03x08 - En souterrain

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Astrid et Raphaelle". Aired: April 12, 2019 - present.
Astrid is autistic and has an incredible memory, so she is very useful in analyzing files.
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03x08 - En souterrain

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What is he doing?
Stop, stop!

In your face!

f*ck! Come here!

Go f*ck yourself!

There, in the back.



He's d*ad.

- Hello.
- Hello.


You know Astrid, you don't have to come.

When I took my officer exam,
I was studying day and night.

I wasn't seeing anyone anymore.
Not a single person.

Raphaëlle, I already told you:

Studying would be useless for me.

My weak spot is not knowledge,
on the contrary.

My weak spot is stress management,

and unexpected events
that could penalize me.

- Of course.
- And in such a case,

staying by your side
constitutes the best training.

Alright. Then do stay by my side.

- Okay.
- Like this.


Be careful! You're okay?

No, no, no need.

It is moving.

- Yes.
- Are you okay Astrid?

- It is moving.
- Yes, it's moving a bit. Come on.


You first, Astrid.

A crime scene analysis,
that's one of the three tests

- of the technical exam, isn't it?
- Yeah.

So you're up, miss Nielsen.

Hey! Be mindful, Fournier.

- We're all ears, Astrid.
- Go, Astrid, you can do it.

The victim is male.

Caucasian. Around m and kg.

He was beaten, which is
probably the cause of death.

Although, that will only
be strictly determined

after the rigorous autopsy
Dr Fournier will make.

Off to a good start!
Always flatter the examiners.

You just omitted to
specify the victim's age.

Yes. I omitted it knowingly.

It is hard to say as of now.

Homeless people often
present misleading aging signs

because of their
on-the-streets hard lifestyle.

For a beggar, he's all dressed up
for someone sleeping on the streets.

Lieutenant Enguien.

The autopsy Dr Fournier will
perform should confirm that

the victim suffers from Staphylococcal
Scalded Skin Syndrome.

A skin infection widely common
among homeless people.

Moreover, the chappings

along with his hands condition
and probably his dental state,

constitute a body of consistent evidence
that confirms it.

- Well done. A+.
- Thank you Dr Fournier.

Only, something is wrong.

- The suit is too clean.
- Clearly.

It's not the suit of someone
who has been beaten.

It was put on post-mortem.

So we're thinking of
a beggars' quarrel?

And the k*ller covering it up
by dressing him up in a suit?

No. No. I don't think so. It wouldn't have
taken us long to figure out he's a beggar.

I agree, Raphaëlle.

The victim's outfit is not meant
to distract our attention.

On the contrary:
it is meant to draw it.

There, Raph.

We found the victim's belongings

in another beggar's squat,
not far from the crime scene.

Are we sure they're his?

Yeah, they had his documents.

- Laurent Burgains, that's him?
- Yeah.

We arrested a guy living in the squat.
Léo Germain, no police record.

- Let go of me!
- Hey, calm down. Calm down.

- What's going on?
- I won't say a thing!

It's your right.
But I'd advise you otherwise.

I won't say a thing to you.

But her?

Her, I want to talk to.

I'm Commander Coste.

I know who you are.

You, you don't know me. But I know you.

- Yeah?
- Eight years ago,

a homeless friend was accused
of something he hadn't done.

The robbery case of the Cherkaoui
grocery store in Stalingrad.

- Stalingrad, the store, yeah.
- Bastien, his name was.

Cops were saying “he's a gutter punk”.

They accused him
without even investigating.

But you. You worked.

And you proved it wasn't him.
Yes, Bastien told me everything.

I didn't forget.

I drink, but there's still
some memory in there.

I remember well, yeah.

I wasn't Commander back then.

How hard it was at first.
What happened to Bastien?

He died.

I'm sorry.

Sorry? You're not the one who k*lled him.

It was the cold.

So Léo, you know why you're here?

You found Laurent's belongings
in my squat so you think I k*lled him.

- We're not thinking anything yet.
- You, maybe.

But the others out there?

You think
they're not ready to tell a story?

We just want to understand.


when I saw Laurent had been k*lled,

I took the initiative

of putting him in a nice suit.

I didn't want it to be like the others.

I wanted, for him, to find
out what truly happened.

- The others?
- The others, yeah.

The ones that were k*lled like Louis
and the police didn't even come for.

No. We send uniforms,
we do a report, and we file.

