05x09 - Exorcism

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Big Love". Aired: March 12, 2006 - March 20, 2011.
Bill Henrickson seems like a typical suburban husband and father, except for the fact that he has three wives, nine kids and three homes to maintain.
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05x09 - Exorcism

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They've issued
a summons for you.

A summons means this is official.
They're coming after us.

Neither Bill nor I have anything to
be ashamed of. This wasn't r*pe.

If my family and my wives
are left alone,

then I will resign.

It is time for that insolent
suburban shopkeeper to go.

- Go where?
- To his grave.

I know you're here.
Come out now.

- You can't report him.
- Oh really? Just watch me.

My bishop called
the stake president.

You think you can k*ll Bill and
your problems will be over?

- Who told you such lies?
- We will destroy you.

We are not a cult.
And I cannot continue

to work for you if that's
who you think we are.

I don't want to die.

I don't want
to k*ll you, Nicki.

You're my sister.
I love you.

Nicki, you're supposed
to be resting.

Well, I can't.

And those pills Barb gave me...
they don't do a thing.

Have you taken them?

- No.
- Go take one.

Go back to bed.
I'll be there in a bit.

Have you talked to Ben?

Did he promise to keep his
mouth shut about Cara Lynn?

We both agreed to wait
a few more days

until you are feeling
calm enough

to tell Bill and Barb yourself.

I don't see why they
have to know anything.

I mean, this little
episode is over.

I prefer if we just all
moved on with our lives.

Don't you think Bill deserves to know
what's going on with his daughter?

Why? So he has something else
to worry about?

I'm telling you, Marge,
it's over, so drop it.

Nicki, I'm done with
secrets in this family.

I really am.
So whatever your problem is

with your family knowing what's
going on in your family,

I hope you can learn
to deal with it.

What are you doing?

I'm just packing up.

I quit Goji.

You quit?

I can't talk about it.

Well, I'm sorry.

I know how much you loved
selling that juice.

Did you search his father's house too?
They have rooms within rooms.

Every one of Grant's properties,
sir, attic to cellar, okay?

And the more doors they kick in,
the more it looks like he fled.

What did his mother
Adaleen say?

Said he was a coward.
Said he left without saying goodbye.

Did anyone actually see him?

We did have a couple of witnesses
that spotted his Mercedes

right off this access road
approximately two hours ago.

Now it could have been a decoy,

but it could have been
the real deal.

He's evading an arrest warrant.

I can bring in the F.B.I.

Sir, they have
Grant's description.

They have his car make.

They have his
license plate number.

I'll reach out to my polygamist
contacts through safety net.

If any of them harbor him, the
state hammer falls on them too.

Roman Grant spent years

dancing out of the law's reach.

That is not
happening with Alby.

What happened?
Did they get him?

I want everybody to sit down.

I have some tough news.

- They're gonna arrest you.
- Not yet.

Alby was gone when
the police got there.

He's on the run.

No one's letting
this stand, Nicki.

It's just a matter of time.

He is not in his right mind.

He's a mortal danger to us.

They're casting a wide net.
We're gonna track him down.

He tried to k*ll me,
and now he could be anywhere?

Marge, would you please give that
horrible baby back to Rhonda?

How? She isn't
taking care of it.

She's in shock.
Her husband's d*ad.

I know. I was there,

standing in a grave myself.
I barely escaped.

We need to go on lockdown
while he's loose.

And no more

I don't want the kids leaving the
houses, not even for school.

And I don't want you three
going out either

unless it's absolutely

And then you travel in
pairs and take your g*n.

Should we all move
into one house?

Might be a better idea if we do
that, if we're all together.

No, there's police now in front
of the houses... real police.

The same cops that let Alby go,

who are investigating you and
Margene, are now protecting us?

- Oh, I feel so much safer.
- Now this is crazy.

There's a madman g*n
for us, and any second

the police could show up with
a warrant for your arrest.

