04x09 - Escape from Umber Tor

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Dragon Prince". Aired: September 14, 2018 - present.
In the magical land of Xadia, magic comes from six primal sources: the sun, moon, stars, sky, earth and ocean.
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04x09 - Escape from Umber Tor

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♪ Pa-pum ♪



[Rayla] Previously on The Dragon Prince...

You intend to challenge the Queen!

[Karim] Janai walks a path that leads
to the end of our history.

The only choice is to finish her chapter.


The funny substance known to man or elf.

I call it goofy goo.

You may ask... one question.

Where is the prison of Archmage Aaravos?

I don't know.

Wait. It's a riddle.

He has a map.

Very clever, young human.

[Claudia] Umbra chorum.

[plays tune]

No, no... [groans]

[theme music playing]

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[ominous music playing]

Wow. Powerful sleep spell, sweetie.

I can't believe it even worked
on the big old dragon!

Aw... compliments later though.

I don't know how long the spell
is going to last,

so let's find this map quickly.


[shushes] And quietly.

No waking the dragon!

Hey! Mr. Dragon, wake up!

Time to rise and shine and eat
the bad humans who are trying to...

- [groans]
- Sorry 'bout that, little adjustment,

hope it's not too uncomfy.

Don't worry about stuffing
his mouth with leaves,

Soren loves salad.

[muffled] It's good for you!

[Callum snoring]

[Terry] He a friend of yours?

Not anymore.


What are you doing?

[shushes] Quiet now, as if your strange
little life depends on it.


[muffled] Rayla, wake up!

It's me Soren!




Sort of a funny irony to losing a map,
wouldn't you say?

I mean, we could really use a map...
to the map!


Well, I don't have one of those.
But I have a finding spell!

Lux revelare!

I think I found the map.

[mystical sound playing]

It's in the dragon's mouth.

[Kazi] Queen Janai!

I was given this to bring to you.

It's very strange.

It smells like smoke and blood,
and has this horrible red circle on it.

I don't like this at all.

[pensive music playing]

[signing] What is it?

It's something that was forbidden
a long time ago.

It's a challenge to a Royal Blood Duel.

Karim, challenging Queen Janai
to a blood duel is foolhardy,

she's a great warrior.

Don't forget I'm a powerful mage.

What if you're not powerful enough?

Like I said, it doesn't matter.

I know my sister.

Janai will refuse to fight.

Then I will invoke my royal rights,
and the six Horns will arrest her.

And what if the other Horns
won't take your side?

They feel the fractures in our empire,

they know my sister is breaking us apart...

as soon as they see I am giving them
a path to restore our strength,

they will take it.


- [muffled grunt]
- [snarling]

Why are you biting me?



[sniffs, gasps] Ow!

What... awful?


I'm-I'm so happy you're alive!


[normal voice]
...and then my stinky toes did the trick!


Yes. They did.

[Rex Igneous snoring]


[Terry] Do you see the map?

Uh... I do.

Just grab it and we can get going!

[sighs] I would, but there's a problem...

The map is carved on the dragon's tooth!

What? How are we supposed to get
this map out now?

[serious music playing]


You're my brother. This is crazy!

I love you, sister.

I always will.

But I cannot stand here and allow you
to destroy our kingdom

from the inside out.

So you've invoked the Blood Duel?

You do not have to accept, as you know,
you could choose to step aside.

You can live out your life in peace...
with your bride.

Blood duels have been forbidden
since the time of Aditi,

you know our grandmother made the ritual
illegal because it was nonsense!

Fools constantly challenging kings
and queens to fight,

when their focus should be on the kingdom.

On ruling!

The ritual of blood and ash
is ancient and sacred,

and no king or queen
can simply abolish it.

Step aside, Janai.

Or fight!

[tense music playing]


I will not step aside.

[wind whooshing]

[Terry gasps]
Oh, I've got it! We can get the map out!

What? How?

Hold this.

[groans] Come on...

Goofy goo to the rescue!

[pensive music playing]

There's only one way to fight back
before it's too late,

we have to wake the dragon.

Got it. So, you'll hoist me up

so I can wiggle my stinky nubbins
under the dragon's nostrils.

I've got an idea to wake him
that will be equally effective,

but slightly less cruel.

I'm just going to s*ab him.

[tense music playing]

Sorry, big fella. Time to wake up.




- [growls]
- [Rayla shouts]

[Claudia shouting]



What? [groans]



What... why was I asleep?

We all were! Claudia knocked us out.

Rex is going crazy,
we have to get out of here!

Maybe I can talk to him, calm him down?

He's not such a bad guy once you get to...


Ez, it's too dangerous.

I have to try.

