Greatest Moments - 01x03 - The Enemies

Episode transcripts of "Doctor Who". Mixed bag of webisodes, tardisodes and mini-episodes.
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Greatest Moments - 01x03 - The Enemies

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The Doctor... Oh, hello!

He has a knack for making
enemies of monster proportions.

We have an intruder!
From the the hairy.

The the fiery.
The the ugly.

He's fought them all.

♪ Do you know the enemy?
Do you know your enemy?

♪ Well, got to know the enemy... ♪


Burn with me.

minutes, some seriously
scary monsters and one question.

Do we have a deal?

Join Doctor Who's Greatest Moments
as we face his most fearsome foes.

From my point of view, what makes
the more interesting monsters

are the ones that the Doctor
has a kind of emotional reaction to.

If you're escaping,
then I've got to stop you!

The scarier they look,
I think the scarier they are.

That's what I think.

k*ll this chattering
little Doctor man!

I think you have to be
very dangerous if you are
going to be an enemy of the Doctor.

They have to be
nearly as intelligent as the Doctor.

Nearly, for a moment, you think,
my goodness, he's going
to lose it this time.

This plan of yours, what is it?

You don't know!
That's why I'm asking.

Well, show me how clever you are.
Work it out.

They can be bonkers and they can be
foaming at the mouth,

but they need to have the kind
of size and weight

and strength to kind of counter
the Doctor's extraordinariness.

To begin this trip down Enemy Lane,
Doctor Who's Greatest Moments

looks at a certain someone
from the Doc's own galaxy.

He's a turncoat Time Lord,
and every inch the arch-villain.

The return of the Master

was one of the best ideas.

You're not wrong, John!

Bringing back his old enemy
was, well, a masterstroke.

But when he first appeared,
he wasn't the man he used to be.

Instead, the Master was the
mild-mannered Professor Yana.

It was only during the course
of the episode

that they fed in little clues
as to the Professor being
not all he seemed to be.

You don't have to keep working.
We can handle it.

It's just this noise inside my head,
Doctor, constant noise inside
my head. What sort of noise?

It's the sound of drums.

More and more,
as though it's getting closer.

The build-up to Professor Yana
not being Professor Yana.

And I thought, I know what's going
to happen here, I know there's only
one person it can be! But actually,

to go with the sound of drums
and then little bits of audio

of Roger Delgado
and Anthony Ainley,
just little things building up.



It's the drums, the drums!
The never-ending drumbeat!

Open me, you human fool!

Open the light and summon me
and receive my majesty!

Destroy him!
You will give your power to me!

The moment of the watch was pivotal,
I think, to the whole story.

Because that's when the Professor
remembers how it all began.

Weirdly, it was that simple
fob watch that was hiding
the fearsome Master all the time.

It was just thrilling!

It was like a sort of...
it was like putting the
pieces in a puzzle together.

The Professor...

was an invention.

So perfect a disguise
that I forgot who I am.

Chan - then who are you - tho?!

I... am... the Master.

I would like to have been
around longer,

to have actually indulged
in the criminality and villainy
of the Master.

But I wasn't allowed to!

If the Doctor
can be young and strong,

then so can I!

The Master!



I think they wanted a
younger model! So that was the end
of Professor Yana and me!

The Master's latest regeneration
made him younger, smarter, funnier.

But also completely...

♪ Bonkers!

♪ Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free

♪ Man, I'm just living my life
There's nothing crazy 'bout me... ♪

Oh, all right then! It's me!

I am the Master. Sweet!

Here... come... the drums!

♪ Some people pay for thrills
But I get mine for free

♪ Man, I'm just living my life
There's nothing crazy 'bout me... ♪

Laser screwdriver. Who'd have sonic?

Just why was this bad boy Master
quite so...

♪ Bonkers. ♪

John Simm as the Master
was just properly insane.

He is arrogant, he's mad!

He's really quite bad.

But not in a kind of real typical
villain, baddie kind of way.

He's really charming, really
funny, really amusing, really
quite like a child in so many ways.

You see, I'm not making myself
very clear. Funny is like this...

Not funny is like this...

And right now, I'm not like...

I'm like...

Because you are traitors.

Yes, you are!

He's so raw with
his emotion as well. I mean,
he doesn't hide it very well!

Literally, you can see him
having tantrums about things.

And that's what's quite scary,
because he could just flip.

Ta-da! Sorry. Sorry.

I have this effect - people
just get obsessed! Is it the smile?