Listen to me. Whatever it takes,
I won't leave you vulnerable.

I'm using every resource I have

to cut Alby off at the knees
before anything happens to me.

And I swear that
to each of you.


- Hi. It's me.
- Oh my gosh.

Why haven't you called me?
I've been so worried about you.

I couldn't.

It's crazy over here.

Nicki took my cell, and I finally
got my hands on Margene's.

But you're okay?

As okay as I can be.

How is your mom?

She's awful.

She watches me like a hawk.

Honey, try to ease off a bit.

She's been through
a big trauma.

I want to come over there
and talk to everyone.

It's the only honorable
thing to do.

We can't keep doing this. We need
to tell them that we want to get married.

Absolutely not.

It won't help.
Trust me.

Mom's not going to say
a thing about us.

She's too embarrassed
and too ashamed.

And she's got Margene
completely under her thumb,

so she won't say
anything either.

Just give me some time.

I can get her to come around.

Fifth period's staing.

I gotta go.

I love you too, Greg.

Nothing will ever change that.

Blake, please. Give me the
senate caucus room for Thursday.

So close to the end of session?

Forget it.
The calendar's packed.

Well, make room.

I'm draining the swamp
that is Juniper Creek.

I want to hold public hearings

for the decertification of
their state municipal status,

and I want to k*ll any distribution
of state funds to Albert Grant.

What is it about you that always
makes you wander into snake pits?

Alby's a wanted criminal
now, Blake.

I am never gonna have a
better sh*t to call witnesses

to testify and publicly expose
him for the pariah he is.

With the glare
of the public spotlight

that's about to come down
on you worse than ever?

He tried to k*ll my wife.

I understand.

I do.

But think carefully
about this, Bill.

It may not be the time
to fulfill a personal vendetta.

Cutting this cancer out of
Juniper Creek benefits the state,

but yes, it's personal...

for my family's sake,

for their long-term protection.

And my daughter's very gifted.

She'd be accepted anywhere
I wanted to send her.

But there have been
behavioral problems.

She's been precocious
with a boy... an older boy.

We restore our students'
relationship with heavenly father

in a way no public school can.

We're not officially connected
to the mormon church,

but many of its more prominent
members are on our board.

So she wouldn't be
allowed to see

or talk to anyone else who
might try to influence her?

No. In fact, we have an initial
four-week no-visitation policy

where she wouldn't even
be allowed to see you.

I completely understand.

She'll call you during that
period, desperate to come home.

You can expect
pleading, begging.

She'll try to make deals with you,
promising anything.

It's important you not listen.

No, we certainly won't.

They often exaggerate the physical
aspects of our curriculum.

They'd have you believe

that they're doing manual
labor on a chain g*ng.

I grew up with manual labor.
It shapes character.

And too many of today's
children are spoiled rotten.

So how soon?

We could take her tomorrow.

Mrs. Henrickson,

the sooner you break
dependencies the better.

Someone dinged my car door

with a shopping cart
at the grocery,

so I'm going to take it in.

Margie, you should have had
an oil change 2000 miles ago.

And Nicki, I don't like how
the treads on your tires look.

My treads are fine, Barb.

And car maintenance falls
under Bill's jurisdiction.

Bill always changes our oil.

He puts those stickers with
the mileage on our windshields.

That's true.

But, honey, Bill's facing
very real charges.

If he goes away...

Bill's not going away.

He's not even
gonna be indicted.

So we need to focus
on the kids right now.

I'm teaching them a song...

and I'm having them help me make
care packages for families in Honduras.

Are you out of your gourd?

There was a flood, Nicki.

Thousands of homes
were destroyed.

Someone needs to do
something to help.

Our situation ought not be
taken as an opportunity

to service our personal
agendas, Barbara.

You just can't wait
for Bill to be out the door

so you can become
our priesthood holder.

I can rotate my own tires,
thank you very much.

