03x09 - It All Goes Back to Childhood

Episode Transcripts for the TV show "Young Rock." Aired: February 16, 2021 –; present.*
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Sitcom based upon the life of professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, also known by his ring name "The Rock".
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03x09 - It All Goes Back to Childhood

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Good afternoon, everyone.

Thank you for coming.

It has truly been my honor
to have the opportunity

to show Mr. Dwayne Johnson
our beautiful country.

Dwayne, if you would.

Yes, thank you, Prime Minister.

Hello, everybody.

So we just returned from touring

your National Education Center.

And I've got to tell you guys,
I was completely blown away

by Gjelgjiughm commitment
to your most valuable resource,

the coffee.


No, I'm only kidding.
Of course it's the kids.

- The children.

There's that famous Dwayne Johnson humor,

which we always enjoy in all of his movies,

except maybe "Huskies."

- If we continue...

Prime Minister, what do you
say to the Gjelgjiughms

who are upset by your refusal
to rename Cannibal's Peak,

"Billy Will You Go To The Dance
With Me It's Maria" Mountain?

I hear their frustration
and take it to heart.

Next question, please.

By ignoring the vote,

are you concerned you look out of touch?

As a leader, sometimes we have to make

a tough decision, even if it
is the unpopular choice.

What did she just say?

- Prime Minister, if I may?
- [SIGHS] Please do.

- Thank you.

You know, guys, during my
short stay here in Gjelgjiughm,

I've really come to admire
the people's passion

for standing up for what they believe in.

And if I could share
a quick story with you guys

about a time in my life where my own family

was going through something very similar...

My parents had started
their own wrestling promotion

company rivaling my grandma's.

They put a lot of their
own money into the business,

which meant downsizing from

our decent-size apartment to...

An efficiency?

Yep, that's what they call it.

- Why?
- Because it's so efficient.

You can see everything you own

and get a glass of water

and see the TV at the same time.

Wait. Where's the bed?

It's in the wall.

You're gonna love this, Dewey.


It's also our closet.


Don't answer that. It's Afa.

He's still pissed about the booking conflict

in Saudi Arabia.

Don't be silly. Afa is family.

But... but, babe, don't.

Hello, Afa?



That was rude.

The toilet doesn't also
come out of the wall, does it?

It doesn't.

But I would suggest
doing number two at school.

Since the efficiency was so... efficient,

everyone agreed that I should
stay with my grandma.

Even though she and my parents
were at w*r in business,

they never let me become a casualty.

Another pineapple pancake, Dewey?

I can make a fresh batch.

No, thanks, Grandma.

I should get going.

I want to get in a full day of learning.

My life was the perfect combination

of lots of attention...

with virtually no supervision.

I'm still not sure.

Can I please try the Brut again?

Okay, this is the last time.


So with no real structure at home,

I sought it out somewhere else,

the weight room.

It went on like that for months,

my parents trying and failing
to launch their promotion,

my grandma pretending she
wasn't concerned about them,

even though she was tracking
their every move.

♪ This bloody road remains a mystery ♪

♪ This sudden darkness ♪

And me?

♪ Fills the air ♪

♪ What are we waiting for? ♪

I went through a growth spurt.

♪ Won't anybody help us? ♪

Slow down. The man's not going anywhere.

I want to visit my dad
without running into my mom,

and I know she's having
her morning papaya right now.


Mom, you're here early.

No papaya today?

Banana. Better for on the go.


I was gonna drop these by later,

but you may as well take them by now.

Ooh, a present?

Clothes, because you won't stop growing.

I had a nightmare
you ripped out of your outfits

like the Incredible Hulk.

Please don't make me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

BOTH: Ahh!


It's the High Chief's anniversary.

Show some respect.

Mom, do you want to go first?

We've already talked.

Hi, Dad.

I wish you were here.

I could really use some of your advice.

On what to do with their
failing business, High Chief.

About our burgeoning business,

which is already a big success.

- But it's not really.
- Mom, do you mind?

I'm trying to have a private
conversation with dad.

What, can't a bereaved widow
talk to her husband

on the anniversary of his untimely passing?

