01x06 - Spirits Speak

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Black Snow". Aired: January 1, 2023 - present.
After a time capsule is unearthed at a local high school, a small Far North Queensland town is plunged back into the past, and the secrets of an unsolved m*rder of one of its students unravels.
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01x06 - Spirits Speak

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Hey! Ready for
tonight, the big dance?

Yeah, pretty much.

Izzy, you're just going
to have to trust me, OK?

Nothing happened with Tash,
I swear. Scout's honour.

So, she just made the tape for you
and me to make out to, did she?

It's just a stupid tape, OK?

I only kept it 'cause it's
actually a pretty good mix.

I'll smash it right
now if I have to.

I'll do anything to prove to
you you're the only one for me.

I'll do it.

I love YOU, alright?

Oh, that will do, you two.

Isabel, we are just
waiting on you.



I look forward to seeing you all
in 25 years when we open it up.

Hey. Can't go
anywhere without this.

Thanks, Aunty. See you there.

See you there, bub.

Is Dad going to come?

Uh, I'm not sure, bub.

- Can I come?
- No.

Please! Who's going
to do your hair?

- Chloe can't.
- Bye.



No, I've gotta pee,
I've gotta pee.

You look gorgeous.

I thought you were sailing.

Missed the tide.

Come here.

I'm so proud of you.

You're all grown up.

I'm not, actually.

I'm 17.


I know what you are.

You're a predator.

Isabel, this is...

You're a f*cking predator
that feeds off black bodies.

I heard you with the cleaner.

- She's not much older than Chloe.
- Isabel, what are you talking about?

And I know you lied
about Niman and Kalip.

Those boys didn't go home.

They could be in trouble
and you don't even care.

Don't come here and
talk to me like that.

You don't fool me.
I know what you are.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Let's get
this party STARTED!


Hey, Dad.

Um, ignore the Esky.

It's definitely not full of
drinks for the afterparty.

- You look gorgeous.
- Thanks.

- Be sensible, OK?
- Yeah, OK.

We're going to go now,
so I'll see you there?

Yeah. See you, Izzy.


Izzy. Izzy.

Nice, mate.


Well, well, well!

Can I take a picture?


You look beautiful.


What are you doing here?

You look like shit.

What do you want?

I know the last couple of weeks
have been really hard on you,

but I need you to pull
yourself together, mate.

Stop hanging around the Baker
girl. People are starting to talk.

f*ck people.

Pull your shit together.

You're embarrassing your mother.

Are you sure that you were
with Anton all night after the formal?

Tasha, whoever k*lled Isabel
may have k*lled Billy too.


Yeah, we did go
to sleep together,

but when, uh, I woke up,
he wasn't in bed anymore.

Oh, for f*ck's sake!

You know, there were still a few
stragglers partying outside by the f*re.

I mean, he could
have been with them.

- But you're not sure?
- Nup.

Of course not. Thank you.

Come on, bub.

Hey, mum.

- Hey, where are you?
- Goal-kicking practice with Meg.

You right?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'll talk to you later, OK.

- 'K, bye.
- Bye.

Aunt told you?

I'm sorry.

It's not me you
need to apologise to.

You think she'll
ever forgive me?

She could have had a father.

Dad I...

I thought I was doing
the right thing.

Izzy cast such a shadow
over our lives. I just...

I like to remember the
LIGHT your sister cast.

Kalana has that same light.

You need to tell her.


Hi, love.

Where the hell is
Anton? I thought you spoke to him.

What, he didn't
show up for work?

No, and the detective has just
been here looking for him.

What's going on?


I'll take care of it.

How much further?

Not far.

Everything OK? I thought you
said you wanted to see it.

- I do.
- Yeah?

It's just... I'm
ditching school, so...

- Ooh.
- Hey!

You know the rules.

No phones at training.

This isn't really training.

I just need to text Meg and see if
she' can cover for me in first period.

You don't need to do that.

You've got to live on the edge
a little more... like Izzy did.

Can I have my phone back?

- Please, coach?
- Later, later.

You kids spend too much
time on your screens.

You've got to look
up, look around.

Life's short.

- Let's move in together.
- What?

Yeah. In Brisbane,
next year, for uni.

I thought you were getting
a place with the boys.

Yeah, I mean, I was, but...

I'd rather live with you.

Come on, it would
be sick. I can...

I can even go down early
and find us a place

while you're on the
road trip with Chloe.

