04x99 - Special - The Eleventh Doctor

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Doctor Who: Confidential". Aired: 26 March 2005 – 1 October 2011.
Series is described as focusing on the human element of the series, Confidential features behind-the-scenes footage on the making of Doctor Who through clips and interviews with the cast, production crew and other people, including those who have participated in the television series over the years of its existence.
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04x99 - Special - The Eleventh Doctor

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As I approach the beginning of
the end of my time as the Doctor,

I am very jealous of...
the chap who's coming next,

who's got all this extraordinary
journey to look forward to.

When I heard who they've cast
as the Eleventh Doctor,

my absolute initial reaction
was jealousy.

I was so jealous they were going to
get to work with him,

and work together on a new Doctor
and make it brilliant.

And I never expected that.

We had literally, on the first day,

the second or third person through
the door, was the one we wanted.

Just... He was just spot on,
right from the beginning.

The way he said the lines,
the way he looked, his hair...

We just thought, "Oh, that's him."

Everything that's about to unfold
and the way his life is about to
change, in so many ways...

It's... I... It's exciting.

Doctor Who - Confidential
"The Eleventh Doctor"

Transcript by Chocolate

Subtitles updated by LauCass

~ Bad Wolf Team ~
~ ~

Chris was the Doctor

who kicked the door open
of Doctor Who for us.

And he did it with real brilliance,

allowing David's Doctor, as
the Tenth Doctor, to come through.

Where the hell have you been?

Oh, that's beautiful!

They couldn't do the performances
that they do

without building on the one before.

Why don't you come out and face me?

Have you looked
in the mirror lately?

Why would I want to face that? Hmm?

Now obviously David is holding the
door open for the Eleventh Doctor.

David Tennant has announced
he's leaving the TARDIS

and will be stepping down
as Doctor Who next year.

In January I go back to Cardiff
to make four new specials.

But the shows will be my last
playing the Doctor.

I love this part
and I love this show so much, er..

'With David's resignation the
speculation began.announced,

'Who would be next?'

And now there's
the youngest Doctor ever,

which will be fascinating
to see how that goes,

where that takes this character
again, and... I can't wait.

The funny thing about being
at the heart of the media storm

I've always eagerly read articles
speculating about the new Doctor,

and I still do.
And then I'm halfway
down the page thinking, "Hang on!

"I've got to choose them!
That's slightly different.'

The time is coming up to past .

Coming up on Breakfast
a little later, could this man
be the next Doctor Who?

'Poor old David Morrissey's been
having a rougher time than I have.'

No-one's really...
No-one's phoned the house,

no-one's searched my bins,
as far as I know.

The question is, are you going to
be not the other Doctor Who,

but the next Doctor Who?
The next Doctor Who.

Er, well, it has... A lot of
interest has been sparked by it.

I have to say that my mobile phone
has been going mad from people
I've never met,

I'm thinking,
"How have you got my number?"

It's very much a tease campaign
as you can see from the trailer.

All I can say... And you're
continuing it. I have to.

I have to say that I did love
every minute of doing it.

It was fantastic.
It's a great show, and, er...

And, you know, whoever takes over
has got big boots to fill,

because I think David is fantastic
as Doctor Who. I really do.

Fact is, our Doctor
is younger than any Doctor before,

just about younger than anyone
that's been suggested in the press.

Just to be absolutely clear here...

When the vacancy occurs
on Doctor Who to be the next Doctor,

in place of David Tennant,
will you be that person? Yes or no.

You see, now, er...
I think I'll have to refer you
to my previous answer on that one.

He's an actor who...
If you know your television
you'll have seen him around.

He's not hugely famous.
Brilliant, but not famous.

The press will call him an unknown,

but that's slightly unfair on a man-
who's had several leading roles.

But he's young and he's unknown.

But why is there
so much interest in the casting
of the Eleventh Doctor?

The show is the Doctor,
the Doctor is the show.

Cast the right man,
and you're laughing.

The excitement was just as intense
when the show came back
to our screens four years ago.

