01x09 - Happy Trails

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Tulsa King". Aired: November 13, 2022 - present.
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Dwight "The General" Manfredi is a New York Mafia capo who just completed a 25-year prison sentence. Upon release, his boss sends him to Tulsa, Oklahoma to establish criminal operations there.
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01x09 - Happy Trails

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So you gonna tell me what's going on?

You coming back from New York,

your hands all bruised.

Your bar sh*t up.

I mean, obviously something went down.

- Oh, I suck at this.
- Ah, practice makes perfect.

Why are we practicing again?

Are there people after us?

Uncle Dwight, you and me,

we gotta make amends.
I'm coming to visit.

You know where to find me.

f*ck that piece of shit.

So, Dwight Manfredi, as far as we know,

he ain't just passing through.

There's also some other woman he's been

- seen with, but we haven't...
- Okay, so basically

what you're saying is the
FBI has nothing, right?

We should be focused on Waltrip.
He's got, like, serious money.

He's flushing profits through
the global financial market.

We raided Waltrip this morning.

- Did you bring him in?
- No, he wasn't there.

So, where is he?

I finally got the FBI to get off this.

So just move on.

As you...

- Get an ambulance!

- _

I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

What's that, Ripple? You're sorry?

Chickie, Chickie, enough, come on.

"Come on," my balls.

The man's apologizing.

- Aah.
- What're you sorry for?

That you saw an opportunity,
and you tried to use it

- to f*ck me over?
- I... I don't remember.

- I really don't.
- Ripple...

I really don't f*ck' remember.

Ripple the Cripple, huh?

Batter up!


Guys, guys, come on, let's go.

Oh, I'm going, baby.

Is it this one?


Chickie, Chickie, don't do this.

Get the f*ck outta here.



- DWIGHT: Yeah?
- Dwight.

It's Armand. They got Ripple.

Kent Avenue, hurry.


Back on the ranch,

one of them there cows get loose,

we used to brand 'em

so we could tell them apart.

No, please, Chickie, please, don't,


Now, you hold that little doggie still.

Chickie, please, no.

- Aah!
- f*ck off!

Please don't do this, Chickie, please,

I'm begging you. I'm begging you!

I've known you guys for a long time!

- Aah!
- No, what're you doing?!

Oh, f*ck.

Oh, come on, Armand.

- Dwight, Dwight...
- The hell are you doing?

- Huh?
- Dwight, Dwight...

You outta your f*ck' mind, are you?

I tried to stop him,
Dwight, I really tried.

- Thank God you got here.
- Get those f*ck' cuffs off.

Now. Just hang in there, all right?

- CHICKIE: ... with the key!
- Where's the key?

- I gave you the f*ck' key!
- What the f*ck?!

You didn't leave 'em
in the f*ck' car?!

No, I didn't leave 'em in
the car! I gave 'em to you!

- Oh, f*ck.
- I told you...

Oh, f*ck!

- Let's go!
- f*ck!

Put that out! Put it out!

Oh! Oh, shit!

- Ripple, hang in there.
- Dwight, get me out, please!

- Dwight!
- Get over here!

Pull, pull.

Oh, shit, it's not giving.

CHICKIE: Uncle Dwight! Come on!

Hey, hold still.

- [g*n]

- f*ck' carbon steel!
- Get me out, please!

Don't f*ck' leave me! [COUGHING]

- Go!

Wait! What are you doing? Get me out!

[COUGHING] Get me out!

I can't.

What the f*ck are you doing?

I'm not letting you burn to death.

- Sorry.

Wait, wait, wait...




Put up your hands! Get your hands up!

Walk down the steps! Keep
walkin', keep walkin'!





HENDRICKS: So, how do
you know Agent Beale?

I don't know her.

We know that you know her.

We got you all over her cell phone.

Did you get a look at who sh*t her?

Was it Caolan Waltrip?

- Who?
- Listen, pal,

you think we don't know
who the f*ck you are...

excuse me, who the f*ck are you?

Elliot Evans.

I'm Mr. Manfredi's counsel.

What've you told 'em?

