01x12 - Episode 12

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Traitors". Aired: January 12, 2023.
Contestants in the game move into a majestic castle and work as a team to complete a series of dramatic and challenging missions to earn money for the prize pot.
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01x12 - Episode 12

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TOM ECHOING: Alex, isn't a Traitor.
Straight up, she's my girlfriend.

HANNAH ECHOING: I'm entitled
to my opinion.

WILFRED ECHOING: We keep saying,
"Let's do something different,"

so I'm going to
do something different.


strangers came here

to the Traitors' castle to play

the ultimate game
of trust and strategy

and to hopefully win up to £,.

But hidden amongst them
are the Traitors,

whose job is to secretly
m*rder the others

without getting caught.

And if they make it to the end,

they will take all the money.

One by one, they have fallen...

"By the order of the Traitors,
you have been m*rder."

I'm Faithful.

And with two Traitors
caught along the way...

I am a Traitor.

Oh, my God!

I am a Traitor, guys.


..Will gave a Faithful

the ultimate ultimatum.

So you either join me
tonight as a Traitor

or I m*rder you tonight.

And with Kieran recruited,

it didn't take long for him
to commit his first m*rder.

By order of the Traitors,
you have been m*rder.

Or for the pressure to get to him.

Someone come up to me and said
Wilf will throw you under the bus...

Right, OK. That's why
I come and tell you straight.

But it was Maddy who fell
at the final hurdle.

I am a Faithful.

I can't believe we've done this.

And now we're down
to the final five.

There will be a
round table tomorrow.

And after that,
when you are confident

that there are no
remaining Traitors,

you just tell me and the game ends.

Oh, my God.

Who will be the last one standing?

Who will take the prize fund home?

This is The Traitors.

This programme contains
some strong language


Oh. Let's go!

Walking into breakfast this morning,

I was buzzing to know
that no-one's getting m*rder,

cos it meant we could all
have, like, just the nicest sleep.

But in the back of my mind,
I was just thinking, like,

there's still another Traitor.

First one in the final.

If I'd have thought,
at the beginning,

when there was people,

I would've thought
within the first two or three days

I'll probably end up going.

I put Aaron.
I'm really sorry, but...

Can I take a second?

And somehow I managed to wing it.

And now I'm in the final.

Oh! Literally...

Oh, I don't even
know how to express it.

If I could win that money, I could
put a deposit down for my mum.

I'm just going to keep
pushing for her.


Come in!


Did anybody order a finalist?!

How you feeling?


So happy.

Oh, my God.

I never imagined

in a million years
that this is where I'd be.

I can't believe we're here.

I can't believe this.

It's really risky to come in
as a big character

and kind of show
your personality as it is.

Will you let me speak?!

This is really starting to wind
me up now. No, I know.

I've still managed to make
some incredible friends,

and no matter
what happens at the end,

this has been one of the
most amazing experiences

that I've ever had.

Look at all those
lovely red crosses.

That's mad, innit?

We have to do one more banishment

before we have the opportunity
to end the game.

And we've got grand in the pot,

possibly to be shared
between four people.

It will give me all the time
in the world to write, to gig.

It really would mean the world
to me to win that money.

To be in the final five is amazing.

To go back to the beginning,

just realise that my journey's
been so unique

and I'm so grateful just to be here.

Things don't always
go according to plan,

like my beginning.

You think you're going to lose?

I am going to take you at your word.

I'd like you to leave
the grounds immediately.


Coming back halfway through
with Amos is a fantastic reveal.

I'm the only one that's had
to play both sides,

so I sit completely
alone on that front.

I didn't choose
the role as a Traitor.

It was forced upon me.

And I would love to have been
in the final as a Faithful.

I'm not going to lie.

Hello! Hello!


Are you surprised to see us?

I am.


You look like Inspector Gadget.

I know, I know. It would be lovely
to get to the end.

And I know obviously no-one
wants the Traitors to win,

but for me and my family,

we've had a tough time, so to win
an amazing amount of money,

it would be a dream come true.

I'm a little bit worried
about a twist.

Mind, you know, we can't. Nothing
can, no, we can't. We can't.

No more twists and turns.

- Meryl! KIERAN: You all right?


I cannot believe that
I'm in the final of The Traitors.

Mezer, Mezer, Mezer. Morning.

When I first started the game,

I just wanted to be the first person
that didn't get m*rder.

And now I'm in the final.

I really, really, kid you not,
did not expect this to happen.

I never thought I'd
ever get this far.

Literally a once in a lifetime
experience, like,

when are you ever going
to do half the stuff we've done?

Oh, my gosh!

It's stuff that is
off my bucket list,

and I can't explain the connections
you make with each other.

Like, I genuinely feel like I've
known them for years

and years and years.

I can't believe this is
the last breakfast.

I can't believe
it's the last breakfast.

It's quite sad, really.

Shall we do it all over again?

Nah, you're all right. MERYL: No.
That is a hard one.


Come in!


When I look at, like,
the five now...

..it's an amazing five.

Yes, I'm a Traitor
and stuff like that,

but the people that are left...

Like I feel like I've probably
helped them get to this point

by not m*rder them.

So I'm trying to make
myself feel better

for all of the bad shit
I've done, basically.

I wanted to be a Traitor
from the beginning.

Even though I found it really hard -
I've cried, I've sobbed,

I've found it so,
I've felt guilty all the time.

