01x16 - Episode 16

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Crash Landing on You". Aired: December 14, 2019 – February 16, 2020.
Tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean chaebol heiress to Queen's Group, and Ri Jeong-hyeok, a member of the North Korean elite and a captain in Korean People's Army.
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01x16 - Episode 16

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Gu Seung-jun!

Seung-jun, stay with me.

Don't worry. I'm okay.


Gu Seung-jun.

Gu Seung-jun!


Hang up another IV fluid bag

and check her vital signs again.

Ms. Yoon.

Ms. Yoon.

Inject epinephrine through the IV line.

Yes, Doctor.

Ms. Yoon, can you hear me? Ms. Yoon.

-Start CPR.
-Yes, Doctor.

-Get the defibrillator ready.
-Got it.

We'll begin defibrillation.
Charge to joules.


One, two, three.

Charge to joules.

-One, two, three.

Are you okay?

Stay with me.

Look at me.

Look straight at me.

You told me...

that when you're doing better...

Later on, if I visit you

when I am doing better...

And if

you are

still single...

Then please give me...

a chance.

I was going to give you a chance.

I was going to wait until you visit me.

I was going to wait for you.

I like you, Dan.

Because I like you,

I will keep in mind where I am going.

I will live that way.

I will do that from now on.

I was happy.

Hearing that...

made me happy.


That time,

what were you referring to?


That man?



Why not?

I like it.


You like what? Ramyeon?

Or did you mean that man?




It was you.

It was you, Gu Seung-jun.

I knew it.

Gu Seung-jun.

Gu Seung-jun.


Excuse me.

I think he fainted. Please do something.

Do something, please. Anything.

I feel

so bad for him.

Please do something. Please!

Wake up.

Wake up.

Please wake up, Seung-jun.



It's back.

-Give her the full amount of oxygen.
-Yes, Doctor.

She's s*ab now.

Let's wait and see how she recovers.

All right, then.

We heard she was in critical condition

and thought we should be here.

Thank you.

I'm relieved. It sounds like
she passed the critical stage.


does he have to leave again?

But her condition might worsen.

And she might look for him
when she wakes up.

Please see what you can do.


It's nice to eat together like this.
It's been too long.

Hey, don't laugh.


They might assume that we're some
kooky soldiers seduced by capitalism

and think that we're easy.

It's still not safe to assume
that their evil scheme has ended.

What scheme?

Think about it.

I'm the most elite agent of the DPRK.

They obviously wouldn't want to lose me,

especially when I came down here
of my own accord.

That's why they're feeding us so well.

To tell you the truth,

I already got an offer.

"An offer"?

In American Imperialists' terms,

I guess I can say I got scouted?

We can send you back
if you'd like to return,

but what you wish to do
matters more to us.


If you decide to stay,
we can help you get settled.

They want me to stay.

That's how capitalism works.

Just like this saying,

"Take what's useful
and ditch what's useless."

They find my skills very useful,
so they're eager to keep me here.

You always talk about
how much you hate capitalism,

yet you seem to have already
acquainted yourself with the slangs here.

-But the thing is,

he asked all of us
the exact same question.

-All of you?
-That's right.

You too, Eun Dong?

Perhaps they did that
because they were afraid

I'd think I'd get lonely and say no if
they asked me to stay here all by myself.

Has anyone seen Captain Ri?

Not even once.

I tried asking the investigator,
but he won't tell me anything.


I heard you suggested exchanging those
awaiting repatriation.

We have a few from the South

who are serving time in jail
for espionage charges anyway,

so I'd say we and the South
have nothing to lose.

No, it's different.

The six soldiers who got arrested
in the South are still being investigated,

whereas the nine South Koreans here
are already serving their sentences.

The difference is huge.

It's just us here, so let's be honest.

The Military Department went ahead

and prosecuted them without investigating
or putting them on trial.

I bet some of them think it's unfair.


You can never hide an awl in your pocket.

You want to cover up
the fact that your son

betrayed us for a woman.

That is why you're trying to push ahead
with a deal that is so unfair for us.

I'm sure they know
that it's a losing bargain for them.

But they want them back no matter what?

They obviously want
to settle this quickly.

Yes, they want us to hand them over
as soon as possible.

And they want to keep it confidential.

They want the confidentiality term
to be five years.

They're being sensitive about it
because one of them

is a high-ranking officer's son.

Are we sure that they never engaged
in espionage or any activities

that serve the interest of the North
while being here?

