06x13 - All Hands on Deck

Episode Transcripts for the TV show, "The Resident". Aired: January 2018 to present.
Doctors at Chastain Memorial fight against the corruption in Americas health care system.
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06x13 - All Hands on Deck

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- Previously on The Resident...
- I really am sorry.

Don't be. Just so you know,

Hawkins never said,
"I love you", not once.

The treatment... it didn't work?

Oh, it did, just a little
less than before.

Your only hope for survival
is a heart transplant, Governor.

Move me to the top of the UNOS list.

AUSTIN: Betz agreed to save Chastain.

- If he gets a heart.
- And survives the transplant.

- You're leaving?
- I couldn't tell Kit the truth.

I can only take so much at one time.

Sammie. When does she get here?

They're on a plane right this minute.

- Honey, are you okay?

- Maybe up more?
- How's that?

A little more.

- Okay.
- Perfect.


Who knew six-year-olds were so bossy?

(CHUCKLES) The woman
knows what she wants.

Hey, since you only turn six once,

I got you a very special
something for your party.

He looks just like Mr. Giraffe!

But bigger. So big!

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I love you, Billie.

I love you, too.

And I can't wait to show Sammie
when she gets here.


Wait till she sees what they do
to get that candy out

- of Mr. Giraffe's big brother.
- Oh.



CONRAD: Excuse me.

Don't let me stop you.

Kiss him again!

- Again, she says.
- Oh, again, yeah.


Wow. Okay.

It's Bell.

- BILLIE: All right. Oh.
- Hope you're not calling

to bail on Gigi's birthday party.

I got a pretty pink party hat
with your name on it.

Yeah, uh, about that.
I-I know it's your day off,

but we have an emergency.

- Not Betz.
- No, the governor's fine.

He's, uh... His donor
heart's on the way.

But it's-it's Sammie.


What's wrong?

Well, she got sick on the flight here,

and Jake and Gregg thought
it was the flu,

but she woke up far worse, and
they had to call an ambulance.

So, given her medical history,
you can imagine.

Yeah, you're terrified.

I'll be right there.

- That looks really good.
- Daddy, what's wrong?

Sammie got sick on the plane.
I have to go see her.

I'm coming.

- Let me get my nursing kit!
- Uh, no, honey.

Why don't we stay here
and wait for news?

Might not be serious.

AUSTIN: The donor was a young male

with an addiction to motorcycles
and a resistance to helmet laws.

But I'm told the organ
survived the accident

in pristine condition,
and it's a perfect match.

Uh, when do we do this?

He's prepped and ready to go.

Then we're headed to the OR now.

- Got your text.
- AUSTIN: Hey, it's go time.

Let's scrub in.


I'll meet Sammie's ambulance.

I have to deal with Betz,
but don't panic.

- It could just be a bad flu.
- I know, I know, but Jake's a doctor.

He would know if it wasn't serious.

KIT: Keep me posted.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

♪ ♪

You're in great hands.
I'll see you on the other side.

I'm counting on it.

We kept our end of the bargain.

I want to hear, on your word of honor,

that you will do the same.


Save my life, and I
will save this hospital.

You have my word.

♪ ♪

- How's she doing?
- JAKE: Decompensating by the minute.

- Glad you're here.
- Look. Honey, it's Grandpa.

Hey, sweetie.

Don't worry. We've got you.
We've got you.

- Status?
- Ten-year-old female

presenting with fever over
and flu-like symptoms.

- Sats over .
- She spiked a high fever

last night, became nauseous
and started vomiting.

Then she had trouble breathing.

Okay, Trauma Bay Ten.
Hundley, we need you and Irving.

We'll update you.

DEVON: Okay. On my count. One, two,


Hey, sweetheart, how you doing?

Gigi's birthday party.

No one's having a party without you.

- Cross my heart.

- Let's get labs and an ABG.
- You got it.

- Airway's intact.
- Absent breath sounds on the left.

- Pneumothorax.
- We'll need to decompress it.

- I'll get an ultrasound.
- Okay, I'll order a stat chest X-ray.

- Hundley, will you please?
- I'll prep the chest tube.

Sammie, your lung's collapsed.

But we're going to do a procedure

that's gonna help you feel better, okay?


I came as quickly as I could.

Oh, Jake.

- Gregg.
- Hi.

Where's Sammie?

She's with Conrad and Devon
in the trauma room.

- Do they know what's wrong?
- Not yet.

What's the update on Betz?

The heart arrived.
He's already in the OR.

