maneses
and Agent Pérez.

Do Internal Affairs know?

Not yet.

We are trying to find the cause.

Anyone arrested?

The second.

What would you do if a group of m*rder
armed to the teeth wanted to k*ll you?

So far it never happened to me.

And what did you do, Goya?

I squeezed my tail and defended myself.

Like scorpions surrounded by f*re.

- Honey...
- What is it?

Subtitles in English

Sync & Translation: Anton

Vis a vis: El oasis - SE
Who was Zulema Zahir?

Something's wrong.

They put the inhibitors.

No phone, no police and nothing.

Do you want to do me a favor?

You owe me that.

Right now, it was the last thing I thought
you were going to ask me for.

Maybe it's just a myth, but did you know
that after death the hair continues to grow.

The head cells...

still work.


And you want the coroner
to see you with hair...



I want to be able to speak
without looking you in the eye.

I spent my whole life running away.

Always on the run.

Running away from my mother...

to run away from that pig
that forced me to marry...

In jail...

I always dreamed of escaping.


What are you trying to tell me?

That there is no reason to escape

if you have a place.

And the time that...

we spent together in the caravan...

In this mobile home

it is the most similar
I have had to a house.

I wanted you to know.

For me it was also very special.


as a roommate...

You suck.

And you...

you sleep with your mouth open.

Are you looking at me sleeping?

I don't look, but you make
terrible noises.

- Girls, girls!
- I...

They are arriving and
there are a lot of them.

You only have to do one last thing
to be able to join the g*ng.


You stay in a corner and when
the chargers are empty, load.


If you come out alive,
you will have a part of the loot.

- Really?
- Yes, I always keep my word.

They are arriving.

- There are more than and they are armed.
- Yes.

Ramala is not looking for hostages.

Neither do we.

What are you doing?

You never know.

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be your name.

your kingdom come, your will be done,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Do you have the g*n I gave you?


Give me.

Wait, wait, wait.

Not yet.

This reminds me of a story that my father
used to read when he was little.

What story?

Alice in Wonderland.

Alice thought it would be nice
to go through the mirror.

"I'm sure there are
many beautiful things".

Said the girl.

"Let's pretend...

"that glass is soft as smoke

"so that we can cross it."


Alice went through the mirror

and discovered that on the other
side there was a fantasy world.



The funeral isn't over yet.

Take the pick and reopen the niche.

It's a joke, isn't it?

The cement is almost dry.

Does it look like I'm kidding?

- Come on, remove everything.
- Get your mother's bitch do it.

My mother, I doubt it.

Because she is buried there.

Four rows to the left.

But you are going to open
the f*cking niche.

Otherwise, I stick my cane up your ass.

But who the f*ck are you?

An old lame man with balls turned

who was an inspector and still
knows enough prison guards

to make sure you don't shit
peace anymore.

It is understood?

Besides that... I have an order
for exhumation.

Let's go.

And don't complain.

Could be worse.

It could rain.

f*cking shit.


Maca, Maca.

There are many b*ll*ts
and many shards of glass.

You should go away so as
not to endanger the baby.

Yes, I would like to be , km
from here with my baby.

I can get you out of here

without anyone seeing you.

And that's where Cepo saved us.

Yes, he thought he was part of the g*ng.

Luckily! If it weren't for him, you would be
picking us up like pieces on the floor.

He was smart.

It is a tunnel with more than meters.

Ama told me it was used in the civil w*r

but now it only serves to store wine.

You don't see a shit.

Flashlights are here.

- Is this going to hit the street?
- Yes.

Why didn't you tell us before?

Because I don't like it.

- It smells like damp.
- f*ck it.

I smell of freedom.

But it's very small, for dwarfs!

Then it increases.

f*ck it.

You do not come?


The Oasis is home to me.

And Ama...

told me it was difficult
to find your home.

I will pick you up the next time.

You were the best in the g*ng.

And the only one
who didn't try to k*ll me.

Let's go.

Take care of yourself, Cepo.

You too.

- Take care.
- Promise.


This is fantastic.

Shut up.

Fat ugly!

- Come on, walk.
- Honey, that's enough.

Lucky bitch...

All this...
With the unicorn on your back.

But they will give me it back?

Maybe you didn't understand one thing.

They will try to give you
life imprisonment.

You are screwed, girls.


I think it already is.

I'll have to come another day to testify,
but now we can go home, will you?

Come on.


What's the problem?

I made a mistake,

But you are a son of a bitch.

What are you saying, Elena?

We are going to report you
for harassment and abuse.

And we will ask for a restraining order.


Please don't do this to me!

- Shut up.
- Let's go home and talk, we're a family.

- Shut up, shut up!
- Please, you can't...

