01x10 - The Person

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Love Life". Aired: May 27, 2020 – November 11, 2021.
Series follows a different person each season from their first romance until their last romance and "how the people we're with along the way make us into who we are when we finally end up with someone forever."
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01x10 - The Person

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is an elementary school librarian,

who, for the last several decades,

has resided in Brownsville, Brooklyn,

at Elton Street, apartment K.

It is here that she has
spent her free time

creating oil paintings,
mostly for herself

or, sometimes, as Christmas gifts

for friends or family.



Mrs. Alliata?


Hi. Um, my name's Darby Carter.

Uh, I'm really sorry to
barge in on you like this.

- I know. I know.

I found this painting at a flea market,

and I think it might be yours,

so I tracked you down.

I own a gallery,

and we're always looking for new voices,

and I was wondering if
you had any more work.

Come on in. [GASPS]


♪ ♪

♪ I've been feeling very mellow ♪


♪ You see, I'm gonna see my baby ♪

- ♪ And it makes me feel moody ♪

♪ Like this ♪

You're welcome.

I don't know;
she thinks it might be a new tooth,

but he's waking up, like,
five times a night,

and I'm so tired,
I'm starting to hallucinate.

Why are you still taking
him into bed with you?

- I thought we broke that.
- No, it's just easier

to fall back asleep if
he's in bed with me,

on my boob. When I try to take him out

and put him in the crib,
I'm wide-awake again.

And the other day,
I fell asleep on the train,

and the stroller rolled to
the other side of the car,

and some woman woke me up and shamed me.

Okay, well, can you just promise me that

you'll only take the train
with him during the day?

Yeah, it's fine. Nothing's gonna happen.

- It's just... f*ck.
- What?

f*ck. I dropped this f*cking thing.

I don't know... whatever it's called.

- Pacifier?
- Jesus.

[GRUNTS] Thank you.

- I got it.
- And can you please bring

the vaccination card
into day care? Thank you.

Oh, shit. Yes.

I forgot. Yeah.

I'll take it when I pick
him up on Thursday.

No, it'll be too late by then.

They barely let him in today.

- I'll just email it to them.
- No.

It has to be a... the hard copy.
Just never mind.

- I'll just take care of it myself.
- No, no, I can do it.

- It's fine.
- Can you hang up? My...

- My hands are full.
- All right.

- I'll talk to you later, then.
- Thank you.

The mail is fascinating.

[GRUNTS] Come on.

Ooh! So much fun.

The arrival of Theo Arber Jeong

had turned Darby's life
into a viscous soup.

Her senses had been both
sharpened and dulled,

her brain and body
reduced an animal state.

- I know. I know.

I know. I know.


♪ Feeling moody, yeah, yeah ♪



Okay. [SIGHS]

Life is weird, little man.

So weird.



Who's the best little
New York City baby ever?

It's you.

Yes, it's you.

Did you do those paintings
that are in the corner?

They're kind of weird,
but they're kind of pretty.

- [LAUGHS] Hey.
- Mom?

- Yes?
- Please don't try to get him

to take his first steps when
I'm on my way out the door

on my first night away ever.

Honey, he's not nearly ready to walk.

Look at his little bow legs.

Okay, I've pumped enough
milk that you should be good

- until tomorrow.
- There's Mommy.

But if you need more,
there's some in the freezer.

Just please, um, check the dates

and start with the oldest ones first.

Honey, don't you think it's time

to think about letting
go of the nursing?

I did your laundry, and there wasn't

a single article of
clothing that wasn't covered

- with breast milk.
- You know, a lot of people

don't know this,
but the breast milk changes

in the second year.
There's a whole different set

of nutrients that the baby needs.

- And... oh, God.

I feel like I'm gonna burst into tears.

Why do I feel this
awful about leaving him?

Oh, every mother feels that way, honey.

- It's completely biological.
- Yeah, I know.

It's just, I've been looking
forward to this for weeks.

You know, I got my hair done,
and I packed

two pairs of Spanx.
I'm supposed to be...

And I just... I feel
like I'm gonna spend

the entire time just feeling guilty.

Well, shit. Lose the guilt.

That never did anyone any good.

You're not even leaving the city, Darby.

[SIGHS] I know.

I just... I wanna do everything right,

and I have, you know,
like, all these books

on parenting, but then
I don't have time to read them

'cause I'm parenting.

