01x08 - Queen of Hearts

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Marie Antoinette". Aired: October 31, 2022 - present.
Historical drama series based on the life of the last queen of France before the French Revolution, who was 14 years old when she became Dauphine of France upon her marriage to the heir apparent, Louis-Auguste.
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01x08 - Queen of Hearts

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ALL: Five, four, three, two, one...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, Marie.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

And to you, my Queen.

Happy New Year, my love.

Happy New Year, my friend.

I wish I could have you all
to myself.

I can't imagine what we'd get up to
in my bedchamber.

Stop it.


Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, darling.

Happy New Year, Majesty.

Shall we?

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year, Princess.

Happy New Year.

Didn't we meet at a masked ball
in Paris?

Count Axel von Fersen, Majesty.

Did we?

You followed me around
the dance floor.

I seem to remember you followed me.

You asked me to dance.

I think you've got it
the wrong way round.

Do I?

It was...


Happy New Year, Monsieur.

And to you, Stormont.

Are you aware that American
insurgents are using French w*apon

to mutilate and m*rder our soldiers?

Why should I care, Ambassador?

Well, who do you think is supplying
the arms and amm*nit*on?

You're absolutely certain?

You have your spies, we have ours.

I urge you to speak to your brother,

It cannot be in either of our
interests to go to w*r

over a bunch of revolutionaries.

When you declare your support
for American independence,

we must be prepared for England to
declare w*r on us.

We will have ships of the line,
seven frigates,

five corvettes and one lugger.

All ready for battle.

Your Majesty.

We must have naval superiority
in the English Channel.

We will.

Then you will succeed where your
grandfather failed, my boy.

Flowers for the Petit Trianon.

Three Sevres vases.

No, four.

A silk embroidered cover for the
chaise longue in the salon.

And the stool in my bedchamber.

Why don't you take Madame Royale
to the Petit Trianon
when the w*r starts?

Shouldn't we stay here with you?

I'll visit you when I can.

I want you to be happy, Madame.

What about you?

I will be happy
when we crush England.

They stole Canada and Louisiana
from us.

And now we are going to take their
American colonies away from them.


I can't wait.

I fear I may not live to see the
event that will seal our alliance.

Give me a break, Ma. Can't you see?
We're trying.

Try harder.

And next time,
pretend you're enjoying it.

Are all the ships
ready to be launched?

I won't make my announcement
until they are.

If we don't win in the channel, we
can't send our troops to America.

We need the momentum of a victory
to sail across the Atlantic.

That's the way to do it.

You've got a good grasp of strategy,
my boy.

We can discuss battle tactics
when England takes the bait,

which she will the moment
we publicly declare

our support for her colonies.

He wants us to move
to the Petit Trianon.

Would you like me to make the

Only a duchess is permitted to touch
the Queen in public.

Have you met the Countess de
Polignac? Yolande, to my friends.

First to mind.

What brings you to Versailles?

I'm a soldier.

I hear that France may be preparing
for a military engagement
in America.

Where on earth did you hear that?

I've just arrived from England.

It's the topic of conversation at
the Court of St James'.

I thought they only talked about me.

I can't believe he'd pick a fight
with England.

Nobody takes on their Navy
and wins.

Rule Britannia.
Britannia rule the waves.

This is no joke, madame.

I'm deadly serious.

Why don't you speak to him,

Does he ever listen to me?

If he doesn't, shout it
from the rooftops.

You'll be seen as a safe pair of
hands when it blows up in his face.

Josephine is right, you know.

Say thank you.

Thank you.

You're welcome, darling.

Good afternoon.


Good afternoon, monsieur.

I have a simple question
that requires a simple answer.

Why the hell are you preparing to go
to w*r with England
over her rebel colonies?

I'm not.

Don't lie to me.

I know that ferret face too well.

Don't speak to me like that.

Do I need to remind you
how fortunate you are to be here
after your unforgivable behaviour?

It had nothing to do with me.

She was responsible
for the libelle.

And you were a co-conspirator.

I am still the heir to your throne.

Why shouldn't I speak out about
matters that concern us as a family?

If you slip up, we will be...
I won't.

Why do you go out of your way
to make me feel so powerless?

Because you are.

How can she come to France, Mercy?

Hasn't she heard the rumours
about the w*r?

It's been ten years, Majesty.

Since you left Austria, she would
like to see you.

See me,

or spy on me?

She hasn't stopped spying on me
since the day I arrived.

