01x03 - Don't Let It Happen Again

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Will Trent". Aired: January 3, 2023 – present.
Based on Karin Slaughter's bestselling books, the series follows Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
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01x03 - Don't Let It Happen Again

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FAITH: Previously, on Will Trent...

FRANKLIN: How long has
this been going on for?


FRANKLIN: Do you really
want to be in a relationship

with someone who reminds you
of the worst times of your life?

I need a favor.

I want you to talk about your mom.

I was five the first
time she pimped me out.

- That was a lot to ask.
- It just

made it clear to me why we don't work.

All we do is remind each
other how broken we are.

ORMEWOOD: I should not
have been in that position.

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

Also, I never told anybody about us.

Actually, you can tell me
why you're doing this to me.

Putting you with my best agent?

FAITH: Handcuffing me
to this strange man.

I've known you your entire life.

Will can take you to the next level.

You're going to the school
without me, aren't you?

- Yes.

This... This is why
you keep me in the loop.

You did okay.

Thank you for saving
my life today, Faith.


You're okay now.

I got you.

We'll figure this... [SOBBING]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- I got you.
- Come on. Come on.

Let's get you back to
your room, Mr. Merrick.

Come on. That's the third
damn time this week.

You've got to quit this, okay?

- Come on. Come on.

- I'm...
- Come on. There you go.

- Come on.


MERRICK: You came back
for me! You came...

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

AMANDA: Randy Cordett,
mayor of Oakmeade.

One g*n to the shoulder,

second to the head was fatal.

Then they set his boat on fire?

That's dramatic.

You think someone's making a statement?

- Maybe political?
- Or it was ghosts.

It's Lake Lanier.

They stole land, dug up cemeteries,

or just plowed over them.

And for what? A tourist spot?

You build a lake over a
town full of Black folks,

you're gonna get a haunted lake.

True, but I need you both there.

Are we on good terms with
the sheriff in Oakmeade?

She's new,

but I'm hoping less of
a r*cist pain in the ass

than the last sheriff.

Enjoy the road trip.

Betty likes a little bit of pumpkin

- with her kibble.
- Got it.

But you gotta make sure that
you mix it well, or else,

you know, she'll just
move the kibble aside

and just only eat the pumpkin,

'cause she's a smart girl, aren't you?

- Mm-hmm.
- By the way, whoa.

Make sure that she gets
at least one long walk,

but not too fast.

Did you know that the
leading cause of death

amongst all the Chihuahuas
is heart disease?

Do you want to just take her with you?


- Special Agent Trent.

Um, hi, Ava.

What can I do you for?

♪ Sinner man ♪

♪ Oh, sinner man ♪

♪ Sinner ♪

♪ You can't get away ♪

I just re-upped your laundry card.

Ma, you want your son
out in these streets

looking raggedy?

By "these streets," do you
mean the campus library?

I don't want to see another
mediocre grade, Jeremy.

Will, how are you doing
on this long drive?

Not good. Just hoping
I make it there alive.

Where do you even find a
cup holder for dipping sauce?

Ma, you skipped breakfast again?

- Go, study, now!

I can't help but notice
your energy's matching

your car's interior right now.

It's hectic. What's up?

- It's Lake Lanier. Creeps me out.
- Okay, but ghosts?

- How can there not be?


- See?

I knew I should have driven myself.

You probably hit a rock.

Can you just be helpful
and call for a tow?

My phone's in the back.

Your phone's in front of you.

No, this is my Jeremy-phone.

- Why do you have two...
- Can you just...

Fine! Pop the trunk.

I'll put on the spare.

Actually, I want you to time me.

FAITH: Yeah, no. Will.

Will, we're driving on the spare.

How? How do you live like this?

You don't have a single
tire in all this mess?

It's not mess. This is beautiful.

OTIS: Look, ma'am, I'm real sorry,

but folks around here
don't drive these tiny cars.

Now, I can get you one in a few days.

Is that a whole box of Silverados?