It's... it just feels like
I'm failing all the time.

- Is it always this hard?
- Well, the kid doesn't come

- with a manual, does he?
- I do get mad sometimes,

just that it all falls to me.

You know, Augie's a great dad,

but men get off so easy.

Honey, I'm gonna tell you something

that you might not wanna hear.

The buck stops with you now.

No man can do what we do,

and no one would ever expect him to.

And if he did, he'd be considered

the hero of the year.


Well, now I feel so much better.

Well, but here's the good news.

The moms get all the best stuff

on the B-side.

I mean, look at us.

What, I just have to wait years?

More or less.


Are you gonna leave those in?

No, I'm gonna take them out
when I get to the hotel.

- Okay, don't...
- God.

I won't forget.

♪ ♪

- Carter?

Yes, I have a corner
king above the tenth floor.

I'm so sorry, Ms. Carter.

Looks like there is a mix-up.

There are no longer any
corner kings available.


I requested one when I booked it.

I talked to somebody named Siena.

I confirmed it more than once.

- I'm Siena.
- Hi.

I have a baby, Siena.

I haven't slept in a year,

and my mom flew from Los Angeles

so that I could have this one night.

So, please. I'm begging you.

I need this.

I do apologize.

I can upgrade you to a suite

and have a bottle of
wine sent to your room.

Thank you, Siena. You're an angel.

- My sister just had twins.
- Oh, that sucks.

♪ From the bright sun ♪

♪ He came one fine morn ♪

♪ Populist ♪

♪ As well in his class, at least ♪

♪ But then came real age ♪

- ♪ And for that we all ♪

♪ Must pay ♪

♪ C-R-E-E-P ♪

- ♪ C-R-E-E-P ♪
- Hi.

Um, can I get the cheeseburger, please?


Sitting alone in the serenity

of her hotel room,
waiting for a slab of red meat

cooked by someone else,

Darby was almost able to form a thought

that was entirely her own.

But then the thought was drowned out

by the sound of her breast pump...

whispering what sounded like,

"whore house, whore house,
whore house, whore house."

Room Service.

Just a second!



You can just leave it!




Thank God you guys are here.
I barely know anybody.

Well, I think it's a lot
of their AA people.

[LAUGHS] It's crazy how much changes

- in two years.
- We've been stalking them

on Instagram to make sure
Angelo's not a con man.

There's not that much
to do in Minnesota.

- Hey, don't say that.
- Sorry.

- I'm on tenure track.
- Okay, okay.

Yeah, I don't see Sara as much

as I would like, but, you know,

the baby's kind of made me a hostage

in my own home. So...

- She's doing really well.
- Yeah?

I got a -page letter.

I got a -page letter.

Yeah. I guess she just did
worse shit to me.

- The only thing

crazier than Sara getting married

is Sara getting married in a church.

I know. Well, especially 'cause

the last time we were hanging out,

she committed larceny.



NARRATOR: While Darby
had once considered marriage

the ultimate symbol of love's success,

she now knew firsthand how
many people make that jump

for the wrong reasons,
motivated by something

other than love.

Friends, how lucky are we?
How blessed are we?

NARRATOR: And yet, in this moment,

she was struck by Sara's

beautiful connection with Angelo.

- With this ring...
- I give you my hopes...

- I give you my hopes...

- My dreams...
- My dreams...

- And my heart.
- Nana!


It's Nana.

She's busy.


You can take it. Take it, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Sorry.

- She sent it to voice mail.

And now, by the power vested in me

by the state of New York,

I pronounce that you are married.

You are husband, you are wife,

and you should kiss!




- Good luck, Sara!
- It's your day!

I'm so jealous of that ceremony.

Like, can we have a big wedding?

- No, no, no, no, no.
- You guys...

- Ab...
- Have another ceremony.

No! Please don't encourage her.

- You wanna pay for this?
- Oh, come on.

Yeah, I'll pay for it. I'll chip in.

- I'll start a Kickstarter.
- Perfect, a big party.

Big, big party.


- You're up.
- Thank you.


I was just about to write something,

and then I realized I've
written the same thing

in about of these,
and I'm tired of myself.

Uh, well, just dig deep, you know?

Try not to f*ck it up.

Shit. I've never actually met Angelo.