We'd all worked with Chris before

and we knew that beyond anything,
he was just an amazing actor,

who would really ground it
and be very real and very anchored.

You might have removed
all your emotions,

but I reckon right down
deep in your DNA
there's one little spark left.

It was hard - people were saying
"That won't work."

And that's fear.

We faced this uphill struggle of
finding a proper brilliant actor...

Doesn't it just burn
when you face me?

..to not only take on the part,

but actually to take on the role,
the bigger role

of selling the programme
to the public...

How did you survive the Time w*r?

They survived through me!

..saying "Look, we're back,
and we're serious, and we're big."

This is the Emperor of the Daleks.

I almost thought that was impossible-
until, out of the heavens,

the heavens opened and Christopher
Eccleston actually approached us
and expressed an interest.


'Which was the moment when the whole-
of the modern show took shape.'

And when Chris was ready to
hand over the key to the TARDIS,

the search for the Tenth Doctor

It's a prison ship.

'When I was cast I wasn't aware
that the job was up for grabs,'

cos, er, the first series
was just about to transmit,

and, er...I had no idea that Chris
wasn't going to continue.

Frankly, I would say
we got him at "hello".

I couldn't have been
expecting it less.

And I couldn't have been
more dumbfounded.

There was a moment... There was
a pause, which was quite dramatic,

because Russell and I
were hanging on his every word,

and then his next question was,

"What would I wear? I think
I'd need a big, long coat."

And because he was immediately
talking about costume,

we thought,
"He's going to say yes."

It was a part I'd always
had in the back of my head
as something I'd love to do.

And then when you finally
get asked to do it,

when it stops being a fantasy and
is something you have to consider,

something quite different.

Right, let's sh**t this then, please.

'You then are faced
with the dawning reality

'that you have to do this,
and do it well, and do it

You don't want to make a mess of it.

Stand by to sh**t here, please.


'I've grown up loving this show,
and I thought,

' "I can't be the bloke
who says no to this."

'I just knew that if I sat down
and watched somebody else doing

knowing that it could have been
me, I'd have been bitter and furious.

So thank goodness I did.

Cut it. And cameras cut.
That's lovely.

Well done, everybody, hell of a
thank you!day,

'I think Chris and David
are actually very similar.'

They're bold, brave, intelligent,
handsome, dazzling actors.

Who are then capable of doing
anything - the comedy, the tragedy,

the running around
chasing cardboard monsters...

or ripping their soul out
because they've faced a tragedy.

They can switch between those
in the blink of an eye.

There's all you ever want.

What are you doing here?!

MUSIC: "Spaceman" by The Killers

♪ The star maker
says it ain't so bad

♪ The dream maker's
gonna make you mad

♪ The spaceman says
everybody look down

♪ It's all in your mind... ♪

Your race is d*ad! You all b*rned!
All of you.

Ten million ships on f*re.
The entire Dalek race -

wiped out in one second.

You lie!

I watched it happen.
I MADE it happen!

You destroyed us?

♪ The star maker
says it ain't so bad

♪ The dream maker's
gonna make you mad

♪ The spaceman says
everybody look down

♪ It's all in your mind... ♪

Would you declare w*r on us,

You get one warning.

That was it.

You will join with me...
I promise you.

'You can talk about how
we've modernised Doctor Who,'

the modern slant we've put on it,
the modern spin, the dialogue,
the feel and pace of it,

but fundamentally, it is utterly
unchanged from what it was in .

It is exactly the same,
and you can't say that
about many programmes.

And the absolute bedrock
of what makes the show work

was put in place by its founders

and I think we've been
very, very faithful to that

and really paid off their genius,
I think.

When the show started, in a sense,
the Doctor wasn't the centre of it.

There was the two human characters
that kind of allowed us
into this world.

Excuse me. What are you doing here?
We're looking for a girl.

Good evening.
What do you want?

At first, he was an anti-hero.

And very mysterious,
swathed in mystery. You don't
have any sense of who he is.

But why won't you help us?
I'm not hindering you. If you both
want to make fools of yourself,

I suggest you do what you said
you'd do - find a policeman.

