02x06 - Old Scores

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Slow Horses". Aired: April 1, 2022 - present.
Spy thriller series that follows the book of the same name about British MI5 agent Cartwright who is exiled to Slough House, an administrative purgatory for service rejects.
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02x06 - Old Scores

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[OPERATOR] You have reached
the voice mail of Jackson Lamb.

Leave a message and we
will get back to you.


[JACKSON] I'm sorry to blow
your element of surprise,

but would you mind picking up?


I'm reluctantly impressed.

How did you know I would be here?

Ah, the office is empty,
my guard would be down.

That's how I'd do it.

[LAUGHS] So, if you're not
too busy, please drop by.

[JACKSON] Well, that's a tempting offer,

but you wanna m*rder me, Nikky.

So if it's all the same to you,

I'll get an armed response
unit to drop by on my behalf.

Listen, it only took a drop of
radioactive poison to k*ll Nevsky.

Imagine what it can do
in a b*mb hidden in a box

on a busy street with a breeze.
Who knows how many will die.

There's no need to do
this in my office, Nikky.

No one there k*lled your joe.

I'm the one who put a barrel
in his mouth and squeezed.

Besides, I wouldn't wanna
leave a mess for the maid.

Oh, you have a maid. [LAUGHS]

Well, not as such.

The name, uh, Catherine
Standish ring a bell?

She worked for Charlie.

Uh, she found the mess I made of him.

She works for me now.

Doesn't need to go through
that with another boss.

Although in my case, she might open
a bottle of nonalcoholic champagne.

What do you suggest?

[JACKSON] Your place.

I mean... [STAMMERS] ...
whichever way this goes,

you won't be renewing the lease.


- [CATHERINE ON PHONE] Catherine Standish.

[JACKSON] Have you got Marcus and
Louisa out of the Glasshouse yet?






Sorry. [GRUNTS]

[PEDESTRIAN] Get out of the way!


[MOLLY] It's been too long, Jackson.

I'll see you in another years, Molly.

Jackson, I have grave
doubts you'll last the day.

[PERSON ON RADIO] Golf Whiskey Alpha
Charlie Whiskey. Do you read me?

We opened a communication channel.

I repeat, we opened a communication...


[ANNOUNCER] Please evacuate the building

via the nearest exit or stairwell.

All elevators have been suspended.

Attention. This is an
emergency announcement.

Please evacuate the building via
the nearest exit or stairwell.

All elevators have been suspended.

[LOUISA] It looks like the bleeding
has stopped, but he's passed out.

- [ANNOUNCER] Security alert. Make your...


- When did you put the g*n under the table?

[MARCUS] During the bug sweep.

Why didn't you tell me?

[SIGHS] Look, Lamb told
me to watch you, all right?

After last night,

didn't think it was wise for you to
be around Pashkin with a g*n in reach.

[GROANS] What's this thing made out of?



The b*llet's probably hit an artery,

so you're gonna need a tourniquet, okay?

Can I take your belt?

[ANNOUNCER] Security alert. Make
your way to the nearest exit.


[ANNOUNCER] Security alert. Make
your way to the nearest exit.


If I don't stop the
blood loss, you will die.

Show me the wound.



- [MARCUS] Louisa, what the f*ck?
- What's going on?

- [LOUISA] What's going on?
- [MARCUS] Louisa!

You just keep breaking down
the door. What's going on?

[KYRIL GROANS] Stop that!


We needed to shut down Glasshouse.



To put virus in Nevsky computers.
Moscow can drain his accounts.



The f*ck was that?
Was that an expl*si*n?


We really should've
checked the boot of the car.

Yes! I'm aware of that.

How will you get into the accounts?

There has to be security
on his computers.

[EXHALES DEEPLY] We cut off his thumb,

and let him have his g*n
in return for passwords.

A quick death was his reward.

- Louisa.

[ANNOUNCER] Security
alert. Make your way...

[KYRIL] No. No. No. No. No. No. No.



I lost him.

- [RODDY] He got on a train.
- But which one?

[RODDY] I don't know.

Wh... I can't hear.
Why are you whispering?

Because I got on the train with him.

[SHIRLEY] What? You're on
a train with Chernitsky?

[RODDY] Sure am.

Well, where is it going?

I'm trying to work it out.

Well, f*cking find out.

[RODDY] It's... It's
stopping at Orpington,

- uh, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.
- Okay, sit tight. I'll let Lamb know.

- I'll get to you as soon as I can.
- How are you gonna do that?

Leave it with me.



Sorry about all this.

I'm sure it must be quite a shock.


I'm sure we can offer you support
to help you deal with this.