Take your time to reflect.

If she's missing me so much,
why don't you send her my portrait?

I am her mother.

Her sisters welcomed me
with open arms.

She's only suggesting you go when
she delivers the Dauphin.


Don't you mean if?

That may be why she's reluctant
to have you, Ma.

She's terrified
that she won't deliver.

I think we can all agree
that she hasn't delivered.

Give her time.

She may have time, Joseph. I don't.

What is she wearing?

Mr Benjamin Franklin,
the American ambassador to France.

Welcome to Versailles, Mr Franklin.


I believe I have the honour to be
the first monarch

to recognise the United Provinces
of North America.


Yes, indeed. You have that honour,

and may I say, on behalf of
Congress, how very...

And may I say on behalf of England,
there is no Congress.

There are no United Provinces.

America is a British colony subject
to the rule of King George

and to the Parliament
of Great Britain.

He's not an ambassador.

He's a renegade!

How long before England
declares w*r on France?

As long as it takes Viscount to
storm into Rich Windsor.

That long? Say something!

My brother has no idea
what he's getting us into.

Your Majesties, if I may.

If all monarchies were governed
by the same principles

which are in your hearts,

there would be no need
to form republics.

Thank you, Mr Franklin.

It is a pleasure to receive you.

I understand we will be moving to
the Petit Trianon shortly.

Should I start to prepare?

You don't need to lift a finger.

Yolande's organising everything.

That's my job.

She's only trying to help you.

Is she?

Her chaps will be joining us there.

Where are they going to sleep?

In my bed.

In your bed?

Where are you going to sleep?

In the attic.

If that's the arrangement,
I won't be coming.

Please don't be like that.

It's her or me.

You know I need you both.

You are my rock.

She's my adventure.

She's thrown me out of your life,

You are lost to me because of that

Can't you make peace with her?

It would make our lives
so much easier.

Please, please sit down.

Oh, don't fuss.

It's only old age
and you'll have to...

You'll have to endure it yourself
one day.

A bucket of ice, please.

While we have a moment,
may I ask for your advice?

Isn't that what I'm here for,
my boy?

My wife has requested , livres
from the Privy Purse.

Has she?

Whatever for?

To cover the Polignacs' debts.

My inclination is to refuse,

but I know that Count Jules
is your cousin.

Naturally, it's none of my business.

The Privy Purse is yours to do
whatever you like with.

But I think you should give the
Queen a free rein in her household

to allow you a free rein
to rule France.


Your Majesty.

Let me help you.


Thank you.

How in God's name can we support
a revolution?

What sort of an example
is the King setting?

He is giving France the one thing
we have been yearning for,

the chance to deprive our oldest
enemy of the jewel in her crown.

I am astonished you want to go to
w*r with England, Chartres.

Isn't the Prince of Wales supposed
to be your best friend?

When it comes to la gloire,

your best friend instantly becomes
your worst enemy.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Duty calls.

Why only a Lieutenant Commander,

Surely you're capable of grappling
a more senior position.

If it was up to me, I'd be Grand
Admiral of the fleet.

I am the most senior naval officer
in this family.

So, he refused to promote you?

I'm sure he had his reasons.

Perhaps he hasn't forgiven you for
stealing his wife's affections.


He's reduced me
to a worthless appendage.


..you do realise if he screws up,

we will be the first to benefit.

You have a point, cousin.

Are you leaving us, Princess?

I'm going to a spa, Mercy.

I need to rest.

My nerves can't take any more.

If circumstances change,
may I write to you?

I doubt they will.

Take care.



Come in.


What brings you to Paris?

You have an admirer, Ferson.

Thank you.

Make the most of it.

We do.

Can I tempt you to come to the Petit
Trianon tomorrow night?

Dress warmly.

We love to party under the stars.

Are we expecting anyone else?

Do you think he'll turn up?

He can't turn down an invitation
from the Queen.

I want him to come for me.

Let's hit the town
when you come to Paris.


We don't call her that in private.

So what would you like me
to call you?


Welcome to our merry circle, Ferson.

Welcome, Ferson.

Come on, let's play!


No, no!

You're too fast!

Oh, my God!

You're a maniac!


Somebody take that away.

You all right?

I'm fine, thank you.

Be careful.

Her husband doesn't like her cosying
up to impossibly handsome men.

I'm very sorry.

She's a tricky butterfly to catch.

You can't catch butterflies.

You can only trap them.