Is it the aftershave? Is it
the capacity to laugh at myself?

I don't know. It's crazy!

He is polar to the Doctor
and I love the scene
where they talk to each other

about their chosen names!


I like it when you use my name.
You chose it.

Psychiatrist's field day.

As you chose yours.

The man who makes people better.

How sanctimonious is that?

The Doctor's relationship
with the Master is quite complex.

You know, he must stop the
Master doing all the terrible
things the Master wants to do.

But at the same time,
he feels this bond with him
and he wants to reach out to him.

Because of their...

history together,
they were both young boys
on Gallifrey together...

D'you remember all those
fairy-tales about the Toclafane
when we were kids?

Back home?

Where is it, Doctor?

Gone. How can Gallifrey be gone?

It b*rned.

You know, he's chosen the dark path,
real complex Time Lord.

But then they had this past
together, the Doctor and him.
So he wasn't always like that.

So something's happened along
the path to make him think this way.

So, really layered
and really interesting.


The Master's real trouble and strife
came from, well,
his real trouble and strife.

And this b*llet
was his final downfall.

Dying in your arms. Happy now?
You're not dying, don't be stupid.
It's only a b*llet. Just regenerate.

No. One little b*llet. Come on!
I guess you don't know me so well.
I refuse.

Regenerate. Just regenerate! Please!
Please! Just regenerate, come on!

And spend the rest of my life
imprisoned with you?!

But you've got to. Come on!

It can't end like this.

You and me,
all the things we've done!

Axons! Remember the Axons?
And the Daleks.

We're the only two left.

There's no-one else.


How about that?

I win!

But don't get too emotional over
this moving scene, because this
may not be the end for the Master.

Remember, he's already disguised
himself as a flashy fob watch!

So who's to say that this
bit of bling isn't him?


Next on Doctor Who's
Greatest Moments,

we bring it all back down to Earth
as we look at the thr*at
that are much closer to home.

The good old Doctor has a
special place in both his hearts

for the people of Earth,
even though he's faced his
fair share of hostile humans.


From megalomaniac millionaires
to fake fiances...

He's had to fend off the very worst
that our planet has to offer.

There are a few evil geniuses
that have come from within humanity

Every great hero

needs an antithesis.

It's got to be one
of the primary laws of the Universe.

For every action there
is an equal and opposite reaction.

In this case, for every hero
there is an equal and
opposite hero, you know.

Hold your f*re! At arms!

I know everything about you.

Delete them.

May God forgive me.

Meet the rich, the vain
and the all-round bad egg,
Henry van Statten.

I am Henry van Statten -
now recognise me!

This guy's a crazy curator
of all things alien.

Chunks of meteorite, moon dust...

That's the milometer from
the Roswell space ship.

And the star of
his out-of-space museum?

Yep, it's a Dalek
but he knows nothing of
this exhibit's exterminating ways.

I don't want a scratch
on its bodywork. Do you hear me?!

I think he is quite evil
and quite brilliant.

I don't think he thinks of himself
as an evil genius, I think he thinks
of himself as an opportunist.

Someone who is taking
advantage of a situation.

This technology has been
falling to Earth for centuries.

All it took was
the right mind to use it properly.

Oh, the advances
I've made from alien junk.
You have no idea, Doctor.

He did what every human being did...

I saw what was and I wanted more.

If the Dalek gets out,
it'll m*rder every living
creature, that's all it needs.

But why would it do that?! Because
it honestly believes they should die.

Human beings are different
and anything different is wrong.

It's the ultimate in racial cleansing
and you, van Statten,
you've let it loose.

I think that's what it is,
I want to be recognised.

I want to be remembered. That's
van Statten, he wants to go down,

he wants to go down in the
world history with his name
emblazoned across the atmosphere.

Sadly for van Statten,
he doesn't go down in history,
he just goes downhill.

What the hell are you doing?

personnel d*ad
and all because of you, sir.

Take him away, wipe his memory
and leave him by the road someplace.

You can't do this to me!
I am Henry van Statten!

And by tonight Henry van
Statten will be a homeless,

brainless junkie living on the street
of San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento.

Someplace beginning with "S".

As we continue to explore the
Doctor's greatest Earthling enemies,

we next cross the pond to s New
York, where a sharp-suited
and smooth-talking Mr Diagoras

is following
some rather dodgy
Art Deco Dalek designs.

The Empire State Building
must be completed in time.

It will be, trust me.

The reason they chose him,
it wasn't random, they chose
him because he had

this drive to succeed
no matter what,
which is very Dalek.

