02x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Head". Aired: 12 June 2020 - present.
A small team, known as the Winterers, will remain at the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station to continue their innovative research, a crucial part in the fight against climate change.
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02x06 - Episode 6

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[Media pro opening music]







[policeman] f*ck!


[policeman] Don't you f*cking move
an inch.

[Charlie breathes deeply]

[policeman] Put your hands up.

[opening music]

[vivid music]

The Alexandria was found adrift
at , miles from the Chilean coast

by a Japanese fishing ship
that went to its rescue.

It had spent weeks
in the waters of the South Pacific.

The ship was undertaking
scientific research,

the details of which are unknown.

The authorities have confirmed
that one of the Alexandria's passengers

has been found alive.

The survivor is expected,
who is being transferred to Valparaíso,

to clarify what happened.


[Maggie] Finding it hard to cope?

- Not really.
- [agrees]

I have a purpose.

- I know that feeling.
- Oh, please.

We're nothing alike.

I haven't done all this
for something as petty as revenge.

See, that's what you never understood.

I didn't do this just to avenge my mother.

I had to make sure you never did it again.

I had to destroy you.

I'm doing what I was destined to do.

You can't fight the will of the universe.

So you're the star
we should all dance around?

Not yet.

But soon.


You're pathetic.

You're a tiny man
with a black hole in your heart.

And that darkness
will keep growing, and growing,

and suck everything into it
until there's nothing left,

not even you.

If that's the case,
then I've already been swallowed.

I'll be waiting for you on land.

[Amy knocks the door]

- Yeah?
- [Amy] It's me.

Open up. It's done.

Where is my case?

Here it is. Your Holy Grail.

Now you get me back to my family.

It's about time.


- They're still six hours away.
- Why can't we move towards them?

- The engine's back.
- Not really.

The engine has been disconnected
from the propellers. It's just...

[sighs] Spinning.
It won't take long before it overheats.

Alright, how bad is that?

It will explode.

He wants to sink the ship
with everyone on board.

That's why he dropped the lifeboats.

We can still use the rescue boats.

I'll take the team
and wait for the Japs outside the ship.

Okay. Go ahead.

- What about the rest of us?
- We're not jumping ship.

- What about Wil?
- What about Wil?

Where is he?

He's got the g*n. And he's been drinking.

f*cking hell.

[tension music]

[Alec] Just one bag per person.
And the algae case, of course.

Well done.

[Arthur] Where's Yuto?

He wanted to get some rest,
so he must be in his cabin.

I knocked on his door, he didn't answer.

I'll go find him. You stay in your cabin
until I come for you.


Son of a bitch.

- What?
- Look at this!


We'll have to k*ll the engine manually.

In there? Are you nuts?

It's out of control!

This ship won't sink
as long as I'm on board.

- Why?
- Why?

Yes! Why?

f*ck this ship.

We can still take
the rescue boat with them.

We can go home,
to our families and friends.

Don't you have a family?

People waiting for you when you come back?


If you wanna go, just go, Kim.

I can handle it.

[light music]


Yuto, we gotta go!

For f*ck's sake.

What the f*ck?

[mystery music]



[makes an effort]

- Hey!
- Hey.

What do I do?

These valves! We need to close them!

Huh... Wait. Here!

Over there!

[makes an effort]

Oh, God.

Okay. Good. Okay.


There's one... One more missing.

Come, follow me.

[Rachel knocks the door]

- Yeah?
- [Rachel] Dad?

I'm on my way.

I need you to be honest with me
about what happened on Polaris.

What do you want to know?

Tell me about Maggie.

Maggie was the team medic on Polaris VI.

She's responsible
for all the m*rder, not me.



Because she blames me
for her mother's death.

That's why.

Her mom
was a woman called Sarah Jackson.

She was a research assistant on Polaris V.

We became close.


Then one day, we had a disagreement.

And I'm ashamed to say it became physical.

We struggled, she fell, she hit her head.

And she died.

I was devastated.

The whole team was.

On a personal level, of course.

But also on a professional level.

Because everything was in jeopardy.

The mission, the research, everything.

So the f*re on Polaris V was a cover up.

It wasn't my idea,
but it was mutually agreed.

It was designed to protect us. That's all.

Protect the work, everything.

I'm not proud of it.

I'm not proud of it at all.

I know I'm an assh*le, Rachel,

but I'm not a m*rder.

I believe you.

[Alec knocks the door] Arthur!
Is Rachel there?


Let's go.

- Did you find him?
- I'll save those.

- No, I didn't.
- What?


Again! One, two, three!






[Erika] Charlie?

Charlie, don't do it.

You don't have to do this.

You can trust me, Charlie.





Charlie, please, open up, Charlie!

[Erika] Open up! [Knocks the door]

Please, open up, Charlie!

