04x39 - The Sleeping Slave

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". Aired: October 6, 2012 - present.
JoJo, becomes involved in a battle against his stepbrother, Dio Brando, who is intent on taking control of the Joestar fortune.
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04x39 - The Sleeping Slave

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Op subs: No one can escape the fate that was chosen for them.

Op subs: All that remains is the end, where you will all perish.

JoJo-EpTitle,Sign: Episodio The Sleeping Slave

Mista: Bucciarati? This stone is definitely shaped like...

Mista: Hey! Are you the sculptor?!

Mista: Who the hell are you?!

Mista: Don't you dare try anything!

Mista: I didn't k*ll you because I was ordered not to,

Mista: but now that I know you're a Stand user,

JoJo-main: ,there's no guarantee that I won't add another hole between your eye sockets!

Mista: Who the hell are you?

JoJo-main: ,How do you know Bucciarati?

Mista: The florist's daughter falling to her death is concerning,

Mista: but why did you follow me from the restaurant?

Sco: Daughter?

JoJo-main: ,Are you a police officer?

JoJo-main: ,No, the police wouldn't—

Mista: Listen up, you sick bastard! I'll be the one asking questions here!

Mista: You just need to answer!

Mista: Just concentrate on that.

Mista: Got that? Don't even think about saying or doing anything else!

Mista: That also includes lying to me. Got it?

Mista: All right... I'll ask you one question at a time.

Mista: First off, are you in a g*ng?

JoJo-main: ,Do you belong to some organization?

Mista: I can find out later if I look into it, of course.

Sco: N-No... I'm just a sculptor.

Sco: I'm not famous, but I make a living off of it.

Mista: Then how did you become a Stand user?

Sco: I don't even know what a Stand is.

sco: If you mean this ability...

JoJo-main: ,It just started happening while I was still a child.

Sco: Was it the same for you?

Mista: Hey!

Mista: Next question. Why did you follow me from the restaurant?

Mista: And how do you know Bucciarati?

Sco: Bucciarati...

Sco: Bucciarati... Is that his name?

JoJo-main: ,Let me see him, please! He came with you to this building, right?

Mista: Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Mista: You didn't answer my question, you moron!

Sco: I-It's probably not an answer you'll like...

Sco: But this rock moves on its own, regardless of how I think or feel.

Sco: It's been like that ever since I was a kid.

Sco: It's a power that I have no control over.

Sco: The rock didn't follow you.

JoJo-main: ,It was following him... Bucciarati.

Mista: Oh, is that so?

Mista: Do you want me to make it so you can never hold a chisel again?

Mista: Sorry to break it to you, but Bucciarati's far away from here, you dumbass!

Sco: You're the one who's lying.

JoJo-main: ,Bucciarati should be in this apartment building.

Sco: Let me see him. His life depends on—

Mista: Don't mess with me!

JoJo-main: ,Why did you k*ll the florist's daughter? What are you after—

Mista: What the hell are you doing?!

JoJo-main: ,I told you to not try anything funny!

Sco: The rock has left...

Mista: What?!

Sco: One of the greatest sculptors in history, Michelangelo, once said...

Sco: "I don't have any thoughts when I take hold of a marble slab.

Sco: Every block of stone already has a statue inside it,

Sco: and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

Mista: What the hell are you babbling about, you bastard?!

Mista: You're going to die if you don't hurry up and bring that rock back here!

Sco: Michelangelo was saying that the ultimate statue is not created from an idea.

Sco: It already dwells within the stone as its destiny.

Sco: He was an artist who could seethat destiny as he sculpted.

Sco: It's not that I sculpted that rock into the shape of Bucciarati,

Sco: and neither did your b*ll*ts.

Sco: That is the shape of destiny.

Sco: The statue had a hole in its chest that was gushing out blood.

Sco: I don't know if it's in a few days or in a few months,

Sco: but that's going to be how Bucciarati eventually dies.

Sco: We're all slaves to fate.

Sco: That's the meaning behind my ability, Prophecy Stones.

Mista: This is your last chance! Bring the rock back here now!

Mista: If you die, so will your Stand! You get that, don't you?!

Sco: If he touches my Prophecy Stones,he can die without suffering.

Sco: I wanted to see him so I could at least hear his last words...

Mista: Wh-What the hell is this guy's problem?

Mista: Is he mocking me?

JoJo-internal/narrator: ,How the hell can he be so calm, damn it?!

Mista: Fine! You want your brain splattered onto that rock so badly?

Mista: Look! There are three shots left.

Mista: This is how you use destiny!

Mista: You're apparently trying to do something to Bucciarati,

JoJo-main: ,so bring that rock back here right now!

Mista: You're the one who doesn't have time or chances!

Sco: I told you. There's nothing more I can do.

mista: Bring it back here right now, God damn it!

Sco: The florist had a hard time walking, right?

Sco: He doesn't know it yet,

JoJo-main: ,but it's an early symptom of some disease in one of his internal organs.

