02x10 - Episode 10

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Trapped". Aired: 27 December 2015 –; present.
Follows members of a police department as they try to uncover a mystery against the elements in Iceland.
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02x10 - Episode 10

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Two men from the same family.

It can't be a coincidence.

There is evilness seething underneath in the family you married into.

She told me he felt she owed him something.

Do you know what that could be? I think we need to talk about what happened.

Elin, have you heard about false memories? Look at that.

They're Euros.

It's worth f*cking millions.

What's going on? -He had a fight with the Polish guys at the plant.

Yes, everyone knew this bloody factory would cause damage.

The lake is polluted.

The power plant project will contaminate the area.

We found lots of d*ad fish by the lake.

It has to be connected somehow.

They all work together.

So you work here as well? Yes, I have a small company that oversees waste disposal.

His mother got him the job, you see.

I'll pretend I don't know.

And if he contacts me again I won't answer.

- You should check the messages.

- I see.

I remember one of the messages.

He said, that my dress had looked good on me at the funeral.



You have to go to Reykjavik.

They're fully booked until tomorrow.

Then I must ask you to drive to Reykjavik and leave immediately.


Laufey! What the f*ck are you doing here? Can't a man visit his neighbour? If it's about land, forget it.

You're losing the land anyway, Gisli.

You've got nothing left but debt.

I'll give you ten million cash and a share in the geothermal rights.

Did you get these blueprints from the Ministry of Industries? Never mind where - Is Halla in on this? - It doesn't matter where Get out! - Think about it.

- f*ck off! I'll hear from you.

I said stay still.

I'll sh**t you in the leg if you move.

Do you want that? Then be still and shut up.

Stefan Isn't that your name? Shut up.

Shall I tape your mouth too? - No, I - Then shut up.

- Hi, I'm Bjarney.

- I'm Laufey.

Aron I'm Bjarney, a doctor.

I hear you were knocked unconscious.

- How many fingers? - Two.

- Were you here when this happened? - Yes.

- How long was he unconscious? - Maybe a few minutes.

I should have taken better care of her.

-What? - I just couldn't.

- Couldn't do what? This maniac this f*cking mental idiot will k*ll her, right? He's had half an hour.

The roadblocks are here, here, here and here.

Trausti is on his way to meet the SWAT team.

Stefan won't get far.

- I'll check the airport and the harbours.

- And the media? Spread the word all over.

I just need a moment to call up Agnes.

Her mother.

So she won't hear it on the news.

Who is it? Who is this man? His name is Stefan.

I don't know what else to say.

Is he the one who k*lled all of these men? Yes.

And Asgeir too? Yes.

I'll find her, Agnes.

I promise.

I'll find our girl.

Of course you will.

I know you will.

I should come up north.


There's no need.

We'll find her.

- I have to go.

- Andri Stay strong.

For me.


We just got CCTV footage from the petrol station.

You can tell by her movements that she's unconscious.

He has knocked her out.

- He's aware of the camera.

- There's more.

Where's his car? He knows where the cameras are and parked elsewhere.

- Any reports of stolen cars? - No, but I'll check again.


He knows he's cornered and yet he taunts us.

Why? - He knows we're on to him.

- Why take Thorhildur? - What does he want? - Nothing.

He just wants this to be personal.

Does he have a hideaway? A summer house? A friend's farm? Somewhere to hide.

Vikingur is his friend.

We'll talk to him.

- And Jorunn, his mum.

- Yes.

- Why are we stopping? - Shut up.

Are the cops there waiting for you? What are you going to do, Stefan? Damn.

- Hello, dear.

- Hi, Grandma.

Have you heard from him? His phone is turned off.

Do you believe he did this? Do you honestly think so? Your own son.

You've never loved him.

They've identified the girl this Stefan kidnapped.

Thorhildur Andradottir.

You know her dad, the policeman.

- Andri Olafson's daugher? - Yes.

- When did this happen? - While you were on that plane.

A good policeman but a crappy dad.

What a f*cking cliché.

Was he mad when you found the money and the phone and didn't tell him? Daughters of policemen don't behave like that.

Unless that was the plan.

To tell dad to f*ck off.


Old, black Chevrolet stolen near Stefan's house.

- Can we come in? - Yes.

We need your help.

Can you tell us anything? A place he could be hiding? No.

