01x08 - What Rough Beast

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Mayfair Witches". Aired: January 8, 2023 - present.
Adapted from Anne Rice's supernatural bestseller, this dark drama follows a neurosurgeon who discovers she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches.
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01x08 - What Rough Beast

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You must stop.

I won't.


You called me to do your will.

Let me do it.


Find him!









Do it!



JOJO: Call me when you know.


Spit it out.

Tessa's d*ad.

sh*t by the people who kidnapped her,

they're all d*ad too.




Well, she's all right? I mean,
she's there with the family?


Gone before they got there.

Gone? Where?

Are they looking for her?

Call them back. Call them back.

And, y-you-you... No.
No. No. G-get me my phone.

What's going on?

Why this obsession with Rowan?


- Give me my phone!
- No!

I've shared everything with you.

How many times have I given
you a glimpse of the future?

Jus... so you could get ahead and...

Even when it went
against my own conscience.

So, now,

I'm asking you.

Whether you...

want to, or not, show
me the same respect.


Tell me the truth.


Where are you?

Yes, I can see the f*re from here.

All right.

I'm so sorry for my outburst, sir.

You are an empath.

With a gift like yours
how could you not be.

But, you can't let it control you.

I wanna thank you for trusting me.

With the truth.

I'm ready to walk in whatever
direction you point me.

Mmm. You'll do what's asked of you?

I will, sir.

I wondered why you
were given such a seat

in a position when you
had no apparent gift.

But you do have a gift.

CIPRIEN: Have I learnt
this about you before?

Your ability to erase?


You can get out of the car if you want.

But you won't get far.

These are things you
must be made to forget.

Then why wipe the hotel
at the Pontchartrain?

The Talamasca had
nothing to do with that?

There's no point in me telling you.

You won't remember.

You're doing this for Lasher.

He told you to k*ll Deirdre.

I would never k*ll a witch.

But you cleaned up afterwards.

In favor for an ally.

Was it Cortland Mayfair?

He owns the hotel.

Why would Cortland hire
someone to k*ll Dierdre?

The Prophecy.

We have different
reasons for our interests.

Close your eyes. This isn't gonna hurt.

Before you erase me, sir.

You should know that I'm
a part of The Prophecy.

Rowan Mayfair is having my child.

- Who told you that?
- Lasher did.

He took me to one of his memories.

I have to be with her at the end.


You must understand that
there are many elders

in The Talamasca who, like me...

Believe that not only
is this meant to happen,

but we are meant to watch it happen.

If you wipe me now,

The Prophecy won't be fulfilled.

I won't know enough to do my part.


My man will go with you.


He's d*ad?


So is Tessa.

My mother.

Everybody is d*ad.

They're all part of this.

But not you.

Not yet.

Don't stop.

Half measures.

I'll pass out before I
can crawl out of here.

Can you look deeper?


The place you see holds the
knowledge of your ancestors.



What language is this?

My language.

- Teach me.
- Come.



Where are we?

Where it all began.



This is The New Orleans office.


This is Odette Grieve.

I'm trying to get in touch
with my brother Ciprien.

There's nobody here by that name.


I know that it's all supposed
to be a secret, but...

I'm worried for my brother's life.

I've been calling for
days, he hasn't answered.

I'm sorry, you've made a mistake.

There were things.

That he were supposed to show up for.

Important things.

And he hasn't even called.


Please. If you can't tell me anything.

Then what about the other people
that he works with?

T-there was a-an Indian
woman, a sort of healer?

I'm sorry I can't help you.


There's been a breach.


Anyone here?


We need to talk to Cortland Mayfair.

I tried the front but no one answered.

My father is not able to
see anyone at the moment.

I was sent by my boss to help
him with an urgent matter.

You're here about Rowan.

Wait here.

LASHER: Her name was Suzanne.

She was a healer.

And a midwife.

First Mayfair witch.

She learned your language.

It was a pact we made.

She left these markings here for you.

For me?

The combination of all her knowledge.

This is the answer.

Did they all do this?

Only you,

the thirteenth witch.

I can heal myself.

Why can't I heal other people.

If you want to, you can.

It only gets better from here.

You only get better.

What else do you want to do?

All the elements I
command are now yours too.

You will do great things.

It's healed.

And this.

Let's stay here for a while.

ODETTE: Come on.

Come on!

Come on. What could it be.



It's you.

Oh, please.

Tell me you know where he is.

Let's talk inside.



Where is he? Is he, is he all right?

He's fine.

If he was fine, he would've called me.

You just gave birth.

He was supposed to be with me.

He promised.

Tell me how you know he's fine?

I was with him earlier.

A complicated work situation, a crisis.


I'll explain everything. Sit.