I am proud of myself to get
to this moment,

regardless of what happens.

This money would pay for my wedding

and change young people's lives.
That's all I want.

I think we should cheers.

Cheers to The Traitors final!



She loves that, doesn't she?

Good morning. ALL: Morning!

Oh, my God, you're happy!


You're happy! I'm so happy!

You came in smiling,
that was so nice.

For once, yeah.

Honestly, I want you
to be so proud of yourselves,

because you are the finalists. Yeah.

Honestly, just revel in it,
because you've got here

and you look at all these people
who didn't. - Oh, my God, mad.

It's so mad. HANNAH: It's mental.
So well done.

I'm going to go off,
I'm going to sort out your travel.

Don't worry.

You're going to hear me
when I return.

Oh, my... See you later!

Oh, my God.

Don't get me excited.
Get off me, clammy hands!

Get off me!

Do you wanna play croquet?

what a lovely afternoon.

Oh, what a...
My daddy bought me a Ferrari.

I said, "No, daddy.
I want a Porsche."

I'm not... I'll be honest, guys.
I'm not, I'm not going against you.

I'm not, I'm not turning on you.
Who do you think it is?

One of them, I know it's not you

Now I'm down to where it is,
and it's very simple for me

now, I'll be honest with you.

I'm not, your name's not
going to come out of my mouth and

your name's not... Yeah, same.
I owe it to you and I owe it to you.

I think it's strength
in numbers at this stage,

and I'd be a fool
to think that I'm safe.

But I think if me and Will
pull together as a team,

we're both family men,

we both could do amazing things.

I think I deserve it

and I'm going to pull out
all the stops

to try and to be there at the end.

Last night was hard. Tonight, I'll
be honest, it's a bit easier

because I just know who
I want standing at the end.

Yeah. Yeah, same. And that's
how I'm looking at it.


So we need to decide now.

Yeah because we need a majority.

I think they, I think
they might turn on me tonight.

I've just got a horrible feeling.

I just can't let a Traitor...

Take the money.
..take all this money.

I need to think tactically.

There's two routes that I can go.

There's one route where I convince
somebody to go for Meryl.

Well, she's not the Traitor.

Then we go again and go for Aaron.

And then once we get Aaron, there's
two Traitors and one Faithful.

So then we win.

So there's that route.

So both of us win...

Or there's the other route
that I can do,

where we need to find the Traitor.

So then we can stop the game.

And I know the Traitor's Kieran

and I'm really worried about
him outing me,

but I really like Kieran

and I feel like I'm taking
money from him...

I feel like I'm taking
money from everyone.

If people thought it was you,
then they would probably go for you.

But they don't think it's you. No.

They're just going to go
for who the Traitor is.

Me or Kieran.
It's not me... Exactly.

I genuinely hand on heart believe

that Aaron, Hannah and Wilfred

are all Faithfuls, but with Kieran
I don't have that trust.

And do you know what?

If I'm wrong and
one of them are a Traitor,

then they deserve it,
because they fooled me.

Pass the ball, let's play catch.

Right, when you catch

it, you've got to...



- What can you hear? Aw...

No way.
It's a helicopter!

No way! Oh, my God!




There's a helicopter!



Oh, my God!

Mate, I'm so ready for this.

Ain't you?

Oh, my God, they're coming!


Let's go!


Oh, my God.

I'm just, like, gassed right now.

I'm just like,
"Get me on the chopper."


Thank you, Anika.

Oh, my God... Guys...

..are you ready for
your final mission?


I am not going to give you
the details of the mission now,

but you are the finalists

and you deserve the ride
of your life. Yes!

Honestly. So I want you
to get in there

and enjoy the beautiful, I mean,
stunning Scottish Highlands.

And I'll see you at the mission.
Is that all right?


OK, hold on tight. In you go.


Let's go!

We're going in a helicopter

to God knows where to do
God knows what.

But I think it's going
to be absolutely,

I think it's going to be amazing.

I think it's going to be
an epic mission.

Oh, we're about to get
in a helicopter!

Oh, my gosh!

This whole experience is,
like, so surreal.

I can't believe, oh, I can't,

Just, it's mad.

I've been true to myself,
followed my plan

and been determined.

Nearly gave up a few times,

been really emotional.

I just need to enjoy this now,
for now.

Guys, we're in a helicopter...
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

We're moving! Oh, my God.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.

Guys... Oh, my God, guys, we're in
the air, we're in the air!

I just feel so, so, so lucky.

And I definitely put it down to

touching this wood
every time I talk,

I'm gonna get through to the final

and I'm actually
through to the final.

And it's just really, really,
really amazing.

Look at that.

Oh, my God.

This is amazing. What a moment.

Guys, I love all of you.
How amazing is this?

I love you, guys. I love you, guys.

Can we do a full turn?

No! Why are you,
don't talk that shit.

You wanna do a full turn?
Yes! Yes! No, no, please! Hannah!

Live and Let Die by g*n N Roses


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! What?!

It's amazing!


Hi, Claudia.

As if Claudia Winkleman's
waiting for us.

I love Claudes.

Ground! Mwah!

That was absolutely amazing.

Was it? Yeah.

Thank you. Don't be silly.

You absolutely deserve it.

Welcome to the beautiful Loch Glass.

It is utterly stunning.

And welcome to your final mission.

You have pushed barrels up hills...

..you've walked across
rickety bridges...

..you've had to avoid lasers...