They saw that potential.

I want to run this city,
whatever it takes.

By any means necessary.

You think like a Dalek.

I'll take that as a compliment.

In Mr Diagoras's mind, I think he
thought he was going to become the
king of the Earth using the Daleks.

and that they would just
give him all the power and he's

build all the stuff for them but
he would keep the Earth as it was.

I think he was fairly
taken by surprise there.

Slaves... secure the human.

You don't need to do that.

I'm on your side! I'll work
with you. I'm your partner,
I'm your friend!

Turning into the first ever
human Dalek was amazing.

Behold, the true Dalek form.

Now, join with me. No!

Get off me!

I did everything you asked of me!


But Mr Diagoras gets more than he
bargained for as he's transformed
into the first human-Dalek hybrid.

I am...

a human Dalek.

I talked to Nicholas Briggs,
who does all the voices.

I said to him, "Look, would you mind

"reading all my lines,
not with your effects box,

"but pre-effects so I could hear the
rhythms you would have done if you
were just the Dalek." He said, "OK."

So there I am sitting in his
hotel room with him with his

computer open and some sound
program on it

and I'm reading
all these lines out for him.

I just think, the chambermaid
coming past and me going,
"I am a human Dalek."

They'd think, "Gawd, the guests
we get in this place are nuts!"

Now we really have saved the best
till last because the final
evil Earthling to be examined

by Doctor Who's Greatest Moments
is the cosmetically
enhanced Cassandra O'Brien.

Oh now, don't stare.

I was sent the script, erm...

..and it was so witty

and naughty
that I couldn't resist it.

I've had my chin completely taken
away and look at the difference.

Look how thin I am, thin and dainty.

She'd had so many facelifts
and medical procedures
to make herself thin

that she had turned
into a flat piece of parchment.

How many operations have you had?

. Next week it's .
I'm having my blood bleached.

Her main objective in her life
is to keep the plastic surgery going

as long as she can
because she's never going
to be happy with the way she looks.

Therefore, power is just part of it.

I'm not just a pretty face.

Sabotaging a ship while you're
still inside it? How stupid's that?

I'd hoped to manufacture
a hostage situation
with myself as one of the victims.

The compensation
would have been enormous.

Five billion years
and it still comes down to money!

She likes to mess things up
a bit, I think.

Bye-bye, darling.

Bye-bye, my darling.

The Doctor foils her cunning plan.
You're creaking.

It's too hot!
We raised the temperature.
I am... too... young...


Despite that rather unpleasant
facial popping, the plastic fanatic
made a full recovery on New Earth

and on her return,
she was even cheekier than ever.

The sisters are hiding something.

What do you mean?
Hush, let me whisper. Come close.

You must be joking if you think
I'm coming anywhere near you!

Quick! Activate the psychograph.
Cassandra, let me go!

What are you doing?

The lady's moving on. It's goodbye
trampoline and hello blondie!

And so she manages
to get hold of the Doctor
and of Rose and jumps into them.

I can't Adam and Eve it.

What's with the voice?

Oh, I dunno,
just larking about, New Earth.

New me.

Well, I can talk, new new Doctor.

Mmm, aren't you just!

Terminal's this way.

Yeah! Still got it.

The brilliant thing
is jumping into other people,

jumping into the Doctor,
jumping into Rose
and turning them into these awful,

rather arrogant, naughty people.

Get out of him. Oh, he's slim

and a little bit foxy.

You thought so too.
I've been inside your head.

You've been looking.

You like it.

Coming up now -
Doctor Who's Greatest Moments.

We continue with a look at those
enemies who really bother
your brain.

What the hell...

So stayed tuned to find out more
about this terrifying technique.

Over the years,
there's been no shortage of
bodysnatching space invaders.

From gas mask zombies
to the fearsome Family of Blood,

these mind control maniacs
muscle their way into your head.

What's happening to you?
Beg with me.

Have you ever had
any form of hypnosis?
I'm here to work.

We need bodies. Go away.

Why are you repeating?
Why are you repeating?

Are you my mummy?

When characters
are possessed by something,

what's alarming is that you...

don't quite know what's going on.

It occurs in " ", the idea
of a sentient sun,
which is a beautiful idea,

but its actual way of manifesting it
is those fantastic blazing eyes

and a catchphrase, you know,
"burn with me," it's just great.
I love that.

This ship is the SS Pentallian,
captained by Kath McDonnell.

When she meddled with matter that
didn't concern her, she encountered
some menacing marital problems.