Not even an investigation.


- How many deaths are you talking about?
- At least three guys.

And they weren't k*lled
by the cold, no, no.

By a crazy guy who b*at them to death.

And he keeps doing it.

Because nobody cares.

Nobody cares.

You can talk, guys. They're clean.

Yesterday, late afternoon,
I saw a guy parked on the esplanade.

He stayed for hours in the same spot.
I think he was on the lookout.

And could you describe him?

Yeah. Brown-haired, burly,
with a dickhead haircut.

And the dickhead beard that goes with it.

I think he was watching us.


- And the car?
- Not sure.

I think it was an
electrical one.

It was white, like a small city car.

No pictures from the CCTV.

You're not likely to have any.
It's a dealing corner.

So the CCTV, I can tell you, often broken.

- I have his plate number.
- Why did you write his plate?

Because, this assh*le charged at me.
Like that. No apologies or anything.

May I have the paper? Thanks.

Let me see.

Yes, Astrid?

I'm coming. I'm coming.


What's going on?

I found the three homeless persons'
unsolved m*rder cases

Léo Germain talked about.

They were handled by the
police stations concerned.

Indeed, they have but
a few piece of evidence.

And you didn't find enough evidence
to link the three cases, is that it?

That's what's troubling you?

I found the link.

I found the link between the files.

The link…

It's Dad.

During his last investigation,

Dad used informants.

His last investigation?

- The investigation during which…
- He died.

I'm sorry, Astrid.

You do not have to be sorry, Raphaëlle.
You do not have anything to do with it.

He was careful to never use
the informants' real names.

For their protection and mine.

He had given them pseudonyms
from Norse mythology.

Balder, Brokk, Thor and Hod.

Those four names never left my mind.
As if they constituted an enigma

and solving it would lift
the mystery surrounding his death.

By consulting those files individually,
I would have never been able to link them.

It is by seeing them together
that it came to me.

Him, he could be Balder.

The God of Light.
With his long blond hair.

Him, he could be Brokk.

The autopsy report mentions
he had achondroplasia,

an illness that causes a growth failure.

Brokk, in Norse mythology, is a dwarf.

And there.

Look, the scar in his neck, here.

- A lightning bolt-shaped scar, yes.
- That's Thor, the God of thunder.


- Could you ring Dr Fournier? Now.
- Okay.

Fournier, here's Astrid.

No, no need. Ask him if
Laurent Burgains had ocular issues.

He heard you.
Fournier, I'm putting you on speaker.

No kidding, I'm impressed, Astrid.
You'll have to tell me how you did it.

This is mentalism.

Nothing could be seen based
on the external examination.

Indeed, the victim has
an optic nerve lesion.

He couldn't see anything with this eye.
How did you manage to guess such a thing?

Hod is a blind god.

Fournier, I'll call you back.

Listen, Astrid...

I never doubted you. Never.

But the link is small.

You're very affected by this case.

It's your dad.

I think you're lacking
a bit of objectivity.

Balder and Hod are Odin's sons.

They are brothers.

Like the first and last victims.
Alex Burgains and Laurent Burgains.

They are brothers.


I do not lack objectivity.

These four men, Balder,
Brokk, Hod and Thor...

were Dad's informants.

Close the door behind you,
please, Coste? Thank you.

Of course I heard about
Angus Nielsen's last investigation.

He was in the Organized Crime unit.
He wanted to take Vincent Bergeaud down.

Vincent Bergeaud? The Aloe Vera boss?

But that's not a g*ng, Commissioner.
That's a firm in the CAC .

It wasn't in the CAC back then.

And Nielsen was convinced its activity
was hiding a big drug ring.

The truth is...

it had become an obsession for him.

He was like Captain Ahab
chasing Mody-Dick.

Except he never proved anything.
It was a chimera.

He still got k*lled.

Sorry Commissioner,
but chimeras don't k*ll.

He got k*lled because he led
a loose-cannon mission.

And I can see you coming, Coste.
You were cut from the same cloth.

White whales are your thing.

Listen, you know I'm not indifferent
to miss Nielsen's hunches, but really?

Four beggars hidden behind Viking Gods?
It's too weak to open a case.

- I–
- Sorry, Commissioner. Small emergency.

The license plate given by the beggar
is indeed an electrical vehicle.

The driver's license is in
the name of Axel Benrubi.

Security boss of a big firm: Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera.
Bergeaud's firm.