..you've even herded sheep.

That is nothing compared to this.

If you successfully complete
this mission,

you will add £,...


Yes! Yes!

..to the prize fund.

And that will take you
over the K mark.

All you have to do is find
the different amounts of money

that are dotted all around
this beautiful loch.

You'll have to do
that in a speedboat.

So all you're going to need

is the keys to the speedboat

and the treasure map.

That is in a box that is locked

with a combination padlock.

It's OK.

That combination can be found
on those buoys

over there in
the middle of the loch.

So I would like you,
team - remember, £, -

tell me your two strongest swimmers.


Well done. Aaron and Hannah,
you're going to swim.

OK. We've got used
to each other by now.

I always go, "One last thing.

Aaron and Hannah, you're not
swimming to those buoys.

You're going to jump out of
the helicopter into the loch.


If you'd have told me
on the first day

I'd be jumping out of helicopters,

I would have said, "No way."


This is sick.

This is incredible.

This is so sick.
I would've never expected

we were gonna be doing this.


Oh, my God!


Oh, my God!


Oh, my God! Look at
what we're gonna do!

Look at that!

Like James Bond. Come on, Mezzer!

Come on. Come on, guys.

Come on.

Right, here we go,
here we go, here we go.

Oh, my God! Come on, guys!

Right, this is so good.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

It's quite high, isn't it? Come on!

Let me just tell you the time only
starts when the second person drops.

OK. OK. That's good.

Right Here Right Now
by Fatboy Slim

♪ Right here, right now... ♪

Go on, Hannah! You got this!

Come on.

♪ Right here, right now... ♪

Come on, Hannah! You got this!

Oh, my God, she's standing up...

Go on, Hannah!

♪ Right here, right now

♪ Right here, right now

♪ Right here... ♪

Go on, Hannah!



OK, your time has not started yet.

Come on, Aaron! Come on, Aaron!

Come on! Come on!

Here we go.


Time to start, let's go!

They're swimming to their buoys now.

Come on, guys! Come on! Come on!

We've got red, Hannah's red.

Come on!

Come on, guys! You can do this!

Is Hannah at it?
She's at it, she's at it. Yes.

What is it? I can't see it!

Can you see it?

Hold it up!



Sure? Yeah, yeah.

Are you sure?

Aaron, what's your number?!

Hold it still! What's your number?!

. , .

Yeah, that's it. That's it,
they're in, they're in!

Got it, got it, got it. Go!

Go, go, go, go, go.

They're coming!

Can I have the key? Key, key, key.

Give it to him. Come on, Maze.

OK. So they managed
to crack the code

and they're going to go
and collect them now.

You gotta hold it tight,
hold it tight.

There are four locations to get to,

navigating ten miles of open water

to find the £, up for grabs.

With the clock ticking,

they need to move fast.

Go get it. Go get them!


Right, jump on!

I'll get the ladder.

Come on, get them out.
Get them out, get them out.

OK. I got her.

They are coming up the ladder!


Meryl, are you OK?

Have you got everyone?

Yes. We're just about
to start driving.

Go! Right, look at the map.
Closest one.

The old jetty. The old jetty.

Let's go. Woo!

OK, so they're going to
the old jetty first.



They're going fast.




It's going. Pick up!
Let's go faster!


Are you ready?

Oh, yeah.

We're gonna jump out.

OK. Go on.

- Go! Go, go, go, go, go!

Go! Go! Go!

Something here.
Here you go, got it. It's this.

Got it. We have to
turn these little wheels,

screw them off to get the cash

to bring it up.

I'm just going to wait here.


Hannah, it's fine, get back in!

Get back in!

Go, go, go, go!

Got it, got it.

Meryl, how are you doing?

One at a time, one at a time.
Just untie it, just untie it.

Hey, Claudia. We got two grand!

They're coming back now.

Already got two grand now.

OK, go, go, go, go to the next one.

Right, the beach.

They've banked £,.

to go.

But they're going at top speed.

I have high hopes.



Sick. Yeah!

OK, so they're on the
way to the beach.

When they get there, they're going
to be faced with various piles

of sand and the money
is under one of them.


Yeah, I hope they can do it.

It's coming up, it's coming up.

Guys, it's on the beach!
Yeah, there you go.

Loads of them. You can see it.

Oh, my God.

Let's go!

I'm guessing we do this.

How far do we dig?

I don't know. Just the hump.

Come on, guys!

We're just scrabbling in these
mounds to try and find the money.

Keep on digging!
There's nothing there.

I've got it, I've got it! Yes!

Classically, it was in the
last mound we looked at. Go, go, go!

How much money did you get, Meryl?

How much money? Five grand!

We got five grand. Altogether.

We're going for The Wild Boars now.

Go, go, go.

It's far away, but it's worth it.

Go like the wind.

Over and out.

Always wanted to say that.

We're on it now.

We got this, woohoo!

Everyone needs a Meryl.

This is so mad.

Best day ever!


Oh, my God, look.

A goose!

Or a duck or something.

They've banked five grand,

but they're going to need to move
really fast to get the next .

Look at those wild boar,
they're so cute.

The money's on the tree
hanging on the rope.

At the top, see it?

I spotted it immediately,
as we were on the speedboat,

in the tree, so eagle eye.

By the tree.

How are we gonna get that?



Go on, Mezzer! Yes!

Go on, go on.


Go on. Oh, bloody hell.