If you want it.

Someone will...

I'll just... [STAMMERS] I'll
just leave you... leave you to it.



Oh, f*cking no.

Shit, shit, shit.

Oh, Jesus.

- [KELLY] What?

That's the stuff I
thought was on the plane.

The b*mb?

Yeah, the b*mb.

I thought it was on the plane.

Wait... [STAMMERS] ...
why is it not on the plane?

- Did you see them put it on the plane?
- No.

Well... Well, why did...
Why would you even think

- there was a b*mb on the plane?
- Because I thought it was on the plane.

Sorry, just... just
one minute. It's just...


I mean, the way they talked, what
he said, why would you not take...

They wanted me to call it in. That's
why they left a phone in there,

- you c... f*ck.
- [DUNCAN] What's going on?

Uh, dickhead here just
called in a fake b*mb. So...

- Yeah, yep, yeah.
- [DUNCAN] What?

- I can't believe this is happening again.
- Again?

Yeah. There was a training
exercise that I didn't...

Ugh, it doesn't matter...

Tell them that there's no b*mb.

Otherwise, they're still
gonna sh**t her down.

Right, but then I have to
resci... Okay, fine, f-f-fine.

Oh, Christ.

Right, well, I need a...
I need a phone. Phone.

[KELLY] Yeah.

[RIVER] Jesus Christ.

- And a pass code. Can you open it?
- Oh, f*ck.

Thank you.

[SIGHS] f*ck.


[ANNOUNCER] All elevators
have been suspended.


[ANNOUNCER] Attention. This
is an emergency announcement.

Please evacuate the building via
the nearest exit or stairwell.

All elevators have been suspended.

[PANTING] Come on.

[ANNOUNCER] Attention. This
is an emergency announcement.

Please evacuate the building via
the nearest exit or stairwell.

All elevators have been suspended.


[ANNOUNCER] Security alert.

- [MARCUS] Go.
- Make your way to the nearest exit.

- [MARCUS] Which floor is it?
- [LOUISA] nd.

- Please evacuate the building...
- Oh, f*ck.

- [MARCUS] All right, stairs it is.
- [LOUISA] Yeah.

- ... have been suspended.

[PERSON ON RADIO] Zero, do you read me?

Golf Whiskey Alpha Charlie Whiskey.
Open a communication channel.

A military escort has been...


[PILOT ON RADIO] Golf Whiskey Alpha
Charlie Whiskey. This is Jackal .


Zero, this is Jackal .
Target is unresponsive.


[RIVER] Cartwright,
agent five-two-six-three.

Access code,







New intelligence has
come to light, ma'am.

The b*mb was never assembled.
It's still on the ground.

[DIANA] I have a military helicopter
on both sides of that plane,

waiting for my signal to take it down.

You have to stand them down,
ma'am. There is no b*mb.

Then why is the plane headed
straight for the Glasshouse?

It's a hoax, ma'am.

I think they wanted to
trigger the Code September.

- They?
- Yes, a cicada and her Russian handlers.

They tricked you into
thinking there was a b*mb,

and now you're telling
me it's part of a plot?

Look, Russian operatives want the
city shut down for some reason.

I don't know why, but there's no
b*mb. You have to rescind that order.

The plane is nearing the
exclusion zone, ma'am.

This isn't like canceling
a Deliveroo, Cartwright.

It only gets canceled when
every suspicious-looking madman,

every abandoned bag,

every empty coffee cup
gets checked, rechecked

and then blown up if necessary.

You can't take that plane down.

In one minute, the plane will be
less than one mile from the target.

If the pilot has not made
contact or diverted by then,

they will take it down.




We might have to take the plane down.

I need your confirmation.


It's your command, Diana.

You have my full support
to take whatever decisions

you see fit in the moment.

[PILOT ON RADIO] Stern w*apon, hold.

[AGENT] Jackal , this is Zero.
You're cleared w*apon tight.

I repeat, you are cleared w*apon tight.

Still no response from radio.

Pilots are locking on, ma'am.

[PILOT ] This is a last warning.

I repeat, we will use lethal
force if you do not respond.

[PILOT ] Jackal is locked
to the target. In range,

awaiting further instruction.
Confirm w*apon tight.

Thirty seconds till launch.

Last and final warning.

Divert, or we will sh**t you down.

Roddy, I need you to
track a plane for me.

[RODDY] Where the f*ck have you been?

Look, just shut up and listen to me.

It's a single-prop plane.
It's headed for the Glasshouse.

I need to know if they sh*t it down.

- [RODDY] I'm on a train. No can do.
- Just get off at the next stop then.

Negative. I'm on a mission.