You're early for your exam.

I know it's usual for you,
but you're a whole two days early.

- I need to meet with you.
- Of course.

Which part of the exam
do you wish to discuss?

I do not wish to discuss the exam.

I need to meet with you about Dad.

Of course.

Your talent, you without a doubt
inherited it from your father.

The most brilliant police officer
I have ever met.

Yet, he fell into a trap and died.

Mrs. Langlais,

do you think Dad was wrong
about Mr. Bergeaud?

Commander Coste
is about to open this case.

If Dad was wrong, one must not be wrong,

I do not want Commander Coste
to head into the same d*ad end.

Astrid, you can't lose all the investment
you put in the formation this year.

Since you're looking for
my advice, here it is:

Leave the ghosts of the past
where they are

and focus on that JPO qualification
you need so much.

It's what your father would have wanted.

Excuse me, I have a lecture.

[Commander Coste.
Meet me at my place in an hour.]

I inquired about the Nielsen case
to my friend in Organized Crimes.


The case of the century.

Twenty five cops were on it.

Why didn't Homicide deal with it?

It stayed within Organized Crimes.

One of their own was k*lled
so it was personal.

And Bergeaud?

An army of accountants,

complex financial systems,

shell companies, multiple firewalls,
you get the picture.

But the connection with
the death of Astrid's father

was never formally made.

He wanted to catch
them in the act.

He went in alone.

A bit like you actually.

Yeah, okay.

Rumor has it Angus Nielsen was betrayed
by someone on the force.

There was a mole?


They're here.

Thanks, Arthur.

Number two.


There's no doubt.


Can I go hit his face?

No, no.

Thank you for coming.

We'll take care of the rest.

Mr Benrubi, you're accused of
the first-degree m*rder

of Laurent Burgains, ,

on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

Do you admit to these facts?

You have the right to remain silent.

You can also call a lawyer.


Behind this glass,
every witness identified you,


We'll search your home.

And we'll find the shoes
you used in the basement.

All the incriminating evidence
will pile against you.

I'd call a lawyer if I were you.

I'll ask again.

Do you admit to these facts?


On Saturday,

a hobo-type guy

held a blade to me.

He told me to hand over my wallet,
which I did,

and he ran away with it.

Did you have enough time to write
or am I going too fast?

Because this is important.

I saw the guy running
towards a kind of abandoned factory.

I slowed down to get behind him.

As I surprised him, I grabbed him.

We fought a bit violently

and he fell.

I took my wallet back
and went on my way.

I can assure you, ma'am,

that I absolutely didn't know he was d*ad.

He must have been in poor health.

- And the others?
- What others?

The three bodies,

the beggars.

Nanterre, Puteaux, Montparnasse.

They stole your wallet too?

Look, I'm sorry ma'am
but I don't understand what you're saying.


I'll make you go down.

Four first-degree m*rder.

The only thing that could potentially
reduce the sentence

is naming the one who ordered it.

That's not a lot of effort.

They're on your paychecks.

I think I'll ask for legal assistance.

You came without shoes.

I took them off.
To surprise you.

I'm sorry Astrid, I didn't see
your text right away.

I was with this Benrubi assh*le.

I know how Bergeaud
always gets away with it.

His lieutenants sacrifice themselves
for him.

Yes. I mean, his
lieutenants sacrifice-

I've never seen this door opened
since I've been coming here.

It is the door to Dad's office.

I was forbidden from entering

without his permission.

But now,

I am thinking this is null, isn't it?

Yes, Astrid.

Are you sure?

If there is something
we have not found in this case yet,

it has to be in his office.

I have not been in this office

since Dad's death

seven years ago.

Everything that was in there
is now at the Criminal Documentation.

What is this?

The documents
the investigators did not seize.

"This card

will probably remind you of many things

when I was reading you
that bedtime story.

Follow the wolf and you'll know the truth.

Fondly, Dad.”

The date is the day before
his death.

It's very touching.

It is not touching, Raphaëlle.

It is very intriguing.

Dad never read me that bedtime story.

Because Dad

never read me bedtime stories.


this gigantic wolf

is Fenrir,

Loki's son, a Norse God.


You think they could be
the fifth informant?

He always talked about four.

Maybe that's the message.

Maybe that's what he was trying
to tell you, that there's a fifth.

There is no file

at the Criminal Documentation

in which the victim
alludes to a wolf or Fenrir.