Nicki, Bill could be going
to jail for 20 years,

and we need to start
thinking seriously

about what will happen
to us if he does.

Bill changes my oil.

Margie, please.
This isn't helping.

If Home Plus dries up and we're
completely without income,

we'll only have enough
to make it five or six months.

What happens then?

I don't know.

We may have to sell one or two
of the houses, that's what.

Oh, that's okay, Barb.
That's okay.

We can all live together
like we used to.

I liked that more.

Well, I did, kind of.

Margie, toughen up.

We have a long road ahead of us.

You see, this is exactly what
we should be talking about,

not hiding our heads
in the sand.

But I still think, Barb,
it's pretty lousy

to be thinking
about taking over

the priesthood authority
given the circumstances.

That is a separate issue
that I've got covered.

I'm going to another church

that's fulfilling
my spiritual needs.

This is about us.

What are you doing home?

I just got a call from Nicki.

How long have you been
going to another church?

This is why you rushed here?

Five weeks, six.
I'm not sure.

What is the name of this
church, if I might ask?

The Reformed Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints.

They follow essentially the
same teachings and doctrines

as the L.D.S. Church does,
the same ones we do.

I know what they teach, Barb.

To be clear,

so there is no confusion

about why I'm pursuing this,

they're a church that allows
women to hold the priesthood.

The reformed church also
repudiates plural marriage,

do they not,
like the L.D.S. church?

No, it's an ongoing discussion.

Meaning I'm right.

How are you squaring that
with our beliefs? And how are they?


What else could I do, Barb?

I'm exploring this
as Barbara Dutton.

You think that makes
a difference?

You think people don't
know you're my wife?

I am trying
to wade through this

as carefully,

as discreetly
as possible, believe me.

Would you prefer I tell them
we're divorced, which we are?

You are not blaming this
on my marriage to Bill.

I'm not blaming it
on anyone, Nicki.

And thank you for inflaming this
when it just doesn't need to be.

Nicki's done nothing wrong.

She, like all of us,
is concerned

you are willfully separating
from our faith and our family.

I had a near-death
experience, Barb.

When you get as close
to the veil as I did,

you know which secrets
to keep and which to share.

Would you excuse us, Nicki?

I was hoping we could
talk about Cara Lynn.

We've been looking at schools and
she found one she really liked.

We'll discuss it later.

Also, the safety net shelters...

Alby or no Alby,
they're depending on me.

Later, Nicki.

I need to know...

are you a member of this church?

No, not yet.

Do you plan to become one?

I don't know.

I'm thinking
about joining, yes.

And why now?


What's going on?
What's wrong?

I'm sorry, senator.
One of your neighbors called

about a suspicious car
on the street.

She sounded like
an anxious type,

but we wanted to double-check.

Turns out it was nobody.

Thank you.

She's in his house?

Yeah, she's right here.

I'm looking at her.

What's she doing?


Evie, you're the only person
I can trust up there.

Is she plotting with Alby?

I don't know.

I think she's
in a state of shock.

I don't believe it.
It's an act... a cover.

She has thrown in with him.

She's gone over
to the dark side.

Why don't you talk to her?
I could put her on.

No, I... I can't.
I don't trust her.

She had to have known
what his plans were for me.

And believe me,
Alby's not finished yet.

It's nothing but
bloodlust with him now.

What's she doing now?

Still typing.

- Evie, you have to help me.
- Nicki, please calm down.

Please, just keep watching her.

If she hears from him,
then call me.

You're my very last hope.

Hey, thanks for coming.

All these policemen
on our street...

everyone's saying
our block is under siege.

I couldn't sleep last night.

I was afraid
your brother-in-law

was gonna show up
at my house accidentally.

Um, Pam,

I needed to tell you something.

I quit Goji.

Margie, why?

My family needed me
more than ever.

So you just quit and
left me holding the bag?

No. Here, take this.
It's money.

It's the start of me paying you
back for your Goji investment.

