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Kisses (2008)

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Kylie, take this young one out in the pram.

I'll do it later, Ma.

Ya little bollocks!

Ya dirty little bollocks!

I'm going to give you one more chance,
then I'm going to smash your face in.

Do ya hear me?
Ya bastard!

f*ck' piece of shit!

Dylan! Were you messing
with that toaster?

- Why aren't you in school?
- It's Christmas holidays, Da.

- Already?
- Yeah.

- Well get out and play.
- I'm doing this.

Get out and play!.

How're ya Dylan.

Here Dylan! Come here.

- What?
- Come here.


Would ya ever go and f*ck off!

What are you going to be
when you grow up?

Ya must want to be something.

Once I don't have to live with
that prick I don't care.

At least he's not locked up.

He should be.

If you don't decide you'll end up being nothing
and then you'll have to live in a kip like this.

I'm not marrying ya if we
have to live in a kip like this.

I'm only messing, you know I will.


Are ya okay?

It's heavier than it looks, isn't it.

Will I get you some ice?

I will.

Where are ya going with them peas?
I need them for the dinner.

I'll bring them back.

- Will ya watch where you're f*ck' going!
- You watch where you're f*ck' going!

ForJesus' sake. It's Christmas.
Be nice to your sister.

She ran into me.

Ya thick!

The Sack Man is a real man, ya know.

The Sack Man is a real man, ya know.

He goes around at night
looking for kids that are out late...

...and puts them in his sack
and swings it over his head...

...and smashes it off the ground until they're d*ad...

...and then he leaves them where
everybody would think it was an accident.

And if he can't find a kid, he does it
to a cat or a dog to keep in practise.

That's why you sometimes see
d*ad cats on the road.

That's just a story to make you come in at night.

It's not. He's real. Maybe that's
what happened to your brother...

...maybe the Sack Man got him.

Barry got some sense, that's all that happened him,
got the f*ck away from that prick.

That's not what happened, Dylan.

Auld yokes make things up to control you...

...the Sack Man, Santa, God.
They're just there to scare you...

- ...they're not real.
- What about the devil?

Made up.

I seen the Sack Man, Dylan.

One night out me window,
I seen him rooting in our bin.

Kylie, take this bleedin' child out!
She needs her walk.

Needs her walk.
I'm the one that does all the walking.

Plug it in, will ya?

See ya Dylan.

Give them peas back to me Ma
when you're finished with them...

...they're for the dinner.

Give Carol Ann back her peas. Now!
What's wrong with your head?

Kylie dropped her stick on me.

How're ya Kylie. Did ya go off with Dylan yet?

Shut up, Belinda.

- Has he got a big mickey?
- Did ya ride him?

Piss off, will yis?

- Did ya give him a blowey?
- Do you want a dig in the head?

He'll f*ck off on ya
if you're not doing the business.

Like you'd know.

- Is your Da back?
- Yeah, he came in this morning.

- I don't need to ask whether he got the tree.
- No he didn't.

Here Dylan! Kylie wants to know
will ya give her a lick out.

- You said you'd get the tree this morning.
- Is the morning over yet?

Oh ok, you're getting it now? Sorry.
I thought you were sitting in getting locked.

When you stop nagging for a minute,
I'll go and get one. Alright!

It'll be New Year by the time you get that tree up.

Another rotten Christmas for ya, Dylan.

Here she is now.
Look who's here to see ya, Kylie.

Wait for it... Now!

There's a whole sack of them
there for yis.

Come in and say hello...

...Uncle Maurice came all the way out
with your presents.

How're ya chicken.

Here! No looking in there until Christmas.

Ya bleedin' chancer!

Give Maurice a kiss, Kylie.
He hasn't seen ya in ages.

Ah, no she's shy.
Go on love you're alright...

...she's getting too big for all that, aren't ya?

Give Maurice a bleedin' kiss.

Here. Wait now.

Kylie, wait.


Get yourself something at the disco.

- What do you say?
- Thanks.

I know one thing, you're not going to get back
to work by sitting around drinking all day.

I told you to shut the f*ck up!

I'll be over again to look after you while
your Ma does her Christmas shopping.

Say thanks to Maurice.
Kylie! Maurice is going.

I'll go up to her.

- She's not there.
- She must have gone out.

I'm not going to tell you again.
Shut the f*ck up.

Don't tell me to shut up.
You f*ck' shut up!

- Who else is going to tell ya you're a lazy bollocks!
- Shut up!

Oh yes, Noel. Yes, sir.
I'm not your f*ck' sl*ve!

I'll smash your f*ck' face in
if you say another word to me.

Go smash your own f*ck' face in.

Don't put your f*ck' hands on me.


What are they saying?

Mind your own business, Ma.

