01x02 - The Reunion

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x02 - The Reunion

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Can I help you?


Local housing authority.

We have reason to believe
that the water is contaminated. May I?

Come on in.

Here's the bathroom.
Everything's fine with the water.

Not a bit cloudy?


-Does it taste like lead?

But the gas boiler
is making strange noises.


Local housing authority, water.



Everything's fine, actually.

Do you want a drink?





I can explain everything. I...


Maybe there's something wrong
with the boiler.

It makes a knocking sound.

Yes, they're unreliable things,
these boilers.

Sometimes just switching it off helps.

I'll come back another time and handle it.


Kleo, wait!

Where were you?

-I can explain everything.
-Yeah? Okay, explain away.

Kleo, please think about it.

I have thought about it for three years.

I looked everywhere for you,
but you just disappeared.

Didn't you wonder where I was?

Yes, of course I did.

But you know how things worked.

We weren't allowed to ask questions.

And because you weren't allowed
to ask questions, you just replaced me?

No, Kleo. I wrote you letters.

A hundred, a thousand.

All returned.
I can show them to you if you want.

The Firm gave me hell for it.
I was transferred, demoted.

They'd have strung me up
by the b*lls if I'd carried on.

That would have been what you deserved.


Who's responsible?

The Comrade Colonel.

It was Wieczorek.

Where is he?

Where is he?!


But of course.

All right.


Good afternoon.
Sven Petzold from the Detective Squad.

From the West?


-You guys even allowed East?

I'm looking for Kleo Straub.
She live here?

No, she doesn't live here anymore.


May I come in for a moment?

May I?

Can I say no?




Sorry, I have to take a shit.

But I'll be right back.


Do you know Ms. Straub?

No, I'm just the new tenant.

Whose clothes are these?

You're from the West, right?

Lengerich, around there?
But it's kind of cooler here.

And the apartments cost nothing.
Everyone's run off to the West.

All right, listen up,
this is how it works.

I'm confiscating this, okay?

This is my card,

in case Kleo Straub...

shows up again.

-Yeah, sure.


He drove into a bridge
on the freeway to Prenzlau.

But it wasn't an accident.

He k*lled himself and his wife.

Don't be like him, Kleo.

Just leave it all behind you. Please.


I need answers.

And I'm going to get them.

You know, Kleo,
I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

It messed me up.

Really messed me up.

But somehow, I had to.

And me and Anja...

I'd better go.


What happened to our child?

Then an enemy b*llet came

During such a joyful game

With a brave smile

Our little trumpeter fell

With a brave smile

Our little trumpeter fell

We got picks and spades

And dug his grave in the morning

And those who liked him most

-I was at the cinema yesterday.

Driving Miss Daisy. It was really good.

Who was in it?

Some Black guy. Never seen him before.

But it made me cry.


Don't. You know Böttger.
Leave it. I can see it now.

Just wait.


What's this?

The m*rder at the Eden in '87.
I've got her, the perp.

Oh no, you can't be serious.

She comes from the East,
that's why we didn't find her.

But this is her.

I don't know what's with you,
but I've explained it a thousand times.

There was no m*rder,
so there is no perpetrator.

Yes, there is, because this woman
is not just some ordinary woman,

this woman's name is Kleo Straub.

Kleo was...

She sold blueprints
of our electronics to the West

and then claimed in all seriousness

that she was working
for the "Eyes and Ears."

-The Stasi. Reconnaissance.

Main Directorate of Reconnaissance.


The Stasi's Foreign Intelligence Service.
Division 18.

The Minister's task force.

It was responsible for "special issues."

"Task force, special issues."

I mean, "special issues"?

What does that even mean?

Special issues?
What kind of special issues?

This woman was a Stasi assassin

who had the job
of bumping people off in West Berlin.

Uh-huh. I see.

This is another one of your special cases?

What? No.

Yes, like the story
about the animal welfare group

smuggling cocaine to Berlin in parrots.

Okay, I was wrong about that,
but this is true, Mr. Böttger. It's true.

Have you got proof?

I'm still in the "feeling" phase.
If I had more time and resources...

Seriously, Petzold, listen up.

I'll explain it to you again slowly.
Write it down.

The case has been dormant for three years,
and that's how it'll stay.

You'll do as I say, stop all the shit,
and get on with your job.

Over and out.

Not to say I told you so, but...

Freddy, shut up.

Relax. Here, have a piece of cake.

Know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to Stasi HQ
to solve this case on my own.

Yeah? Because GDR secret service
loves giving out info?

I don't give a shit what it likes doing.
I have to do something.


What are you doing?

We're going on a little trip.


Who would've thought it was even possible?

And the Minister?

Arrested. He's in Hohenschönhausen prison.

In his own jail. Absurd.





Too small.


It's there.

Your son?


"Today I bake, tomorrow I brew,
the next day I'll take the Queen's child."

