01x25 - Episode 25

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Boys Over Flowers". Aired: January 5 –; March 31, 2009.
The story centers on an average schoolgirl Jan Di and her confrontations with the four richest and most spoiled boys in her high school.
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01x25 - Episode 25

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Final Episode


Make Junpyo remember Jandi.


What's that?

What are you doing?

I think you've been
too stressed lately.

There's a pimple
on your handsome face.

What's this?

Can't you tell?
It's a lunch box.

A lunch box?

Is it tasty?

Did you make this?


Yeah, I'll make lunch again
next time.

Do you want some water?

I remember now.

The one thing I lost

is you.

- Here you are.
- Thank you.

- Goodbye.
- See you.

Please come again.


Abalone porridge, please.

Pumpkin porridge, here.


What are you doing here?

Can't you tell?
We're here for the porridge.

It's hot.

I'm full.

Good meal.

Tell me what you're up to.

We're here to give
the good news to Jandi,

since she's so busy.


Junpyo has left the hospital.


Why didn't you tell us sooner?

Go and see him.


- I'll be back.
- Go on.

- See you.
- Bye.

Aren't you leaving?

I'm here to see you, Gaeul.

They look happy.

The cups inside the kiln.

They seem happier
burning in the f*re.


Because they have hope

for when they're out of the f*re.

It's like you to say that.

Now it's your turn.

I'm ready.

I know you have
something to say.

Bad news first?


I'm leaving.

Maybe it's not such bad news
to you.

Where to?


And for how long?

For four or five years.

That's great.

Come back as a greater potter.

That's not all that bad.

And what's the good news?

When I'm back,

I'll come to see you first.



Only if you haven't found
a soul mate, yet.

Put in some more firewood.

It'll take forever to reach , 'C.

Junpyo, welcome home!

It's Jandi.

Hi, Jandi.

Oh, hi.

Hi there, Yumi.

What are you doing here?

Jihu's not here.


I wanted to wish you well,
since you left the hospital.

You're so nosy.

Take care of your own boyfriend.

Does Jihu know what
you've been up to?

Hey, be careful of what you say.


You have no right
to say that to Jihu.

Then be a better girlfriend to him.

I'm sorry I came here.
Take care of yourself.

What's wrong with you?
You're so mean.

Don't leave, Jandi.
Stay for some tea.

The tea here is great.
Have some.

Tea is served.

Please put it here.

Jandi, come and sit down.

It looks tasty.


I'll get it.

Does it taste good?

It's all over my shirt.

Have some.

It's good.

I'm leaving.


Don't come back.

You make me feel awful.

You get on my nerves.

Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm never coming back!


Are you the person
Junpyo can't remember?

It must be true.

You may have noticed already,

but I think it's best
if Junpyo doesn't see you.

His condition gets worse
when you come to visit,

so I don't think
you should be coming here.

Don't worry.

I'll do my best
to help him remember you.

See you.

- Make me some.
- What?

The lunch you made for me
last time.

- Lunch?
- Yes.

The lunch at the hospital.

The rolled eggs.
I want to eat it again.

Oh, that?
Okay, Junpyo.

There's much more delicious food
at your house.

Why do you want eggs?

I'm sorry.


Don't run away.

Let me go.


You can't stop now.


It's all over.
I don't need anything.

Even though he lost his memory,
I was sure he'd remember me,

even though it meant
starting all over.


I was wrong.

No, you weren't.


As upsetting as it is,
I must accept the truth.

Junpyo is the one I loved.

And his love for me

is gone.

I told you not to be a mermaid.

I can't believe
you're breaking up like this.

I can't accept it.

It's not because of Yumi.

Jandi and Junpyo...

Is this all we are?

This is as far as we go.

Try it.

It doesn't taste good?

It's not the same.


It doesn't taste the same.

The lunch.

Did you make it?

Sure, who else?

It tastes different
every time I make it.

I'll do a better job next time.

Are you in a bad mood?

That girl...

Jandi, or whatever her name is...

I keep...
Thinking of her face.

You're mean.

How could you do this to me?

I was the one at your side
since the hospital.

And all you can do
is think of the girl who upsets you?

Your friends don't like me very much.

And Jandi's boyfriend
treats me like dirt.

I tried to withstand it all
because of you.

So how can you turn your back
on me like this?


