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One Year Off (2023)

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[emotional music playing]

[reciting prayer in Hebrew]

- [rabbi] Amen.

- [attendees] Amen.

[prayer in Hebrew continues]

- Amen.

- [all] Amen.

[prayer in Hebrew continues]

- Amen.

- Amen.

[prayer continues]

[seagulls squawking]

- [lively music playing]

- [siren wailing]

[Claire] I could always

visit you in Edinburgh.

But I love our sexy

Notting Hill weekends.

Don't you?

Of course.

I love the movie.

I love that you

love the movie.

- I love our time together.

- You silly thing.

You'll miss your plane.

My friends say you've got

another woman back home

and three kids named Jock.

That is not true!

It's five kids,

and only two of them

are named Jock.

Who cares what your friends

say, anyway?

Well, I do. They're

the closest thing I have

to family--

I get it, I get it.

I met them, remember?

Ah, yes.

I... I admit they were

a little off the charts

and possibly

off their meds.


Are you sure you want us

to move in together?

Of course I do. I...

I just need a few months

to get things sorted out.

A few months?

You know, it only took them

six weeks to film

Notting Hill.

- [chuckles]

- It's not that long.

I know. I just...

I hate goodbyes

and it just seems

like my life

is permanently on hold

with customer services.


We'll fix that

as soon as I return,

my darling.

I'll come see you off.

No, no, no, no.

You stay where you are.

You know I hate goodbyes.

I love you.


[deep sigh]

[Richard] Claire Chambers.

I love you.

[relieved sigh]

Is that your phone?

Oh, no.


- [rain pattering]

- [thunder rumbling]

- [notification beeps]

- Ugh.

[message alert pings]

[thunder rumbling]




- [phone ringing]

- ["Fur Elise" playing]

Claire, I'm in the middle

of a lesson.

It's happened again.


I need wisdom,

and wine, and chocolate.

And tell Theo.

I need Theo.

- [whimpers]

- [phone beeps]


[line ringing]


Hello, gorgeous.

It's Claire.

[screams] What's the guy

done this time?

We're on the break-up

duty again.

Been summoned

to the depression den.

Oh, it'll be

that ghastly Scotsman

with his funny combover

and Windsor knots.

I knew this would happen.

I never trusted him.

He's got snake eyes.

I said to her,

"He's got snake eyes."


Oh, calm down, bitch!

I'm already on my way.

And I know,

bring chocolate.

- Um, how do you

not remember Richard?

- I...

Clara, in my defense,

there've been very, very, very

- many, many, many, many,

many men.

- Mm-hmm.

Not that many.

Just like five.

- This year.

- Okay, whatever.

I'm nearly 40.

I'm bound to have a history.

- [phone alert rings]

- Is that him?

Is that the pig?

Oh, it'll be

my friend Caroline.

Her wedding venue b*rned down.

She's hysterical.

[phone alert ringing]

At least she has a fianc.

Well, this is clearly

all my fault.

What did I do wrong?

[Theo] Oh, darling,

be like me.

Take a vow of celibacy.


[Alex] Ooh.



[phone ringing]

Oh, my God.

If that is your friend

with her wedding--

- Oh, it's Ben.

- Oooh! Ben!


How are you, darling?

- [Alex] Hey, Ben!

- You're all there.

We're all here.

We're on a, you know,

mercy mission.

Hey, guys.

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I'm calling you

'cause I got a little news

that I need to share with you.

Arnie Sandoval died.

Oh, my God!

Arnie Sandoval died?!

Arnie... hmm.

Who is Arnie Sandoval?

Apparently, he's

my biological father.

- What?!

- What?!

Ben, you don't have

a father.

I mean-- I mean,

who was he?

He's from Saint Kitts and Nevis.

It's a-- it's a--

an island in the Caribbean,

the West Indies.

And apparently,

I'm his only heir

and I inherited his estate.

Wait, I'm sorry.

Ben, how do you feel

about all this?

I'm just trying to wrap my head

around this whole thing.

I'm-- I'm a bit confused.

And I need you guys.

I really do. I...

I want you to come with me

because I need to go down there

and sign some papers and--

and, um, I don't think

I can do this thing alone.

So, my dear friends,

I'm asking you to go

on a little adventure with me.

Oh, yes.

Yes, yes, yes.

I'll see you next week, guys.

I love you all. Thank you.

- Oh...

- Bye.

- [screaming]

- Oh, my God! What?!

[Caribbean music playing]

Ben Katzman.

You lucky bastard.


Baby, what's up?

Nothing, darling.

Go back to sleep.

Mm. Who called so early?

It was Ben.

He just inherited

some property

in the Caribbean.


He wants to know

if we'd like to go

for a week's vacation there.

Well, who wouldn't?


He's paying for everything.

What? What?

Are you serious?

- Oh, my God.

- Seriously.

- Seriously. [laughs]

- [chuckles]

He's inviting Alex.

Are you okay with that?

Of course

I'm okay with that.

Why wouldn't I be?

You married me.


- Does that mean--

- Yes!

Yes, baby. We're going.


[lively music playing]

Baby, you look amazing.

[chuckles, smooches]

She's gotta stop

taking selfies.

There they are!

Well, hey!

Claire! Theo!

[all screaming]


Oh, my God!

[lively chattering]

- [Alex] Oh, my God!

- Thank you so much

for being here.

You look so beautiful.

Thank you all,

you all look beautiful.

I have an announcement

to make.

Claire is no longer

in the market for love,

and Alex is just here

for sex.

- Oh.

- Mm-hmm.

And by the way,

the driver looks good.

Hello, sir!


Oh, Theo, you old queen!

Come here. [laughing]

Oh, oh. Stop it,

stop it, stop it.

Don't stop it!

Don't stop it!

[gasps] Megan, your husband

just as*ault me.

Oh, no. I'm sure

he was just kidding.

Ba-baby, tell him

you're just kidding.

Baby, it's a joke.

Come on, guys! Let's get

on the boat. Here we go.

- Yes!

- Let's go!

Oh, my God!

[soft music playing]

[boat engine revving]

Welcome to Nevis.

Charlie Brooks,

your father's lawyer.