Stop, Da. Get off her. Da!

- Mind your own bleedin' business.
- Don't you f*ck' hit him.

Ya have to keep pushing, don't ya!
Ya can't just f*ck' stop.

Ya f*ck' bastard!

Open the door, Dylan!

Dylan! Get the door open or
I'll kick it in.


Will you stop?!

- You're wrecking the f*ck' gaff!.
- Shut up!

Look what he done to me!

Are you happy now?
You've turned another son against me.

Dylan! You better open the door.
Or I'll break it down.


I'm going to count to three.
One, two...

Right, that's f*ck' it!

Come here ya little boy
or I'll burst ya!

Get in here!

I'll break your f*ck' neck, ya little bollocks!


Come on.


- You better go back.
- Are ya gone mad?

They're not after you.

We're after breaking your kitchen window
and bursting them pipes...

...I'm going to be reefed out of it too.

- What are you going to do?
- What are you going to do?

Dunno. Not going back there.

I have this.

- What really happened to him?
- You know what happened to him. He ran off.

- That's not what everybody says.
- What do they say?

That your Da k*lled him...

...he k*lled him, Dylan. Everybody knows.

He dumped him in the canal.

They just had a big scrap.
No one got k*lled, alright?

Well where's Barry now so?
He wouldn't have just ran off and never come back...

...something must have happened to him.

He lives in a squat on Gardiner Street.

Enda Kelly met him in town one time.

Why didn't you say that before?

He said he didn't want anybody to know.

Why don't we go stay with him?
He'd let us.

I don't know. It's about two year since I seen him.

What would ya want to go stay with him for anyway?

What else are we going to do? Go home?

Get bleedin' k*lled for wrecking your gaff?

We're going.

Here, come here.

Give us a lift, mister.

- What?
- Give us a lift, mister.

No passengers allowed.

Come on.

- What?
- Jump it.

You're off your head.
You'll never make that.

Come on!

Hey!. No!

Hey, come on.

That's a good jump but you're
not allowed on this vessel...'s against Inland Waterway
insurance regulations.

Come on, Dylan.

No. Please. No morejumping.

Come on!

Come on, Dylan!

No passengers!

Jump you little bollocks!

Help me up!

Oh my God, Dylan, that was so cool!

Thanks mister.

Hey, you give me no choice. You're loco.

Where are we going?

I am taking this dredger to the basin.

Is that near Gardiner Street?

I don't know. Maybe.
I only live here a few months.

So you're coming with me, huh?


I thought you said no passengers.

Put this on, you'll be my assistant.


- ...a monkey!.
- A monkey?

A monkey.

Okay, the monkey says...

- So your name is Dylan, eh?
- Yeah.

- That's the best name.
- How is it the best name?

- It's like Bob.
- Bob who?

Hey, come on. Bob Dylan?

- Who the f*ck is that?
- What?!

He's a singer.

He is not a singer.
He's more like a musical god.

- So?
- So, it's a big thing to be called like Bob Dylan.


Hear this.

Come on.


Go spend some of my sister's money.

6 euro please.

Now. Thanks very much.
Happy Christmas.

Come on, ya f*ck' eejit.

You're shite.


Play something we know, will ya?

You don't even give money.

This guy!.

- You sing with me?
- Yeah, go on.

- What song you like?
- Did ya ever hear of Bob Dylan?

Ah, yes! Dylan, very good!

His name's Dylan.

You know this?

Okay. I sing. You learn.

Come on mister, give me some money.

Bob Dylan, live on stage.

- Your name Bob Dylan?
- Just Dylan.

That is for you.

I have to go.
Guitar lesson in ten minutes.

What about our share?

I was collecting the money for you.
Where's my share of it?

All he said was he was squatting
in a house on Gardiner Street.

How are we going to know which one?

We'll just try them all.
How many houses can there be on one street?

Excuse me, Mister. Is this a squat?

- Is this a squat?
- I don't understand you.

- A squat.
- I don't understand.

Do you know Barry Dunne?

Is Barry Dunne there?

Do you know Barry Dunne?

- Here, do you know Barry Dunne?
- He used to live here.

- They threw him out about six months ago.
- Forwhat?

- Fighting.
- Do ya know where he went?

He moved overthe road, down the other end...

...number 68 I think.

- Thanks.
- Nice one mister.


Excuse me, does Barry Dunne live there?

No. But a boy lived in that flat.
I think he was Barry.

- Big scar on his lip?
- Yes.

He was fighting with a man on the stairs.
Police came to arrest him.

Then I saw him in the streets,
sleeping in boxes.

- What street?
- At the river.

- Are you his friends?
- He's me brother.

I hope you find him.
Sorry, I'm busy.

f*ck it, that's it so.

Come on, we'll go down and look.
She said at the river.

