01x04 - The Minister

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x04 - The Minister

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Wake up, wake up

The cock crowed

The sun is starting out on its golden road

Comrade Wolf!

Damn it, Kleo.
What are you doing here? Where's Anja?

The gynecology clinic called.
Her urine sample went missing.

She had to go
and give them a new one right away.

It was a really careless lab assistant.

Look, Andi,
I brought you something from Mallorca.

-These are...
-Tell me, what did you do?

You mean Wieczorek?


Wieczorek is d*ad.

Of course.

Don't you understand the GDR
is no longer there to protect you?

They'll be after you now for m*rder.

Just chill out. I found something out.

All orders came from the very top,
from Minister Erich Mielke himself.


-Then Mielke sent Uwe.

And that's why
I have to pay Mielke a visit now too.

In Hohenschönhausen. In prison.

I need to know why it happened.

Okay, then I'm coming with you.


Andi, you have pregnant wife.

You're going to have child.
You must stay here.

Kleo, I'm coming with you.

No, "Andrea." I'm going alone.

"Andreas" was sold out.

Oh! Hello, Ms. Plumber.
Is the boiler fixed now?

No, it's still missing a spare part,
I'm afraid.

It would be nice if everything was
working once the baby's here.

It kicked. Feel it.

Do you have children?

Yes, twins. Rosa and Karl. Goodbye.


Crazy. She's completely crazy.

Freddy, she's slaughtering them
one after the other.

I've never come across a woman like her.

You could've gotten k*lled
in Mallorca too.

No. If she'd wanted me d*ad,
she would have done it by now.

But she doesn't.

You know what?
It's best if you apologize to Böttger.

-"It was all nonsense. I apologize."

-Nonsense? Don't you start too.
-What is it then?

It's a huge case
of gigantic proportions, man.

Okay, look,
Party Secretary Walter Blum, d*ad.

Ludger Wieczorek, Stasi Colonel, d*ad.

Her own grandfather,
Stasi Colonel-General, disappeared.

She's working her way systematically
through the really big fish.

She can't get the biggest fish.

-What do you mean?
-Erich Mielke is in jail.

Freddy, you're an absolute genius.

Erich Mielke. Stasi Chief Erich Mielke.

He's the next victim!
We have to tell Böttger.


-How do I look?
-Like sh*t.

Mallorca, yeah? On your own!

Mr. Böttger, I'm very sorry, but...

Let me tell you one thing.
There'll be disciplinary action.

Okay, you have every right.
Can I tell you what I found?

No, you can't. I'm not interested.

And you'll be on desk duty only
for quite some time.

That would severely undermine our work.
We've found out...

No, you're undermining your work,

your work for the Fraud Squad,
because that's your job!

It'd be nice if you took it seriously.

When will you get it through your head?
What is it you don't understand, Petzold?

Okay, then I quit.

What? Are you nuts, Sven?

And now you'll march
into my office and dramatically

slam your badge on the table
like in some shitty cop movie, right?


sh*t, no. I left it at home today.

We... I'll do it, okay,
I'll bring it in tomorrow and...

Yeah, okay.

I just quit.

What was that all about?
And now? What now?

And now...

now I'll save Erich Mielke's ass.

That's what.

What are you doing?



Today, the East German police hospital
declared former Minister of State Security

retired General Erich Mielke
fit enough to be kept in jail,

and thus he will remain
in Hohenschönhausen Prison in Berlin.

Comrade Minister?

The GDR's state prosecutor accuses him
of damaging the national economy

and charges him with treason
for anti-constitutional activities.

And now, some music.

Or rather, this way round.

It's curry.

Enjoy your lunch, Comrade Minister.

You can take it away again.

Are you sure, Comrade Minister?


Well then, guys?

Okay, 20 marks says she won't do it.

Count me in.

There's no way she'll do it.

Make them look stupid.

Thanks very much, guys.

Ms. Geike?

That was easily five feet high.

but she also practices every evening.