- I don't know a thing.
- Good.

Are you charging my client with a crime?

- We don't know yet.
- You held him all night,

- and you don't know yet?
- Well, we're questioning him.

- He's being uncooperative.
- As is his right.

You wanna go fishing, gentlemen,

I highly recommend Lake Yahola.

Come on.

Don't leave town, Mr. Manfredi.

Who the f*ck would wanna
leave this paradise?

Are you even a lawyer?

If I'm not, I just committed a felony.

Mr. Geigerman sent me.

I usually handle real estate matters

- and weed-related offenses.
- Oh, thanks a lot.

- You okay.
- Yeah, how's Stacy?

She's recovering. Out of surgery.

I brought you a change of clothes.

All right, let's go.

So, how're you feeling?

About as good as I look.

Considering what you've been through,

you look remarkable.

I brought you these.

Oh, Jesus, am I that hurt?

I would've done better, but this is...

- But what?
- ... not flower central.

You okay? Can I sit down for a second?

Yeah, make yourself at home.

I've seen some tough women in my life,

but between us, you take the cake.

I owe you my life, you know that.

No shit.

I know we don't have a
traditional relationship.

Oh, this isn't normal to you?

I'm gonna find this Waltrip.

No, you're not. He's gone.

- What do you mean?
- That f*ck's rich.

We got his computer. He's
got a huge bank account.

He's probably already in Mexico.

Your people better
get to him before I do.

Yeah, I don't have people.

- What do you mean?
- Dwight...

I'm gonna lose my job.

Consorting with a known felon.

Sharing proprietary information.

I'm gonna make it up to you.

I'm gonna let you sleep.

Just wanted to come by and...

see how you were doing.

We store our rides.

You lose your cuts.

No identifying features

until we're ready to make our move.

That means... cars and trucks only

until further notice.

So, what do we do now?
Just lay low for a while?

[SIGHING] Ah, yeah.

A parasite...

doth feed upon its host.

And ours?

Ours will not stop until
we cut him out with a...

with a f*ck' broadsword.

That is his nature.

Now, what is in your nature, lads? Huh?

Is it to behead this f*ck?

His entire crew as well?


is it to scurry away?

We already got the A*F on our ass,

the FBI too now, probably.

I'm gonna say this one time.
There's a f*ck' bounty

on this Waltrip's head. Anybody see him,

anywhere, anytime, they take him out.


So, listen, there's something else.

Chickie's here.

- What?
- Goodie called late last night.

They were already on their
way. Him, Chickie, and Vince.

You wanna lay low for a while?

'Cause of that? f*ck no.

I wanna be honest with
you, Armand, this could get

- f*ck' ugly.
- You know what's really ugly?

Not being able to look
yourself in the mirror.

Early ', a few months
after you went away,

Chickie reached out.

Said he wanted to talk.

It was right around the Super Bowl.

The morning of the meeting,

the old club, near Spumoni Gardens...

I strapped up, I said "f*ck it."

I wasn't gonna let this
prick intimidate me anymore.

So I get there...

park the car.

And I couldn't f*ck' get out.

- What happened?
- I froze. Psychologically.

I mean, my f*ck'
heart, Dwight, I thought

it was gonna explode out of my chest.

There's nothing wrong
with being scared, Armand.

I'm serious, it's a natural instinct.

- It's fight or flight.
- Yeah, and I chose flight.

Eventually I started driving.

Hit the Verrazzano Bridge,
I-, I just headed west...

I didn't even know where
the f*ck I was going.

Twenty-four hours later, after, like,

two gallons of coffee,
I ended up in Tulsa.

Looks like you did okay.

Eh, I met my wife.

Banged around. Eventually got hired

by this rancher an hour north.

Started working with horses.

I hate f*ck' horses.

- No joke.

You cannot trust anything

that can run and shit at the same time.


All right. That's true.

It's just, all those years,

stewing, feeling like a f*ck' coward.

And then when I saw you at the mall,

it almost happened again.

I thought of running.

But I couldn't do it.

Couldn't do it anymore.

You ask me if I wanna lay low?