Yes. As you can see in the summary
of the investigation report

and the statements signed by them,

they didn't really do anything
except for the g*n

with Cho Cheol g*ng.

And how do they feel
about going back to the North?

They all want to return.

Then why don't we send them back
in secret as per the North's request?

Going public with it
won't do us any good anyway.

I agree. The conditions they suggested
are favorable to us.

The Ministry of Unification
agrees as well,

but we can't just yield to their request
without trying to strike a deal.

How about we suggest a reunion
of the separated families as well?

I don't think we have anything to lose.

They'll try to strike a deal,

to take advantage of this opportunity
and make the most of it.

How will you take responsibility
for everything?

I have a plan.

-What's your plan?
-Pardon me?

The South sent me these documents
on the evidence they found.

Apparently, Cho Cheol g*ng,
who defected to the South

after committing countless crimes and even
k*lling someone while being transported,

has been in contact with you
on a regular basis.

Did you give him the orders?

Of course not, sir.


You see, my son would never do
such a thing either.

He'd never betray his country
because of a woman.

Are you saying
we should cover up for each other?

Is that what it sounded like?


On one condition, though.

The Military Department
will have full authority

over the entire repatriation process,
including where we'll receive them.

You wouldn't say no to that, right?


-Nothing happened, right?

Let's go in.

Ms. Yoon.

How are you feeling?

-Good to see you.
-You look so weary.

I'm okay now. Have a seat.


When did you wake up?

A few minutes ago.

Would you please excuse us?

I have to talk to Se-ri about something.



I just got a call.

He'll be sent back to the North.


When will he leave?



Yes, he has to leave now.

Seeing you now pains me more

than the thought of
possibly ruining my entire life.

That's great news.

That's great.

I suppose

he didn't keep on lying.

The investigation must've gone well.

That's why he can return, right?

I'm so relieved.

Do you want to go see him?
Shall I take you to him?

I've said goodbye to him
a number of times already.

Too many times, in fact.

I no longer have anything else
to say to him.

And I don't want him
to see me like this...

because it'll only make it
more difficult for him to leave.

I don't even want him to know

that I suffered.

You think he didn't know?


stayed by your side the whole time.


Even during

your long surgery...

Why must we keep seeing her suffer?
It's so cruel.

Come on. Let's go.

Honey, I think I should stay here
for a little longer.

What? Why?

She could wake up anytime.

I should stay by her side
because I'm her sister-in-law.

-I'll get mad at you.
-Hold on.

Come on. Let's go.

Even while waiting for you
to regain your consciousness,

he stayed by your side
without eating or sleeping for days.

-Ms. Yoon.

-Are you okay?
-She woke up.

Mother, she woke up.

Ms. Yoon.

Ms. Yoon.


He left the hospital after seeing you

regain your consciousness.

Even if you said goodbye to him
multiple times,

you'll still miss him.

You really won't see him?

I want to see him.

Take me there.

Take me to him.

I really want to see him.

I have to say...

Thank goodness

that woman

woke up.

I know.

We had no idea

that Se-ri had collapsed
due to her illness.

How could you guys have known that?

After we leave,

we won't be able to find out
how she's doing,

so it's really good to hear
that she's regained her consciousness.

She'll be okay now.

Mr. Kim.

Did you bring all these cars
because we're leaving?

-That must've been a lot of work.
-Yes, it was a lot of work indeed.

We'll never come back here, right?

We shouldn't.

It's raining cats and dogs.

We won't need to come back here,

but I'll probably think about this place
from time to time.

Here we go. Hold tight.



No, we do have some time, but...

Where are you now?



Is that the Military Demarcation Line?


I think so.

So we'll be in the North
after we cross that line?

That's right.

All right. Let's get out now.

We still have about five minutes.

Why don't we have them cross the line
on the dot?

We have a long way to go,
so why waste time?

Let's do it now.


We'll do that, then.

No. What are they doing?


Jeong Hyeok!

Don't run.

Jeong Hyeok!

You can't leave just like that.

I can't let them take you

-like that.
-Stop running!

What do I do
if you just leave me like that?

How would I live
after you leave like that?

What should I do?


You're not fully recovered yet.

What if you collapse again?

Can't you take better care of yourself?

Why are they putting handcuffs on you?

Are you getting arrested?

No. I can't do that. I can't let you go.

Don't leave. Can't you stay here?

Don't worry.

Do you not know me?