Sco: He'll most likely survive, though.

JoJo-main: ,When his daughter died, her organs were preserved.

JoJo-main: ,He'll receive them as transplants.

Sco: The girl found out from the rock

JoJo-main: ,that she'd contract the same disease in a few months.

Sco: She understood that and believed it.

Sco: She decided to die while she was healthy for her father's sake,

JoJo-main: ,rather than die in pain later.

Sco: So she accepted the rock, and...

Sco: The rock allowed her to die without suffering,

JoJo-main: ,and in a way in which her organs weren't crushed.

Mista: You have some nerve saying that when you're the one who k*ll her!

Mista: Wh-What?!

b*llet: It's a misfire, Mista!

b*llet: That b*llet was a dud!

Mista: That's impossible!

b*llet: That b*llet is Number 's responsibility!

Five: Aw, why me?

Sco: I cannot die yet.

Sco: Because the rock hasn't carved my death yet.

Mista: Y-You think you're going to get two duds in a row, you jackass?!

Sco: You caught a glimpse of destiny just now.

Sco: You no longer have any intention of sh**ting me.

Sco: Am I wrong?

Mista: Wh-What's with this guy? Damn it!

Mista: What the hell is he talking about?

JoJo-main: ,Is he still messing with me?

Mista: Hello, Fugo?

JoJo-main: ,Tell Bucciarati that this sculptor is a Stand user!

Fugo: What?

Mista: This bastard keeps mentioning Bucciarati,

JoJo-main: ,but I can't really tell what's going on by myself!

Fugo: What are you talking about, Mista? You still haven't met up with him?

Mista: Huh?

Fugo: Bucciarati headed to that apartment building a while ago.

JoJo-main: ,He followed you right after you got out of the car.

Fugo: Hello? Mista? What's wrong?

Mista: What?!

Bad_luck,Sign: Bad luck

Sign: Prophecy Stones

Sign: Scolippi

Mista: Wh-What's the number, Fugo? I have to find him!

Mista: What's the number to the phone Bucciarati has right now?

Fugo: Are you all right?

JoJo-internal/narrator: ,The one you're calling right now is Bucciarati's.

Fugo: Hello, Mista? Hello?

Mista: Hurry, b*ll*ts! Find Bucciarati!

Fugo: Mista? Hello?

Mista: Hey, wake up, you sculptor bastard!

Mista: How can I stop that rock?

Mista: Hey, wake up, would you?!

Mista: Answer me, God damn it!

Mista: What do I need to do to stop that rock from getting to Bucciarati?!

Mista: P-Please... Tell me.

Mista: I'm starting to understand what you told me.

Mista: But what the hell am I supposed to do?

Mista: I can't let Bucciarati touch that rock, no matter what.

Mista: I can't.

Mista: Please, tell me.

Sco: It'd be better and easier...

JoJo-main: ,if you two didn't defy the rock...

Sco: No one's been able to do it before, but if you're able to destroy that rock

Sco: or change its shape, then...

b*llet: We found him, Mista!

Five: We found Bucciarati!

Six: We got a report from Number that he found him!

Six: Bucciarati's on the seventh floor!

b*llet: The stairs! Bucciarati used the stairs!

Mista: What?!

One: Th-This isn't good!

One: The rock! The rock is on the stairs, too!

One: The rock is right in front of Bucciarati!

Mista: Stop him, Number !

Mista: Tell him not to touch that rock!

b*llet: It's no use, Mista!

JoJo-main: ,Number 's b*llet doesn't have enough power left to fly over there.

Mista: Bucciarati!

b*ll*ts: Yee-haw!

Bruno: b*ll*ts?

b*llet: We did it!

b*llet: That was close!

b*llet: Its shape is falling apart!

b*llet: That's great and all...

b*llet: B-But I have a feeling we might've made things worse...

Bruno: b*ll*ts, what in the world is going on here?

Bruno: Is that a Stand?

Bruno: And its shape...

b*llet: Run, Bucciarati!

Bruno: Zipper Man!

b*llet: Don't attack it!

b*llet: It's bad news if you touch it!

Mista: Run down here, Bucciarati!

Bruno: Mista!

Mista: You can't touch that rock!

Mista: If you lay even a finger on it, you'll die!

Bruno: What do you mean?

Mista: I'll explain the details later!

Bruno: Is that rock a Stand?

Mista: Hurry and get downstairs!

JoJo-main: ,Get out of this building and get as far away as possible!

Mista: What? This happened in the elevator earlier, too...

Mista: Sh-Shit! These stairs are dangerous!

Mista: We need to find another way down.

Mista: Going down these stairs is a bad idea!

Mista: Go up, Bucciarati!

Mista: Wh-Where is it?

Mista: It's not here! Damn it!

JoJo-main: ,Where did it go?!

Bruno: Mista, what's going on?

Mista: Sh-Shit!

Mista: Above you, Bucciarati!

Mista: Bucciarati!

Bruno: Wh-What's this face on this rock?

