01x48 - Fantasia

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fairy Tale". Aired: September 30, 2011 - September 29, 2019.
Lucy runs away from home to become a magician in the magical land of Fairy Tail; on her way there she meets all sorts of curious companions like a dragon and a flying blue cat.
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01x48 - Fantasia

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Hey, everyone watching!

Whenever you watch Fairy Tail,
be sure to turn on the lights in the room

and sit away from the TV, okay?

I have surpassed the old man...!

Yo Ho let the rudder go, turning hard to port

Yo Ho frantic confusion makes for a snazzy life

We'll have a farewell party when the sun sets

No need to be sad;
if we live we'll meet again somewhere

We journey forth, pushing through the headwind

Tears, tears... A real man
will act tough until they dry up

My friend, my friend... Someday we'll laugh

as if making sure of our strong, strong bond

Now reach out and grab
the map of our shining future

Th-That can't be...! Why?!

Why didn't that take anyone out?!


You okay...?

Yeah, I'm okay. How about Natsu?

Looks like he's all right.

They were hit by all that magic energy...!

All the guild members and citizens are unharmed.


Not a single person has been taken out...

That's not possible! My Fairy Law was flawless!

It was because of the nature of your heart, Laxus.

You inherited more than just strength
and magic power from our master.

You also learned to feel for your comrades.

But Fairy Law only affects those
the caster considers the enemy.

I assume you understand what that means, Laxus.

His spell saw what was really in his heart...

You can't lie to magic, Laxus...

That means these are your true feelings.

N-No! Everyone who stands
in my way is the enemy!

They're my enemy!

It's time to cease this, Laxus.
Go and see our master now.

I-I don't give a damn about that old man!

I'm me! I ain't Grandpa's grandkid!

I'm Laxus!


Everyone knows...

Don't get a big head, you idiot!

Does being Gramps' grandkid
make you that high and mighty?!

Does it make you that different?!

Quit howling just because of that petty crap!

Everyone in our guild is family! You know that!

What would you know?!

Since when do comrades have to
know everything about each other?!

Not knowing is why they
lend each other a helping hand...


Shut up, Natsu!

Get out of my sight!

I will stop you!

I'll die before I let you have the guild!

Because it's home to us!

Just die already!

There is no way you can possibly defeat--


The guild doesn't belong to you...

Think hard... Laxus!


Thunder Dragon... Demolition Fist!

You got another thing coming if
you think you can lecture me, small fry.

He's still going to stand up to him...?

Don't, Natsu...!

Damn brat!

I'll completely obliterate you!

Stop, Laxus!

If you use that magic against Natsu now...!

Thunder Dragon Heavenward Halberd!



Iron... He made himself act as a lightning rod?!


D-Damn you...!

Fire Dragon...

Damn you!

...Iron Fist!


Wing Attack!

Sword Horn!

Flame Elbow!

That magic...

It shatters dragons' scales,
frightens them to their core,

and reaps their very souls...

The Dragon Slayer Secret Arts...!

Flame Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade!


...was b*at!

Why are you here, Grandeeney?

It's been a while.

You know you're forbidden to
come here! Forbidden to interfere!

That child truly is reckless.
Just like a certain someone else I know...

Still, there's no guarantee
luck will always be on his side.

He could die.


Do not interfere with the humans!

Do you wish to anger the mighty Igneel?!

You're right. There's no point
in worrying; there's nothing we can do.

All we can do now is put
our faith in the humans' strength...

Zeref is...

Never mind. Let's not discuss it anymore.

They say Fantasia is postponed until tomorrow night.

I heard their master is sick...

Is he gonna step down?

I wonder who the next master will be...

--Laxus would make the most sense.
--That troublemaker?

Almost seems dramatic somehow...

I've known him since he was just a boy...

Just goes to show how old we're getting!

Thanks to Porlyusica, he's going to survive.

Rest easy. Our master is safe!

Thank goodness!
I was really worried there for a while!

Gramps would never kick the bucket that easily!

But he is at an advanced age.
Any added strain will impair his health.

Always keep that in mind, everyone!

Aye, Sir!

But are we really gonna do
the Fantasia parade with all this going on?

It's what the master wants,

plus you could say this is
actually the best time to hold it.

Juvia can't wait to see the Fantasia parade!


--You're gonna be in it.

That's right!


But Juvia's still just a newcomer...

I can't tell if she's troubled or if she's excited...

I'd say both.

That's so cute.

A lot of people were hurt,

so everyone who's still
able-bodied is supposed to be in it.

Meaning... I'm in it too?

Can't tell if you're troubled or excited...

But I guess so, since those things can't be in it...


Don't call us "things."

I can't even tell what he's saying.

I doubt it's anything special.

Forget it. You know we can't be in it, you scum.

That's got nothin' to do with it!

What are you, a heartless monster?!

How can he understand him?

Probably 'cause it's nothing special.

Your occasional coldhearted comments scare me!

Well, at least all the discord within
the guild has been cleared up for now.

--Hey, you...!

Where's the old man?

Why, you...!

How dare you come here,
hoping to see the master!

--Yeah! Yeah!
--You ain't going anywhere!

S-Stop it!