I have to brief the press,
but I'll be right back.

♪ ♪


KIT: Please.

Governor Betz is in surgery.

Our best team is performing
a heart transplant as we speak.

We have every reason to expect
a good outcome. Thank you.



Extending the incision towards
the mitral valve annulus.

AUSTIN: Great. Now,

removing the cold...

I mean old heart.

Ready for the donor.

LEELA: All right.

Here we go.

Oh, looks pristine.

No evidence of valvular disease

or damage from the accident.

LEELA: This is pretty terrifying.

We have two lives in our hands today.

The governor's and Chastain's.

Some people, when the pressure is on...

they wish anybody would step in
and take their place.

Me? I prefer
the Michael Jordan approach.

You're gonna have to elaborate on that.

Michael had no fear.

If he was in a game,

and what was needed
for a win was a three-pointer

from mid-court,
a nearly impossible sh*t,

he would demand that ball
and never wonder if he'd miss.

I'd like to be like that.

Well, then be Jordan.

Hey, sweetie. You feeling better?

- A little.
- We love you, honey.

You are very brave.

You're admitting her?

Yes, but the good news is,
her BP and sats have come up.

CONRAD: Temp's still a little
high, but we were able

to reinflate her lung.

- How is she?
- I didn't want to mention this

to Jake and Gregg just yet,
but we did a CT scan.

And it's not great.

DEVON: You better come have a look.

I have it right over here.

So it wasn't just a collapsed lung.

She's got an effusion.

We'll need to drain the fluid
and send it to the lab.

DEVON: And given Sammie's history,

there's a strong possibility
that her cancer has come back.

CONRAD: Look, obviously,

we want it to be anything else,

and we will keep searching.

But there aren't many other reasons

to explain a spontaneous pneumothorax

and pleural effusion
in a child of Sammie's age.

Just give us a minute.

Okay, let's not panic.

Let's think this through.

How am I going to break
this to Jake and Gregg?

Oh, this child,

this precious child...

- We don't know that it's cancer yet.
- Yeah, right.

The first step, the obvious
one... we need pediatric help.

Well, after the cuts
Betz forced us to make,

that entire department's
been on life support.

And we just lost
our best pediatric surgeon.

She's my granddaughter.

We got to get Ian back in here.

Thank you for agreeing
to be my sponsor, Wade.

I'm happy to do it.

I'll take all the help I can get.

(CHUCKLES) I'd like you to make a list

and identify your triggers.

Things you see or do
that make you want to use.

Avoiding them is an essential
component of relapse prevention.

Well, my biggest trigger is stress.

I treat sick kids.

Families come to me for help at
the worst moment of their lives,

and I'm supposed to be the savior,

make their children better
and never break a sweat,

but not every child can be fixed.

Do you have a plan for how to
deal with this without drugs?

I've taken a leave of absence
to reassess.

Trying to figure out if the truth is

that my work will always
thr*at my recovery.

Well, are you searching
for coping mechanisms?

Well, the drugs were
my coping mechanism.


The only ones that worked, but now,

I'm facing the awful question of,

am I gonna have to find a different way

to make a living, which is something

I can't even contemplate,
because I... I love what I do.

Medicine is literally my life,
and I am very good at it.

Even loaded, I was better than
% of the doctors in my field.

That's a dangerous way to think.

In Nar-Anon, it's known
as "Euphoric Recall",

- the tendency to romanticize your drug use

while conveniently forgetting
all the harm it caused.

- I have to take this.
- No problem.

Hello, Kit.

♪ ♪

I'm... I'm really sorry
to hear that. That's awful.

I-I would like to help, Kit,
I really would,

but I don't think that I can.

Okay. I'm coming in.

AUSTIN: Now remove
the aortic cross clamps.

Give it a couple seconds
for his new heart to kick in.

Moment of truth.


Paddles to me. Ten joules.


- Clear.


Increase the charge to .

AUSTIN: Let's try it again.

- Charging. Clear.

Maybe we're missing something.

We've rechecked the electrolyte.

It's not the potassium.

All right, give him a dose of magnesium

and lidocaine. We'll
give it one last sh*t.

- Charging.

- Clear.



Normal sinus!


MJ for the win with two seconds left.


I think these elephants would
look nice over the windows.

Sammie's my best friend.

I know, sweetie.

I want to go to the hospital
to be with her.

She needs me.


Okay, why don't you keep
coloring these hearts for me?

Conrad, what's going on?

Waiting on Sammie's labs.

Just hoping her cancer hasn't come back.

