01x24 - End of the Prologue

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Vinland Saga". Aired: July 7, 2019 – present.
Thorfinn pursues a journey with his father's k*ller in order to take revenge and end his life in a duel as an honorable warrior and pay his father a homage.
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01x24 - End of the Prologue

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Well then, what can I do?

How can I protect my country from these fools?

As a reward for saving the prince,

the king presents you with pounds of silver.

Accept it with gratitude.

I heard that you fought hard to save Canute.

Accept my gratitude.

Yes, Your Highness. Thank you for your reward.

I have high expectations of you
in our battle to subjugate Wales.

It appears that sly old fox has noticed.

Your Highness, with all due respect,

are you sure that your plan to subjugate Wales

is the best decision?


I believe the campaign to subjugate Wales next spring
will prove to be a fruitless battle for our army.

Please, reconsider the matter.

Askeladd, you said you weren't going
to stir up trouble for now.

So that's Askeladd?

I can't believe he objected
to the king's plan in front of him.

Sorry, Your Highness.

When it comes to Wales, I'm not going to back down.

Explain your reasoning.

Thank you.

First, we've been fighting the English for years.

We should be focusing on recovery
for our people and our land right now.

Another reason is that
the terrain in Wales is perilous,

and as a result, the land is infertile.

Attacking Wales would be like whipping our horses

to make them jump off a cliff
just to catch a single rabbit.

To put it simply, conquering Wales
isn't worth the cost.

He's right.

I'm glad he said it.

He's good at talking.

This isn't a conquest.

The point is that we can't ignore those
who show disrespect for the king.

Don't get the wrong idea.

If that's what you're worried about,

please, let me be your messenger.

Allow me to show you that
I can persuade the people of Wales.

Are you telling me, the king,
to show courtesy towards them?

To the country you just called "a rabbit"?

If you show courtesy,

then they will understand your generosity.

Please, listen to my entreaty.

Is he going to k*ll him?

This is how a loyal vassal should act.

The greatest treasure anyone could ever
offer a king is words of advice.

My army is filled with loyal
and brave men like this man.

I am unworthy of your praise.

How boring.

Please, continue to lend me your aid.

Wales or Canute, choose one.

Honestly, I don't care about Wales.

Give me Canute's head and join me,

then I'll let Wales go free.

I've looked into who you are a bit.

Your mother really was a sl*ve.

I can guess why you're so caught up with Wales.

The only merchandise that Wales produces

is slaves.

What do you think? It still sails.

This is the ship you've always wanted to sail on.

I can finally let you onboard.

You can rest until Mord and the others return.

-Hurry up. Bring it over here.

-Is there still a lot left?

What are you doing? Be careful!

You must be hungry, right?

Give me a minute. I have some good jerky.


Thorfinn? Where are you?



I hate the way your face looks.

I'm not going to let the crown rest
on top of a head like yours.

Did he just say...?

What did you just say?

Are you deaf too, you old man?

I said, how dare an ugly old man like you
wear something shiny?

That's not what the face of a king looks like.

Don't move, guards.

The king is within reach of my sword.

-Is he serious?
-Oh, dear.


You bastard! King Sweyn is mine.

Don't move, Thorkell!

Askeladd's not acting normal. Don't provoke him.

Put away your sword,
then I'll forgive you for this offense.

Forgive me?

Don't push your luck, you savage.

As punishment for mocking my family and my people,

you deserve to die!

This is my last warning.

Put away your sword, Askeladd.

That's my nickname.

I'll tell you the name my mother gave me.
My real name.

Lucius Artorius Castus.

I am the legitimate king who deserves
to rule over the land of Britannia.

Now. Go!

I feel better now.

All right.

What are you standing there for? Engage!


This man is the criminal who m*rder the king!

k*ll him!

Hey, what's going on?


What's he doing?

What's going on?

What's he doing?

That idiot!

What's wrong?

Who wants to die next? Step up!

The king of Britannia is going to k*ll you himself!

Don't be afraid! Surround him!


Hurry up!

-Don't push!
-You too!

Out of my way!

Damn. Out of my way!


Hold it in, Thorkell.

It's not your turn yet.

I don't care anymore.

He's gone mad.

I hate it when someone steals my prey.

He hasn't gone mad.

He's putting on an act.

He just chose to save both me and Wales.

He's only feigning madness in order
to take the blame for k*lling the king.

Let him run wild for a bit.

I'll let you put it to an end.

I don't care.


I know he's your vassal,

but a dog should be handled by his own master.

What's wrong, Danes?


You bastard.

Do you have any idea what you've done?

You k*lled the king.

What are you talking about?

I'm right here, alive and well.

Shut up! You're the child of a sl*ve!

You swine.

Is that how you talk to a king?

Kneel down!

I'll let you have the honor of kissing my shoes

and then die!


Stay back, Thorfinn!

Is this the first time
you've s*ab someone, prince?

You did well.

Hey, Askeladd.

Hey, that's...

-Did he k*ll him?
-The prince! The prince did it!

Stand straight.

This part is important.

This moment on stage was created for you.

Don't waste it.

Hey, baldie, what are you doing sleeping there?

Damn. Damn.

How could you let them s*ab you there, you idiot?

Come on.

Shut up.

Let me rest.

You bastard. Get up. We've got to run away.

You fool.

Just hurry up and do it.

Sorry to make you wait.

I'll give it to you.

I'll give you my life.

k*ll me.

We are-- We're enemies after all, right?

Are you going to die?


Hurry up.

There's no time left.

Are you trying to make a fool out of me? You bastard.

It wasn't supposed to be like this!

The duel to settle things between me and you
wasn't supposed to be like this!

I won't forgive you.

Don't die on me.

Get up! Duel me right now!

I'm the one who's supposed to defeat you!

Hey, you!

-You're kidding me! Hurry up and stand!
-Come on.

This is why I hate kids.

Duel me! Hey!


do you plan to live your life?

In the future,

after I die,

how do you plan to live your life, Thorfinn?

You haven't thought about it, right?

Shut up.

Move forward already.

Don't stay

stuck in a damn boring place like this forever.

Go far ahead.

Go beyond the world where Thors went.

You're Thors' son. Go.


your real fight.

Become a true warrior,

son of Thors.

Thorfinn, I won't ask you to forgive me.

He was dealt this punishment
because he went mad suddenly

and committed the crime of m*rder the king.

However, I'm sure you don't feel like
serving me now that this has happened.

Go wherever you want.

k*ll him!

-He's a traitor!

Don't k*ll him!

Stand back. I will decide what to do with him.

Thorkell, that's enough.

Being s*ab is a small price to pay.

Your Highness, you should have
your wounds treated in the inner chambers.

Let me handle matters here.

Take him.


Now that the former king has passed,

do you know who the commander
of the army in England is now?


What's wrong?

Say it.

Everyone, hear me.

The former king,

His Highness King Sweyn, has passed.

From this day forth, I, Canute,

shall act as the commander of the army
and the ruler of England!

We will not pursue the subjugation of Wales.

Now that the former king has passed,

I predict that the remnants
of the English army will revolt.

We must prepare to handle that first.

I will provide further notice
regarding your rewards later.

That is all. You are dismissed now.



Hey, you.
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