Her husband became fiery and,
you could say, overly possessive.

Help me, it's burning me!

How long has he been like this?
Ashton just brought him in.

What are you doing?
Don't get too close.
Who's as stupid as my husband!

And he's just sabotaged our ship!

What? He went mad.

He put the ship under secure
closure, then he sent a heat pulse
to melt the controls.

No way, he wouldn't do that.
I saw it happen.

Well it's a bit of a shame, because
Korwin, her husband,

was probably the best-looking

member of the whole ship
and the poor guy, you know, gets

attacked by this thing
and then has to have this mask.

Most of the time he wanders around,
Korwin wandered around saying,
"Burn with me"

and sort of walks around a little
bit like a Frankenstein character.

Burn with me.

It's just the whole atmosphere
of that episode and the not knowing,

that's what makes something
far more frightening anyway.

You don't actually really see
what's going on.

Who the hell did that?

Kath's already been told
by the Doctor that he's gone,
he's not coming back

and she actually comes
face to face with him and obviously

knowing that he's been taken over,
but she tries to see
whether she can get to him.

It's Kath.

Your wife.

My wife? That's right.

You're still in there.

I'm your wife.

It's your fault.

And it's very sad because
then you just realise
actually he's gone.

It's just too late.

And, um...

And, you know, she's never gonna
get him back.

Korwin, please stop.

You must pay...

Riley, Scannell...

I'm sorry. McDonnell... McDonnell!

I love you.

Well, she said she thought
her husband was hot.
He most certainly is now.

But when it comes to mind games,
the sky's the limit.



Are you all right?

Are you all right?

Are you hurt? Are you hurt?

I played Sky Sylvestry
in the episode, Midnight.

To begin with, Sky was just a
passenger on a day trip,

sitting next to the Doctor
and sharing this
rather unpleasant airline food.

Oh, what's this? Chicken or beef?

I think it's both.

And then...

the vehicle stops
and something horrible is outside.

I can guarantee you,
everything's fine.


What is that? There's someone
out there. Don't be ridiculous.

Like I said, it could be rocks.
We're out in the open. Nothing
could fall against the sides.

And the person what it decides
to go for is Sky.

It's coming for me!

Oh! Argh!

So Sky goes from being someone
who wouldn't say boo to a goose,
who's just enjoying a day trip,

to someone who really
goes very wrong indeed.

Are you all right?

Just look at me.

There was something absolutely
terrifying going on behind her eyes.

Actually, when I saw it,
I did look pretty scary.

It was a real thrill
to get to do something that
was a real acting exercise, actually.

It was really exciting to see
whether or not we were
gonna be able to do it and, um...

thank goodness we did.

This episode didn't really rely
on a lot of special effects or CGI.

No prosthetics...

You know, all those wonderful things
that go towards making the series
so special,

but then fascinating now and
again to strip all that away as well
and just let the story be told.

There were three different
stages to Sky's alien takeover.

OK, can you stop? OK, can you stop?

I'd like you to stop.
I'd like you to stop.

I think you should leave her...


BOTH: How can she do that?
She's talking with you?

And with me. Oh, my God!


what do you think?

Do we... ..have a deal?

David and I had quite
a lot of fun together

repeating shamble bobble dibble
dobble or dibble dooble.

Shamble bobble dibble dooble.

It was almost like
mirroring each other.

It reminded me of a crazy exercise
you might do at drama school.

It's inside his head.
It's inside his head.

It k*lled the driver.

It k*lled the driver.
And the mechanic.

And the mechanic.
And now it wants us.

And now it wants us.

Sky's vanquishing, if you like...

..happens from an unlikely source
because she's managed to get the
rest of the passengers on her side

and think that the Doctor
is the one who's dangerous and
they're planning to throw him off.

But the hostess has been alerted
and alarmed by the fact that Sky uses
two phrases that the Doctor uses,

very early on. He says, "Allons-y"
and "Molto bene".

You can do it. You can do it.

Molto bene...

Throw him out!

Molto bene.



And the hostess hears them and
just knows that this thing is wrong

and so the hostess manages to
pull her to the back of the vehicle

and she sacrifices herself
and pulls herself and Sky
out of the back door.

She's taken his mind!

As if those foes were not
fearsome enough, our next set
of brutal bad boys blow them away.

With buns literally made of steel,
these cybernetic nasties are the

most persistent of
the Time Lord's enemies.



The Cybermen are loved and
loathed in equal measure.