Ms. Geike?


Anything I can help you with?

There it is.
I just need you to tell me who you are.

I'm as blind as a bat without my lenses.

-Min Sun.
-Min. Hello.

And we agreed on Anne, right?

Yes, Anne.

Right, what's up? I don't have much time.

I have so much sh*t to do.


Oh, I see. You mean "work."

Yes, exactly. sh*t.


The government instructed us
to find the Stasi assassins,

Mielke's secret elite group.

-I got a phone call yesterday

which might interest you.

From a KGB contact.


Yes, I think so. Kleo Straub.

She spent the last three years in jail.
Now she's free.

Took care of a lot of dirty work
for the Stasi.

Last job was a m*rder
at the Big Eden in '87.

Victim's official cause of death
was an overdose,

but my contact is sure it was her.

Big Eden.

It's a disco in West Berlin.

I know what the Big Eden is.

Of course.

Okay, look into it then.

-Yes, you.

On my own?

Min, you want to be promoted?

Yes. Of course.

Well, then.

Thank you, Anne.

They're making a fuss about this one,

You wouldn't believe it.


You're right about that too, but I mean,
they're not going to nab him overnight.


And I still think
what the Comrade Minister

is accused of is just... It's ridiculous.

He's a sick man. He should be at home.

I just find it embarrassing.

Wait, hang on a second.

Hello. Gabi Gormen.
I'm the new prison guard.

Been transferred from Saxony.

Just a second, miss.
I'll be right with you, okay?

Someone's just arrived. Hang on.

No, I'm on the afternoon shift all week.

Yeah, I'll call you back. Yeah.


Where is she?


My legs have gone to sleep back here.

You lot are smaller than we are.

Mielke was meant to be next,
but it didn't quite work out.

You know, someone had to protect him.

I know what you're thinking.

"When is this scarily good-looking guy
finally going to stop bugging me?"

Hey, I've already told you,
when you're back in prison too.

Look, I drew up your h*t list.

Your grandfather, Walter Blum,
Ludger Wieczorek, and now Erich Mielke.

You've well and truly f*cked this up.

How angry you are now.

Do you know
I'm not at all scared of you anymore?

I mean, you could have
k*lled me in front of my own house,

you could have k*lled me in Mallorca,
you could k*ll me now,

but you won't.

You like me.


That's my cue to get out now?

Till next time, Kleo.

"Sven Petzold."

Mission report, Operation Cowboy.
To Comrade Minister Erich Mielke.

Copied to Major-General Otto Straub.

On March 30th at 2:27 p.m.,

Comrade Ramona fired a total of six sh*ts

at American President Ronald Reagan.

The target was seriously injured.

On March 30th...

"...trained as agents,
so you are capable of carrying out

diversionary actions
in areas of operation."

Ronald Reagan.

"Target was taken out."

"...of the people."

Destruction. Appropriation."

Reconnaissance. Destruction. Name?

Appropriation. Agent's name. Name? Ramona.


Who are you?
What do you look like, Ramona?

-I know I shouldn't be snooping, but...
-Thilo, what are you doing?

I found some files in the basement.
Do you know a Ramona?

Yeah. They say she was
the best Scout for Peace in the GDR.

Hey, Reagan assassination attempt.

Maybe she was
involved in the Barschel case.

And when I put the pieces together,

Barschel d*ed in a hotel called
"Beau Rivage," or "The Beautiful Shore."

And who had his capital deliberately built
on the most beautiful river shore?

Exactly, Genghis Khan!

The cause of his death
was also unexplained.

Some say it was the plague.

Others say a princess
cut off his d*ck, and he bled to death.

In any case, he didn't fall off his horse.

All of this is not a coincidence.

-Where is Ramona? What's she look like?
-Nobody knows what Scouts look like.

She joined the KGB.



She created A*DS.

You're a secret agent too.

Me? No.

-Oh, I thought...
-I'm a full-time unofficial employee

of the Ministry of State Security,

Main Directorate of Reconnaissance,
Division 18, Minister's task force.