I learned so much through
this experience, Pam,

but I don't want those lessons
to have cost you a thing.

Oh, I know it's hard.

We invested our hearts in it.

We believed in it.

But also we learned
that the world is wide

and complex and fascinating,

and it's all just there right
beyond our fingertips,

waiting for us
to go out into it

and do something...
something positive.

Carl and I are separating.


We don't even have
enough money to tithe.

Carl is so proud, he's
refusing to go to services,

so now the church
is thr*at

to take away
our temple recommend.

After his last
worthiness meeting

he came home
and cried like a baby.

He totaled our car.

And then he borrowed
his brother's car,

and then he totaled it.

And I'm not sure that either
accident was an accident.

We're failures.

Oh no, Pam.

No, that's not true.

Hey, that's not true at all.

Like the walls of Jericho
tumbling down,

like any walls
that separate people,

today begins a new chapter
in the history of Juniper Creek.

Too long the U.E.B.
has been a puppet organization

controlled first by Roman Grant

and then his son Alby.

Nicki, it's on.

The UEB was founded
to safeguard

the interests of the faithful.

It became debased and corrupted

and therefore must be razed
so that we can rebuild.

What the heck are you doing?

Integrating these grounds
with the outside world,

tearing down the boundaries
that have promoted

ignorance and abuse.

Roman Grant built that.

The age of false prophets is over.

Albert Grant has fled.

He won't bring fear and pain

to anyone anymore.

And I swear to our creator,

he will soon be brought
to justice.

You believe that Verlan
loved me, don't you?

The only reason we had sex
was because I missed Verlan.

I was hurt and angry.

I know, Rhonda.

Now he's gone.

I don't know how
I'm getting back to Las Vegas.

Anything I can do to help, Rhonda...
you know I'm there for you.

Thanks, Ben.

I think you should marry me.

You'd make a great father.

And I can't do it all alone.

You don't want to see me
dancing in those places anymore.

You just said the only
reason you slept with me

was because you were
mad at Verlan.

But you had genuine feelings
for me, didn't you?

I guess I did, but...

Well, then marry me.

I can learn to love you.

Rhonda, I can't.

Why not?

I don't have a testimony.

This has to do with
Heather, doesn't it?

A little.

Well, then I'll just
tell her what happened.

I'm sure she'll understand.

She's that kind of a person.

Don't you think?

Rhonda, I can't.

I just want you all involved in
case something does happen to me.

You're my insurance policy to
keep the stores running smoothly.

A lot of things
might be changing,

but I think we can still
all agree on this...

we built these stores together.

They've literally
given us our homes

and the clothes on our backs.

What do you need us to do?

Basics, Nicki...

be my eyes and my ears,

touching base with the floor
managers each morning,

staying on top of problems
if they become problems.

They need to get me...
you get me.

So you're still running
things even from prison?

Where I am doesn't
change who I am.

It's just not
that simple, Bill.

Things are going to change.

- Everything's gonna change.
- Not between the four of us.

Bill, please.

There are...

well, for starters,

there are women in this room

who have needs

they may not be
comfortable expressing...

needs you won't be
able to fulfill

for 20 or 30 years.

Some things we can
discuss in private.

Plenty of women in my family have
had to contend with husbands in jail.

It's a burden
we're used to carrying.

Well, it's easy for you
to say, Nicky.

You're the legal wife now,
so you can get conjugal visits.

- But...
- But not just physical needs...

spiritual needs,
emotional needs,

our day-to-day lives.

How can they be fulfilled when
we're not even gonna see you?

marriage is about change.

There are sacrifices
we all have to make.

This is one of them.
Nicki's right.

I mean, we survive through...

through sacrifice
and endurance.

Look how pretty you are.

Oh my.

Look, just like a little doll.

Our son

has purged Juniper Creek

of the last,

hated Grant heir.

Billy did that?

Yes, ma'am.

Tore down all the fences.