Loathed because they are
a terrifying enemy and they are

an indestructible
robotic foe that

doesn't work by human morals
and can't be reasoned with.

Start emergency upgrading.

Begin with these personnel.

No, you can't do this!

We surrender! We surrender!

Keep this one. His increased
adrenaline suggests that he has
vital Dalek information.

I demand you leave that
woman alone. You promised me,
you gave me your word!

Don't fight, I'll think of something.

I think it's very alarming for human
beings to think that they might be
governed by machines.

Power levels now at %.
Delete the workforce.




It was quite weird one day
when we were filming with all

the children on this set, which was
like this Victorian workhouse

and these guys were walking around

and you could see on the kids' faces
they were pretty freaked out by it.

They were slightly thinking "what's
gonna happen here?" You know.

It's a Cyberking.

The Cyberking is what?
It's a ship, dreadnought class,
front line of an invasion.

Inside the chest, a Cyber factory,
ready to convert millions.

They're pretty formidable people
to come across.

Also that thing of fighting them,
you think, "It should be easy
to fight them."

But nothing hurts them, so they just
keep coming and there's so many.

You don't know where they're
appearing from.

Who is it then, I hear you ask,
that is responsible for
these crazed cyborgs?

Well, I'll tell you.

It's this moneyed megalomaniac
right here. John Lumic.

As head of Cybus Industries, he has
a menacing metal plan to place
everyone in an armoured body casing.

And, as evil plots go,
this one is pretty solid.

Solid steel in fact.

Ooh...but look.

Emotional inhibitor.

Stops them feeling anything.

But why?

Still got a human brain.

Imagine its reaction if it could see
itself, realise it's in this thing.

They'd go insane.

The aim of these scary cyborgs is
to upgrade the population of Earth

and turn the whole planet
into one giant Cyber army.

On a positive note, it would mean
an end that difficult predicament
of what to wear on a night out.

My everlasting children...

Tell me,

how does it feel? We feel nothing.

But in your mind,
what do you think?

We think the same,

we are uniform.
But you think of what?

We think of the humans, we think of
their difference and their pain.

They suffer in the skin.
They must be upgraded.


Now, not all of The Doctor's enemies
stand out from the crowd. In fact,
some are almost impossible to spot.

You'll find the Prime Minister
is an alien in disguise.

Many of The Doctor's enemies may
look like harmless humans but soon
they must reveal an ugly side.

From abominable Abzorbaloffs
to k*ller Krillitanes.


She was begging for the bite
of a Plasmavore.

They all commit their dastardly
deeds in disguise.

Find out what makes these
undercover enemies so appealing.

Green, stinky aliens.

Then you think,
"Ah, yeah, they're really cute."

So not cute.

Played spectacularly
by Annette Badland.

My true identify is Blon Fel-Fotch
Pasameer-Day Slitheen.

You can call me Blon.

There's a recession
out there, Doctor.

People are buying cheap.

And I come from

Our episodes were set
in the modern day.

And, despite bumping into Big Ben
and landing in the Thames

we would have taken over
the world, eventually.

I'm shaking my booty!

It's great, aliens that fart.

Oh, excuse me.

Because they were so large,
and they wanted to take over other

people's bodies, and bring together
people so they could destroy the
planet, they did have a little

gaseous exchange which was
difficult for them.


But it was the only way they could
inhabit the bodies, you see.

They're human form but inside
they're very different,
very green and very smelly.

Seeing the Slitheen unzip

and the beam of light coming out
and not knowing at all what's going

to come out, and then to its
wonderful green reveal,

it was just brilliant.

Just brilliant.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I am Professor Richard
Lazarus and tonight
I'm going to perform a miracle.

Now, take a look at this old-timer.

Potty Professor Lazarus here
has a plan to hold back the years

with a gadget designed
to get his youth back.

I am years old and I am reborn!


I would say this, of course, but
I think Lazarus was misunderstood.

It's impossible. It must be a trick.

Oh, it's not a trick.

I wish it were.

What just happened then?

He just changed what it means
to be human.

In his twisted logic,

he was trying to improve humanity.

This isn't about improving.
This is about you and your
customers living a little longer.

Not a little longer, Doctor.
A lot longer.

He was doing the wrong thing. He
was just sacrificing people, eating
people and turning into a monster.

What is it?

I'm fine. In a's
probably just cramp.



By splitting open his DNA,
he'd started to revert to some

sort of genetic cul-de-sac
from humanity's past.

This sort of scorpion-like creature

with my face on it.