The First Doctor was played by
William Hartnell, who everyone
thinks of as an old man.

I think he was only about
when he took the part on

and they gave him a grey wig,
so he looked older.

He was a sort of slightly
scary grandfather, really.

Susan and I are cut off
from our own planet,
without friends or protection.

But one day, we shall get back.

Yes...one day.

And it's very interesting
watching Doctor Who in
its first three years progress,

because William Hartnell
warms up within about a year.

Doctor...I made my decision.

I wanted to stay.

Everything's that happened since
with Doctor Who

was laid down by William Hartnell,
because he didn't limit the role

and neither did
his producers and writers.

They spread out and showed
a Doctor capable of anything.

And there's going to be rather
an unusual entertainer. Who?


So, within three years,

you had a really full range
for every actor since to inhabit.

I never answer questions
until I'm properly introduced.

I think Patrick Troughton -
the Second Doctor -
defined what the character is now

more than William Hartnell did,
in a sense.

You probably
can't remember your family.

Oh, yes, I can when I want to.
That's the point, really.

I have to really want to, to bring
them back in front of my eyes.

The rest of the time,
they sleep in my mind.

I start to have memories of
Doctor Who about three, four, five
years old and you love that man.

He was just like your cheeky
best friend on screen.

Like the kid being funny at the
back of the class, being subversive
and twice as clever as everyone.

You're not thinking
what I think you're thinking?

That, I think, depends on
what you think I am thinking.

He seems quite harmless
and yet he's got this steel
underneath it all.

I don't think much
of your hospitality!

He's the one who starts to become
a real hero.

The one who assumes, when he arrives-
on a planet, he'll sort it out.

It is a fact, Jamie, that I do
tend to get involved with things.

Oh, you can say that again!

Whenever there's any trouble,
he's in it right up to his neck.

Jon Pertwee, bizarrely,
although he's one of the oldest
Doctors to have played the part,

introduces the idea,
which never really goes away,
of the Doctor as the action hero.

It went from the mild-mannered
and subversive Patrick Troughton
to the strong...


..and overtly powerful Jon Pertwee.

Bit old to play games?

I'm quite spry for my age,

He's still a bit of a rebel
and still a bit of an anarchist,

but more of an authority figure
than Patrick Troughton.

I don't know whether to feel
flattered of insulted.

He's an older Doctor, but he's
a young Doctor at the same time.

Miss Smith? Yes, Professor?
Meet your namesake.

Well, I came to Jon Pertwee
as a new assistant.

Dr John Smith.
How do you do, Miss Smith? Hello.

But I did enter a team that was
made up for me. It was Jon's team.

That was UNIT, it was Earth-bound.

I'm a journalist - Sarah Jane Smith.

You realise this is
a very dangerous place to be in?

I can't help it.
I'm stuck here now.

It was right for the time.

Your paper on DNA synthesis
was quite remarkable for your age.

A promising youngster, huh?
No, the age you live in.

When we talk about Jon Pertwee,
we talk about him being flamboyant

and being the showman, but
if you look at his performance,
it's a very restrained,

very grey, very serious performance
and again, quite brilliant.

very grey, very serious performance
and again, quite brilliant.

I suppose you want to see my pass?
I haven't got one. And I'm not
going to tell you my name!

Tell Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
I want to see him.

Don't stand there arguing!
Get on with it!

Jon was very, very careful
about what he wore.

The crushed velvet jackets
and the frilly shirts.

There's something
quite regal about him.

Look at the costume
that man is wearing.

I can't think of anyone in history
who could've got away,

at the age of ,
with a bouffant and a frilly shirt.

Oh, dear.
This is getting monotonous.

He's often called a dandy
and he's probably as close to
a dandy as you'll ever get.