I'll keep it just in case. Okay.

Comrade? Katharina Litt, Division 18.

Sven Petzold, Detective Squad.

I'm investigating a m*rder

and need to speak
to your superior urgently, please.

-From the West, yeah?

Turn off the engine, get out of the car.

-What? But I just need to...
-Get out.

Hi there, Comrade Colonel.

Always nodding. Nodding away.

"Yes. Yes, sir."

"Yes, Comrade Colonel."

"Yes, sir."

"For Ludger on his 50th birthday.
Walter Blum." Well, well.

Really ugly.

You've got "shuss-pay."

You mean "chutzpah"?


Soon I will have given 29 years' service

to the Ministry of State Security

as my proletarian honor demands.

I've given everything.

My life, my marriage.

And now?

Look around you.

They're disbanding us.

We're being dumped like shit.

Ms. Straub,
you're accused of revealing secrets.

Are you lying for personal gain?


You stupid b*tch.

I'm sick of it.

And that's why
I would actually give you what you want.

I'd tell you whether this woman
worked for us or not, but...


I can't because I don't know.

The files are gone.

And soon we'll be gone too.


Tell me, this woman
was in Reconnaissance, Division 18.

Is there anyone who can
tell me anything about anything?

Well, thanks for the cake, yeah?

You're welcome. My pleasure.

Colonel Ludger Wieczorek.

Wait, wow, Ludger Wieczorek.

Where do I find him?

You won't find him.

He's d*ad.



Blum. Walter Blum.


Thanks very much.

Have a nice day.

You've got something on your nose.


You're welcome.


The former
General Secretary Erich Honecker

and his wife Margot

are reported to have left
their apartment in Wandlitz.

Mrs. Honecker, Mr. Honecker?
I have a question.

A question for the camera.
One moment, please. Mrs. Honecker, how...

we didn't get a chance to speak to them.

Mr. Honecker?
Yes, over here. I've got a question.

This is really nice.


The first McDonald's fast-food restaurant
in the Soviet Union

opened on Wednesday
in Moscow's Pushkin Square.

This branch is the biggest of more than
11,000 sales outlets of the American...



Destruction is not a bad thing.

You have to destroy things
to build something new.

A wrecking ball, I always say.

Now that the GDR is gone,
just think what's possible.

A new society

without capitalism or socialism.

Money has to go first.

We'll switch to a barter economy.

If everyone gives something,
they can take something too.

Oh hi!


This is DJ Dr. Pill Peddler.

-Dopi's fine, doll.
-Come to my place?

-Come to my place?



"Felix Dzerzhinsky." Uh-huh.

"Takifugu poecilonotus."

Walter Blum.

Sixty-eight Yuri Gagarin Street,
Walter Blum.

Wicked. You live here now?

It's my grandpa's place. Hang on a sec.

What are you doing?

We're not gonna f*ck?


Okay. I thought you Easterners were...

Doesn't matter.

What are we gonna do, then?


You'll sleep here.
I don't like being on my own.


If you mess with me or tell anyone
anything about what goes on here,

your life will be over.


Of course.

Good. Put these on and come with me.

Real old-school, huh?


Excuse me.

Comrade Blum?

I work for the Ministry.

I really need to speak to you.

It's about a mutual friend.

You are Party Secretary Blum?



Thank you. Thank you, Comrade Blum.

And you are?

I was in Reconnaissance, Division 18.

And now I've heard
about Comrade Colonel Wieczorek.

Yes, awful.

It's awful,
and it's quite incomprehensible to me.

I just can't understand it. He...

Come in.

Oh, thank you.

Yes, come on in.

I'm really lost for words
because Comrade Wieczorek

was always so full of energy.

Evening News,
could we get a quick statement from you?

Our Comrade General Secretary
is treated like a criminal.


Have a seat.

Thank you, Comrade Blum.

Something to drink?

No, please don't go to any trouble for me.

So, this business with Wieczorek is awful.
Really awful.

It's awful.

I'd have put these traitors

-up against the wall.

-All of them.

-The Comrade Colonel would still be alive.


You sure you don't want anything?

Well, one of those rolls?

They're good Eastern rolls.


Then I can have one, yeah?
Thanks very much.

Could I maybe have the egg too? Yes?


My mom always said eggs
are so gratifying to eat. She's right.

Tell me,
what did you actually do in Division 18?

I was on the Minister's "special issues"
task force. May I?

What was your name again?

Kleo Straub.

Marzahn police station,
who am I talking to?

Hello, police. My name is Sven Petzold.

This is an emergency.

Yes, hang on a moment.

No, wait, listen...

Would you maybe like a cup of real coffee?

Yes, now that you mention it.

And you and the Colonel,
you were good friends, right?

Not at all.

We just knew each other professionally.

-Shook hands briefly.
-I see.