The King!

One month ago, we recognised the
United Provinces of America.

We expected England to retaliate.

And this morning, an English frigate
fired on the Belle Poule.

I have therefore instructed Count
Dorvillier to launch our fleet.

Our Orleans cousin will command
the third squadron.

Ladies and gentlemen, France and
Great Britain are at w*r.


Am I still your favourite?

Who else could take your place?

Oh, you know who.

Don't let him q*eer my pitch
while I'm away.


It would take five persons
to fill your boots.

Is that all?

I'm relying on you to deliver the
naval victory we're all praying for.

I will press the petals of this
rose between the leaves
of my prayer book.

What prayer book?

A kiss for your departing warrior.

Come back to us safely.


Count Mercy,
what a pleasant surprise.

Is that from the Empress?

May I speak to the Queen?

She's resting.

I'm sure she'll be delighted to talk
to you when she resumes her official
duties at the Chateau.

Shall I give it to her?

Please ask the Queen to send for me
when she has read it.

Yes, of course.

I have been unable to visit the
Queen at the Petit Trianon,

where she's keeping unsuitable

The Countess has assumed
an iron grip over her.

The boy king is making his bid to
shine as brightly as the Sun King.

The w*r against England has
electrified France,

but no-one in diplomatic circles
expects him to succeed.

That's a foul. That's a foul.

Don't be ridiculous.

It's a foul. That's not a foul.

Antoinette. Countess. Gentlemen.

I wasn't expecting you.

Come with me.

Where are they heading off to,
I wonder?

Oh, the nearest bush by the looks
of things.

She doesn't have the balls.

Welcome to the Petit Trianon.

This looks like an English flower

Wait, are you a closet Anglophile?

Don't tell anyone.

So, Count Ferson, how do you like
my home?

Isn't that quaint little Chateau
over there your home?

That quaint little Chateau over
there is my prison.

This is where I can be me.

Why were you in England?

My father sent me to sweep
an heiress off her feet.

Engaged or married?


And never if I can help it.

You don't want to get married?

When I love a woman,
I want to love her freely.

I don't want to be bound by...

I think we should go back inside.

I'm getting cold.

Are you spying on me?

I was merely trying to find out
when our ships are going to get
smashed up in the Channel.

Can't you accept
that I might succeed?

There's absolutely no chance
of that.

Would it be too much for you
to admit that father
was wrong about me?

You know he was right, brother.

Well, boys, you will be overjoyed
to hear

we have finally cleared our debts.


We should have asked for more.

You're so difficult to please,

I think it's time we persuaded
our hostess

to give us a pension.

The lovely county of Beech.

Producing a huge annual return.

Leave it to me. I'll talk to madam.

You could persuade a nun to part
with her chastity belt.


Thank you.

The Polignac has secured
a ridiculous sum of money

from the Privy purse.

How much?

, livres.

A pure madness.

They say Antoinette will make her
a duchess.

How can she be such a fool?
She's not the only one.

Louis has thrust himself
into the w*r

between England and her colonies. He
should be supporting us in Bavaria,

not stirring up a hornet's nest
in America.

She has not replied to my letter.

I must write to her again,
to warn her about her friends.

What's the matter with you, Ma?

I'm cold.
Nonsense! It's boiling hot in here.

Get out of bed and breathe in
some fresh air.




Sh. Sh. Sh.

Sh, little one. Momma's here.

Momma's here.

Mercy, what are you doing here?

I wanted to make sure
you received this letter.

I see you've left
your telescope behind.

Who told her about Louis' gift
to the Polignacs?

It's not hard to find out. The story
is an ever European newspaper.

I'm not the child she flung out
ten years ago.

And now that I have my own daughter,

I realise she should never
have sent me away.

She was acting
in your best interests. Really?

Cos I thought she only acted
in her best interests.

Don't be so hard on your mother.
She won't always be there for you.

No-one is going to tell me
who I can or can't be friends with.

We took our position here.
Yes. West of Ushant.

When they caught sight of us,
they set off in hot pursuit.

We aimed our g*n
and prepared to engage.

But... But what?

What happened?

They withdrew.
They withdrew? Why?

They refused to begin the battle
at night.

How much longer do we have to wait?
A matter of days, sire.



Higher? Yes!


Look who it is.
Look who came to visit us.

Good afternoon, madam.

And good afternoon, little madam.

Have you been ruling the waves?

Not quite.

Provence thinks
we can't win the w*r.