Roddy, w...

[ALEX] Golf Whiskey
Alpha Charlie Whiskey.

This is Golf Whiskey
Alpha Charlie Whiskey.

I'm reading you loud and clear.

I'm turning away from the exclusion
zone and awaiting your instruction.

[PILOT ] Zero, this is Jackal
. Target's communicating.

[DUNCAN] Oh, God. Thank
God. Thank God. Alex?

I'm okay. I'm just... I'm
being escorted to an air base.

[PILOT ] Target is now
complying with our instructions.

We are w*apon safe.
Repeat, we are w*apon safe.

[PILOT ] Jackal to Zero.
Confirmed, target not live.

[RODDY] Okay. I can talk now.

Doesn't matter.

The plane's been diverted.

Oh, thank God.


[RODDY] I was in the
quiet car. I had to move.

Still got eyes on him though.

Wait, Roddy, what...
what mission are you on?

I tracked Chernitsky using your phone.

You're tracking Chernitsky in the field?

Yeah. I'm on a train with him.

What train?


Wait, Roddy, what was your last stop?

[RODDY] St. Johns. We
just left St. Johns.

Oh, shit, he's gone. I gotta go.

- Wait, Rod... Ch...


Uh... Uh, I need to get to
Tunbridge Wells in minutes.

Even if I wanted to give you
my car, you couldn't make that.

Can you fly me?

Good. Come on.

[ANNOUNCER] We will shortly
be arriving at Sevenoaks.

Please take all your belongings
with you when leaving the train.

[PASSENGER ] Oi, kid.

- Sorry.
- [PASSENGER ] All right, easy, mate.



- Move.



- [PASSENGER ] Sorry.

[PASSENGER ] What's going on?













- Bitch. [GRUNTS]

- Ho, open up!
- Who is it?

Who do you think it is? Open the door!

- [RODDY] Wh... What are you doing?
- [SHIRLEY] f*ck's sake.




[ANNOUNCER] The train
at platform two will...


You okay?

Yeah, great.

[SIGHS] I'm rollin' in piss.

- Hold off. They might still be inside.
- Yeah. That's what I'm hoping.

f*ck me, is that Nevsky's thumb?

Looks like they got to the accounts.

What you think happened here then?

Pashkin got greedy.

Yeah, and took a bit extra.

[LOUISA] I'm guessing diamonds.

[MARCUS] All right, let's
go. He must have gone down.

- Louisa!
- [LOUISA] Yeah. Coming.


Hey, where are you going?

I'm gonna go get more out of Kyril.

Do not t*rture him again.

No, I won't.


I'm in here.

[JACKSON] No surprises.

Don't want your dirty b*mb going off.


Can we stop pretending
there's anything in there?

Why did you come if you
did not believe the thr*at?

Couldn't take the risk.

And it's overdue, you and me.

So what do I call you? Katinsky? Popov?

Whatever you like. My
real name is buried.

Mm-hmm. The rest of you will be soon.

[STUTTERS] Can we put these down?

I don't know about
you, but at-at my age,

it's m*rder on the wrists to keep
'em pointed longer than five minutes.



Well played.

Keeping us fooled all these years.

What, with cicadas and Popov.

And on a personal note,

it... it really f*cking stings
to know you got one over on me.

Sending an agent to Upshott,
just like you wanted,

so you could get the
Glasshouse shut down.

Who was that for? The FSB?

What they up to in there?

[NIKOLAI] I don't
know, and I don't care.

That is what they asked for.
That is what I delivered.

[JACKSON] Now...

in return for what?

The identity of the man
who k*lled Charles Partner?

You k*lled him.

If you wanna hear it from the
stallion's mouth, yes, I did.

He was a traitor selling secrets to you.

He was my joe.

Dickie was a joe too.

Which is why you have to pay for him

dying on a bus in the f*cking rain.

Dickie was an alcoholic you
hadn't thought of in years.

And Charles Partner was a
First Desk at MI and my agent.

Between the two of
them, I prefer Dickie.

At least he didn't
smile at his colleagues

knowing he was sending
them to their deaths.

It was called the Cold w*r
for a reason. People died.

Yeah, and like you said the
last time we met, we won.

Who's winning now, Jackson?

Hard to say.

But it feels you still
want something from me.

Otherwise you wouldn't
have put your g*n down.

Was it my fault that Charles died?

Is that what's been eating
away at you? All these years?

[STAMMERS] That's probably
what gave you the cancer.

This is your friend, Piotr,

in case you can't tell, seeing
as part of his face is missing.

And if you'd been there,
you'd look like this too.

Pashkin took whatever he could
from Nevsky's safe and ran.

