02x05 - k*ll Box

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mayor of Kingstown". Aired: November 14, 2021 – present.
Crime drama that follows the McLusky family in Kingstown, Mich., where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry.
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02x05 - k*ll Box

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Previously on Mayor of Kingstown...


You f*ck' survived.

I lived. I wouldn't say I survived.

- I'm supposed to talk to Joseph.
- It's your funeral.

You just found this?

Tell this woman that we're
gonna take care of the bonds,

and that she should go
wait for her husband.

If he doesn't come back,

she should find a new f*ck' zip code.

'Cause Milo's gonna come
looking for what's his.

They movin' people, Mike.

Your boy screwed us.

BUNNY: You got some
angry-ass f*ck

looking right at you.

And DOJ f*cking pressure.

They're looking to burn this
whole f*cking house down,

including me.

So forgive me if I don't give a shit

if a couple of street
criminals are inconvenienced.

Who do you think you're talkin' to?

You're not the mayor to me, Mike.

I don't work for you.

You lose Bunny, you
lose the f*cking prison,

and we lose f*cking Kingstown.

BUNNY: You're on the clock now, Mike.

Every second, every minute.

There's gonna be some payback.



They just took him
out of that Tent place

in the middle of the g*dd*mn night,

and now I have no idea where he's at.

This is bullshit! Excuse my language.

His own damn lawyer can't find him!


Everyone, just take a seat.

I promise you that
everyone will get seen.

All right? Someone let
Mrs. Johnson sit, please.

I'm gonna need to speak to Mike McLusky.

Of course, if you just
wait with the rest...

I don't wait with the rest.

You go tell the mayor
Bunny's cousin's out here.

I didn't lose him. Okay?

Okay, then where is he?

He's in the system.

- And I'm locating...
- RHONDA: You lost him.

You lost my cousin.

And Rafael.

And I heard all about you.

f*ck' white savior bullshit.
You ain't savin' shit.

Call a thing a thing, mayor.
Say you lost my people.

You have to understand that
they transferred all the inmates

out of Tent City

into four different locations.

My shop's gonna get hit
no doubt, Bunny stays in.

That shop's important.

To all of us.

Nobody lookin' out.

You don't think they
gonna come to my place

and put a thr*at on my door?

Ain't nobody mindin' the neighborhood.

You best get him out.

Or the thr*at's gonna
be comin' your way, too.

Bunny look after the world. Know that.

You gotta know that I'm gonna find him.

Okay? And I promise you that.

And I'll get him the f*ck out.

You understand?

It'll get done.


f*ck it!



What's going on down there?









Come on.


- Hey, Mike.
- Hey, you got on Bunny?

I ain't got on my own f*ck' ass.

They got, like, three yards here, Mike.

They're gonna ad seg what
could be a whole g*dd*mn prison.

Well, put the word out, okay?

I need to know where
the leaders have landed.

I'm on it, I'm on it.

I got one of 'em.

That one-eyed Blood f*ck.

- Okay.
- CARNEY: And...

I got the AB assh*le, too.

All right.

All right, well, maybe
put 'em all at Anchor.

All right? So do a crawl, find Bunny.

All right? You hear me?

I can't manage this shit

if I don't know where the leaders are.

Find Bunny!


I don't have it!

Mike, my guy at the pawnshop
told him to f*ck off.

Well, the only person that
will k*ll for these bonds

is a person that knows how to flip 'em.

f*ck' bank guys, some shit?

More like the guy that
stole 'em in the first place.

You're sayin' Milo's still out there?

If I escaped a prison,

the first thing I'm doin' is
gettin' the hell outta dodge.

Unless there's somethin'
here worth stayin' for.

- Did you log 'em in?
- The bonds?


Chick came in, the
bullpen was full, man.

Couldn't just chuck 'em in my truck.

Keep 'em out of the
system as long as you can.

All right?


Very good reason for
Milo to stick around.

