01x09 - A Meeting with Salazar

Episode transcripts for the TV show "National Treasure: Edge of History". Aired: December 14, 2022 - present.
Jess, a dreamer, searches for answers about her family as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.
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01x09 - A Meeting with Salazar

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Your brother was pinned under
rubble. And Salazar sh*t him.

OREN: Breaking him out
of prison? That's insane.

I believe Valenzuela's innocent.

You have a taped conversation.

HENDRICKS: Make the arrest.

ROSS: Jess is in a lot of trouble.

You wanna tell me what crazy
thing might be happening in Mexico?

Like I said, I'm... shoe convention.

MYLES: Liam Sadusky's alive.

LIAM: "Cras est Nostrum."
I've seen that before.

- We'll see you tomorrow.
- Take this.

RAFAEL: First, we gotta get my journal.

Years and years of my
research on the treasure.



JESS: It's a map of the sky.

It's pointing to a place
called the Devil's Swamp,

off the Mississippi River.

Made it across the border.
Let's hope Jess does too.

FBI, hands up!

Take the map, go!

- What are we gonna do?
- We gotta get help.

BILLIE: I put a tracker
in your father's shoe,

and I heard everything.




I'm from Ohio.

I don't speak Spanish.




I'll take your journal now.


BILLIE: I told you I heard everything.

RAFAEL: It's...

Ethan gave you something.


His credit card.

But I didn't take it.

Search her.

BILLIE: Keep these two separated.

You should have stayed
on our side, Jess.


Things would be going
a lot better for you.

MAN : We're ready to board.



Don't worry.

- We did the right thing.
- Did we?

When we just waltzed in here

told the FBI lady our wild story

about how your grandpa's
nurse was k*lled

because of a treasure hunt.

Uh, she didn't believe a word of it.

Eh... Did you see her face?

And she's gonna ask me about
the prison break in Mexico.

What am I supposed to say?

I mean, am I, am I
under oath or something?

No, it's not how it works, dude.

You don't have to say anything.

Yeah. I, um... That's
very hard for me, okay?

I can't hold it in much longer.

I'm a bad liar. I'm
sweating through my shirt.

If she puts me on a polygraph,

- I'ma light it up like a Christmas tree.
- Hey...

Don't worry.

You're not gonna have
to talk about Mexico.

They're gonna find Myles's body,
it's gonna prove our story's true

then they'll go after Billie,
arrest her and not Jess.

- All right?
- Mm.

- Well?
- Baton Rouge PD checked out your house.

They didn't find Myles Moro's body.

ROSS: But there was a broken window

and the door to the
"Clue Room" was missing.

So they hid the body

and the door with the
b*llet holes in it.

These people are professionals.

No, I, I mean, look,
they got you believing

that Jess k*lled my
grandpa when Billie did it.

ROSS: I wanna believe you

but you have to look at
this from where I'm sitting.

Myles Moro is the one that
brought me the evidence

proving Jess k*lled your grandpa

and now you're telling me

he told you it was Billie?

And then, moreover,
Billie had him k*lled.

But you know, there's no body.

Why don't you guys just tell me
where exactly in Mexico Jess is?

I told you, we don't know.

We're afraid Billie has her.

But you have no evidence of that.


Billie did kidnap me.

- Really?
- OREN: Mm-hm.

'Cause last time you told me she didn't.

Yes, because Billie
thr*at me and my friends.

This time I'm telling the truth.

Please, put, put me to a, a polygraph.

No, no, no.

LIAM: It's not a good idea.

We talked about this, remember?

It is the only way to prove
that Billie is the bad guy here.

Why is it a bad idea?

What are you hiding?


Let's do this.

- Just stay calm.
- Calm?

Ethan, I'm handcuffed
in an FBI building.

I can't dole out any legal advice
because I'm not an attorney yet

but I would strongly suggest
you don't say anything.

Have you met me?

Did I pass?

- Yeah.


Go arrest Billie.



The other two just got brought in.

- What other two?
- I ask the questions.

- Thank you, Oren.

You've been really helpful.

Wait, wait.

You're gonna arrest Billie too, right?




Nice scare tactic

but I know you've got
nothing on me in that file.

It's not your file.

It's your grandmother's.

Pearl Baker, an activist for
racial equality in the ' s.

Your grandma was on
every criminal watch list.

Eventually, she was
charged with multiple crimes

and that forced her into hiding.

Well, I haven't spoken
to my grandma in years.

So if you're looking for her,
I have no idea where she is.

That's a lie but I don't care.

I know the charges against
her were trumped-up.

She was targeted for standing
up for her basic rights.