[SHUSHES] Sorry, I'm just writing

something profound here.

Maybe I need a drink first.

Well, you know what Hemingway said.

"I'm gonna k*ll myself in Idaho"?

"Write drunk; edit sober."

Oh, sure, everybody knows that one.

Do you wanna get your
picture taken for the book?


Wanna come be in this with me?

I don't wanna do it alone.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm feeling a little self-conscious.

Ugh, not as self-conscious as me.

My tits are about
to start leaking, so I'm good.

Not... no. Not, like, as a sexy thing.

Can I get a martini, dirty, please?

We have a mocktail called a "faux-jito,"

but I'm afraid we won't be
serving alcohol tonight.

No, come on. What is all this?

Whatever. I'll have a faux-jito.

Me too. Thank you.

- Three faux-jitos.

- Darby, meet Angelo.
- Angelo.

- Finally.
- It's good to meet you.

You take care of this one.

You look stunning tonight. Hi.

So beautiful.

I'm so grateful you're here.

- See you later.
- Yeah, of course.

- Go, go, go, go.
- No, we're fine.

So now we're just
figuring out co-parenting,

which is a lot of me doing

a lot of the work, so far.

Well... well, I bet you guys
will figure it out.

No, no, no. We will.
We'll figure it out.

Or he'll complain about

being tired one more time,

and I will punch him in the face.


- Hello.
- Hello again.

Are you stalking me? This is my stalker.

Uh, actually, this is my table,

and you're the one who
brought up the leaky breasts.

They're legitimately just
leaking milk for my child.

So I am... yeah.

It will actually go to him now
'cause I was trying to

poison it with alcohol,
but that's not gonna happen.

- Hey.
- How you doing?

- Good, how are you?
- I'm good, yeah. I'm Grant.

- I'm Mallory.
- Hi. Taryn.

- Nice to meet you.
- Grant,

I would like to say
that I misjudged you.

- Oh, yeah?
- I would really like

- to be your friend.
- You're just using me

- for my flask?
- Very much so, yeah.

- You guys want some?
- Yeah, we'd also like to

- use you.
- Yeah, I had a feeling

this was gonna be a dry wedding.

The only thing worse than going to

a wedding alone is going
to a dry wedding alone.

Mm, have you noticed, um,

you talk about being alone a lot?

Everything all right over there?

Yeah, I think I'm gonna
need a little bit more

of that liquor before we get into

my existential dread.

By all means, then. Get dark.

Okay, you guys.
These Spanx are cutting off

the blood flow to my head.

- What up, bro?
- Hey, congratulations.

But you look so beautiful.

I'm so happy for you, I'm gonna throw up

all over your dress.

Shut up, you idiot. I love you.

Can we go find somewhere to hide?

'Cause I'm so tired of being "on."

Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

No, this is good. Are you comfy?

[GROANS] Am I comfy?

- No, that's a negative.

- Not comfy.
- Oh.

- Sara.

I feel like I should say
something important right now,

but I'm gonna start crying again,

and I don't want to.

I feel like I cried every single day

my first year sober.

I was like, "Who is this
loser I have to live with now?"

No, I was... I've been a weepy
mess most days lately

'cause of the baby,
so I'm like a total psychopath.

The neighbors are afraid of me.

So f*cking crazy.

You are literally in charge of ruining

- someone's life right now.
- Don't!

- Yeah!
- Don't! Oh, my God.

That's all I think about.

Just like, "Darby,

don't pass down your damage, please."

He's so, like, perfect right now.

He's, like, small and
vulnerable and so tiny.

Dude. I'm sure you're a great mom.

I, honestly, just hope
you have time to, like,

take care of yourself, you know.

[VOICE CRACKS] Yeah, I am.

I'm trying, anyway.

- Sweet one.

Darby, you know that
my life would be horrible

or over if it wasn't for you.

- I love you so f*cking much.

I love you, Mama.

- You're the mama.

Oh, my God. That's true.

- You hot little mamacita.
- Actual...

Actual mother.

Have you spoken to Grant, by the way?

- Yeah.
- He's the best.

And don't think that table assignment

- was an accidente, bitch.
- Oh, my God.

I'm glad to see you're still out
of your f*cking mind.

Talk to him.

- I'm talking to him.
- He's British.

Yeah, he's British.

And he's, like...

Looks as delicious
as some fish and chips.