All right. We good?

- Not really...
- Yeah, we're good.

- Lunch is on me.
- We're good, thank you.

I gotta take this call.

- You're good.
- I'll see you guys.

- Hey, Mike?
- Yeah.

Hold up a sec.

- Mike.
- What?

Hold up a second.

Hey, why do you give a
shit about Milo, anyway?

I mean... I mean, f*ck him, Mike.

You know?

Let him have this money,
let him f*ck' go.

You know once he's cashed
out, he ain't ever comin' back.

So, let's just, just let
him have his f*ck' money!

Let's do this, let's you and me.

Let's find Bunny, all right?

Let's get his ass out,
let's work together, Mike.

Get shit back to the way it was.

Shit's gotta get right.


We're gonna make shit right.

You and me. Okay?


broke something.

He took it, and he broke it.

And that's why we're
not letting him leave.

But you have to let shit play out.

Just don't...

Don't f*ck with that.


I love you, man. Love you.





BUNNY: What up, Big Hush?

What's the word, dog?

Gettin' in the game, huh?

Ain't no choice, man.

You're ain't lyin'.

You seen my crew?


Big dog, we all your crew now.

Believe that.

We the all blacks now, bruh.

Where Raf at?

Cage, gettin' swole.

All right, man. I
appreciate you, brother.

Yes, sir.

I know that ain't who I think it is.

BUNNY: Oh, shit. You better believe it.

Shit, I ain't know you
was back on the block.

Thought your ass would be out by now.

Me, too.

When did you get here?

BUNNY: Two nights.

I woke up to that jumper.

Shit is f*cked up, man.

I figured I'd roll out, you know,

make my shit felt.

You got family in here.

I was worried they was gonna
ship your ass outta state.

Looks like they put all
the generals in this house.

Yeah, there's gotta be some
design to this shit, man.

RAFAEL: Or they just dumb f*ck

who don't know no better.

'Cause Mike can't control the chaos.

Probably keepin' us close
in case we gotta strategize

or some shit.

RAFAEL: That sound like
some hope bullshit to me.

Well, it is what it is.

It ain't about the circumstances, man.

It's about what you do with it.

Look, man, all I'm sayin'
is we got numbers here.

f*ck' cracker
circle jerkin' half the COs.

Line ain't blurry here.

Line don't exist.

I swear, them AB bitches is
the worst g*ng on the yard.

Got them f*ck' cowboys behind 'em.

BUNNY: For now.

What's going on with the boy?

Oh, shit.


Hey, con down on the yard. Con down.

Not warring, just down.

Send the med team for extraction ASAP.



Okay. I appreciate that.

Okay. Thanks.



TRACY: "Shit", what?


Nothin'. Just...

They cleared me.


Yeah, for duty. They cleared me.

I just got the call.

Dash cam was pretty conclusive.

d*ad trooper with a family,

they wanna bury him with no cloud.

Takin' me back at KPD tomorrow.

Is that what you want?

I don't know.

You wanna work with Mike?

I don't...

know that, either. I...

I don't know f*ck' anything, Trac.

It's like, f*ck!


I'm gonna be a shitty dad.

No, you're not.

Yeah, I am.

Curse too much.

I read this thing...

I read this thing that said...

the most important job for a parent

is to be consistent

and to imprint on the
kid what's right and wrong

before they're eight.

It's like...

I don't know what's
f*ck' right anymore.

This needs to be our decision.

You're asking me?


I think you're a long way from ready.

It's been less than a month.

You need time to heal.

It's all I know, Trac.

You know a lot more than being a cop.

You know how to be a...

a good husband.

- Mm.
- Mm-hm.

And a good... son.

And you're going to
be a great f*cking dad.

We're gonna be okay.

We're gonna figure this out.


You've been reading
some parenting books?

Shut up.

I read shit.

All right, I'm here. What?

We got patrol canvassing everywhere.