What's up?

Yunpyo and Yumi's lnvitation


You're here.

How are you?

Good. I wanted to report
something to you.


I don't think Junpyo remembers you.


And one more thing.

I'm really sorry,
but I really like Junpyo.


It wasn't intentional.
It just happened.

We can't be apart.

Junpyo feels the same way.

I'm sorry.

But I'm sure you understand.

You can't really change
how someone feels.

Just look at the time.

I should explain the reason
for the party.

The reason?

Jandi, I'll see you later.

Don't faint on me now.

Let's go.

Let's see what they say.

We have a special announcement.

Junpyo and l...
The two of us

will be going to America
to study next month.


What did that girl just say?

Study abroad?

I'll be continuing my studies,

and Junpyo will continue to work.

So don't be sad
while we're gone.

We wish you happiness
until we return.

She's not your average girl.

I can't believe she's s*ab us
in the back.

Let's go.

I'll get you some warm water.


Do you remember this?

What is it?

Don't you remember
the inscription?

J and J?

Why would I know this?

I'm returning it to you.
Take it.

Why would I accept it?

Throw it away if you want to.


Gu Junpyo.

Just one more thing.

Let me ask just one more thing.

What now?

Do you know how to swim?


I don't swim.

You don't, or you can't?

I have a bad memory
when it comes to swimming,

so I've never learned to swim.


You know how to swim.


What do you know about me?

You're afraid of almost nothing,

except bugs.

You'd rather have
your rib cage busted

than for your gal
to have her finger broken.

You can't distinguish between
"privacy" and "pride."

You make mistakes.

And you're always insisting
that you're right.

You hate children.

Yet you want to go stargazing
with your future children.

You want to be a good father.

You're lonely, but kind.


That's who you are, Junpyo.

Who are you really?

Call my name

to me.




Hey, Jandi.

Get a grip!


Jandi, Jandi!

Are you okay?

Do you remember me now?


If you do this one more time,
you're d*ad.

So you remember.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Call my name just one more time.


Shinhwa High.

It seems like just yesterday
that you entered high school,

but you're graduating already.

I'm sorry, mom.

I'm not able to get a job
or go to college like everyone else.

Can't you just enter the medical program
at Shinhwa University?

I have to take a test
to get a scholarship.

I've been nothing but trouble for you.

It's time you did what you really wanted.

In any case, what are you going to wear
to your graduation party?

I'm not going.

Oh, no?

Aren't you graduating
from Shinhwa High?

Don't be concerned.

Can I see you out front?

Happy graduation.


Still want to attend
medical school?

Why do you ask?

There's no guarantee you'll make it
by studying one more year.


Let's say you did make it
as a doctor.

It could be dangerous.


Am I wrong?

You've taken people down
without even a surgical knife.

I thought you were here
to congratulate me.

Are you here to upset me?


Hey, Jandi.


Got it?

You're d*ad if you're late.

Get some sleep.

- Oh, it's F .
- Oh!

So cool!

Mr. Yun!


I'll make tea after this.


What a gal.

She's here.

Jandi, why are you so late?


Don't tell me you were going to skip
this important event.

Why do you think we're here?


The great members of F
have waited all day to dance with you.

Will you give me the honor
of this dance?

With me?

- Let's go.
- Wait a second.

Wubin was always
the friendliest of the bunch.

By taking a step backward,

he was very understanding.

I know it now.

He pretends to be cold and mean,

but he's a very pure person.

I think Gaeul has turned into
a lovely woman thanks to Yijeong.

It's my turn.


I'm sorry about how I'm dressed.

You're perfect.

It's your uniform.

It's the best way to end
your last day of school.

I wonder if Jihu knows

that it was a great comfort

to have him around.

He's a gift from the heavens.

I'll never forget him.

My soul mate.

Jihu, thank you.

What happened to Junpyo?

His phone is turned off.

I hope nothing's wrong with him.


Got it?

Saturday at four,
in front of Namsan Tower.

I have to get going.

He's still crazy!


I told you not to be late.

How could you be late
on a day like today?

You're always acting on your own.

It's not magic.

It's actually very easy...

Compared to maintaining the lawn.

Come here.


The coffee costs $ .
Enjoy it.

Let's go.

It's been a long time.

Is the place closed?

Why isn't anyone around?