We spoke on the phone.

Yes. It's a pleasure

to meet you, sir.

Hello, Charlie.

[soft music continues playing]

[birds chirping]

Oh, Ben.

It's beautiful.

[Megan] I love it.

Oh, my God.

It's so beautiful, babe.

All the pretty trees!


[soft lashing of water]

[soft chuckle]


Ben Katzman.

You're a lucky bastard.

If I were you,

I'd stay here forever.

[Lois] Look who's here.

They're here.

- [Sheldon] Hello.

- Hi.

- Welcome, Mr. Katzman.

- Hi. Hi.

I'm Sheldon,

your father's butler,

and this is

my wife, Lois.

- Hello. It's such a pleasure

to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- This place is--

- Magical.

Magical. Yes, it is.

Mr. Katzman, my wife and I

are deeply sorry

for your loss.

I'm so, so sorry to interrupt,

but I really have

to use the bathroom.

- I'll take you.

- Okay. Thank you.

And please, I'm sorry,

but I'm dying for a shower.

It's way too hot for me.

Yeah, I'll take you

to your room.

- Are you Claire?

- Yes. I am.

Nice to meet you.

And are you Theo?

- I am.

- Yes.

You are staying

at the beach club. Okay?

- Okay.

- All right. Great.

- All right. Come on,

ladies. This way.

- Okay. Okay.

- Bye, baby.

- Bye-bye.

Come on. Come on.

[soft romantic music playing]


And you must be Ben.

I'm Ashley.

I manage the beach club.

I guess you met

my mum and dad.

I'm Claire.

Ashley, did you say?


Say something. [chuckles]

I'm Ben.

[soft music playing]

[birds chirping]


[emotional music playing]

[birds chirping]

- Hey, baby.

- Hey, baby.

It's really hot.

I'm gonna go take a shower

and get changed.

You gonna come?

No, I'm gonna stay here

for a while.

Okay. Mwah.


How's the club doing?

Has it changed?

No. Well, it's dingier.

We're only open

twice a week now,


You know, George and Alex

were the big pull

back in the day.

When Theo and I were waiters,

we could barely

get across the room.

It was packed.


Well, the world's changed.

We've changed.

Have we?


I'm glad

you're happy, George.

We are... happy.

Well, I mean, she is.

Look, I know she's

a bit of an Energizer bunny,

and I'm not.

Well, I mean...

I used to be relentless

back in the day.


Hey, don't even say it.

Oh, Georgie, please.

I'm just laying here,

biting my tongue

like a good friend.

Look, she's not as bad

as you think she is, okay?

Oh, George. No one

was thinking that.

- You said it. Not me.

- [Theo] Alex,

retract the claws

for once. Okay?

Ah, leave her, Theo.

It's gonna come out

at some point.

You love her, George,

and that's all that matters.

- Thank you.

- [Ben] I mean, come on, guys.

It can't be easy for her.

Look at us.

We've known each other

for over 15 years.

- Fifteen?

- Fifteen.

We're old.


I need a drink!

- [water splashes]

- Hm.

["Red Hot Summer"

by Greenhouse Band playing]

["Red Hot Summer"

continues playing]

- [soft gasp]

- [soft chuckle]


This is Chrishi Beach,

and it's all yours now, Ben.

Yeah. I think I...

I'm gonna need a drink.

Pick your poison.

So where are we staying?

Oh, the beach house.

It's just over there.

- Theo!

- Bye!

[laughing] Bye.

[Ben] Oh-ho. Oof.

Robyn makes

the best cocktails

on the island.

Robyn, meet Ben.

He's the new owner.

And these are his friends,

Megan and George.

Welcome to The Love Shack

Bar, guys.

- What can I get you?

- [George] Hi.

I would love

a frozen margarita.

George, this is not Cancun.

This is Nevis.

I can do better than that.

Well, fantastic.

Surprise us, please.

Sounds good.

Coming right up.

I'm gonna go dance, baby.

Come with me. Mwah.

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

I'm going dancing.

["Red Hot Summer"

by Greenhouse Band continues]

Ugh. Disgusting.

Hate it.

This won't do at all.

Absolutely not.

I'm going back to my cozy

kitchen-bathroom combo.


[soft music playing]

- Ah!

- Who says you get

the best bedroom, bitch?

- [perky music playing]

- [sighs, chuckles]

[seagulls squawking]

["Cover It Up" by Kasger


[song continues]



Oh, my God, Claire!

My bed feels like I'm sleeping

on Burt Reynolds'

chest hair-- lo.

I'm Harry. I...

I work at the club.

I didn't know

you guys arrived.

You need anything?

No, thank you.

We're perfectly okay.

Well, I shall have

to call you Prince Harry,

for you are

a prince among men.

Prince Harry? Okay.

Well, I'll be at the club

if you do need anything.

Well, thank you, my prince.


I know that look.

I don't want to slap you,

but I will.

You're thinking

of falling for that tall,

impossibly good-looking man

with the perfect ass,

aren't you?

No, definitely not.

Not interested at all.

Sure, he's handsome,



and apparently

gainfully employed.

But I'm over men.

I'm just here

to focus on me.

Okay, now how many times

have we heard that?


I've never liked you!

Got my hair wet.

[crickets chirping]


[lively chattering]

Oh, and that guy

was shouting at you

because you were wearing fur.

Oh, my God!

Yes! And he was like,

"What poor creature had to die

for you to wear this coat?!"

- And you said?

- "My Aunt Vera."

"May she rest in peace!"


And, Theo, you were under

the table. What were you

doing under there?

- Come on. What were you doing?

- [Alex] Oh, no! You're doing

all my questions!

It was me.

Remember the heels?

- Oh, the big ones!

They were gorgeous.

- They were gorgeous!

But they were 7" heels.

I twisted my ankle,

my right ankle.

The osteria was to the left.

I could only turn right, right?

So, I'm under the table.

My leg is like this high.

- [laughter]

- Who's there with me

under the table?

- Georgie!

- You lie.

You lie.


What was the owner's name?

[all] Luigi!


God, it was too good.

It was too good.

But seriously,

that poor guy.

- But didn't he try

to throw us out?