# They seek him here

♪ They seek him there

♪ His clothes are loud
but never square

♪ It will make or break him
so he's got to buy the best

♪ Cos he's a dedicated
follower of fashion

♪ Oh, yes, he is
Oh, yes, he is

♪ Oh, yes, he is
Oh, yes, he is

♪ There's one thing that he loves
and that is flattery

♪ One week, he's in polka-dots
The next week, he is in stripes

♪ Cos he's a dedicated
follower of fashion

♪ He's a...
dedicated follower of fashion

♪ He's a dedicated
follower of fashion! ♪

There's a lot of contradictions
in the part of the Doctor.

He is very, very old,
but he looks young.

Now, look, it might be dangerous.
Now, let's leave it.

No. Doctor! Let's go in.

He behaves very childishly, but also-
behaves in a magisterial way.

Doctor, you're being childish.
Well, of course I am!

There's no point being grown-up
if you can't be childish sometimes.

You need somebody who is
old and young at the same time.

Someone in their fifties is fine,
but they must have something
youthful about them,
like Jon Pertwee did.

What do you think of my new face?
He was older, but there was
something young about him.

I wasn't too sure about
it myself to begin with.
It sort of grows on you.

We've cast a young man,
a -year-old.

Very flexible, you know. Could be
useful on the planet Delphon,

where they communicate
with their eyebrows.

One thing...

..I was very emphatic about
and I remember being quite brutal

and argumentative in a meeting
at the Beeb about this.

"There are too many young people
on this list," I said.

"I'm not really convinced there's
all that many people that young
who can play this part.

"I think we're looking for somebody
in their forties, late thirties.

"David is a unique case.
He could play it at that age.

"But he should be an older man."

Of course, I just ended up casting
a -year-old in the part.

Age just becomes
an entirely irrelevant, um...

It's such a hard part to play.
It's such a hard part to make real.

And when somebody does that,
it doesn't matter how old they are.

Youth was on Tom Baker's side
when he took over. At ,
he was the youngest Doctor yet.

Now, Tom Baker. Hello.
What can you say about Tom Baker?

I don't think we should interfere.
Of course we should!

Always do what you're best at!
Now, come on!

I'm a Time Lord.
Oh, I know you're a Time Lord!

Tom was like
a breath of fresh air for me.

You don't understand
the implications.

I'm not a human being.
I walk in eternity.

And you got real television magic.
I can't think of another example

on any other show
like Tom Baker as Doctor Who.

How dare you touch me!

Tom Baker is this sort of
tumbling ball of energy that seems

to be f*ring off in all directions.

I'm the Doctor, I keep telling you
that! Yes, but who do you work for?

Work FOR? I don't work FOR anybody!-
I'm just having fun.

Simply astonishing.
We're just going on a little trip.
Would you like a Jelly Baby?

It was magic!

I remember watching Tom Baker very,
very vividly when he first turned up,

that, "Can this man be the Doctor?"

OK, Doctor, you're not fit.
Not fit?! Not fit?!

Of course I'm fit! All systems go!

"Is he always going to make
that funny smile? Is he always
gonna stare like that?"

It means I've lived for
something like years.

You'll soon be middle-aged(!) Yes!

This amazing, odd, hawkish man.

A very passionate,
strange performance.

Gentlemen, I've got news for you.

This lighthouse is under att*ck and-
by morning, we might all be d*ad.

'He seems to kind of whirl
through the universe.'

He seems to be talking to himself
a lot of the time.

Even the sonic screwdriver
won't get me out of this one.

He changed the part from
the Doctor being the sort of
grand old man of the universe

to kind of the rebel,
almost a bit studenty.

A sensational performance.

We've done it, Doctor.

Yes. The question is, will we ever
be able to do anything else again?

A real piece of television magic
happened with him.

It's amazing to watch, still, now.

Goodbye, everyone!

When Peter Davison
became the Doctor,

it was a very clever move
to go for a big, established actor
after Tom Baker.

Tom Baker's shadow
must have been so immense.

I'm the Doctor.

Or will be,
if this regeneration works out.

He changes the way the part is,

because he's or
when he takes that part.

Suddenly, the Doctor
is a reckless, innocent youth,

as opposed to the grand old man
of the universe.

There seems to be something
distinctly wrong. I can feel it.

Suddenly, the Doctor
was like an older brother.

