01x06 - The Price of Salvation

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dragon Age: Absolution". Aired: December 9, 2022 - present.
Follows a group of thieves who journey to the magic-dominated country of Tevinter in order to steal a dangerous artifact known as the Circulum Infinitus.
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01x06 - The Price of Salvation

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Sweet, merciful Andraste!

Hira? Over here!

Damn humans and their damn stilt legs.

Are you really
cursing all humans right now?

Just their legs.

Well, in that case,
come on, let's find the others.



Thank the Maker!

- Thought the dragon might've got you.
- Oh.

After I freed it? No way.
They're not mindless m*rder machines.

If anything, I think we really bonded.

Okay, great. Where's Hira?

We saw her
run through the hole we blasted.

Looked like she was headed
for the safe house,

but she was too far away to hear us.

We should probably get moving too.
You know, before...

Hey, that is
a completely unfair assumption.

Maybe, but you know what they say.

Better safe than eaten.

Listen up! We have to contain the beast
until the Magisters can restrain it.

Set a perimeter. We'll...

Fall back!

What are you doing here?

I told you to get that pedestal working!

It's been destroyed. Without it, there's
no way I can get the beast under control.

Where's Magister Ammosine?

This is my fault.

I was so sure Miriam could see reason.

That I wouldn't have to...

But I was wrong.

And once again, you paid the price.

I'm sorry, Neb.

"There can be no master without a sl*ve,

and no sl*ve without a master."

It's time to take back what's mine.

Magister, Knight Commander Tassia sent me.

You have to fix the artifact
before the dragon kills us all!

Of course. I almost forgot the dragon.

So many lives to bring one beast to heel.


How did he...

Commander, where are you going?

We have reports of wounded
from all quarters.

We need you here.

Let's go.

Miriam? Is anyone here?


It's not safe out here.
The Guard's still looking for us.



I was so worried they'd taken you.

Is that the Circulum?

It didn't seem safe to leave it here.

That damn Magister did everything he could
to try and get this location from me,

but I swear
I didn't breathe a word about it.

But... you were leaving?

If he doesn't know
where the safe house is,

shouldn't you have stayed here?

You're probably right.

But I had to find you.

You didn't need the Circulum to do that.

Obviously, but I wanted to keep it safe.
It wasn't exactly well-hidden, Miri.

All right, it's safe now.
So give it to me.

You were stealing it.

You were always going to steal it.

That's... That's why
you changed the drop-off.

That's why Fairbanks trapped you.

He knew you were the traitor,
and you k*lled him to cover it up!

I didn't want to!


I'm sorry.

You betrayed us.

It wasn't like that.

Just give me a chance to explain.

Tell me everything.

You know what the Venatori did
to my family.

After we escaped, I felt lost, helpless,

until I heard about the Inquisition.

You can't imagine what it was like.

People of every race and creed
coming together

under the very Herald of Andraste,

trying to save the world from a problem
everyone else wanted to ignore.

It was perfect.

And I was so sure
that once we fixed the breach,

we'd fix everything else.

I thought there was finally a force
strong enough and pure enough

to wipe out the Venatori.

But I was wrong.

The Inquisition was never
going to stand up to Tevinter.

They were too afraid of collateral damage.

So I found someone braver.

The Crimson Knight.

We're going to turn the Templars
against Tevinter, even the ones inside it.

Burn everything to the ground
and salt the earth.

But we needed the Circulum to do it.

I had to volunteer.

You have to understand.
We couldn't just take it.

The Divine
might be able to trace it to us.

We had to stay hidden.

So I... arranged for it to be stolen.

I offered Rezaren a deal.

He moved the Circulum to the palace.

We were supposed to be caught
in order to make the exchange.

He needed it for some ritual,
but afterwards, he'd give it to me.

We'd escape,
and he'd scuttle the investigation.

And you trusted him, just like that?

I trusted myself.

I had...


Oh, never mind then.
You hear that, Roland?

She had leverage.

Of course it'd be a square deal then.

You asked a Magister of Tevinter
to betray his nation,

give up a powerful artifact,

and look completely incompetent
while he did it,

and he said yes?