- Baby...

Yeah. Because--

would you blame him?

We were too noisy!

Baby? I'm--

I'm gonna have

to step away, okay?

- Okay.

- [Alex] Could you blame him?

I mean,

come on. [laughs]

Yeah, but that's when we

pretended that we got married.

[Claire] I had too much fun.

And then-- we were

at each other's throats

out at the club.

[Claire] That was amazing.

How long do you all know

each other for?

- Too long.

- Oh, gosh. Way too long.

This one is the older brother

that I never had.

Oh. I love you too.





I thought we were gonna

meet tomorrow.

Yes, but I thought

I'd abandoned you

somewhat earlier.

So, I saw the house lit up.

I said, "Why not?"

Like the good old days.

The parties, the hijinks,

the goings-on.


I just need your signature

and a witness.


your charming friend.

I'd love to.

[Theo] How to get a witness.

- Hey, to the witness!

- [laughter]

- To the gorgeous witness.

- [George] Witness!

I just love

your cooking. Ooh.

- [Alex] Georgie, you...

- [raucous laughter]

Mm. That is fabulous.

What is that?

- It's my secret.

- Will you teach me?

I wanna learn

how to cook like you.

Of course I will, honey.

So many nights...

your father and I

would sit here,

drink rum,

and have endless discussions

about life.

The papers.

Now, I have already marked

the signature pages

for you and the witness

to sign.

Very good. Now,

when we spoke on the phone,

you expressed a desire

to perhaps sell the estate?

Of course,

I can assist you with that,

if that's

your intention.

Uh, well,

about that...

I just, uh...

I think I'm gonna need

a couple days to think

about that.

This is huge.

Of course you need

time to think.

Yes, take your time.

Meanwhile, enjoy

our beautiful island.

And if you decide to sell,

there are already several

very interested buyers.


Could you give us

a moment, please?

Of course.

Thank you.

- How do you feel?

- I feel pretty good,

I guess.

More important question is,

Claire, how do you feel?

[sighs deeply]

I need a reset.

All these years of trying

to find love...


I'm done. I just need

to focus on me.

I'm so happy you're here

with me. Thank you.

Me too.

[sighs] So that's him?

Yeah, that's him.

I wish I knew

what he had in mind for me.

I don't know what he's got

on his mind,

but I know you've got

Ashley on yours.



Well, she is--


Yes, exactly.

And she's too young for me.

No, she's my age.

I already asked.

And that would be 34?

Yes. I have been

for the past five years,

and I intend to stay there.


Oh, I've missed you

so much.

I missed you too.

- Shall we?

- Yeah.

[laughter and chatter

in distance]


- Be happy.

- I am.


[George] Yeah,

but you were so drunk,

you fell off your chair.

[Alex] Ha! I'm Russian.

I feel [speaks Russian].


[George] Ben.

This one's for you,

my friend.

Okay, baby.

[playing "Look

for the Silver Lining"]

Look for the silver lining

Whenever a cloud

appears in the blue

Remember somewhere

The sun is shining

And so the right thing

To do is make it

shine for you

A heart full of joy

and gladness

Will always banish

sadness and strife

So always look

for the silver lining

And try to find

The sunny side of life

Always look for

The silver lining

And try to find

The sunny side

Of life

[all cheering]

[Claire] Bravo! Bravo!


Bravo. Bravo.


- Can you relax, please?

- I am relaxed.

Right. I can see that.

They're good guys.

I think he's getting ready

to sell Golden Rock.

- I can feel it.

- Don't be so pessimistic.

Just let them enjoy

their time here.

Daddy? Please?

[soft music playing]

I'd like to make a toast.

To Arnie Sandoval.

[sighs deeply]

Arnie would have...

he would have just loved this!

What was he really like?

The man was a legend.

It would take days

to do him justice.

Just a remarkable fellow.

When I first came here

from the States,

Arnie helped me

get set up here.

He was like... the mayor,

the don of the island,

the pope of the Caribbean.


I owe him everything.

It's peaceful here.

Nevis is a place where peace

and harmony is everything.

[phone message alert beeps]


Do a lot of people

come to the island

just to get married?

Dozens of marriages,

maybe dozens of dozens.

And that includes

quite a few pitched in

by yours truly.

I've married and divorced

four Mrs. Brooks

on this very island.

If you're gonna have

miserable divorces,

you may as well have

magical weddings.

That's exactly

what I was thinking.

Come on.

[Theo] You're impossible.

[indistinct conversation]

- What are you

smiling about?

- [chuckles]

I'm thinking

about how lucky I am...

right now in this moment,

in this place.

Right here.

I finally found out

who my father was,

where I came from.

Sitting here

in this beautiful place...

with my dearest friends

in the world.

Yeah, I'm lucky.

And I just wish

it would never end.

What if it doesn't have to?

What if we just... stay?

A little tipsy, Claire?

I'm drunk, but not on rum.

Must be the beer.


No. It's this place.

It's this moment.

I'm drunk

on the possibilities.

What possibilities?

Of us being here together.

What if we open

a wedding business?

[laughs] You are drunk.

No, think about it.

- "Paradise Weddings."

- Claire.

I'm happy, finally.

It took me six years

of therapy after my divorce.

I-- [chuckles]

I don't believe in marriage,

and I don't think

you believe in it either.

I have to believe in them.


You got the floor.

Guys! Guys, okay,

I've got an idea.

And I know

it's gonna sound crazy,

but just please hear me out.

What would you say

about staying here?

- She's drunk.

- Just for a while...

for a few months

or like a year,

just so that we can be

together again,

and just live,

and love, and laugh,

- and have fun, and breathe.

- [Theo] I love it!

- Doing what?

- [George] Yeah.

Romantic weddings

at the beach club.

- Oh.

- Just think about it.

The sand, and the sun, and--

and the ocean, and romance.

It's perfect.

And come on, none of us are

particularly happy right now.

- Oh, well-- [laughs]

- [scoffs]

You might want

to speak for yourself,

because George and I are

really happy together.

[both chuckling]

Urgh. [muttering]

Okay, well,

I'm not happy.

And I think I speak

for most of us

when I say we hate our jobs.

