01x03 - Snow in Sóller

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x03 - Snow in Sóller

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-Welcome to Mallorca.

Do you know where this is?

Señor, do you know this man?

Señor Fritz?

Yes, Señor Fritz.

That's sh*t!

Greetings, Comrade Wieczorek.


Poor bastard.

MANUAL - w*apon AND expl*sives

The Colonel's got visitors. Well, well.

Who are you?

What we're seeing is a campaign by the
supposed victors, the imperialist forces,

against the German Democratic Republic

and against the achievements
of socialism for the working class.

-It might be important.
-It's not that important. Let it ring.

We will not sacrifice
the cause of the working class

and thus the fate of workers
in the German Democratic Republic.

The current talks with the Soviet Union,
the other imperialist...

-Greetings from the Mediterranean

to Mark Brandenburg.

...powers and the Federal Republic
of Germany about an annexation...

-Damn it, Kleo, you...
-Andi, I've found Wieczorek.

He's alive and calls himself Señor Fritz.

What are you going to do?

Have a coffee with him.

If you k*ll him, that's m*rder, Kleo.


Elimination of a traitor.

Not m*rder.

The Comrade Colonel
will see what a devoted agent I am.

Hey, I'm going to have to go now.

Yes, I just wanted to keep you informed,
like before.

In case we're working together again.

We are, aren't we?


Yes, we are.


A quick evaluation and engagement
of the target could also...

...theoretical understanding is also...

...courage and determination...

Hey, assh*le.

How did you get in here?

The terrace door was open.
Thilo, you lied to me. I don't like that.

You told me
you didn't know Kleo Straub, right?

Things change.
Everything is kind of in a state of flux.

Haven't seen her lately. Where is she?


-Okay, I'm giving you another chance.

Where is she?


No, leave that alone.

This is enough for a police report,
maybe even arrest you.

Where's Kleo?

Oh man.

I'm in a quandary now.

I told her I wouldn't say anything.

But when your back's to the wall,
you have to think strategically.

Exactly, brother. Well?


Mallorca. Kleo is in Mallorca.

I maybe shouldn't have told you,
but I'm thinking strategically.

I don't know.

What's she doing there?

No idea. She didn't tell me.
She just said, "Mallorca."

And where exactly in Mallorca?

-Answer it.
-I can't just answer the phone.

-Answer it and think strategically.
-Yeah, sure.

Hello, Thilo here.

Yoo-hoo! It's me.

Oh hey, Kleo. All good?

I wanted to tell you, if it doesn't rain,
please water the plants in the garden.


Yes. With the garden hose.

My little flowers are thirsty.

Wow. Yeah, okay. Water. Important, huh?

Ask her where she is.

Anything else? What's it like in Mallorca?

It's so beautiful here. It smells so nice.

Well, sure. The Mediterranean,
south and all that.

And where exactly are you?
It's a big island.

Thilo, are you all right?


Is someone there with you?

If there is,
say, "The weather's bad here."

Weather's bad?

Is that nob from the West with you?

Yes, but it's meant to be better tomorrow.

Okay, Thilo, don't say a word.
You know what'll happen otherwise.

Yeah, sure.

I'll call you back.

Kleo, hello?

She hung up.

Yeah, no idea where she is.
Again, she didn't tell me.

Just that it's really beautiful
and warm and so on.

Weather's bad? Are you messing with me?

-Of course not.
-You lying to me again?

-No, she really didn't say...
-Are you lying to me?

Thilo, do you know who I am?

Do you know what I can do to you?

That's interesting.

I was never here.

Of course not.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Stop fooling around. Who are you?

I live here.

With a suitcase? And why the wig?

Fake West German passport?

Binoculars? b*ll*ts?

Who are you?

Kleo Straub, comrade.

I'm on a State Security mission, comrade.

State Security was disbanded.



And unofficially?

Unofficially is unofficially.

What exactly is your mission, comrade?

Why so aggressive, Comrade Below?

What is your mission, comrade?

Alexander Below.

Resident in Moscow.

Been traveling a lot these last few years.

You've known Wieczorek since he worked
at the Ministry of State Security.

You're KGB, right?

Why did Wieczorek disappear?

What's the KGB got to do with it?

Forget the KGB.

It won't exist for much longer.

It's about looking out for yourself now,
just like in your country.

Stupid bastard.

I'd like to make a deal with you.

I'm not here to make deals.

There could be a lot of money
in it for you. West German marks.

I'm not interested in money.

In the West, it's always just about money.
Without money, you are nothing.