Charlie, come on, open up, it's Kim!

[Erika] Please, open up!

Amy! We're leaving.

Okay, let's get out of here.

We can't find Yuto.


- It's Kim!
- [Erika] Please, Charlie, open up!

- [Kim] Charlie!
- [alarm]

[Erika] Please, Charlie! Don't do this!


- Charlie, come on, it's Kim!
- Please!


It's the CO system.

- Charlie!
- Help!

- Let's get the f*ck out of here.
- Right.




[Kim] Charlie, come on! Help!

[Erika] Stop it! Stop it, Charlie!

- Please, stop it!
- [Kim] Help!


[Kim] Help!



- Help!
- [pants]



[Arthur] f*cking straps! f*cking...

Are we really leaving him?


- [g*n]
- [shouts]

Don't even think about it!

Toss the g*n!

Toss the g*n overboard!

Toss the f*cking g*n, I swear to God
I'll paint the deck with her brains!

Okay. Okay.

[Rachel pants]

Step away from the boat.

- There's room for all of us.
- Oh, now you remember I exist.

Listen to him.

Shut up! You f*cking lot.

Treating the rest of us
like disposable f*cking rats.

I should k*ll the f*cking all of you.


- I should k*ll every single one of you.
- Wait, wait, Wil, Wil!

- Step back! Step back! Step back!
- Wil! Wil!

Listen to me.

I'm gonna show you something, alright?

Look, Wil.

- Whoa!
- It's alright.

It's alright.

- Be careful.
- It's alright.

Arthur, what are you doing?

This is worth hundreds of millions.

Hundreds of millions.

Take it and let her go.

- Slide it over here.
- Don't!

- Shut up! Shut up!
- Arthur!

Take it.

Pick it up.

Let her go now.

Wil. Let her go.

You wanna know what I think
of your f*cking research? Huh?

A hundred millions? Hm?




You f*cking idiot!


[makes an effort]


- [g*n]
- [gets surprised]


He was going to k*ll you, sweetheart.

He was going to k*ll you.

- Here.
- Let's go.



The g*n. [Pants]


Don't need it anymore.


- [Kim] Help!
- Don't do that.

Save your breath.

What for?

We're gonna die.

The alarm is off.

They know we're here.

- They'll come for us.
- [sobs]

You really think so?

Yeah. Of course.

Trust me.

Are you comfortable?


Thank you.

You're a nice man. [Laughs]

You would have been a great captain.


What were you thinking, giving it to him?

I'd have never let him take you.


[Alec] Oh, f*ck it.

f*ck! [Laughs]

What a f*cking disaster.

That was our only sample!

[laughs] f*ck!

We failed!




all the others...

They've all died for what?


For nothing.

What about Yuto?

Anything you want
to share with us, darling?

- Me?
- Yes, you.

You f*cking two-faced piece of shit!

What are you talking about? I...

You k*lled him,
that's what I'm talking about.

- No, I did not.
- Shut the f*ck up!

I found him!

In the lab.

Where you k*lled him.

You smashed his head.

But I found it.

In the f*cking algae t*nk.

- So you were the snitch all along.
- No.

No, no. It was Yuto, I swear. I...

Look, he...

He made... He made two cases, not one.

Oh, my God!

We've got it!

No, no, no, wait, wait, wait.

Why didn't you tell us?
Why didn't you tell us?

Why would she?

Huh? Why would she?

This is worth millions upon millions.

And she knows that.

Don't you?

Or maybe you were just trying
to get back at me, is that it?

Thank you for this.

There's one thing you should know
about me, sweetheart.

I always win.

[Alec] Oi.

Are you looking for this?

Now, do you care to explain

why you have
Kowalski's lost notebook with you?

No? [Laughs]

Well, let this speak for itself. Please.

- I don't speak the language.
- Go ahead.

There's nothing there.

Then why would you bring it with you?

What does it say?

This can't be true.

- The algae was not viable?
- That's wrong.

Shut up!

Kowalski found that there was

a by-product of the bacteria
and algae interaction...

A toxin?

- What toxin?
- I'm telling you it's all wrong!

What? We created a poison? [Coughs]

[Amy coughs]

Don't drink the water!

It's in the water,
you put it in the water?

- [coughs]
- You bastard!

Sit down.


Don't embarrass yourself.



You poisoned the f*cking water?

No, no, not yours, Rachel.

Never yours.

But sorry, mate.

I thought he was a genius,

- not a failure.
- I'm not a failure!

I just needed more time!

That's why you k*lled Kowalski?

To cover up for your failure?

I k*lled Kowalski
because he was pigheaded,

because he was stubborn
and because he lost faith in me!

I remembered the word.


The art of deception.

Good boy.

You've got there eventually.

You have to survive.