Mista: If we can destroy the rock or change its shape...

Bruno: Mista!

Mista: If I just smash it into the pavement from here, it should break into pieces!

Mista: Damn it!

Mista: You're not getting away!

Bruno: That's impossible! Mista!

Mista: Damn it... What that sculptor bastard said...

Mista: turned out to be true...

Mista: If you don't appear in the rock, then it's not your time to die yet...

Fugo: What the hell have you been doing, Mista?

Fugo: You left the tape recorder on the car seat, you dumbass.

Mista: Hey... It's you, Fugo...

Bruno: What was this rock?

Bruno: Mista, what chain of coincidences led to this?

Mista: Uh... You should be fine now.

Mista: I, uh... don't even know how to explain all this.

Mista: Anyway, about the florist's daughter's death...

Mista: The sculptor was sort of the suspect,

Mista: but not exactly the suspect...

Mista: I hurt him enough to land him in the hospital for a couple of months, though...

Fugo: I still have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Fugo: Was he an enemy or not?

JoJo-main: ,Was it su1c1de or not?

Fugo: Explain it all in a more orderly fashion!

mistA: That's just it, though...

mista: It's really, uh... hard to sort everything out in my head.

Msita: Simply put, we destroyed the rock, so everything's over now.

Mista: Hey, Bucciarati, I'll look into the incident with Leaky Eye Luca.

Bruno: No, it'd probably be quicker to look into it myself

JoJo-main: ,than have you try to explain what happened.

Bruno: It's a job I can do on my own.

Bruno: Fugo, try to get a decent explanation out of Mista so we can explain

JoJo-main: ,what happened here to the florist.

Fugo: Bucciarati, I'm willing to do anything for you,

Mista: I'm not sure how I should say this...

Fugo: but do you really think I can understand what he's saying?

Fugo: You can stop thinking now.

JoJo-main: ,We'll just use Abbacchio's Moody Jazz.

Sco: Over...

JoJo-internal/narrator: ,Everything is over, you say?

Sco: If you had just accepted Prophecy Stones, everything would've ended peacefully...

Sco: We're all slaves to fate.

Sco: We cannot change what has already taken shape.

Sco: I don't know who they are, but now they're going to face a difficult path,

Sco: and some of them will lose their lives.

Sco: But...

JoJo-internal/narrator: ,Are they all like this?

Sco: He jumped from up there to destroy the rock for his friend, Bucciarati.

Sco: The path filled with hardships that they're about to walk

Sco: might have some meaning.

Sco: Their hardships may end up being someone else's hope,

JoJo-internal/narrator: ,and might be the beginning to some greater meaning.

Sco: I can't wish for their safety, but I pray that they are sleeping slaves.

Sco: Sleeping slaves who will find some meaning once they awaken.

Mista: Hey, hurry up!

JoJo-main: ,Who's gonna heal Bucciarati's injuries if you don't hurry up?

Mista: Hey, Giorno!

Mista: Whoa, be careful, Trish.

Trish: Thanks. Something suddenly appeared near my feet...

Crunch,Sfx: {\c&HDCF&\c&HB&}Menacing

Mista: Trish?

Mista: Hey, Trish! Wh-Where'd you go, Trish?

JoJo-main: ,Trish!

Mista: Hey, Giorno! Where the hell is Trish?!

Gio: Unbelievable... Trish is right there, Mista.

Trish: Mista, Giorno, I'm right here.

Trish: I didn't trip on this rock. It's what was in its shadow.

Turtle: Don't leave me behind.

Turtle: If you leave me behind,

JoJo-main: ,I don't know how many days it'll take me to get to the Colosseum.

Mista: Polnareff?!

Gio: Mr. Polnareff.

Trish: You're still alive.

Trish: But if all our minds were switched back,

Trish: then your soul... and the turtle...

Pol: My body is dead.

Pol: But the moment my soul got sucked out,

JoJo-main: ,I was able to hang on to this turtle Stand.

Pol: I can't leave this key, but I decided to live here for a while as a ghost.

Mista: Well, it's great and all that you're okay,

Mista: but it's not over yet.

Mista: We're going to the Colosseum to heal Bucciarati's wounds.

Pol: Bucciarati? But his soul...

Trish: Hey, what are you doing?!

Mista: Oh, uh, sorry!

Mista: I was just thinking that you're right...

Mista: I think I might actually smell weird.

Mista: So this is what I smell like?

Mista: Maybe I'll start using cologne...

Trish: Really?

Trish: I might've said something weird back then,

Trish: and maybe it's because I was panicked, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

Trish: It almost even feels nostalgic.

Mista: Really? Really?

Trish: Yes. But your fingers are still weird.

Pol: What are you going to do with that?

Gio: Those who carry on the will of those who have passed must keep moving forward.

Gio: I won't destroy this arrow.

Pol: Keep the arrow inside the turtle.

JoJo-main: ,That will do, Giorno.

Pol: That is the duty of those who have survived.

Pol: Let's go
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