Aw, my feet.

You gotta pull it,
you gotta pull it. Let's go to it.

Here we go.

The other way. No,
the other way... Go, come on.

I'll go the other side. Yeah.
Go on, Mezzer.

The money bag was on a rope

and you had to do this to
try and get the rope up.

Careful, you're gonna get rope burn.

Keep going, nice and slow.

I really wanted to go and pet
the wild boars,

but then I found out
they could eat humans alive.

So I was, like, not going to happen.
But, yeah, they looked really cute.

They looked like warthogs.
Waterhogs? Warthogs. Yeah.

How much is it?

It's ten grand! Yes!


Oh, ten grand!

Let's go!

Claudia, we got ten grand.

Guys, how long have you got left?

Six minutes. We've got
six minutes left.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go. Full turbo.

We got it. We're all holding on.


Hold on.

They've already collected £,.

But the next location,
the pink house,

it's really hard to find the money.

Hi, Claudia. We're just
arrived at the pink house.

How is this so slippery?

How are you doing this?! Go!

Get one each!

Get one each!

There's, like, little boxes
all over with padlocks and stuff,

so we're running around.


This is horrible.

We all frantically grabbed one
to see if the money was in there.

And then I see one
with writing on there.

Shit! "The end game is near,

so raise me to celebrate.

"My name is the key to your loch."

There was a box with
a combination lock on it

and there was a riddle.

Hang on, read it out.

"The end of the game is near,
so raise me...

"Raise me to celebrate.

Guys! Go fast!

"My name is the key to your loch."

Ness. No, it's not, it's glass.

It's glass. It's glass.

Break the glass.

I got the riddle.
Thank you very much.

Keep on going!

We've got it! We've got it! Yes!

Open it. We've got it.


Take it, take it!

They're coming back now.

They've got the money.

Have you done it?
Have you got grand, Meryl?

Guys, we've got grand!



grand! Yeah!

grand at this point
brings us up to, like,

, oh, my God,
my, like, stomach goes weird.


Like, you don't understand,
that's so much money.

You are absolutely amazing.

You smashed that.

Claudia says we're amazing
and we smashed it.


Oh, I can see you!



Well done. K.

What a team you are.

Love you so much. Love you too.

We'll never forget this,
forever. No.

I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud of you, man.


They have done it.

They've got £,
added to the prize fund.

I wish it could end there,
with happiness and joy

on this beautiful loch,

but unfortunately
round table is next.

Once we finished the mission,

all I could think about
was the round table.

And I just really, really...

I can't stop thinking about it now.

What a way to end.

And I'm so glad with the people
that I did it with. I know.

For some reason, we've become
really close with Aaron

over the last couple of days,
cos I really trust him now.

Yeah, I feel like...
I was really close...

I felt quite close to him before,
but I just thought he was a Traitor.

But I don't think it is Aaron.
I don't think it is Aaron.

Neither do I.
You have to have a plan.

We have to either banish everyone

but the Traitors, or a Traitor,

has to be found

before we finish the game.

As long as none of you turn on me
and just be like,

"I want to get his money.

"What about my share? No, no, no.
What about my share?!"

No, guys, stop, stop, stop.
No, no, no.

Like, I would like the money,
but I'm not money-orientated.

We're going to have to vote Kieran.


Like, I never thought I'd go
against another Traitor again.

But as the way he stands,

I've got to go for Kieran.

I've got to go for Kieran and

it puts me one step closer to

I think he thinks we're playing
right into his hands.

Yeah, I think he thinks he's won.

Yeah. This is what I'm thinking.

If he's a Traitor, then we stop it.

Or if he's not a Traitor, Aaron.

We're going to have to go him. We're
going to have to go Aaron next.

We have to come up with that
because then he is the Traitor.

I think if we...

I genuinely think Kieran
came in as one.

I feel so guilty.

But I've just got to keep my cool.

Be me. That's it.

I can do it.

Are you still going to go for
who you voted for last night?

I just can't...
I'll be honest with you.

I'm struggling to do... I was
struggling to do the other two.

And I'm struggling to do you.
But I just can't see it in me...

Well, this is what I mean,
I keep going back and forth.

Back and forth. Yeah. There's
obviously one rogue person in there.

I'm probably getting looked at
again. I'm not going to sit there
defending myself.

I'm just going to let everyone
make their own decision.

But you don't know the level of
backstabbing people'll go to

over money. Yeah.
That's just the way it is.

People you least expect.

Reading the people that are left
and how it is,

my fate, I think, at the moment
sits with Will and how he

ends it, basically, because the
numbers are stacked against me.

I think there
could be a slight plan.

And I'd like to think that

we could make it through together.

But you just don't know.

This is The Traitors, after all,
isn't it?

All right? You all right?

My stress levels are a different
level at the moment, man.

I'll bet, mate.
I've got the worst anxiety.

I'll be Claudia Winkleman.
No. We're not doing this.

Hi, everyone. Please write down your
name on your board. Meryl.

No, practice run.

Are you serious?
Yes. Practice. Practice.

What name have you wrote
on the board, Hannah?

Just chill out, man. Can you please
sit down? You're making me anxious.

So you'll definitely doing M, then,

Yeah. OK.

Is Hannah doing the same,
following suit, is she?

I think so.

I've said to Kieran that we'll go
for Meryl, like,

cos I want to keep him off scent

so he don't switch on me.