Probably diamonds.

- That f*ck.
- What is the exit strategy?


If you don't give him
up, I'm gonna let you die.

f*ck him.

He's called an Air Ambulance.


- Standish, what are you doing here?
- Just a moment. [PANTS]

I came to warn you.

Shit. If you're here, it means
he didn't come down. f*ck.




[PASHKIN] Hey! Thank
you, thank you. Thank God.

[PASHKIN] Stop. Stop!

Stay where you are.

Get back.

Get back.

Get back, or I will sh**t you.

[LOUISA] You can't. They'll
leave if they see the g*n.

[PASHKIN] Get out of the way.

[LOUISA] I'm not moving till
you tell me why you k*lled Min.

- I didn't. It was an accident.
- Stop f*cking lying to me!

Tell me, and I'll let them land.

He saw me when he shouldn't have.

That's it?

Wrong place, wrong time, that's it?

That's it.

Now this is your last
chance to get out of the way.

Hey, no.


You f*cking shit... [GROANS]


Please, I must know.

Did I slip?

No. No, I did. [SNIFFS]


We had an agent in what
was left of the Stasi.

knew the code name,

knew where they worked,
but not their identity.

One night, we were
drinking, I slipped up.

I referred to the agent as "she."

That could have been one of three women.

So the Stasi, being, um,

well, the Stasi, k*lled
all three of them.

Hung 'em up with piano wire
till their heads came off.

I saw the photos. I
wish I could unsee 'em.

Was that your handiwork?

I just passed on the information.

I didn't know what
they would do with it.

Huh. Well, you're gonna
sleep easier than me.

[SNIFFS, SMACKS LIPS] Not by much.


I wanted to k*ll Partner there and then.

But I was ordered not to.

So we, uh... we fed him shit for years.

Which is why Moscow thought he
had turned and why you had to flee.

And why you thought it would
be fun to feed me a load of shit

about a b*mb att*ck on the Glasshouse.


I wanted the professional
humiliation of you and your team.

Well, that was a waste of effort.

My team have already professionally
humiliated themselves.

[LAUGHS] That's why they're my team.


as nice as it is to chat,
how do you wanna do this?

Three, two, one, go?

Or should we do the
whole ten paces and draw?


- I was waiting for a call.
- Who from?

A contestant on Who
Wants To Be A Millionaire?

You see, as a payment for my
help in the death of Nevsky

and the return of the money he stole,

I asked the FSB for two names.

You wanted to k*ll
Charles immediately, right?

But you were told not to.

By whom? [LAUGHS]

The person with the real power.

The person who decided when
and how Charles would die.

- [DRIVER] You sure, mate?

[LEO] Thank you. I walk from here.



[g*n CLICKS]

Won't be a moment. Just...
[STAMMERS] Just finding the keys.

Sorry to keep you.

- [g*n]









[PANTING] Hello? Hello?

[OFFICERS] Armed police!

- Armed police! Put the g*n on the ground.
- [RIVER] Whoa! Okay!

Easy, easy! Target's down.

All right? The target is down. [PANTS]

You knew I would go for Cartwright?

- Here.

- Thank you.
- There's one live there.

- Wait, who... who called you in?
- Jackson Lamb.




I left you a message specifically
saying not to answer the door.

Yes, well, he's d*ad and I'm
not. What more do you want?

I'm gonna put the kettle on, and
you can tell me who I just k*lled.


[NIKOLAI] Go on, k*ll me.

Come on, k*ll me. [CHUCKLES]

I will not end my days
in a f*cking prison.

Never. Never.



If it's any consolation, Nikky...

you were really f*cking good.

[SIGHS] It's the f*cking...





- Two secs.
- [OFFICER] Go ahead, sir.


[KELLY] For a brief moment,
I thought they'd arrest you

as an MI impostor.


Well, the good news is,

they're not gonna press charges

seeing as you helped save
my grandfather's life.

- Great.

I presume they're not gonna
let me take off from here.


But they'll, um... they'll transport
you to the nearest airfield.

You can take off from there.

I don't have, uh,
enough fuel to get back.

[STAMMERS] You want me
to chip in for petrol?

No. You can pay for all of it.


Right, yeah, fine. Fair enough.


- Are you kidding me?
- Do you... Right, fine. Okay, yeah.

I'll just find a cashpoint.


You expect me to stand by this crap?

One of your agents f*cked up and
falsely called in a Code September.

How about we nail their balls
to Tower Bridge and then open it?

Everything that happened

needs to go into a locked box.

Someone needs to go into a
f*cking locked box, Diana.

Maybe it should be you.