There was one particular moment when

amongst all the kind of madness of
pinching myself that I was doing it,

I was shut into the Lazarus pod,
which I'm now going to call it.

The genetic manipulation device.
And I had to be shut in so they
could fill it up with dry ice.

I suddenly had this proper s*ab
of Saturday night-ness.

I just thought...God!

I'm in Doctor Who.
That's just amazing.

Next, another of
The Doctor's enemies.

Hiding behind an altar-ego,
meet the villainous vicar
with a sting in his tail.

I played the Reverend Golightly
in The Unicorn & The Wasp, which

was a wonderful Agatha Christie
pastiche episode set in the ' s.

Agatha Christie.
No. Gah!

Show yourself!

Ginger beer.

Good afternoon, my lady.
Topping day, what? Spiffing.

Reverend Arnold Golightly.

The Reverend Golightly is
your typical village vicar.
Beautiful day.

Lord's in his heaven.
All's right.

Unbeknownst to everybody else at
the manor, he does have a habit

when he's angry of transforming
into a giant Vespiform
and m*rder people.

It's not every day you get to be
a charming vicar and

then turn purple, buzz insanely
and turn into an enormous insect
that goes around stinging everybody.

All right, I need to investigate.
You just buttle off.

I love the moment when Donna
first hears the wasp.

What a noise. All right, busy bee.
I'll let you out. Hold on.

I shall find you with my
amazing powers of detection.

She walks in and the curtain's
closed. She hears the wasp
before she sees it.

When the curtains are thrown back
and she sees it...

It's just a fantastic moment,
because not only is it a wasp,
but it's huge and fills the window.

There's this sort of look
in Catherine's eyes of -

can it really be that big?
It's just fantastic.


My favourite villains have
always been the insectoid,
transforming type.

So I think I've exorcised
the demons of my

young Doctor Who-watching days by
playing that very giant wasp that
turns around and gets his revenge.

Of course, some of The Doctor's
enemies don't feel the need
for fancy disguises.

They just let it all hang out.

Yes. I like that.

They can be cute, crazy
and sometimes even carnivorous.

Yes, the universe is full of
wild and wonderful creatures out
to cause havoc for The Doctor.


The greatest feast of all -
The Doctor.


What are you?

Often, the creatures
are made by the performance.

Something like
the Empress of the Racnoss

without Sarah Parish would've
been very different.

She arrived spitting and snarling
with these brilliant false teeth and
all of these eyes all over her head.


But that's impossible.
You're one of the Racnoss.

Empress of the Racnoss.

She put herself % into it.

Completely real performance.

Fully inhabiting this creature and
making it something very special.

Doctor Who is one of those great
jobs where you're

summoned to do it and you're
very privileged to do it.

I was told I was going to be the
Empress of the Racnoss and was

I kind of had all
the prosthetic fittings.

The teeth, the eyes and all this.

I got to the hotel the
night before and went, "Oh, God!

"I don't know how she talks.
I haven't got a clue."

So I sat in the hotel, much to my
neighbour's amazement or amusement,

I'd have thought, trying out all
these different spider voices.

What would a spider sound like?

Eventually I came up with something
I thought might not be too

Such a sharp mind.
That's it, the last of your kind.
The Racnoss come from the Dark Times.

Billions of years ago. Billions,
they were carnivores. Omnivores.

They devoured whole planets.
Racnoss are born starving.

Is that our fault?

The Empress's plans...she was
going to come down in her spaceship

and she was going to, in the centre
of the Earth were all her children.

Basically hibernating.

She was going to come down in her
spaceship and going to bring
them back to life.

And they'd burrow up
from the centre of the Earth
and take the Earth over.

The Doctor-man amuses me.

Empress of the Racnoss -
I give you one last chance.

I can find you a planet.

I can find you and your children
a place in the universe to co-exist.

Take that offer and end this now.

These men are so funny.

I think the Empress of Racnoss
liked being around The Doctor.

She's a girl. Y'know?

She hasn't seen anyone for years.

He's a good-looking bloke.

There's a bit of a size difference,

but you can get over that.

I think she fancied him.

So I think they had a kind of
little flirty banter going on.

At least in her head,
they did anyway.

But not every alien is taken
with the Time Lord.

With something like the Sycorax,
That whole sense of honour
and there being

a kind kind of get what
their world is, I think.

You can sense that
there's a real society there and
a culture that they're part of.

The Sycorax Leader was,
as the title says,

the leader of a nation
called the Sycorax.