Nothing will happen.

But why are they dragging you over?

What if something happens to you there?

It's all because of me.

It's all my fault.

Nothing will happen.

But even if

something happens,

it's not your fault.

I have no regrets.

You came into my life like a gift.

I'm just grateful for that.

Me too.

Thank you, Jeong Hyeok.

I broke your heart with my word
the other day.

It broke my heart too.

I'm so sorry.

Please don't dwell on it.

It's okay.

I didn't mind it at all.

Don't worry about it.


Can't we see each other again?

I will never get to see you again?


What do I do?

What should I do when I miss you so much?

Just wait

and pray desperately.

You asked if you can meet
someone you miss that way.

You can.

I love you.

I love you.

I really do.


Take care.


Stay healthy.

Take care.


Take care, guys.

Don't get hurt.



-What are you doing?
-Are you going to pick Jeong Hyeok up?

Make sure

to bring my son home alive.


Do you think Jeong Hyeok is only your son?

Whether something happens
to Jeong Hyeok or you,

I will get there right away.

Don't be weak

worrying about how I hold up on my own.

I'll see you later.

Why are we getting off here?

We were on our way to Pyongyang.

You will be executed
after the court-martial after all.

Wouldn't it be better to vanish here

before causing your family trouble?

Even if we end up dying,
we'd like to stand trial.

And the comrades behind me

just arrived late
after the Military World Games.

They are not like me.

I'm the one who committed a crime.

It doesn't matter.

We're just sending them with you,
so you won't be lonely on your way.

Military Director. Didn't I tell you?

You can't carry out an execution
without investigation and trial.

It might cause innocent victims.

But things are different

when I witnessed someone
trying to k*ll my son.

You can't be innocent.


I'm sorry for making you worry.

I'm just glad you're back.

You came back alive.

So it's fine.

Is Yoon Se-ri all right?


Are you crying?


My dear son.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming back alive.

I'm glad that you're alive.

The roses of Sharon have blossomed.

The roses of Sharon...

The roses of Sharon have blossomed.

U Pil.


U Pil.


Man Bok.

I didn't hear a thing from you.

I thought you were d*ad.

Why did you not even give me a call?

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for coming back alive.

Thank you for staying alive.

Failed again?

What do we do?

We have to talk to her.
She might get seriously ill.

Please leave me alone.

Dan, just tell us.

What do you want your uncle
and me to do for you?


I don't want you to do anything.

Please leave me alone.

Why not?

Look at us.

We're here

to cry with you.

We can listen to you.

And we can go through
all the hard times with you.


And I can get you a guy
who's a lot better than him.


Damn it.

Please get out.


Don't come near me.

-What's wrong?
-Why did you...

Why would you say that?

Have you lost your mind?

I was just...


Why? Do you want to eat?



I want to get my revenge.

We're experts in that field.

Isn't that right?

Sure. We are.

I need you to find someone first.

About Gu Seung-jun...

I'm sorry about that.

I heard some members of the g*ng

who sent the guys that day
are still in this country.


Don't worry about the consequences,
and just tell me where they are.

There's no way

they will leave this country alive.

And there must be people

who financed the g*ng.


Her second brother was quite greedy.

And the easiest thing to do is

to tempt someone greedy.

It's Yoon Se-ri's second brother,

I guess.

All right. Let me get this straight.

I never asked them
to capture Gu Seung-jun.

You did. Is that right?

And Gu Seung-jun happened to die
in the process.

That's what the people you hired did.

It has nothing to do with me, right?

Will you say something?

When Manager Oh brought Cho Cheol g*ng

and said all the crap
like capturing or k*lling Se-ri,

I got furious and stormed out of the room.

It's you who ordered Cho Cheol g*ng
to take Se-ri.

You admit it, right?

Yoon Se-hyeong, you know nothing.

A recording without consent of the other
has no legal validity.

Does it even matter?
I'm just stating the facts.

Who would believe that?

I did the whole thing for you,
Yoon Se-hyeong.

For me? Don't give me that baloney.

Think about the consequences
of what you've done for me.

I'm now

about to lose my position
as the president.

If something goes wrong,
I might end up in jail because of you.

Calm yourself down.

It's North Korea
where Gu Seung-jun got k*lled.

Why would they want to deal with a case
that happened in North Korea?

I took care of things,
so the police won't find out

the money we wired and call history.

Even Cho Cheol g*ng
who tried to kidnap Se-ri

just died when we didn't do anything.