Rest in peace, High Chief.

Just stop interrupting.

- Oh, calm down.
- I am calm.

Their second arena show was a bust.

Look, we were expecting a bigger crowd, yes.

They booked too big of an arena

and then couldn't fill it.

Ha, the wind blew
our advertising posters away.

Of course, the wind.

Was the wind so excited
to get the Crockett wrestlers

it didn't read the fine print
in the contract?

Maybe you should spend some time focusing

on your own business
instead of talking about...

- Boo! I'm a skeleton.


Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Afa's just parking the car.

This place is a madhouse on Saturdays.

Well, this was fun. You ready, babe?

- Oh.
- Okay, great, let's go.

The family divide was growing on all fronts,

and I wondered if we were past
the point of no return.

Despite the challenges from home,

some good news came from abroad.

Oh, this one's for you.

Whoever sent it must have spent
a fortune on stamps.

'Ello, 'ello.

Who's writing me letters from England?

Well, if it's more tasteful nudes

from your female fans,
they can go right in the bin.

It's no nudes, just Andre.


"Dear Rocky, how are you?

"I am fine.

"I'm having fun in England,

"even though the food here
is like the kind we give

"to the pigs in France.

"Please come visit.

P.S. I already buy you a ticket."

Eh-hey-hey-hey, first-class, baby.

Andre knows I love
those ice-cold dinner rolls.

But of course I can't go,

not with the business the way it is.

I think you should go.

Babe, you know it's just not that simple.

I can't.

It's make-or-break time for WPW.

It wouldn't be right.

Look, between the business and my mom,

we're both under a lot of stress.

I think it's a good time to clear our heads

and think strategically.

Sorry, are you packing as
you're saying you're not going?



I love you, but this apartment
is too small for two people,

let alone two married business partners.

We will deal with the WPW when you get back.

Go see Andre.



John, shall I get it?

No, hon, I got it.

I got it. I got it.

Come on, come on, come on.
Hello, anybody on the line?

Oh, no, the phoenix tattoo.

Marlena, you've fallen in love
with Roman's m*rder*r.





I told you no one named Gina lives here.

No, it's me, Lah.

Lia? Everything okay?

Are we losing money somewhere?

I was just calling to say hello.

- Why?
- Oh, no reason.

Do you like the show "Days of Our Lives"?

I only watch documentaries about baseball.

Oh, you'd love it, Lah.

There's this character
called John Black, and...

There was a baseball team
called the Black Sox.

And in their star,
Shoeless Joe Jackson...

[PHONE BEEPS] He would...




Aha, Rocky, you snake.

You thought you could avoid me forever?

How are you gonna leave me
in [BLEEP] Saudi Arabia?

Who's that on the phone?

- Uncle Afa.
- Tell him I said hi.

You might want to tell him yourself.

I don't [BLEEP] know what to do!

- Afa.

My mom and I both learned
some new vocabulary that day.


It's not my fault being large and firm.

I don't even go to the gym.


- Cut.
- Cutting.


You're supposed to throw
the rock behind you, Andre.

- Oh.
- Remember?

Yeah, and what was that "large and firm"?

I also forgot the words.


Going again!

Going again.





Or I just we could just take lunch.

That's lunch! [BELL RINGS]

Not hungry?

English food is disgusting.

But Andre asked his agent
to organize a special lunch

delivered just for him,
some lovely French cheese.

Chicken and peas?

Uh, how's that chicken cooked?

With peas.

How about you, big fella?

Let me guess, double peas.

No, no, no, no.

I want my reblochon
from Le Plateau de Beaureguard.

Never met him, mate.

All I've got is chicken and peas.

I don't the chicken and peas.

I want my reblochon
from Le Plateau de Beaureguard!

- Hey, Andre, it's...
- No, it's not okay, Rocky!

Where is my cheese, Englishman?

Oh, cheese.

Well, why didn't you say so?


English cheddar.

- Best in the world.

How many slices you want?

I quit!

I didn't get my chicken.


He finally emerges
from behind the telephone.

Uh, Sika.

I thought you were Afa.

You look the same from the back.