- Silverado Pitmans are...
- FAITH: I don't care.

Got over five grand in that box alone.

Just out in the open, huh?

Trust me, brother. They're safe.

WILL: This out here, this is you, too?

This is a gold mine.

I restored my ' Targa.

It would have been much faster
if I had half of this stuff.

Hey, I heard what happened to the mayor.

That's wild, huh?

Yeah, me and Randy, we grew up together,

all the way up through high school.

'Course, he got elected
and did what they all do...

screw the working man, right?

FAITH: He won his reelection
by a considerable margin,

though, didn't he?

Well, yeah, but that's just
'cause people are sheep.

Not me. I'm prepared for what's coming.

What do you think the
mayor was involved in?

Think? Brother, I know.

He was one of the lizard people.


ANGIE: All right.

So what is it? Accident or homicide?

ORMEWOOD: He just fell, right?

Well, your guy definitely
would have died from the fall,

but see the gravel
settled around the edges?


Yeah, sure. So what?

The gravel isn't embedded.

That means someone hit your
guy on the noggin so hard

it sent him sailing, and then, thud.

ANGIE: Hey, thanks for
coming in, Mr. Parnell.

So why don't you, uh,
tell us what you saw?

So I'm doing my outside check
of a new apartment building...

it's gonna be nice, by the way...

but I told them I'm not going up inside,

not 'til the building's
done passing code

and the windows are in.

And look what happened.
You see what happened?

No, why don't you finish
telling us what happened?

Well, John... that's the other guard,

- the one that died...
- Uh-huh.

I hear John yell for someone, "Stop!"

So I look through a hole
where a window's gonna be,

I see this idiot spin around,

a bunch of copper plumbing
slung over his shoulder.

Idiot? Why an idiot?

'Cause he was an idiot.

One of the pipes knocks
John right in the head,

sends him flying out the window...

or where the window's gonna be,

- you know.
- Right.

Then the guy runs out the
building straight at me.

[SCOFFS] I didn't move,
and he says "'Scuse me."

Now I done seen the idiot's
face and heard the idiot's voice.


Thank you so much.

We'll have you look at
some photos now, okay?

Thought you'd be happier
about an easier solve.

"I'm coming for Will Trent's record."

I don't sound like that.

Look, I need to...

Do you want to come over
to dinner tomorrow night?

No. Why would I...

Is your wife gonna be there?

Of course she is. It was her idea.

Somebody invite me to dinner, I'm going.

- You should go.
- Shh.

C... Can... Does she know that we...

No, dummy.

Why would she invite you to our home

- if she knew we had sex?
- I...

No, she just wants to get
to know my new partner.

- That's all.
- No.

Oh, I'm very glad GBI is here.

You know, we don't see this
kind of thing very often.

Occasional B and E, kids out drinking.

That's about it.

However we can help, Sheriff.

And thank you for having
the boat brought here.

Oh, of course. And
please, call me Josie.

The ME said the sh*t to the shoulder

was from a long-range g*n?

- That's right.
- Excuse me.

FAITH: So, this is the
mayor's private dock.

Surprisingly nice.

Lake Lanier's tranquility
is... a contradiction.


Mayor was on his boat.

The sh**t was out
here somewhere on land.

Why so far? They're experienced.

Over-confident that
they'd hit their target.

But the first sh*t didn't k*ll him.


There's blood here. Faith!


Sheriff, would you bag this?

Think that's the k*ll's blood?

Running with adrenaline.

They didn't even notice they were cut.

You know what, Faith?

Come at me like you want to k*ll me.

- Gladly. [CHUCKLES]
- WILL: Okay.

So the k*ll boarded the boat.

The mayor was fighting for his life.

They f*ght, they f*ght, they f*ght,

then the k*ll sh**t the mayor, bam.

Leaves the dead body
hanging off the boat.

Like a warning.

Well, that's quite a jump.

It's a thought. You aske...

Didn't he just ask for my help?

WILL: It was the blood.

The k*ll realized their
blood was all over the boat,

and so they...