We have nothing to worry about.

Are you sure about that?

When did you get out of the hospital?


I got here as soon as I left.


This isn't your house.
Don't tell me what to do.

When will you get questioned by NIS?

I did it already.

I think I'll be prosecuted.

It's about the violation
of the National Security Act.

You should get a good attorney.

Don't worry. She will have my attorney.

She might be accused
of misprision of felony.

But there were extenuating circumstances,

so she will be given
a suspended sentence or a fine.

Still, it's not a minor crime.

What if there's an article about her?

Mind your own business. There will be
more than a probation for you two.

-If you knew about the law that well,

you should've been more cautious.

Knowing someone is a criminal
or about to commit a crime,

if you offer money
or other pecuniary advantage

or provide a place
for communication, stakeout, or contact,

you shall be sentenced to a penalty
of up to ten years in prison.

What are you talking about?

Come on out.

I brought them from NIS.

I'm sorry.

There's a broker named Cheon

who used to take care of Gu Seung-jun.

He sent all the account details

and phone call recordings

to Ms. Yoon through China.

I just did what these two told me to do.

What are you talking about?
Who told you to do that, you idiot?

Hey. How dare you
try to put the blame on us?

I guess you two have a lot to talk about.

This case is solicitation of m*rder,
solicitation of kidnap,

and concealment of an offender.

There are a lot of charges.

The police and NIS will need
a joint investigation.


come with us.

You said it will be okay.

Go ahead and do something.


Are you going to sit back
and watch me get arrested?

You should think
about the image of our company.

Shut your mouth.

So you are a businessman.

Do you still not get it?

That I'm cutting you off?

I'm cutting out the rotten part
before it gets serious.


Are you still up?

If you're reading my message now,
it means you're still awake.

Jeong Hyeok, how...

Click Message.

Pick a date and time you want.


Write a message.

Give it a try.

I still worry a lot about you.

And I have a lot of things left
to tell you.

So I'm sending these messages
to tell you all of them.

What I want to tell you the most
is on your bookshelf.


It's my reply to the message
you sent me before.



Is he a little kid or what?

He just copies all sorts of stuff.



Good morning.

Don't go to work on an empty stomach.

Make sure to eat at least an apple.

Just so you know,

it's good that you stick to your lane,

but you shouldn't look only forwards.
You should look aside from time to time.

Eat regularly at scheduled times.

And don't eat alone.
Enjoy your meals with other people.

With relish.

So did you check the meat
as soon as you got here?

Did you see that
at the entrance to the town?

The way women looked at me...

I didn't see it.

Why don't you take a walk
for minutes from : p.m.?

I'll make sure
to go for a walk at that hour.

It's good to have a walk.

Jeong Hyeok.

It's good to have a walk.


Potato is good...

as FF.


Do you not know FF? The fried potato.

What was the name again?

-You mean French fries?

It's totally COMI.

What does that mean?

Do you not know what COMI means?

It's crispy on the outside
and moist on the inside.

It's no big deal.

You just sound like a Seoul citizen.

It actually suits me well.

Actually, I turned on the faucet
and waited to get

hot water this morning.

So I was kind of surprised.

I also waited
to get electricity for a while.

I know.

There has always been no electricity here.

I can put up with all that.

But it's frustrating
that there's no Internet connection here.

It's feels like new hell.

When I lie down at night,

I see the video game screens
on the ceiling.

Hello everyone.

Gosh, look who's here.

Hello, Mrs. Go.

It's been a long time.

What brings you here?

Dan is moving out
of her matrimonial home today.

No, it's okay. Don't be like that.

I feel so good and lighthearted.

It's chilly out here.

Why don't we go inside?

Shall we?

I recently went to Europe.

-My gosh.

I see.

And I found some

limited-edition products
you'd love a lot there,

so I bought them.

You bought them?

Yeong, Wol?

Myeong, Ok?

I think it looks

like me somehow.

And this is how I looked
when I got married.

This is no better than my actual face,

but I'm sure it is me.

-I looks the same.
-I know.

-What is going on?
-My gosh.

They are the new products

from Se-ri's Choice for this spring.

-Se-ri's Choice?
-Are you serious?

Does it mean Se-ri did this for us...

I know.

My gosh.

I said you don't have to
be like this around me.

I don't have any grudge against the lady

from down South.

I can't k*ll my enemy

when she doesn't come
under my observation.

I can't even see her now.