I ain't ever laying low again.


degrees. You f*ck' believe that?

It's like the Sahara out here.

You recover from the flight yet?

- Dramamine and tranquilizer

is not a good combo.

Thurman Munson, Buddy
Holly, Rocky Marciano,

all d*ad in plane crashes.

What the hell?


The f*ck you come from?

He's here with me.

I brought him.

What's this? A f*ck' ambush?

If it was, you'd be d*ad,

and I can say the same
thing about you guys.

What? I need permission?
Figured I'd come out here,

- surprise you.
- Yeah, well...

look how surprised we are.

What is wrong with you? It's
like you've taken stupidity

- to a f*ck' art form.
- Whoa...

you're talking to the
boss of this family.

I'm talking to the boss of your family.

You're a provocateur and
a pain in the f*ck' ass,

it never made any sense.

You... sent me out here...

to basically die.

Exile, like, hey, Napoleon,

we got this great island
for you, it's called Elba,

nice view, by the
way... you're gonna die.

Guess what? We're earning.

That's what you're supposed to do.

The point is, we're f*ck' done.

So, I want you to pack your shit,

get on the f*ck' plane,
and stay the f*ck...

out of my town.

And you, you're staying here.

You really...

wanna keep working for this assh*le?

Look at him. f*ck' Kojak.

You got three seconds
to make up your mind.

- Smart.
- You f*ck' piece of shit.

You know, I should drop all of ya,

right here, right f*ck' now.

Yeah, you should, but you won't.

See those guys? They work for me.

See those guys?

They're with us.

And they're gonna take
your ass to the airport,

and you're never coming back here again.

It's really nice seeing you, Chick.

Come on.

DWIGHT: We got a new member on the team.

Goodie Carangi.

We go way back.

You know, I never knew your first name.

- What is it?
- Dennis.

Dennis... okay, we're
sticking with Goodie.


My nickname, as most of
you know, is the General.

And we're going to w*r.

I didn't want it to happen,

but that's the way it's going down.


Grace, you really wanna be part of this?

I'm here, aren't I?

Yeah, you are.

Not too long ago, I got off a plane,

and I gotta say, it was like I
got off on a different planet.

Everything was sideways, upside-down.

I didn't know one person. Not one.

And at my tender young age...

that's scary.

I admit it's scary.

'Cause, to me, being alone,

living alone,

and dying alone...

is like the worst curse

God could ever put on anybody.

I've always thought of life as like

this one-way street,
and you head down it,

and as you do, it sort
of disappears behind you.

So, you can only go
one direction, forward,

and looking way down there,

you see a city.

But it's on f*re. And it's red hot.

And like I said before,

you can't go back

once you've started this damn journey.

You can only go forward.


you got two choices.


you get scared.

You give up.

And then you burn up.

And the second one...

you say f*ck it!

f*ck it!

f*ck fear!

And you barrel through it.

And when you come out on the other side,

I guarantee you,
you're gonna be stronger

than you ever thought possible.

But none of this shit
is ever gonna happen,

unless we all cover each other's backs,

and we all...

become part of each other's family.

We do that...

I swear to you,

we're gonna put this f*re out

once and for all.


All right. Bar is open.


- Ahh, okay, okay.

All right, this is nice, huh?

How much you pay for this,
if you don't mind me asking?

Get you guys anything?

You got a chair?

Uh, traditional chairs
are terrible for your back.

- I'll stand.
- Suit yourself.

To what do I owe the
pleasure this morning?

Waltrip's got a lot of money
stashed in the Cayman Islands.

Well, that would explain
his lavish headquarters.

The account's on a laptop.
Can you hack into it?

That depends... where is it?

Well, the A*F has it.

I see.

- Is that a problem?
- Not necessarily.

Human error as opposed
to technical proficiency

accounts for % of malicious
mischief on the internet.


People get hacked because they're lazy,

and government employees
aren't well-known

for their puritan work ethic.

I'll take that as a yes.

It's a very strong "maybe."

It's a very strong "yes."

What're you saying? You're
going out of business?