Kylie, forget about it, will ya?

He's out on the street.
We're never going to find him now.

He's not much use to us anyway,
he can't even find himself a gaff.

Maybe she's talking about a different person.

- Another Barry Dunne?
- Maybe she remembered his name wrong.

She said he had a scar on his lip.
It's him. Why don't you just admit it?

It's not him. We can still find him,
and he's going to help us.

He's not going to help us, he's gone...

...and you're off your head if ya think
you're going to find him now.

He's probably in one of these other houses
that we haven't knocked on yet.

See you, honey.

Is Barry Dunne there?

- How you lose your brother?
- He ran away two year ago.

Said if he didn't, he'd k*ll me Da,
and the prick wasn't worth going to jail over.

- He would k*ll his own father?
- Yeah. I would too.

I hate the f*ck.

- But you'd go to jail.
- I'd make it look like an accident.

Anyway, they can't put you into jail
until you're eighteen.

And your girlfriend?
What would she think?

She's not me girlfriend.

- What about your mother?
- I'd be saving her.

Your man was a bit old for ya.

I like old.

Old has money.

So you kiss him for money?

No. He is kind to me.
And I have nothing to give him, only kisses.

When you kiss, you give or you take.


For you...

...I give you luck.

- Do you know Barry Dunne?
- No.

Do you know Barry Dunne?

- They didn't know him.
- He's gone, Kylie.

He never was able to look after
himself without me Ma around.

- Come on and we get some dinner.
- I haven't got anymore money.

- I thought you had loads.
- I did but we spent it. Those wheelies weren't cheap.

It's time to go home.

I'm not going home and you promised
you wouldn't leave me out here.

I'm the one that's going to get k*lled.
I don't know what you're so worried about...

...your big sister, so f*ck' what?

We're both in as much trouble
for running off.

They'll be glad to get you back.
You'll be grand.

I thought we were running away.
I thought you'd stay with me...

...after me saving you from
your Da gonna kick the bollocks off you...

...if you want to go back to that,
then f*ck off home...

...I'm going to find Barry and I'm not going
back to that kip no matter what you do.

You don't even know Barry.
You were only eight when he ran off.

Say what you like.
I'm not going back!

- But I'm starving.
- So nick something.

We have to go home.

Fine. Go home, ya bastard.

Fine. I will.

- Are you sleeping here tonight?
- Are you mad?

The minute I make 29 euro
I'm going in the hostel.

Any change?

Do you know Barry Dunne?

- Who?
- Nothing.

Get lost, will ya?

You're cramping me style.

Nobody will give me anything with you
sitting there in that jacket.

Shut up you.
It's better than that...

...manky yoke you're wearing.

- Hi. How's it going?
- Alright.

- Don't mind me.
- Hi Joe.

- Do you have somewhere to stay tonight?
- Where's your family?

We have some nice warm soup.

Would you like some while we
ask you a few questions?

Leave her lads, she's grand.
She's keeping me company.

If we get your details we might
be able to find you a bed tonight.

Send me home, you mean.
I'm not telling you nothing.

Here, have some soup anyway.

What's your name?
I'm Catherine.

Oh look, there's me Da.

We just want to know they're okay, Adrian.

Kylie's mother Carol Ann is in ribbons.

With these perverts going around, and that
little girl going missing in Cabra last week.

I know, I can only imagine how you must feel.
Can I ask Dylan's dad, Noel, is it?

That's right.
How are you, Adrian?

Grand thanks, Noel.
You're very welcome to fm104.

Let me tell you, the hearts of the people
of Dublin are with you tonight.

Has anything like this
ever happened before?

- No. Never.
- So why did he run off today?

To be honest with you, Adrian...

...I had a few cross words
with him this morning... I think he may have decided
he'd get back at me forthat.

But it doesn't matter about that, Adrian.
We just want him home, now.

What about his friends?
Did they have any idea where he might be gone?

- He doesn't have any friends.
- What do ya mean he doesn't have any friends...

- ...all 11 year olds have friends.
- No, he doesn't.

He spends all his time on his own, Adrian.
Playing these computer games.

The kids up here give him a hard time,
because he's too quiet.

It sounds like he might have
finally found a friend in Kylie.

Let me bring in Anita on line three.
You're on fm104 Anita, how are you?

How're ya Adrian. I know that family and
it's no wondertheir child has run off.

His older brother ran away two years ago
and never came back.

Who are you? You don't know me.

Everyone on the lawns sees you
falling in drunk terrorizing your kids.

He had a lovely son, a few years older than Dylan,
and he chased him out of the house.


Shut up, will ya.

What are you doing?
Your man's after you.

Shut up. You'll get us caught.


I see your face.

He's lying. How can he see your face?
It's pitch dark.