Money! It's always money.

What money is this?

Money that I get from Wieczorek.
You can earn some of it too.

If you k*ll me now, you'll get nothing.

Hey, it's all too short-notice for me too,
but what am I supposed to do?

A police mission is a police mission,
you know?

It's regarding the Stasi assassin.

I'm the only one
who's seen her face to face.

I've gotta go to Mallorca to tail her.

Direct order from Böttger.

It just seems very sudden.


Jenny, even my f*cking boss
has realized that I'm right.

About everything.

This is my case. This is my chance.

Say it's okay.

Yes, I'm happy for you.


-Promise me you'll take care of yourself.
-I will.

Yeah. Don't do anything foolish, okay?

Baby, when have I ever
done anything foolish?


Yes, can I help you?

I'm Nicole Schmidt.

I've moved into the house
over there on the hill.

I wanted to ask, have you got any eggs?

It smells so good here.


Right, I'll take that.

Is your husband not here?

No, he's gone away to Palma on business.

Pity. I'd have liked
to say hello to him too.

Nothing to worry about.

-You can't make something out of nothing.
-That's probably true. Your eggs.

Great. I just love eggs.

They can be used in so many ways,

from scrambled eggs to omelets
to soft-boiled eggs,

hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs.

Eggs in a glass.

-Egg salad. Eggnog.

-Easter eggs.

If you ever need anything else,
just drop by.

Thank you.

Your place is just so beautiful.

It was always my dream,
and my husband's too.

Last year, he sold his company,
and from that point on,

money was no longer an issue,
and we decided on Mallorca too.

And then he d*ed quite suddenly.

Oh, I'm really sorry.

Yes, it's terrible.

Loss is always painful.

But he wouldn't
have wanted me to be unhappy.


And it's even nicer for me to know now
there are nice people living around me.

I feel less lonely already.

-Yes, money alone doesn't make you happy.

Well, then, thanks very much.

You know what?

Why don't you come over
for dinner with us this evening?

I'll cook something nice,
maybe something with eggs.

You'll meet my husband,

and the two of us
can get to know each other.

Have you thought any more about my offer?

The offer from someone
who betrays his own people?

Does the KGB know about
your illegal dealings with Wieczorek?

Here. Tortilla.

That's a scrambled egg, not a tortilla.


It's tortilla from Pankow.
Don't get on my nerves.



Hi, Andi.

I'm coming in.



It's quite nice here. Right?

What are you doing now?
Where'd you end up?

The Centrum department store on Alex.
The warehouse.

Oh, nice.

Yes, it's slowly filling up
with Western products that nobody needs.

-No sh*t.
-I'm telling you,

the capitalists will overrun us

if we don't fight them
with sword and shield.

Yeah, maybe.


What are you doing here, Uwe?

I've been given
an assignment from the very top.

Kleo is out of jail. You hear about that?

She's sniffing around.

I have to watch that she doesn't
cause any trouble, keep an eye on her.

Something like that, well...

And I thought I'd drop by
and ask you what you know.

Whether it's true

about her sniffing around.

After all...

you two were f*cking.



-Good evening.

Thank you for inviting me.

I'm Nicole Schmidt.

Grossmann. Fritz Grossmann.


-Come on in.
-You know what? Call me Nicki.


By the way, this meatball recipe
was originally my grandma's.

-Really delicious.
-Thank you.

One should maintain a certain connection
to one's homeland when abroad.

-We can't deny the fact that we're German.

The Spaniard says, "Olé,"
the Saxon says, "No way!"

-I'm sorry.
-No, that's all right.


as a West German,
you probably can't really understand.

When you've been locked up

almost your whole life
and the doors suddenly open,

it's quite natural
to get out of there immediately

to freedom.

My father was a businessman in Leipzig.

A good businessman.

You Westerners
could take a page from his book.

You're not always that good.

-Fritz, please,
-It's true. You're allowed to say it.

You are.


I never had the chance
to follow in his footsteps.

Those at the top were against it.

"Those at the top?"

The Party. Those who called the sh*ts.

Weren't you in the Party?

Why do you ask that?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I thought everyone
in the East was a communist.

That's what they say anyway.
But those are probably stupid prejudices.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude.

Since we're getting to know each other
and have the chance to clear things up,

I thought you could maybe ask that, yes?

That isn't being rude.

We are one people after all, aren't we?

No, I was never in the Party.
On the contrary.

Anyway, we're making up for all that now,
aren't we, Regina?


What does a person
with a businessman's genes do in Mallorca?