So I have no grudge.

She wasn't here for a long time,
but she didn't forget us

and made things like this for you guys.

I don't think she's an ill-mannered lady.

I know.

She's not ill-mannered.

She's really good at heart.

The name of the limited line products

of Se-ri's Choice for this season

is saudade.

It says saudade here.


What do we do?

What should we do?

Gosh, I can't believe this.


Does it say Yeong?


And this is Wol as in Wol Suk.

It says Myeong as in Myeong Sun.

And this is Ok as in Ok Geum.

So she got there safely.

I guess she's doing fine.

Apparently, she didn't forget us.

I wish

I could tell her

that we got these

and we will use them well.

Where should I say that to?

I believe she will know how we feel.

I hope so.

Do you see something over there?


I'm tearing up because of the light
from the sky.

What are you looking at?

Aren't you coming down?

No. I'll be right there.

Give me ten minutes.
No, only five minutes.

You have three minutes.

What should I wear?

Three minutes were too short.

Do you like my clothes?

I tried to look good.


I mean, this is our first date.

It's not a date.

The weather is so nice.

-It's not so good.
-I like it, though.

How does this place look
when flowers blossom?


I guess it's not bad.

I see.

I should come back here with you
when flowers blossom.

I didn't say I'd do that.

I'll be happy if you do.

As spring wind blows

Scattering cherry blossom petals

First of all,

you're pretty.

And you make me want to become

a better man.

You're so amazing
that you make me feel that way.

You are an amazing woman.

I was thinking

we should get together sometime.

Thank you for coming all the way.

I don't know what to say.

It's okay.

I had to come because
I'm the one who has something to say.

Why are you doing this?

I'm going to tell you
something I feel sorry about.

So I apologized in advance.

I'm afraid my daughter is not meant
to be with your son.

Is it

because you heard something about us?

We wouldn't need other reasons.

Dan says

she doesn't want to marry Jeong Hyeok.

I feel bad for her for spending
the past ten years on him, but...

I am

heartily sorry for that.

Please don't be.
You don't have to apologize.

I'm the one who should apologize.

Jeong Hyuk got transferred
without telling his fiancée.

And his parents didn't say anything

other than that the wedding is postponed.

I was upset back then.

I wanted you to apologize to me.

But things are different now.

I'm breaking off

this engagement
because my daughter doesn't want it.

I should apologize.

We weren't being considerate.

There were complicated circumstances,

but we didn't have a chance to explain...

I will explain our circumstances.


has someone she loves.

And the guy loves Dan...

even more

than his own life.

So I have no choice.

We only live once.

And they love each other
more than their lives.

There's nothing I can do about it.

You are right.

I agree with you.

Do you?


Mrs. Go.

I'm truly sorry.

And thank you.

I said I would come
to see you this weekend.


I know that.

But I wanted to come here again.

I once came to this house

while you were gone.

To my house?

I know a man like me

should not do this

to a woman like you, Dan.


I wanted to give it to you.

I came here with Seung-jun.

I see.

He helped me a lot.

Where is he now?

I couldn't reach him.

He went far away.

He will never come back.

But why...

I don't know.

I don't know the reason.

A lot of things happen in life.

And we can't explain
why most of them happen.

When I went to Switzerland to see you,

I didn't know the reason back then.

The reason you kept taking pictures

of the scenery

when I'm gone all the way there
to see you.

Shall we get some coffee...

Excuse me. I think that's my seat.

But the night when I came to this house,

I could finally understand why.


I was looking for a candle that night
and found this by accident.

I hated seeing that camera
in Switzerland so much

that I recognized it immediately.

I took it with me
so that I could throw it away.

After all, I had been your fiancée
for the past ten years.

I thought I had the right to do so.

This is very old, so I'm sure it's broken.

I got it fixed.

And I finally found it.

Found what?

The reason...

you refused to look at me
back in Switzerland.

I guess

this was meant to be.

Don't live too happily, though.

Today is the Mangzhong season.

It's the day we plant seeds.

What? Mangzhong?

Was he a farmer in his past life?

Gosh, Jeong Hyeok.

So you'll be getting

a flower pot.

-What is this?
-You'll know what it is

after you grow it.

It may be sensitive and fussy,

but if you do as you're told,

it'll sprout after two weeks.

You need to water it.

But since it's sensitive to humidity,
don't give it too much water.

-Give it moderate amount of water.
-How much

is "moderate"?