Come on. So they...

- b*rned the evidence.
- Very good.

FAITH: What are you doing right now?

Amanda asked me to mentor you.

There's still DNA on that nail.

That's who k*ll the mayor.


Whew, talk about over-confident.

Oh, you have no idea.

WILL: Do you know if your
husband had any enemies,

political or otherwise?

Uh, someone's always

pitching a fit over a land easement

or the high school teaching Anne Frank,

but nothing worth k*ll a man over.

FAITH: Any recent visitors?

Arguments you may have overheard?

I... I'm sorry. No.

If you think of
anything, anything at all,

give us a call.

Um, it... it's probably nothing,

but maybe a week ago,

somebody left a...
a toy on our doorstep.

It was one of those little cars

that kids race with the tracks.

This was, um, a station wagon, orange.

With wood paneling? Oh, my gosh.

- Hold it down, Deputy.
- Sorry.

So you found a toy car on the porch.

Did that seem strange to you?

The toy, no.

Just kids, probably.

But Randy, he got so
upset, and that was odd.

He needs to watch his blood pressure.

I... I keep telling him. [SOBS]

JOSIE: Thanks, Irene.

I'll be in touch.


Deputy Riley, bring it in!


We, uh, pulled this off
Allen Cramer, a local.

His body was found in
the woods a few days ago.

Why didn't you mention that sooner?

Well, everything
pointed to Cramer's death

being a hunting accident.

Start of the season,

a lot of eager folks with no experience.

A safety vest... he...
he wasn't wearing one.

Yes, Deputy Riley,

it's unfortunate, but not unusual.

So now we have two bodies,

both with the same token left behind?


- Great.
- I knew that car sounded familiar.

I made some calls to confirm.

There was a case there years ago...

involved an orange station wagon.

- Was it a homicide?
- Three.

A couple and their teenage son.

Minding their Black business
one Saturday afternoon...

Fourth of July weekend.

And the whole family was k*ll?

In their station wagon. [SIGHS]

The case was never solved.

Should have been open and shut,

but the sheriff back then,
he just looked the other way.

Sheriff Miller, you didn't
hear about that case?

I was a baby when that happened,

and I'm from Arkansas, so no.

The mayor, the hunter, and the family

k*ll in that station
wagon years ago.

They're all connected.
Let's find out how.



- Can you move your...
- Would you just hold on?

One room. One damn room.

Stupid Buck-o-Rama convention.

Oh, is it hard sharing a
room with another person?

Try six, and the kid in
the top bunk's a bed-wetter.

Oh, how'd you get the top bunk?

Good one. 'Bout damn time.


WILL: What's scarier, a bunch
of white folks with g*n,

- or ghosts?
- It's not funny.

Bad things happened
when they built this town

and that lake, and it creeps me out.

Some stuff you gotta compartmentalize.

Get the job done.

Oh, is that what you
do... compartmentalize?

Like when you b*at up Paul Campano

in the middle of the GBI?

I didn't say it was a perfect system.

Growing up in the children's home,

you learn to bury your
feelings in boxes quickly.

Sometimes it comes up in
an active kidnapping case.

Other times, when
you're grocery shopping.

That is the most personal
thing you've ever told me.

- Hmm.
- FAITH: You know what?

Actually, keep going.

Tell me something else.
One thing, partner.

You were right.

I have a date.

And what about Angie?

I didn't say I was going.

You didn't answer my question.

It's complicated.

I've known Ange forever,

but there are parts of
her she holds back from me,

like a wall I'm never gonna get past.

Sounds familiar.

You know what? I think you should go.

Have fun.

She mentioned a gallery opening.

Definitely don't wear that suit.


WILL: Something's off.

Everyone's claiming their spot

for Fourth of July fireworks,

but the family parked
all the way over here

under these trees.

The report says that
there was a witness.

Got it. Witness saw four men
at the scene, Ford Bronco.

They gave the sheriff a partial plate,

but [CHUCKLES] of course,
the sheriff never followed up.