Shit, we gotta move those bonds.


Because if she talked, which
I'm sure she f*ck' did...

they're comin' after us.

They're not breakin' into
the f*ck' PD lockup, Mike.

- You don't think?
- I mean, Mike...

f*ck, he's not wrong, that's
the safest place for 'em.

Like, they just strung this lady up

in the middle of the f*ck' day.

No witnesses magically, right?

You think they can't break
into your little Fort Knox?

I mean, come on!

We gotta keep these bonds moving, okay?

Until we can use them.

So sign them out.

f*ck' make them go missing,

whatever the f*ck you gotta
to do, all right, just...

get 'em the f*ck outta there.

- Okay, you got it?
- Got it.

All right. Oh, by the way,
thanks for inviting me to

your f*ck' haunted house!

I'm gonna stay up all
night, you f*ck' prick.



Nice to see you all,
thank you for coming.

f*ck is this shit now?

Just a little state of the union.

This ain't your house.

I'm responsible for you...

former Tent City inmates,
future Kingstown Pen prisoners.

That ain't f*ck' us.

What the f*ck you talkin' about, man?

We don't know what you are.

Or what you're gonna
be. That's why I'm here.

You thought you'd be
walkin' the streets by now,

- hasn't happened.
- Yeah, no f*ck' shit.

Can't say when it's gonna happen.

Wasn't my deal, but here we are.

Get f*ck' McLusky in here.

Don't you think if Mike
McLusky could fix this,

he would've fixed it by now?

Here's what we have working.

I do not care about you.

We have no relationship,
we have no past, no future.

We have right now.

I do not know how long you'll be here,

or how long I'll be your babysitter.

But let's...


to make it as painless
for all of us as possible.

You f*ck with me...

I promise...

I will f*ck with you
ten times what you bring.

Welcome to prison.



f*ck McLusky.

I'm done with that bitch.

We're gonna run shit
like we run shit now.



Knock, knock.

- Can we help you?
- Oh, look who it is.

Baby, this is the g*dd*mn mayor himself.

You got some news for me?

You better have some good news for me.

I'm just checking in.

I thought you was -.

Mm-mm, he ain't the police.


Is everything okay?

Be a whole lot better after
my cousin's outta that hole.

You find where he's at?

Yeah, no, I got all eyes on him.

Look, I made a promise to you.

I plan to keep it, like it or not.

I said I was gonna look after
your shop, I'm doin' that.

I said I was gonna get
Bunny out, I'll do that too.

So, this is you lookin' out?

Let me tell you somethin'.

Maybe you so pretty

you ain't ever had to
worry about real shit.

But you showin' up and you lookin' out?

Two very different f*ck' things.

These bangers decide to
step inside Bunny's world,

you ain't doin' nothin'
but addin' another body bag

to the pile.

Like, come on. You serious?

You really think you doin' somethin'.


Rhonda, you don't know me very well.


So, let me just tell you this.

When I say I do a thing...

the thing gets f*ck' done.

So, yeah. I'm lookin' out.

Here's my number. Any problems...

You call me.


Have a good day.

Why'd he trust you?

What's that?

Bunny don't trust nobody,

but he trust your fine white ass.


I don't know, Rhonda.

Okay, why do you trust him?

Have a great day.

I'll be back.


CARNEY: Hey, Kareem.

I just went by your office,
and they said you were leavin'.

Which I did.

All right.

You got a second?

I'm standin' here talkin' to you.

We had an inmate.

Took him to the infirmary,
he had a seizure on the yard.

Tent City transfer?


They took him to ICU
for exploratory surgery.

Wasn't an OD?

We can write it that way, if we want.

Well, why wouldn't we?

I mean, maybe somethin'
ruptured when he spasmed,

maybe the crank's
eating away at his gut.

But you're sayin' that's not it.

I'm sayin' policy is he dies...

they autopsy him.

Short of that, docs examining him,

and they're gonna find
a f*ck ton of trauma.