And I hate being single

in my stupid flat in London.

And, Theo and Alex, I know

that you guys feel

the same way.

- Yeah.

- So, what if we

just start fresh here?

I'll put it to the guys.

What do you think?

[Alex scoffs]

What do we think?

Claire, come on.

What on Earth

do any of us know

about weddings?

I mean, we're not exactly,

you know, shining example

of marital bliss here, okay?

- [chuckling]

- Hmm.

Oh, come on, babe.

Look at the rest of us.

I mean, single. Single.

Celibate nymphomaniac...

- Ah!

- ...which is a hell

of a condition,

but we're still miserable.

[George] Yeah.

But look, come on.

Even if that was the case,

I mean, we can't

just up sticks,

- and just leave

everything behind.

- Yeah.

But why not?

Come on!

This place is special.

Megan, you heard

how George sang tonight.

That's the George

we know and love.

And, Alex, come on.

Do you really want to be

teaching Chopin

to spoiled rich kids forever?

You hate it.

It's true. I do hate it.

And, Theo,

you haven't even touched

your camera for two years,

and you have nothing

to go back for.

Wow! Tell it like it is.

I mean, how do you

propose to do this plan?

Well, um, I could do

the marketing,

and-- and Ben can be

the host with the most,

like he was back in the day.

And every wedding,

I guess, needs music, so...

- Yes!

- And I suppose I could

do some singing.

Look for...

And I can prepare

the food with Lois!

I could be a bridesmaid!

- Or... ?

- Or I could take

the photographs.

If it's of any help,

I'm an ordained minister.

I always knew it would

come in handy one day.

It's perfect!

We could totally do this!

We can totally do this.

Please say yes, please.

Please, please, please.

To one year off!

[screaming, lively chattering]

- What's going on?

- Looks like we're staying.

[laughter continues]

[seagulls squawking]

- [birds chirping]

- [soft music playing]

[waves lashing]

Hi, Claire.

You're blocking

my view, Barry.


By the way, it's Harry.

Right. So,

is this your job?

Kind of.

I've been working at the club

ever since I drifted

into this paradise.

Sheldon, Lois and Ashley

are like family to me.

That's very nice

to hear, Larry.

It's Harry.


Never mind.

So, Ashley tells me

that you and your friends

are going to be here

for a whole year.

Maybe. I didn't pack

my crystal ball.

Well, you could always borrow

my Magic 8-Ball in a pinch.


That's a good joke, Jerry.

It's still Harry.

That it is.

Well, okay then.

I'm gonna get back

to the club.

I'm just gonna lie here

for a bit longer.

Bye, Claire.

[seagulls squawking]

[sighs deeply]

[birds chirping]

- Hey.

- Hey.

I was wondering,

have you seen my wife?

Uh, yeah. She went

to the market with Lois.

Oh, good.

This is the best.

I found my father's diaries.

- Yeah?

- Ooh.

Here, have a read.

Just read anything.

"Last night,

Rudy Nureyev--"

- Nureyev?

- Nureyev.

"...came over. Such a hoot.

We drank too much vodka

and I b*at him at whist.

His ankle was swollen,

and I made him sit with it

above his head,

because it always

does the trick."

- Really, Nureyev?

- Nureyev.

Turns out that my father

truly was a legendary person.

Everything everybody's saying

about him is true.

I mean, he knew everybody.

I'm talking everybody.

He knew Khrushchev,

Che Guevara.

He talks about rolling cigars

with Fidel Castro.

- Castro?

- Yeah. Castro.

- Really?

- It's incredible.

But my favorite...

He knew Ernest Hemingway


He talks about swapping

mojito recipes

with Ernest friggin' Hemingway.


And let me tell you,

there's tons of this stuff.

I mean, it's everything--

it's important,

it's funny, it's fascinating.

I mean, fascinating.

- Hemingway? Hmm.

- Hemingway.


[Caribbean music playing]

Hold my matryoshkas .

Gentlemen, hello.

- Hey, how are you doing?

- Oh, I'm doing

just fine, thank you.

[man] Have a nice day.

Well, you're going young,

aren't you?

First of all,

they are in their early 20s,

and I am in my early

to [coughs] mid-40s. Okay?

- Cougar.

- Yeah. And your point?


Oh, excuse me.

He is very cute.

- Go easy on my guests.

- Oh, please stop.

You know me.

I'm just looking.

Hey! And I'm liking.


Hello, sweetheart.

About last night...

- Yes?

- Um...

Maybe we should hammer out

some of those ideas you have.

[soft chuckle]

I was worried you might have

changed your mind

after the alcohol evaporated.

No, I've never been more sure

of anything in my life, Claire.

Me too.

- Well, first things first.

- What?

Well, now we have to find

someone who wants

to get married.

Oh. Funny

you should say that.

[Claire] Caroline!

I know, I'm sorry.

No, I...

I wasn't ignoring you.

I should have

called you back.

But I'm calling you now.

Yes, I know. Awful.

I'm so sorry.

Yes. But listen, Caroline.

What would you say

to a romantic wedding

on the most beautiful beach

in the world?

That's the thing.

It could happen.

I could make it happen.

[Claire] We've got

our first customer, guys.

We are open for business.

[all] Yeah!

["Somebody Loves Me"

intro playing]

[George] Somebody loves me

I wonder who

I wonder who can she be

Somebody needs me

I wish I knew

Who can she be

Worries me

To every girl who passes by

I shout

Hey, maybe

You were meant

to be my loving


Somebody loves me

I wonder who

Maybe it's


[holds note]


Oh! Still amazing, huh?

[George laughs]

- Whoo! Yeah?

- Hey, Georgie.

Do you remember this one?

[singing "Otchi Chornya"]

[both singing in Russian]

[emotional music playing]

["Red Hot Summer"

by Greenhouse Band playing]


Dearly beloved...

Welcome to Nevis.

["Somebody Loves Me"

intro playing]

Somebody loves me


- I wonder who

- [laughs]

I wonder who can she be


Somebody needs me

I wish I knew

Who can she be

Worries me

- No... No!