And then you and I,
can call him together.





What did you just see?

Is your father coming down?

I know that look. You saw something.

Please, take me to your father.

I'll take you when you
tell me what you just saw.

Hey. I-I care about Rowan too, Tess...

Tell me.

Your father is also Rowan's father.

No. Rowan's father was a boy
Dierdre met out at a party.

No. It is your father.

He r*ped Dierdre

so that Rowan would be born.

And then he had her k*lled

so that Rowan would come into her power.


- f*ck you.
- Let's go ask him together.

He's gone, I don't know where.



Dierdre was wearing my
dress the night she died.

He's never explained that, but now...

She came to him for help, and he...

Did he set her up?



Where are you?

Tell me where you are!


What is happening?

LASHER: Follow the path of
your ancestors to the end.

- Where are you?
- I'll be there with you.

At the witching hour.




Where am I?

Who are you?

Lasher, help me!

Is this a terrible idea?


Where's the room?

Um, second floor, in the back.


He said the clock would change.

He said something about the hour.

What did you say?

What did you mean?

Answer me!



I wanna wake up now.

Here she is.

He didn't wait to receive her prophecy.

This would have been present?



He said over the bones of the
foremothers a... at the mausoleum.

There's no place more sacred than that.

And all the bones of
the designees are there?

Yeah. So they say.

You talking about The Prophecy.

How do you know about that?

Because it's happening.

Of course.

Rowan's pregnant.

Lasher's ripening is counted in hours.

Not months.

He's coming now.

He must be.

You will stay right here and
tell me everything you know.


- Well, he's coming.

Let's clean you up and dress you up.





Mi Daemon ad me veni.

Mi Daemon mihi labora!


Twelve o'clock.

He's coming.


What has he done?

He's run up the clock.

It's the witching hour.

He will be embodied.

Where is he?

He's with you already.

The thirteenth witch is the doorway.

The doorway for him.



Don't be angry with yourself.

Of course you didn't see it.

You love him.

I've known him since he was a child.

Selfish as can be.

He fooled me too.

We can't let this be
the story of our family.

It's time someone else
was in charge of things.


Where am I?

Who are you?

I want to go.

You're Suzanne?

I'm not in labor.


I'm sorry sir, we had
no idea she was here.

- I'm not sure Cip even knew.
- Mmm.

Why did you bring me
here and let me see this?

To make sure I remove
the whole incident.

If she doesn't recognize
you when she wakes up,

I'll know my work is done.

And then you'll erase me too.

I'm glad you understand.


Oh, I need to take this.


It's time for me to play my part, sir.

And what is that?

If I'm going to protect her,

I need to keep Lasher away from her.

I told you, our role is to watch.

And you also said this
will be the most powerful

supernatural being the
world has ever seen.

Surely, watching, it... him,

Lasher, up close falls
under our purview.

Why else have you done all of this?

Mmm. I suppose a case can be made.

So you will help me?

How will you get him?

I'm going to take him from her.

She trusts me.


All right.

I'll prepare things,
call me when you have him.

Tell me.

Is she lightheaded?

Yes. Why?

I'm sure she'd like to help her brother.

Call transport, she's coming with us.




Wait here.

But be ready to drive.




Don't move.

I just want to help him.

Like you helped me,

by bringing me here?

Rowan, no I did that...

I did it for the family.


You've never done anything
that wasn't entirely selfish.

No. Don't do that.

Now, you know you don't want this.

Leave him, walk out the doors,

go back to San Franscisco.

What he offers... is power.

It's weight.

You gotta be string
enough, not just to lift it,

but to carry it. To wield it!

Come on now, you're not ready.

You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Go ahead.

Do it.

I'm dying anyway.

k*ll me.

It worked.


A gift.

For helping him fulfill The Prophecy.

You can't hurt me.

Give him to me.

I know how to use him.

He's mine now.

No. No. No. No. Give him to...

I know what he knows.

I know what you did to my mother.


I had to find you.

I'm glad you did.

Who's this?

My son.

Our son.


Let's get out of here.

Let's go back to the house.

Move in with us.

How about my place?

We'll be happy in the house.

Like we were before.


You're tired. Let me carry him.

Someone's here with you.

Is it Talamasca?


Who then?

Just someone who helped me find you.

You're lying.

I trusted you and you're lying to me.

Rowan, please.

I-I'm here to help.

If you just let me carry him for you.

He's inside your head.

Because he's part of me.


This isn't you, Rowan.


Please, don't let him do this.

He's not doing it.

I am.

I am trying to help you.

By doing what they did to my mother?

- Taking my child?
- No.

No. No. No. No.

He'll use you.

Manipulate you.

You can't control him.

You can't control me.


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