Who cares what Provence thinks?

You can always rely on him
to get it wrong.

We're going to win.
I hope so.

You aren't leaving us already,
are you?

I have to go back. What?

Can't I tempt you
to a glass of cognac?

I want to thank you for helping my
family. We are so grateful to you.

You have to sleep now, little one.

Sleep tight.

..the first expedition
is nearly ready.

General Rochambeau has g*n
to recruit his troops.

May I add my name to the list, sire?

has been inundated with... Hey.

As I was saying, Rochambeau has been
inundated with applications.

All of our French nobles
want to fight in America.

So it will be difficult to secure
a commission, Count Felsen.

You know this can't continue.

This is the first time
I've felt free...

..since I left Austria.

You know, you and I...

..we're both outsiders.

Tonight I was reminded that you are
the Queen of France.

I wish I could...forget about her.

Your husband is a good,
kind and honourable man.


We won't do anything to hurt him.
No. Of course not.

It's like a bucking bronco.

It goes up...
and down...

and down...

And up... Down.

That's what happens
when you fall in love.

It's the worst feeling in the world.
And the best.

You have a husband and a lover.

How do you manage
to keep them both happy?

Well, whatever they ask me to do,
I do.

For instance?

For instance...

..they have set their hearts
on the county of Beech.

Now, I know it's outrageously

But I said I'd mention it to you.

It is outrageous, you're right.

They should be satisfied with
the gift they have just received.

Who helped her to entertain
the Swede behind everyone's back?

She owes us big time.
She'll come round.

Well, if she doesn't,
we will have to pack our bags.

Get the hell out of here.

Isn't this charming little chocolate
box to your taste?

It's making me feel sick.

Well, don't worry.

If she won't play ball,
I'll go straight to her husband.


What are you doing here, Sarge?

I thought this was Antoinette's
bedchamber. We swapped.

Well, where is she?
In the attic.

Now, why didn't you come back in the
morning? I have to speak to her now.

We won. We won?

We b*at the living daylights
out of them.

We won?

Have you told Louis?
No, I wanted to tell you first.

Let's not play any more games.
No, stop it.

I can't. You must.
I'm mad about you.

Stop this. Now.
Don't you understand?!

I'm in love with you.

Don't laugh at me.

You belong to me.

Let me go!

I will never let you go.

Mama was right about him.

Louis has scored
a dazzling victory over England.

Your advice has proved to be
as useless as you are!

Jump in.

Let's see if you can give me a tenth
of the pleasure that she delivers.

Congratulations, Majesty.


Thank you.


I take my hat off to Louis.

The whole of France is celebrating
his triumph in the English Channel.

Has she replied to my letter?

No, she says
she will write to you, Ma.

She's punishing me.

I have been a bad mother.

You have been a great ruler, Ma.

Where's the king?
I need to speak to him now.

Are you sure about this?
Come and see for yourself.

The charges against you
are egregious.

Failure to obey my order
to engage the enemy.

I misread your signal.
Fleeing the Saint-Esprit mid-battle.

We had already won.
The king appointed you

to command the last squadron.

Not to quit your post
and run off to Versailles.

I didn't quit. The battle was over.

I came back to announce the victory
to the only person who mattered.

If you had stayed, you could have
knocked out their ships at the rear.

And our victory would not
just have been a triumph,

it would have been crowned in glory.

I can only conclude it was
a deliberate ploy on your part.

What do you mean by that?

Count Dorvillier has reached the
conclusion that you are a traitor.

Did your friendship to England
outweigh your loyalty to France?

Is this about us?

It's got nothing to do with me.
Then why are you here?

I wanted to see your face

when you were accused
of betraying your country.

I'm not the traitor.

I have no choice
but to dismiss you from the Navy

and order you to leave Versailles.

You will both regret this.

Will you go to Paris? I can't.

He has bound me from coming within
miles of the Chateau.

His luck can't last.
Neither can hers.

I'm glad you've finally
seen the light, cousin.

Keep in touch.
You too.

Oh, I will.

I have banished Chartres
from Versailles.

I will dispatch Fersen to America.

Then she will come back to me.

I have brought Mr Franklin

to inspect the troops
before you leave for America.

General Rochambeau.

Mr Franklin, it's an honour to be
fighting for the United States.

This is Count Fersen,
my aide-de-camp.

Thanks to you, sire.

Thank you, sire.


I'm sorry to see you go,
Count Fersen.


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