No. That's the way they talk.
He means he's seen me face.

If I see you again, little girl,
I'll call the police.

Don't move.

I catch you next time.

I catch you next time!

- It's going hard.
- I know, yeah. Sorry.

- What ya thinking about?
- I don't know.

About me?

No. I don't know.
It just goes like that by itself.

Yeah I know.

How do you know?

Me uncle made me put his in me mouth.

And you let him?

I was so scared
I just did what he told me.

Why didn't you tell someone?

He said they wouldn't believe me.

I'm not going back.


Where's that picture
the busker gave ya?

- It's him.
- Who?

Your man... Bob Dylan.

Come on.

Here mister, are you Bob Dylan?

- Who are you?
- Kylie Lawless.

His name's Dylan.

Yeah? Good name you got there, Dylan.

So, what you doing kids?
Bit late to be out.

- We're after running away.
- Oh yeah.

- I know that feeling.
- Do you?

- I've been running away all my life.
- What are you running away from?

Myself mostly.

Same as everyone I guess.

Thirty seconds... Mr. Dylan.

- Kylie, Dylan. You want a beer?
- Yes please.

Don't forget, kid.

Ladies first.

Merry Christmas.

Bob Dylan just gave us a beer.

Yis are shite!

- Thanks son.
- I'm not your f*ck' son.

Is it not past your bed time?

It's past everone elses. Why don't you
play when people can hear you...

...because yis are shite!

- Do yis not know any Bob Dylan?
- Who's that?

He's a f*ck' musical God, yis dopey c**ts.

Ya f*ck' wally!.

Do ya want a box of chocolates?

Yeah, I think I'll have the chocolates
and you can take the box.

I was meant to say that.

Oh my God.

The Sack Man.

Shut up, Kylie.
I already told ya about the Sack Man.

If ya talk about him again,
I'm going home.

Why? Am I scaring you?

You're scaring yourself.

Look. There's loads of boxes down there.

We can use them to kip under.
That's how all the winos do it.

How would you k*ll him?

It's not easy to k*ll a grown man, Dylan.
Especially if you haven't got a g*n.

- I'd s*ab him.
- s*ab wouldn't k*ll him.

- I'd b*at him with a hammer.
- Yeah, I'm sure you would!

I'd drop something on his head
from the bathroom window.

- What would you drop?
- A flower pot.

That wouldn't k*ll him,
it'd just knock him out for a few hours.

I'd k*ll him when he's knocked out.

- How would ya k*ll him while he's knocked out?
- I'd stand on his throat and hold his nose.

What about his mouth?

It wouldn't matter because
I'd be standing on his throat.

You're out very late.


You working?


You want to go for a drive?


- What did he say to you?
- Nothing.


Stop! Get off her!

Cops! Cops!

Let go of me!



I seen your face.

Doesn't matter.

Why not?

Because you won't be able to
tell anyone when you're...

...lying on the bottom of
the canal in a black sack.

What the f*ck is going on out here?


Get them f*ck' kids out of here!

It's okay. We're okay.

How did you do that?

Just closed me eyes and went for it.

It's all I have to give ya.

You what?

- The kiss?
- No, ya f*ck' eejit...

...hanging onto the car.
How did you do that?

Just closed me eyes and went for it.

It was the best thing I ever seen.

Even better than you falling in the canal.

How did you do the kiss!
You dope.

- You're me fella now.
- I know.

After that, I'm never letting you go.



I think that lad was the Sack Man.

I thought you said there was
no such thing as the Sack Man.

He said he was going to throw
me in the canal in a sack.

The Sack Man doesn't throw you in the
canal, Dylan. He smashes you...

...besides, he couldn't have been
the Sack Man, he had a friend...

...the Sack Man doesn't have friends.

I know. I'm only buzzin' with ya.

The two of them were just dirty old pricks...

...fiddling with their mickeys,
like that other filthy f*ck.

- We're not going back, are we?
- Not even after that?

Especially after that...

...that just shows we can look out for each other.

Do like Barry done, never go home.

Do what Barry done?
Look what happened to him...

...the street bleedin' swallowed him up.

We can look out for each other.

You were right, though.

There is no devil.

Just people.

Just wait and I'll flatten them out.

It's grand. I just need to
close my eyes for a second.

That's what me Ma always says,
but then she goes asleep anyway.

Lie down here beside me, will ya?

Smell of piss.

- Thanks for saving me.
- You saved me first.

- And I'd save you again.
- I'd save you again.

Next time that bastard Maurice comes near me...

- ...I'm going to chop his bollocks off.
- I know you will...

...I'll help you.


What? What is it?

What the f*ck is going on?

What is it? A rat?

Some shit?

Is it him?

No, but it may as well be.
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