Which could mean

that the fifth informant is still alive.

And if Bergeaud is working this hard
to k*ll your dad's informants,

that means they can make him go down.

We need to find this wolf.

And follow it.

Smile, guys. Smile.

Act normal.

So Arthur,
I have to tell you something.

I don't understand why we're not
debriefing in the Commissioner's office.

That's what happens
at this point of the story, right?

Listen, the Commissioner will be glad

we're bringing him Bergeaud
on a silver platter.

But he's sure gonna make things
difficult for us in the meantime.

Raph, come on,

he's the Commissioner.

He's always had our backs.

I'm not sure he will now.

Can you tell me

where he was working before becoming
Commissioner at Homicide?

Organized Crimes.

- Exactly.
- So what?

The last cop investigating Bergeaud

was s*ab in the back by another cop.

That's what I'm implying.

Not the Commissioner.

Listen guys, for now,
we'll work under the radar.

And as soon as we have something solid,
we go all in.

Shit guys, are you
with me or what?

- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.

- That's why Astrid isn't with us?
- No.

She's taking her exam this week.

I don't want to upset her
with this case.

She just went to the Doc to

investigate the m*rder
of a homeless man,

maybe something we missed.

A m*rder with a wolf.

- A wolf?
- Yes, a wolf.


“Find the wolf
and you will know the truth.”

[Homicide Nielsen]


about your father's death…

They decided to close the case.

Lack of evidence.

It is a homicide

linked to organized crimes.

It will need to be put in section .

I'll ask someone else to
deal with this file.

Thank you, Mr Gaillard.

Angus Nielsen
left a secret message to Astrid.

We think he wanted to tell her
there was a fifth informant,


So Astrid is searching the Doc

for a corresponding file
we may have missed, right?


Let's hope she doesn't find anything.
That would mean Fenrir is still alive.

We're looking for someone
with a link to the victims.

Not necessarily a beggar


Someone with a distinctive sign
related to a wolf.

Could be

a predatory smile,
abundant hairiness,

a wolf tattoo.


You do realize we don't even know
if Bergeaud is linked to this case?


Yeah Bergeaud, you're right.

I have to see him.

We've been talking about him so much,
I need to know who I'm dealing with.

Damn it, I don't like that
look in your eyes.

You know how “Moby-Dick” ends?

Yeah. He gets his f*cking whale.

His sperm whale.

In Melville's book, Moby-Dick
is a white sperm whale, not a whale.

Vincent Bergeaud is giving
a press conference

right around the corner.

It started a few minutes ago.

Thanks Arthur.

Wait, how does “Moby-Dick” end?

The ship sinks and Ahab dies in agony.

Aloe Vera will be investing
% of their profits

in abandoned landscapes in Amazonia,

with a promise to leave them alone.

We'll let nature take over again

and biodiversity restore itself.



I listened very attentively.

And I think you forgot to say

this was mostly for tax exemption.

I'll answer.

May I know who
I'm speaking with?

Yes, sorry.



Yes but which media outlet
are you with?

Oh no, nothing like that.

I'm a Commander with
the criminal police.

I have some questions for you.

And I doubt

your audience will be interested.

- Although…
- Let's take a break.

Yes, okay.


You're Astrid Nielsen, right?


May I call you Astrid?

Your father told me so much about you.

We met at his funeral.

We even spoke. You don't remember?

Stop it.

Stop pretending to be
Angus Nielsen's friend.

We know what his goal was with you.

Of course.

By fighting so much,

we ended up knowing each other.


It's my personal number.

Call me, let's set up a meeting.

And I'll answer all
your questions.

Good. See you very soon.




Oh, you should look for
a new head of security.

Mr Benrubi is gonna spend
some time behind bars.

See you soon.

[Bergeaud case. Evidence / Reports]

This is ridiculous, Commander.

You know I'll end your career eventually.

Enough of this, Bergeaud.

I know you're smuggling cocaine
through containers.

I'll know how soon enough.

In the meantime, you searched
my shipping company's boats

about ten times and…


And I'll do it
a thousand times if I have to.

We're cut from the same cloth, you and I.

I doubt that.

The cloth you're from
must be a rag.

You're combative, I like that.

You're not the first one
to look into me.

But I have to admit
you're my favorite by far.

And I don't like you.

I'm not so sure.

You must have a crush to be
so interested in me.


Admit it.

