01x12 - Best Day Ever

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "RWBY: Ice Queendom". Aired: June 27, 2022 – present.
Japanese anime series based off version of the RWBY, set between Volumes 2 and 3 of the U.S. ONA series.
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01x12 - Best Day Ever

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Dear Dad,

How are you? I'm really good.

I actually ended up on the same

team as Yang. Isn't that great?

To my beloved sister Winter,

I hope you have been well.

Since entering Beacon Academy,

I have maintained top grades in my class.

Something even cooler happened, too!

I became team leader!

It's called Team RWBY.

Since I'm the youngest, I was

really shy and I wasn't confident at all.

But everyone helped out and supported me,

so I feel like I can do it now.

The Academy decided not to make me leader.

Instead, they've given me

the responsibility

to fully support my team

as the ideal teammate.

Our leader is Ruby Rose.

She is younger and still somewhat awkward,

but she has exceptional courage,

and I must admit she has all

the makings of a fine Huntress.

She even saved me when I was in a pinch

Well, she didn't do that much.

But she is a reliable leader

and is one of the friends

I have made here at the Academy.

I thought I'd just have to practice

w*apon-making and fighting,

but to become a Huntress,

I'm learning all sorts of things

that I never even thought about.

Like what it means to trust one another

If you had told me at the start,

I would have happily listened.

But you're the one who ran away!

But you wouldn't have

listened to me anyway, would you?

Do you know how much that hurts?

You wouldn't understand.

And you don't know how infuriating it is

that you think I wouldn't care.

Why won't you understand?

From now on, please come and talk

to us when something happens.

I understand.

Do you really?

I do. It was my fault too.

I'll try harder to trust you all.

Well, then

Great! Now that's taken care of.

Don't you both feel better?

Yes, much better.

Me too.

That'll be Team RWBY's motto!

From now on, let's communicate

and try to understand each other.

You can't be sure you understand

someone even if you enter their dream!

The human heart sure is a mystery.

Oh, would you stop talking about dreams?

The mysteries of the human heart

There's a lot of stuff like that

that I still have to learn.

Just a little while ago,

it felt like too much,

and I didn't know what to do,

but now I look forward to it.

Originally, my Semblance was

the power to read people's hearts.

Everyone holds both light

and darkness inside themselves,

but neither one represents

the complete person.

The heart is much more complex than that.

I was finally able to understand that

because of what I learned

here at the Academy.

Once I encountered the Nightmare Grimm,

my Semblance grew in unanticipated ways.

It developed the power to defeat the Grimm

that possess people's hearts.

Your Semblance grew?


Also, I learned that Nightmares

are attracted to individuals

who have strong Auras

but sensitive personalities.

In a way, it is a sign that those

people have exceptional talents.

You hear that? Aren't you happy?

Would you please stop

pouring salt on the wound?

Eventually, your Semblances will

develop together with your Auras,

illuminating your path forward

as Hunters and Huntresses.

Our leader doesn't even have

a Semblance, though. Right?


Jaune will be fine.

Team RWBY, Team JNPR,

you are both exceptional teams.

I look forward to seeing you grow.

Thank you very much, Professor Shion.

We'll do our best to become

Huntresses as soon as we can

so we can work together with you.

Yes, I have high hopes for you.

It does look like this will be

an interesting year, Professor Ozpin.

Is it safe to assume there are

no longer any Nightmares in the region?

Yes. My job here is complete.

I pray that your path will lead you

to fortune and happiness, Shion Zaiden.

Ruby, Blake, I'd like to speak

with each of you separately.

All right?

You did an outstanding job

defeating the Nightmares.

Are you still worried that you

might not deserve to be leader?

To tell the truth, I still don't know

if I deserve it or not.

But I've decided I'll give it

my absolute best anyway,

working together with my teammates.

By the way, when you

defeated the Nightmare,

did you sense anything unusual?

Unusual? What do you mean?

For example, a power unlike

an Aura or a Semblance.

Um, I was really caught up in it,

so I honestly don't remember.


I remember that I was able to succeed

because my friends were there with me.

I realized how powerful

friendship really is.

The many experiences you'll

have in the future

will likely awaken the power

sleeping within you.

I look forward to you

continuing your studies

and becoming an outstanding Huntress.

You waited for me?

We wanna know what you talked about.

Um, I talked about how having friends

with you makes you stronger in battle.

He told me to keep studying and do my best.

So he was basically praising you.

But why did he ask for Blake too?

I'll know once I speak to Professor Ozpin.

Why don't you all go ahead into town?

You don't need to wait for me.

Okay. We'll invite Team JNPR

and head to the café.


You thwarted an attempted

robbery at the shipyard,

and then demonstrated great initiative

and strength in defeating the Nightmares.

You have great potential.

I only did what I had to.

In order to enroll at my academy,

students must first pass

a rigorous entrance exam.

For that, most applicants spend years

of preparation training at combat school.

However, there is no

record of your training.

And yet, you passed the exam

with flying colors and enrolled.

In the world where I was raised,

every day was a battle.

I had to learn to fight to survive.

I admire your drive.

Our school accepts individuals

from all walks of life.

Rich poor human


Why do you hide who you are with that bow?

There are a number of Faunus students here,

and we've never questioned whether

exchange students are Faunus or not.

Despite your wonderful policy of equality,

some people will still reject the Faunus.

That is true,

but many people are working daily

to bridge that divide.

And I'd like to ask for your assistance.

With all due respect, it's not that easy.

For now, I want people to see me

for who I am, not what I am.

I understand how you feel.

I have no intention of compelling you.

But who exactly are you?

I don't understand what you're asking.

How did you know the White Fang

would be at the shipyard?

It was a coincidence.

I just happened to be there.