- To every girl

who passes by

I shout

Hey, maybe

You were meant to be

my loving


Somebody loves me

I wonder who

[shutter clicking]

Maybe it's you

Oh, yeah

- [giggling]

- Maybe it's...


- [clapping]

- Mwah. Thank you.

We are gathered here

to witness the marriage

of Caroline...

and Alan.

And what a lovely vision

you are, Caroline.

- Thank you.

- And you, Alan.

Reminds me

of my last wedding.

Bittersweet memories.

But this is your wedding.

I can't imagine

that there any objections?

No? Alrighty, then.


do you take Alan

to be your loving husband,

loving him in sickness

and in health,

richer or poorer?

I do.

[Charlie] And you, Alan,

do you take Caroline

to be your loving wife,

loving her and cherishing her,

but also good to obey her?


Obey more than cherish.

That's my two cents.

I do.

I now pronounce you

man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.



this is for you.

No, no, no, no,

no, no, no.

[distorted] No...

- [groans]

- [clapping]

[soft music playing]

[crickets chirping]

This is the happiest moment

of my life.

To us.


[singing in Russian]


[singing in Russian continues]

- Clara.

- Alex.

[both singing in Russian]





to the happy couple!

- [Claire] Congratulations.

- [Ashley] Congratulations.



- I love you.

- I love you.

[lively music playing]

[laughter echoes]


I think

we pulled that off.

You did good.

And you're not as annoying

as I thought you would be.

[Harry chuckles]

Sorry about

the bouquet thing.

[soft chuckle]

I was trying really hard

not to catch it.

[laughs] That was

pretty obvious.


Mm, hold my rum.

[soft chuckle]

I have stories and they are

not fairy tales...

which is probably

why we got off

on the wrong foot.

Did we?

I hadn't noticed.

- So, I have a question.

- That sounds serious.

Where do you live?

I mean, you just show up

at the club every afternoon.

Are you yet another man

leading a shady double life?

I am. I am married,

and I take care of my five

children in the morning.

All called Jock, I bet.

No, no, no. They're all

named Barry Jr.


I'm not buying it.

You're not the marrying type.

I like to think that I am.

I've just committed

too much time to my work.

Oh, so you have a job

other than bumming

around the club?

I do, and I have Ashley

to thank for that.

So, you and Ashley

are close?

We are. We share

the same passion.

And that passion happens to be

what I do in the morning.

Well, my, my. Aren't we

being mysterious?

One day, when you're

not too busy planning ways

to make other people happy,

and maybe you want to make

yourself happy,

would you like to see

where I disappear to

in the morning?

Nah, I'm over it.


[crickets chirping]

- What was that for?

- Mm, because I'm happy here.

Aren't you happy

too, baby? [chuckles]

[Sheldon] Golden Rock

is a magical place.

Back then,

it was a secret place

where artists, intellectuals

would come to get away

from the limelight,

having long conversations

with Arnie.

Well, that's nothing...

[inhales deeply]

nothing short of remarkable.

Your father was a humanist.

You would see him

with politicians

you would not expect

to be together,

arguing back and forth.

But what he really,

really loved...

were artists,

many of whom came here.

Why do you...

think it is,

with all of the...

the amazing people

from around the world

that he met

and spoke to and...

- that I never made that list?

- Hm.

I'm absolutely certain

he wanted you to be

on that list.

It never got

a chance to happen.

Knowing now

what kind of a man he was,

he must have had

a good reason

not to contact my mother and me

for all those years, and--

and why would he leave

this home, his estate,

to an estranged son?

There's got to be a reason.

What I can tell you...

is that when he met

your mom in the '60s,

the very definition

of what he was

made him a target.

A target?

The FBI thought

your father was

a Communist.

Well, you do have to admit

that some of the writings

in his diaries

do have a strong tone of,

shall we say,

fringe thinking.

Mm-hmm. Your mother

was torn

between the depth of passion

she felt for him

and her devotion

to your safety.

I am absolutely convinced

that that tension

was a big reason

why your father left.

Ugh. I just, uh...

I can't wrap my head around

everything right now.

- It's just--

- Dad?

Mum's wondering where you are.

She needs help in the kitchen.


Well, good night,

Mr. Katzman.


- Good night, Ben Katzman.

- [Ben laughs]

That's close enough.

- Night-night, Dad.

- Good night.

I guess I should go

and help my mum, too.

I thought it was

your night off?

Yes, it is.

But if you need me,

you can always call.

[soft chuckle]

Would you like

to go for a walk?

- What? Now?

- Yeah.

It's a beautiful night.

What do you say?

I say yes.

I live on the beach

by the club.

You can walk me home.

[waves crashing]

Do you think we'll be

single forever?

- Oh, God, I hope so.

- What?

Well, I love lying

like a starfish in the bed.

And who wants to argue

over which way to hang

the toilet paper?

I think I do.

Are you still in love

with George?

[soft sigh]

[soft music playing]

[birds chirping]

[soft music playing]

Good morning, Sheldon.

Good morning,

Mr. Katzman.

Please, just call me Ben.

- Good morning, Lois.

- Good morning, Ben.

- How are you?

- Another lovely day

in paradise.

Yes, it is.

Sheldon, I...

I've read most

of my father's memoirs and...

there's no mention

of my mother.

He writes all these wonderful

stories about Golden Rock

and these amazing people,

but he doesn't mention


about his time

in the United States

or my mother.

Is there possibly

another journal

that I haven't seen?

I'm afraid I don't know.


Sheldon Rollins,

you're a bad man.

What did I do?

I am a good Christian woman.

Don't you lie to me!

I gave my word.

["#Nevis Nice" playing]

[Theo] I mean, I have really

caught the light here.

I mean, look

at the frame on this one.

Hey, how you doing?

- Claire. Sweetie.

- Huh?

This frame,

not that one, huh?

Yes. Focus.

- You know me.

- [laughing]

Wow. These are

actually really good.

Somebody got

their mojo back.

Well, I mean,

I am extremely talented.


- Ben. Right.

- [Theo] Wonderful.

- Guys...

- Hi. that we know

we can crush it,

it's time to take the next step

and generate some more business,

which means spending

some money. So, I did.