It's a win-win.

I need to use the bathroom.

Are you alright?

Yeah, I'm OK.

Are you?

The past few weeks
have been confusing.

The past few weeks have been...

the best of my life.

That's because of you, Izzy.

Just you.

It's been fun
hanging out with you.

A lot of fun.


Seriously? You just yakked.


Things will be better
for you in Sydney.

You can be yourself.

And you can kiss...

a lot of people.

I'm going to miss you.

We'll always be in
each other's lives.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.

And to prove that,

you can have this...

little diamond piece...

even though there's no diamonds.

Don't get too close to me,
you've still got vomit on you.

Only joking.

I should get home.

You're too drunk. Just walk.

Good call.


See you tomorrow.

- What happened?
- I went to the boss.

I begged him to tell
me where the boys went.

Steve did this?

I told him I'd go to the police.

He said they wouldn't care about a
couple of Kanakas gone walkabout.

I just lost it.

I hit him.

Billy pulled me off Steve and
he b*at the hell out of me.

He thr*at to k*ll me
if I didn't leave town.

You need a doctor.

I need my cousins' passports!

I'll get them on my way
home and meet you tomorrow.

But you need to get checked out.

Go to the camp and get your
things. It will be safe there now.

And then go see my dad.
He'll know what to do.

- I can't, it's late...
- Zeke, go see Dad.

It's the prom queen.

- Give us a look at that camera.
- No.

- Give me it.
- No.

f*cking piece of...

What are you going to do, hey?

What are you going to do?

It's about time you
hardened the f*ck up.

This is going to be the
last one for youse tonight.

Thanks so much for coming.
You've been a great audience.

No, thank you!

Come on...

It's the last dance.

What's wrong?

I don't want to dance.

Where's your necklace?

Can we not do this now?

Do what?

Izzy, what did I do?

It's not you. I just need to...

I just need to
figure myself out.

What it's the "it's not
you, it's me" kind of thing?

I'm sorry.

No, don't touch me.

f*ck off.


Yeah, why
don't you f*ck off?

Isabel's shoes
are still in the queue.

They're still searching but they
haven't found anything else at Dalkeith.

I really don't think she
was k*lled at Dalkeith.

The red dirt on her dress tells us
she went somewhere else that night.

Well, the re-examination of her
dress is still on the way, but...

- ..I've got the analysis of her hair.
- Mm-hm?

Um, what's 'wisteria sinensis'?

It is a flower. A
Chinese wisteria.

She didn't have any
flowers in her hair.

What? What is it?

Hi, it's Hazel. Leave a message.


I think I know where
Izzy went that night.

Come to the station.

Are you camping here?

It's where I feel
closest to her.

Your grandparents didn't know about
us, so we spent a lot of time here.

- It's not even faded!
- Yeah. I touch it up every few years.

Let me get a photo of
you, in next to it.


Here we go.

Come this way.

It can't be Anton.
He loved Isabel.

Anton doesn't have
an alibi AND Tasha...

said that he wasn't
there when she woke up.

But what's he got to
do with Zeke's cousins?

I think the boys might have
been hiding at Dalkeith

and I think Isabel might
have been helping them.

Anton must have followed them.

And we do know that
he does get jealous.

Forensics found wisteria
pollen in Isabel's hair.

I think he took her there.

Does that look familiar at all?

Yeah, I know where this is.


Anton and Iz used to
go here when they...

..you know, needed time alone.

He took me there too.

Is Anton...

Kal's father?


Wow. You're just
telling me this now?

Ugh... OK, OK, OK. Um...

Does Kal know?


But he has been thr*at to tell
her ever since the time capsule.


Hey, Meg. Kal's phone's
off. Is she with you?

OK, I've got to go.


Anton picked Kal
up after training.

Show me where this is.

Why would he take Kal there?

Cormack, why would
he take Kal there?

This is Kal. Leave a message.

Kal, if you get this,
call me back, bub.

It's urgent.

You want a beer?

I won't tell your mum.



What did you and Aunty
Izzy used to drink

at parties and stuff?

Uh... Whatever we
could get our hands on.

Izzy didn't drink as
much as the rest of us.

She was smart. She
focused on getting to uni.

You really miss her, don't you?


If you loved her so much...

..why did you guys break up?

She realised I wasn't
good enough for her.

And she was right.

You're such an arsehole.

- And you're such a slut.
- Aww...