It's obvious where you get
your fighting spirit from.


What happened to your grandma?

That affects the whole family.

I get why you don't trust us.

When you and Jess first came in here...

I did not take you seriously.

I was wrong.

I know that now because your
friend Oren just passed a polygraph.

- He did?
- Mm-hm.

You were telling the truth then.

I need you to do it now.

My boss is convinced Jess
m*rder Peter Sadusky.

I am not.

I think Billie's behind it.

And your friends are concerned
that she might have Jess now. So...

please tell me the
last place you saw Jess.

Let me try to help you find her.

Forget it.

You're just trying to manipulate me,

saying what you think I wanna hear

so you can find Jess and arrest her.

Exactly how dumb do you think I am?

You don't have to trust this.

But maybe you could trust me.


- You know what I see?
- Mm.

A typical Fed.

Using information as a w*apon.

Arrest the right person next time.

And stop treating us like criminals.

You wanna make things
right? You start there.

Let us go.


Wait, so you're actually
letting us go? What's the...

What's the catch here?

There's no catch. (CLEARS THROAT)

ROSS: That right there is my
personal cell phone number.

If you change your mind,
please call me anytime.

Wait. Your name is Hannah Betsy Ross?

My mom liked to sew.



Why did Agent Ross let us go?

She's trying to play good cop.

Well, shouldn't she
have bad-copped us first?

Let's just get out of here.

What are you doing here?

Hey, where's Jess?

We thought she was with you guys.

Um... Can we just talk
about all of this outside?



OREN: So you all did it,
you broke him out of prison?

Uh, let's not broadcast it, okay?

Whoa, whoa, dollars to
get my chariot out of impound?

That is robbery.

So, what was Jess's dad's
plan to get her back out here?

I mean, where were you
all supposed to meet her?

We're not sure.

Jess was supposed to call when her
and her dad got across the border.

Yeah, and she hasn't called yet.

- Okay, well, call her.
- TASHA: This is my burner.

Ethan, what's your number?

TASHA: Let's go.

LIAM: Why are you
calling your own phone?

Ethan gave his phone to Jess.

Long story.

It didn't ring. Phone's off.

- I'll ping her location.

OREN: Great. They flooded the engine.


She turned it off hours
ago in Cholula, Mexico.

That's basically where we left her.

That doesn't make any sense.

I knew it.

Billie's got her.

Maybe she was arrested.

TASHA: No, no.

Agent Ross would've known that.

- We need to get down to Mexico.
- ETHAN: And do what?

We have no idea where in Mexico she is.

Then we'll go to the last place
that phone was. Start there.

If Billie has her, they're
on the move. Long gone.

Okay, okay. So the phone's turned off

but I can still maybe track
it using its IMEI identity.

All right, let's go.

- I just need my gear.


Okay. Let's go.


You already know what's in that journal.

It's outlived its purpose.

BILLIE: Then why were you
hiding it from me, Rafael?

Back in Mexico, you were
just about to tell Jess

that you knew how to find the treasure

once you got to the Devil's Swamp.

And I'm betting that the
answer is in this book.

It's just a book of memories.

What can I say? I'm a
sentimental old fool.

Ah. Right.

RAFAEL: I don't like to forget.

But I understand why you do.

After what happened to your family

I would try to forget.

RAFAEL: Sebastian told
me how your parents died.

Horrible thing for a
ten-year-old to see.

London, right?

Christmas shopping.

An IRA att*ck that had
nothing to do with your family.

RAFAEL: No ten-year-old
should ever have to see that.

It's a tragedy.

I learned a very valuable lesson.

Never dwell on the past.

Well, that's confusing considering

all treasure hunters
do is dwell on the past.


Treasure hunters find things.

Well, what do we have here?

So this is what you've
been hiding from me?

It's just Manuela's old sewing needle.

RAFAEL: Nothing more.

Then why haven't you taken
a breath since I found it?


Did you move my bag?


- What did you take?
- Nothing.

- It must have shifted during the flight.
- Get up.

Get up!

KACEY: Feet apart.

- See?
- Sit down.

KACEY: Put your hands
where I can see them.

I don't trust you at all.


- Sorry, I'm late.
- Oh, yeah. No problem.

- Work thing.

Uh, please have some
focaccia. It's free.

Uh, not that I'm cheap. Just...

Order whatever you like, it's on me.

Or is that anti-feminist?

Wow, doing great.

Just, uh...

Please have, have some focaccia.

Uh, excuse me. Could I have
a glass of your boldest red

and just fill that to
the brim? Thank you.

Uh, you do know it's lunchtime, right?