Shall I go try get Hannah?

Let me go speak to Hannah.

I've just got to think, would I feel
guilty if I was playing a game

of poker and just won
-grand there?

I don't think I would, but it's hard
when emotions take over,

and friendships.

I'm going to win. I have to.

I have to win. I can't give up.


He definitely wants to
give it to you. OK. But...

I've never had someone
so obsessed with me.

But he was like, "Where's Hannah
going? What's Hannah doing?"
I was like, "I don't know."

I said, "I'll ask Hannah
to come over."

I'm just going to have to say
"I don't know." Go. You two go.



Just say, "I don't know."
Come in, though.

OK, I'm coming now.

Even though me and Kieran, all five

of us together, we get on so well

and we're having such a good time.

But there's an edge to Kieran.

And he looks guilty
as anything. He looks...

Honestly, he's about as subtle
as a brick.

He looks so guilty.

If it's any of those other three,

they deserve their grand.

Because I believe every word
that comes out of their mouth,

every single word.

It has to be Kieran.

It's got to be.

So what are you doing, Hannah?
What for today? What's your plans?

I've actually got no idea.

I think I can't actually decide
until I get in there.


Because I think at the Round Table,
everybody starts to show their true

colours there, and that's when
people crumble at the Round Table.

And today, more than ever,
because it's the final day.


But I swear to God, I know
if someone tries to take that money

from under my nose
I'm going to be really angry.

I'm not changing from what I said
the other day.

I don't know if anything else
changed for you,
but I'm sticking to exactly...

I'm just going to wait until
I get there. It's up to you lot.

Let's see what happens.

What will be will be.

One skill set I have got
is picking up vibes.

Hannah wouldn't even look at me
and Will just being Will.

He turned on his other two Traitors.

So that's what concerns me
going forward.


What we doing, mate?

We have to convince...

We have this chat about Meryl
at the table

to try and convince Aaron.

That you're sticking to
the original plan?

Yeah. Right. Have to, man.

It's one of them things.
I'll be back in a minute.

Will's been shady all day.

I could tell he'd done exactly
what he'd done

to the other two Traitors -
worked the crowd.

Good luck to him.

But don't call me in and bring me
onside to s*ab me in the back.

I don't appreciate stuff
like that at all.

Not Over Yet by The Phantoms

♪ A chain reaction set in motion

♪ Now my whole world is caving in

♪ We must be strong

♪ It's only just g*n... ♪

WHISPERING: He's trying to get...

Fights for you,
but I think he's going to try

and change it to you
because... that's what I think.

And he was like, "What's happening?"
So, I don't know. What do you think?

I don't even know what to think.

I just can't believe me and Aaron
have just been discussing about

how the fact is that we started.
And when we started, I was like,

I didn't even speak to Aaron because
Aaron was sitting on the train.

Do you know at the beginning,
I was saying, I was like,

"We didn't really speak for, like,
two, three days."

I said to Aaron, I'm going to
FaceTime him every single day,

Even if he doesn't answer,
I'll still FaceTime.

I'm going to FaceTime you every
single day. I'll FaceTime you, too,
Kieran, every single day.


Me and Will, we just looked at each
other and we were just like,

it has to be Kieran.

It can't be Meryl.
Like, it literally cannot be Meryl.

I don't believe it's Will
and I don't believe it's Hannah.

Like, I just don't believe
it's them.

It's just getting so awkward, man.

And he's not got any other
Traitors in here, hopefully.

So he's just, like, what,
fighting the demons himself.

Yeah, if there is, we're done.

We're just...
I'll just have my hands up.

Like, I'm done.

No, there's no way. No, there can't
be. No, there won't be. No.

One thing we do know, mate,
it ends tonight, that's for sure.

It certainly does,
one way or another.

Yeah, I think it's going to be

a proper eye opener, I think.

Oh, I need to do my nails.

I'm going to go get my nail varnish.

♪ It's not over yet

♪ This battle's only g*n

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh,
ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh... ♪

Our players are about to meet at the
Round Table for the final time

for what might be the most important
banishment of the game so far,

cos after that,
we will have our final four.

There's a lot riding on tonight.

There's still a Traitor in the game,

which means that one out of five

of us is a Traitor.

Once we get this Traitor out,
at that point, just split it equally

because, even four ways, it's just

life-changing money regardless.

Today being the final day,

and what we've all been through
together makes me feel so much

happier that I'm doing this with

the people that I'm doing it with.

But someone is going to leave this

with nothing.

I'm thinking about how hard I've
worked to get here.

I'm in the finals, man.

Like, now I've got to try and take

this money off people that

deserve it as well.

I need to be strong.
I need to have my head screwed on.

But I need to do what I can to win.

Will has gone out of his way to work
the other three

and to befriend them.

The acting role is in full effect,
and if you're going to

screw me over, I will certainly
repay the favour.

Welcome, players.

So this is the final Round Table.

You have played this game
brilliantly to make it that far.

The total prize fund stands
at a staggering


So, by now, you know how
this game works.

If only Faithful remain,
you share the prize fund.

If there are any Traitors left
in your midst, they take it all.

If you make it through this round
table, you are literally

within touching distance
of that money.

So I have some questions for you.

Who do you really trust?

Who would s*ab you in the back?

How well do you really
know each other?

The floor is yours.

Well, we got here.

We did it.


I think over these past couple
of days, it goes without saying

that it's been incredibly hard.