Come on. Let's go back.

f*ck this. He's not
ruining our night.

Come on. We've still
got booze in the van.

Put these on.

I always get the front
and the back mixed up.


To chicks before dicks?

AND to the best road trip ever.

I'm not coming on the trip.

Wait, what?

- I don't want to go anymore.
- Why?

Can we talk about this tomorrow?

Did I do something wrong?

I'm just going through
some things, and...

it's just not about you.

Well, it is about me.

It's our trip - you and me.

I gave up Paris for you.

- I didn't ask you to do that.
- It's just what friends do, Izzy.

My dad is the reason you
got that scholarship.

You really think Vic
and the other growers

wanted to give it
someone like you?

Your dad doesn't care about me. He
exploits people like me every day.

Ask him about Niman and Kalip. Ask
him what happened to those boys.

What are you talking about?

Your dad's a criminal
and a f*cking r*cist.

What the f*ck?

You want the f*cking
truth? That's what it is.

- No, that is not the truth!
- It is the f*cking truth!

I don't even know who
you are anymore, Izzy!

Get the f*ck out.

I don't want you here anymore.

Find your own way home, bitch.

In 2019, I predict
that Ashford will be...

still full of predators
disguised as friends.

I've seen the Ankou here,

sharpening its scythe,

waiting to reap our souls.

There are people here I trusted,

but now I know they
feed on suffering.

One day...

when I'm safe from
their clutches,

I will expose them
and their cruelty.

That's if they
don't k*ll me first.

Do you think you guys would
have gotten back together?

I would have tried, yeah.

But I think I lost
her that night.

Even before she...

And my life...

has felt empty since.


Then you came along.

What do you mean?

This one, this one.

That's it.

You got your mum's skin
and you got her brains.

But I... I...

I'm your dad, Kal.

Mum said he was a
backpacker she met at uni.

Yeah, I know.

And I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

I should have told you. I
should have just told you.

- I want to go home.
- Kal, please.

- Just give me a second.
- Take me home.

There's a reason I
couldn't tell you, OK?

About the night Izzy, died.

Izzy brought your
mum and I together,

but she's also what...
kept me apart from you.

Just stay calm.

Oh... I just need to...

- Anton.
- ..talk for 10 minutes.

What's going on mate?

- I need you to hear it from me.
- Just talk to us.

OK? And you need to hear it too.

Izzy broke up with
me at the formal.

It wasn't the last time
I saw her that night.

are you still there?



What are you doing out here?


What are you doing here?

What? I was just on my way
home. I'm... I'm so stoked.

Nothing happened with Tash.

It's completely fine. I don't
even care about her, OK?

It's about you.

What are you doing?

Come here.

What are you doing? Give me a
hug. We're meant to be together.

- What are you doing?
- Just get off me.

No, just listen!

I've got more to tell you.

Anton, what are you doing?

I'm done lying!

I'm sick of it.

Look, this is the truth, OK?

She died instantly.

She died instantly. She
didn't suffer... at all.

OK? She went to sleep.

I'm sorry, Kal.

Hey, you're scaring her, mate.

Just... Just let her go.

OK, He's... not well.

Anton, it's going to be OK.

We'll get you a good lawyer.

Don't do anything stupid.

I loved her... so much.

And I love you.

Yeah, if you love
her, let the girl go.

No-one wants to see
the girl get hurt.

Kal... Get hurt?

I could never hurt my girl.

It's all right, bub.

Step away from the knife, Anton.

What the f*ck are you doing?


Don't do it, son.

What the f*ck
are you doing? Relax.

Mate, I can't let him
hurt any more people.

He's not hurting anyone.

You would do it, wouldn't you?

Well, go on then!

It would solve everything.


Come on, bub. Come on.

It's OK. Shh...


I'm sorry, Dad.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry...


It's OK. Just let it go.

Let it go.

Let him go.

Let him go.

You b*at the shit
out of your own son,

just to keep him quiet.

Your own son!

Isabel found the boys
here, didn't she?

Now, where are you off to? I
need you to stay away from the shed.

Some clown's tipped over
a drum of pesticide.

Whole place is toxic.





I'm Ezekiel's friend.

My name is Isabel.

Please. Help me.

I'm going to get
you out of here.

Is your brother OK?

He's d*ad.

Boss-man k*lled him.

I tried to dig. Look.

Over here.

You're going to be alright.

