03x08 - Rauniot

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Deadwind". Aired: August 23, 2018 - present.
After a woman's body is found buried at a construction site, detective Sofia and her new partner hone in on the victim's disgruntled ex-client.
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03x08 - Rauniot

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Well, oh g*dd*mn it.

Yeah, I'm not asking anything.

There was a b*mb in your cabin.
Apparently in the fridge.

It was meant for you.

A body was found there.

Man, in his forties.

Oh f*cking f*ck. - What?

It was my cleaner.

He had a key. He was going there yesterday... Not Satan.



Where are you going? - Somewhere in the hotel.
-I'm in danger according to them.

Need to get in the shower.

I want a shower.

Hey. There was that other woman in that dashboard video.

Could you get a clearer picture of her?
-Her back is to us. - Still...

I don't think you can tell anything.

So you'll try? - I'll see what I can find.

I'll take this with me.

Hey, you can't...
-You remember using this?

How long did I sleep? - Four hours.

I could take that shower.

What now?
-See ,m*rder are in these works.

This is a religious painting.

The same elements are repeated: -

stillness, symmetrical composition.
And light plays a big role.

It's thought carefully how and where these are placed.

This symbol is the halo, the Holy Spirit.

It could very well be a stained glass window of some church altar.

These pictures were on the wall of his study.

When you look at this whole thing, what do you see?

Suffering or hell.

When it comes to paintings,
I guess Bosch comes to mind.

He used a damn mask.
Hardly a coincidence.

I have studied this affair.

In Western culture, it mainly symbolizes evil.

One of its names is damnation.

What are you aiming for?

In Germany, Emil liked a song with a corpse.

Its name was Teufelsnadel, or the needle of the devil.

In English it is Dragonfly and in Swedish as Witch's Spindle.

It is hardly a coincidence that he
has chosen Korennon as his name.

To get to this point, he had to give up just about everything.

All of his former life.

He hid for half a year. He went to that place,

where he has been able to engage in that renunciation.

You mean, like, a monastery?

It would be a place where there
would be no bad people. Right?

This picture was quite central to his study.

I see it.

This has nothing to do with medicine
and does not describe suffering.

El Greco. Who created the character?

Francis of Assisi.

Franciscan monasteries.

This image connects the entire palette.

Black is a bit far fetched.

Franciscan monastery.

Practically a ruin on the shore of Lake Pahajärvi, in the direction of Salo.

Sheepskin was found in his study.

There is a sheep farm right next door.

Hi. -Hi.

Did you know that sheep are usually taken for slaughter at night?

I did not know.

It's still a terribly long journey?

It shows up there.

What do you think?
-I think you might be right.

Ready for this. - Help.

Someone made a nest of your hair.

Are you trying to say I should comb my hair?
-I do not, of course.

It's trendy.
Especially here.

Did you read a lot about the Italian Vogue?

(The sheep roar.) They agree.

Hieta sent this version of that woman's back.

From Germany?
-The wind moves a lot of the woman's hair.

Her neck is clearly visible, disappearing.

She had a tattoo?

Something like a skull?
-It could also be a birthmark or an eyelid.

I'm not sure. It could be anything.

Is Wind Siren's body still there?

Okay, get it back.

Check the marks around the neck for birthmarks.

It is important. Hi.

Deserted but hollow.

There's someone staying here.


Dry meat.

This is Trangia. - And gas.

Looks like a drunk lived here.
- I've run out of battery.

Can you take pictures from that direction?
-My phone is in the car.

I'm going to get it.

Whatever. Let's just go.

How would Paarma have learned that Nea's heroin came from them?

Maybe Nea told him.
-What did I tell you? - She was almost 18.

Maybe it annoyed him when my uncle
knew where she had been for the night.

That must have been why she hit,

that the bar with some guy who gave her stuff.

It was close by anyway, to Ibiza.


There's something there.


Another one.

He's still breathing. Call Cage.
-My phone is in the car.

I'm going to get it.



An ambulance is coming. -Grass!
-Stay to guide the ambulance...




Karppi! - He ran somewhere in there!



What happened? - My hand.

Okay, don't move.