[grunting, coughs]

We got the map!

Behold, the glorious goofy goo!


Goofy and glorious, just like you!

[Terry] Come on! There's no time to spare.

But, but...
Wait, Claudia! You forgot your staff...

my staff.

[snarls, growls]

[Soren] I grabbed our stuff!

We've got to get out of here!
Are we all together?


Wait, where's Ezran?

[snarls, roars]

Rex Igneous. Please listen to me.

We're on the same side!

Liars! Interlopers!


In the name of the dragon queen, stop!


Please, just take a deep breath.

Okay, good!
Don't you feel a little better?



[wind whooshing]

[Ezran groans]

Ezran! No!

No! King Ezran!

[groans] I'm fine.

I just got a case of the toasty-toessies.

My brave king.

Up you go!

[Rex Igneous roars]

Finks and fiends!
All of you will be dust and ash.


The whole mountain is coming down,
we've got to get out fast!



Viren is alive!

You... [scoffs]

Follow me! I know the fastest way out.

I have to go after him.

[somber music playing]

I know.

You are a golden knight of Lux Aurea.

Where is your honor?

Your sense of duty?

Fight me!

Defeat me!

Prove the throne should be yours.

m*ssile ignem.

[both grunts]

[tense music playing]

Lux tormento!

[grunts, groans]







[epic music playing]


[lava bubbling]


I'll give you a boost first,

and then you can turn and give me
a hand so I can climb out.


[tense music plays]

[groans, panting]

It's not over.

You have to finish me.

Then... then you forfeit!

I call upon the Six Horns,

it's your duty to arrest her!

General Miyana!

This is history! We cannot deny it.

History demands that you...

History demands nothing!

I make history, it does not make me.

Our past is behind us,
and I will build a brighter future

for our people
than you can possibly imagine.

And it will be beautiful.


I don't know who this guy is,

but from the way you're looking at him...
he's important to you.

- He is.
- Aw, thanks, sweetie!

You know what?

I have someone who's important to you too.

[chuckles] Actually, maybe three someones.

What are you talking about?

It's your leader, uh, Runaan was it?

And these other two... they looked
so familiar, and then I realized.

They're your parents, aren't they?

What have you done to them?

The good news is, they're not d*ad,
their spirits are trapped in cursed coins.

One thing I don't know though,
is if I threw the coins in the lava,

would it release their spirits?

Or would they be trapped in some kind
of eternal burning agony?

Let's trade. You let him go...
and I'll give you the coins.

I'm not making a deal with you.

Whoa... That's a little rough!


Suit yourself!

[gasps] No!

[somber music playing]


- [gasps]
- [mystical sound]

Stella, how did you do that?


[dreadful music plays]



[groans, sobs]


[N'than] We're almost there.

The doors that lead us out
are straight ahead!

[panting] Have you been here before?

Never once!

Oh, no, the doors are blocked!

Oh, right, we knew that!

[Rex Igneous roars from distance]


[tense music playing]

What's wrong?

I've seen you do a lot of awful things,
dark magic things,

but I always believed in you
because you had a reason.

But what you just did,
the way you tricked that Moonshadow elf?

It was just... cruel.

[melancholy music playing]



[hopeful music playing]

- [gasps, sobs]
- [trills]

[cave ceiling groaning]

[Soren] Open the door!

[all grunting]

Open sesame!

[low rumbling]

[Chert] Did you hear something?

[Terbium] Hm, it's probably
just your stomach rumbling.

[Chert] Mm... I haven't had a snack
in over a decade.


[Soren] These are big doors,
but we just have to push them open.

We can do this!

It takes two giants to open these,
there's no way we can...

Never give up!

At times like this, the only strength that
matters is the strength in your heart.

[grunting, straining]

Come on!

[all grunting]

[ominous music playing]


Come on, push! You too, Bait!

Let's go! And...


[slow epic music playing]

[grunts] It worked!



This is the end. We're doomed.

What about the strength in our heart?

Like a minute ago you were saying
the only strength that matters is the...



[thunder rumbling]

[joyful epic music playing]




Zym! You defied me and look what happened.

You're in big trouble, little dragon!

But if he hadn't defied you,

then you wouldn't have showed up
and saved the day,

so we'd all be super d*ad.

So there's that!

Yes. There is that.

I am glad you are all not super d*ad.

[Zym whimpers]

[melancholy music playing]


[Rayla] Little help over here?


[all grunting]

[hopeful music playing]


[Callum] I'm so glad that you came back!

[Soren grunts]

[low rumbling]

- [gasps]
- [whimpers]


Dad! We have the map!

We can find Aaravos...

We will free him, and he will save you.

[ominous music playing]

[closing theme music playing]
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