Nobody's there
minding the store.

There's a way...

you and me can be together.

♪ I married my wife
in the month of June ♪

♪ risseldy rossel mow mow mow ♪

♪ I carried her off
in a silver spoon ♪

♪ risseldy rosseldy,
hey bambassity ♪

♪ nickety nackety,
retrical quality ♪

♪ willowby wallowby
mow mow mow... ♪

Any new word on where he is?


He's gone to ground

out there somewhere.

♪ Nickety nackety,
retrical quality ♪

♪ willowby wallowby
mow mow mow ♪

♪ she swept the floor
but once a year ♪

♪ risseldy rosseldy
mow mow mow ♪

♪ she swore her broom
was much too dear... ♪

Cara Lynn, come on.
Everybody's learning a song.

♪ Nickety nackety,
retrical quality ♪

♪ willowby wallowby
mow mow mow... ♪

I want you boys to have breakfast
here tomorrow morning.

- Why?
- No questions. Just mind your mother.

Nicki, come on.
Let's have some fun for a change.

We're playing
scrabble, Margene.

♪ Nickety nackety,
retrical quality ♪

♪ willowby wallowby
mow mow mow... ♪

I don't want to fight, Barb,

especially given
how little time we might have,

but is having the priesthood

more important to you
than following the Principle?

I believe I can
answer both callings.

The reformed church
is evolving.

Why don't you come with me
and see for yourself?

There's a committee looking
at the church's laws,

and I wouldn't be the only
polygamist member on it,

like blacks who joined the
mormon church before 1978,

working to change
that policy from within.

Point blank, Barb...

do you continue to have a testimony
for the Principle or not?

Of course I do.

Then how can you join
a church that doesn't?

Because I have no other options

and because I can change it.

When people join churches,
they change, not the churches.

I can be a teacher there, Bill,
a priest.

I don't have to choose.

You will.

That's just the way it is.

Are you crazy?

Get back in that house.

I'm perfectly safe
hidden among my faithful.

This is deadly serious
this time.

There are roadblocks
out on the highway.

They are looking
in trunks of cars.

The world thinks you're on your way
to Mexico, which you should be.

And so it will be very soon.

I've arranged it all.



I hope you got
my letter of condolence.

I did.

Thank you for your sympathy.

Selma has offered us refuge

until we can resolve
our problems here.

Ciudad Greene
welcomes you gladly.

Well, that's very
generous, I'm sure.

We'll see you in Mexico
in a few days.

Good luck.
Travel safely.

Don't trust her for a second...

that was your father's advice.

We need a place to go...

After we take care

of one unfinished
item of business.

And what is that?

Bill Henrickson.

Albert, don't.

This obsession

is how we got in this mess
in the first place.

You are not going
to k*ll Bill Henrickson.


No, I'm not.

You are.


You can get close

without drawing suspicion.

No, I'm not doing it.
I will not do it.

You have to.
You have to.

You have to.

He's destroying the Principle.

He's a pied piper,

tearing down fences and walls,

leading our flock off a cliff.

Think what this will do
to the family.

He's singling me out

and denouncing me to the world.

No one has sacrificed
more than me.

I've struggled to remain true.

I'm not a monster

on the run,

hiding in safe houses.

My heavenly father
did not intend this for me.

Are you with me or not?

We're gonna need new cars.

They'll be on the lookout
for yours,

and my new van is worse
than my last one

and half the size.

Our truck here at the
house is unreliable,

but we've got two good
cars at the store,

whatever gas and
provisions you'd need.


after the reporters and police

summoned by my dear Bill

have thinned out and gone.

We should go away, Bill...

all of us.

Honey, don't be scared.

I'm not.
I'm being practical.

If the whole family
went on a mission

to Honduras, say,
or Zimbabwe,

we'd all be together
and they couldn't get you.

Margie, we're not running away.

No, it's...

think of all the good work
you could do.

You could start a new church,
convert new members.