That was the guy from there hospital.
He hit him with a knife.

An ambulance is coming.


f*cking g*n doesn't work.

Oh, just shut up and stay put.

Finished now? - Start in the morning again.
-I have to get away to the island.

-We moved to winter time, shifts end at six.
Then again in the morning.

-I have to get to the island now.

-Time schedules can be found on board and online.

-It takes 10 minutes.
-I already told you. Hey.


Is Karppi coming? - Shortly.

Let's start. Are there any observations from that Memfi car?

-No. The nearest traffic camera is 50 km away.

But the fingerprints match, as do those sheep wools.

I talked to that nearby house.

They did not see any movement there near the monastery.

But in the spring and summer, a couple of sheep had disappeared.

And here is that dried mutton.

-He didn't bring that same symbol. - This?

Not so, that is Ouroboros.
It symbolizes the eternal cycle.

The same is used in chemistry.
Oisko was the immutability of substances.

Its monastery was raided by a German alchemist.

They probably used the pattern there,
even though it’s not a Christian symbol.

Rather the opposite at the time.

-I'm starting to be fully mature in those f*cking legends.

Are you okay - Yeah.
A row of stitches and a pair of tablets.

I should go home, I have the kids this week.

-Yeah, let's continue in the morning.
-Fits perfectly.

You go to sleep in between.
You especially.

This is now an order.
We want what's best.

And you make sure that happens, won't you?

Has any new information emerged?

Did you hear what she just said?
-I haven't heard. Did she say something?

What did that thing survive?
-Jouni Paarma was working at the hospital -

through a vague hiring company.

Used the name Joona Korento.
Stolen identity.

Probably forged the papers.
-Is there account information?

It was paid in the dark.
It was a vague rental company.

It might be a good idea to sleep.

Jouni Paarma has no whereabouts.

He could do something completely unpredictable.

Or sit doing absolutely nothing.
Disappear somewhere again.

I don't think so.
He's not ready yet.

Grandpa. - Yes?

-I need to go to the bathroom.

-It's pretty dark there.
-Do you want me to come with you? - Well, no.


Grandpa! Grandpa!


Emil! - Grandpa!





Emil is calling.

Are you alone


Are you at the police station? - Yeah.

Turn the camera around a little.


Mum! - Emil.

Emil! - Mom! -Shh.

Do you have a car? - yes.

Set off immediately. See the second message for more instructions.

This phone disappears.
-If you touch Emil, I'll f*ck you. - Shh.

You know what I've done.

If you tell anyone about this, the boy will die.

-I'll see where Emil is.

f*ck, it's put it off, Satan.

I have to put on...
-He didn't say anything about the g*n.

I need to get the phone tracking.
-No time. - Hey, wait.

We don't have time for this now.

Channel 9.

Emil's grandfather is in Kurkisaari, send a patrol there.
-I'll take care of it.

After that point.

Lauri Honkasuo, it is Karppi's son's grandfather.
May be injured.

Okay, try calling him. Hi.

I'm in the car.
-Drive the third road north.

Did you hear that?
-I heard. I'm going after them.

He sent a map with a place marked on it.
I'll send it on you.

Yeah, I see it.

And Nurmi, don't get too close.

I cannot get too far.

Karppi... - Mmm?

We will take care of this.

I'm staying close to you.

He plays.


Are you there


You have Mickey, leave it at that.

If I find something on you, that boy will die.

I don't have anything.

Karppi, wait.



From there, the path starts in the direction of the river.

Do you see it?

I don't see anything walking here.

No, I see it now.

Follow it.

And keep this line open from now on.

Okay, I'm leaving now.

You will now receive the final instructions.

After that, you can pick up the boy.
-Where from?

All in time. Isn't that right, Emil?

Now send that message.

Well, tell Mom heip and hang up.

-Hey, Mom.

This is the place where he was at work.

Do you hear me?


Emil, where are you?

Emil is d*ad.

Where is Emil? Where is he?

I told you. - You're lying.

I had to sh**t another sh*t at my own head.

But I wonder why you should die.

I did everything you wanted.

That's what you did.

Congratulations on that.