(SIGHS) Oh, no.

How is Gigi?

Oh, she's fine, but she
keeps saying she wants

to go to Chastain, you know,
to be with Sammie.

I'll try and keep her busy.
Keep me updated.

Will do.



I'm Dr. Ian Sullivan.

Dr. Voss asked me to consult
on your daughter's case.

Of course. We know you
by your reputation.

Thank you so much
for coming in. I'm Jake.

And I'm Gregg. We are
so glad you're here.

If anyone can save her...

Honestly, we just have so much faith.

An-And trust in you.

And this must be Sammie.
How are you feeling?

Not so great.

But I think, now that you're here,

I'll start to feel better soon.

- Okay, Sammie.

I am going to listen to your
lungs and then your heart.

Okay. That's it.
Take a deep breath for me.

(COUGHS) Sorry.

- That-that wasn't really good.
- No, you're doing just fine.

- Okay.

Now I am going
to press on your belly, okay?

- My belly doesn't hurt.
- Oh, that's good.

Okay, princess, you sit tight.

If anything gets worse,

or if something new starts
to bother you,

I want you to press
that red button, okay?

And then I'd come running.

Thank you for coming in so quickly.

Of course. She's a heartbreaker.

Have you seen Sammie's medical history?

I'm about to take a deep dive
into all that immediately.

- I just did a brief exam.
- Do you think it's cancer?

Fear of a recurrence is understandable,

but it could be a host
of different things.

The effusion could be secondary
to an infection,

which would fit
with the low-grade fever.

I'll order more cultures.

- Thank you.
- Sit tight.

Strong pressure, normal heart sound.

Limited mediastinal output.
We can put these to water seal.

At this rate, we can clamp
the tubes tomorrow.

I'll order another chest X-ray.


Your new heart
is functioning well, Governor.

Ah. Oh. Is... ?

Is-is... is this pain normal?


BP /.

- He's in shock.
- LEELA: No signs of obstruction

in the chest tube. Unlikely
to be a tension pneumo.

The valves sound good.
He's still in sinus.

- Crank up the norepi.
- Add vaso.

And start vanc and cefepime.

We need an ultrasound in here now!

- Hey.
- What's going on?

I thought you resigned.

I'm here at Dr. Voss's request

to consult on Bell's
granddaughter's case.

- A consult only?
- Yes, I promise.

If they end up needing a surgeon,

I'll help them find a good one.

Well, what if there's an emergency?

Then I'll tell Kit everything.

Everything? Including how
you were using here?

Yes. I would rather avoid it,
but I will.

Would you like to be a witness?

Dad, it's just, you've
come such a long way,

and this commitment to honesty...

I haven't had to be honest yet.

I wouldn't say there's
anything too admirable.

But unless you object,

I'd like to stay, as long
as there's a chance

I can help that sweet kid
and her family.

Of course.

Let me know if there's anything
I can do to help.

All right.

Oh. Does Sammie have a visitor?

Conrad thought it might not
be a good idea, but she...

I said I had to come.

I couldn't refuse her.

Okay. Well, I think you may be

just the person Sammie needs.

Sammie's been asleep for a bit.

Jake and Gregg just took
the chance to get us some food.


(PANTING) Birthday.

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

We'll have a party
when you're all better.

For now, just sleep.

I'll be right here.

She is just like her mother.

I feel like I just saw Nic.

Cardiac index is marginal,
even on pressors.

Steroids are not improving

His heart's only getting worse.

- Let's intubate.
- Yeah.

That'll offload some of the
pressure on his left ventricle

and buy us some more time.

Labs are back.

Antibody testing is completely negative.

So rejection is extremely unlikely.

But if he's not rejecting
the transplanted heart,

then what is it?

AUSTIN: Rechecking his echo.

CONRAD: It's subtle.

Apical wall akinesis,

- hyperdynamic septum.
- Stress cardiomyopathy.

Something else in his body
is causing his heart to t*nk,

and we got to figure out
what it is fast.

I got this.

- Hey.
- Labs and pleural fluid are back.

There are no malignant cells.

So it's not cancer. Did you hear that?

The cancer hasn't returned.

(SIGHS) That's great news.

But if it's not cancer, then what is it?

She's having trouble breathing.

We have to know what's
wrong to treat it.

I'll be back.

Hey, just the guy I'm looking for.

Same here.

So, we've effectively
ruled out rejection for Betz.

And we've ruled out cancer for Sammie.

CONRAD: Infectious studies?

DEVON: Blood cultures
are negative so far.