That is a good question.


This is the future, my dear Nicole.
This is Biski, Binz Ski Paradise.


It's an indoor ski center
on the island of Rügen.

My first joint project
with a building contractor from the West.

Five hundred meters
from the beach in Binz.

Skiing at seaside.

The best of both worlds, like in LA.

Binz will become the LA of the East,
thanks to me.


Do you want to go in with me?


Anyone who can't make money
in this situation with the East,

excuse me for saying this, is an idiot.

What exactly do you mean
by "go in with you"?

Look, I have connections,
from earlier times,

and I'm using these connections now
to arrange the sale of companies

in the GDR that are no longer profitable
to buyers from West Germany.

And for that, I earn a decent commission.

That's awesome.

Successful people
find the right loopholes.

The commission payments go into
one of my wife's accounts in Switzerland.

No one there asks questions,
and interest rates are great. Clever, no?

Like a fox.

A businessman.

Cheers, Fritz.



I'll think about what you said.

I think you deserve this so much...

after all these dark years.

Excuse me,
could I use the little girls' room?

Yes, of course.
It's just around the corner here.

Thanks very much.

This woman is fantastic.

A really nice person.
A Westerner, but nice all the same.

Fritz and Regina Grossmann.

I'm hosting a little party here
tomorrow afternoon

with my business partners
for the signing of the contract.

Some nice food, a few drinks.
The mayor of Sóller is coming too.

So if you want, please drop by.

You can never have enough beautiful
young women at a party, if I may say so.

Well, you can bet your life on it.

I'd love to come. See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

There's something off about her.

I just have this feeling.

You and your feelings.

Well? Do you believe me now?

The contract will be signed
tomorrow afternoon.

As soon as the contract is signed,
payments will pour into his account.

After that,
you can do what you like to him.

If you don't want the KGB to find out
about your illegal dealings with him,

you'll immediately
forget everything that happened here.

Do you understand?

You got it.


Get out of here.

Evening, Freddy. It's me, Sven. Yes.

Listen, I want you to do
some research for me, please. Got a pen?

Their names
are Fritz and Regina Grossmann.

Kleo, I'm worried about you.

Uwe Mittig came to see me.

He said he had been given orders
from the top to tail you.

From the top? Who?

He didn't say,
but you really should keep a lid on it.

Please, Kleo.

What have I got to lose, Andi?

And besides, if those at the top
are still involved in all this,

I certainly won't keep a lid on it.

What's going on with Wieczorek?

Wieczorek is living in luxury,
and is now making a career

out of being a victim of the GDR.

And Andi, guess what,
he paid a comrade from the KGB

to help him get away from Germany
and go into hiding here.

They're great comrades, huh?

That's not possible.

They're making secret deals.

He's selling our business
to the big capitalists from the West

so they can
bulldoze everything in our country.

And the stupid bastard gets paid for that.

And the comrade
from the KGB also earns a pretty sum.

He's selling us to the class enemy, Andi.

There is no enemy anymore, Kleo.

Yes, there is.

Characters like Wieczorek
and his partners.

But they'll pay for it.

But that's just insane.
That's taking the law into your own hands.

You can't do that.

There's no state
and no Firm anymore to protect you.

I wasn't protected, Andi.

I'm just saying that if you're caught now,
you'll be sent to jail for good.

Is that what you want?

Why are you getting so worked up?

Because I really do
f*cking care about what happens to you.

Nice of you to say that.

See you.

Your Campari.

Thank you.

Can I sit here?

Of course.

Do you have a cigarette?


I quit three years ago.

You're German too?


You're a friend of Fritz Grossmann's too,
aren't you?

Fritz and Regina, such dears.
Really nice neighbors.

It was sad when they both d*ed
four and nine years ago, respectively,

in Karl-Marx-Stadt.

Yet they still seem quite lively,

Right... Kleo, enough foreplay, okay?

I know you worked as an assassin for
the Stasi in Reconnaissance, Division 18.

I know that in this capacity,
you k*lled a man in the Big Eden in 1987.

I was there.

I know that after this assignment,

you were betrayed by your own people
and put in jail. And why?

I don't know.

But neither do you,

and you don't give a sh*t
because now you're pursuing a vendetta

against everyone who did this to you.

Fritz Grossmann's real name
is Ludger Wieczorek.

He was your superior in Reconnaissance,
and you've come here to k*ll him.

And I know
that you don't like sleeping alone.

Great story.

You should write thrillers.
You've got a talent for it.

Do you think
you'll get away with all this?