Is this enough?

It needs sunlight as well.

But don't put it under the sun
for too long.

Keep it under the sun
for a moderate amount of time.

And lastly, this is the most
important part when growing plants.

You probably know well.

Say ten nice things to it every day.

This is so much work.

Ms. Sold Out, upper price limit,
stock option,

legendary sales, excellent brand,
high return,

going public on the KOSDAQ,
the best in the field, limited-edition,

and Ri Jeong Hyeok.


Oh, thank you.

How's Chairwoman Yoon doing?

She's a bit strange.

She's strange in a different way
this time.

What is it now?

She's a bit...


In between working,

make sure to stretch and exercise.

Let's talk about that
after the business trip next week.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.

As you all know, we've collaborated

with a famous e-commerce company in China
for our upcoming products.

We've incorporated
the new design patterns.

This is from the first batch of samples.

We'll be modifying them

according to what you say,

so please share your opinions with us.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.

She'd get upset at the slightest noise
when having a meeting.

She was the most sensitive person ever.

I'm sorry.

That's Chopin.

I like his music too.

My favorite one is "Nocturne."

You should take that call.

Thanks to her,
the rest of us can take a break as well.

-Right. Let's go.
-Yes, ma'am.

I like Chopin.

I especially like "Nocturne."

Seasons changed,

but his messages kept coming.

Today is Malbok.

Thanks to you, I'll become

a lunar calendar expert.

Appreciate the flowers that bloom
during each season.

Eat the dishes that are best
during each season.

All right. It's Malbok today,

so enjoy the chicken

and go home early.

I hope you won't miss the small happiness

that you can and must find
in your everyday life.

We've never welcomed spring

or sweated during the summertime together.

But thanks to his messages

that came like presents
every few days or so,

it felt like we were spending
every season together.

I was afraid he'd feel sad if I were.

So I tried my best to laugh, be thankful,

and be happy.

Since it's a.m.,
it must be your birthday.

Happy birthday.

Thank you.

I'm afraid this will be my last message.

Apparently, reserved messages
have a one-year limit.

And I must go now.


I wonder if the flowers have bloomed.

They have.

They're edelweiss.

I know.

Let's meet in the country
where those flowers bloom.

I cannot tell you the exact date.


if we both

try our best,

perhaps, fate will be on our side.

What is this?

He's so vague.

Hello, Yeong Ae.

-They're warm.
-Hello, there.

-Buy some tofu.
-Could you give me one?

Sure. Here.

Let's go.

-How far have you gone?
-How far have you gone?

-I'm at the village.
-I'm at the village.

-How far have you gone?
-Here you go.

I'd like one too.

-Okay. Here you go.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.

I hope business will thrive.


Right, is it today?

Yes, it is.

I can't believe it's been two months.

I feel this way every time,
but it's been ages.

I agree.

Every time I feel Jeong Hyeok's absence
in this village,

I have a great urge

to send my husband,
who's doing nothing at home,

to the outpost instead.

You read my mind.

All right, then. Shall we boil the eggs?

Of course.

I'll cook the dishes myself.

And I'll fill his crocks like always.

Great. Let's get to work
and meet in the afternoon.

Aren't you cold?

No, I'm not.

I guess you didn't know.

I naturally have a lot of heat in my body,

so I don't feel cold at all.

Hey, guys.

What is it?

Are your lips on f*re?

Oh, this?

I paid a hefty sum to buy this
from the market.

It's from the South.

The name of this product is
"Lips that Bring about Spring."

I beg to differ.

I bet the anchovies will think
that it's chojang and charge at you.

What did you just say?

If you're all here,
why aren't you working?

My, spin around.

-Goodness, Yeong Ae!
-You look pretty.

I'm just happy because spring is coming.


Besides, I naturally have a lot of heat
in my body.

-I see.
-I see.

It's the spring breeze. Let's go inside.

-Shall we?
-But I thought you had

-It's the spring breeze.
-a lot of heat.

It really feels nice to be here together.

As the head of this village,
I should've done this earlier.

I promise to do this more often
in the future.


Thank you.

I'd appreciate it if you showed that much
hospitality to the new captain as well.

Of course, don't you worry...


What did you say?

I have been discharged by my superiors

and chosen as the pianist
for the National Symphony Orchestra.

-Gosh, my blood pressure...
-Oh, dear.

-What's wrong with me?
-Out of the blue?

-This is too sudden.

We're going to miss you terribly.