Same here. Galactomannan and glucan?

Pending, but Sammie is not a likely host

for a fungal infection.

Neither is Betz.

Maybe I should just add micafungin.

All right, so his pressure's
getting worse.

What if it's not vasodilatory?

How about obstructive shock
or pneumothorax?

And tamponade. Ruled out.

I thought about adrenal insufficiencies.

But you've given him a slug
of steroids anyway.

Which is about the only thing
you haven't given Sammie.

I'm still thinking
infectious is possible

despite the negative fluid studies.

Considered autoimmune?

ANA, ANCA, rheumatoid factor
are all in lab.

But you don't want to empirically treat?

Not with the concern for infection.

We got nothing.

You know what?

You taught me, from
my very first day at Chastain,

that if the answer isn't
on these white boards...

Go back to the patient
and the physical exam.

Have I ever told you, you were
the best intern I ever had?

Well, I had the best teacher.

Nearly maxed on epi drip.

Repeat labs are back.

His lactate is sky-high.

Not a surprise. He's been
hypotensive for hours.

Wait. The lactate isn't
the result of the hypotension.

It's a clue about the cause.

AUSTIN: Right. Right.

We've been so focused on the heart.

What if... ?

Distended abdomen.

It's barely noticeable,
but I think you're right.

- He has bowel ischemia?
- CONRAD: Yup.

- That explains the shock.
- And the heart failure.

We'll need to take him to CT
to confirm, but if we're right,

he'll have to go back to the OR.

I'll page Bell.

IAN: Just take a few deep
breaths for me, Sammie.

Why is her tongue red?

Lean back for me, Sammie.

Open up and say "aah", okay?


Strawberry tongue.

- She has Kawasaki disease.
- That would explain

the fever and the flu-like symptoms.

DEVON: Now we can treat it.

Let's start her on IVIG.

- That's-that's great news.

I can't believe it. Um, AJ needs me.

It's Betz. Got to go.


- Sammie, what's wrong?
- IAN: Must be some kind

of cardiac complication related
to the Kawasaki.

All right. You guys stay here.

We're gonna get her to the cath lab.

And page Yamada.

Got your page. What's going on?

- Betz isn't rejecting the heart.
- Okay.

CONRAD: Here's the problem.

Bowel ischemia.

That's your specialty, Bell.

It is, but the last bowel
ischemia we had,

the patient died on the table,
and that guy in there

made sure I got sued.

Well, we need you to operate on him.

Is that going to be a problem?

No. I'll save the S.O.B.

DEVON: She has a giant
coronary aneurysm,

a result of the Kawasaki.

JAMES: It looks clotted off.

IAN: And partially ruptured.

Blood is accumulating around
the heart, causing tamponade.

I can do a pericardiocentesis right now,

but it's only a temporary fix.

Look, the aneurysm could
rupture at any second.

She's gonna need coronary
artery bypass surgery.

A CABG on a ten-year-old?
That's unheard of.

Look, ischemic heart,

MI, sudden cardiac death.
She could have it all.

The surgery's a Hail Mary, but
it gives Sammie her only sh*t.

Okay. I'll book an OR, Dr. Sullivan.

When can you be ready?

I'm gonna need a half hour.


So, tell me where we are with Sammie.

Then I have to scrub in for Betz.

She has a GCA...
giant coronary aneurysm.

Oh, God.

I'm sorry. As I'm sure
you're both aware,

the surgery to fix this is
incredibly risky, but

at this point, it's the only
path left to save her life.

At least we know what's wrong.

Yeah, yeah.

Obviously, you're the best
person to operate.

You still have privileges here.

Look, I'm ready, and I-I want to help,

but there's something
that you need to know first.

I was not hiking across Spain
these last few weeks.

I was in rehab.

Rehab for what?

Addiction to pills. Uppers, downers.

Whatever I needed to...

relieve stress, to focus,

to do my best during surgery.

At least that was my excuse.

Were you operating here at Chastain

while under the influence?

- Yes.
- So you lied.

You some... somehow
cheated the drug tests

and put sick children in jeopardy.

Yes, but I never harmed a patient.

I was a functioning addict, I was...

Look, there's no excuse,
there's no justification.

I'm not doing that.

This is a disaster.

Sammie needs the OR now.

- I mean, what do we do?
- IAN: Look, I am sober.

I intend to stay that way.

If you have lost your trust
in me, I fully understand.

But there is not a pediatric
surgeon at Atlanta General

who can do this, okay?