Okay, so someone put a beatdown on him.

Mexicans, blacks, his own.

Yeah, we can write it that way, too.

Just, just be f*cking plain, Carney!

- He's one of the three.
- Three what?!

And he's been leakin' ever since.

Don't worry, I got you.

I just want you to know,
in case, you know...

I got you.

Thank you.


He's looking for you.


He asked me to bring you to him.

I'll drive myself.

He wants me to drive you.

Special ride. For VIP.

MILO: You k*lled him.


tried to make him talk.

He said nothing.

And after you k*lled him,
he really said nothing.

Now you say nothing.

I tried. For you, I tried.

You failed.

For me. And the woman?

She, too, didn't talk,
so you k*lled her.


I'm sorry.

Had you been able to
make this man talk...

Had you found my money...

You'd have brought it to me.

Yes, yes, of course.

I want to forgive you, Joseph.

I do.

Please, Milo...

Let me fix this.

No, no.

It's up to me, now.

I'll fix it.




Take the f*ck' phone.

- Hey.
- You got news for me?

We tried to find you.

BUNNY: Yeah, well,
you found me now, Mike.

- The f*ck you gonna do?
- Yeah...

Well, your cousin came in to
visit me today at the office.

Oh, shit.

Now you gone and done it.

Yeah, so listen.

I'm gonna get you out, okay?

I got an angle on, on, on somethin',

it's gonna pay out here.

It's gonna take me a
minute, so meanwhile,

I'm gonna get you set to earn inside.

Okay, so you can take care
of your family on the outside.

It's the least you can do, Mike.
That ain't no f*ck' favor.

- I know.
- Bunny!

- Yeah...
- Bunny!

Give me the f*ck' phone.

Hey, look, hey...

Give it right now. Give it to me!

How in the f*ck are they gone?!

How does that happen?!

I went in this morning to
sign 'em out, and they're gone.

Where, where did you go this morning?

Why didn't you just go yesterday,
when we talked about it?

- Huh?
- Hey, hey.

The afternoon guy is a f*ck' prick.

- Jesus Christ...
- All right?

I figured that they were just gonna...

What the f*ck.
Are there cameras in there?

- Yeah.
- All right. Go, now!

You understand me? Now! Not later.

Not f*ck' tomorrow morning! Right?

Go now, and figure out
who the f*ck took 'em.

- Okay, g*dd*mn it.
- Got it?

- Okay!
- Anybody else know about this?

No, I just, I said I was
lookin' for a deposition, man.

All right, good.

Get that recording,
find out who took it,

and make those tapes disappear.

- Understand me?
- Mike!

Got it? You can do it.

- Mike how am I...?
- Hey, hey.

Come on, Stevie. Really?

Get it done.

- Okay.
- Great.

Amazing. Thank you.


Charlie Pickings says
he's got information

he'll only share with you, Detective.



What's with the food?

I'm gonna trade burgers for bodies.

Thank you.

Charlie, how you holdin' up?

Been tryin' to read
more, been journaling.

Mm-hm. Good.

I don't drink dairy.

Oh, no, that's, that's for me.

Veggie burger?

Yeah. percent. I know what you like.

No onions, right?

And Charlie, I'm sorry,
they would've been hotter.

I drove as fast as I could.

This is really good.

That's good.



one in Ohio.

Is that okay?

Yeah, Charlie. Look...

They got cops in Ohio.

We'll make a couple calls. Okay?

- Do I have to go?
- No.


We'll write up a confession.

They'll come to you for the specifics.

Look, what you're doin' here,
Charlie, is a good thing.

It's a really good
thing. It's important.

You know, you're findin',

you're findin' closure for yourself.

And for the families.

It was...

a really bad one.


in a couple different places.


I'm Kingstown. This man is Anchor Bay.

He was one of my inmates in the Tents.

Good kid.

If you say so.

We're all sewn up here.