But there's something that's...

There's just something that's
at the forefront of my mind.


..you look really guilty.

And I don't want it...
I don't want it to be you.

But every time it's brought up,
you look like you're about

to explode with guilt.

And you look really sad.

I am sad.

I think it's been a long,
long journey.

And I hope there's a few decent
people standing at the end.

And you deserve every penny you get.

And I hope you're one of the people
at the end, put it that way.

I think, from the start, like,
I attached myself to you, Hannah,

at the beginning and I feel
like I've never once doubted that
you're a Faithful.

Like, as soon as I spoke to you,
I knew you were a Faithful
and I could just trust you.

And then Wilfred, we got close...
Wilfred. Wilfred.

And we got close in the middle.

You know, I know that you're a
Faithful, and it was hard to watch

you have to defend yourself night
after night with Maddy.

And the same with you, Aaron,
as well.

Even though I did doubt at one
point, the conversations we had,
like, I knew.

And then I feel like when we found
out about the two people coming in -

Kieran - and then Claudia did say
something about a twist in the sense

that we don't know
if they're Faithfuls or a Traitor.

That was always
in the back of my mind.

And when I got confirmed about
Amos being a Faithful,

then I just always thought, like,
I wonder if...

No, no, listen, guys, don't explain
yourself and don't start trying

to make yourself feel better.

There's been a lot of talk behind my
back today and a lot of chats.

I'm very good at picking
up on vibes and stuff like that.

I'm very good.

And I think certain individuals
are playing an exceptionally good

game, and I do feel sorry
for some of you.

I really do.

Can I say something?

Kieran, like, even the other
day, like, when Andrea,

like, didn't arrive
at the table, the breakfast,

like you weren't kind of
like emotional about it

and I just thought, like,
it just looks a little bit...

My emotions have gone, mate,
since Amos.

I've had twists and turns,
which you guys will find out

and you will find out a lot.

But... What do you mean?

I'm not going to sit here
defending myself.

I'm not asking you to defend
yourself now. I'm asking you to...

You keep saying these cryptic things
like twists and turns.
What do you mean?

I can't, at this stage where I'm at,
you've all made your decision.

So I'm quite happy
for you all to put my name

on the board right now.

And I'll stand up there
with immediate effect.

I can go out here
with my head held high.

I know there's been scheming
behind my back today.

And people, certain individuals,
are going around saying,

"What do you think?"

I'm well skilled.
I've been around the block.

You can raise your eyebrows
as much as you like.

It's this crypticness
I don't understand.

Yeah, no, I would like to speed
up the process and get

it over and done with
it's OK, Claudia.

Before we go to the vote...
This feels fast.

..does anybody have anything
else to add?

Well, I'm not like, I feel quite
proud of myself as well.

The whole game is that
you suspect people... Listen...

No, I just want to finish this.
..I've had the best time of my life.

And I've met some great people.
Yeah, but...

Like I say, there's things...

There's certain lines I won't cross
and you're just...

Still very cryptic. Yeah. I don't
know what you're talking about.

I don't know what you're talking
about. I don't get what you mean,
cos I'm a Faithful.

Guys, we're going to go to the vote.

Please write down

the name of who you believe
to be a Traitor

on the slate.

Has everyone locked in their votes?


Thank you very much.

Kieran, who have you voted for?

Parting gift.


Thank you.

Should never have trusted him.

But then he should never have
trusted me.

But I need to think of a reason
why Kieran would do that

to say to them, cos they're just
racking their heads,

"Why would he say that?
Why has he done that?"


This game's ridiculous, man.


Who have you voted for, please?

Um, I just went for Kieran.

Thank you.

Meryl, who have you voted for?

Er, Kieran.

Thank you.

Will, who have you voted for?

For Kieran.

Thank you.

Hannah, who have you voted for?


Thank you.

I knew it would be a flat out vote
for me today without fail.

I could read him like a book.

Today, there was no way he was ever
going to share that.

Like he wasn't going to share
it with Amanda or Alyssa.

I want nothing more in my
being than Hannah, Aaron, and Meryl

to split that money.

I hope they get him,

cos if they don't, they're done.

They're done, and it's all over.

Kieran, you have received
the most votes.

You are banished from the game.

Please come and join me.

Kieran, you have received
the most votes,

so you are banished from the castle.

Please now reveal.
Are you a Faithful or a Traitor?

♪ Tell me... ♪

I am a Traitor.

Kieran, thank you so much.

You've been brilliant.
Please leave.

♪ Sweet little lies. ♪

So we were right.
We were right.

But I don't know now...
Are we done?

Or are we...?
I don't know.

So Kieran is banished.

Oh, for God's sake.

He was a Traitor.

But that is not the end.

The game is now in your hands.

You will soon face a choice.

If you believe you are all Faithful,

you will end the game.

If you believe there is a Traitor
in your midst, you will then

banish again.

By the end of the night, we'll work
out who is taking the money home.

I will see you very soon.

You're the final four.

Right. What did he mean? I swear.
I swear I'm not...
What did he mean, Will?

I swear, I'm not a Traitor. I swear
down... I swear on everything.

Why did he do that?
Because I switched on him.
He said it was a parting gift.

That's the only reason I can think
about it, is that I switched on him

cos I always told him I was going
for... You're not a Traitor? I'm not
a Traitor. I swear on everything.