Quite remarkable performance.

Quite remarkable performance.

He found himself quite a young man
as the Doctor

playing a man who's hundreds
and hundreds of years old and
carries enormous wisdom with him.

We can sort all this out
in no time at all
if everyone just stays calm.

He takes the emphasis off
the wildness and the eccentricity

and turns it into
this sort of pained heroism

of a man who is so much better than
the universe he's trying to save,

but he can never bear to that I
adore Peter Davison's Doctor.extent.

A really significant moment
is where Peter Davison chooses
to pop on a pair of glasses.

Listen very carefully!
My concentration may go again
at any moment!

He instantly gains
about years somehow

and you see the old man,
you see William Hartnell
looking through his eyes.

It's a clever and sophisticated
performance from Peter Davison.

In , the TARDIS will welcome
an even younger Doctor.

He has the look of someone
who has lived before.

There is something
quite old about him,

so he looks old and young at
the same time and that's important.

Those sorts of qualities
are the ones that got him the part

and which will make him the Doctor.


Wake up!

So much for .
Let's get back to the ' s

and Colin Baker as the Doctor.

Well, Peri, what do you think? Hmm?

It's terrible!

Never mind about the clothes,
they're easily changed.

What about me? I meant you!

It's big and it's colourful
and it's brave.

million years
of absolute power -

that's what it takes
to be really corrupt.

You didn't quite know who
the Doctor was again.

I think that was a conscious
decision that they made,

to try and surprise you again
about this character.

Sylvester McCoy
comes in as the Seventh Doctor.

Ah! That was a nice nap.
Now, down to business.

He started as a bit of a clown.
Where am I? Who am I?

And who are you?

The part had been so big
with Colin Baker.

Suddenly, you get a much more
intricate, smaller jewel little man,

who literally twinkles. There's
an extraordinary quality in McCoy.

What are you expecting
to find down here?

The unknown. Oh.

Isn't that a bit dangerous?

Probably. But then,
if I knew what was down here,

I wouldn't have to look.

And then, for one night only,
in , Paul McGann.

Paul McGann,
an absolutely wonderful Doctor,

who appeared for one hour.

'The new Doctor... He's so young.'

And actually, he gives,
for one night
only, such a brilliant performance.

Maybe you have selective amnesia
brought on by...shock.

Maybe. I can't remember.

In a way, it wasn't
a brand-new performance.

You could see elements of Tom Baker
and Peter Davison in it.

Jelly Baby, Officer? Jelly Baby?

Just...take it.

'In his term as the Doctor, Paul
McGann turns it in every direction.'

You get the passionate hero...
A meteor storm!

The sky above us
was dancing with lights!

You get great moments of comedy.

Purple, green, brilliant yellow.

What? These shoes!

They fit perfectly.

Interestingly with Paul McGann,
they pretty much put him back into
William Hartnell's outfit.

It was pretty much the same outfit
as Hartnell,

and with the long hair,

so he reverted to
the Victorian gentleman

which suited Paul McGann very well.

Every facet the man
could have brought to it,

and he conquers every one. It's
a shame we didn't see more of that.

I know who I am!

And really significantly,

and I'm sure Paul McGann
would like me to mention this,

he was the first Doctor
to get into snogging.

Puberty had arrived
for the Time Lord.

But once the kissing started,

the Doctor and his companions
couldn't get enough.

♪ Kiss you off these lips of mine

♪ Kiss you off for a custom shine

♪ Kissed yours truly off this time

♪ It's why I ain't just kissing you-
I'm kissing you off

♪ I'm kissing you off... ♪

Yeah, that's a...real tradition.

Possibly the single cleverest thing
in Doctor Who as a format -

it's full of clever things -
is the idea of regeneration.

years and ten Doctors,
all leading to one question -

who is the eleventh?

This was going to happen and
if you're going to do Doctor Who,

you'd better get used to the idea
that you face the staffing problem

every so often,
and you get a new bloke in.

I know that it's thrilling
for the show

and re-energises it and reboots it

and yet re-establishes everything
you love about the show.