Sheriff Merrick...

... why the hell'd you bury this case?


Anything, man? We've been here all day.

Thinner... I told you
he was much thinner.


It's a meal, Ange, okay?

It'll be a little awkward.

It's just... It's like traffic.

You sit through it and
it's over with, okay?

It's not like we're screwing anymore.

We were not screw-ing. It was one time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, hold on.

Y'all didn't mention
y'all were intimate.

That changes everything.
Don't go over there.

- Just find the perp.
- Shut up.

Found him right here.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- You sure?
- Yeah, that's him.

Unless he has a twin.


- Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
- Wait, what?

- Our guy is an identical triplet.
- No.

Ooh! Oh, God.

Really? Why?

Well, good morning to you, too.

Look, I couldn't sit still last night.

This station wagon case
bugged me even as a rookie cop,

but I had no power back then.

- Well, that's not an issue now.
- You damn right.

I'm taking up space and
flexing some serious GBI muscle.

We are solving this thing.

- You up for this, Sheriff?
- Yes, ma'am.

AMANDA: All right.

I ran the partial plates the
witness got off the Bronco...

- , hits.
- Oh, needle in a haystack.

No, I'm not done yet.

I cross-checked the vehicles

registered at the time of the k*ll

to our most recent victims.

Found our needle.


Allen Cramer, the dead hunter.

Okay, so we have four
men in this Bronco...

one's Allen Cramer.

Mayor Cordett was raised here.

He might have been one of them.

Yeah, somebody thought so.
They're both dead days apart.

What if one of the remaining two

were trying to keep
Cordett and Cramer quiet?

Yeah, but why now?

We need to find those last two... alive.

They need to pay for what they did.

Well, the original
eyewitness who saw the Bronco

died over years ago.

Internet wasn't around,
no social media to rely on.

[CHUCKLES] Children.

Before there was social media,
th... there were these things

with pages. Ah. Newspapers.

I have a contact who can help. [LAUGHS]

I'll drive.

Actually, the former sheriff...
can you get me his address?

I'd like to ask him why he
didn't follow up on that Bronco.

Good luck with that.

I'm here to ask you about an
investigation that you handled.

It was quite awhile ago,

so whatever details you can provide...

They've come for me?

Your family?

Let's start with what happened.

Walk me through it. You got a call.

MERRICK: A call... lo... lots of calls.

- Complaints.
- Tell me about the call

- about the station wagon, the family.

MERRICK: It was the most
terrible thing I'd ever seen.

Tell me what you found.

[SOBBING] The... The worst part was...

- was the noise.
- What noise?

You're okay.

I've got you. I got you.

Who do you have?

Who are you talking to?

Was the father still
alive when you arrived?

I got you. [SOBBING]

- I'll fix this.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Quiet down. Breathe.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

What happened to the station wagon?

Where's the car?

Excuse me. What's happening?

- Okay, I need you both to step outside.


WILL: How long has he been like this?

Well, he started slipping
away two years ago,

but lately...

His nurse called, told me I should come.

Got back in town yesterday.

So what's this really about?

GBI's investigating one of
your father's old cases...

a multiple homicide of a Black family

k*ll in their station wagon.

Yeah, that.

Pops got messed up over what
happened with that family.

Yeah, I guess it makes
sense that he's still...

Haunted? He ever talk to you about it?

No, no, I heard second hand from my mom.

I was already away at college.

I'd like to speak with your mother.

She passed away six years ago.

Agent Trent, I hope
you find what you need,

but please, let him be.


We know you did it.

I'm trying to help you.

Do you really want to do time

- for what your brother did?

- Your brothers already sold you out!
- [LAUGHS] No, they didn't.

Stonewall me...

- Oh, you think this is funny?

Yeah, it's pretty funny.

Shut up, Franklin.

- You asked.
- Hey, it's my case, too.

Hey, I got a plan. Back me up.

Uh, wait, wait, wait.

Don't mess around and
get our case thrown out.