Why did he just say "parting gift"?
I don't know. I swear. I swear down
now. I swear on everything.

I swear down now, if you want me
to swear on anyone's life, I can.

I swear down now it's because he's
caught me talking about him a couple

of times today. That's the only
thing I can think about.

If you want to do another round
and banish me, that's your thing.

But you'll find out, I promise.
I swear down now, I'm not a Traitor.

I swear. If you really believe
I'm a Traitor, that's cool.

I don't, but that was weird.
I'm not.

Yeah, I know.
How do you think I feel?

He's just literally set me up in
front of you guys to get rid of me.

I know. I know.
How do you think I feel?

He's literally just sat
there and set me up in front

of you guys to make me look bad
so he can get rid of me.

Why does he want that, Will?
I don't know.

But I'm not a Traitor.

But he's the Traitor, guys.
We got one right.

I swear. He's a Traitor.

You lot are going to get me out
for no reason.

And, you can't, like...
I don't want to get you out, Wilf.

There can't be another Traitor.

I am not. Will, what...? Guys...

No, no. Just, Meryl, please.
Sorry. Why was he doing,

like, why was he going all cryptic?
That's what he was saying.

And then at the end he went,
"This is a parting gift."

I can't stop shaking.

How do you think I feel?

How do you think I feel? It's a lot
of money. I know, I know, I know.

Will... To me, I'm about...
I know. No, no, no, no.

To me, yeah, I'm about to have money
taken away from me for no reason,

just because I wouldn't
follow his little plan.

You know how much it means to
everybody, don't you, around this
table? Yeah, of course!

I don't know what to do from here.

We either just trust that -
as a game that you clearly

can't trust people - you've just got
to trust because I genuinely,

hand on heart, do trust you guys.

I've been nothing, yeah...
Do you know what?

..but real and transparent
through the whole beginning.

Here's what I'm going to do.

Wilf, I've never, ever
wavered on you before.

And it was just that comment.
I promise you you're wrong.

I promise you. I don't think
you're a Traitor, mate.
It's just that risk.

I don't believe that any person
around this table is a person
that could do that.

I'm just going to trust
that I trust you guys.

I don't think I can handle
voting you out, Wilf,

and then you being a Faithful.
I don't think I can handle that.

And I am a Faithful.

Right, we'll talk about it. Come.

And then there were four.

They now have a simple choice
to make.

If they believe that all of them
are Faithful, they can choose to end

the game and split the money
four ways.

However, if they believe
there is a Traitor still amongst

them, they can banish again.

They have to be really careful now,
though, cos if there is

a Traitor left, they take
the entire prize fund.



I don't even.
Honestly, guys, I am...

I'm sitting here. I didn't...
Do you know what?

First of all, I apologise
for shouting when I was in there.

I just don't know... I thought I
came... You don't need to apologise.
But I came past defending myself.

And I promise you, like,
I don't even know how to say it.
I'm a Faithful ,,%.

I promise you. I can't tell
you what he's thinking.

But why...? Can I just tell you what
I'm thinking? Yeah, go on.

In a month's time, if I look back
on this and I think I got to

the very end and it was literally
within my grasp, and for some reason

it got taken away,
I'd be so upset with myself.

But, mate, asking you to trust me
over trusting Kieran,

that's all I'm asking you to do.

And if I stand there, yeah, and I
know we've said this loads of times,

but if I stand there and tell
you I'm a Faithful and you take

that money from me,
I can't speak to you again.

The ultimatum.

It seems so unlike Wilf to say that.

I don't know what to do.

I'll see you in a bit.

Atmosphere by James Blake

♪ Walk in silence

♪ Don't walk away in silence... ♪

You're in the final four.

Look at that.

That's £,.

Oh, God.

It's enough money for all of us to
to change some things in our lives

that we've wanted.

And spending all this time together,
we know what that means

to each other and we know
each other's stories.

We're not strangers
that have just met.

We know what it means.

Have you made friends for life?

I think so.

I think I have.

I don't think that anyone
can really fake those kind

of relationships
and those kind of bonds.

And I'm really, really lucky
to have had them.

Have you enjoyed this experience?

From the start
to the very finish,

there's been ups and downs,
but I've just loved every single

minute of it.
What would the money mean to you?

There's only one thing I'd do
with the money right now,

and it's just take it and just give
it to my mum so she can put,

like, a deposit down on a house.

She's gone through a lot
so it would be good.

♪ ..Naked to see... ♪

How proud are you of yourself?

Really, really proud.
Really proud.

And I didn't think I'd ever
get this far.

I genuinely did not think.

So I feel like it's such a surreal,
pinch-me moment

that I'm still even here.

How much will that money
change your life?

It would change my life

And I feel like I've never
looked at the full amount,

I've always looked at it
divided by four.

I have genuine trust and faith that
all three of those are Faithfuls

and we're going to split it.

I'd like that.

♪ ..Don't walk away... ♪

You have played
an extraordinary game.

How much would you like to win that?

More than anything now.

Like, I can't give up.

I can't.

I kept thinking,
they're holiday friends,

they're just going to be friends
that I get to know for a little bit.

I thought that was going
to be the case. But it's not.

Like with Hannah,
like, there's something about her.

I really, really like her
as a person.

So, players...

..this is it.

You are now in control of the game.

Are you all Faithful?

Is there a Traitor still here?

You can now choose to end the game.

If you do that and you are all
Faithful, you share the prize pot.