New teeth. That's weird.

And it is the single
most exciting thing about Doctor Who.

The Doctor, who is the most familiar-
character in television,

can become brand new.

How do I feel? I'm flabbergasted.

I haven't slept, really.
To be honest.

Truthfully, I haven't. I probably
look a bit bags-under-the-eyes now.

Because it's an iconic part
of our culture

and my grandad knows about it,
my dad knows about it.

It's been going since... ?

It's been going since... ?

And I think it sort of
has the...the, um...

The iconic kind of status that
Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes...

And I'm sort of taking that on.

That's my responsibility.
It's exciting.

Nerve-racking, exciting... Exciting.

Stops me sleeping.

I'm actually jealous.
That's the truth of it.

That was my first reaction
when I discovered who they'd cast,

That was my first reaction
when I discovered who they'd cast,

cos I've loved my time on Doctor Who-
and I've been happily sailing off

and I've been strongly thinking,

"Oh, lovely. Done my bit, move on,
look forward."

And when I heard what they'd done,
I felt jealous,

I felt a great big gut-kick, going,
"Damn, that's going to be good."

We auditioned people in what
I'll call top-secret locations,

but were just actually
slightly unpleasant hotels.

We got all these wonderful actors in

in deadly secrecy,
and you'll never know their names,

to stand there and pretend
to be the Doctor.

The audition process was mad,

a mad audition process, unlike
anything I've ever embarked on.

Because usually at an audition,
you're allowed to tell people,

usually, it's in an office
or a studio,

and this was in a hotel.

He was spot-on
right from the beginning.

The way he said the lines,
the way he looked, his hair.

You just thought, "Oh! That's him."

Trouble is, it's the first day.

Trouble is, it's one hour
into the process

so you can't believe it.

I don't think we let ourselves

until about three weeks later,

because we all felt
we had to be diligent.

We thought, "We have to keep going
and keep looking,"

but in the end, it was Matt.

I got an email from Steven at .
one Saturday afternoon

where he basically said, "It's Matt
isn't it, and it always has been?"M

which was what
we knew from the start.

it's quite a weird audition

because you're auditioning for the
Doctor and there's a huge legacy

and there are huge expectations.

I just think it's important -
and this is what I told myself -

to be brave enough
to make my own choices,

choices that are based on me
and my personality

and my life and the age of my life

and the time in my life
and my relationship with the show

and the text
and the world of it and stuff.

I think the reason that we went
for Matt was simply because
he's a superb actor.

Education is
also crucial.

And that is why we intend
to bring in a new system...

..whereby young people who observe
the terms of their ASBO...
Will be entitled to what?

..will be entitled...
..to a good behaviour bond.

He'd proven himself
in Party Animals.

So, what do you think?


And in Ruby In The Smoke.

I wanted to die with it.
Nobody's dying now, girl.

Not you and me, anyway.

'He'd shown that he had
the sort of versatility
and the energy and the dynamism'

that we were kind of looking for
for the Eleventh Doctor.

I just believe him as someone
who is years old,

who has two hearts,
who is from an alien planet.

Come on! Let's get out of here.

Of all the people that we saw,
there's very few people

who have the ability to both
act their socks off...

Remember? I was doing the research
on kids with ASBOs.

Ah, you do remember! Good!

..but also have that special,
slightly mercurial quality.
Hey, Patrick!

Hey, hey, hey!

I thought you lot just came down,
took what you wanted

and then forgot about us?
Well, that's how I prefer it, but
not this time.blood,

And that's what made this
a very, very easy process.

Yes! We're gonna go back to !
Dan went on Desert Island Discs
and chose this.

MUSIC: "Walls Come Tumbling Down"
by The Style Council

What's brilliant about
this audition process
is it seems to fit with the show.

♪ You can actually
try changing it... ♪

The sense...
The hidden-ness and the secret,

it just makes it
a bit more magic in a way.

It's funny, cos as I begin the end
of my connection to all this,

I do feel a bit jealous of Matt,
who's kind of...

just about to start and he's got
all this ahead of him. It's
a very exciting journey to go on.