I'm very sorry about your girl.

He's definitely not on highway number one.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

It's easier than you think to disappear around here.

The more time that passes the less likely it is that we find her alive.

So you wanted to save money, even though it meant - polluting the water.

- Do you know where waste goes? All waste from Europe is sent to Africa for disposal.

We want a clean conscience and clean nature but we don't give a f*ck if we shit in other people's gardens.

It's only the local people's vigilance that prevented a disaster that could have thr*at the lives of the people here.

I guarantee on behalf of the government that we will find those responsible and prosecute them.

How does Stefan Nikulasson fit into this? I have confidence in the police and hope they'll find him and Andri's daughter very soon.

We've heard his mother is a good friend of yours.

We're old friends, yes.

Therefore I'm shocked.

Too shocked to even discuss this to be honest.

He runs a company handling waste from the plant.

Is he responsible for this environmental disaster? Why don't you ask me directly instead of insinuating? Did you use your influence to get him he contract? I wanted companies in the area to get the contracts, yes.

For the benefit of the local communities.

There's no purpose with the plant, the enlargement or the factory unless the people living in the area benefit from it.

What about the toxic waste? Doesn't that endanger the plans? I think it's too soon to conclude.

Get me away from this dreadful place.


Come on.

- I can wade myself - Don't be stupid.

They must find her alive.

He has nothing to lose.

It's over for him.

He must want to try to negotiate.

She's no use to him d*ad.

Forgive me, Andri.

I shouldn't have stopped.

He had this planned.

If he hadn't kidnapped her there he would have in Reykjavik.

What can I do? Talk to her mum.

She needs you.

Your mum's on her way.

I need to talk to you both when she arrives.

It's not your responsibility to protect her.

- Where are we? - Quick.

I've been here a few times.

Bloody hell.

Help! What do you think you're doing, you stupid girl? -Help me! Help! -Damn it.

Stay still! Stay still! Turn around.

- Dad will find you.

- Great.

Soon, I hope Hold your hands out.

If you try something funny I'll punch you in the face.

Stay still.

Are you going to k*ll me? I'm of no use to you if I'm d*ad.

- You can use me as leverage.

- It's too late for that.

You can't just leave me.

I could die or something.

Yes, I guess you could.

I can't imagine how you feel.

Is there anything he has said or done since this all started that could help us? No matter how trivial or silly it may be.

Can you think of anything that might help us.

I know he's your son but you have to try.

I promised Halla never to tell.

That's probably what started this madness.

What are you talking about? I told Stefan the truth a few weeks ago.

He didn't take it well.

We were arguing.

The fact is that he's not my son.

He's Halla's.

She had moved to Reykjavik and carried him there.

No one knew anything up here Then the phone rang and she offered me to adopt the boy.

She was so young.

Looking back, I'm afraid I never learnt to love that boy.

I think the money you found was intended for the workers who planted the waste.

But that's not all.

I think Finnur was going to keep most of it for himself.

Why did Stefan k*ll my dad then? I only know Stefan hired him to hide the waste.

- Hi.

- Andri.

Stefan found out recently that he's not Jorunn's son.

- He's Halla's.

- Seriously? He found out two weeks ago, right before Gisli attacked Halla and Finnur was k*lled.

It's all connected.


Talk to you later.


Elin Halla left home when she was only a teenager.

Do you know why? If you If you know something, if you can tell me anything that helps me understand.

He's got Thorhildur.

Help me.


Please, Elin.

She left right after Gisli k*lled our dad.

Dad was not a good man.

He was a violent sadist.

Let him go! Let him go, Dad.

It wasn't just the beatings but the fear of whether he would b*at us or not.

- Come here.

- Please stop.

Let him go, Dad! Please.

In you go.

Do you want to too? Please, Dad! Let us out.

- Let us out.

Dad! - Dad.

He locked them in the pigsty many a night.

The morning this happened Halla begged Dad to stop.

Dad, don't! - No one knew I was there - Dad.

Bu I saw everything.

She was terrified.

Leave me alone! Don't! Let go.

Please, Dad.

Dad! Gisli struck him on the head.

Over and over again.

I still remember the sound of the scull breaking.

- And the groan he made when he died.

- f*ck.

The body was never found.

Do you know what became of it? Halla helped Gisli to drag him into the pigsty.

And the pigs will eat anything.