- I'm going to get help.
- Please...

You're bleeding.

Here. Put this around the cut.

It will help with the
bleeding. I'll be back soon.

- I promise.
- Please.

It's alright.

Don't f*cking worry.
I've got medicine.


It's alright. It's
alright. It's alright.


No, you f*cking idiot! Shit!

Don't move!

Stay still!

Easy, easy.

Call me when you find
the boys' bodies.

Vic's in the holding cell.

Nice shirt.

Can you
confirm you have

waived your right to
have counsel present?


You're aware this is
an official statement of record

and anything you say
can be used in court?


Human remains have been
found on your property.

We believe them to be the
bodies of two Vanuatu boys

who went missing in 1994 -

Niman and Kalip Iesul.

Did you k*ll them?

It was self-defence.

They broke into my home.

I catch one of them actually
trying to molest my baby daughter.

In 2019,

I predict that Ashford will be

still full of predators,
disguised as friends.

I've seen the Ankou here,

sharpening its scythe,

waiting to reap our souls.

Oi! What's the f*ck
taking so long?

Need a break boss,
get some more water.

Ha! You'll get a drink when
you're done, you dopey bastard.


I saw an orange tree out back.






Come here. Hey, hey.


Look at you. Hey.


She was crying.

You give her to me.

Come here, my little darling.

Oh, my little girl.
My little girl.

You wait outside.

My little darling.

Daddy can look after you.

- I can look after my daughter!
- I'm sorry, boss.

- I can look after my daughter!
- I'm sorry!

- Hey?
- Sorry, sorry, boss.

P... Please, sir.
We are sorry.


Right, in, in.

You locked
them up for a week.

Why didn’t you try and get help?

I couldn't trust them.

They'd try and pin an as*ault
charge on me or something.

I was just gonna, you know,

leave them there until
the boy got better.

But then he got some
sort of infection.

He was probably f*cking...

sick before he even
got to my place.

So on the night of the formal,
I go off to the SES shed,

which is where, you know, we keep
the antibiotics on hand there.

So I'm actually going
back to HELP him...

..and he's already d*ad.

Did you run Billy
Hopkins off the road?

You know he's a drug dealer.

Did you run Billy
Hopkins off the road?

He's f*cking as
bad as them, mate.

A piece of shit.

He was the one that dropped
the boys at my place.

Then he's at the pub,
f*cking... mouthing off.

You know, I couldn’t
risk him remembering.

My family built this region.

You know... if those two
had just done their work...

This is your legacy now.

There are
people here I trusted.

But now I know they
feed on suffering.

One day, when I'm safe
from their clutches,

I will expose them
AND their cruelty.


You're free to go, for now.

You should probably surrender
your passport, though.


What do I do now?

I don't know.


But your father...

will spend the rest
of his life in prison,

so maybe that's
enough for you...

for you to start again.

Is it true?

Kalana needs
to ask you something.

I can speak for myself.

Why did you take
Aunty Izzy's hair?

I was in shock after
he... hit her. I...

After he hit her,
he took her boots,

and he ordered me home.

But I... I couldn't
leave her like that...

..lying there in a ditch,

so I took her to the cemetery,

and I laid flowers on her...

..and I promised
her that one day

I'd be strong enough
to face him down,

and that when I
was, I'd need proof.

So, I cut her hair and I
put it in the time capsule.

And then she spoke to us.

She did what YOU couldn't.

Do you think...

there's a chance I could
be a part of her life?

I don't know.

But it's her life.

So, you need to stay away
from her until she's ready.

- Mum?
- Mmm?

Can I have some money? I'm
going to town with Meg.

How much do you need in?


- 20.
- Fine.


Be safe, please.

- Hey.
- Hey, bullyman.


How is she coping?

She's still angry at me.

But, you know, we're
healing... slowly.

It's good to see you, Corm.

You too.

Anyway, what are you doing here?

- I thought you left.
- I did.


I promised you that I would
return Izzy's hair, so...

I had forensic clean it, so...

It's beautiful.

Thank you.

And, Corm...

I really hope you
find answers too.

Thank you.

Do you want a drink?

I would, actually. I forgot
how bloody hot it is up here.

Thank you.

Are you sure you don't
want cooking brandy?

I know where Mum hides it.

Bless the family that
are gathered here today.

Bring peace and comfort

to the family from Tanna Island,

as we pray for these young boys,

Kalip and Niman.

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