He's in the back, in the infirmary.




Interpret, please.

He says, "I can't accept winning two-against-one.

I won't lose next time.
You better f*ght me someday, Laxus."

But I thought you guys did win?

I wouldn't call that a victory myself.


He's a monster.

I shiver just imagining if he'd
taken part in the Phantom battle.

All right, everyone!
Let's get ready for the Fantasia parade!

Now that we're gonna be in it, we better rehearse!

Juvia will try her hardest!

What a rowdy bunch.

Do you realize what you've done?

Look me in the eye.

Our guild is a gathering place
for friends, it's a job agency,

and it's even family in the eyes
of kids with no one to call their kin.

It is not yours to own.

Our guild is formed by the trust
and loyalty of each individual member.

It has grown into a bond far stronger
and more resolute than anything else.

You broke that loyalty and
thr*at the lives of your comrades.

This is absolutely unforgivable.

I know...

All I wanted...

...was to make this guild even stronger...

How inept you are. You need to relax a little.

Do so, and you'll begin to see
things you were once blind to.

You'll begin to hear things
you were once deaf to.

Life is much more enjoyable than you think.

I felt happy to be alive, watching you grow.

It wasn't important to me
if you were strong or if you were smart.

The only thing that mattered
was that you were full of life.


You are hereby out of the guild!

Yeah... Thanks for everything...


Take care of yourself.

Get out!

You can't be serious!

Why did he only kick you out?!

We're all guilty of the same thing!

Same thing! Same thing!

That's what the old man decided.

Then I'm gonna leave too!

I can't stay without you, either!

Man, you guys are a pain in the neck.
Can't you just say, "See ya"?

Why are you trying to take
all the blame by yourself?

It ain't like that. Unlike you guys,
I have no attachment to this guild.

We'll go talk with the Master!

I'm sure Natsu and Gray will
disagree with his decision too!

They still have respect for you, after all!


Take care...

--Get serious!

What's gonna happen to the Thunder Legion?!


I'm sure we'll meet again...


Well done, Ultear.

So, what happened with Jellal?

b*at me. It's none of my concern.

Unwittingly manipulated by the woman
he thought he was manipulating...

Poor fellow.

I quite enjoyed it. I found him adorable.

Not once in those eight years

did he realize that I was
pretending to be the ghost of Zeref...

Things have progressed flawlessly,
all thanks to his brainwashing.

The entire council thrown into turmoil...
The use of the Etherion...

It has all gone according to plan.

Yes. Jellal running amok
allowed you to act freely.

Thanks to that, one of the keys to
lifting the seal is now in my possession.

Congratulations, Master Hades.

I'm sorry, my dear Jellal...



You're not going to participate?

Not my kind of thing.

If you say so, Mr. Shoo-bee-doo-ba!

Here, Master...

I tracked down where Master Ivan-- your son-- is.

I apologize for giving you such a dangerous task...

Nah, don't sweat it. I know what I'm doing.

He has no idea I'm a double agent.

You've done well.

I won't let him have his way.

We're all ready, Master!

Well, off I go!

--It's the master!
--Their master!

--He looks really fancy!

--I'd say more funky than fancy!
--That doesn't suit him at all!

He needs to quit acting so goofy!

Grandpa! You're not gonna be
in the Fantasia parade this time?

This is your big moment.
I'm going to watch from the sidelines.

Will I be able to spot you?

Don't concern yourself with me.

Oh! Then during the parade...

...I'll do this!

What is that?

A message!

It's a symbol that I'm always looking your way,

even if I can't find where you are!


Look for it, Grandpa!


Even if I can't see you... Even if you're far away...

I will always be looking your way...

I will always be watching over you...



I'm just getting started!

--I'm all fired up now!
--Aye, Sir!

We are Fairy Tail wizards!

I'm still just a rookie,
so I have to try my very hardest

to become as great a wizard as everyone else!

Fairy Tail is the greatest!

They say making weird smiles
will give you wrinkles, Lucy.

What?! Where?! Where?!

I was speaking hypothetically.

You're still as hard to talk with as ever.

Like you're one to talk!

Wait, what?! We're just going to end it like this?!

Back then, when we laughed together
about how alike we are

you gently overlooked my little white lies

It won't matter to me if
we don't have a place to return to

because I'll protect that smile of yours

There are countless
encounters and farewells waiting

Not to mention many things I don't want to lose

But I don't feel any need for them anymore

All I want is to be by your side and gaze at you

through happiness, sadness, and everything else

Let's start right here and now

Let's start our future

Let's be true to our feelings

Like flowers swaying in the summer breeze,

let's use this moment to bloom in our full glory

"Fairy Tail"

Natsu! I hear a reporter from
Sorcerer Weekly is going to visit Fairy Tail!

What?! They always make me out to be a bad guy!

I'm gonna give 'em a piece of my mind!

Actually, I think they just tell it like it is...

Still, don't try anything! Okay?!

Yeah, I know! You can count on me!

"Next Episode: The Day of the Fateful Encounter"
Next Episode: The Day of the Fateful Encounter.

Did you know?
That's what's called "foreshadowing."

Huh? What's that mean?

Basically, "Don't have high hopes for Natsu."
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