No, no, just...

shutting down for a while.

Doing some renovations.

Maisie's gonna stay with us,
in case you need anything.

I know I'm old as shit, son.

But that does not mean that I'm stupid.

Them guys sh*t up your place.

You know who they were?

Biker g*ng out of Catoosa.

Know where to find 'em?

We don't, so we're just sitting tight.

Your friend Dwight, do you trust him?

I do.

Sometimes you just get a feeling.

Seems like a good man.

Straight sh**t.

I like him.

You know, I hit the
point where I was getting

a little too old to
be making new friends.

Then one day, this fella,
looks like he stepped

out of some mob movie,
walks into my joint.

Can't say what, exactly,
but something told me...

this man was gonna change my life.

Welcome to the great chain robbery,

as in Blockchain, Binance,
Coinbase, and MetaMask.

It's like crypto, right?

Yeah, that's exactly what it is.

Any of Waltrip's usernames,
files, blockchain wallets,

iTunes, all vulnerable.

- iTunes?
- Facebook, Instagram, iTunes.

These are all potential portals.

You set up a bogus hot spot,

send in a malware Trojan horse...

and unfettered access.

How did you learn all this shit?

I spent five years working
at an internet startup.

Hey, was this thing on
when you confiscated it?

Tebbits opened it up, with biometrics.

He lifted a fingerprint.

Waltrip had more than a few on file.

- Holy shit.
- What?

This f*ck
really does have money.

Or should I say... "did"?

What the f*ck just happened?

I have no idea.

Hey, boss? You need to come see this.

[SCREAMING] No! Oh... shit!





- She get it?
- Yep, she get it.

Just dropped it off.

- So, where to?
- I'm not sure.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'm just feeling like I shouldn't've

dragged you into all of this.

We talked about this already, it's fine.

You should've listened
to your father and found

- another job.
- This is what I want to do.

This is what I wanna do right now.

What if something happens to you?

I coulda got k*lled driving a cab, boss.

Wrong place, wrong time,
it happen every single day.

You know, before I met you,

I barely knew : happened twice a day.

Used to wake up in the
morning, go to work,

come back home,

smoke some weed, go to sleep.

Next day, do it all over again.

I'm my own man now.

My own crib. My own choices.

My own identity.

Not what my momma think,
not what my daddy think.

Nobody else.

There's a way to live your life.

Stand up for what you believe in.

Take what you want.

And look after your friend.

You showed me that, man.

You're a good man, Tyson.

I'm glad it was you that
picked me up that day.

[LAUGHING] My gangster!










- ♪ I can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ I've been waiting for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life ♪


♪ Oh, Lord ♪

- ♪ I can feel it in the air tonight ♪

- ♪ Oh, Lord ♪
- Where are you hit? Where are you hit?

- My arm!
- Come on!

Come here! Stop the blood.


Get him, Grace.

I'm gonna k*ll that f*ck...

[g*n, SCREAMS]

♪ In the air tonight ♪


♪ And I've been waiting
for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life ♪



Do you still think I overplayed my hand?

Would ya f*ck off?

Very good. He likes you.

- Let's go fast!
- Let's not, huh?


- What're you laughing at?

When you said you
owned a horse, I just...

imagined jockeys in silks.

No, this horse is Central Park.

- It's not Belmont Park.
- Right, okay.

- How's Emory?
- He's good. Busy.

Well, how's the little cowpokes?


This is Margaret.

This is my daughter Tina.

She's visiting from New York.

- Welcome.
- Margaret owns the joint.

- Oh, wow.
- Well, depends on who you ask.

- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, and those are

my grandkids, Cody and Ryan.

- They look good.
- They look fantastic.

I'm gonna go take some pics.


I haven't seen ya in a while.

Did you miss me a little bit maybe?

Okay, we'll forget that.

It's... taken me a little time

to put a few things together, you know?

- And are they?
- Yeah, thank God, yeah.

Oh, tonight is the grand opening,

or re-opening, of this nightclub
that I'm putting together.

There's music, there's food.

I guarantee you'll have a great time.