Whole families go on missions
all the time.

It brings them together.
I've researched a bunch of places.

Honey, what's this about?

I love you so much.

I can't bear the idea of not
being with you for 20 years.


I love our intimacy,
and it's not just the sex.

That's only a part of it.

It's our connection
that needs to stay strong,

no matter where you go
or where I go.

And so I was thinking...

would I be allowed
to visit you in prison

if I was carrying your baby?

I don't know if that
would make a difference.

But maybe?

Sure, maybe.

But, hon, you said you
didn't want to have another baby.

Oh, I know.
That was before,

when I felt a bit trapped.

And I don't anymore.

And I want to.

So can we at least try,


Oh, Margie, Margie.

Let me get you some more juice.

I'm fine, thanks.

How about a fresh waffle?

I have another one in the oven.

Yeah. She's just in there.

You must be Cara Lynn.


Cara Lynn, I'm Monica Swanson
from the Fernridge Academy.


Why are you here?

It's for a school.

I am in a school.

- Where are her bags?
- In the hall closet.

Why do I need bags?

It's a boarding school.

What are you doing to me?


Darling, I visited it.

They'll take good care
of you there.

- Cara Lynn.
- Don't you come near me!

Faye, Ruth.

- Help! Help!
- Stay put.

Help me!

Help, help, help!
She's sending me away.

- What, honey?
- What?

It's for her own good.

I am trying to save your soul.

- Please please don't let her send me away.
- You're gonna send her away?

That your solution...
exiling your daughter?

I don't want to hear another
word from you, Margene.

You don't know her
the way that I do.

I wish you had never
come back into my life.

I wish you'd just left me alone.

Cara Lynn, settle down.
Nicki, what's going on?

You have to tell them, Nicki.
You have to tell them now.

Her tutor seduced her.

That is so not true.

If Greg seduced me,
then Bill seduced Marge.

Is this true?

Cara Lynn was having a secret
relationship with her math teacher.

As soon as I found out,
I ended it.

Please do not let her
send me away.

All right, you're not going anywhere
no matter what happened.

Nicki, you thought we
wouldn't notice she was gone?

When you were you
planning on telling us?

I tried.

- Of course I wanted to tell...
- Nicki, how could you?

Because she's ashamed of where
she comes from, ashamed of who she is.

I am not.
How could you say such a thing?

She's afraid that
you will all leave her

once you see her
for what she really is...

a terrible mother
and a terrible wife.

Nicki, why didn't you
come to us?

Because I didn't think
this household

could handle
another statutory r*pe.


Are you comparing me
to a predator,

to what happened between
her and her teacher

- on any level?
- No, I didn't mean...

Once and for all
let's be done with this.

If I had known
Margene's true age,

it wouldn't have
happened, period.

If anyone here thinks otherwise,

they can come at me
along with the D.A.

I'm not running from this.

And I'm not apologizing for this.

And if I have to rot in jail

for the rest of my life
because I won't disavow

one of the most cherished
relationships in my life,

then so be it!

And I will be damned

if I'm turning a blind eye
on this, Nicki,

not when one
of my children is involved.

If I knew you wanted
to sit outside to drink it,

I would have brought
hot chocolates, not milkshakes.


you are so the best thing

that has ever happened to me.

Thanks, Ben.

More and more

I feel like we're meant
to be together.


But I have
to tell you something,

and I don't want you
to freak out.

Don't worry.

I'm moving my stuff
back to Crystal's.

Congratulations, lesbo.
You won.

Um, what are you talking about?


Ben and I had relations.

But don't worry.

He doesn't want to marry me.



Wow. That's it?

Heather, wait.

I want to be with you.

He does.

And if he and you ever do it,

he'll be comparing you to me
for the rest of your life.

Please, I know.
I know I sinned.

I know I lapsed.
God, Heather,

all I do is think about you.

I think about the life
I want to have with you,

the family I want
to have with you,

how lucky I am
to have you in my life.