What the hell do you think I'm gonna do?

I don't know, excessive
force comes to mind.

This works on my kids every time, okay?

Nobody wants to go down for
something their sibling did.

Eventually, two of them are
gonna turn on the guilty one.

All right, let's do it.

- AMANDA: Hey, T.
- THERESA: Hey, how you doing?

- Hi.

Theresa's a pioneer in Black journalism.

- She ran the Crusader for years.
- .

But what is time.

Come on. The files are out back.

I like you in that green.

You're looking good as ever.

Mandy, why don't you come into the house

and I'll get you a cup of iced tea?

You still like it sweet?

- Stop playing, T. You know how I like it.

I'm sorry, can we, um...

Ms. Rothwell, your paper covered
the station wagon m*rder?

Well, big city papers certainly didn't.

I mean, nobody here actually believed

that justice would be
served, but a whole family?

[SCOFFS] Lord help.

Everything you need are
in the boxes out back.

You just need to sift through them.

Back in the day, I took
pictures of everything.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

- [WHISPERING] Well, how you been?

- I've been fine.

JOSIE: Yes, she did.
Called the cops on me.

Said I was stealing a patrol car.

While you were in uniform?

Girl, yes. It was my first week.

That shirt was crisp.
The badge, shimmering.

I should have arrested her on principle.

- Absolutely.

You know, when I first started,
I had this former captain say

that he couldn't promote me

because it was against the Constitution.

- Former captain?
- FAITH: Mm-hmm.

He get transferred, or you?

Oh, I had friends in higher
places than he realized.

- He got decertified.
- Amanda did that for you?

No. It was actually my mother,

but she's no longer on the force.

Oh. By choice?

Um, let's just say that...

she crossed a line and lost purpose.

It happens. I'm sorry.

Where did Amanda and
Theresa disappear to?

Oh, no. Unh-unh.

I do not want that
information in my head.

- I am good. Thank you so much.

Oh, hold up. July , .

That's it. That's the
day of the m*rder.

Oh, wait. Let me see this one.

FAITH: Is that the Bronco?

JOSIE: Do the plates match?


FAITH: Mm-hmm. There they are.

I can't see this one's
face. I need to see his face.

We'll figure it out. Do you
recognize any of the others?

JOSIE: Uh, man on the
right, that's Cramer.

The hunter. Are you sure?

Yep, and the green shirt,
that's Mayor Cordett.

More hair, but that's him.

FAITH: The other one looks so familiar,

but I just can't place him.

[SIGHS] I'm trying to imagine him older,

more facial hair, maybe?

Well, don't have to imagine.

GBI flex. Let's go.


This must be you, huh?

Yeah, I saw you walk in for your coffee.

- Did you...
- LOCAL MAN: Yeah.

'Cause I figured if you could
take up two parking spots,

I can spread myself
out as much as I want.

AMANDA: Let's go. Get in here.

- Move your feet.
- [THUD]

AMANDA: Let's go.

He touched my car.


I'm running the age progression
software on the photo

we found at Theresa's. Your friend?

Mind your business.

Computer's done.

FAITH: Thank goodness.

I still can't place him.

- Less facial hair?

That's the mechanic.

Otis Granger. He's a prepper.

Lives off the grid at the edge of town.

Then let's be careful.

He could be the next
victim or our k*ll.

Either way, we've gotta get to
him before any more bodies drop.

- Let's go.


Merrick was all over the place,

but he definitely knew something.

What about this guy... Otis?

- Faith said you two bonded.


- Otis, hey, it's me.

- Remember?
- Yeah, you came in with that Mini.

What are you doing
here with that sheriff?

We're with the GBI, Otis.

You never said that.

- You are required to identify yourselves!
- She just did.

- Shut up!

OTIS: So that's why you
were poking around my shop.

Probably screwed up that
tire on purpose, too.


I am a sovereign citizen!

You have no jurisdiction on this land.

Otis, hey. It's okay.

I'm just gonna need you to talk to me

about what happened to that
family in the station wagon.