Well, I was.

Basically, a Stasi contract k*ller.

Oh, well, that's good too.

You mustn't tell anyone...

but I was brought to Earth by a UFO.

In 1969.

My mission's to bring techno music here.

When I'm finished, I can go back.

Back home to Sirius B, to my princess.

I'm just like you,
a contract k*ller, but of bad music.


Put that back. I'll make breakfast.

You want hard or soft-boiled eggs?

Breakfast. What time is it? Soft-boiled.


I'm right here.

There they are,
the heroes of the Great Patriotic w*r,

the pride of the Red Army.

What pride?

Thanks to the Soviet Army,
soldiers die of hunger.

Now everyone survives as best they can.


Have you got what I want?


Thank you.

That's nice too.



Hey, you all right?


Are you angry
because I left you a mess behind?

Sorry, I came home to change
then went straight to work.

They were so excited
to hear what I found out...

I saw the bank statements.
I know it wasn't an official mission.

Are you spying on me now?

I had a look at our joint account

to see if there was enough money in it
to buy our son

the expensive shoes
he wants for his birthday.

Jenny, okay, may I...

What? I've recorded something.
I'd like to watch it.

-We're going out, okay?

Hi, Dad.

Okay, Marki. Don't be out too long, yeah?

Come on.

Let's go to the Fischlabor. Tonight it's...

-Basement or upstairs?
-Upstairs. As usual.

Nah. I'm not in the mood
for the Fischlabor.

Where then?

What about Far Out?

Far Out? No, tonight is Barefoot Night.

Is he not going out with Jerome anymore?

You know the guy with the...



Jenny, please. Let's talk about it.

I don't want to talk about it.
You lie to me all the time.

I don't lie to you all the time.

Okay, listen.

It wasn't a police mission, no.

I wasn't on an official assignment
in Mallorca, but it was still work.

That's not a lie.
I protect people. That's my job.

What should I have done?
Just let a Stasi assassin carry on?

The more I find out about this case,

the more I realize
how enormous this whole thing is.

It's huge, Jenny.

It's the biggest case of my life,
do you understand?

I spoke to Frederick.

Okay, fine, so you are spying on me.

Why are we speaking at all
if you don't want to hear...

You quit?
Without talking to me? Just like that?

No, not "just like that."
I'm trying to explain it to you.

-It's an ego trip.

And you're dragging me, your son,
and your colleagues into it, yeah?

Sven, relationships don't work like that.
It's totally...

-Okay, forget it.
-What? What did I do?

I didn't say anything.

No, but you sighed.

I sigh all the time.
Sometimes the whole f*cking day.

But it was an irritated sigh!

Why can't you be proud of me?

Proud of the fact
that I'm involved in a huge case

that only I'm pursuing
and all those other assholes missed.

One I'm so convinced I'm right about,
I've quit my f*cking job.

What I did with the money was stupid.
I'm sorry.

But I have to be allowed
to decide things for myself too.

I was alone in Mallorca, yes.
I get you don't understand it.

But you don't always have to understand
everything your partner does.

I don't get a lot of things you do either.

For example?

For example...

Your jazz dance classes, for example.


You're a dickhead.

I see, so you think that's better
than an irritated sigh, right?

For little knows my royal dame

that Kleo Straubi is my name.

Greetings from
the Gugelhupf cake princess, Minister.



Give me the car key.

But I need the car.

Yes, but it's mine.

-But you ride your bike all the time.
-So what?

Maybe I've spontaneously decided
to shake things up.

That's how things work here, no?

Today I might even drive
to my jazz dance class.

Seriously? It's four blocks away.

So what? I didn't start this sh*t, Sven.

What you're doing
is incredibly childish. Please.

sh*t. House key.

Hey, wait. Jenny!

I can't believe you told Jenny I quit.

She's just worried.

You snitching doesn't make things better.

I mean, I've helped you.