I have been in contact with colleagues

in Boston and New York,
and they can be here tomorrow.

- Well, it might be too late.
- KIT: This is appalling.

I can't even drug-test you in time

to make sure you're sober right now.

I am, you have my word.

BELL: What's your word even worth?

We can't believe a thing you say.

She's your granddaughter.

What do you want me to do?

Well, Ian has to do the surgery.

We have no choice.

So, you have this chance to at
least partially redeem yourself.

I'll go scrub in.

If he screws this up, I will k*ll him.


♪ ♪

GREGG: If anyone can save her...

Honestly, we just have so much faith.

And trust in you.

CHU: We're ready if you are.


Sternal saw to me.



I'm fine. Let's do this thing.

Ten-blade to me.

AUSTIN: Retractor.

That's a lot of d*ad bowel.

That's much more than I expected.

- That explains the shock.

- Oh, pressure's dropping fast.
- Yeah, we need to move.

- Bowel resection.
- Stapler to me.



Aneurysm is completely ruptured.
She's exsanguinating.

Please save her!

- BP's dropping.

I need to get control here.

Too late. She's coding.


Dr. Sullivan!

Initiating cardiac massage.

I need cardiothoracic. Get
Dr. Austin in here right now!

Hey, it's Sammie.

Her aneurysm completely ruptured.

Dr. Sullivan needs your help
right away, AJ.


you got this, man?


Dr. Bell?

(MUFFLED): Dr. Bell?

I heard about Sammie.

Do you need another set of hands?

Get ready for the big leagues,
Devi. We need you

- to take over for Bell.
- I'm ready.

Pass me the ball.

DEVON: Let's go.

- What can I do?
- IAN: Finish cannulating,

so we can start the bypass
and stop the bleeding.

And cannulating complete.

Hit it.

AUSTIN: Cross clamps.

The machine is taking over
the function of her heart.

And it's stopping the bleeding.

- She's s*ab.
- Yeah, but it's not over yet.

The hardest part
of the surgery is coming up.

AUSTIN: I've never performed

a CABG on a patient so young.

IAN: Remember, delicate
vessels, delicate fingers.

Divide and conquer.

Dissecting out the vein.

Acquiring target.

LEELA: There's a perforation
in the duodenum.

BELL: It's-it's passing.

The flare, it's... passing.


You have to get control of the spillage.

- JESSICA: I'll suction and wash him out.
- Well, we have

to patch up the hole.
That's the only way to save him.

It's big. Think we'll be able to close?

We'll use a piece of omentum.

Okay, harvesting the tissue now.

Pressures are t*nk.

Okay, just finishing the omental patch.

JESSICA: His MAPs are still
falling. We're losing him.

I know. I know. Hang on. Almost there.





The torch has passed.

Far from it.

- We're in this together.
- No.

Not anymore.

You're the lead surgeon.

The patient couldn't be in better hands.

So, if you don't mind,

I will... leave you to it.


How's it going?

Well, Ian's been brilliant.

Almost there.

Last stitch.

AUSTIN: And the CABG is complete.

Let's get her heart going.

We just need one more miracle today.

Removing the clamps.


here we go.

Come on.




♪ ♪


A week ago, my life was saved

at Chastain Memorial.

I saw firsthand the care they provide,

and I saw the impact
that taking that care away had

on patients and on other hospitals.

- He's keeping his word.
- He'd better.

As a result,

Chastain's full funding
has been restored.

Yes! Chastain lives!


Never give up!


Oh! Ho-ho-ho.


Congratulations. You saved the hospital.

Congratulations to all of us.

Thanks for coming to talk to me.

- Of course.
- Hi, Dad.

Oh. I didn't see you there.

I invited Cade because
I wanted her to hear this, too.

The work you did last week saving Sammie

was nothing short of miraculous.

Oh, well, Dr. Austin
was an equal partner.

It was teamwork all the way.

Cade told me how hard you've
been working on your sobriety.

She also reminded me

that addiction is a disease,
not a moral failing.

Operating under the influence
is a moral failing.

All I can do is dedicate my sobriety

to making up for the risks I took,

and for the damage
my addiction did to Cade.

That's a fine sentiment.

I hope you can hold onto it.

After considerable thought,
I've decided,

if you're willing, I want
you back at Chastain.

That's amazing. (LAUGHS)

And very brave.

It's a risk I'll take.

You're too valuable to patients.
I can't replace you.

You'll be tested regularly.

And if you use again, even once,
it will be your last day.

- Understood.
- So, will you come back to us?