The new captain will be living here,

so please help him out.



who's the new captain?

-I see.
-It's him.

No, it's not him.

It's him. Over there.


-I see.
-I see.

Are you talking about him?



My name is Pyo Chi Su.

I heard the villagers are so generous

that the crocks are always filled
with meat.

I do look forward to living here.

That's actually a false rumor.

And our villagers
aren't that generous either.

To be honest, we're quite stingy.

You're right.

We're not the type to be
overly friendly with others.

-We're not like that.
-No, we're not.

You won't be able to help it.

I see.

If you leave like this,

when will we be able to meet again?

I'm sure we'll meet once again.

If I get to perform once again,

I'll invite you all to Pyongyang.

Let's eat.

-Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal.

Thank you for the meal.

Thank you for the meal.

Eat up. Here.

Give us the meat dish.


Here you go.

Put that here.


-Eat up.
-You too.


I haven't seen my husband
for quite a while.

Where the heck is he?

Have some.

Goodness, I can't believe it.

-Hi, Mom.
-Hey, honey.


I'm sorry. I spent all day playing golf.

You weren't just playing golf.

It's all part of your business.

You're the best.

It's the best choice you've made
in your lifetime.


Playing golf?


Agreeing to leave the business
in the hands of a professional manager.

Look at how great the company is doing.

Are you being sarcastic?

No way.

Mom, you should tell her that

a professional manager
may manage our company,

but I'm taking care of many things.

I have to look into everything,

give orders, and confirm things.

Without me, this company would crumble.
Do you know that?


Yes, I'm telling you.

If that's the case,

may I suggest something?

It's the most ideal business
if we want to reform our company.

Let me hear it first. Tell me.

Never mind. You don't have
any power anyway.

Forget about it.

What are you talking about?

Mom, say something. I guess you won't.

Look at the shares we have.
We have quite a lot.

On top of that, I'm the eldest son.

So why don't I have any power?

Come on, tell me.

It's about establishing
a scholarship foundation.

-It's a foundation that supports children

from low-income families, whether they be
in Korea or abroad,

and teaches classical music
if they're talented.

Many companies do that nowadays.

I think we could send them
to a prestigious music college

in Switzerland
where all the musical geniuses gather.

Never mind.

Not everyone can do this.

What do you mean? We should do it.

Honey, do this.

You'll be raising musical geniuses.

How awesome is that?

-Do you think so?

Are you sure you can do it?

Look at her sounding me out.

Do you think I wouldn't be able to do it?
It's a cakewalk.

Then I'll introduce you to a staff,
so get started.


Do you want to go to the department store
with me?

Okay. What do you want?

Keep me updated.


You'll be supporting musical geniuses
from all around the world.

Honey, you're so awesome.

You truly are.

And this awesome man is yours.

-You're the best.
-You're so awesome.


Did you not see him?

It won't be easy.

The reporters are posting articles

about how Se-ri's Choice and Queens Group

have joined hands
in raising musical geniuses

and are holding performances
once a year in Switzerland.

I'm reaching out to him

by posting these articles online.

But there's no guarantee
that he'll read them

or show up in Switzerland.

It breaks my heart

to see you return
in disappointment every time.

Waiting for him

is my only way of hanging in.

But Mom...


found me every time.

No matter where I was.

He will

find me again someday.

You're right.

I'm rooting for you.

Should you be heading out?

I thought you were going to see Se-hyeong.


Our attorney is coming too.

He's filing for divorce
while being incarcerated.

Even I haven't done that.

He's giving me a headache.

I should go now.


Edelweiss symbolizes precious memories.

What should I do, Jeong Hyeok?

It's impossible for me to cherish you
just as a memory.

So even if

we don't meet this year,

Maybe next year.

If that doesn't work too,

I'll anticipate the year after.

Until the day you find me,

I'll be waiting

and praying.

That's the decision I've made.

We only get to live one life.

But I have decided to spend mine

encountering the love of my life,

letting him go,

and waiting to meet once again.

That's what I've decided to do.

So if you feel the same way,

come to me.

I always do this.

I do well until right before the landing.

In life,

it's always the end that matters the most.

I don't think your landing was that bad.

I mean, I did land successfully,
but the ropes are all entangled.

-I think you fell on the right spot.
-Look at this.

No, let me correct myself.
You didn't fall.

You've descended.

I've missed you.

I knew it.

I knew

you'd be able...

to find me.