I've had a day.

Uh, would... flowers help?

Candy wrappers?

We got Flaming Hot Cheetos,
Tic Tacs, and Airheads.

That's all the food that has
Orange Dye Number in it.

To help with the Sadusky case.


This is the sweetest gift
anybody has ever given me.


Why all the sighing?

It's too late.

Hendricks wants me to
arrest Jess Valenzuela

for the m*rder of Peter Sadusky but...

But you don't wanna get it wrong again.

All my evidence points to Billie Pearce.

First, there was the further-farther

incident in the Valenzuela confession.

Expertly deepfaked.

And then...

That's a signed affidavit
from Oren Bradley

attesting to being
kidnapped by Billie Pearce.

That's the same kidnapping
from the USS Kidd

which he said originally didn't happen.

He also passed a polygraph.

This is real evidence.

- Did you take it to Hendricks?
- He dismissed it.

Polygraphs can be b*at.

He just thinks Oren is a good liar.

But none of this adds up.

I mean, this kid was sweating
through every pore on his body.

If, if he lied on that polygraph,
he would have red-lined.

I mean, at least that's my gut.

Then what are you doing here?

You don't need Hendricks approval.

Go question this Billie Pearce.

Okay, not only do I
not know where she is,

I'm certainly not gonna
get a confession out of her.


Let's just enjoy our lunch.


Okay, but then the
weirdest thing, right?

So now Liam Sadusky has
come to me with a story.

Billie's people k*lled Peter
Sadusky's nurse in the study.


Wait. Did you just say there's
a d*ad body in the study?


- This is the best date ever.
- Yeah.

The police went and they checked
it out and there's nothing.


I mean, if the police didn't find a body

they'd have no reason to search
for bloodstains, would they?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I got my kit in the car.

I can't believe I found you in a morgue.

Let's go.

Uh, yeah. Um...

Thank you.


Got Myles's laptop.

Make sure you wipe
it before you dump it.

You got his phone?


That's not Myles's phone.
It's Liam Sadusky's.



We're gonna have to go back.

ETHAN: This is k*lling me.

I can't stand not knowing where Jess is.

You two have known
each other for forever.

ETHAN: Yeah.

Her mom was my nanny and tutor so
we practically grew up together.

I lost my dad and my grandpa
to this treasure hunt.

I'm not gonna let that happen to her.

Nice tights.


I don't know what I was thinking.

Latte with a triple sh*t.



I'm not seeing Ethan's phone anywhere.

It's either in a Faraday bag
or outside all app-assisted GPS.

Like a, desert or a jungle?

Someplace remote.


That's not good.


There is one way I can find
out what this needle is for.


Bring Jess over here.

Hey, hey, hey. Come
on, what are you doing?

- There's no need for that!


KACEY: What is this?


So that's what you were doing.

- Move.


She had a phone.


This opens something, doesn't it?


Give me that medallion.

- No.
- Hey, be careful with that.

No. Ah!




What is that?

It's a Wayfinder.

BILLIE: It's like an ancient compass.

Only it doesn't work.

Oh, but it will work, won't it?

When we're close to the treasure

in the Devil's Swamp.



♪ What doesn't k*ll you
makes you stronger ♪

♪ Stand a little taller ♪

♪ Doesn't mean I'm
lonely when I'm alone ♪

♪ When I'm alone ♪

MAN : Let's give a big hand for Meena.


Oh, my God!


That was fun, oh, my God!

- So good. Let's go.
- Oh, my God. Okay.

- Oops, sorry.
- Sorry.

Hey, girls. (PANTS)

Don't look.

Dessert from the cutie behind you.

Okay. I say go for it, girl.

You're way better off without Ethan.




Meena, your phone is, like, blowing up.





Ethan, why is your ex-girl
calling me right now?


Oren, did something happen to Ethan?

Meena, hi. No, he's...

He's okay. He's right here.


Ethan. Are you in trouble?

No, I'm fine.

Tell, tell me your safe word.

Yeah, Ethan. We're waiting.


- Tickles and giggles.
- MEENA: Oh, thank God.

I thought the worst. I, I got an SOS.


- She must have sent it.
- MEENA: Jess?

Why does she have your phone?

Of course, she has your phone.

No, it's not like that.

You know what?

I'm unsubscribing from
all this J-Ethan drama.

ETHAN: Meena, don't hang
up. She's in danger.

We think she's been kidnapped.


ETHAN: Please, just
tell us where she is.

Oh, my God. Um, hang on.

Here, I'm sending you the pin.

Okay, who are you talking to?

- No.

She's in a large body of water?