All right, I'd like a scone.

[LAUGHS] A... ew.

I'd like a scone with jam.



♪ When we're out in the moonlight ♪

♪ Looking up on the stars above ♪

Oh, gosh. Yeah, get it.

Here. Your dress is all in my way.

So annoying. Will
you just hold it for me?

♪ Holding hands and making love ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, baby ♪

♪ Yes, oh, baby ♪

Guys, get the f*ck out here.
People, come on.

You go dance.

- Let's go.
- ♪ Yes, oh, baby ♪

♪ Sandy beach and was making love ♪

♪ As a tide moves in on us ♪

♪ Feels so good walking side-by-side ♪


ALL: Nine, eight, seven,

six, five,

four, three, two, one.

Happy New Year!

- Happy New year!


Yeah, we recently found
this amazing woman,

um, Paola Alliata.

She does these truly
stunning oil paintings.

She's just been, like,
sitting on decades of work

in total obscurity, and we're building

this whole exhibit around
her for the spring.

- Mm.
- Really exciting.

Cool, man.

Well, that's a lot cooler than me.

- Mm?
- Yeah, I'm in a...

I'm in cybersecurity... at Etsy.

Oh. No, somebody's gotta protect

all those mittens and
the tin signs and shit.

- But once, actually,

I thought I had a b*at
on a Russian troll farm,

but, really,
it was just some kid who wanted

a bootleg Bart Simpson sweatshirt.

So it's pretty lame.

And I need to find something
else to do with my life.

Yeah, well, we just

gotta find you
something more fulfilling.

- Right?
- Oh, you're gonna help me?

Oh, yeah. I'm invested now.

- All right.
- No, you gotta make the jump.

I did it. I didn't have health here

for a year and a half,
but worth it in the end.

And, I mean, I was considering
buying something for my kid

off of Etsy... I gotta
be honest with you.

It didn't seem like a very secure site,

so, obviously, your heart's not in it.


Well, there you go.

♪ Baby, stay ♪

It's pretty f*cking
cool that you're a mom.

[LAUGHS] That's a new one.

No, seriously. It's cool, man.

I would much sooner have a
kid than get married again.

Whoa, dropping b*mb.



[SMACKS LIPS] That's it.

- Mm.
- ♪ It says, "Keep on..." ♪

What are you thinking?

Get drinks somewhere else?

Yeah, maybe just one.

I got hours away from my kid.

- I'll make the most of it.
- All right.

Oh, I have to do the guest book.

- Okay, I'm gonna get coats.
- Great.

♪ So close, but I keep trying ♪


- Hi.
- ♪ To understand why ♪

Sara, I'm so proud of you.

Sometimes, I wish things were
what they used to be again,

but I also know that you're happy now...

so much happier,

and I can't even f*cking
explain the way it feels

to see that you found yourself.

You deserve everything,
and no matter what,

I am gonna love you for my whole life.

Love, Darby.

♪ Keep on trying ♪


So what's the situation
between you and the dad?

Mm. I still have Theo with me.

Oh, so you guys don't do the
every-other-weekend thing?

Well, I'm sure we'll share
custody at some point,

but he's tiny right now, and,
as you know, I'm nursing.

And... yeah, he's with my mom tonight.

- Well, that's great.
- Yeah.

You get to be out, free babysitter.

- Absolutely.
- Take it.

Yeah, we used to spend most
weekends at my grandma's.

My mom would drop us off on a Friday,

come get us on Sunday night,

so she got to have the
whole weekend to herself.

- That's nice.
- Yeah, I think my mom,

she was a bit of a party animal

- when she was young.
- Oh.

I'll be honest. I've barely been out

since I had Theo, and even, like,

my one big chance, I miss him.

- Yeah.
- You're great. Fantastic.

- But I miss my kid.
- He probably misses you too.

♪ Scrambled on ♪

- So what's your situation?
- Me?

Yeah, you know, um,

like, how many women's
lives have you destroyed?

- Oh.
- Is... come on.

It's gotta be just broken
hearts everywhere.

Come on. It hasn't always been my fault.

You know, sometimes, it just...
just takes a while

to realize you're in
the wrong relationship.


In my experience, it's usually about

three to six months.

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

So you're, like, a serial dater?

Well, I was married.

Okay. No,
that's true. You did say that.