They eat everything.

And the pigs ate our father.

Halla packed her bag and left right after.

Never looked back.

I don't blame her.

Halla should be at the hotel.

Meet me there.


How many secrets can one family have? - What's next? - We'll see.

See you.

- What's new? - A horse rider called.

He saw a black van getting stuck in the river.

And a man carrying a girl across the river.

- Is she alive.

- He thought so.

He wouldn't go closer, the man was armed.

He won't get far on foot.

There's an old skiing lodge on the heath, he must have taken her there.

Wait for me.

It's me he wants to talk to.

Bloody hell.

- Hello.

- Hi.

Hello, there.

We have to ask you to come with us.

What is it? -We know Stefan is your son.

And that your brother Gisli k*lled your father.

Where do you want me to go? We're looking for Stefan.

We see a man running by the old skiing lodge.

It's probably him.

He fired at us.

I repeat, he fired at us.

We're clearing out.

What does he want with your daughter? I don't know.

I doubt he knows himself.

Probably some kind of desperation.

Did your dad r*pe you, Halla? We know he's your son.

We have to know everything that could motivate him.

Yes, he r*ped me.

Gisli knew and therefore he k*lled your dad.

And Stefan Stefan is your dad's son.


Does Stefan know this? Gisli was the only one who knew apart from me.

Gisli could have told him.

Please stop the car.


-We just arrived at the lodge.

Are they there? The helicopter saw him run in but not her.

Ok, we're close by, wait for us.

Gear up.

Safety off.

We're here.

We'll secure the place.

- Roger.

- Ok.


Get down.

I was always scared.

Every single night Just hearing him open a door made me terrified.

He had r*ped me before and Gisli said that if he did it again he'd k*ll him.

And then It was the most horrible experience, but when it was over You found out you were pregnant.

I felt like I had poison inside of me.

Like a horrid disease.

I don't understand why I didn't have an abortion.

I was in denial.

Then he was born.

I couldn't even look at him.

The wrinkly little face covered in blood.

I felt nothing but grief.

I knew I had to give him away.

Or else I would harm him.

Jorunn was so happy.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

I thought it would end of it.

Gisli was burdened with our secret all these year.

It infested his soul.

He never stood a chance.

I wasn't there for him.

I just left.

Left and turned my back on him.

At first he tried to stay in touch but then he gave up and left me alone.

Until recently that he called.

He was cornered.

Was it then that he asked for your help? Yes.


And I turned him down.

I let him down.


He's armed, Andri.

- sh*t through the window.

- Did anyone get hurt? No.

- What about Thorhildur? - I haven't seen her.

You don't know if she's in there with him? -No.

- What's the plan? - Andri is going in.

We have a SWAT team here trained for this.

This is my daughter.

- Do you want an ear plug? - No, he might see it.

You only need to hear me, right? Yes.

- Ok? - Ok.

Stefan! I'm unarmed, Stefan.

Come in.

Halla Thorisdottir is in the car.

- What? - The Minister of Industry.

Why? What's she doing here? It's more likely that you'll get what you want if you let her go.

It's not going to be that easy.

- Tell me where she is.

- In a safe place for now.

Please just tell me where she is.

She's in a safe place.

Thorhildur! Thorhildur! Thorhildur! Thorhildur.


I can't find her in here.

Have the search team comb the area.

Stefan - What are you doing? - What does it look like? I'm holding myself hostage.

I'm the only one who knows where your daughter is.

If I sh**t my head off she's d*ad meat.

Ok, Stefan.

Let's calm down.

What are your demands? Just to see the look on your face.

That's enough.

That look.

That's her parka.

Yes, and it's cold out.

The question is whether you'll find her before she dies of exposure.

Hey! Hey! Let go of the parka! Let go of the parka or I'll sh**t.

There are two shots in this g*n, enough for both of us.

- Understand? - Alright, Stefan.



Put the g*n down and stop this.

Two weeks ago you were an ordinary man - living an ordinary life.

- That's what I thought.

- That's enough.

- No, give him more time.

All right, Stefan.

Tell me what happened.

Gisli got in touch with me a few weeks ago.

- Then you must talk to me.

- Are you in on it with him? In on what? -Ten million.

This land for ten million? What are you talking about? Finnur made me an offer of ten million for the land.

-What? That was the money I gave Finnur to get rid of the waste.