That's the Gulf of Mexico.

She's on Billie's plane.

That's why I couldn't track her.

She can't just land in the States.
She'll get stopped by customs.

OREN: No. With Billie's money
and black market connections,

no doubt she has a workaround for that.

Where could she be taking Jess?

I can track that plane.

We've just gotta find a crappy motel.

How's that gonna help us?

It'll have a crappy TV.


Cool, cool, cool.

Perfect place to die.


Perfect. Ethan, Liam, get
your peloton bodies over there.

We gotta move that TV.




- Well, there goes your security deposit.
- ETHAN: Great.

All modern aircraft record their
model and location on ADS-B signal.

You're saying you can track
Billie's plane with that old antenna?

TASHA: And this. Dongles.

Don't leave home without them.

Have you done this before?

I've watched videos.

Thank you.

Can you clip those two together?

- Sure.
- TASHA: Thank you.

And now, gentlemen.

TASHA: Final act.



I'm in.

You think Billie's only
bling is nice shoes?

According to Crypto Magazine,
her plane's a b*mb Global .

There's only, like, a
hundred in the world.

There it is.

- It's starting its descent.

The airport on its trajectory is...

Vicksburg County Airport.

Mississippi. It's a two-hour drive.

We'd better get going.




Looks like Sadusky really
did have a secret room.

It's like a great place to
hide clues to a treasure.

Guess Jess and her friends
really were on a treasure hunt.

So, uh, where did this
Liam say the body was?


All right, we're almost there.

Anything on the police scanners?

Police did a welfare check.

- They found nothing.
- DARIO: Good.

Let's get this over with.

Okay. Do your magic.



If there was blood, we'd be
seeing blue spots on the floor.

Why would Liam lie to me
about something like this?

Maybe the killers are
really good at cleaning up?



The phone's gotta be here somewhere.

Check under the desk.




Don't see it.

DARIO: Try calling it.




Found it.

ROTSKY: Let's go.

FBI, freeze!






No, no, no.

No. No, stay with me. Stay with me.

Stay with me.

He's gone, Bets.


The plane's still parked.
They're not going anywhere.

Well, can you access the airport
cameras? Maybe see what they're doing?

Ethan, you know there are
limits to what I can do, right?

I figured it was a long sh*t.

But that's not one of my limits.

"Cras Est Nostrum". What's that?

I have no idea.

My grandpa sent me this
book before he died.

"The Book of Famous Lost Treasures."

Huh. Cool.

"There's no greater treasure than time.

I hope one day you can find
it in your heart to forgive me.

Love, Grandpa."

My grandpa used to always say that.

Why did he underline those words?

- "Find" and "time"?
- LIAM: It's a cipher.

He... he's trying to
send me a secret message.

OREN: Even cooler.

It's like a... advanced Wordle.

Yeah, but look. There's just, just,

there's too many underlying words

and, and sentences.

Okay, so why don't we
focus on finding "time"?

Nefertiti's Tomb.

Oh, BC.

They're page numbers.

- Go to .
- Okay.



"All". Thirty. Thirty.



Pages and , they
share the same word.



- Here.
- Next one, next one.

LIAM: I'll take this.

- OREN: What's the next one?

LIAM: Cuirass of Alexander.


SULLY: Boat's fueled up and ready to go.

Jessita, listen.

When we get to the Devil's Swamp,
it's gonna be a lot of traps.

We have to be very careful.

You gotta keep an eye
out for the Coyote.

It's a warning that the
Daughters left for their people.

The Coyote's a trickster.

It means there's a trap.
Death just around the corner.

Like spike pits and snakes?

Yeah, don't forget darts.

Not to mention decapitating blades.

Well, couldn't be better, right?

Wait, did you not hear
what we were saying

about dying an unimaginably
painful and ugly death?

We're not the ones
that are gonna be dying.

We're gonna use the traps as w*apon

and lead Billie and her
minions right into them.

I like how you think.

You're smart like your mother.

But you're devious like me.


- "Lost".
- "Lost".

- And I'm in.

Oh, that's not good.

What, they're not there?

No, they're there.

Billie's got an entire
army with her this time.

And a boat.

I gotta record this.

Where are they going?

There's a lot of waterways
off the Mississippi.

- TASHA: Mm.
- The Devil's Swamp.

The swamp is haunted.

It's all over my subreddits.

It's like the Bermuda
Triangle of the Mississippi.

The legend of people getting lost

and disappearing there
goes back hundreds of years.


So, what if the Daughters
of the Plumed Serpent

made up that legend
to scare people away?


Okay. I know, I know.
Go ahead and say it.