And I've not? I've been waiting
here with you for hours like a chump.

Yeah, because we... Forget it. Yeah.

It's more boring here
than in the archives.

How long has that guy been here?

What guy?

The guy in the Lada.
How long's he been here?

How would I know?

sh*t, he's got binoculars.

-So have you.
-Yeah, but I'm investigating.

He must be tailing her too.

He's leaving now. He's leaving, Freddy.

Yes, but we're here because of her, right?

Yes, but he was... Oh sh*t.

Okay, follow him. Come on!

He's already rounded the corner. Go!

Do you want one too?

Won't the others let you play with them?

Fricking kids.

Can I have a go too?


I'll give it to you.


Rise up and fight, fight

We were born to fight

Rise up and fight, fight

We are ready to fight

We promised Karl Liebknecht

-For the Comrade Minister.

We lend a hand to Rosa Luxemburg

I'm sad because I probably
won't be able to grow up

in our German Democratic Republic,

but Comrade Minister shouldn't be sad.

That's why I baked a cake with my mom.

Be ready.

Always ready.

Comrade Minister?

From a Young Pioneer.

The girl knows about
everything you've done

for our workers' and peasants' state,
Comrade Minister.

I've already cut it up for you.

I'm not allowed to bring you a Kn*fe.

I also had to check
there wasn't anything in it.

Those are the rules, you know that.

Enjoy it, Comrade Minister.

Mr. Mielke, can you hear me?
Weak pulse. We'll have to ventilate him.

-He just lay motionless in his cell.

Here, Doctor, the lab results.

Tests were already done in prison.

Dopamine, please.
Carbo activatus, 100 mg. He was poisoned.

Get everything ready
for a feeding tube and an intubation.

Get him into intensive care right away.

Looks pretty grungy.

Is that him?

That's him.

What's he doing?

I think he's feeding a cat.


Here, kitty.


-What's he doing? Is he leaving or what?

-He's coming this way.


Is he gone?

I don't think he saw us.

Thank God.

All right, this is my chance.
I'm going in.

Where are you going? Why? Svenny!

Don't go in.



What the...




Mr. Petzold?

I didn't do anything.

I'd like to talk to you.


Who are you?

Min Sun. Pleased to meet you.

-We know you're following her.


Kleo Straub.

You're very good at it.

sh*t, I'm right, aren't I?
She really is a Stasi assassin.

Kleo Straub was on the...

-Minister's Task Force for Special Issues.
-Special Issues, yes.

A Stasi h*t squad.
So far, we know little of who was in it.

I'm right. I knew it! She's part of it!

She did her last job in '87.

At the Big f*cking Eden.
It wasn't an overdose. I know that!

Don't shout.

I'm sorry.

You were a witness.


I found the guy.
I know she's k*lled others. I just know.

We want you to help us.

Keep tabs on Kleo Straub. Find out more.

Are you recruiting me now for the BND?

Call me.

Yeah, sure.

I'll call as soon as I...

The name's Petzold. Sven Petzold.


f*ck it.


Wake up.

Hello, Minister.

Well, not so nice, is it?

Being so powerless.

What's going on?

So small and weak.

What am I doing here?

You were poisoned, then you were saved.

By me.

Oh no, Minister, not the alarm!


I had the best training in our country
with the comrades at Special Issues,

so I probably wouldn't
forget to disable the alarm, right?

-Do we know each other?
-Yes, I think so.

I'm Kleo Straub.


Otto's granddaughter.

What are you doing here?

I spent my whole life
serving our country, and in 1987,

I successfully eliminated
the CIA Chief in West Berlin at Big Eden.

Then I was thrown in jail.

I want to know why.

The CIA Chief in West Berlin
wasn't eliminated.

He's still alive.

And I don't know
why you were in prison. No idea.

Who did I k*ll, then?

I really don't know, Kleo.

Someone else was in charge
of the whole thing, not me.

And who was that?

I ought not to tell you that, Kleo.

Let me tell you something, Minister.