Virginia Quintanilla?


Never approach my daughter again
in the whore of your life.

Look, but with all this...

- Did you get involved?
- What?

Have you ever f*cked?

Because... You must remember
the robberies,

who were the greatest
f*ck in the world...

but in the end what matters
and what remains...

f*cked or not?

Yes, we did. Confess, blonde.

Yes, but now it's not the same.


The passion... The time...

Come on, I'm talking seriously.

Have you f*cked?

Triana, are you crazy?
That's enough!

You have f*cked.

You have f*cked.

We can't stop again, hold on.

I can't take it anymore,
I feel tightness in my heart.

- Hang on a little, we're almost there.
- Go away.

Go away!

No. I don't want to go,
I'll stay here with you.


This is not a movie.

It's real life.

If they catch us,
they cut us into pieces.

- It's not pretty.
- I know.

If we have to crawl out
of here, we will crawl.

Everything for the f*ck!

The best thing that can happen
is that the police catch us.


Everything has happened
to me in my life, Goya.

And now I want this.

I want to be the idiot who might die...

because I fell in love.

It is very cool.

What's your name, boy?

My name is Cepo.



Let's see if I understand.

The girls are gone, right?

Yes, sir.

But they didn't run away by flying.

No, sir.

They have no wings.

So, if they don't have
wings and can't fly,

they must have escaped in some way.

How the hell did they get away?

I can't say, sir.

Why not?

Because I am part of the g*ng.

We cannot betray the members,
otherwise we will not be in the g*ng.

You're right about that.

The embroidery with
the flowers was beautiful.

I liked it.

What embroidery
are you talking about?

Of that of the dress.

I told the bride that
she was very beautiful.

She smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

She said that I was nice.

Zulema, we said
I was coming to get you.

But you didn't tell me that Pancho
Villa's army was there, I'm leaving.

Land the f*cking helicopter already,
or I'll shove the helicopter in your ass!

I'll stop for five seconds
and then go up. I'm warning you.

All right.

What are you doing?

Get out.

- Let's go.
- Quiet.

I don't do it for you.

Take care of yourself.


You are no longer alone.


What are you going to do?

I have no idea.

But it's better to die here
than in the hospital.

Come sit in the shade.

Come here.

Here, in the shade. Is always better.

Zule are you afraid of death?

I just imagine myself alive.

But aren't you afraid
to think about what's next?

And why should I think about it?

I don't know. I just do. Give me.

Don't throw it.


Fear is useless.

I lived without fear...

and I will die without fear.

When I die,

you have to sing and dance, no crying.

What if I die first?

It won't happen.

- How do you know?
- I'm a witch.

I foresee the future.

And being a witch you end up in prison?


I came here on purpose.

And what do you get for spending
half your life in prison, shit witch?

Meet you.

Are you going to make me cry
now or what? Give it to me.


Not yet.

At the end of this life,

the people we know

they are classified in ways.

Those who have left their mark on us

and those who have not.

I'm not going to miss this f*ck.

And you have other family members?

Uncles, cousins, I don't know...

Only Ama.

Where did they take her?

Your mother's body will remain
in the coroner for two days.

Then you can bury it in a cemetery.

She wanted to be buried here.

But legally you can't...

Why not?

You can't bury a corpse anywhere.

This is not any site.

This is her home.

Our home.

This is our home.

Well, it's true.

Look, if you want,

after cremation you can bring it here.

Can I bury her ashes here?

Not legally.

But when you have them,
you can do whatever you want.

You can bury them, spread them...

or keep them under the bed.


But... but...

That's all?

Is it over?


Won't you arrest me?

No, you are free.


I'm also part of the g*ng.

Don't tell anyone,

it's our secret.


Ama said there was no need for secrets.

I always keep my word.


Do you think they will really
ask for life imprisonment?


It depends on how you are
agreed with the lawyer.

We will see in court.

Listen, Triana.

When the interrogation ends,

surely they'll throw us in jail.

I'll be the bad guy in jail.


- They'll be afraid of me.
- Treasure.

Listen to me carefully.

Prison is not a joke.

Prison is a real shit.

I don't know where they'll put you.

If we say we are together, they put
us in the same prison, right?

Well, of course.

We ask in writing.

It's like being allergic and
asking for a special menu.

Okay, cool.

We will live together.

We will eat together,
we will go together.

And then we will walk
in the courtyard hand in hand.

- I like this backyard thing.
- It's cool.

They won't separate us.

Can we put it back?

Hey, stop!


I came to say goodbye
to my Zule as you deserve.

It's the end, I don't like it.

What balls!

How would you like
to be remembered?

What do I know!

In fact...

I don't give a f*ck.
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