Yeah, we were actually gonna have a kid,

and, uh, we weren't having any luck.

So we went to see a fertility doctor,

who actually said...

my sperm... dynamite;

her eggs... phenomenal.

They just, uh...
they just don't want anything

to do with each other.

Shit. That's tragic.


I mean... if I'm honest,

I think she just
probably didn't wanna be

with someone who
could blow a week's rent

on betting on the Champions League,

and, you know,
I didn't wanna be with someone

who wasn't gonna call me out on it.

- So...
- Oh, my God.

Those are red flags.
Those are giant red flags.

- That was so many red flags.
- I'm trying to get better.

But, you know, if you think about it,

if everyone had to be perfect
before they fell in love,

the human race would die out.

I mean, you're not wrong.


♪ ♪

So what's it like being a mom?

Come on.

- No.
- You don't have to ask that.

Nobody... nobody cares about moms.

I am genuinely fascinated and curious.

We're revealing a lot tonight.

I feel like I'm on a podcast.

- Um...
- Excuse me.

I have just bared my soul to you.

- So...
- Fine. Yeah. I...

I look at the whole world differently.

- In what way?
- Different things matter.

Um, I think about...
Think about dying a lot.

- You do?
- 'Cause somebody needs me now.

- And you didn't before?
- Think about dying?

Not a lot. You think about dying?

I mean, yeah.

Maybe that means I'm secretly a father,

and I just don't know it.


I mean, speaking of parenthood,

I do have to go back
to my room and pump.

- Um...
- Cool.

I mean... you into that?

I mean, not "no."

All right, you sick f*ck.

- Let's get out of here.
- All right.

You know, I thought before,
I was gonna be

the sad, old loner in there tonight.

- Oh, yeah?
- And I wasn't, so thank you.

No, you still got sad loner vibes.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.

Do you know, I've never been
punked this hard before,

and I kind of like it.


But seriously, if it's gonna be awkward

with me coming up and... this...

N... no, it's chill.

- Chill?
- It's chill, yeah.

- It'll be funny. Come on.
- Okay. All right.

Kind of embarrassing
how nice it is, right?


Oh, thank God you made a move.

It was gonna be so awkward

if I actually had to go through
with the whole pumping bit.

Yeah, I was never gonna let that happen.


Mm, sorry.

I just actually do really need to pump.

Um, maybe you should make me a drink.

- Okay.
- I'm gonna take this stuff

into the bathroom, pump really quickly,

and then my breasts will
not be painfully turgid.

[LAUGHS] Cool.

I'm glad your breasts
will be comfortable.

- Damn!
- What?

It's, like, bucks for
$ worth of Grey Goose.

Eh, f*ck it, right?

- Let's do it.
- Nah.

I'm gonna go to the store.

Um, vodka, yeah?

- Always.
- All right.

See you in a sec.




♪ ♪

NARRATOR: It felt so good
lying there on the bed,

knowing her son was safe

and that someone was
looking after her for once.

As a result,
Darby's limbs simply unwound

and her brain clicked off,

as if her body was showing
her exactly what she needed.








- Hey.

- Hi.
- Oh.

Yeah, that's right.

He bought the w*apon from
a third party in Kosovo.

Okay, I'll send you the transcript,

but just give me a call if
you have any more thoughts

on that story.

Okay. Thanks, Bridget.

- Yeah. It's okay.

- Hello.
- Hi.

He said hi.

- How was the wedding?
- It's good.

- Yeah?
- It was weird.

Sara's got this, like,
whole new life now,

which is obviously great, but...

- Yeah.
- Kinda bittersweet.

- How was Kosovo?
- Played some table tennis.

Turns out Asians are not the only ones

who take it very seriously.

Well, I hope you're ready to do this,

'cause you are not
leaving this apartment

until our child sleeps
through the night.

You hear that, Captain Poopy-pants?

You ready for some sleep training?

- Yeah.
- 'Cause we are!

Hell yeah.

Come on, man.

That's not... It's
not this kind of thing.

I need you at full capacity.

It's just CBD.

Oh. Well, then, come on.


Is he asleep?

Says you're supposed to let
him nurse until he's asleep.

[WHISPERING] Okay, he's out.

Okay. Put him right in the crib.

No, I have to burp him first.

Yeah, no, but it says right here

that once he falls asleep,

you have to put him in right away.