I made us a website.

It's gonna be up

in three days,

- Theo, I'll need

some pictures for it.

- You're damn right you will.

We just need

some more clients.

I think one more wedding

and we might have

made ourselves

some legitimate street


Yes, I can see it now.

"Breaking News: Woman Who's

Sworn Off Love Forever

Suddenly Becomes Miss Wedding

Paradise Organizer


- [laughing]

- Amen to that. Cheers.

- [Ashley] Cheers.

- [Alex] Cheers.

Another perfect day.

Oh, my gosh. This looks

so amazing, you guys!

And the asparagus is

so lush and so green, babe.

I'm just gonna dip it

in the sauce a little bit.



So good!

[moaning] So yummy!

Mm, can you pass me

the chicken?

Sure. Knock yourself out.


[moans] Oh,

it's is so tender.

Mm. I'm just gonna dip it

in the sauce again.

Oh, it's so good!

Oh, my gosh.

And the salmon.

Can I have some of the salmon?

Oh, my gosh.

Is this papaya? [giggles]


[phone ringing]

[Megan] Amazing.


No, I can't hear you.

Someone seems to be having

an orgasm over lunch.

No, no, I'm just... no,

I'm just kidding. Who is this?

And the good news is

that there's plenty left

in the kitchen.

Yeah, there's gonna

need to be.


Darling, that--

that must slow down.

Yes, it is papaya.

They do exist.

[whispering] Georgie, Georgie,

Georgie, Georgie, good luck.

- [chuckling]

- [moaning]

So wonderful!

Baby. Baby. Baby.

- Mm-hmm?

- Is everything okay?

Oh, it's way--

it's fabulous!

You need to just

slow down just a little.

Hey, guys,

that was Charlie.

I gotta go over

and sign some papers.

- Can I come? I'll drive.

- [moans]

Well, sure. Come on.

Baby, I have to, um...

Ahem, uh, yeah.


- Whatever.

- [moans]

- Ashley, can I

ask you something?

- Sure.

Harry says he does something

other than work at the club,

but it sounds really shady,

and, you know, guys

who look like him

usually are.

So, does he actually

have another job?

Yes, he does.

And he is right behind you.

So you can

ask him yourself.

Okay. Good luck with that.

Look like what?

- [chuckles nervously]

- Hi, Claire.


I wanna show you something.

Come on.

[chair slides]

Your cook is so fabulous.

I mean, for him to put out

this spread so fast,

in all the colors

of the rainbow.

[chuckles] I am--

About to go viral.

I love Nevis!

["#Nevis Nice"

continues playing]

So, one week's vacation

turned into you

walking away

from everything?

Well, not really. I mean,

no one's given up

their homes,

or sold their businesses

or anything.

It's more like a sabbatical,

if any of us were

smart enough to be



How about you?

Did you leave

anything behind?

Well, I haven't told

anyone yet,

but I handed

my notice in at work.

The wedding business

was my idea,

and I figured I ought to put

my lack of money

where my mouth is.

We just need

a few more couples.

So, you're really

going for it.

A full year off.

Yes, well, you know,

you only live once.


Life's not a dress rehearsal,

and live, laugh,

and love.

[clears throat]

Here we are.

Casa Buchanan.

A boat. Heh.

You live on a boat.

[lively music playing]

- [George] Whoa!

This is nice.

- Yeah. Yeah.

Welcome to Sunshine,

my brothers.

- You're the famous Sunshine.

- Yes, mon. [laughs]

- I'm George. Respect.

- Respect.

We're here to meet Charlie.

Charlie is over here

in the pink cabana.

Sometimes we call it

a house of Judah.

- Judah.

- [all laughing]

Come along.


Hello, Charlie.

Is something wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Uh, your message was

a little cryptic.

I was a little nervous.

Sheldon called me.

He and I were your father's

oldest friends,

which came with a certain

moral protection

of his memory.

We had to be sure

the time was right...

to give you this:

Your father's memoirs

of his trip to America.

His love affair

with your mother,

their love letters,

your birth.

His soul is in this book.

Why did you wait until now?

We had to be sure

you were ready for it.

And furthermore,

Sheldon informed me

Lois was gonna kick him

out of the house

if I didn't give you this.

All those famous people

you read about in the book,

Arnie didn't court them.

It was the other way around.

If he sought

after your mother...

she must have been

a very, very special woman.

She was.

One more thing.

Your father

left a letter for you.

Ben, you're ready

to be a Sandoval.

[emotional music playing]

[seagulls squawking]

[beer bottles clink]

[cooler cover thuds]

So what do you

actually do?

You still think

I'm a beach bum.

[chuckles] Well,

I didn't say that, per se,

but if the flip-flop fits...

Ahem. I mean, obviously

it's something to do

with the ocean.

So, you teach people to dive,

or you take boatloads

of American tourists out

to get drunk and puke

into the Atlantic.

I'm actually

a conservationist.

I'm helping document

the biodiversity fluctuation

around the lower

southeast Caribbean.

I study fish.

- Wow.

- So...

what's this long

story of yours?

Oh... [chuckles]

Are you worried

I'll judge you?

No, I'd be worried

if you didn't judge me.

- Oh, come on.

- [chuckling]

- You really don't want

to hear it.

- I really do.

- I can assure you,

you really don't.

- I really do.

- But I don't want to tell you.

- But I want you to tell me.

Okay. It's just men.

Just lots and lots of men.

Lots of stupid, weird,

obnoxious, self-centered,

horrible men

who I've put my career

and life on hiatus for

several times.

So, whilst you've been

out here saving the fish,

I've just been nursing

a hangover or heartbreak.

[clears throat]

It's pathetic.


Could you, perhaps, clarify

your use of the word "lots"?

[chuckles] It's really

not that bad.

It's just four--

five-- six.

Oh, that's okay.

This year.

W-wow. Uh...

So what do you think

is wrong with you?


I think I just attract

the wrong kind of men.

Not sure what that

says about me.

Um... [clears throat]

Yes, well, I really

should be getting back,

because I have

lots of work to do.

And it's hard to make

a dramatic exit

off this, isn't it?

It's okay, Claire.