I'm sorry for yelling at you just now.

Oh, that's okay.

I've dated a lot of yellers over the years.

It's an energy I'm used to.


You look like you could use a cup of tea.


While my mom was working
things out with my uncles,

my growth spurt and lack of supervision

opened up a whole new world for me.

Well, I know what I want to see.

- Me too.
- Me three.

How about "The Gods Must Be Crazy"?

Ugh, fine.

But it's rated R. We need an adult.

Guys, I got this.

I just went through a growth spurt.

And I got a moustache.

- It's a done deal.
- Or I could go.

I too recently completed a growth spurt.

And I also have a couple lip hairs.

You know what? Yeah, Dewey should do it.

Four tickets for "Blue Velvet."

I'm a teacher, by the way.
These are my students.

You're taking teenagers to see this movie?

What class do you teach?



Wish we had teachers like you
when I was in school.

- Enjoy the movie, Professor.
- Thanks.


"I don't want peas. I want cheese!"


You're right. You're right.

I apologize, Rocky.

But the English food does not agree

with my sophisticated French palate.

I once saw you fight a dog on the beach

for a turkey leg.

Yeah, that dog was greedy

and fat.


It is very good to see you, mon ami.

Acting is fun, but I miss my friends.

Hey, me too.

Getting WPW off the ground
has been battle after battle.

I miss the simple days back
when we was on the road.


Everyone on set is always
telling Andre what to do.

"Stand here, Andre. Say this, Andre.

Don't eat the prop food, Andre."

Just let Andre be Andre.

It's like this beef I got going on with Afa.

I make a decision for myself
without consulting him,

and I'm supposed to apologize?

I'd rather give Lars Anderson a body rub.


Hey, to us, two sensitive souls.


The hell you calling sensitive?

Whether it was Hawaii or England,

my family couldn't avoid conflict.



You sure you don't want a scone?

- They're apricot.
- Oh, no.

Thank you. This is perfect.

And sorry again about earlier.

All this stuff with my mom and the business

really has me on edge.

Don't mention it.

You know, sometimes it's not
about what it's about.

Sika, what did I tell you
about using my shampoo

as body wash, man?

See? This is a really good example.

He isn't really mad about the shampoo.

He's made because I forgot to tape

"Unsolved Mysteries" for him.

Someday if you want to get
your own shampoo, you...


All I wanted was an apology,

even a Rocky apology,

where he blames it on bad clams.

But radio silence, that's cold, man.

Ice cold, bruh.

You know what Rocky's like.
He doesn't mean it.

He's just conflict-avoidant.


All I'm saying is, give him a break.

Tell him to say he's sorry.

Sorry or not, you're still family.

So you have to find a way to make up.

- You need each other.
- Like you and Lia?

That's different.


Sensitive, my ass.

Hey, can I get a ride to the airport?



I'm sorry, Rocky,

you are sensitive about being sensitive.

I am not sensitive.

It's not bad.

Being sensitive means
you have lots of feelings.

And feelings mean
you care about other people.

Heh, picture Andre,

sensitive and French.

[LAUGHS] Twice the feelings.

I do have a lot of feelings.

And it's important to try
to understand them, huh?

I learned this in California

talking with a wise man with glasses.

It all goes back to childhood.

What does?


like Andre getting very upset
at cheese man today.


I get upset because...

I'm homesick.

And the cheese always reminds me of France.


Maybe this is why
you're avoiding Afa too, no?

You're right.

I am?

Hell no.

Andre, I don't care
what hippy-dippy nonsense

you picked up in California,
but childhood doesn't matter.

I didn't even get to have
a childhood, and look.

I turned out just fine.

Mom kicked me out on my ass at years old,

no thank yous, no nothing,
because I made her choose.

She chose him, so I hitchhiked
my way up out of there

with nothing.

Everything I got I had to build by myself.

I built a whole life out of nothing.

I built Rocky Johnson out of nothing.

So I don't see how in the hell
that has anything

to do with me avoiding Afa.

Because when you were little,

your family turned their back on you.

And you had to build a whole
new one out of nothing, huh?

And maybe, just maybe you are
afraid of it happening again.