It's like any secret. You sort of...

It bubbles up inside you
and the longer you keep it,
the more mad you go, I think,

and the more you're trying
to suppress it, and then,

I'll be in my flat, watching the
and Doctor Who will be on,TV,

and my flatmate's there
and I'm watching it, going...

"God, I'd love to share
that I'm the new Doctor,

"but I can't." You know, and it's...

It's also quite exciting
cos it gives me a sense of mischief

that I know something that
the rest of Britain doesn't know,
just for a bit.

It's a great honour to be
in the middle of something

that gets that much attention
and love from people.

But it can be quite overwhelming
at times, you know.

It's a big decision
to take something like this on.

It's a big decision
to take something like this on.

But you don't really know that
at the time or what you're letting
yourself in for.

I have been warned about
what to expect

and I think that David's going to
be a good source of information
for that as well.

There's the initial decision
to take the part at all,

and then once you've done that,
you slowly start to realise

that you've got
to make some big decisions.

"What's the Doctor going to wear?"

is a question you are asked
times a day!

What I did, actually,
when I got the role

was I paced round the room
for about three days
cos I didn't know what to do.

So I'd just sort of get up and then-
I'd come back and then I'd sit down

and watch a bit of TV and just sort-
of smile and go, "I'm the Doctor!"

Oh, it's weird.

You realise that you've got to make-
these quite fundamental decisions

that will sort of define
what you are in this role.

Again, you're making
all those decisions
before you've started filming.

So it can be
a little bit intimidating.

I've got this wonderful...
This wonderful
sort of journey in front of me

where I've got six months
to build this...

this Time Lord, you know?

And that's such
an exciting prospect,

cos I love that part
of being an actor.

But then scripts
start arriving and you see
what you're dealing with

and it becomes something more real
and something more tangible, and...

then it's just... Then you start
treating it like an acting job,

which at the end of the day,
is what it is!

But you'd be...

You'd be forgiven for thinking it
was something slightly bigger
than that from all the hoo-ha

that seems to whip up around it.

This is a letter from David Tennant.

Shall I read it now?
Let's have a look.

I'm going to write him one,
cos he's very kindly

going to talk to me and sort of
talk about what it is, really.

Suddenly, being in the centre,
the focus of that attention
is quite overwhelming

when it first happens.
And especially

before you've
actually started filming,

cos all you're being asked about
is what you're gonna do with it,

and a lot of the time,
you haven't even seen a script.
You have no idea.

The next six months, for me,
is about preparation

and learning about, you know,
the history of the show,

the world of the show and, er...

soaking it all up, yeah.

The anticipation and the waiting
was excruciating at times.

It was a huge relief to get on set
and to start work,

just because then,
at least it was a thing then,

it wasn't just some strange,
brooding presence in your life

that you can't quite talk about
or name, really.

I don't know.
I'm just going to concentrate on the
words on the page

and let the rest unfold.

There's only been, well,
of us now.

And you know, to be one of
is something I'm very proud of.

♪ I'm gonna make it bend and break
It sent you to me without wait

♪ Say a prayer
but let the good times roll

♪ Who does he think he is?

♪ If that's the worst you got, put
your fingers back to the keys... ♪

♪ One night and one more time

♪ Even though they weren't so great

♪ He tastes like you, only sweeter

♪ One night, yeah

♪ One more time
Thanks for the memories

♪ Thanks for the memories

♪ See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

♪ Whoa-oh-oh... ♪

Hello. Fox Inn. Are we in Scotland?

My dear, I don't think
he's as stupid as he seems.

Hello! My dear, nobody could be
as stupid as HE seems.

Hello there. Have you ever thought
what it's like

to be wanderers
in the fourth dimension?

To be exiles? It's alive!

♪ Looking forward to the future

♪ But my eyesight is going bad

♪ And this crystal ball... ♪
They come, they come!

♪ When you look into the past

♪ One-night stand

♪ One-night stand
One night and one more time

♪ Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great

♪ He tastes like you, only sweeter

♪ Oh-oh! ♪
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