Okay, now you're supposed to rouse him

so that his eyes open just a little bit.

Why would I do that?

Apparently, he'll close 'em
again almost immediately

and it... it teaches him to
put himself back to sleep.

Yeah, I'll do it.

- Hey, buddy.

[WHISPERING] Okay, okay, okay,

okay, okay, okay.



Oh, shit.






No, I can't...
I can't just listen to this...

No, no, no. Come on, come on.

I know this f*cking sucks.

Come on, come on.


I don't think this is any better.

At least he can't see us now.






Oh, f*ck.


How long has it been?

Only minutes.

- Oh, f*cking hell.
- Oh, this poor little guy.

- He's doing the...
- Shh.

- _
- Okay.


- Hit the...
- Shh.

- _

Theo, go to sleep!


- _
- Oh, come on. Come on.

You got this, buddy.


Come on, man.




Stop snoring.

Oh, sorry.


- Yeah.
- Yay!




- Um, you guys get locked out?



- _
- Oh. Oh, f*ck.



Hey, little man!


Oh, my goodness! We did it!

We're so proud of you, buddy.

Oh, can you believe we made this?

- Look at that face.
- Yeah.

- Look at him.
- Steel stare.

He gets that from you.

He looks exactly like
you when he does that.

So intense.

Maybe Mama'll let you stay at my place

a few nights a month, huh?

Yeah, maybe. Maybe.

- Probably.
- Probably?

Just, you know,
no hookers when he's there.


What about Destiny though?
She's great with kids.

- You wanna go see Daddy?
- Yeah?

- You wanna go see Daddy? Yeah.
- Gonna come see me?

- I see Daddy.


- Look at that.
- Sleepy little angel.



I've just got the bacon,
egg, and cheese coming.

Okay. That's $ .

$ . .


Oh, God. Shit.

I'm so sorry. Um...

Here. I'll get these.

No, that's okay. I'll just...

- Um...
- There you go.

Wow. Uh, I'm so sorry, sir.

Yes, this kind gentleman will
be paying for my sandwich.

- Oh, my God!

Thanks for that. I'll pay you back.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know you're good for it.

This is great, actually.

I'm really glad I ran into you

so that you could see,

you know, just how beautiful I am

in the cold light of the bodega.

- This is great.

I mean, you're looking
pretty good to me.

Oh, Jesus.

You look like you're in
an ad for this outfit.

- I do?
- Yeah.

Ah. Thank you.


What are you getting into today?

Just feeding and changing diapers.

I thought we'd go for a walk.

Then some more feeding
and changing diapers.

- This the little man?
- Oh, yeah.

Theo, Grant. Grant, Theo.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

- Hey, Theo.

How you doing, bro?

- Oh, rude.
- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Here you go.

- That's for you.
- Thank you very much.

Take this. Thank you, mate.

Um, let me get the door.


NARRATOR: Darby didn't know it yet,

but this was her person

and would be for what
remained of her days.

She would later realize
that this particular moment

was contrary to many
of her expectations.


For instance, she didn't suddenly feel

like a whole new person,

at long last fixed by
the perfect partner.

Walking beside Grant,
she didn't feel fireworks

or hear some loud marching band

announcing itself like, "Here it is.

Here's love."

Instead, it was quiet and calming

and still.

Finally, Darby had stopped wondering

whether or not she was worth loving

and simply cracked herself open.

Simply cracked her whole life open.

After all,

it wasn't just hers anymore.

I can't get over Theo.

What a little dancer.

Oh, he gets it from his dad, not me.

And Grant's so cute with him too.

I know. Kills me.

If only my ex-husbands
were alive to see all this.

- Oh, my God!
- Thank you, Darby.

Oh, are you kidding?
You're such a superstar.

Will you put her in an Uber
for me, please?

You know what, splurge.
Get an Uber Black.





♪ Thank you kindly ♪

♪ For thinking of me ♪

♪ If I'm not smiling ♪

♪ I'm just thinking ♪

♪ Glad and sorry ♪

♪ Happy or sad ♪

♪ When all is done and spoken ♪

♪ You're up or I'm down ♪

♪ Can you show me a dream? ♪

♪ Can you show me one
that's better than mine? ♪

♪ Can you stand it in
the cold light of day? ♪

♪ Neither can I ♪
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