Doctor won't risk
defamation or libel, but...

You should get ahead of this.

I've already briefed the
warden at Anchor, but...

He's sayin' he's yours.



Pick up the phone?


Pick up the phone.

Pick up the f*ck' phone.

Jesus Christ, Bunny.

You better have brought me
a cake with a nail file in it.

Yeah. Tryin', Bunny.

Yeah, I see how that work, Mike.

I'm gonna have to do shit my way.

No, listen.

I have somethin' to offer the DA.


And I'm gonna get you outta here.

Would you just tell the rest?

The rest ain't as open-minded, Mike.

Well, we're making it happen.

I don't doubt that you think so.

But I, I can't bide my time, Mike.

What is happening?


Don't f*ck this up.
Don't start doin' shit.

It's all good.

- Yeah.
- BUNNY: Yeah.

You think?

Look, it don't take all day
to recognize sunset, Mike.

Bunny, we're this f*ck'
close. You understand me?

Just stay the course.

What f*cking course, Mike? Huh?

You ain't got shit!


The only course I see
is the one I'm makin'.

What the f*ck does that mean?

Don't, don't do, don't
do somethin' stupid.

- You good.
- Don't do somethin' stupid.

Matter of fact, don't
do f*ck' anything.

- How's that? Okay?
- You good, Mike.

- I got you.
- No Bunny, I know that face.

You work on your end, I'll work on mine.

- Come on, come on.
- BUNNY: It's all good.

Done, cornstalk. Let's go.



f*ck is this?

Yeah, we'll take him back.

I got it handled, CO.

I don't give a shit how
many years you got with DOC,

you're a new f*ck' fish here.

You understand?

Big boy.

We take you easy or we
take you on a stretcher.

Where the f*ck you takin' me?

Well, you're worried
for your safety, right?

The f*ck?

I got it written down somewhere
you're worried for your safety,

and that's for ad seg.

- Bullshit.
- I got a report!

- This is my f*cking inmate!
- Back the f*ck up!

Yeah, f*ck this, f*ck you, f*ck all...

Ah, f*ck!

- [CARNEY] Bunny!
- What the f*ck?!

Bunny, go with them, I will handle this.

f*ck, you stupid-ass...

Hey! He wasn't f*cking resisting, CO!

You with the ACLU, Carney?

I swear to God!

Get the f*ck out my face.

Get the f*ck off me, you stupid bitch!

Move, bitches!

We're gonna get you
some alone time, son.

Where the f*ck you takin' me?! Man, no!

No, f*ck this, f*ck you,
f*ck all of this shit, man!

That's the f*ck
k*ll box you putting me in!

I ain't goin' in there!


g*n wants you off
the floor for this move.

Don't make sense to
me, but it's his yard.

Guess he's okay makin'
this an Oreo house.

The beatdown was a bonus for me.

f*ck you! No! f*ck that!

- f*ck that!

Sit tight, precious.


I just talked to you.

Shit just went f*cking sideways.

A couple of dickhead COs

just took Bunny off me, and
they put a beatdown on him.

- What?
- Mike, they took his ass to solitary.

- Get him the f*ck out.
- It's not my call, Mike.

Look, all right. Never mind.



This is Kareem, leave a message.

I'll get back to you.

What the f*ck?!




Next time on Mayor of Kingstown...

I just wanna take a minute
of your time to, um,

talk about our arrangement.

These people present
a menace to society.

Now, why would I release them?

Because you made a
f*ck' deal with them.

Deals are made and broken
all the time, Mr. McLusky.

I got a heart att*ck letter. f*ck' DA.

- They're coming for me.
- They ain't coming after you

because of inmate
testimony. Someone rolled.

Who gives a f*ck if it looks suspicious

as long as it doesn't come back on us?

You ain't doin' for me, so
I gotta raise my voice now.

Whatever it is you're doing, don't.

Help me help you, Brother Mike.
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