When you sh**t someone,
you gotta do it properly.

And I know how to do it properly.

Right, then.

It was my deputy, your grandfather.

He was a first-class agent.

Stop lying!

Why should I lie?
I have nothing more to lose.

I'm old and sick.

My life's work
was dragged through the mud.

There's nothing else left!

I'm an old man.

I've got a family.

"I've got a family."

I want to see my wife again.

My children.

My dog.

Everything I'm telling you is the truth.

Your grandfather pulled the strings.

I never wanted to hurt anybody.

I love all human beings.


I can see you've got a good heart, Kleo.

Please, Kleo. Please.

Stop crying.


But if I find out you've been lying,

you'll never see your family again.


Help! I'm being att*cked!
An antisocial element!

Your grandfather pulled the strings.

Hi, Kleo.

I'm your grandfather.

You have to be strong now.

I was following orders.

I had no choice.

You were everything to me.

I'd like for you to read this.


My dear Kleo,

I've had many decisions
to make in my life.

Letting you go to prison was the hardest.

Some people called for your elimination.

I was able to spare you from that,

but not from prison.

You eliminated an enemy in the West
who had information

that could have caused the GDR
and the whole world to collapse.

Thanks to you, that didn't happen.

You didn't do anything wrong.

If you should ever read these lines,

let it lie.

Otherwise, you'll never
find any peace for yourself.

The former Minister for State Security
of the German Democratic Republic is d*ad.

He was sh*t by an unknown assailant
at Oskar Ziethen Hospital,

where he had been taken
after suffering acute heart failure

while in custody
at Hohenschönhausen Prison.

Erich Mielke d*ed from his injuries.

A search is underway for his k*ller.

The Minister, Kleo? Really?

Do you realize what this means? Huh?

Everyone's looking for you.
The whole Firm. Everyone.

They've set Uwe on you.


I k*lled Grandpa.


I know, I...

Calm down. Come on.

I didn't mean to.

-Calm down.
-He sh*t at me.

-He wrote me a letter.

What kind of letter?

-He wrote me a letter.
-What letter?

I can't breathe.

Calm down.

I can't breathe.

Look at me!

Come here. Come on.

Everything'll be fine.

Remember what you learned.

What was in the letter? Look at me.

What's in the letter?

It was self-defense, Kleo.
You had no other choice, and he knew that.

Did I have no choice?

My grandpa had a choice. Right?

Did we have a choice, Andi?

You can't compare them,
the past and present.

You know better than anyone

what happened to people
who made the wrong choice,

the people we called traitors.

Why did we meet here?

I thought...

we hadn't been here for a long time.

I was pregnant the last time.

I know.

I really wanted to have the child.

I failed.

That wasn't your fault either.

And we still have each other, Kleo.

I love you.

And I'm extremely worried about you

because there are still
enough people out there

who want to defend the past at all costs.

But I can get you a passport.

The safe house in Kazakhstan still exists.
You'll be safe there.

I don't want anything
to happen to you. Please.

Please leave first thing tomorrow.

I'm sorry, I...

Doesn't matter. You know that.

Shall I make you eggs in mustard sauce?

Come on. How many?




You're such a softie.


Maybe a little bit.

I'll get us some eggs.

The CIA Chief in West Berlin
wasn't eliminated. He's still alive.

You eliminated an enemy
in the West who had information

which could have caused the GDR
and the whole world to collapse.

-What's going on?
-I need to know

who I k*lled in the Big Eden.

We need someone
from the West Berlin police.

We don't have anyone.

I do.

And what about Kazakhstan?

Will have to wait. Don't worry.


What's that, Uwe? Any good?

Just canned fish.

Mielke's d*ad.

I thought I could convince Kleo
to let things go,

-but she keeps sniffing around.
-What do you think's gonna happen?

-She could do anything.
-I know, genius.

Shall I step in?


Make sure she stops sniffing.

Hey, Andi?

What is all this actually about?

You little c**t.
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