How could you have done
this to me, with her?

You said we were over.

And I promised I would
take care of her.

I can take care of both of you.

I can be with both of you.

Both of us?

Lois's residence called.

Frank signed her out and
didn't bring her home last night.

An aide heard them
discussing Juniper Creek.

Oh, damn him.

Why can't he leave her alone?

I've tried their cells.
Neither one answers.

Bill, where are you going?

The compound's evolved
into a free-for-all zone,

and mom's too far gone
to know what happening.

Well, okay then.
I'll drive.

When I was a little girl,

my mother used to wash me

in a galvanized tin tub

right here.

We had no indoor plumbing
till I was 14.

We used to bring it up
from the crick.

There's a pair
of pipe cutters in there.

Can you grab 'em?

We didn't even have a privy

in my folks' first house.

We had to go in the...
in the woods.

Thank you.

Then papa finally put in
the waterworks.

Oh God.

You remember that...

how we all brought shovels

and were digging

and laying pipe
for the entire year?

Didn't even have a backhoe.

We were building our new Zion.

We got two, three thou
in copper here alone.

It's getting near dark.

We'd better move on
to the old meeting house.

Come on, peaches.

It's getting worse for me, Frank.

Oh, Lois.

No, listen to me.

I've had three bad days
in a row now.

Come on.
Come on.

I made up the flyers to put up
around the compound.

We've looked everywhere.
Someone will call us,

if not tonight...

Bill, what are you doing?

Attaching a tow bar
to mom's car,

so we can tow it
down to the city.

Honey, she's not
gonna be driving.

We'll put it storage
for Wayne someday.

I'm not just gonna let it
sit here and rust.

All right, Bill.
We can get it later.

I know we can get it later.

What's wrong?

I don't trust you, Barb.

I had believed
through all our troubles

that if something
were to happen to me,

I'd be able to commend the spiritual
guardianship of my family

to the person I trusted
most in the world... you.

You doubt my love
for this family?

Not your love.
Your commitment.

This path you're on,

with a church that
disavows the Principle...

where will it take you?

Where will you be
in a month, in a year?

Still with us?

I will be, no matter
where I am, but will you?

I am fighting for us
as much as you are.

But if I'm so important to you,

why did you seal yourself
to Nicki and Margene without me?

I sealed us for the benefit
of the family.

What was I supposed to do,
drag you by the hair?

I don't know.

But we haven't talked
about it much, have we?

It's like you've already
written me off.

That's not true.

Well, if we're not together,
Bill, it won't be by my hand.

You're pushing us
until we break.

You are...

boxing us into a corner,

holding on to doctrine,
refusing to bend

to the point where
I can't say with certainty

that I believe
we'll hold together.

I want to desperately,
but I can't.

That's the difference
between us, Barb.

I won't accept anything

but our family
holding together,

now and in eternity.

It's finished with your Mr. Ivey.

Bill and I called him,
then your school.

It doesn't matter.

We will be together soon.

Oh, you think so?

When we confronted him,

he was relieved.

He was happy to be rid of you.

And why not?

He got what he wanted from you.

If he lies and says otherwise,

it's only because
he wants to get it again.

No. Greg loves me.

You're acting like
you were his only one.

You were easy pickings
for him, Cara Lynn...

once a victim, always a victim.

And stop talking about love.

People like you
don't deserve love.

They don't deserve to get it

and they're incapable
of giving it.

Why are you saying
these things?

Because I know
what you really are...

a little manipulator
and a liar.

For all we know, you're probably
on birth control pills.

Stop crying.

You have them fooled,
but not me.

I owe for gas.
Where is anyone?

You want to get
something for the road?

I'm not hungry.



Run, Albert, run!

Don't let her escape.

It's over, Alby.
Give it up.

Canada, Mexico...

wherever you hide,
we'll find you.

Until my dying breath...

the second you trained a g*n
on Nicki, you signed...


Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Did you get him?

You're bleeding.


Bill, why didn't you get him?

Well, I thought...


I'll call the police.

Here. Easy.

All right.
I'm fine.

She bit me,

but I got her g*n.

Get me out of here, Nicolette.

This is extremely embarrassing.

This is your last chance.
Either you help us,

or they're gonna put you
away forever. Where is he?

All my life I have
sacrificed for you.

You don't know.
When you wanted to marry Bill

against your father's
deepest wishes,

I withheld my favors
until he relented.

Now please get me out of here.

How could you have
sided with him?

Well, it wasn't easy.

Mama, I am begging you.

No one else has to die.

Oh, no one's gonna die.

Albert's a coward.

He's never been able to stomach

doing any of the real
dirty work on his own.

You know that's true.

He held a g*n to my head.

He's on his way to Mexico.

This could mean Bill's life.

He's headed to your
aunt Selma's.

You don't believe me...
have whoever's taping this thing

check my cell phone.
They'll find the calls.

There's a chance Alby's
on the road to Mexico,

but I'm not assuming anything.

Your mother saw one
of the flyers and called.

- Is she all right?
- She's fine. Frank's fine.

- He's gonna be so proud of you.
- She's back at the home.

Bill, the kids have
just learned

a new song they're
really proud of.


♪ How many roads
must man a walk down ♪

♪ before you call him
a man? ♪

♪ how many seas
must a white dove sail ♪

♪ before she sleeps
in the sand? ♪

♪ how many times ♪

♪ must the cannonballs fly ♪

♪ before they're
forever banned? ♪

♪ the answer, my friend ♪

♪ is blowing
in the wind... ♪

Cara Lynn!

What are you doing?

I'm worthless...

a worthless, awful liar,

a manipulator, mama.

No one has ever loved me

and no one ever will.

No no, you don't understand.
Please stop.

I mean nothing to anyone.

Bill, get out here.

I am sorry that I am awful.

I'm sorry that I'm messed up.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Please, Nicki.

Go away!

Please just go away!


Everything I wanted for her,

everything I tried
to do for her...

I failed her.

No, you didn't.
No, you didn't.

You risked everything
for your daughter.

You didn't cause this.

I did.

She's right.

I am horrible.

I'm worse than them.

I'm worse than any of them.

They didn't put
the shame into her.

J.J. didn't.

Alby didn't.
My father didn't.

I did.

Why would heavenly father
have allowed that?

He's forsaken us.

No. No, he hasn't.

- He's taken his love from us.
- Listen to me.

No. Nicki, do you
believe I love you?

Because my love is
heavenly father's love.

Do you believe Barb loves you?

Her love is heavenly father's love.
Look at me.

Margie's love is
heavenly father's love.

Do not let what that man
did to Cara Lynn,

what J.J. did to you,

what your father
and brother have done...

do not let any of that
shake your faith, Nicki.

We're almost free.
We're almost free.

How can you say that
when you're going to jail?

Our faith is our strength.

Our faith is what saves us.

It saves us, Nicki.

We have all been singled out
by heavenly father

to live in his embrace.

If I lose you,

if I lose any of you,

I lose everything.

Evening, Salty.

Working late tonight, senator?

Catching up.
How've you been?

Good, thanks.

Quiet as a church.

What are you doing here, guys?

- You left without dinner.
- So we settled the kids

and picked up subs
from Mario's.

Just like the old days.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

Well, sit.
Make yourselves comfortable.

I've got Stuart helping me prepare
for the hearing on Friday.

You're going ahead with it?

Even if Alby is long gone,

there must be a reckoning,
a final accounting

to make sure it never
ever happens again.

I have to go
to the ladies' room.

Bill, Margene.

I'll get her
and come right back.

Call the police and stay put.

Were those shots?

Get back in your office,
Dan, now.

Drop it!

You first.




I'm okay!


do it.

It's over.
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