He does not like you.

Pages are missing.


pages are missing.

Something is wrong.

I will find what is wrong.

I started reading the files
about the investigation of Dad's m*rder.

I'll go.

Pages are missing.

Entire passages have disappeared.

Official reports of hearings
were classified.

I cannot access them.


There's a weird guy outside.

- Weird how?
- Weird, like really weird.

I don't know, he has
a biker's outfit and a full face helmet.

Don't stay here.

Come on, Mom, it's fine.

Go sit down, Théo.

Go sit!

Good evening, Astrid.

Sorry for trespassing,
I didn't know when you'd be home.

I didn't want to wait outside.

I wanted to talk to you
without having your colleague on my ass.

You broke into my home.

You have no right to be here.

You did not clean the counter top.
One must clean the counter top.

The kitchen is not clean.
The kitchen must always be clean.

You did not take your shoes off.
One has to take their shoes off.

Leave, please.

You know, Astrid,

it's jarring being here.

After all these years.

Come, sit. Indulge me.

I made an asparagus risotto.
Do you like that?

Sit down.

It is not my seat.

Come on.

I already had dinner.

On Monday nights,
I dine at Commander Coste's.

It is Monday.

That's too bad.

She told me not to believe you
when you claim you and Dad were close.

Well, she's wrong.

I knew your father
better than she knows you.

He'd become a friend.

Dad did not like you.

It is written in a hearing report.
“I do not like you.”

I'm sorry it hurts you
but that's how it is.

There was a real friendship between us.

Seeing both sides,

he figured that maybe
he wasn't on the right side.

You never thought that your father

wasn't k*lled
because he was fighting crime,

but because he was a criminal himself?


What do you think he was doing there
that night, in that warehouse?

Was he leading an ambush
or was he dealing?

He was leading an ambush.


How do you explain the fact that

he didn't warn anyone
about this operation?

Neither his superiors nor his colleagues.

It's not normal.

It's not normal.

- Yes, Nico?
- Are you with Astrid?

No, she left. Why?

Sooner or later,
she'll learn what I'm about to say.

I think it's better
if she learned it from you.

Go on, I'm listening.

Astrid's father was under investigation
from Internal affairs.

Huge suspicion of corruption.
He might be a dirty cop.

Evidence disappeared
from the official file

so his image as a cop who died a hero
wasn't butchered.


Do you have the name
of the cop on the investigation?

I'd like to interrogate them.

It's Anne Langlais.

The Police Academy principal?

Yeah, one and the same.

What the hell is going on?

Astrid, I went to the Doc,
they said you didn't come in this morning.

I'm worried.

I'll swing by your place.

I am sorry, Raphaëlle, I could not answer.

- I am not alone.
- Yeah?

The closeness Angus created with Bergeaud

raised suspicion with my superiors
who launched an investigation.

It was entrusted to me.

Vincent Bergeaud is a manipulator.

It wouldn't surprise me if he was the one

who started the rumor
that Angus was corrupted.

It's not impossible, yes.

Mrs Langlais,

what did your investigation reveal?

My investigation lasted over a year.

It was a very complex investigation,
with a lot of ramifications.

It was brutally interrupted
by this tragedy.

Your father's death.

And did you find anything
during the investigation?

Nothing that could prove he was guilty.

And nothing that could prove the contrary.


I'll be completely truthful with you,

by force of circumstance,
during my investigation,

I became really close with Angus.

And one thing leading to another,

I fell in love with him.

She is the woman with the amber perfume.

So, I don't know…

Maybe I lost discernment,

lacked objectivity.

Astrid, I wanted to say…

We're gonna do everything we can to prove
that your father wasn't dirty, I promise.

You see, this place is a logistic hub

and cargo from all over the world
come through here.

And I think it's one of the key points
of Bergeaud's tr*ffick.

Your father wanted
to catch him in the act here.

Only, Bergeaud could have changed
his habits since Dad's m*rder.

It's possible.

We'll interrogate the workers.

There has to be one or two
who were working here back then.

This is where it happened, isn't it?

I know what this place means to you.

And I think I know how you feel,

even if you have
your own way of showing it.

- Raphaëlle.
- Yes.


The wolf.

The wolf.

We found the wolf.

We were looking for a man.

But it was a company
that Dad pointed me to.


Bergeaud's Achilles heel.



There has to be a link
between Fenrir and Bergeaud.