But I still can't believe

you've come all the way here.

It must've been difficult.

It must've been dangerous.


How did you come here?

I got on the wrong train.

And that very train brought me here.

It brought me to the place
I've yearned to come

every morning and night.

It brought me to my destination.

I heard you are very good at what you do

but only accept phone calls

instead of allowing your clients
to visit you.

A few years ago, I was arrested
by the control officers

and had to spend some time behind bars.

Oh, dear.

Goodness, it must've been tough.

Don't get me started.

It was so terrible

that the spirit that had possessed me
left me.


Doesn't that mean
she's no longer spiritual?

You're right.

That's why I couldn't offer my services
for some time.

But recently,
a virgin ghost has possessed me.

That's why I have outstanding foresight
when it comes

to dating, marriage,
divorce, and remarriage.

That's great news!

When do you think
my daughter will get married?

Let me see.

There's only one man
who's the love of her life.

But three years ago, they parted ways.

That means there'll be
no more men in her life.

She's pretty good.

Shut up!

However, she'll become
extremely successful.

She'll go abroad quite often as well.

With the amount of success she'll have,
she won't need a man.

But still,

she's going to be lonely.

Could there be a solution to that?

The solution lies within the capital.

She could find a man in one year,

six months,

or even a month.

Which one do you prefer?

Pay her!

What are you doing?

I heard this fortuneteller was good.

I was wondering when you'd get married.

Didn't you always tell me
to live a trendy lifestyle?

Then let's live that way.

Being single is the trend nowadays.

Well, you are right about that, but...

I'll be busy preparing for my performance
in Russia next month.

I'm going to rehearsal.


Goodness, I know she's my daughter,

but she's just fabulous.


I'd like you to write
a one-month talisman.

Myeong Eun, let her be.
She doesn't want to get married.

I never said it was for her.

Since she's so adamant about it,

I'll let her live a flourishing life.

But I'd like a man myself.

Give me the best one you have.

It's great news that you'll be moving
to Pyongyang,

but we'll miss you terribly.

If you don't want to
be looked down on there,

you must look sophisticated.

Stop by my salon to get your hair done.

I'll give you the Goodbye Hairstyle.

Thank you.

I guess that fortuneteller
wasn't that bad.

In any case, they are going far away.

It's great news that they're leaving
to live a better life.

For the past years, her husband
worked in the dark

while eavesdropping on others.

Now, he finally gets to work
under the sun.

You're right.
It's all thanks to Jeong Hyeok.

That's right.

By the way, didn't you say
that he got a job

at . Arts Film Studio?

Yes, you're correct.

Then, what exactly does he do there?

Products from the South?
We sell no such things.

Are you positive?

I heard they bought them here.

That's impossible.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

I can't bear to take showers without them.

What? You look like you'd manage
without a bar of soap.

Anyway, we don't have them here.

Gosh. We're not control officers.

-You're not?
-He may look like this,

but he's our captain.


This is the most popular one these days.

It's a new kind of shampoo.

It's from Se-ri's Choice.


Is this really that popular?

Of course.

It's the number-one best.

That wench must be making a ton of money.

You're right.

I miss her.

I miss my sister.

Sister, my foot.

I wonder if Captain Ri
has departed already.

When we talked last week,

he said he was departing this weekend.

He must have left already.

And I'm sure Se-ri is there as well.

As you can see, the customers

love it.

That's great.

Good work, everyone.

You can go home now.

Right. I'm sure you all know

that I'll be on a two-week vacation
starting tomorrow.

If something urgent pops up,

decide what to do among yourselves
and push forward with it.

My phone will be turned off.
I don't want any of you to call me.

Ma'am, are you going to Switzerland again?

Did you hide treasure there or something?

You're not Heidi,
so why do you keep going there?


-It's a guy, right?
-It's lasting a while this time.

I think he's a foreigner.

It's a long-distance one, right?

We may have to write up
an English press release.


-Sorry, I'm too late.
-That's okay.

How was your flight?

It was good.

Thank you for coming
and your patronage each year.

It's my pleasure.

They are exceptional students
this year as well.

It's all because of you

and your company
have donated the scholarship

for them in a s*ab and regular basis.

Very talented artists are
participating in the concert.

We also have participants
from North Korea this year as well.

Right. That's great.

Would you stay here for weeks,
this time as well?

Yes. Well...

For me,

this is the most wonderful
two weeks of the year.

Nice to hear.

He just started.

I know.
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