Listen, there's...

something I really

wanna tell you.


I think that... I found

your next customer

for your wedding business.

Oh, right!

Yes, of course.

- A guy I went

to Berkeley with.

- You went to Berkeley?

[chuckles] Valedictorian,

I'm betting.


he just got engaged

and he's having issues

with the venue.

Oh, this is brilliant.

We're like the wedding vultures.

[laughs] Call him now

whilst I'm here.

Geez, you're--

you're pushy.

You haven't seen

anything yet.

Just don't make us out

to be too desperate.

Although we are.

[line ringing]

Kent? Kent, hey.

Yeah, how are you?

Listen, Kent, I--

I just wanted to ask.

Did you sort

your wedding yet?


I'm sorry to hear that.

But I think I've got

the solution. Hold on.

- Claire?

- [clears throat]

Hello, this is

Claire Chambers

of Paradise Weddings.


Corporate announcement!

You can all

stop lounging around

and acting like you're

on holiday or something.

We have another wedding!

- [all] Ooh.

- Ah-ha!

Harry has delivered us

the wedding of his friend,

Kent Jones, of Boston,

Massachusetts, and Sydney,

the only daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Carter Whitley III,

also of Boston,


- Blimey!

- [Claire] I've spoken to Kent

- and he's already wired us

the deposit.

- I love him already.

This one's a little bit

different, though.

Much more old school.

Kent's future-in-laws

are paying, so we need

to up our game.

- Mm.

- Okay, good.

So, when is it?

Three weeks.


No pressure, then.

[apprehensive groaning]

Well, I will go get us

some drinks.

Alrighty. Well, looks like

business is booming.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna go find Ashley

and discuss some business


Oh, "business strategy."

Is that what you call it?

Oh, that's funny, George.

But we're just friends.

Yeah. For now.

So... you

and Prince Harry, huh?


I don't know

what you're talking about.

Oh, come on.

- It's purely professional.

- [Theo] Ugh!


my ass!

You do look good together.

I'll drink to that.

Cheers, sweetie.

- I'm over men.

- Oh. [laughs]


- [both laughing]

- You could hear me.

- [laughs]

- You thought I wouldn't.

I thought you were

somewhere in Tibet

or something.


What can I do for you,

Mr. Katzman?

Ooh, so formal.

Kinda hurts.

I'm teasing you, Ben.

- What's up?

- Well, I just want

to let you know

that we got our next client.

A friend of Harry's.

His name is Kent something,

comes from Boston money.

Very wealthy family,

so it's really good for us.

And, yeah,

that's our next client.

And I also want to know

if maybe you wanted

to go out to dinner with me.

Tell me,

what is the connection

between you having booked

a new client and you

inviting me for dinner?

- Absolutely nothing.

- Thought as much.

But I have

what they call no game

when it comes to inviting

a beautiful woman

out to dinner.

But... just forget

I ever said anything.

I feel stupid now.

Sorry, I-I interrupted.

All right.

You have a date.

All right. Yes.

- So, shall we meditate?

- [whispers] Yes.


Thank you.

[seagulls squawking]

[lively music playing]


I can't believe

that you're a music producer.

Well, I tried to be.

That's why I left New York

and moved to London.

I wanted to be

a music producer.

Couple months

after I was there,

I was at a club

in Knightsbridge

called Ciro's Pomodoro

and that's where

I met everyone.

George and Alex,

they were performing,

and I thought they were

brilliant, and I thought,

"Hm. Let's see,

I think I can...

I think I can make

something of this

and promote them.

Put a show together."

And I did.

And guess what?

- It was a complete disaster.

- [laughs]

I mean, disaster.

It was terrible.

But the beautiful thing

about it was, we became

great friends.

We've been friends

ever since,

15 years ago.

Yeah, have you ever

been to London?

Haven't you noticed

my accent? I mean...

- You must think I'm stupid.

- [laughing]

I have a degree

in environmental studies

from Oxford.

- Oxford? Ooh.

- Yes, Oxford.

You thought I never

left Nevis. Admit it.

No, I didn't. I...

Well, actually I did.

- I know you did.

- [both laughing]

How come you left London

and went back to New York?

I got married.

Met a woman in London,

and her big dream

was to live in New York City

and own an antique shop,

so I gave everything up.

Ended up with a divorce

that I never wanted

and an antique shop

that I never wanted.

- Do you have children?

- No, no.

Haven't you noticed

the family tree,

that there's no name

after mine on that?

Oh, my God.

You must think I'm so stupid.

No. No, I don't.

Not at all.

- Alex tells me

you're also a writer.

- Well...

I haven't written

anything in a long time.

You're different

from other guys I meet, Ben.

- I hope that's a good thing.

- Who knows?

Do you know why

I brought you here?

Because this place

is very special. It's...

Right here,

in this spot,

today I was given

my father's journal

that has all of the letters,

the love letters

between my mother and father.

Why do you keep

staring at me like that?

Because I think

you're beautiful.

Thank you.

Would you like some dessert?

Always. [giggles]

[crickets chirping]

I really had

a good time tonight.

- Yes, so did I.

- Yeah.

Very much.

[sighs deeply]

Well, I better get back.

A lot of inventory to do.

Aren't you going to kiss me?

[soft romantic music playing]

Good night, Mr. Katzman.

Good night.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[breathes deeply]

- Hello?

- Big day today.

Look at this beauty!

Caught this morning!

I practically had

to fight for it.

- Beautiful.

- [giggles]

Oh, and make sure they know

I got up early

to source this snapper,

because there's none

more fresher on the island.

I just don't understand

why you won't let the club

do the catering.

Ugh. Well, where's

the fun in that?

I love food.

I love cooking.


Okay, let's do it!

["Wedding March"

playing on piano]

Dearly beloved,

welcome to paradise.


We are gathered here

to witness the marriage

of Kent and Sydney.

- [George] Cheers.

- [glasses clink]


I love you, dear.

Thank you, Daddy.

I love you.

- [Carter] So great.

- You're stunning, just...

And you were right,

by the way.

Who needs a wedding

with 500 guests?

It didn't cost me

an arm and a leg.


- Is everyone having

a wonderful time?