You couldn't drag me away. (LAUGHS)

- I'm so happy for you, Dad.


So, um,

I've got some good news
and some bad news.

As you suspected,
your MS has progressed.

But that also means that you're eligible

for the second phase of my trial.

Well, that's...

that's a huge relief.

And I wonder, you know, if...

full remission is possible.

Well, with or without the trial, it is.

And that can be weeks or months,

and in some cases, it can be years.

Well, let's just hope it's long
enough we can find a cure.

You know, um...

I remember when you first came
to this hospital,

and you were... green and innocent,

and had so much to learn.

And now...

Devon, I'm just...

I'm just so glad it's you...

that holds my life in your hands.

Let's b*at this.


All right.

Thank you.

Welcome back.

God, I'm so excited to see the boys.

- I'm so sorry for everything.
- Hey, don't be.

Postpartum depression
is a medical condition

that can affect anyone.

And we both want you to know
that we support you.

And we believe you are going to
be a great mother to our boys.

And I promise to always be
honest with you and let you know

- if I'm getting overwhelmed.
- Good.

Well, let's go see our babies, shall we?


♪ All I had was you... ♪

Oh, my heavens, they are so beautiful.

AUSTIN: Of course they are.
They look just like me.


You know, Padma,

when my mom died,

I... I felt lost and alone.

And I know

no one could ever replace her,

but my heart feels full.

I now have a family, and I
will never be alone again,

and that's thanks to you.

♪ Do the melodies convince you ♪

♪ Written by a man
who's lost and afraid? ♪


♪ All I had was you... ♪


I'm their mother.
I'll take it from here.

♪ All I had was you ♪

♪ All I had was you ♪

♪ All I had was you. ♪

One of us suits up

while the other stands down.

I heard you were taking
a leave of absence.

Yeah, I'm entering Devon's MS trial,

and I want to spend a little
more time alone with Kit.

And with luck, I'll be back soon.

You and I have something
in common, don't we?

We both have an incurable disease.

Yeah, but I can't cure mine
with will power.

Well, you've done pretty good so far.

You know, there's
another thing we share.

When I agreed to do Betz's surgery,

I knew my symptoms were
getting worse, and I believed

that I could control something
I couldn't control.

You're worried I won't stay sober.

I'm worried that you, like me,

have the worst disease
of this profession...


Are you capable of policing yourself?

Arrogance was never my problem.

It was the opposite... fear...

that I'm not good enough,
that I am an imposter.

Drugs took the fear away.

Why didn't you come to Kit

and tell her you had a problem?

Fear again.

I didn't want to lose the thing

that was most precious to me,
beside Cade.

But she has her own life.

At the end of the day...

every night, I go home alone.

The work...

this... is what I have.

Well, that I understand.

'Cause I was that guy.

- Hmm.
- For decades.

But not anymore. Now with Kit,

I mean... I mean, there's a
whole world outside these walls.

I don't think you'll be
outside for too long.

Well, Kit and my family
will be my priority,

and possibly helping
to find a cure for this disease.

But I'm-I'm not gonna disappear.

I'll teach incoming interns.

Well, that is one of your finest skills.

You've already helped create

the most brilliant young doctor here.

My mentor gave me his stethoscope

when I became an attending, and I...

I kept it all these years.

And now, on the day

you become an attending,

I give it to you.

I will treasure it, Dr. Bell.

KIT: Congratulations.

And call him "Randolph".

You're not a resident anymore.


Thank you.

♪ ♪

Couldn't be more proud of you.


Will you marry me, Dr. Devi?



- Happy birthday!

- Oh! Oh, wow!
- CONRAD: Oh, my goodness!

- That's amazing!
- Look at this!

- Rainbow!
- And I've got something special

- for you.

- We can match.
- Yes, join the party.


- GREGG: Here we go. Ready?

Make a wish.



ALL (CHANTING): Presents! Presents!

- Come on.
- Presents! Presents!

I'm thinking Charleston for the weekend.

That sounds ideal.

All right.

Okay. We hope you like it.

Oh, look at that, huh?

(GASPS) Thank you.

I love it!

- Sammie, I have a present for you, too.

It's not new, but it's really special.

Oh, no, you can't give Mr. Giraffe away.

- It's your birthday.
- I want to

'cause I know he'll keep you safe

so you'll never get so sick again.

- Aw.
- Thank you.

If you'd rather have a brand-new toy...

Never. He's perfect as he is.

- Oh.
- And so are you.

You want to continue?

♪ ♪

I love you.

And I love you.
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