And thank you again for serving me Sanna Siren.

I might not have guessed it.

But that Sea Branch left me a little bothered.

Outrageous plagiarism.
-Where is Emil?

Where is he?
-Where is he? He's d*ad.

You're not f*cking listening to me?

You lie, he's alive.

You have hard faith. Hallelujah.

On the other hand, it fits ...



What the f*ck did you do?

Wanting the truth to come, how does it feel to get a b*llet in your chest?

Emil has to be here somewhere.

There's another way out here somewhere.

Paarma lost a lot somewhere.

This is a d*ad end.

Did you immediately see that I had a vest?

Hey, did you see?


You can get out of here.

Oh Satan.

Emil! Emil!

He's not here.


Give me a g*n. - Why? - Give me the g*n now.

Not here.


Emil! -Emil!


Emil, answer! -Emil!


Emil! - Karppi!

Let's go back to the car.
Need to call for help.

Let's go.



Everything is fine.

Are you okay - Yeah.

I got it off. - I know.

That said, you didn't die.
-I'm not going to die.

I'm not dying.

Already fell asleep.

JP putting a message that Emil's grandfather is
recovering. A balloon extension was made for him.

Heart att*ck? - Yeah.

He had followed Parma.

Did you know that Paarma had been working
there at a lime factory for 20 years?

Where did I sh**t him?

Right there.

I did not know.


I'm tired.


26/11. Jussi's date of birth.

This has been prepaid.

Calls only to one number.
-Sure another prepaid.

It has a common message.

Same unknown number.

What the f*ck?

Jussi had a relationship. - Apparently.

This starts in June 2015.

We moved to the bridge in October in Germany.

Do you think he might have had a relationship with Tuuli Siren?

It may have been just fine.
How do I know.

But I don't think it was there in Germany.

Siren had no birthmark or anything on her neck.

Okay. Towards the end, this becomes thinner.


Jussi is no longer as eager to answer.


He wants to put it off.

This message is the same day we moved to Hamburg.

I have to take the second
stage of the f*ring test. Let's go.

That is if I don't fail. - You won't.
-You're a winner. - You won't.

Are you watching my test? - Yup.

Do you have to do this too?
-I'm in the special forces.

Let's watch this from below.

Did you have a relationship with my husband?


You had a relationship with Jussi?

It wasn't a relationship.
One night max.

But you knew it was my man.
-What can I say?

Sorry. -Ai, sorry?


A strange thing came to light at Jussi's autopsy.

He had been using snuff for a long time,

although he never used it with me.

When we moved to Hamburg, we did well for a long time.

But in late summer, everything changed.
He somehow became nervous.

He got calls from an unknown number and I guessed -

that he was keeping secrets again.

That night he decided to go for a run.

I was wondering what the hell he was going to do at that time of night.

It did not make sense.
I followed him.

He left, and after that I didn't talk about it anymore.

Jussi went to meet you next to the road.

You got into a dispute and you pushed him.

He swayed in front of the oncoming
car and flew to the roadside.

It was followed by a truck with a dashboard camera capturing everything.

It clearly shows the birthmark of the other person on the neck.

Put that g*n away.

I went to see Jussi there by the roadside that night.

I told you I left my family because of him.

I imagined you didn't do the same.

Then he said he continued our relationship but because

I thought I was in the footsteps of Wind Siren and others.

I don't know anything about their patterns before Jussi tells you.

Then I got dark.

That first car didn’t stop.
Didn't even slow up.

I imagined that truck behind it saw everything.

But it didn't see anything.

Or doesn't care.

I turned my back when I didn't come up with anything else.

Did you ever find out who from
Germany called and told about Jussi?

No. And I don't really want to know.

Why not?

How it went now... scio me nescire.

Oh yeah.

I'm looking for Leon's custody.

I did the tests and...

Here is the result.

You're not the father.


Would that change anything?

Leo still needs a Dad.


(JP :) Hello hello.
The body has been found.

Former slaughterhouse or meat factory.

I'll send the location.

Karppi and Nurmi on their way to the crime scene.

Did you know that a dragonfly only lives for a day?

That's bullshit. -Is it? -Yup.
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