I ain't got nothing to do with that.

Go ask Merrick. He'll tell you.

All right, let's just talk.

- Put down the g*n, Otis.


How about I put your gal down instead?



How's Josie?

First officer-involved sh**ting.

It's gonna take some time.

A life's a life.

- AMANDA: How's the leg?
- Leg's fine.

I'm pissed off about the damn suit,

and the fact Otis gave us nothing.

The guy in the Chipper Jones jersey

could have moved away years ago,

or be long dead.

Could also be the k*ll.

Guess I'll go ask Merrick.

Well, we got nothing. Can't hurt.

- FAITH: Hey.

Um, look, I know Amanda
is a lot [CHUCKLES]

but you couldn't have a better
person getting you through this.

Where you headed?

FAITH: To see Merrick.

Sometimes photos can jar
dementia patients' memory.

You know, Merrick was nice to
me when I first started here.

Let me come with you.

I want to see this through.

Let's take your car. Let's go.


Don't trust the bike rack outside?

Oh, that's not mine.

Don't tell anybody...
I can't ride a bike.

Never learned. Crazy, right?

No, that one's evidence from a robbery.

What... What's today?

Tuesday? I get so...

Tuesday, yeah, it was scheduled.

I think it's going to
off-site storage next week,

but Otis won't be making
any more pickups, so...

You think Sheriff Miller's
gonna make me do it now?

- I'll have to rent a truck...
- Wait, stop.

You said your off-site evidence
storage is Otis's salvage yard?


Hey, give me one of those.

Look, I'm binge eating
as a temporary replacement

for my addiction,
telling myself it'll pass.

- So, no, you cannot have one.
- ANGIE: Okay.

What's going on with you?

Gina Ormewood wants me
to come over for dinner,

- and... and...
- And?

And I'm crawling out of my skin, man.

How do I... In her home?

Look, meeting a partner's spouse
is a time-honored tradition.

She's trusting you with
the father of her kids,

so you go eat that woman's dry chicken

and if you feel the pull for a drink,

you come knock on my door
instead, no matter how late.

HELLER: We need those rooms, Polaski.

You got a confession
coming any time soon?

- Ormewood's real close, Cap.

Get it closed, Polaski.

- Screw it.
- What are you doing?

- Finishing it.
- I told you, it takes time, okay?

- It's a solid plan.

You know what my least
favorite thing is?

Waiting... Hey. I know y'all are hungry.

Two candy bars, three of you.

- f*ght for it, bitches.

- STEVE: Give it to me!

- STEW: I'm hungry!
- STAN: We can split it!

STEVE: You can't split
two things three ways!

STEW: Shut up, Steve!

STAN: We wouldn't be
here if it wasn't for you!

- You want to do the paperwork?


I have the... Thanks.

Take a look at this for me, Dale.

Tell me who you see in the picture.

It's them, isn't it?

It's them.

- Say their names.

Allen Cramer.

Otis. Randy...


Who's the other man?

- In the jersey.
- Chip.


- Chip.
- Chip's not coming today,

- Sheriff.
- Chip.

Who is Chip? Do you know Chip?

Chip is Mr. Merrick's
nickname for his son.

Big Chipper Jones fan before
Jones even came to the Braves.

Think he was still
playing high school ball

- in Florida, right?
- MERRICK: Mm-hmm.

- Mr. Merrick, is this your son?
- Chip.



Merrick buried the case
because his son was involved.

I'm headed to pick up David now.

He's no Otis, but back in the day,

they were birds of a feather.

- I'll be careful.

It's the lab.

- I'll be right there.

Hey, so, uh, how'd you
get Merrick to talk?

Josie came with me to see Merrick.

WILL: Josie?

She's on administrative leave.

- You know you can't...
- AMANDA: Unbelievable!

Are you kidding me?

I know, I know.

But Josie got him to talk.

Well, Amanda's busy yelling at the lab,

- so consider it a blessing.

AMANDA: We sent you the nail!