It stands at £,.

But if any Traitors remain,

they take it all.

Next to you are chests.

In there are two ceremonial pouches.

One is labelled "end game".

The other is labelled "banish again".

If just one of you chooses
to banish again, then you all

will have to vote and banish
somebody from the game.

End the game

or banish again.

I will take your votes, please.

Aaron. Thank you.


Thank you.

I will now throw your pouches
into the f*re.

If it burns green,
you have chosen to end the game.

If all four pouches burn green,
then the game ends.

But if just one of those pouches
burns red, then all four

of you will vote to banish again.

let's see what you've chosen to do.

Meryl, you chose to end the game.


Because I genuinely do believe
everyone is a Faithful.

And I feel like I've known
that from, you know, starting.

I'm sticking to the original
game plan.

Thank you.

Will, let's see
what you've chosen to do.

Will, you've chosen to end the game.


Cos I know what I am.

And I feel like I know
what everyone else is.

That's why.

let's see what you've chosen to do.

You have chosen to banish again.


I don't know why Kieran
said what he said.

And then I was given an ultimatum
just now by Wilf.

And in my mind,
if you have to give an ultimatum,

then there is no trust.

So Hannah has chosen
to banish again.

That means we will be going
to a vote.

But, Aaron, let's find out
what you chose to do.

Aaron, you have chosen
to banish again.


I just put my mum first,
and that's all I was thinking about.

It's just that thing in my head
where it's just going to get taken

away and Kieran's either done...
How do you think I feel?

Just had it taken away
for no reason. I know.

But I'm just trying to say Kieran's
either done a really nice thing

or he's been the biggest
knobhead of all times.

I just feel... Just look
what he's done in the past.

Don't it just say it all?
What he's done to what I've done.

I don't... Sorry...

I'm sorry.

OK, the time for talk is over.

Please take the slate next to you
and write down the name

of the person you would
like to banish.

Will, who do you believe
should be banished?


Hannah, who have you voted for?


Aaron, who have you voted for?

I went for you as well, Will.

Honestly, I'm... just so sorry.

And finally, Meryl, who have you got
written down on your slate?


Oh, my God.

Will. Yeah?
You have received the most votes.

Will you please reveal if you are
a Traitor or a Faithful?

I'm a Traitor.

You are joking?


I literally, I can't even put
into words how actually f*cking

happy I am at the moment.

I'm so happy for you guys.

I've found it really hard.

And I've been... I've had to fight.

And then the more I've got to know
you guys, the more I've had to try

and steal money from you.
It's really hard.

But honestly, I couldn't go
through this process

without people that make me happy.

You lot make me happy
and made me enjoy being here.

Every day I tried to play as
a Faithful and tried to enjoy

my time here.

And the only way I could do
that was by having people

like you around me, knowing
that if this time ever comes,

at least the money's going
to people that I really like.

I love you so much.

Honestly. Honestly.
You don't understand how...

You're a massive dickhead,
but I love you so much.

You are a massive dickhead.

For ages, I was like,
"Why am I still here?"

I thought I would've been out.
Thank you.

I really, really
want to say thank you.

You don't need to say thank you.

Will, I really mean this.

You have been the most
amazing player.

You are banished from the castle.

Can we hug him before he goes?

Come on. Yes!


Absolutely not.
I'll never get it back.

I love you.

We'll get the drinks.


Will, are you all right?
I'm good, yeah.

I say this with love in my heart.

You are banished.
Thank God!

Please leave the castle.

Love you.
Love you guys.

Enjoy it.
Love you. Miss you!

Oh, I've never seen someone
so happy to lose so much money.

Oh, mate, I'm free!

"I'm free."

Oh, my God.

I literally just lost over grand
to these three amazing people.

And I'm really, really happy
that they are happy.

The pressure's gone.

The money's gone.

Doesn't matter.

I'm happy.

I've enjoyed my time.

So Will has been banished.
Now only three of you remain.

But are you all Faithful
or is there still a Traitor

in your trio?

Players, there will be
no discussion.

Please select a pouch
from your chest now.


Thank you. Aaron.


Thank you.

Meryl, let's see what you have
decided to do.

You have chosen to end the game.

let's see what you've chosen to do.

You have also chosen
to end the game.

And Aaron, let's see
what you've chosen to do.

Players, you have unanimously
chosen to end the game.

Meryl, please reveal,

are you a Faithful or are
you a Traitor?

I'm a Faithful.

Hannah, please reveal -

are you a Faithful or a Traitor?

I am a Faithful.

Thank you.

And this is it.

Finally... Aaron.

..Aaron, please reveal -

are you a Faithful or a Traitor?

So I'm a Faithful.

You've done it!

We've done it!
You have done it.



I'm so... I can't put it into words.

I'm so sorry.

I can't quite believe
what's happened.

I love you guys.

Are you all right?


Oh, I never win anything.

I cannot wait to tell my mum.

Cannot wait.

I am so happy for the three of you.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations to our winners,
Hannah, Aaron and Meryl.

Oh, my gosh.

Oh, my gosh.



Oh, my God. I don't think
it's sunk in yet. No, me neither.

Guys, we got f*cking grand!


Could you not swear
for just five seconds?

We're getting the end sh*t
of the entire show. Oh, shit.

So, guys... Won't we just...?

No, just... Guys,
shall we go and get a drink?

Yes! Let's get a drink. Come on. ]
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