Lovely gift.

So personal.

You knew the Comrade Colonel
loved his Laika so much

just from a handshake? Amazing.

Yes, it's me again. What's going on?

Nothing's happened yet,
but something is about to happen,

probably a m*rder.

Give me your exact location.

Gagarin Street.
Sixty-eight Gagarin Street.

That's not my jurisdiction.
I'll put you through to my colleagues.

What do you want?

The Comrade Colonel sent me to prison,
and I'd like to know why.

What's that got to do with me?

You tell me.

No, this is no joke.
Do I sound like I'm f*cking joking?

Sixty-eight Gagarin Street. Right away.

We need sugar.

"A spoonful of sugar
helps the medicine go down."

I'll get some sugar.

f*ck! Holy shit!



Hello! Here!

Over there! All right. There!

Someone fell out of the window.

-f*ck! What took you guys so long?
-Calm down.

Hey. Your grandpa's clothes
are super cool.

What are you doing?

I'm thinking.

About what?

Dopi said Freewheelin' Franklin's
astrological sign is Cancer.

That's total bullshit, right?

Phineas is a Leo.
You can tell by his victory sign here.

Fat Freddy, obviously Taurus Ascendant,
I don't know, Pisces or Aquarius.

But Freewheelin' Franklin a Cancer?

He has zero sensitivity.

Sagittarius, Leo Ascendant.

Look, he's giving the world
the middle finger.

A Cancer would never do that.

Pralina, reception, Wolf speaking.

Andi? Wieczorek is alive.

What? What do you mean he's alive?

Kleo, Wieczorek is d*ad.

You visited his grave.

That's weird.

I found a photo of him in Mallorca
looking very much alive.

Maybe it's an old picture.

How could it be? It was impossible
before the border opened.

And if someone is feeling suicidal
about the demise of their country,

do they go to Mallorca for a coffee?


Wieczorek is alive,
and he's doing pretty damn well.

What are you gonna do?

I'm going there.

Kleo, just think about it.

If his death was staged,
then he didn't plan it on his own,

which means the KGB are involved.

They won't hesitate.

They'll get rid of you
without batting an eye.

KGB? What's that stand for?

Köstritzer German Brewery?

It's not funny.
You don't stand a chance against them.

You don't want to pick a fight
with Moscow, hear me?

Not yet.

This is what we'll do.

I'll ask around among the comrades
and find out what happened. I promise.

Does that mean we're a team?

Yes, it does. On one condition.

You don't go to Mallorca,
and you're careful, okay?


I won't go to Mallorca.

-Do swidanija. Towarischtsch.


Look after yourself.


If I practice a bit more,
I'll be able to give myself a blowjob.

Another four inches.

What's that there?


Oh, I forgot.

This guy turned up
at my apartment and asked about you.

I didn't tell him anything.

-g*dd*mn it.
-I didn't tell him anything.

Blum... Party Secretary.


Where were you all night?

I slept in the car. I couldn't get away.

She makes poison from puffer fish.

She just threw a guy out a window.

She's completely crazy.


The Stasi assassin.

Which Stasi assassin?

What do you mean which assassin?
My assassin. The one from the Big Eden.

What are we having to eat?

Oh right. Shit.

Is it my turn to cook?

It was your turn to cook yesterday.

Can you maybe... I'm... Okay.

Come on, we'll make pasta or something.
That's quick.

There's no evidence at all
of who the guy back at Eden was.

The guy today was Party Secretary.

What connection there is between them,
I've no idea.

What I do know
is that it's the same woman.

I was in her apartment
and took some of her clothes.

She was wearing that dress at Big Eden.




So nice of you to get up.

Yes, my sleeping pattern is a bit off.

Why don't you just arrest her?

I can't just arrest someone in the GDR.

Anyone else want garlic bread?

Hey, we're making dinner here.
Put it back right now.

-One's fine.
-Right now.

Just one.

I'll get it.

Give me your hand, little brother.

I'm Rosa Luxemburg.

And who are you?

Mark Petzold.

Does Felix Dzerzhinsky live here?



Goodbye, Mark.

Yes, really. It's all still there.

What do your colleagues think of all this?

Böttger doesn't really believe me, but...

-Who was it?
-Someone named Rosa Luxemburg.

She was looking for a Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Fold, punch,

file, go home.

Come out.

I know who you are,
and I know what you do.

Dad, what's going on?


Go back inside.

What's up with you?

Just had a crazy trip.

Here, take one.

They melt in your head, not in your hand.

Head, not mouth.

Funny, huh?

Tell me, Thilo,

what's the quickest way
to get to Mallorca?

I thought you didn't want
to go to Mallorca?

Did I say that? I lied.

Air Berlin.

But Air Berlin are Yanks.

I won't fly with Yanks.
I'll have to find another way.



Hello, sir.

Just a moment.

What about her?



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