- Just need to find what it is.
- Coste!

Could you come to my office, please?

It's been a while since he summoned me
into his office with that tone.

Pray for me.

Good luck.

You think I'm stupid, Coste?

Conversations stopping when I'm here.

You think I don't see that?

You're still investigating Bergeaud,
aren't you?

Our progress has been great
these last few hours, right?

When were you planning on telling me?

You're refusing to tell me
because Angus was betrayed by a cop?

Because I was with Organized Crimes
back then, is that it?

No, that's not it.

It's because you told me
not to persist with this case.

I was going behind your back,
that's why.


We have carte blanche.
He's calling the DA.

I knew it.
We made progress on our side too.

Fenrir is an import-export company

that buys cultivable lands
in South America for oleaginous culture.

And where they are,
I wouldn't be surprised if they planted

cocaine or heroin poppies.

Any link with Bergeaud?

He's way too smart to be
in the company's organization chart.

But Victor Rubane,
one of Fenrir's founders, is an ex-notary.

He was the one to oversee the first
real estate purchases of Aloe Vera.

He's been removed from
the Notary Chamber since then.

Now he's in Montevideo.

No, no. You can't, Ma'am.

Mr Bergeaud is unavailable.

Your appointment is in an hour.
Do I need to call security?

Raphaëlle, it's pm.

The appointment is at pm.

We are an hour early.

I'm really sorry, Mr Bergeaud.

Commander Coste?

May I know what you're doing?

I'm counting the amount of men we'll need
to take everything when we'll do a search.

And may I know how
you'll be able to justify that to a judge?

With Fenrir, Mr Bergeaud.

With who?

Fenrir [Norwegian],

a company which the Norwegian authorities
are investigating

with the approval of the judge
of the Oslo Court of Appeals.

What are you implying?

That I'm involved in Fenrir-something
legal issues?

- Fenrir [Norwegian], yes.
- That's slander.

You show up here, you're yelling,
you're talking nonsense, lying.

How dare you?

If I were you,
I'd start looking for a job.

Commander Coste.

I'm going to ruin your career.

Mr Bergeaud,

allow me to doubt your ability.

Besides, we're about to figure out
who betrayed Angus Nielsen.

It's only a matter of hours.

You see,

even if what you do is irreproachable now,

the past always comes back.

A bit like...

bad smells.

It doesn't smell good.

There's something…



You were perfect, Astrid.

Thank you.

You too.

I think you were too enthusiastic.

We do not know the name
of the one who betrayed Dad.

Trust me.

The Commissioner
was approved for a wiretap.

And with what we said, in the panic,

it's likely
he's gonna make a couple calls.

You know what I mean?

You are going to
lead the wolf out of the woods.

I'm going to lead
the Fenrir out of the woods.

You're gonna pass.

The exam.

Searching for evidence,
like searching for a motive,

is secondary.

What do you mean secondary?

They're two fundamentals
of police procedure.

Yes. In theory, absolutely.

Only, in practice, there are cases
where it is impossible to find both.

So to expose the culprit,

it is essential to consider elements
that did not seem important at first.

It is the accumulation
of these small elements

that will allow the investigation
to progress.

Mrs Nielsen?


What you just described has a name.

A body of consistent evidence.

Mrs Nielsen, are you still with us?

A body of consistent evidence, yes.

I am sorry.

I am sorry.


I know who betrayed Dad.

It was Anne Langlais.

I have to leave. Now.

Tell me what happened.

I didn't have a choice.

I was tricked.

By Vincent Bergeaud?

By Axel Benrubi.

But you know it's the same thing, right?


Nothing will ever justify it, I know.

But they had kidnapped
my oldest son, Julien.

He's now but he was then.

I was so scared.

They took him
so you would give them Angus?

Not exactly.

They wanted my investigation
to take him down.

That I screw up his career.

You didn't know Angus.

Ruining his career as a cop
or sh**ting him in the head was the same.

I thought I could
negotiate with them to protect him.

You can't negotiate with the devil.


Angus told me about his operation.

Balder, Brokk, Hod, Thor,
the four Norse gods.

Back then Bergeaud was using
beggars as mules, as lookouts.

Nobody sees them, they're invisible.

Even cops don't care about them.

And they're cheap,
you just need to give them some crack.

And Angus had figured it all out?

He managed to earn the trust
of four of Bergeaud's beggars.

And then...

He patiently waited for the right intel.