And you do to them
before they can do to you.



That was awesome.

- Yeah.
- Hey, it's still early.

We should keep the night rolling.


I'm gonna need to see some ID.

My ex-wife took the house.

You're gonna try to take my dignity too?

Enjoy, guys.

Beer's on me.


Son, I am arrested you

for providing alcohol to minors.

But I'm a minor.

Sure you are, buddy, and I'm Liza Minnelli.

Watch your head.

Officer Rogers here.

Busted another perv buying beer for minors.

I had a feeling my arrest
wouldn't ease tensions

within the family.

Johnson, you're free to go.

Free to go?

He's all yours, Lia.

You better keep an eye on this one.

Oh, I will.

And I'm sorry he caused such a ruckus.

Thank you, Officer.

Enjoy those pineapple muffins.


Come on, Dewey, you little rascal.


- Get in the car.
- That hurts.

Oh, come on, Grandma.

I already said I'm sorry.

Can't you give me a break?

Give you a break?

From what,

sneaking your friends
into psycho sexual thrillers?

You know about that?

First your mother and Rocky
betray me, and now you?

You're supposed to be the one
person I can trust right now.

And look what you've become, a booze baron.



I am happy the High Chief isn't alive

to see what a mess I've made.

He came to this place
to start this business,

to make a place for his family,
and I've ruined it.

I've ruined everything.

Grandma, you know that's not true.

And I promise I won't step out
of line again.

That didn't wind up being true,

but it felt right to say in the moment.

I'm going to take my Golden
Wok into my room tonight.

It's the dinner I deserve.


Sh... Rocky.

Look, I know I'm not the best at apologies.

So I thought I'd let
the card do the talking.

Only one they had.

So we good?


Of course we're good. We family, brother.

Like he told my mom, all my Uncle Afa

needed was to hear an apology.

Hey, speaking of family, I need a favor.

[LAUGHS] Of course you do.


What's going on here?

Where's the g*ng of teens
you saw vandalizing graves?

- There were no teens.
- What?

How can I put this?

What are you doing here?

And where is the photographer
from the "Headstone" magazine?

Afa called me to tell me
Peter got the cover.

There's no such thing
as "Headstone" magazine, Mom.

Rocky and Afa lied to us.

Had to, only way to be sure both of you
would show up to this.

To what?


- It's my plan.
- What plan?

This is a plan?

Yes, to bring you two together,

so you could talk it out.

I know it sounds dumb.

But someone I trust told me it helped him,

so I figured it could help you too.

What are we supposed to talk about?

It doesn't matter.


Just talk.


John Black has the phoenix tattoo.


He's Roman's k*ller!

- Does Marlena know?
- She does.

She wanted to get
away from him in the cabin,

but he could sense her fear.

Oh, my God. When did this happen?

I wanted to tell you,
and I kept trying to call you,

and then I remembered we're not speaking,

and then I hang up again.

That was you?

Oh, Mom.


I just wanted to say what a great job

you've been doing with Dewey.

Well, you raised a good boy.

That wasn't true, and my grandma knew it.

Not like John Black.

John Black is an idiot.

Oh, my God, so did she
run away from him or...

But she loved my mom
too much to let her know it.

So my parents and my grandmother,

they were able to work themselves

through a very sticky situation,

not by digging in on their differences

but by rallying around
what they had in common,

what united them.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Part of a healthy democracy
is the right to disagree.

But it's our common ground
that will always bind us.

As your prime minister,

our nation's interest will always be

at the forefront of my agenda.

Dwayne, do you mind if I share with them

what we spoke about the other night?


Well, it turns out that Mr. Johnson here

came to our country with a secret agenda.

He came to secure a trade deal to export

our Gjelgjiughm coffee to the United States,

a deal that I had already rejected

directly to President Taft.


That is true.

But I still feel after spending time

in your amazing country

with your incredible people

that we can come to terms on a deal

that is mutually beneficial.

Well, as I said to all of the critics

when "Baywatch" the movie came out,

I respectfully disagree.


Gjelgjiughm will never engage

in a coffee trade deal
with the United States.
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