From what I hear...

you like gambling a little bit?


Uh, I got a charity event tonight.

- All right.
- Can I take a raincheck?


Grandpa, come ride him!

You guys got this, you're doing great.

Oh, come on, Dad.


All right, I'll be right there.

I have no choice now.

- Foot out the stirrup.
- Yeah.

- There you go.
- Way to go, kid.

- That was great.
- Ready?

- Me?
- Yeah, you.

Not really.

Put your left hand on the horn...

Molly, I helped you out,
Molly, you know what I'm saying?

Put your left hand on the horn.

- Okay.
- Left foot in the stirrup.

- Left foot in the stirrup.
- Yeah.

- Wait, like that?
- Yeah, there you go.

Now, you just pull yourself
up and swing your right leg

- over his back.
- Okay, ready?

All right.


Clearly your relationship
with Manfredi was not only

wildly inappropriate,
it's prosecutable as well

should we decide to go that route.

Do you have anything you'd like to say?

Only that I deeply regret my actions

and take full responsibility, sir.

I have made it clear to
the superintendent that,

notwithstanding recent events,

you've been an exemplary
agent, Ms. Beale.

A position seconded
by your fellow agents.

Thank you, sir.

Accordingly, you'll be
reinstated to full duty

with a probationary
period of six months.

There is one condition, however.


Hi, hi. What's your name? Colter?

Head on in. Y'all have a good night now.

- Hi...
- ♪ That I was born ♪

♪ A ramblin' man ♪

♪ Lord, I was born a ramblin' man ♪

♪ Trying to make a living
and doing the best I can ♪

♪ And when it's time for leavin' ♪

♪ I hope you'll understand ♪

♪ That I was born a ramblin' man ♪

♪ Lord, I was born a ramblin' man ♪

♪ Lord, I was born ♪

♪ A ramblin' man ♪

♪ Lord, I was born ♪

♪ A ramblin' man ♪

♪ Lord, I was born ♪

♪ A ramblin' man ♪



This is, uh, Cherisse.

Nice to meet you. My daughter Tina.


You know... You know the
song "know when to hold 'em

- and know when to fold 'em"?
- Mm-hm.

- I didn't.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I
have your attention please?

As many of you all know,

we just got our license,
and I'd like to take

this opportunity to welcome you all

to the future home of the Bred--Buck

Cabaret and Casino!


And none of this would be
possible without the support

of my partners, in particular
Mr. Dwight Manfredi.


Dwight, buddy.

This one's for you.

♪ Well, I never been to Spain ♪

♪ But I kinda like the music ♪

♪ Said the ladies are insane there ♪

♪ And they sure know how to use it ♪

♪ They don't abuse it ♪

♪ Never gonna lose it ♪

♪ I can't refuse it ♪

♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪

♪ Well, I've never been to England ♪

- Dance?
- Yeah.

I haven't done this
for a couple of decades.

♪ Well, I headed for Las Vegas ♪

♪ Only made it out to Needles ♪

♪ Oh, can you feel it? ♪

♪ Must be near it ♪

- Yeah?
- Some woman outside asking for you.

Well, who is she?

- I don't know.
- All right. Be right back.

♪ But I've been to Oklahoma ♪

♪ Oh, they tell me I was born there ♪

♪ But I really don't remember ♪

I was hoping you'd show up.

You look great. Why
don't you come inside?

I can't.

- I'm sorry.

Dwight Manfredi.

You're under arrest.

- For what?
- This flash drive.

Attempted bribery of a federal agent.

You have the right to remain silent.

You give up that right, anything you say

can be used against you in court.

You have a right to an attorney.
Let's get him out of here.

If you can't afford an attorney,
one will be appointed to you.

What the hell is going on?

You should ask her.

Tell me this isn't happening again.

I'm sorry, Tina.


♪ I can feel it ♪

♪ Coming in the air tonight ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Well, I've been
waiting for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life, oh, Lord ♪

♪ I can feel coming
in the air tonight... ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Well, I've been
waiting for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ I can feel it in the air tonight ♪
♪ Oh, Lord... ♪
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