[STAMMERS] You have it.

- I don't want any more excuses!

They can't find the
nail from the boat dock?

I told you, I hate small towns. [SIGHS]

Look, let's split up, find that car.

I'll go this way.


Otis, Mayor Cordett, Allen
Cramer, and David Merrick.


Why'd the family park
where they couldn't see

the fireworks display?

Maybe it doesn't matter.

Bugs me, though.


- And then it happened.
- [g*n]

WILL: They sh**t the family, speed off.

Witness calls it in, but David
already called his father.

The sheriff arrives quickly
to clean up his son's mess.

- WILL: The father

was still alive.

Is that the noise Merrick was hearing?

You're okay. I got you. I got you.


- Amanda, over here!

AMANDA: Well this is one
way to cover up a crime...

put one of the k*ll on the
payroll to hide the evidence.



Teeth marks?


Be right back.

- You good?
- Yep.

- Thanks.


Oh, so you want to be grown
but ask your mother for money?

JEREMY: God, I just
called to say hi, Ma.

Mm-hmm, right. How much do you need?

And Jeremy, I can't keep... Oh. [GASPS]

All right, I'll call you back. Okay. Ah.

[SIGHS] Great. Wonderful.

a song that I'm sure

a lot of you will know.

I've been singing it many, many times

with numerous girls and boys.

♪ Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack ♪

♪ All dressed in black, black, black ♪

There were teeth marks on the seatbelt.

♪ With silver buttons,
buttons, buttons ♪

The noise Merrick heard
wasn't from a car horn.

WILL: The family didn't
care about the fireworks.

- They parked to feed their baby.

MERRICK: Oh, my goodness.

You're okay. It's okay.

It's okay. I got you. Shh.

Don't cry, don't cry. I got you.

♪ They jumped so high, high high ♪

Girl, I really do hope

you have one of those
bleach pens in here.

♪ And they never came back, back, back ♪

♪ Till the Fourth of July-ly-ly ♪

- Faith, there was a baby in the car.

- Will, I just found...
- Listen to me!

I think I know who the k*ll is.

♪ Back, back, back ♪

I was a baby when it happened.

- It's Josie.

JOSIE: Your side arm and
your phone. Now.

♪ Elephants, elephants, elephants ♪

♪ Jumped the ♪

♪ Fence, fence, fence ♪

♪ They jumped so ♪

♪ High, high, high ♪

♪ They touched the ♪

- Time to get Chip.
- ♪ Sky, sky, sky ♪

♪ And they never came ♪

♪ Back, back, back ♪

♪ Till the Fourth of July ♪

JOSIE: All your buddies are dead...

- Randy Cordett, Cramer, Otis.

It's just you now, Chipper.

- Josie, don't.
- I think you know I will.

What... happened?

We were stupid.

Got drunk, Allen was driving,

and then we saw the station wagon.

They were in an area where
nobody was supposed to be.

Were they bothering anybody?


DAVID: We tried talking to them,

but the man in the station wagon...

You mean my father?

Yeah. Your father ignored us,

and that pissed off
Allen even more, so he...

No, you! What did you do, David?

I sh*t him.


Then your daddy went to fix
your mess, but he heard a noise.

He heard me.

My Aunt Louise would have
taken it to her grave,

but I had a heath scare and
needed to know about my family.

So you got into law enforcement to...

- for revenge?
- Purpose, Faith.

I wish you hadn't opened
that glove compartment,

but here we are.

So you gonna sh**t a GBI agent?

No, sis. Why would I do that?

I just have to slow you down.

- [SCREAMS] Gah!

I gave her a hard time about
having a second cellphone.

Thank goodness she did.

We might not have gotten to her in time.

That's a GBI agent she's got
handcuffed to her hostage.

Keep this and the other
end of the bridge blocked.

No one takes a sh*t.

Do you understand me?


- I'll be damned

if I'm going to lose Evelyn
Mitchell's daughter today.

Let's go get Faith.




You got your answers.