Their means of thr*at the earth
was to have a mechanism whereby they

controlled a third of the Earth
and hold them to ransom.

Should the earth not do as the
Sycorax want, they would basically
k*ll a third of the population.

We own you.

We now possess your land, your
minerals, your precious stones.

You will surrender or they'll die.

Who's they? I don't now. But it's the
right personal pronoun, it's they.

Just a baddie arrives and
thr*at the whole planet, really.


Initially you saw them as a group.

There were two or three shots of the
Sycorax talking to the Earth with

a video link with extra helmets
on, so you thought that's what
they would look like and then

it was only my character that took
the helmet off, so a double whammy
for the audience.

They figured that's what
they look like.

It's a helmet. They might be like us.

Or not.

Often what's filmed
isn't what's seen on the screen
because then they CGI it.

Whereas actually I really was
what was seen on the screen,
which was exciting.

It was sort of relying on me
inside the garb...

creating a believable foreign

Now, are you ready for a big bit
of little trouble?

The Sontarans are born for battle.

Cloned for combat...
and ready for w*r.

Glorious warfare!

They're like the classic school
bully in space...

With their sole mission
being to conquer and destroy and
command other universes.


Nasty, brutish and short, I think,
is a fair description of them.

Potato-like in appearance
with a large, domed head.

They reproduce by cloning
so they can save massive,
massive casualties.

This is too easy. They're running
like slimebait from a speelfox!

Lots of short, little guys
who want to win a w*r,
and nothing's gonna stop them.

The Sontarans make a really good
villain actually,

because they're a great cross
of the Gothic...

the monster and the kind of
grotesque and the sci-fi.

This kind of edgy superior being.

The Sontarans are the finest
soldiers in the galaxy.

Dedicated to a life of warfare.

A clone race grown in batches
of millions.

We wouldn't really believe a human
who's only mission in life
is to destroy.

That's kind of it and to overtake.

But with the Sontarans, you do.

The process is about to begin.
Then you'll see it completed,
Commander Skorr! Get to it!

Yes, sir.

I was Commander Skorr, known
as Skorr The Blood-bringer.

He gets things done. He's not so
much of a strategist, he's more
someone who likes to pick up a g*n,

run into the middle of things
and just enjoys a good fight.

This isn't w*r. This is sport.

Skorr's more of a sort of
a project manager.

This is how it's got to be.
You're in the way, so I'll
destroy your entire planet.

Commander Skorr -
is the att*ck squad ready?

Ready and eager for battle, sir.
Been watching long enough.
Be good to taste blood.

The reason why they want to take
over Earth in this particular
instance is they want to use it

as a cloning ground for their army.

Give them a planet this big
they'll create billions
of new soldiers.

To that end, they want to change
the Earth's atmosphere so it's...

...a more pleasant environment for
flourishing, hatchling Sontarans,
whatever that may look like!

Helping these toy soldiers realise
their plans is rich young genius

Luke Rattigan - responsible for the
ATMOS satellite navigation system.

This silly boy causes
quite a big stink.

Luke's fascinating
because he's basically,

he's kind of a version of the
Doctor gone a different path.

He's got the same genius
gene going on, but he's taken
that to a very different place.

Look at this place.
What exactly do you want?

He's a spoilt brat, basically,
who just happens to have a mansion
because he's a millionaire

but were he not who he is, he'd
just be a brat stamping his feet.

Take your last look, boy.

It was never big enough for me.

I like your ambition.

I love the relationship between
the Sontarans and Luke.

When Luke, bless him, joins in
with the "Sontar-Ha" moment...

million w*apon. Sontar-Ha!

Sontar-Ha! Sontar-Ha!

He really wants to be one of them.

Yet he so isn't.

Sontar-Ha! Sontar-Ha!

Sontar-Ha! Sontar-Ha!

I think the Sontarans, they don't
get that many pleasures in life.

So I think the actual thrill
of battle is quite a big one.

The honour of battle. The glory.

Though it's quite inconvenient
getting k*lled, it's still
brilliant. That's why Skorr,

when he actually gets sh*t...

This is wonderful.


My life is done. I've died in
battle. That's absolutely,
what more could I ask for?

Of all the creatures, the aliens,
the robots and the power-mad
megalomaniacs, there is

of course one race of beings
that The Doctor fears the most.


Most people in the street,
if you ask them about Doctor Who,

the second thing they're going to
say after The Doctor is the Daleks.


The Daleks will never lose their
power to scare the living daylights
out of people.