"Here comes Oren again with his crazy."

- I get it.
- No, no.

That all actually kind of makes
sense but that's a flatboat.

LIAM: It's made for shallow swamps.

So, what do we do?

I mean, we can't g*n Billie's team.

I know someone who can.



Ross was in the study...


It'll help.



You stumbled into a really
dangerous situation here, Ross.

What were you doing here?

I came to investigate
a report of a m*rder.

Another m*rder?

Liam Sadusky reported
that his grandpa's nurse

was k*lled in this study.

There's no body, no blood.

But his cell phone was here.

The guys who sh*t at me came for it.

I'm guessing this has
to do with that treasure

you keep trying to tell me about?

I'm telling you, Billie is behind this.

We can't make an arrest based
on "further" and "farther".





Well, can we make an
arrest based on this?

HENDRICKS: Where are they?





It's working.

Looks like we're going that way.

I was wearing it this whole time.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wasn't sure it would work until now.



Let's get that boat launched.


LIAM: "All lost treasures.

All found.

All destroyed

by Cras Est Nostrum."

What does that mean?

It means Billie isn't a treasure hunter.

She's a treasure destroyer.


Why would anyone wanna
destroy a treasure?

I don't know.

It looks like Cras Est Nostrum
is some sort of secret cabal.

LIAM: I guess my grandpa figured
out some of its key members.

Guess who's the leader?


LIAM: No, she's part of it.

The leader is...


Billie works for Salazar?

I guess my grandpa was
about to expose the cabal.

That's why he was k*lled.


This is clear.

There's nobody here.

I know how to find them.


- It's Agent Ross.

- They're not here.
- TASHA: Yeah, we, uh...

We saw the caravan leaving.

- Do you know where they would go?
- TASHA: No, but...

we have a hunch.

Tasha Rivers thinks
they're heading to a place

called the Devil's Swamp.

- The Devil's Swamp?
- Mm-hm.

That's pretty remote. I mean,
even the locals don't go there.

We're gonna need boats, backup.

You want one?

No, I'm good.

ZEKE: That's all the food that
has Orange Dye Number in it.

There was an orange stain on his hands.

The English Yew k*lled him.




Oh, hey. What are you doing?

You m*rder Peter Sadusky.


- Put that thing down.
- Sir...

- Don't be ridiculous.
- I need you to put your hands up.

You pull that w*apon,
I'm pulling this trigger.

Take your g*n out.

Two fingers, nice and easy by the grip.

Place it on the floor,
kick it over here.

What is wrong with you?


What... Okay.

Anything else?

It all makes sense now.

That's why you were pushing
me to arrest Jess Valenzuela.

She was just a fall guy.

Ross, you're exhausted.

You just experienced
something traumatic.

Listen to yourself. You're losing it.

No, I'm thinking clearly.

Handcuff yourself to that railing.

I took a chance on you

after you made the wrong arrest in DC

and here you are, you're
making the same mistake again.

Your career was supposed to
be over then I gave you a job.

You have until the count of three.

- One.
- Fine.

Guess what, Ross?

You're done now.



Vicksburg PD.

This is Agent Ross, FBI.

I've detained a m*rder suspect
on a b*mb Global .

He'll be waiting for you.

I'm going after his accomplices.

You go to that swamp alone,

you are gonna get k*lled.


Bets, you can't be going
up there by yourself.

- You gotta call backup.
- I have no choice.

I don't know how high up this goes.

ROSS: I don't know who
else is working with them.

If I don't call you
back in minutes...


- Bets.


♪ Everybody praying
for the end of times ♪

♪ Everybody hoping
they could be the one ♪

♪ I was born to run,
I was born for this ♪

♪ Whip, whip, run me like a racehorse ♪

♪ Pull me like a ripcord ♪

♪ Break me down and build me up ♪

♪ I wanna be the slip, slip ♪

♪ Word upon your lip, lip ♪

♪ Letter that you rip, rip ♪

♪ Break me down and build me up ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ 'Cause I love how it feels
when I break the chains ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ Yeah, take me to the
top I'm ready for ♪

♪ Whatever it takes ♪

♪ 'Cause I love the
adrenaline in my veins ♪

♪ I do what it takes ♪

BILLIE: Cheer up.

We are about to find the
great Pan-American treasure

and prove Manuela was right.

This has been your dream for
the last years, Rafael.

Now you can die happy.

Well, I'd rather not die.


Drop your w*apon or I sh**t Billie.


Drop them!


Your treasure hunt is over.

The police are on their way.







I tried to warn you.


(f*re FIZZING)


a liability, Sebastian.



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