You'll have to forgive me,

but what the f*ck
could you have offered him in return?


It was me, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?!



I'm so stupid.

You didn't need me to get into the palace.

You were gonna
sell me back to him all along.

I was never going to let him keep you.

Oh... how thoughtful of you.

Miriam, I swear you would have escaped.

There was some stupid ritual
he kept talking about, but afterward...

k*ll everyone but her.


Rezaren, stop!

I surrender!

I surrender. Just let them live.

Is she insane?


Restrain her.


tell me why I should bargain
for what's already mine.

You did it once before, didn't you?

Let them go and I won't fight you. Ever.

I'll even help

resurrect my brother.

You'll win.

You'll win.

Hey! We all know that's nugshit, right?

She may not be my favorite,

but we're not leaving Miriam
with that bastard.

It's not the bastard I'm worried about.

It's the bastard's dragon.

It doesn't make sense.
High dragons are wild animals.

They can't just be trained.

There's no way
one would act like this unless...

It's being controlled.
Guys, guys, ah, I know what we should do.

So what do you say, brother?

Will you let them go?

I would.

Except that you made that impossible.

You bastard!

You're the one that insisted you were
my sl*ve instead of my sister, Miriam.

Well, this is Tevinter.
Theft of a sl*ve is a capital offense.

So when they all die screaming,

I want you to remember

that their deaths

are all your fault.

First things first.


Okay, I think this could work.

Just make sure
you wait for my signal and...


This is the dumbest plan I've ever heard.
We're all gonna die here, so... let's go.

About damn time.


Down to using my own personal grenade.
Blasted good-looking do-gooders.

Such a magnificent creature.

But still just flesh and blood.






It's him!

It has to be!

Brother, it's so good to see you!


Spirit, if you truly are Neb,

retrieve your body.

Come back to me.

Neb, no!

I'm sorry. I tried to save you.

I'm sorry it wasn't enough, but...

you can't come back.

Not in that thing,
not to this life. Please.

Don't worry, Miri.

It's gonna be okay.

I love you.




Well, I'll be a hairy nug.
I can't believe that actually worked.

You can thank me later.

Come on. We have to help Miriam.

What? Hey, it was my plan!

Selfish bitch!

You and your ungrateful brother.

You were mine!

We were never yours.

Miriam, come here, slowly.

If that thing wants a fight,
I say we give it to her.

No more death today.


That's the thing
everyone forgets about dragons.

They aren't monsters, or gods.

They're just alive, like us.

And if I were chained in a basement
for a thousand years,

all I'd want...

Is to be free.

You know that thing's
just gonna ravage the countryside, right?


Rezaren is d*ad.

I have the Circulum.

It's over,

if you want it to be.

You were right, Hira.

Tevinter is an evil place,

and I know what it feels like

for that hate and that fear
to infect you, but...

you can't let it.

Help me take the Circulum to what's left
of the Inquisition and we can try again,

free from everything.

I just need you to say
that I'm more important than this.

I wish I could.

Holy crap, we're alive!

Ha! Wow.

I am, uh,
usually not this lucky.

Guess Hira ran out of time
before she could finish us off.

Or she couldn't do it.

Hira made her choice.

So have I.

Without a dragon, it will cost dozens,
hundreds of lives to power the Circulum.

I have to destroy it
before it gets to the Crimson Knight.

You mean we have to destroy it.

Well, I haven't been paid yet

and that thing's gotta be worth
twice as much now.

I'm in.

Uh, me too.

You don't have to come, Roland.
I... I won't hold it against you.

That makes one of us.

Besides, I'd miss the company,
and the view.

Smooth talker.

So where do we go now?

I mean, Hira could be anywhere.

True. But we don't
really need to find her.

After all, we know where she's headed.

Commander, I have a message
from the Tevinter woman.

She has the Circulum,
but is being pursued by enemy agents.

She doesn't specify who.

Their allegiance doesn't matter.

Their objective is clear.

They stand in the way
of our righteous crusade

against the Imperium
and all it represents.

Take whatever you need,

k*ll these agents,
and bring me the Circulum.

Yes, my commander.

I will have my w*r.
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