Exterminate all life forms below.

They're B-A-D bad.

The absolute single-mindedness
of purpose.

Life forms detected. Exterminate.

They're just a great piece of
design, aren't they? A piece of
timeless, classic design.

That's got to be part of it.

The voice has got
a lot to do with it.


They just take orders.
They're k*lling machines.

They don't think, they just k*ll.

They're not ever going to do
anything nice. Exterminate.

It's not just a mindless
k*lling machine,

it's a really smart k*lling machine,
and it's not going to miss a trick.

There's something so calculated
and cold about them.

They're just,
they seem to embody hatred.

You didn't need to k*ll him!

Neither did we need him alive.

They're sort of like that nightmare
you have, where however fast you run,
they're always just behind you.

Even though they're on wheels, I
don't know how they move about, but
you can run and they're just there.

Still just there, coming really
slowly behind you. That's scary.

It's the voice, isn't it? It's got
to be the voice, definitely.

There's something about it.
It's a nightmare voice.



The Doctor?


Exterminate! Let me out!

I think it's the fact that it does

sound electronic, so it's clearly
coming from a machine, but at the
same time it's got such anger to it.

Do not blaspheme!

Do not blaspheme!

Do not blaspheme! It barks orders,
it's not a voice that allows for
much nuance exactly, shall we say?

You couldn't see a Dalek
playing Hamlet.

To be or not to be!
That is the question.

Social interaction will cease.

Not only are they his greatest
enemies, but they're responsible
for k*lling everyone he ever knew.

I demand orders.

They're never going to come.
Your race is d*ad.

You were all burnt, all of you,
million ships on f*re.

The entire Dalek race,
wiped out in one second.

You lie! I watched it happen.
I made it happen!

As a child, I was always terrified of
the Daleks, always, always terrified.

But then, as I got older,
one was never that frightened

of them because you realise
they couldn't get up stairs.

And then there was the moment
in Series One, when the Dalek
is there, there's a massive

flight of stairs and you think,
how frightening can they be?

And they levitated.

Stairs, that's more like it.
He's not got legs. He's stuck.

It's coming, go!

I think there was great
anticipation about,
"How would they deal with stairs?"

These are going to be new,
exciting Daleks.

Great big alien death machine,
defeated by a flight of stairs.

It really is rather nice the way they
do it, he looks up at them.

It doesn't kind of just dive at
them, it slowly relishes the moment.

"I'm going to get you,
doesn't matter how fast you run.

"I can hover over anything,
I can get you."


My God.

Adam, get her out of here.

Come with us, you can't stop it.

Someone has got to try. Now get out!
Don't look back - just run!

You should have heard the people
losing their minds when they saw

this, the first time the Dalek
raises off the ground,

and just blows off
the stairs completely.

You go, "Oh my God, this is going
to create a whole new generation of

"nightmares for adults
as well as kids."

You thought you were safe, no, he's
coming after you anyway! You know?

Now you're once again behind
the sofa, there's someone else
you should meet.

Twisted Skaro scientist
and creator of the Daleks.

I love the Daleks, love the Cybermen,
I'm sorry, for me...Davros.

Supreme One, the Sub-wave Network.

I'd address it, give me access.

We've lost him. No, no. There's
another signal coming through,
there's someone else out there.

Hello! Can you hear me? Rose...

Your voice is different and yet...

its arrogance is unchanged.

But he's d*ad!

Welcome to my new empire, Doctor.

Davros I suppose is a logical
extension of the Daleks.

The Daleks became such an integral
part of what Doctor Who was.

But in practical terms, it was
quite difficult to have

a long dialogue scene with them,
so you introduce their creator.

You have Davros, the evil genius,
who's that little bit more humanoid,
which allows that interaction.

It's only fitting that you should
bear witness to the resurrection
and the triumph of Davros,

Lord and creator of the Dalek race.

But of course, he's more
power-hungry and more bonkers
than any Dalek has ever been.

This is my ultimate victory, Doctor.

The destruction of

reality itself!

Julian, who played Davros,
was incredible.

Supreme Dalek, the time has come.

Now, detonate the Reality b*mb!

Julian Bleach in Davros's chair
was a thing of wonder.

Come with me, I promise I can save
you. Never forget, Doctor,
you did this.

I name you forever.

You are the destroyer of worlds.


I like to think that Davros is still
out there, floating around
in a capsule,

in a pod, really ticked off.

Waiting for the right moment to
return, to give The Doctor hell.
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