I rented the place.


I rented it until morning.

I have something to show you.

Move over.

Let me show you something.

Why won't you
give me a chance?

So you knew about it?

Did you write it to prevent me
from getting married to anyone else?

You can marry me.
Who else?

Move over.


Junpyo and Jandi's
first night together

It's still here.

You can't marry anyone else now.


Listen to what I have to say.

What now?


Get married.




What's with the joke?

I'm not joking.

I just graduated from high school.


I'm going to America.


It's not because of my mother,

or the company.

It's my own decision.

I don't want to be part of a company
where marriage is arranged

and lobbying is necessary.

I want to do my best.

If I can save the company,
that's great.

If not...

I'll close it down
with my own bare hands.

How long will it take?

Four years.

At least four years.

That long?


Come with me.



Why not?

When you were in Macau...

I had made a decision...

About my dreams and my future.

And what I want to do in life.

Just as you want to do
your best...

The same applies to me.


You should go.


You should go.

If you're back after four years,

I'll reconsider.


are you serious?

You'll regret it

if you let me go.

You'll regret it
if you let me go.

I lost.

I know that...

If I lose you,
I'll regret it forever.



Maybe you're not that stupid.

Want to die?

Years Later

Special lnterview with Shinhwa's Gu Junpyo
On the cover of major magazines

Through a strategic venture
with a global software corporation,

a new success story
is being written by a Korean firm.

I'll be talking to Gu Junpyo
of the Shinhwa Group.

Thank you for coming.

Yes, hello.

You were the first Korean
to be on all three major magazine covers.


Thank you.

Let me ask you
about something else.

I think all of our female viewers
are dying to know one thing.

They'd like to know
more about your personal life.

You're leading a global company,

but you're a young man
in your s.

How do you cope
when you get lonely?

Are you asking me
about my love life?

You're very smart.


I'd be lying if I said
I was never lonely.

But I made a promise to someone.

And I think that's how
I'm able to persevere.

I can tell that you have
someone special in your heart.


A lover?

People are speculating
about your marriage.

Can you tell us
who your girlfriend is?

Gu Junhui, Chairwoman

Way to go.

Is it a grape?

Your hands are still too stiff.



Who is he?
Is he your boyfriend?

Mister, are you from abroad?

How'd you know?

From Sweden?

Little lady, you're so smart.

So you're the one!

Our teacher mentioned
her boyfriend is in Sweden.

It's a secret.

Shinhwa Medical Volunteer Group

Oh! Huh?


Wait a second!

Thank you.

Hey, are you late again?


You're always getting into trouble.

I'm sorry.


I don't think you're trying your best.


- Hey, Jandi.
- Yes?

Can't you do anything right?

- What is this?
- I'm sorry.

- Do it again faster.
- I'm sorry.

Hi there.

I guess you've gotten
in a lot of trouble again.

You're already graduating.

I don't know when I'll be
able to finish medical school.

And when will I become a doctor?

There's a long way to go.

You're not worried about failing?


I've gotten this far
thanks to you.

When you leave the school,
I'm on my own.

I'm really worried.

Maybe I should flunk.

Forget it.

That's worse than failing.

I'm not kidding.

You have to be a doctor
and help your grandfather.

That's why you continued
your studies again.

That's not the only reason.


Doctor Prince, my throat hurts.

Doctor Prince?

I'm going to marry him
when I'm bigger.

Princess, we can get married
next time.

Open your mouth first.

Hey, commoner.
Do you hear me?

Jandi, answer me.

Are you down there, Jandi?

If you're there,
run to the beach right now.



You took five minutes.
Don't you know how to run faster?


What's going on?

What do you think?

I'm here to take you back.

With that white gown on,

you look like an ugly duckling
turned into a swan.

So it's really you, Junpyo.

You're for real.

I missed you.

Like crazy.

I'm never going to let you go.

Remember your promise?

You said you'd marry me.

Hey, stupid Junpyo.

To be exact, I said I'd think about it
after you got back.

I never said I'd marry you.

You're just as stupid,
but you have a great memory.

If my memory is correct,
I had one condition.


I said you had to be
a great person.

Don't you see how great
I've turned out?


Marry me.

I object to the marriage.

Me, too.

Same here.

Hey, you guys.

Nothing's that easy
without our approval.
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