Why are you interested?

Because it's exciting?

The legend of the Stasi assassin?

This is no legend.

What will you have?

The almond cake here is really delicious.

I'm allergic to almonds.

Listen, this is an official warning.

But I know you won't heed it.

You will carry on doing what you're doing
because that's the way you are.

But I'll tell you one thing, Kleo.
I'm not going to quit either.

I'll keep doing what I'm doing,
keep coming after you

until I put you in prison.

That's just the way I am.

You're sweet.

You're like a dog with a bone.

Don't underestimate me.

We've got something in common.

Neither of us likes to be underestimated.

Goodbye, Sven Petzold.

Goodbye, Kleo Straub.


You're jealous, Gabriela.

You always are whenever
I give a young thing a friendly look.

Oh, that's just nonsense.

Gabi dear, admit it.
It's an attractive trait of yours.

Hey, I called the authorities in Palma.

You did what?

The property opposite us hasn't been sold.

And definitely not
to a Nicole Schmidt or her d*ad husband.

That's outrageous.


Better keep an eye on her.

The Grossmanns have put on
a decent spread here, huh?


Call me Reiner, if you like.
From Mannheim.

Nicole Schmidt. I'm the neighbor.
Pleased to meet you.

I know. Fritz has already
told me about you.

That you are a woman of taste.

Since Fritz is from the East,
he's in a good position to judge.

Is he, yeah?

Yeah. He's got a good nose, an instinct.

You can't learn that. It's...

Well, he's got instinct.

I'm telling you,

Fritz is someone who'll make sure
he gets his slice of the pie

before everything falls apart over there.

If annexation happens,
the windfall's over.

-I'm traveling there...


I don't mean to interrupt,
but we should head in for the signing.

-Yeah, it's time.

Well, you'll excuse me?


A really nice girl.

And I'm also delighted
that the esteemed mayor and his wife

-are here today to celebrate this deal.
-Excuse me.

A very warm welcome

to Señor Jesus Rodriguez
and the esteemed Juanita Rodriguez.

My wife, who I can't see right now...


What are you doing?

I just wanted to quickly powder my nose.

Regina, do you know
what a "coup de poudre" is?


A "coup de poudre"
is an action carried out by voodoo cults.

After a "coup de poudre,"
it looks as if people are d*ad,

but they're not.

They're just trapped in their own bodies.

Has your husband never told you about it?



Then I hope
that he hasn't forgotten about it all.

...the future,

look forward to thriving landscapes
and a thriving future.

Excuse me, I must find my wife

before she buries herself
in the kitchen all afternoon.

Speaking of food, dive into the buffet.
Enjoy, yeah?


Gabriela? Are you all right?


What is this?

Do you remember me, Comrade Colonel?


What have you done to my wife?

Tetrodotoxin. Not nice at all.

And eventually, the heart stops b*ating.

She needs dopamine urgently.

What do you want?

I want you to tell me
who I eliminated in the Big Eden in '87

and what I did wrong then.

If you lie to me...

your wife dies.

You did nothing wrong.

The man you eliminated
was the CIA Chief in West Berlin.

He directed all US agents in the GDR.
Your operation was a complete success.

You want to know why we convicted you?

The order came from the very top,
from Minister Mielke.

I don't know the reason why.

You don't question orders
from the Minister. You know that.


The GDR is history.

Look around you.

You're totally free now,

and you should take advantage
just like me and many others.

We fought with conviction, and we lost.

Are we going to drown in self-pity now
or side with the victors? Think about it.

Can you hear yourself?

The only person
who can help you is Comrade Mielke.

I can't tell you any more than that.
I really can't.

Kleo, please. Don't let her die!




The world is so beautiful,
in spite of all the chaos.

And it would be even more beautiful

if there were no cowards
or weaklings living in it.

Well, then, let's wake Snow White.

It'll take a while.

Go back to your friends.
They're bound to be waiting for you.


What happened?

Gabi dear...

have you ever noticed...

that ski slopes only ever go downhill?

Are you from the police?

Oh, no.

"Are you from the police?"

Yes, it's me.

I think she's beginning to cause trouble.

I'll clean up now.


Federal Intelligence Service.

I have information for you

about an assassination that took place
in 1987 at the Big Eden in Berlin.

I think you might be interested.

Okay. I'm listening.

"Then an enemy b*llet came
during such a joyful game."

"With a brave smile,
our little trumpeter fell."

Almond cake.


Hello, my name is Regina Grossmann.
I'd like to close my account.

Always ready.
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