[INHALES SHARPLY] You're Home Secretary.

Responsible for the health and safety

of citizens of the United Kingdom,

including Ilya Nevsky.

Our report cites su1c1de
as the cause of death.

Do you really want the world to know

that he was radioactively
poisoned by the FSB

and that the FSB broke into
his office in the Glasshouse

and drained the accounts on
his private banking server?

I don't think that's a good idea.

Make you look weak.

And any retaliation you take
will make you look weaker.

But you want me to stand up
and say the city closed down

because of a radar glitch?

Do you prefer to say
that it was shut down

because of a Russian sleeper
agent who'd evaded us for decades?

Of course not. We'd look like twats.

I presume she's not being prosecuted.
The trial would be excruciating.

[DIANA] It suits everyone that she
be put back in her assumed life.

So who the f*ck do we hang this on?

The defense systems need upgrading.

Have done for years, but, in
his wisdom, the prime minister,

when he was chancellor,
refused the request.

Hmm. All his fault, the
penny-pinching f*ck.

Risking the nation over a few quid.

You can't say that.

But I'm sure there are plenty
people on the backbenches who will.

Okay. So our agreement stands?

If you remember your
side when the time comes.

And I'll need an advanced warning
of when that time is coming,

'cause I have to buy a new dress

for when I take my seat
behind the First Desk.

Good grip there, Diana.
Stronger than most men.


Put that out.

What, no, uh, "How the
hell did you get in here?"

I knew you were in the building
for your Katinsky debrief.

[BLOWS] Yeah, but I should get
points for getting in your office.


Is this gonna last long?

Only normally we meet outside,

where your lack of deodorant
is slightly less noticeable.

- Harper's funeral.
- What about it?

It should be at St. Leonard's.

No, that's for officers
of good standing.

Oh, f*ck off. I bet Webb's
getting a big St. Leonard send-off.

Webb isn't d*ad.

he still clinging on?

- He's doing quite well, actually.
- Hmm, hmm.

I could always pull the plug.

Waste of a pair of
good kidneys, that one.


No St. Leonard's for Harper.


You'll be lucky to be there yourself.

I'm not sure I'd even wanna be there.

I'll be rubbing shoulders

with the likes of
Partner and Cartwright...

and you.


[OFFICIANT] Thank you for joining me

in that moment of quiet reflection.

It's a sign of Min's popularity
to see so many of you here today.

Husband, father, friend or colleague,

all knew Min as a dependable
man of good spirit.

His sons, Lucas and Jared,

have chosen one of their father's
favorite songs to be played.

"The Scientist" by Coldplay.








- What, it's just you?

No, the others are

- Is it open? [EXHALES SHARPLY]
- Well, it is now.

You didn't pick the lock
on a church, did you?

No, I gave the geezer who
runs the place a fifty.

- Oh.
- Yeah,

you couldn't, uh, find a way
of getting me reimbursed, yeah?

Will Taverner find out we did this?

Mmm, I hope so.

Chewing gum's new.

Nicotine. For these.


[CATHERINE] How... How was it?

[LOUISA] Um, well, the Park sent
a Dog. So, you know, not great.

[RIVER] Hey.

You all right?

Not really, no.

These places haven't been the
same since they banned smoking.

[RIVER] You were never
allowed to smoke in the church.

Well, they should reconsider that.

Huh? Might boost the numbers.

Here, gi-give me a hand.

All right.

who's got the thingy?



Is a... Anyone wanna say anything?

We thought you would've
prepared something.



To Min Harper.

- [ALL] Min Harper.
- [CATHERINE] To Min Harper.


All right, come on, f*ck off.

- [STAMMERS] Marcus?
- [MARCUS] Oh, sorry.





[CATHERINE] You can push
things away, but sooner or later

you have to deal with them.

[ABDUCTOR] Secrets will always come out.

There will always be a reckoning.

[CATHERINE] I have an
early start tomorrow.

Oh, come on. You can't leave.

We haven't talked about what
we came here to talk about.

Jackson Lamb.

We're at Standish's flat. She
didn't come home last night.

They have two hostages, and
you propose to stand them up?

[JACKSON] Get down to their office.

And if you haven't worked it
out by then, don't come back.

They're not hostages, and you're
not gonna do anything to them.

Grey Books?

Elvis sh*t JFK, and
h*tler built the pyramids.

People died today.

Sometimes, the stakes are
higher than your personal safety.

[RODDY] I just wanna say,

- this is an absolute honor.
- Shut up.

- River!

Wait... [GRUNTS]

Who was it who said, uh,

"You cannot reason with a tiger
when your head is in its mouth"?

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