- [all] Yes.

May I introduce Megan,

our executive chef?

[Sydney] Hi, Megan.

Hello, everyone.

How's the meal so far?

- Amazing.

- Wonderful.

[Megan] Wonderful.

So, this is Caribbean-sourced

red snapper.

- Ooh.

- Caught this morning.

Fresh from the fisherman!

[Sydney squeals]

- Enjoy.

- Okay. Thank you.

A toast.

- Not yet. Let's try

this fish, shall we?

- Snapper first.

- [Virginia] Oh, gosh.

This is good.

- So smooth.

- [Virginia] Oh, it looks

so soft.

- [Diana] This looks yummy.

- [laughter]

- [Alex] Cheers.

[stomachs rumbling]


- [loud fart]

- Daddy!

- Mommy?

- [Carter groans]

[stomachs rumbling]

What are you--

what are you doing?

Why is she making

that face?

Come on, Daddy!



what are you doing?

- [stomachs rumbling]

- Daddy!

What's wrong

with Daddy?

Do something.

Dad! Mommy!



[loud fart]


- Do something!

- Honey!

[whimsical music playing]

[Carter] Oh, my God!

We're gonna die.

- Mommy!

- I pooped. [cries]

Oh. My. Gosh.

[straining] Just a minute.


- [both gasp]

- Oh, my goodness!

- [Sydney] Daddy!

- No.

[echoes] No!

How can you even look at me

and just say you're sorry?!

Do you even know

what you've done?

You ruined

the most important day

of my life!

Do you even understand

the stress that I've

gone through,

what we have done to be here,

just to get here?

I spent so much time

picking out a dress for here!

I don't have a video.

I don't have photos.

I have nothing!

I will be destroyed!

And it's all because of you!

Do you even understand

what you just did?

I'm going to make sure

my daddy sues you

for every penny you have.

He will take you down.

You're incompetent.

"Paradise Weddings"?

Ha! My ass!

I should have never

trusted a blonde. Never!

You poisoned my family.

Did you see

what I had to see?

You made my daddy

poop himself

in a $4,000 suit!

And it's not going

to be forgotten.

I will not stand for this!

Are you--

are you even married?


You're not even married?

She's not married!


Kent! Get your ass

in here! [shrieks]


[door opens]

- [sighs]

- [door slams]

[Theo] So, how are

the happy couple?

- Filed for divorce yet?

- It's not funny, Theo.

[George] That is rich

coming from you, Claire,

considering you basically

bullied us into this venture.

The least thing you could have

is a sense of humor about it.

I didn't bully your stupid wife

into thinking she was

Gordon Ramsey

when all she knows

about food is from YouTube!

Don't talk

to my wife like that!

- Don't just blame Megan!

- No, it was the fish.

We should've used

the catering company.

Shut up, Alex!

And stop being a bitch

for once in your life.

- [scoffs]

- No, she's right,

okay? She's right.

It's my fault.

I should have known better.

But if one more person says

I should have used

the catering company,

I'm gonna throw myself

into the nearest volcano!

Please, be my guest.

Look, baby.

It's not your fault.

[Alex] Oh,

cut the crap, George.

"It's not your fault, baby."

Whose fault is it, huh?

You guys remember

the first wedding?

It was perfect.

It was freaking perfect.

Rubbish! Utter crap!

It was a fluke!

We got through

by the skin of our teeth.

He's right. We have

no idea what we're doing.

- That's not true!

- Someone could have died!

I mean, by the way,

are we insured?

Nobody did die. And, no,

I didn't take insurance.

- Did you?

- It's your bloody company!

- That's why we're here.

- Please just stop it!

Can everyone relax?

It is everybody's fault.

Yeah, but mostly Megan's.

I'm the one that ruined

everything. I know

that I ruined everything!

Baby, Harry just said

it's all of us.

It's all our faults.

Yeah, but he

doesn't mean it.

None of you guys mean it.

You guys all laugh

at me behind my back.

You think I'm an idiot.

You guys are all just a bunch

of self-obsessed losers,

with your stupid hats

and your boring old stories

about the old days.

- Look, Megan, it's okay--

- No! No! Stop

apologizing for me!

I wanna go home.

I don't like it

in here anymore, okay?

I messed up. I'm sorry.

I just wanna go home.

I am sorry I messed up!

Okay? I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Thanks a lot, guys.


[emotional music playing]


[birds chirping]

For goodness' sake.

What's wrong

with you people?

Are you just

gonna give it up?

Are you gonna

throw it all away

and scuttle back

to your everyday lives

as if nothing happened?

You haven't given

the island a chance.

You arrived and you fell

into the whole holiday

beach vibe mentality,

and all you could think about

was having fun and creating

a business.

You couldn't just sit

and let the island

speak for herself.

Right, come on.

I'm taking you on a hike.

[emotional music playing]

[Ashley] This is

the beating heart of Nevis.

This is what grounds me...

what feeds my soul.


What calls me back every time

I leave the island.

I need this like I need

the air that I breathe.

This is where I found

how to live.

It's where I found myself.

This place gives me the rhythm

by which I live my life.

And it's a part of me.

But only because I let it in.

[Ben] "My dear son...

I've lived a full life

with only one regret:

leaving you.

I held you in my arms

when you were born,

but I had to leave

all too soon.

I've been thinking

about that day

every moment of my life.

Your baby smile...

I don't want you to hold

any bad feelings

towards your mother.

We were very much in love.

But she was terrified

that I would be arrested.

So I left.

We decided that it was

better this way.

I respected her wishes

to go away.

But now that I am gone,

I want you to know

who you are.

You are my son, my blood.

The roots of your family

are on this island.

Our history

is in your blood,

so I leave this house

to you...

because it's the history

of our family.

I hope your life here

will be full of joy.

Love this island, my son.

She will give you

more than you can imagine.

I love you.

Your father, Arnie Sandoval."

[soft music playing]

[seagulls squawking]

[string music playing]

- [glass breaks]

- [all] Mazel tov!

[uplifting music playing]

[laughter and cheers]

[uplifting music continues]

[woman vocalizing]

[instrumental music playing]

[music ends]
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