- The deal at the warehouse.
- Yes.

When I told Bergeaud
Angus knew the deal was happening,

I thought he would just cancel it.

I couldn't possibly imagine
sending Angus to his death.

I swear...

I wake up every morning remembering
I caused the death of the man I loved.

Bergeaud made me
an accomplice in Angus' death.

I would do anything to take him down.

Why not earlier?

Because I was scared for my son.

But now...


I've been in this situation
with your father so often.

Only now,

you are here as a suspect.

He believed in you a lot.

He was sure you'd go further
than where they wanted to keep you.

He would be proud of you.

Mr Bergeaud,

we have a testimony
involving you in his m*rder.

You will be interrogated
by a lot of departments.

After the criminal police,
it will be Organized Crimes,

then the financial crime department,
and finally...

the DEA.

I'll tell you something.

I'd rather you be the one
to shake me down than anyone else.

- I held your father in high esteem.
- I do not believe you.

I'm not playing anymore, Astrid.

Your father was incorruptible.

I admired that a lot.

He always refused when I reached out.

A righteous man.

He was Commander in the police.

And he died.

And you...

You will be spending many years in prison.

Don't count on it too much.

People like me
don't stay too long behind bars.



You see, Anne,

even the police is defending me.

Anne, don't be stupid.

Look around you, Anne.

Only your w*apon is pointing at me.

Don't do this, Anne.

Internal Affairs
is opening an investigation.

It's inevitable.

They'll comb through everything
in the department.

And Arthur?

Since the sh*t was fired with his w*apon,
he's in a bad spot.

It's not his fault.

No one saw it coming.
We're all responsible.

You can count on
Internal Affairs to remind us.

But the link between Bergeaud and Fenrir

and between Fenrir
and the drug tr*ffick was established.

It will go in our favor.

So I did not
fail my oral exam for nothing.

This investigation was the last one I did
with the criminal police.

At least it exposed
the one responsible for Dad's death.

That's one of the reasons
I came all the way here.

I wanted to break the news in person.

What news?

You passed with honors, Miss Nielsen.

Your results on the continuous assessment
are the best

since the program was created.

And considering
the exceptional events that happened,

the jury not only decided to cancel
your failing score at the oral exam,

but they gave you the best score.

They considered that your decision
to favor the investigation

instead of the exam

was the best proof of your ability
to react in the face of pressure.

You are officially
a criminal police officer, Miss Nielsen.

Or should I say…

Lieutenant Nielsen.

Will I keep my job
at the Criminal Documentation?

Of course, Astrid.
That was our deal from the start.

That won't change.

You're a criminal police officer now.

You're qualified.

Where is Anne Langlais?

She's still at the station, in a cell.
She's waiting to be taken to court.

I would like to inform her

that I passed.

Is it possible?


I'll come with you.

I'm so proud of you, Astrid.

Could you ever forgive me?

I do not know.

What I do know

is that I would like to see you again.

I learned more

about Dad in these few days with you

than I did since he died.


I would like

to keep talking about him

with you.

I have something
to tell you as well, Astrid.


You know, my son? The young one?

He's seven.

He's Angus' son.

I always hid it because I was scared
Bergeaud would go after him.

He's your little brother, Astrid.

You okay?

- Any news from Arthur?
- He's not doing so hot.

He feels really guilty.

We're his friends, we support him.

- We're all behind him.
- Yeah, totally.

Poor guy.

Nico, I need to tell you the truth.

- Something wrong?
- No.

Yes. No. I mean, nothing's wrong.

But it would be more honest to tell you.

Tell me what?

There are things I see differently.
I mean, I see you differently…

I don't see you like a friend anymore.


Did I do something wrong? I don't get it.

My feelings have changed.

What are you getting at?

I'm in love with you, Nico.


Why do you say that?

- Are you kidding?
- No.

That's an embarrassing information.

Why do you say that now? f*ck.

That's rich coming from you.

You've had feelings for me for years,
you could have said that earlier.

- Who told you that? Arthur?
- Who cares about who told me?

I'm telling you I'm in love with you
and you're yelling. Are you kidding?

f*ck you.

f*ck you!


You have not said a word on the way here.

Something is wrong.


I have something to tell you.



I also have something to tell you.

I think it is important.

I will make tea.

We will need some time.

Tea is appropriate.

Tea is good.

You're right, Astrid.

We will need some time.
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