What a loser.

Please believe me, Gisli.

I'm hearing this for the first time.

- Is your mum maybe in on this? - My mum? What are you talking about? Maybe it's time you knew your origins.

It felt like he had s*ab a knife in the chest.

I had suspected this for some time.

When she admitted that Halla was my mum I went to Gisli and he spilled the beans.

- That I was my granddad's son.

- Yes, we are brothers.

You're my baby brother.

My mother's half-brother.

A freak.

- That's what I am.

A freak.

- No Stefan.

What your dad did was horrible.

But you're not to blame.

In this state of turmoil.

I had forgotten about Finnur.

Was he really going to take the money and not pay the workers? I told him I'd come over and meant to confront him.

- What's going on? - What? You offered Gisli ten million for his land.

You were supposed to pay the foreign workers.

The police are all over investigating Gisli's case.

What does that have to do with the money? It's just a matter of time when they'll question me.

- What do you mean? - What if they find out? It doesn't look good for you, dumping toxic waste in the mountains.

The last I knew we were in this together.

I should demand more money.

You piece of shit.

What will your mum say if she hears about this? If she is your mum.

I'd have it checked if I were you.

Suddenly everyone seemed to know this about me.

I was going to drive off when I saw it.

A bolt p*stol.

A co-worker forgot it in my car.

He had borrowed it from Ketill's sons to slaughter a few sheep.

Then you decided to k*ll Finnur and frame Ketill's sons? What the f*ck do you want now? Of course, it was perfect.

They had been in a brawl that day.

Idiots, capable of anything.

You fooled me.

-Then I'll make it into the history books.

You already have.

If that's what you want.

You've done enough.

You've k*lled three people but you don't have to k*ll a fifteen year old girl too.

Talk to me, Stefan.

Finnur was a scumbag who tried to blackmail you.

What did Pawel do? Tell me that.

He wanted the money to pay himself and the workers.

Then your daughter found it.

If she had handed it over Pawel wouldn't have had to die.

He started to pressure me and then Vikingur came along full of anger and spite at the perfect time.

A big boy but simple, Vikingur.

He walked right into the trap.

- Easy, easy now.

- Down, on your knees! - Easy.

- You had better not done that.

Where's my daughter? That's all I want to know.

f*ck it.

- Stefan.

- Shut up.

- I had to try, you know that.

- Shut up! Tell me where my daughter is! Let me go in.

- No.

Halla, it's not - At my own risk.

She's most likely to get through to him.

I'll go in with her.

Stefan! It's Hinrika.

- Stay calm.

- I'm unarmed.

We're coming in.

Stay still.

Just stay calm.

No one has to get hurt.

- We're coming in.

- Who's we? No.

It's too late.

I know.

Forgive me, Stefan.

There's no point asking forgiveness now.

You left me.

Was it because I looked like him? That was one of the reasons.

Stefan - Don't, Stefan.

- Be calm.

Get down.

Man in front go pick up the parka.

We have to get the dogs.


When you were born I thought you looked just like him.

But that's not right.

You don't look like him at all, you're not like him.

I was only 16 and thought I was doing the right thing giving you to people who could love you.

- You gave me to Jorunn.

- Forgive me.

Forgive me for not staying in touch with you.

I'm sorry you had to hear this from Gisli.

Tell me where she is.

- No, don't! - Stefan! - Tell me about your son.

- Shut your face! - Tell me about young Halldor.

- No! In eight years he'll be the same age as my Thorhildur is now.

His whole life ahead of him.

You'll go to prison but you'll be released one day and can be a part of his life.

But not if you're responsible for the death of a young girl.

He could not forgive that.

Tell me where she is.


Thorhildur has been found.

No, Stefan! - Where's Ebo? - He's gone.

- He had to go home.

- Really? I thought it was too dangerous for him.

It is.

I'll do it.

When do you need it again? Not until tomorrow.


I'm cooking tonight.

Maybe you want to I don't think that's a good idea.


See you.

- Hi.

- Hi.

Did you also bring flowers? Yes, sorry.

- Hello, sweetheart.

- Hi.

We were on our way.

The doctor thinks he can discharge her tomorrow.


Bye, darling.

I'll come back tonight.

- Bye, sweetheart.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Bye.

Well, well Dad? I'll be alright.

And you will too.
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