- No, look at me.
- You have to keep diving.

- I'll see you in the Philippines.
- [sobs]

- For...
- [sobs]


Alec. Alec.

Alec. No, Alec! [Cries]


Good girl.

[Rachel cries]


I'm, sorry, Rachel.

Listen to me.

I had every reason to k*ll Kowalski.

It was either him
or everything I had created.

It was no contest, Rachel.

It's a toxin, Arthur.

One of the nastiest I've ever seen.

If this is introduced into marine biomes,
it could be Biblical f*ck.

I'm sorry. We can't proceed.

No, there has to be another way.

I gotta give it to you. You were right.

You thought
you could create a microorganism

that would suck CO out of the atmosphere
by the gallons, and you did.

Only problem is it turns it into poison
and shits it right into the ocean.

I refuse to go down like this.

Arthur, it's the way this thing breathes.
You can't avoid...

- I will find a way around it.
- Around what?

- Around nature?
- I can rewire nature!

Up to a point.

[sighs] Face it, Arthur. It's over.

I'd like to check the data myself.

[knocks the door]

I've come to discuss
the terms of my capitulation.

Who did you bribe for that?

I have my sources.

You know me too well.

To us.

f*ck it, right?

[sighs] God, I hate losing.

Do you know what my definition of hell is?

It's a place where you always lose.

There's no physical pain or t*rture.

Just eternity.

And no matter what you do,
you always fail.

Sounds like a real nightmare.


That shit is strong! [Laughs and coughs]

Arthur. Something's wrong.

What... What did you... [grunts]


- Please.
- [grunts]



Everything should've ended there.

But that's the thing with Pandora's box.

Once you open it, things go awry.

Things got out of hand.

My blood was all over his face.

I needed to get rid of him.

Had he not weighed pounds,
I'd have thrown his body overboard.


But I had to improvise.


And I did.

[sighs] f*cking hell.

It all had to be done.

That's the thing with success.

It requires sacrifice.


It requires pain.

What the hell is that?

A minor lab accident, an acid spill.

It's nothing.

[Rachel shouts]

It requires gall.

What is it?

Using Maggie as a decoy
was an obvious choice.

I'd twist the narrative in my favor,
just like that bitch did on Polaris.

The head is a message to me.

It can only be Maggie.

Of course everything changed

when Alec found skin
under Kowalski's nails.

Well, all we need now
is a sample from Marcus.

Or better yet,
a sample from everyone on the ship.

She's right.

And you suggested we used
the DNA sequencing machine on board.

Alright. Thank you.

You two gave me no choice
but to keep going.

I put Midazolam in the coffee maker
to put you and Zack to sleep.

Your father is a f*cking genius.


That could have gone better.



As for the DNA,
changing the test results was easy.

Destroying the sequencer
would make it more convincing.

Luckily, Zack didn't weigh pounds,

so I could dispose of him
using the more traditional method.

Stupid Charlie.

He was an easy pick.

What's that?

I doubt very much
you'd understand, Charlie.

I thought I was done.

We got it.

But then Gloria started playing detective,

and it was either her or me.



Believe me,

it hurt me more than it hurt any of you.

- [g*n]
- [screams]

Poisoning the water bottles,
well, that was the final touch.

[Rachel knocks the door] Dad?


It's poetic, isn't it?

Ending it with the toxin
that began it all.

The mystery of the Alexandria,

which was found adrift
in the South Pacific Ocean,

is soon to be solved
after the sole survivor

has made it
to the Valparaíso naval hospital.

We've been informed
that the survivor is not in danger,

and is waiting to speak to the Police.

The identity of the survivor
hasn't been revealed.

Come on, move.
She's lost a lot of blood! Hurry!




[tension music]


Can I blow the horn?


We have
a perfectly preserved sample, Rachel.

We can take it from here.

Just the two of us.

There are no d*ad ends, Rachel.

Just incapable minds.

So Kowalski

and Gloria

- and Zack, they were incapable minds?
- Limited.


But I refuse to be.

Just like you.

You know? I never wanted to be a father.

But then it hit me in jail
how much I'd lost.

How much I'd missed.

It's all there,
in those letters that I wrote you.

My soul.

For you.

Just for you to judge.

And no one else.

You once said to me: "What's one life
when it's set against millions?"

We hold the key, Rachel.

We hold the key.

So what's it going to be?


[piano music]


I'm your father.

Do you really think you can lie to me?


I don't.

[tension music]

[policeman] Don't you f*cking move
an inch.

Put your hands up.

[tension music]



[breathes deeply]

Where's Arthur?

He's d*ad.

She's right.

You've got all this way for nothing,
haven't you, sweetheart?

You're Maggie, aren't you?

You could still hurt me, though.

Go on.

Finish it.

[tension music]

[credits music]
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