You found them by coincidence,

and fought to prevent the theft,

but you didn't know they were the

White Fang until you encountered them?

Yes. Just as I explained

after the incident.

I may be your headmaster,

but I am also a Huntsman,

and I will use all my strength to fight

those who disturb the peace.


Are you sure there is nothing else

you would like to tell me?

I'm sure.

Very well. Thank you for your time.

You should return to your friends.

If you ever need to talk to me,

please, don't hesitate to ask.

Professor Ozpin must have realized

that there is some connection

between you and the White Fang.

The Professor may be open-minded,

but I can't expect the entire

Academy to be that tolerant.

If they discover that I was once with the

White Fang, I'll surely be expelled.

Your teammates will never let that happen.

Then again, you don't plan to return to

the White Fang after you graduate, do you?

What? Absolutely not.

You don't intend to take the knowledge

and power you gain here

and use it for destructive purposes?

I don't. I share the same

values as the Professor.

I'll use all my strength to fight

those who disturb the peace.

I have no intention of turning a blind eye

toward the Company's dark side.

Even though I'm inexperienced, powerless,

and can't do anything right now,

someday I will help make

this world a better place.

When that time comes, I will need

the help of individuals like yourself.

Is that really how you feel?

At the very least, I don't

ever want to fight you again.

So you remember that?


Not that I want to remember, though.

Oh, just thinking about it makes me

so embarrassed I want to die.

Would you please hurry up

and forget about it too?

You were so gloomy

when you first came to Beacon.

Huh? I was?

"I don't want to stick out!

I enrolled without knowing anyone here!"

Weren't you saying stuff like that?

"As long as I have my favorite w*apon,

I don't need friends." And so on.

Yeah, well, I was nervous because

I was younger than everyone.

And you picked on me and said you didn't

want to be on my team and stuff.

Hey now, I wasn't trying to pick on you.

And we did get on the same team!

In Weiss's dream,

even when you weren't around,

I kicked some serious butt!

And I'm gonna keep making

friends! Tons of them!

Do your best, Ruby.

You don't think I can, Sis, do you?

Fine! I'll learn to do

everything by myself.

Hey! Ladies of Team RWBY!

Oh, Sun!


Is it just the two of you today?

We're waiting for friends.

Are you always alone?

Where are your friends?

They're arriving soon.

I'd love to introduce them

to you. Is that okay?


I'd love to make more friends!

Are they trustworthy friends?

You two finally made it!

What perfect timing.

Why don't you join us for conversation?

You're okay sitting with a Faunus boy?

When have I ever said I wouldn't be?

Because of all that, in addition

to Blake being a Faunus,

you mustn't speak of her

connection to the White Fang.

Fine with me.

But is it that big a deal?

Please, Sun. I really want to

start a new life here.

In exchange, we won't hand you over

to the police for being a stowaway.

An exchange?

Even without that, if she

asks me not to tell, I won't.

I won't even tell my friends.

What friends?

Sun's team. He says he'll introduce us

when they get to Beacon.

Try to get along with them, okay?

It's weird for me to say this,

but they're all hotties.

I'm sure you'll like them.

Oh, my. How exciting.

Well, I wonder about that.

By the way, where's Team JNPR?

I did invite them.

They said they couldn't come

because of Jaune's special training.

He's been at it all vacation.

Pyrrha sure has unusual tastes, though.

She could have just teamed up

with someone else

instead of putting up with all that.

Weiss really wants to be on

a team with Pyrrha after all.

No, that's not

Maybe we can trade her

for someone from Team JNPR!

That's not what I said!

I'm going to do everything I can

to make this a super-awesome team.

Even if you come begging,

I won't let you back in, Weiss!

Since when was I trying to leave the team?

I take it you're more the quiet type?

Not really.

I spent a lot of time alone.

I'm just not used to it yet.

But they're fun. I count on them.

That's right. Just like I taught you,

keep repeating the basic moves.

That's the spirit! Your Aura

is a lot stronger than you think.

If you don't rush

and just keep practicing

Someday, my Semblance will awaken!

It will! Do your best, Jaune!

Are they going to keep at it

until the new semester starts?

I expect so. They're both

very committed to it.


Sometimes I wanna go out

and play like Team RWBY.

Why don't we suggest that to Jaune?

Jaune sure is weird.

He's so weak, but he still

says he's going to protect us.


that is his greatest strength.

You're the strongest one of us, Ren.

I'm really glad we're on the same team.

I am too, Nora.

Let's keep watching out for each other.

Yes, of course.

You sure are early.

Whatcha doing?

Just going over notes from last semester.


You were writing something

while you read, weren't you?

No, I wasn't Not really.

Will you let me read it later?

Y-You got the wrong idea.

Where are your manners, Yang?

You shouldn't play with your food.

Hey, where's Ruby?

She said she was getting something ready.

Sisters Friends



This ought to be good.

As leader, I thought of something.

The new semester starts tomorrow.

It's the last day of vacation.

We should work together

and cooperate with Team JNPR

to have the most fun anyone has ever had


I always kick my semesters off with a Yang!

A Yang, guys! A Yang!

Eh? Guys? Am I right?


Did you steal my binder?

I added my super, ultra fun plan to it!

I never said you could

That's taking it too far, Nora.

I have a suggestion.

Today of all days, why don't we begin

with the cafeteria activity

that is a tradition here at Beacon?

A tradition?

Oh, the one Dad was talking about.

What are we doing?

Food fight! Ready?

How about it, leader?


We accept your challenge!



Through battle, man won life.

But even the most brilliant lights

eventually flicker and die.

And then darkness will return.

So stay vigilant, guardians

of the light, but take heed.

There will be no victory in strength.

Perhaps victory is in the simpler things.

Things that are long forgotten

Things that require a smaller,

more honest soul.
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