I heard his confession. Now let us go.

Faith, you know I didn't
do this for an arrest.


- [g*n COCKS]
- Faith, talk to me. You all right?

- She's fine! Tell her.
- I'm okay.

Suspect's been injured.

GSW to the leg.

Sheriff Miller, I get it.

You want revenge on the
people who hurt your family.

But do you know who
Agent Mitchell is to me?

- She's my family.
- Amanda, don't! Don't!

Josie, you need to surrender. Now.

[SOBBING] It's already over.

- Your parents, Josie.
- JOSIE: Don't.

Your brother, they loved you.

They're still here with you.

Do you think they would
want their little girl

to be just another dead
body in Lake Lanier?


Josie, don't.

Josie, please don't. Josie! Josie!

FAITH: Please, Josie!



Please tell me one of
those is a milkshake

- that I can crawl into.
- Chocolate.

You can have them both if you want.

- They found Josie's body.


Oh? W... What's "Oh"?
What are you doing?


No, I already took compartmentalizing,

so you're gonna have to find yourself

another coping mechanism.

- It doesn't really work, anyway.

Your turn.

Tell me something. One thing.

[SOBBING] It's just so stupid.

I... I have this fantasy in my head

where she was swimming and she swam

and she swam to the
other side of the lake,

and then she got out and
there was a little plane

waiting for her to
take her to Belize or...

or... or El Salvador.

Yeah. I like that ending better, too.

The whole thing is just so sad.


And now...

... she's just another ghost.


GINA: Oh, I definitely remember

- Vince's retirement party.
- ANGIE: Yeah. Yeah?

How many fights broke out that night?

I recall breaking up at least one.

Vince started it!

GINA: It was his party!

ANGIE [LAUGHING]: It was his party.

Anyway, these dishes are
not gonna clean themselves,

and no one else in
this house will do it.

- Well, let me help.
- No, no.

You stay put, hang out
with the girls here.

Yeah, just the two, no more triplets.





Mission control, are
we cleared for landing?

Oh, no? You want to handle this one?


Is everything okay up there?


Oh, my gosh.

- Bye, Max, wherever you are.
- Oh, Michael,

can you go upstairs to check on him?

We cannot afford to have
that tub overflow again.

- We could just give him away.
- Ha ha.

All right, you two.
Bedtime, upstairs, go.

Mommy, there's monsters.

- No, none of that. Let's go.
- Good night. I love you.

- I want to go with her.
- Let's hit it.

Um, this was really nice.

Thank you, again.

I... I, uh, I can't
remember the last time I...

Angie, stop. [SIGHS]

Look, I invited you here tonight
so I could look you in the eye,

see who you are,

and I get it now.

You're... [VOICE BREAKS]

You're that cop who wants
to lock up all the bad guys

and do the right thing

- so that no one's looking at you.

I'm... I'm sorry.

What... What are you...

Cop wives talk.


Kenny Storier's wife
saw you in a parking lot

walking to Michael's car.

I don't know what went
on between you two.

Don't let it happen again.

All right, all you little
monsters better be in bed.




- WILL: Hey.
- Hey.

Shut up and listen, okay?

I've been keeping this...

I did something. [SIGHS PAINFULLY]

Not tonight, a long time ago,

but I haven't been able to tell you.

Are you wearing cologne?

No, um... I mean, yes. It's just...

ANGIE: Sh... Shut up. It doesn't matter.


I slept with Ormewood
a couple years ago.

You... You two were seeing each other?

Uh, no. Uh... You and I were on a break,

and I was high.

I think he was, too. I don't know.

I was just in his car.

[VOICE BREAKING] It was one time.

Okay, um...

Why are you telling me this now?

I'm sick of secrets.

That whole time was so bad.

It was so ugly.

And I can't have you seeing me as ugly.

I don't... I don't want that.



WILL: Ange.

I could never see you as ugly.


I'll, um...

- I'll make us some dinner, okay?

WILL: Come here.

I just need to make a phone call.

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